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Old Crank

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Thu Sep 21, 2023, 03:55 PM Sep 21

Joys of ageing

My wife found me one of those wrist devices used to monitor heart rate and sleeping (small fitbit).
She got it because this one will respond to certain heart issues.
Well about 5-6 weeks of wearing it up pops a notification for a series of posible AFib events while sleeping. Oh joy. Nothing since now for another 6 weeks. My house doctor has had me on 24 hour heart monitoring and blood pressure monitoring 2 times. Nothing irregular. Some low pulse while sleeping but blood work is clean. Now I'm going to get an implanted heart monitor for 90 plus days. I don't feel any different. But even a few incicences per year can increase your stroke risk. Since my wife knows there is no dodging the doctors.... Nothing but fun.
We will see how this goes. They go under the skin and are the size of fat paperclips.

A doctor friend sent me a research paper on the watch type devices and they are quite accurate for detecting AFib.

Now with the metal in my head and this will I get through the airport security????

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2. After I got my pacemaker they hooked
Thu Sep 21, 2023, 04:43 PM
Sep 21

me up to a 48 hour monitor. I said screw it and went to the indoor track and ran 6 miles. Came back normal.
Doctor that put in my device had me on high does b/p meds that made me feel like shit, so I went to another cardiologist. He did a chemical stress test and looked at all of my records and said I have zero A-fib and lowered the meds. Feel better, but still get wuzy when I stand up. Oh well.

Old Crank

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5. I like the wuzy
Thu Sep 21, 2023, 09:09 PM
Sep 21

When standing up from a crouch. Had that from my teens.
Still have good balance on my bike so can't be all bad.
Good luck.


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4. I honestly think that many of us, especially us seniors,
Thu Sep 21, 2023, 07:49 PM
Sep 21

are too easily over-medicated.

I had a heart attack nearly three years ago, and in the aftermath was put on blood pressure medication that definitely made my bp too low. Initially I was on 5 or 6 prescriptions. The last time I saw my cardiologist I asked, "Do I really need to be on all these?" and he decided that three were enough.

I do have the enormous good fortune to be extremely healthy in the first place. Never get sick. Never get flu or colds. Don't bother with the flu vaccine either, but don't let that affect your vaccinations.

Also, two weeks after the heart attack, I was absolutely back to full health, no lingering side effects of symptoms. Everyone who knew me was amazed. I do appreciate my good luck. I also have enormous faith in my body's ability to heal.

Old Crank

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6. One problem with the German
Thu Sep 21, 2023, 09:13 PM
Sep 21

Healthcare system. It is fee for service. But not for the patient. So you sometimes have to say no, or you will be tested a lot. These days you can find information about conditions from reliable sources, eg. Mayo clinic, and grill your physicians.


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8. Interesting.
Thu Sep 21, 2023, 09:32 PM
Sep 21

I am in the U.S. and so familiar with what it's like here. And yeah, over-testing is huge in this country.

I honestly think that among the reasons I'm so healthy is that I simply avoid doctors. As I experienced with my heart attack, it is very easy to get sucked into more tests, more medicines, more procedures.

Old Crank

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9. I was in the US system
Fri Sep 22, 2023, 12:49 AM
Sep 22

Until 2015.

Our insurance had a choice of several providers, including Kaiser. The one I went with was also integrated in care with a primary who refered to others as needed. He I have a primary, Hausartz, and she refers me to specialists which are out of her office. I have a complete choice in choice of specialist. That makes it harder for my doctor to find out what the specialist says/does without carrying papers around.

We don't pay at the point of service. In my old US insurance I would likely be out $100-200 in copays by now.


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10. A few weeks ago I did a trip and fall and wound up with
Fri Sep 22, 2023, 10:45 PM
Sep 22

a compression fracture on my left arm. I went to an ER, and just recently got the bill. I am paying $90.00 on an original $6,209 charge. Wow.

Old Crank

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11. Well I won't be getting an internal heart monitor.
Sat Sep 23, 2023, 03:26 AM
Sep 23

My thyroid tests and cardiac ultrasound look good. So I just keep wearing the watch.

The tech for the monitor is pretty impressive. Can last 3 years on one charge and takes about 10 minutes to implant. Wifi to your smartphone and then doctors office.

The world we live in now.

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