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Awright, do we face AI or hope it doesn't wash us away. (Original Post) cachukis May 2023 OP
Not that worried Metaphorical May 2023 #1
That was unexpectedly delicious. And precise. cachukis May 2023 #2


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1. Not that worried
Mon May 22, 2023, 08:51 PM
May 2023

I cover a lot of future of work issues, and most of my analysis points to the end state being virtual corporations and a Hollywood like economic model for most corporate/knowledge work with the end of the wage economy being the most likely casualty. Contracts are bartered on both sides by intelligent agents, with some mix of monetary payment and production points being the most typical package. The key reason is that we are entering a long stretch where labor shortages will be the norm, and as corporations are beginning to discover, firing the most expensive of your top non executive talent is likely to have been a bad decision. You will end up paying a premium to hire them back, if you can find replacements, and AI is still a ways from replacing most jobs.


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2. That was unexpectedly delicious. And precise.
Mon May 22, 2023, 09:00 PM
May 2023

Tight graph lines. Machiavelli, upstaged. Well thought out.

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