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Tue May 30, 2023, 07:34 PM May 2023

There are some very deep thinkers here.

Sold the big house last year. Bought a condo with tenants, beforehand. Lived in a 1970 Airstream Safari, single axle, for six months, extended, and a month here and there and some great support by kids.

Redoing the condo before our next run to Wyoming, because it's cooler there and we can.

Great condo, environment (flora and fonda; palms, cypress, magnolia, oaks, sand hills, osprey, spoonbills, storks, yellow crested night heron), but conscious of decorum.
The bushies, along my patio, inhibit my view of the pond. I quickly picked up my wife's hand clippers and went snipping.
When I walked back into the house, my wife asked me to pick up my t-shirt and asked me what I saw. I was in my underwear. She chastised that it was embarrassing
to be clad in my jockeys. I said it was okay because I had on Haines.

She was not amused. I said she had me and I recognized my faux pas. I was selfish.

But the joke. She had to have been at least lightly amused.

She got the wit, but conformity, after all these years, is
a social thing with which familiarity is the point.

You didn't get to where you are, conforming.

We are among conformists.

I've conformed because it made sense.

Autocracy is a choice where it doesn't have to make sense.


There are some very deep thinkers here. (Original Post) cachukis May 2023 OP
Are you saying you were outside your condo clipping the hedges in your underpants? Scrivener7 May 2023 #1
Yes. And that was the point. cachukis May 2023 #3
The point of what? Scrivener7 May 2023 #6
Fauna. nt hippywife May 2023 #2
Conformity is a social thing. Marcuse May 2023 #4
Touche. cachukis May 2023 #5
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