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Sunday Night...."Here at the Western World"....

Question Submitted by KoKo:

Tomorrow is Veterans Day—be sure to thank those who have served this great nation.

Under Armour headquarters locked down by police after report of gunman

A spectacular essay - and from the NYT!

Has the nobel Peace Prize been annouced yet for this year? My wife really wants to see Malala to

Authorities ID teen killed at Cypress house party

Lara Logan: Foreign Correspondent

Id like to send this to the Teabaggers...

Asian Shares Climb From Four-Week Low, Dollar Up After U.S. Jobs Surprise.

I thought the NFL was flagging helmet-leading hits?

Karl Marx Is the World’s Most Influential Scholar

Has anyone tried the new Redbox streaming service?

Calif. anti-trans group says 620k signatures to repeal law

Vice President John Cornyn? Mitt Romney thought about it

Perry faces tough opponent in possible presidential run: himself

Remember when Joe Biden kicked Paul Ryan's ass up and down the stage last year?

Why NSA's war on terror is more than just a 'neat' hacking game

Once again, George Carlin, A.K.A. "smartest man in the room."

Ubiquitous Web Ad/Fake News - "Billionaire Tells Americans to Prepare For 'Financial Ruin'"

What no one tells you about dramatic weight loss

Maddow: George W. Bush really was trying to bring about the end of the world

Will 60 Minutes do a complete retraction of Lyin' Lara Logan's Bullshit Benghazi story?

On stage: three wise men of our intelligence agencies spin a yarn

The NRA Lost a Big One in Virginia

British and Russian Intelligence Services Resume Collaboration

How I became Dave Grohl's most unlikely fan.

Telecoms plan shielded European Internet

Police: Man attacked relative with crowbar for being gay

GCHQ used 'Quantum Insert' technique to set up fake LinkedIn pages and spy on mobile phone giants

Woman Burned by McDonald's Hot Coffee, Then the News Media

BBQ basting sauce for chicken, pork. So simple.

GOCE satellite probably falling as I write this.

Seahawks, 9-1!!!!

US Navy carrier departing Persian Gulf region

Syria army 'retakes key base near Aleppo'

Couple Get Engaged Dressed Like Walt And Jesse From Breaking Bad

Death Stalks Colombia's Unions

White Man Runs As Black Man in Houston, And Wins

Nice Sign -

Puppies are playing!

I'm sorry

Group: Calif. transgender law repeal will qualify

Gardasil researcher is against the vaccine–another myth debunked

Getting an abortion in Texas can be very dangerous

Just got back from the most uncomfortable memorial service I've ever attended.

Anthem Blue Cross, WellPoint (WLP) Unit, Sued For Allegedly Tricking Tens Of Thousands Into Dropping

For anyone who actually read the Bible....

Seeking laptop advice:

Virginia attorney general vote headed for a recount


Musings on the eve of Veteran's Day

Texans "volunteer" to take women to abortion clinics...only to take them to church instead

White Man Runs As Black Man in Houston, And Wins

Well cold and flu season has hit our house

Hillary's Nightmare? A Democratic Party That Realizes Its Soul Lies With Elizabeth Warren.

'Doonesbury' Strip Killed in Arkansas

The best photos of Barack Obama being a dad

D*ck Maintenance

My daughter took a picture of a truck

Well 60 minutes spent less than 2 minutes "Apologizing" for their Bengazi story!! Grrrrr

Newly Naturalized Citizens Taken Around U.S. For Orientation

TSA and Pigs

I am just going to leave this right here ...

Syrian opposition agrees to participate in Geneva peace talks

…And why was 60 Minutes so hellbent on making that "mistake," Lara?

Military worried that soldiers are getting bored without wars

PAALS - People And Animals Living Synergistically

Bitcoin of the Bershires - Berkshares

Board Considers Taking KKK Leader's Name Off High School

Walmart is trying to block workers' disability benefits

Ok, you tell me -

Chris Christie is no moderate on the environment

Medium Reading

Answers still few in police shooting of Asheville teen

Hilarious tweet re 60 minutes

Today for a mid-day snack I made Stuffed Jalapenos...

Wendy Can Win

Woman killed in officer-involved shooting

"we served too: the story of the women's airforce service pilots (wasps)" on my pbs station right

MICH and OH governor races tight

What Ronald F*cking Reagan has done for America

Come all Ye Coal Miners

Learned a new (for me) song tonight, don't be distracted by the encore

Abortion should NOT be rare.

CBS is getting hammered on Twitter tonight...most concise I've seen?

Homosexuality illegal in 41 out of 53 Commonwealth countries – report

Supreme Court to Take Up Challenges to Union Practices

Mrs. Clara Sullivan's Letter

Report: Tim Tebow hires CAA agent, considering college broadcasting

Bill O'Loofah sucks. Just thought I'd refresh the memory in case any memory needed it. n/t

If the Washington Post could show that Davies was lying, why couldn't 60 Minutes?

Ever hear of the "Fatima Center?"

So this isn't CBS' first waltz with a wingnut.

In 2020, my daughter will be 14 and will have no memory of a white male ever being president,

15 Things You Should NEVER Say to Crafters

Do they expect to get away with no heads rolling over at CBS?

John McCain says NSA chief Keith Alexander 'should resign or be fired'

Would you be in favor of a vigorous primary challenge against Hillary from the left,

Critics mock Scott Walker's 'tell-all' book as laughable chronicle of omissions and delusions

Anyone know anything about Celiac disease? nt

So What Was The Point Of "Killing Kennedy" On NatGeo?

Kochs and Republicans launch bid to snuff out wind-energy tax incentives

Congratulations, NYC!

"Canceled policies could be a plus for new markets"


#60MinutesBenghaziStories trending

Grievances Brought Up With Powerless Supervisor

I missed out on most of the Autumn Color

Crickets over at freerepublic tonight about Benghazi

Texas prosecutor will serve 10 days in jail for wrongfully convicting man imprisoned for 25 years

New York Fed Chief Levels Explosive Charge Against Big Banks

GOP lawmakers in Ohio under fire for supporting Medicaid expansion

I miss Lil 'Mo...

How can I access my very first posts here?

Incognito says his actions "were coming from a place of love"

Real News: Sarah Harrison and Jeremy Hammond: People Have A Right to the Truth

How does the US government pay scale work?

"The truth is that Fidel Castro had President John F. Kennedy killed."

Texas and 5 Other States Resist Processing Benefits for Gay Couples

Lara Logan's Bogus "Correction"

As a gay man...

Enda Kenny's Gay Marriage Stance Defies Catholic Church; Irish Prime Minister Supports Equality

Let's have a poll on JFK

What happens when a female model starts dressing as a man

Misery Loves Company

60 Minutes Benghazi Piece Was Pushed by FOX News BEFORE Airing !

Memo from State Board of Elections delays final tally in heavily Democratic Fairfax County

‘60 Minutes’ Airs Apology on Benghazi

Artist Puts Disney Princess Filter On 10 Real Life Female Role Models

The Myths around White “Merit”

I had forgotten that I'd signed up for a recurring payment.

WHO will President Obama endorse for President in 2016?

They don't make them like they used to.

The Wardrobe Malfunction and the Reader's Comments.

Unemployment benefits expire at the end of December

Songs that Clear Channel did not want radio stations to play after 9/11

Dumb Criminals: Man Caught Having Sex With Pool Raft Also Had Sex With Pumpkin

Car roll-over in Seminole Cty involved a Longwood Commissioner

Pamela Anderson Gets Mia Farrow Pixie Cut

My First question in the Photography Forum...ever.

I have gotta try this!

Police find 36 human skulls at home of Italian expatriate

Kevin Blackistone Draws Heat for ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ Comment

Deep Forest

Midnite snack for puppies!

Interesting tidbit in the film ''Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight'' re SC Justice William O. Douglas

Post your favorite Flash Mob Video(s)

Come fly with me ... Lady Gaga

Obama's Dalliance With Social Security Cuts Dampens Base Participation.

Good night.

Postal Service to Make Sunday Deliveries for Amazon.

Armed Intimidation Of "Mom's Demand --" In Dallas Not Acceptable Behavior.

Conspiracy theory in the US

Stormy Monday, 11/11/13

Hayko Cepkin; Paranoya

Marvel Comics new superhero, a teenage Muslim girl in Jersey City

Everything You Know About Your Personal Hygiene Is Wrong

Conservative parents, left wing children.

Humble Pie, For Your Love (unplugged)

"nonviolent protest—have been conflated by the corporate state with terrorism."

Greenpeace's 'hippie ship' open to public in S.F. - Rainbow Warrior

Find something to be happy about today (Monday Nov 11, 2013)

Israel leader: Rest of world soft on Palestinians

PTSD nightmares.

You can call me a deciduous tree...

Russian performance artist nails himself to Red Square cobblestone by his testicles

Why Was a Brain-Damaged Fighter Allowed to Leave Madison Square Garden on His Own?

A video about meat

I lost a dear friend suddenly yesterday.

Given that ReTHUGs didn't even want aid for Sandy victims

Robert MacNeil Reflects on Reporting the JFK Assassination

Dunsmore: There are lies and then there are lies

Greenpeace activists held in Russia being moved to St Petersburg

Iran nuclear talks unravel after Binyamin Netanyahu intervention

U.S. lawmakers seek tighter Iran sanctions before any deal

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott drills well to water lawn during historic drought

How the State makes a killing out of premium phone lines:

Former British PM John Major ‘shocked’ by power held by ‘affluent middle class’

OK DUers here's your Christmas Present

Student-athlete licensing revenue suit against NCAA moves forward

Montana judge considers fine against political group

Senate Republicans praise unlikely party in Iran talks: ‘Thank God for France!’

(Pakistani) Schools ban Malala Yousafzai’s ‘anti-Pakistan’ book

The "I will murder your whole family" text. And it's not from who you think.

The guy brandishing the rifle in the bottom left of this picture is breaking the law...

Google and Facebook may be our best defenders against Big Brother

Images to restore your faith in Humanity...

WOW Reporting about the Philippines - real coverage which News network you ask

Omaha native Lee White, 90, was adviser to (D) presidents

4 Creeping Ways Capitalism Is Killing Us

Unless Social Security Is Expanded with Increased Funding, We Face a Crisis of Boomers In Poverty

Vets… Fall In!

Automatic spending cuts would bite more in 2014

Ethanol rises above partisanship

If you're cheering today even though it's Monday:

Global stocks mixed amid US stimulus jitters

Top 10 Ways to Really Honor our Veterans

We Have the Renewable Energy We Need to Power the World—So What's Stopping Us?

An artist's journey to paint watercolours of Guantanamo Bay.

Counting the Dollars the Rich Want Uncounted

Quantum Spying: GCHQ Used Fake LinkedIn Pages to Target Engineers

Another day, another fishy charter school

NSA Fallout: Berlin Moves to Increase Mobile Phone Security

GUN CONTROL: Why NOT use racial fear to our advantage?

Oil Espionage: How the NSA and GCHQ Spied on OPEC

John McCain says NSA chief Keith Alexander 'should resign or be fired'

How Evil Can the CIA and NSA Get? How to Restrain US Intelligence Agencies

Blaming a 13yr old holding a toy is like blaming the Rape Victim for wearing a dress

Fukushima: The Beginning of The End Of Nuclear Power | Resistance Report #12

Greece intercepts mystery ship with 20,000 Kalashnikovs onboard

America's oldest veteran likes whiskey & cigars

ABC Launches Rick Perry's Comeback Tour (Now he wears glasses, so he done got smarter)

USS Freedom Hit By Technical Glitch In Singapore

Beatle John Lennon school detention sheets put up for sale

North Korea 'publicly executes 80 people'

Typhoon Haiyan: Philippines destruction 'absolute bedlam'

I had left a bedspread enclosed in a plastic bag in the attic. Took it down yesterday

Hardliner Mullah Fazlullah, Who Ordered Shooting of Malala, Chosen as New Pakistani Taliban Leader

NY Times: Many black New Yorkers seeing deBlasio's victory as their own

Chris Hedges: The Revolutionaries in Our Midst


Train carrying oil derails, explodes in Alabama

Robert Parry: A Showdown for War or Peace (Saudis and Israel vs US and Russia)

Chinese Pm 2.5 Pollution May Be Affecting Sperm Motility, Health - WSJ

Land's End to John O'Groats swimmer Sean Conway reaches end.

Man attacked relative for being gay, Lincoln police say

The Original "Occupy": Novel Was Written 100 Years Before Zuccotti Park

You Know You Are Old When -

3-D Printed Guns Are Getting Better and Better (Video)

Just curious: why was Mika wearing jodhpurs on MJ today?

Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger to be questioned by MPs over NSA leaks

Capitalism and the Destruction of Life on Earth: Six Theses on Saving the Humans

Best counter yet to the Dolphins "man up" stupidism ...

WTF??New York - Gunman ‘kills 3 bandmates, self after being kicked out of rock group’

Hillary's Nightmare? A Democratic Party That Realizes Its Soul Lies With Elizabeth Warren

Daring to Complain About Obamacare

Back from Wood National Cemetery...with this ear worm

Mood of 'realism' about future deal at climate talks

As A Vet I Question The Value Of My Service And If It Was Worth It

EU and US to resume trade deal talks

The Loophole That Allows Facebook to Avoid Paying Taxes on Billions of Earnings


CNN's Reliable Sources Ignores the Real Story Behind CBS's Benghazi Scandal

So Far, 2013 Driest Calendar Year On Record For California - SF Chronicle

Oh this veterans day i think about 3 very important people to me

FL Gov Offiicials Convene To Gauge Sea Level Rise Impact - Business Community Uninterested

Rollingstone - "Six Stories of Obamacare Already Making a Difference" - MSM Censored

What does everyone think of this?

The Obamacare Success Stories

If your birthday is this week, remember that Valentine's Day was 9 months ago

"I'm still breast-feeding!" . . . Please come CAPTION Ted Cruz!!!

It's been a while since.......

Leipzig Boys Choir Data Show Puberty Advancing 2.5 Months/Decade Since mid-1700s

Huffington Post - "Story Wars: Why Personal Stories Are Shaping the Health Care Battleground"

Voter Suppression may bite the Republicans

Jonathan Cohn - "The Huge Obamacare Story You Aren't Reading"

Does anyone else have problems with their firewall and Intrusion protection turning off by itself?

It's beginning

Something regarding ACA to view and share.

Graham Squirms on CNN After CBS Retracts Benghazi Story: I 'Never Asked' for '60 Minutes' Interview

Australia On Track For Warmest Year Ever As Abbott Prepares To Reduce Carbon Cut Targets

On Veteran's Day I think of the hatchet job the "Swiftboat Patriots"

Post office to start delivering Amazon packages on Sundays

Follow John Howard! Deny Unpleasant Reality With What You "Instinctively Feel"!

I just got slapped down for saying

Don't Offer This Veteran Thanks, Or a Meal At A Crappy Restaurant

Study makes a case against paddling, finds link between corporal punishment, failure to graduat

20 Amazing Facts That Prove You Need A Dog In Your Life

Hudson Bay Lowlands - Last Arctic "Holdout" Region - Now Warming At "Extraordinary" Speed

Bold Action In China! Beijing Slashes New Car Sales Quotas!

The Turtles

British Nationals Fight with al Qaeda in Syria

Please help me locate the cartoon of the old man at the war memorial...

(Beware!) Mark Halperin: 'Chris Christie is Someone Who is Magical'

Report: American People Lead World In Compressing Big Sandwiches So They're Bitable

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Veteran's day

Postal Service strikes deal with Amazon to make deliveries on Sundays

How soon after a car accident does the police take a breatherlyzer and release it to the public?

Monday Toon Roundup 2- GOP CONgress

VN era vets remember when you went over to the PX/BX and wanted to buy...

Monday Toon Roundup 3-The Rest

North Korea 'executes 80 people for watching foreign films'

Braves leaving Atlanta...

Mistakes were made - by Tom Tomorrow

In Drought, Abbott [Texas (R) Gov Candidate] Keeps Lawn Green by Drilling

Bill Mahar Interviews NSA Whistleblower, Wm. Binney, 11-8-13, Extent & Criminality of the Spying

Brent Spiner gets attacked by gun nuts for daring to comment on guns.

Survivors in Philippines beg for help as death toll rises to 10,000

Global warming finally reaches the last Arctic region

This is the 3rd time in the past 12 months the Philippines have set a new disaster record

"Today, I am not sure what I am subscribing to when I am asked to honor veterans."

Paradise Lost: Paranoia Has Undermined US Democracy

NFL Honors Military --

Economic self-mutilation

Jimmy Carter calls for fresh moratorium on death penalty

Live blog at 10: Supreme Court hears Act 10 arguments

Trans-Atlantic Free Trade: US Pushes for Deal Despite NSA Scandal

DAV: Fighting for our military when they come home

Iran allows inspectors to visit two key nuclear sites

Iran balked at Geneva nuclear deal, says John Kerry

Green Paper - "Wednesday, November 6: An update on"

Thanking Veterans for Their Service? - "Thursday, November 7: Best practices for improvements"

North Korea publicly executes 80 people

Politicians Thank Veterans For Their Service, Then Cut Programs To Feed Them (With Sharable IMAGE)

New York Magazine's Powerful Abortion Cover

Palin on The Today Show

Time To End The War on Government

Stop thanking the troops for me: No, they don’t “protect our freedoms!”

She was blind, yet she could see.

A Forum for Secular Moms

I'm not a "Conspiracy Theorist". Can we agree on the definition?

How Our Everyday Life Creates Our Character Our Destiny

Religious Zionist rabbis, Chief Rabbinate in showdown over Jewish marriage

Tell me You don't want one of these

"That is when the Transplant Coordinator Nurse told me that they are Republicans."

'Pope Francis effect' credited with boosting Italian congregations

Possible Hepatitis exposure from North Dakota bishop

Excercise Kitty

True Love

Hundreds attend war veteran's funeral after newspaper ad

Veterans days always make me feel weird.

Missing ballots in VA

DFA: Epand SS and here's why

How the Tea Party's Apocalyptic Politics Are Destroying the Republican Party

Pic Of The Moment: Intimidation Tactics: Gun Nuts Protect America From Moms Eating Lunch

Virginia Republicans changing vote-counting rules while counting votes

Nasiruddin Haqqani: Senior militant 'shot dead' in Pakistan

How British and American aid subsidises Palestinian terrorism

Republicans denying health coverage to thousands of veterans

Markwayne Mullin received over $54,000 in "donations" from the banking industry

The other tropical cyclone - in Somalia - over 100 dead

Ezra Klein: Could Elizabeth Warren beat Hillary Clinton?

Is outing someone ever okay?

I just served on my 400th jury.

Happy Veteran's Day

GMA & ABC reporter Amy Robach had a mammogram on tv. She announced her results today.

Why Warren?

Administration, I understand I owe you a thank you.

Frank Zappa on Crossfire

10 Corporations Control Almost Everything You Buy — This Chart Shows How


10 Facts about Lee Oswald that make 70% of Americans Wonder...

Keep in mind to become a candidate is NOT a unitary decision.

It is all a matter of perspective...

New Yorkers warned about deceptive STAR Program solicitations

Wow 107 years old veteran

There are fewer abortions in the USA than there should be

Wow - It's still 2013 and the Warren/Hillary DU schism/shitstorm is on

Thank you Dad.. and all my family members who have served.

Thank you Robert Daniel Collier (Deceased War Veteran)

Federal, state lawmakers call for Immigration reform before the end of the year

Here I am again, old lady needs advice.

Schumer: Chicken Slaughtered, Raised In China Could Pose Major Risk

Teens Flee Abercrombie for Upstarts as Phones Top Malls

Iran Says It Agrees to ‘Road Map’ With U.N. on Nuclear Inspections

Mi'kmaq Anti-Fracking Protest Brings Women to the Front Lines to Fight for Water

Brooklyn murder-suicide leaves 4 dead, 1 wounded

ACA’s ‘Catastrophic’ Coverage Flies Under Radar

Obenshain currently leads Herring 1,103,443 votes to 1,103,426 votes

Loud when government shuts down WWII Memorial...

I really hope this primary does not cause the same lasting bitterness on DU

Report Fuels Prospect Of 2016 Elizabeth Warren Run

Now here's a birthday I intend to celebrate

Community Health Centers Expand

Is Rachel Maddow Going Easy on MSNBC's Advertisers: GMO, Fracking, Walmart?

Bryant Park shooting suspect facing arraignment

We're in the competition! Thanks to YOU!

Homeless: Perceptions, Prejudice, Pride, Reality (Discussion)

Philippines Declares Calamity as Fresh Storm Approaches

Diesel, Fuel Cells Get Spotlight as Plug-Ins Lose Favor

Hey Mad! You can own Terrelle Pryor’s 2008 Big Ten Championship ring for only $16,499!

In Britain, an Ominous Move to Conflate Journalism With Terrorism

We got the votes and we're in the competition!

Homeless Man Finds $850, Turns It In And Gets Benefits Cut For His Honesty

Annual Parade Up Fifth Honors City And Nation's Veterans

Meet Richard Overton, a 107 year old WWII veteran – he will meet with President Obama today...

ASK A SLAVE Ep 7: True Story Just out.

Thank you!!! We got the votes! We're in the competition

We're in the competition! Yeah!

Nerdy Wonka tweet on fake Benghazi story

"Three Guys In Their 20s Fixed In A Matter Of Days (VIDEO)"

WI Governor Walker or Ted Nugent: Who do you believe?

What's for Dinner? ~ Monday Nov 11th

What's the difference between yogurt cheese and Greek yogurt?


I'll dance with any actual liberal

Democratic Fascism

There are three possible causes of Elizabeth Warren signing a letter asking Hillary Clinton to run

Why do we HONOR Veterans for Protecting us but Disdain Police for doing the same thing?

For those New jersey non Republicans who voted for Chris Christie...Your vote was a vote against....

Obama pays tribute to 107-year-old veteran

Pandora's Atomic Box Score: On the Nuclear Industry's Total Meltdown

A question to my fellow veterans

Veterans eat free at these restaurants today. Retweet and spread the word.

Prayer case at the Supreme Court: Debunking some myths

The New Public on Poverty and Education

Love will make a person do some very interesting things...

Have you ever stood over your scale and cuss it out?

A Doctor With a Cure: ‘Medicare for All’

Powerful, saddening words from one of the last living soldiers of World War One...

Indian Mars mission hit by snag

Cox Talks Up Astorino 2014

Jimmy Carter calls for fresh moratorium on death penalty

Insurance canceled? Don't blame Obama or the ACA, blame America's insurance companies

5 Men Who Really Fucked America Over Part 2: George H.W. Bush

For The Last time ...

Obama: 'Our work is more urgent than ever, because this chapter of war is coming to an end'

Technical glitch keeps state-of-the-art USS Freedom in port

SOng for Veteran's Day, by one of my favorite Artists 'round these parts....

Things Are Getting Better

"This structure is something known as a perovskite crystal"

Talk show host delivers DNA test results to white supremacist : ‘You have a little black in you"

Veterans Day music thread? Veteran's Day music thread.

New group now forming in Mid Michigan

'Truly shocking' that the private-school educated and affluent middle class still run Britain

NASA, Bigelow Aerospace to Hold Media Availability on Tuesday, Nov. 12 at 2:30 p.m. EST

27 Genius New Products You Had No Idea Existed

Indigenous Elders and Medicine Peoples Council Statement on Fukushima

What happened at 11 AM on 11/11/1918?

Virginia AG Update: Crucial Meeting in Richmond Underway

I'd prefer to see Elizabeth Warren as our next Vice President.

San Jose Mercury News Op-Ed: "Organic sellout: USDA guts organic rules to protect mega-farms."

Right-Wing Troll Notification System Test

Obama: Commitment to vets "more urgent than ever"

AARP: NY heating bills could spike 13 percent this year

Jeebus! A link to footage shot by CNN during Typhoon Haiyan:

Health exchange: Utah family gets coverage for $123 a month

Tony Perkins wants the ‘liberty’ to deny birth control: ‘That’s why the Pilgrims came here’

Va. AG: Herring (D) now up by 99 over Obenshein

Entire US City's Government Being Outsourced - Lisa Graves Discusses

Chris Christie Proves Just How Stupid the Sunday Shows Are

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds P1: ADHD - what is right or wrong about me?

Virginia AG Update: Crucial Meeting in Richmond Underway

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds P2: ADHD - Neuro Bigotry?

Romania gov't rejects Canadian gold mine project

We must do better.

Atheists starting godless churches

Somehow, I don't think this is the answer ...

With the talk about Star Trek reboots recently may I humbly add this idea

Post it When you see it ...

Psychiatrists Deeply Concerned For 5% Of Americans Who Approve Of Congress

If we could get this law on our books many of our problems would disapear.

Peru Uses Climate Twist to Lure Tourists to Shrinking Glacier

(VT) NH jail official backs legalizing marijuana

I'm going to march in the largest Veterans Day parade

A question about Racism (The term "Redneck")

(CA) Palm Springs to set marijuana tax rate

Iran backed out of nuclear deal - John Kerry

(National) PUBLIC OPINION: Legalization Of Marijuana More Popular

Everyone buying coffins in Puerto Rico?

(FL) Veterans show support for medical marijuana at clinic

(FL) Republicans fighting against legalizing medical marijuana

Breaking: NY Knish Factory Fire Leads to Nationwide Shortage

China Offers Relatively Modest Aid for Typhoon Victims

Pandora's Promise built on antinuclear critics turned nuclear proponent

Sweden closes four prisons as number of inmates plummets

Christian rescue mission bans Kansas atheists from volunteering at Thanksgiving

(MI) Bree Freed! Michigan Medical Marijuana Family Regains Custody of Infant

Salon - "GOP’s newest demented crusade: War on mothers"

I am seeing a lot of Warren will defeat Clinton ops

What ails veterans (not what you think).

What ails veterans (not what you think).

I met a 103 year old WW2 Vet today

Abortion has never been rare. Why is that an expectation now?

Richard Overton, 107, the oldest living veteran of World War II, receives a standing ovation...

Trading surges 27 pct in October at TD Ameritrade

13 Healthy Foods That Can Make You Fat..Cosmopolitan..

How the Justices Shape Our Democracy (this is so well constructed, I highly recommend you read it)

Purposeful Confusion Over Sponsored Content: A Mainstream Media Conspiracy

A Bush & Romney econ adviser compares having a baby with buying a Porsche

Puppies playing!

Sorry, Sarah Palin: There’s no war on Christmas

ROLLING STONE: How Republicans Rig the Game-gerrymandering, voter suppression and legislative tricks

from the publisher of sarah palin's new book....bwahahahahahaaa

“Republicans love people who have money”: GOP ex-congressman sounds off to Salon

Using Religion to Discriminate

Brooklyn musician kills bandmates then turns gun on himself

White Republican Wins Election By Convincing Voters He's Black

Democrats Might Have Won the Last Big Election of 2013 With a Newly Discovered Voting Machine

ABOUT Steam In-Home Streaming Welcome to Steam In-Home Streaming - Beta

Any welders here?

Why I dislike Veterans Day

A little music for MFM

Pope's rep: U.S. bishops shouldn't preach ideology

(CA) Economic impact of marijuana legalization subject of presentation

Giant Fukushima Mutant Turtle Finally Captured By Japanese Military

Typhoon Haiyan Would Cover Nearly All Of United States (PHOTO)

It is as if it isn't even news anymore.

U.S. Tries To Pacify Israeli Public Over Iran Deal

Hey - tomorrow is 11.12.13

As a follow up to my last post: Can we can debates about 2016 till Nov 2014 is over?

Not Gonna be Popular (redux)

Right-Wing Hardliner Avigdor Lieberman Returns As Israel’s Foreign Minister

East Harlem accident leaves at least 1 dead

Koch Brothers Sponsor Anti-Obamacare Cornholing Competition

Titanoboa: Monster Snake : (Full Episode)

E.J. Dionne, I like you a lot, but really you are beating a dead horse here...

Armistice Day — an ironic holiday

Cheap Manhood Sale Held In Texas Mall Parking Lot

Reading, writing textbooks recommended by Department of Education are 'loaded with errors': teachers

PC Pitstop has sent me a couple of notices to install / activate their Super Shield.

Awesome sign!!!

Prospect Park ice rink deal not so slick for city: advocate

GOP Food Stamp Cuts Would Kick 170,000 Vets Out of the Program

Difference of 17 votes in VA AG race: recount appears likely (CNN blog, 11/11)

Abortion isn't a diamond and should not be rare and/or expensive.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney Wants Hillary Clinton To Run For President In 2016

Will you vote for a Congress in 2016 which will support the next Dem President?

De Blasio: Work On Building New Administration To Begin On Tuesday

Ex-leader of cat rescue group found with 93 animals; 60 get euthanized, police say

Tweet: If you look in a mirror and say Benghazi three times,

Kerry: Obama Didn't Order All NSA Spying

Iran Criticizes Kerry For 'Conflicting Statements'


AP Exclusive: Syria Rebels Recruit At Refugee Camp

Good News! Prefacing a statement with "this isn't racist" makes it not racist.

Okay, people, take a deep breath and let's come to a consensus...

Alone In First, Lions Choosing Words Carefully

2024 Boston Olympics Bid Group Brings in Mittens Rmoney

one thing i DO like about terry mcauliffe.....

I saw 12 Years a Slave, today.

Video: Elizabeth Warren definitively declares she is not running for President in 2016

If we don't start worrying about mid term elections it won't matter who we elect in 2016

How States Actively Prevent People From Learning About Healthcare Plans /Restricting the Navigators

Word Salad on Steroids

A rational response

Contraception failure rates per method

Sometimes critics go overboard on stadium funding debates, but this is just insane:

Young elephant gets surprise bite from crocodile

Papantonio: The Democratic Wall Street Cataclysm

Does new Maverick OS have a word or excel substitute program?

I don't know if this was asked yet, but

My Dad (left) heading out to be in The Veterans Day Parade

Do you like jigsaw puzzles, or know someone who does?

Packers working out QB Flynn

Why There Is An Atheist Movement

Sen. Jim Inhofe's son dies in plane crash near Owasso

The back story on the Illinois Equal Marriage Vote many year-end championships does Rafroid Nadal have?

Nuclear Cruiser Leads Russian Task Force in Mediterranean

(Canada) Government awards $2-million contract for prison religious counselling to private company

BREAKING: Democratic Candidate Takes Lead in Razor-Thin VA Attorney General Tally

My daughter just bought this Canon

So. How about those Sox?

Sarah Palin offers informed commentary on Health Care reform

Anti-LGBT groups acquire enough signatures to repeal California law protecting transgender students

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is sarah palin a real person or is that just a persona she puts on?

Palin and rMoney just go away FFS!

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It's gone from annoying, to sad, to pathetic.

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Op-ed by First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden: 'Joining Forces' with you on Veterans Day

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