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Fri Oct 13, 2017, 01:49 AM

The madness ends when we bring about a substantial reduction in bigotry, particularly racism.

It's imperative that we combat/lessen bigotry, as that's largely what enables this madness. Absent racism, in particular, the Republican Party would cease to be viable. Promoting and exploiting bigotry by way of targeted dog whistling campaigns is key to getting people to elect those who wish to cut the social safety net and obliterate regulatory agencies. Folks will lament the fact that people vote against their economic interests, which is attributed to simple ignorance (but there's more to it than that). The reason people vote against their economic interests is because they are voting *for* their (perceived) social/cultural interests.

The Koch Brothers and the like know they can't advocate that Republicans openly campaign against Social Security, Medicare, labor laws, and so on. They, instead, engage in dog whistling so that people will elect those who will help achieve the Koch dream, which is divorcing the people from the federal government. Republicans make no mention of the ACA. Instead, they use the term "Obamacare" (the media and many Democrats have done the same). And if you don't think that has everything to do with Obama being Black, you're fooling yourself.

Make no mistake, the attention given to the Koch Brothers is not the stuff of crazy conspiracy theories. The 20 wealthiest individuals in the US, including the Kochs, have more combined wealth than the least wealthy 150+ million people in the US (let that sink in for a moment). The likes of the Koch Brothers have enormous power and influence. They actively direct policy and help Republicans strategize to make implementation of said policy achievable. And that strategy revolves around creating, maintaining and exploiting bigotry.

If there are organizations in your area dedicated to combating racism, sexism and other forms of systemic oppression, get involved. If there aren't, help start one.

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