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Wed Feb 10, 2021, 07:43 PM Feb 2021

A while ago, Mick Schmidt (NYT) said

that today's presentations [so far] had put it all together for him. He said he'd been caught up in the daily news cycle and didn't have a full picture of the whole thing. We're all like that. But today has immersed us in it, drawing lines between cause in effect. Any American who doesn't see the whole truth, now, isn't paying attention or doesn't care. And we know that some of those who don't care are sitting--or lounging--in the Senate chamber.

A while ago, Mick Schmidt (NYT) said (Original Post) Oldem Feb 2021 OP
with all due respect to Schmidt choie Feb 2021 #1
I didn't, and I've kept up. I don't think Oldem Feb 2021 #2
Romney was saved by Officer Eugene Goodman. tblue37 Feb 2021 #3
Sorry for the foul-up. Apologies to officer Goodman. Oldem Feb 2021 #4
Apparently none of the media had access to the Capitol fisheye camera security footage BumRushDaShow Feb 2021 #5
You can lost in the weeds or DeminPennswoods Feb 2021 #6
uummmm handmade34 Feb 2021 #7


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1. with all due respect to Schmidt
Wed Feb 10, 2021, 07:44 PM
Feb 2021

is he serious? He's a reporter at the NY Times and he didn't have the full picture?


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2. I didn't, and I've kept up. I don't think
Wed Feb 10, 2021, 07:57 PM
Feb 2021

anybody did. The timelines alone are new and compelling: at what hour a Tweet came out and what was going on simultaneously at the Capitol. There's been a lot of that coordinating of what the rioters were doing at the same time dump was doing--or not doing--something. This is new and damning. Did we know that officer Robinson saved Senator Romney's life? I didn't. I'd seen plenty of footage of the violence, but nothing like today. I wasn't aware of how much restraint the police showed. Watching the presentations, today, I'm very surprised that only one person was shot. Should I have put it all together? Could I have? Could Schmidt have? I doubt it.


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5. Apparently none of the media had access to the Capitol fisheye camera security footage
Wed Feb 10, 2021, 08:11 PM
Feb 2021

which showed different aspects (perspectives) of the breach and the evacuation of the chambers - not from the insurrectionists' viewpoints, but from overhead AND along corridors where the insurrectionists had not gone and/or recorded (e.g., the Schumer retreat).


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7. uummmm
Wed Feb 10, 2021, 08:30 PM
Feb 2021

not that senators "don't care"... more like they are co-conspirators so have to vote to acquit

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