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Appeals court TORCHES Trump lawyers, Trump's fate ON THE LINE (Original Post) ihaveaquestion Nov 20 OP
So, I guess the lesson to all criminals will be maxrandb Nov 20 #1
Not sure how you get that from this analysis. Ms. Toad Nov 20 #4
It appears to be working. gab13by13 Nov 20 #2
What does your post have to do with today's oral argument? onenote Nov 20 #3


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1. So, I guess the lesson to all criminals will be
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 03:08 PM
Nov 20

Just run for some office. Dogcatcher, County Coroner, Chair of the neighborhood HOA, PTA President?

See, then you have a 1ST amendment protection due to "politics".

"That 7/11 Clerk I shot was a scumbag Republican"!

"He should have done the right thing and let me keep the money". "He didn't have the courage to do they right thing". "His daughter (address 123 Maple Lane) gave money to my opponent".

"This is election interference"!

I swear to God. If I am ever called for jury duty, I am going to have fun as society, or the judge tries to convince me I need to put my life and the loves of my family at risk.

I think the question "is anyone above the law"? has been answered.

Ms. Toad

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4. Not sure how you get that from this analysis.
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 03:36 PM
Nov 20

The appeals court hasn't ruled yet, and this commentator is of the opinion that most or all of the gag order will be restored.

The right to appeal the gag order had nothing to do with Trump running for office. Anyone on whom a gag order was imposed has that right, and the order would probably be stayed pending a decision.

Just because Trump argued that he can't be gagged because he is running for office doesn't make it so. That is up to the court, which hasn't ruled yet.


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2. It appears to be working.
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 03:19 PM
Nov 20

The closer it gets to the election the more ammo his fascist Supreme Court has to stop any trials before the election.

His judge Eh-Lean is not only delaying her trial, she is delaying other trials by keeping her trial on the schedule for March, then when March comes around she will delay her trial until after the election because it is so close to the election it would be interfering.

Trump is defending himself the only way he can, in the court of public opinion, he has no legal evidence to present to an actual court.


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3. What does your post have to do with today's oral argument?
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 03:27 PM
Nov 20

Or are you suggesting two Obama judges and a Biden judges are trying to slow things down? Are in the tank for Trump? Are making things up when they ask hard questions of the Special Counsel with respect to the legal issues presented?

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