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Sun Mar 20, 2022, 06:18 PM

Let's Destroy FAILED DELI MANAGER Kevin McCarthy

With November 2022 looming, it's time to do as Democrats the one sole thing Republicans do well - capitalize on vulnerabilities of the opponent. Kevin McCarthy is in place to be the next House speaker if Republicans take control of Congress and his cache of faults is ripe for exploiting. The only reason McCarthy flies below the radar is because we have not treated him to the assault he deserves. The time to position Kevin McCarthy as a Republican lightning rod is long overdue. Goppers went after Nancy Pelosi long before she became Speaker of the House. While they could not keep her from ascending, they turned one of the most successful SOTH into a so-called polarizing figure through relentless propaganda campaigns. It's time to do the same to Kevin McCarthy.

Like former gopper House speaker Paul Ryan, McCarthy is an anti-government zealot who has relied on a government paycheck throughout his adult career. Before his useless loafing on the government dole, McCarthy was a FAILED DELI MANAGER who COULDN'T HACK IT IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR. His FAILURE IN BUSINESS explains the FAILED REPUBLICAN POLICIES he has supported. His tax cuts for the rich and corporate giveaways have done nothing for American families. McCarthy TRIED TO KILL THE BIPARTISAN INFRASTRUCTURE BILL and therefore TRIED TO KILL AMERICAN JOBS.

McCarthy has enabled anti-vaccine sentiment WHICH HAS ONLY LED TO THE SPREAD OF COVID. In a country where the majority of citizens are vaccinated, McCarthy is way out of step from where the rest of the country is. Kevin McCarthy in any U.S. leadership position is A THREAT TO THE HEALTH AND WELFARE OF AVERAGE AMERICANS.

As the head of a hostile and impulsive caucus, McCarthy has spent his efforts providing aid and comfort to white nationalists and violent insurrectionists within his party. In his quest for more power, McCarthy is conspiring with Donald Trump who as president used McCarthy's support to bring the United States to its lowest point since the Civil War. TO SHARE KEVIN MCCARTHY'S VIEW OF AMERICA YOU HAVE TO LOOK BACKWARDS.

MCCARTHY HAS NO LAW OR POLICY HE CAN TAKE CREDIT FOR. His only expertise is in trying to legitimize the failure of Trumpism. He is not intelligent. He is not adept. He is not capable. He is not trustworthy. He is not bipartisan. He is not for the middle class. He has no agriculture policy. He has not education policy. He has no foreign policy. He has no energy policy. HE IS A FAILED DELI MANAGER OUT OF HIS DEPTH.

This and more is what needs to be said again and again and again. The idea is to weaken gopper positioning by putting them on defense, just as goppers do so well. And as for the "where's the data" crowd, you can sit out this campaign. This isn't about data. It's about winning hearts and minds. You don't win hearts and minds with data. You do it by throwing everything at the wall. In this case, "wall" is a perfect analogy for McCarthy.

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Response to BaronChocula (Original post)

Sun Mar 20, 2022, 06:22 PM

1. He was a drunk frat boy in college who barely graduated college

And wasn’t known as the sharpest tool. He just got lucky being at the right place and time to be minority leader.

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Response to kimbutgar (Reply #1)

Sun Mar 20, 2022, 06:33 PM

2. Sounds like he should be on the Supreme Court with that background

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Response to BaronChocula (Original post)

Sun Mar 20, 2022, 06:48 PM

3. Who is his opponent?


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Response to BaronChocula (Original post)

Sun Mar 20, 2022, 09:20 PM

4. Difficult to beat. Even for an unregistered foreign agent.


Everything above is true, but this is a retrograde district. I will say no more than that.

The 23rd district according to Wikipedia:

The current district includes parts of the southern San Joaquin Valley, the Tehachapi Mountains and southern Sierra Nevada, and the northwestern Mojave Desert. It comprises most of Kern County and portions of Los Angeles and Tulare counties. Cities in the district include Porterville, Ridgecrest, most of Bakersfield, and part of Lancaster.[3] With a Cook Partisan Voting Index rating of R+12, it is the most Republican district in California and the second-most Republican district in a West Coast state, behind only Washington's 4th district.

Most races since 2012 have been about 60-40 Reptilican.
With a population of roughly 750,000, one would have to build homes for about 150,000 Democrats right now, to even things up.

Tea with Putin? (He'd love it, briefly)
A "Blue Brigade" of 100,000 or so motor homes? DNC -- what do you think?
A search of his home for contraband caviar and vodka? slaves? WMD's?
Use his disagreements with TDFG relentlessly? Only computer simulations can say(!)
The 23rd congressional district is the opposite of the rest of California.

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Response to usonian (Reply #4)

Mon Mar 21, 2022, 04:08 AM

5. I'm sure he's safe there, but I'm not talking electorally.

I'm saying we should be diminishing his his profile on a national level as he is poised to become a national leader. I say it's time white Republican males get the same treatment that white Republican males give to the Hillary Clintons, Nancy Pelosis, and Ketanji Brown Jacksons, not to have him lose an election, but to make his job a little harder, to make his life a little more miserable. If we could amplify criticism vis a vis McCarthy, it would put Goppers on defense. It would put him on defense. It's one of the oldest tricks in the book that Democrats don't play very well at all.

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Response to BaronChocula (Reply #5)

Mon Mar 21, 2022, 10:00 AM

8. I am going to pass on demonizing (even demonizing a devil)

Where that might actually work is to take "independent or undecided" votes away from the thoroughly hijacked repub party and keep or enhance Democratic (in both meanings of the word) control. My opinion.

That might have happened to TFG, when revulsion of one sort or another swayed enough of the "non-base" votes away. Mind you, I use these terms very loosely, because we are in a "for me or against me" situation similar to Vietnam War times, and it took a long time to end that hoax (by people in power) just like other hoax wars.

Indeed, it was calling out Joe McCarthy by Walter Cronkite that diminished his power, but the fact is that he HAD the power. Perhaps Joe Biden/DNC is waiting for a "Watergate Moment" which may come true, but whatever works on an electoral level is what counts. Calling out Agent Orange for 4 years did no good at all until he jumped the shark with his botched covid response and insane coup attempt.

Indeed, calling out McCarthy for all the reasons given might only endear him more to the pitchfork bearing crowd. You know, this entire era of white (anti)Christian male nationalism started in or around that district in CA. You know the names, starting with John Birch.

POWER MATTERS. Calling out pigs doesn't affect them at all. They are politicians, after all.
Yes, the calling out is necessary. I think --- in an electoral context.
And that's why they loaded up on media --- to cancel such things as much as possible.

THE ULTIMATE REASON I SAY THIS is because I was deeply affected by "Stamped from the Beginning" by Ibram X. Kendi. At the end of the book, he goes into "hearts and minds" arguments and knocks them down. The only progress we have made (in the context of racism, the defining force of the Republican Party and much of America ... sad to say) is by being in power and making it a crime, and it looks like we have to start all over, since electoral bullshit installed a reactionary court. I wonder how many of Clarence's admirers wouldn't just ***** him for being the "wrong" color, and no more than a useful idiot.

From Kendi: Epilogue to Stamped From the Beginning.

But protesting racist policies can never be a long-term solution to eradicating racial discrimination—and thus racist ideas—in America. Just as one generation of powerful Americans could decide or be pressured by protest to end racial discrimination, when the conditions and interests change, another generation could once again encourage racial discrimination. That’s why protesting against racist power has been a never-ending affair in America.

Protesting against racist power and succeeding can never be mistaken for seizing power. Any effective solution to eradicating American racism must involve Americans committed to antiracist policies seizing and maintaining power over institutions, neighborhoods, counties, states, nations—the world. It makes no sense to sit back and put the future in the hands of people committed to racist policies, or people who regularly sail with the wind of self-interest, toward racism today, toward antiracism tomorrow. An antiracist America can only be guaranteed if principled antiracists are in power, and then antiracist policies become the law of the land, and then antiracist ideas become the common sense of the people, and then the antiracist common sense of the people holds those antiracist leaders and policies accountable.

And to that point, I say: READ MY GOTV PAGE.
Don't kvetch, Kick Butt!

Kevin in the minority, Munchkin and Enema made irrelevant by THE FIFTY SEVEN VOTES IN THE SENATE (or more) are going to right the ship.

I am not knocking any of your points, but unless we have real majority power, reflecting the real majority in the U.S., then protesting is all we have, and it is a long, bitter uphill effort. White Male Christo-Fascists are a dwindling minority. That's why they are squealing like stuck pigs. THEY CAN'T BE GIVEN MINORITY RULE. AGAIN!

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Response to BaronChocula (Original post)

Mon Mar 21, 2022, 04:12 AM

6. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy

Four terrifying words that should motivate every American to vote for Democrats this November.

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Response to BaronChocula (Original post)

Mon Mar 21, 2022, 05:07 AM

7. He is a tall, white male.

Not atrocious looking, won't turn to stone. Nice suits and coiffed hair.

That's about what you need for success around there.

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