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Fri Oct 5, 2018, 08:40 AM

Day 2

Yesterday my first post regarding conditions at my place was shared here. This is a continuation of that post.
More background on health condition:
COPD was a diagnosis 8-10 years ago and I have been on various meds and oxygen since. This condition has been slowly deteriorating my physical abilities for years. A condition not unexpected by me. After surgery last fall I experienced what was a dramatic change in my health. Prior to surgery I was observing a slowly deteriorating lung capacity, after surgery my lungs seem to have a drastic reduction in functions. Shortness of breath much more intense and came about with minimal activity.
Now a short piece detailing some events yesterday.
Grandson asked what’s for supper. I suggested going to Mexican restaurant and he agreed. We went to local place where he ordered two chicken burritos and I ordered the taco dinner. (3 tacos, refried beans and rice).
Near the end of meal, I looked at his plate and noticed he had received beef burritos not chicken, I said nothing as he was consuming same with no comment. I then looked up and saw a small tv in the corner. The tv was tuned to Fox news.
The waiter came to table to check on us. I told him if I had seen that on the tv when entering my action would have been to get up and leave without ordering anything. He agreed and said he did not know how that came to be on.
Grandson then said. “What makes you think you can tell people what they can watch? Very Trumpian of you. I did not get what I ordered but quietly ate what I was served.” My reply was “yes I saw your order was not correct but said nothing as you were more than halfway through and appeared to be accepting of the mistake.”
I said nothing more to avoid getting him upset.
We paid for meal and left.
When we got in car I told him he is the customer and upon receiving wrong food he should have politely said “there must be a mistake here, I ordered chicken and this is beef”. The waiter would have apologized and brought you the correct order. He said something along the lines of “I don’t want to get shot.”
Nothing was said regarding the tv and him calling me Trumpian. He takes some time to mentally process things and I felt the mistaken food was enough to process for the time being.

One other thing, the tv was on the Golf channel soon after my complaint.

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