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Wed Aug 31, 2022, 07:16 PM Aug 2022

There are too many culprits

to wait until all the threads have been unraveled. This is a years long ball of yarn.

I think that they should indict Trump, plus his two attorneys that signed that paper saying that was all the documents (there is a name for this paper but I can't remember what it is). The two attorneys can then plead to a lessor charge by turning on Trump. Start the ball rolling.

J6 can still operate, and he can be charge with that separately.

Can someone please explain about the notice he is supposed to get before the indictment. Some sort of targeting paper? How can we find out about that? They have him by the shorty shorts, and maybe he'll try to flee.

What is the range of his personal jet? I'd send a decoy, myself. They wouldn't get me. I wouldn't want to spend one day in jail.

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