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Now this is creepy AND scary.......😱 😱 😱 (Original Post) a kennedy Dec 2020 OP
That thing dances a helluva lot better than tRump, however Blue Owl Dec 2020 #1
I know........this just makes me hurl........ a kennedy Dec 2020 #5
I've seen some bad dancers Rorey Dec 2020 #9
I agree, as bad as they are and they're pretty bad .. CatMor Dec 2020 #10
That fact fuck dances like Elaine Benes on "Seinfeld". brush Dec 2020 #13
God, I hate him. smirkymonkey Dec 2020 #15
Don't worry, call Old Glory! happybird Dec 2020 #2
Fascinating Rorey Dec 2020 #3
I know...... a kennedy Dec 2020 #6
That was creepy. blueinredohio Dec 2020 #4
I know........ a kennedy Dec 2020 #8
It's fabulous! frogmarch Dec 2020 #7
Actually... I loved it! Silver Gaia Dec 2020 #11
Animation or automation. safeinOhio Dec 2020 #12
I love it! And the robots have good taste in music. Dem2theMax Dec 2020 #14


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10. I agree, as bad as they are and they're pretty bad ..
Tue Dec 29, 2020, 09:10 PM
Dec 2020

they still dance better than trump. trump dancing is downright embarrassing.

Silver Gaia

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11. Actually... I loved it!
Tue Dec 29, 2020, 09:35 PM
Dec 2020

It made me laugh with joy! Even though I realize these are proto-cylons, they aren't that yet, and I enjoyed them. It won't be scary to me until they successfully merge this with advanced AI, and that is probably closer than we think. But for now, this amazed me and gave me joy.

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