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Sun Mar 21, 2021, 09:03 AM Mar 2021

Is Terry Moran truly a moron or a right wing traitor?

I thought i would try watching George Stephanopoulos' show this morning. I had to change the channel in less than 2 minutes. This terry moran who i assume is a true moron spent more time trying to explain how President Biden should thank the former guy trump for the vaccine and that Biden deserves little thanks for where we are with the 100 million doses in less than 100 days. That smug piece of shit called it a low bar. The other dried up host, whose name i can't remember then joined in and said that the victory dance by Biden's people is too premature. Maybe they should focus on how the traitor made wearing masks a political statement, kept support from blue states, and secretly got a vaccine himself while encouraging his supporters to risk their lives.

So let's get this straight. These enemies of the people as the former guy always called them, feel that the grifter and liar should get credit but the new admin who actually got stuff done (had nothing to do with warp speed) should not discuss their success at all. These are the types of imbeciles who destroyed Hillary over nothing and allow a traitor to steal his way into office. And they are doing it again.

Is Terry Moran truly a moron or a right wing traitor? (Original Post) samsingh Mar 2021 OP
They bend over backwards to protect GOP blm Mar 2021 #1
I hope you contact them and let them know mcar Mar 2021 #2
For years until last couple, he was innocuous and non-controversial, now wants to be a player? UTUSN Mar 2021 #3
"President Biden should thank the former guy Trump" Prof. Toru Tanaka Mar 2021 #4


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2. I hope you contact them and let them know
Sun Mar 21, 2021, 10:03 AM
Mar 2021

After the last 4 years, and the way the media treated the Obama administration before that, I am determined to not let it go by. Maybe they ignore my emails, but I'm still going to send them.

Prof. Toru Tanaka

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4. "President Biden should thank the former guy Trump"
Sun Mar 21, 2021, 11:07 AM
Mar 2021

for what? Hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 deaths? Skipping town without offering any kind of help to the incoming president in any way?

Hmmm, OTOH maybe Biden should thank him for that. He didn't have to look at Trump's ugly, bloated ass or have to listen to Trump's unending whining, self-praise or lies and bullshit.

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