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Wed Feb 13, 2019, 07:41 PM

Why are we spending money on a wall in the border when the place is worse than the Bermuda Triangle?

Think about it:

* Right before the criminal Michael Flynn had his embarrassingly short stint as Trump's national security advisor, he said something to Breitbart News about "Arabic Border Signs" on the border guiding Jihadists into the US. Now CPB did not want to comment on what Flynn said, no photos of these signs have ever surfaced, no maps, nothing, nothing but Flynn's word.

* Right wingers touted a rancher finding a "prayer rug" at the border but offered nothing, not a prayer rug, but some anonymous man who said he was a rancher but feared the cartels coming after him said said he saw it. But you know what, prayer rugs aren't like Spider-Man's webbing that dissolves after an hour. You can take it with you, you can photograph it. Wonder why it didn't happen.

* Donald Trump himself claims hundreds, nay, thousands of terrorists are being interdicted at the border, but we're not getting any names, we're not getting any photos. Once again, it's just Trump's word without a shred of physical evidence to back him up in anything he says about terrorists being caught at the border.

So this leads me to think there are two possibilities here.

1. The southern border of the US is a fantastic environment made real, a surrealist place where the laws of space and time no longer apply, where sprites and pixies play all day, where your dreams become realities, and your realities become dreams, and where things (Such as Arabic border signs and prayer rugs) and even people fade in and out of existence, where our memories are a string in the paws of a cat. For all we know we could have ALL crossed the border last Thursday but the border's godlike manipulation of our memories, cognition, and perception created false memories. Our first steps into existence may have been crossing that border and then false memories given to us. Instead of a wall, we should be sending explorers, physicists, mystics, theologians, chemists, psychologists, sociologists, biologists, doctors, and scientists from every science field to tap into this unexplained thing. This could be extra dimensions we're talking about here, this could be the very face of God. It also means a wall wouldn't be a good investment if it could just fade out of existence or turn into a pile of rubber ducks, the trickery of the border has no limits.


2. They're all liars.

I wonder which one it could be.


I think we should get Pelosi on the horn, have multiple billion dollar investigations to figure out which one of these two things it could be.

Otherwise, we may never know the truth.

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