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Sat Sep 16, 2023, 05:18 PM Sep 16

Could House Speaker Kevin McCarthy be in a stronger position than ANYONE (including him) realize?

Politics aside, he is doing a horrible job as Speaker. He can't control a sizable portion of his party. He couldn't even get enough votes to even discuss a defense authorization bill, something that is usually a noncontroversial for Republicans. He tiptoes around the MAGAs, deathly afraid that someone (and it only takes one) to call for a vote to get rid of him.

However... what if it is an empty threat?

I think that if a vote to get rid of him were called, it would fail. If it passed? No one would step forward to replace him. They see it is a tough and thankless job, nearly impossible to get the various Republican factions to move in the same general direction, let alone lockstep. He might even be voted back in.

Given this, it would be in his, his party's, and even our country's best interest to ignore the MAGATs. He could even reach across the aisle for votes on issues that both sides could agree on, like bringing the defense authorization bill to the floor.

Ah, but there's the rub. McCarthy has no spine. He wouldn't dare ask for votes from the Democrats because that would violate the Republican self-imposed rule to only vote on motions that can pass with only Republican votes.

Too bad. It would be better for the country if he had more courage. Then again, maybe not. A flailing Republican party is amusing to watch, and they are limited in the evil they can do. Then again, they are unable to do even the necessary things...

Could House Speaker Kevin McCarthy be in a stronger position than ANYONE (including him) realize? (Original Post) Shipwack Sep 16 OP
Matt Gaetz would step forward so fast it would make your head spin. Ocelot II Sep 16 #1
But, It Only Takes... ProfessorGAC Sep 16 #3
He is the least crazy? LiberaBlueDem Sep 16 #2
Least crazy? Not by a long shot. Shipwack Sep 16 #6
Kevin15's job is probably quite safe. keithbvadu2 Sep 16 #4
"Kevin15" ::snort:: nt Shipwack Sep 16 #5

Ocelot II

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1. Matt Gaetz would step forward so fast it would make your head spin.
Sat Sep 16, 2023, 05:28 PM
Sep 16

Kevin has eager replacements in the Chaos Caucus, and I have no doubt that Gaetz is at the front of the line. If anybody could be worse than Kev it would be him.


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3. But, It Only Takes...
Sat Sep 16, 2023, 05:58 PM
Sep 16

...6 votes for him to lose, if all democrats predictably vote against a moron & nut like Gaetz.
I think there are at least 6 purple district Rs that would vote no.
I agree he'd sprint to the front of the line, but I honestly don't believe he'll win.


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6. Least crazy? Not by a long shot.
Sat Sep 16, 2023, 08:21 PM
Sep 16

But crazy enough to not only want the job but think he can do it effectively.

The more “sane”, though, are becoming fewer and fewer. Romney might be less crazy (though still loathsome), and he is showing himself the way out.

If we’re lucky, the remaining “saner” voices will be opposing the impeachment games since they know it’ll be a gift for Biden, and more importantly get in the way of getting more important things done… millionaire tax cuts, etc. This will cause Trump & company much anger, provoking a primary challenge by a more beatable MAGA.

At this point I feel I might deserve a picture of that crazy guy standing in front of a bulletin board full of pins and strings…


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4. Kevin15's job is probably quite safe.
Sat Sep 16, 2023, 07:20 PM
Sep 16

It took 15 votes and much ass kissing to get there.

Who else would satisfy enough repubs?

MTG would stomp all over Gaetz to get there.

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