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BatShit Crazed Loon Bartiromo (Original Post) Watchfoxheadexplodes Nov 2020 OP
Suggest u edit your title to read NoMoreRepugs Nov 2020 #1
Done Watchfoxheadexplodes Nov 2020 #2
She seems troubled by something. Cracklin Charlie Nov 2020 #3
Rudy is a private citizen right? Boxerfan Nov 2020 #4
She showed her "assets" at some dinner Watchfoxheadexplodes Nov 2020 #8
Two weeks out since election... NCDem47 Nov 2020 #5
who? do you mean Bartiromo? NRaleighLiberal Nov 2020 #6
Years ago I saw her called Maria Barfaroma ramblin_dave Nov 2020 #7
Who? When? What? SharonClark Nov 2020 #9


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4. Rudy is a private citizen right?
Sun Nov 15, 2020, 10:23 AM
Nov 2020

He just publicly defamed a few companies.

And Sydney just won't say in public what evidence she has because ....

But as a male chauvinist I do think Marias "assets" are vastly under appreciated.


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5. Two weeks out since election...
Sun Nov 15, 2020, 10:24 AM
Nov 2020

And they’re STILL trying to find credible evidence? My Lord this manufacturing of malfeasance is taking a looooooong time.

Yeah, yeah. It’s their “strategy.” Run down the clock so certification is questioned.


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6. who? do you mean Bartiromo?
Sun Nov 15, 2020, 10:27 AM
Nov 2020

Slow down and take a breath, DU - there have been so many butchered spellings in OP titles lately that I often have no idea what is being discussed. Since I don't watch TV or do FB or Twitter, it can become baffling - there are so many examples of lack of context.

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