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A few images from my recent trip home. (Original Post) OldBaldy1701E Sep 25 OP
Enjoy them very much. Beautiful. Thank you Walleye Sep 25 #1
You are welcome. (n/t) OldBaldy1701E Sep 25 #6
I did enjoy them! Thanks for sharing. brer cat Sep 25 #2
I am glad and your are welcome. (n/t) OldBaldy1701E Sep 25 #7
These are wonderful. I enjoyed them very much. LoisB Sep 25 #3
They came out well and I am glad you did. OldBaldy1701E Sep 25 #8
Thanks for these beautiful photos, my dear OldBaldy1701E! They are just wonderful. ♥ CaliforniaPeggy Sep 25 #4
You are welcome. OldBaldy1701E Sep 25 #5


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8. They came out well and I am glad you did.
Mon Sep 25, 2023, 06:15 PM
Sep 25

All of these were done with my Sony HandyCam FX-1, which is now considered obsolete. (Hysterical.) It uses digital tape. It is a video camera. I grabbed these stills from the footage.


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5. You are welcome.
Mon Sep 25, 2023, 06:13 PM
Sep 25

I was out there every morning at dawn. On the last day, I had a few tourii (the plural for touron... it is what local Bankers call the tourists) pass by me and remark that they found it interesting that there were so many photogs out on the beach at the moment. I smiled and said that this was actually a low turnout for a almost cloud-free sunrise. (There have been times in the past where the beach was literally crowded with people taking pics of those incredible sunrises. I was so glad to see them again and very sad when I had to leave.)

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