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Archives: November 15, 2013

In Other News-Medicaid Expansion Works Beautifully-Proves Public Insurance Component Of ACA Superior

War on Women? The Village Idiot Speaks.

Streaming Now - Intelegence Debate - 2nd Ammendment

Money is NOT Free Speech.

Repugs Want Obamacare Repealed So They Can Replace It With The Conservative Affordable Care Act aka.

DNA hint of European origin for dogs

Check out what happens in Madrid when the local government tries harsh austerity

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon said today legally married same-sex couples can file joint state tax returns

Brazil says Amazon deforestation rose 28% in a year

Kate Moss' (60th Anniversary) Playboy Bunny Photo Ignites Controversy

Springfield Catholic bishop plans same-sex marriage ‘exorcism,’

Rep. Gohmert upset Obama’s Israel policy not based on Biblical prophecies

Republicans do not want to "scrap" the ACA.

A Revolt Gets A Bit Louder–And We Get A Smidgen of the Constitution Back

Why isn't this on M$Greedia?IRS To Probe US Taxpayer Records With Caribbean Offshore Bank Accounts

Reigning Miss Universe Says Trans Women Should Have Beauty Pageants of Their Own

Tweety just said that Rand Paul made a "pisshead" comment. ROFLMAO!! He is ranting tonight. eom

Warm-up to Thanksgiving.

Okay, assuming Elizabeth Warren impresses me (and she does)

Syrian Kurds Defeat Islamists, Declare Autonomy

Image makeover suggestions

Holy Frack!

They've really "jumped the shark" over at Kos.

MEDS! Finally, my husband read his doctor the riot act.

Is there something wrong with DU? I am showing a million advertisments - to the point I

10 hours of Candy Crush music!!

Rachel Maddow - Law allows an attempted rapist to get a gun

so, last night my computer said it had updates and to restart and I did ... but then

I always thought that Frank Sinatra "owned" Fly Me to the Moon but, dang!

Wouldn't you like to learn the full story on this one:Teacher suspended for showing wooden genitalia

North Colombia primary school teacher assassinated in front of students

I have so many advertisements that I can barely get around DU. I am not having

We are worth MORE

Scavenger is pretty pissed at me.

Taverner's gone. I feel bad about that.

I like this lady on Chris Hayes' Show

DEBATE on TPP: between Bill Watson-Cato Institute & Lori Wallach, Public Citizen-Global Trade Watch

By the Numbers: The Top 7 Obamacare Exchanges

Washington state rejects Obama’s plan to let people keep current health plans

UK spy found in a padlocked dufflebag 'probable accident'

Winter secrets to make it through the cold weather.

Why the Fed Doesn't Matter: Blame the "Roving Cavaliers of Credit"

I found it! A GREAT slow cooker Mexican style pulled pork recipe. Easy and amazing...

Micheal Saltzman my god what a DICK!!!

Skepticism 101, with the Skepchicks, Transcript

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 15 November 2013

You thought Yellow Submarine was trippy?

What If Obesity Is Nobody's Fault

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! The King’s Speech & a new Kitteh gif

Petition For "Those concerned about food safety and GMOs" ...

OK, getting there.

Obama's news conference today

Union busting ramps up at Chattanooga, TN Volkswagen plant

Republicans, wrong about everything and damned proud of it


Does anyone else notice Sarah (gag) Palin's oddly severe

Pro ACA ads running in Colorado


Gravis Marketing is polling Crist ahead of Scott for 2014 election.

Comet ISON has an outburst - may be approaching naked eye visibility (just before sunrise)

Rowan County Moral Monday - Nov. 18th

BART may turn down contract that ended strike

Rachel's introduction showing Rmoneycare as the blueprint for Obamacare/ACA

Dandruff is sexy (I now tell myself) .. snow on ancient hills (a rant).

free music from Michelle Obama's "Let's Move"

Two Hands Four Paws: A paralyzed Doberman learns to walk again

News from the Crackdown on Usury in Venezuela

NSA chief says Snowden leaked up to 200,000 secret documents

Ann Curry is a champ

My elderly parents think Joe and Hillary are too old to run for Pres.

Need help, but it's no biggie. How should one address a former Office holder?

Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson?

This bull elk is such a brat!

Great article about VA and what it means for 2014.

Pennsylvania judge orders woman to stop breastfeeding

Hey Hey NSA! Activists & communities build their own internets

Goldman Sachs showers Hillary with gold

Gotta love Harajuku girls

The San Francisco Bay Area Has a Values Problem

Head-to-Head: Libertarian Radio Host Debates Sam Seder.

Horrific legal loophole allows Costa Rica fishermen to fin sharks (warning: graphic)

Study: More Guns Lead To More Suicides

Why Canada and the U.S. are on the 'Wrong Side of Democracy'

I'm Sorry, But What Are We Apologizing For Again?

Alabama Man Won't Serve Prison Time for Raping 14-Year-Old

BOOM!1 Leticia VAN DE PUTTE running for LT Gov (Wendy DAVIS, Gov) - GO tx Dem women!1

Report: CBS' Benghazi Source Has "Disappeared" After Receiving "Threat"

Petition for Justice for 13yr old Andy Lopez shot by police

I voted for marijuana legalization in Oregon the last round.

Who can read right wing body language?

Insurance Industry Rips White House Obamacare Fix

Prepare to have your mind blown at 1:05, 1:41, 2:24, 3:50, 4:50, 5:20, and 5:50/ money distribution

How This Latin Country Will Be The Next Leading Energy Producer

I am listening to Lawrence on MSNBC. Steve Kornacki, who is from Massachusetts

Father of California assemblyman killed in home

Council Will Try to Cut the Mayor’s Office Budget and Remove Ford as Chair of Executive Committee

Bachelet softens reform promises before Chile vote

If it's worth having, it's worth fighting for.



Have you seen this 60 minutes?

A GoPro camera strapped to an Eagle's back in the Chamonix valley of France's Mer de Glace? Whoa.

Brazil's former president exhumed

San Francisco Muni train leaves station without driver

besides the drama threads, check this out- Minimal Beat

ACA Issues? Folks, just RELAX. It is EARLY, and it is corporate media hype. GIVE IT TIME.

Hawaii judge upholds state's new gay marriage law

The MOMENT Obama Endorses-Keeping Your Plan-Every Conservative SUDDENLY Decides Its Unworkable

Gov. Jay Nixon says he supports legalizing gay marriage

U.S. Investigates Currency Trades by Major Banks

Fox news most trusted source of news on Obamacare

Corbett claims every single job created during his term was because of fracking

Leticia Van de Putte Will Announce Lt. Governor Campaign on November 23rd

From the ridiculous to the even more ridiculous...

Obama fails to calm jittery Dems ADMINISTRATION

Denial dries up: Americans finally seeing the light on climate change

Single payer rises and falls with the ACA.

Richardson High ‘dating expert’ gets schooled by students

I Find It Interesting That We're In An Open Enrollment Period For Medicare And.....

I need a cigarette...

Five of us were having lunch;

We need to swing the polls into our favor!

Wiki Leaks Leak Secret Draft Document on the Trans Pacific Partnership

CNN Tonight: The Assassination of JFK

Starting a Fresno Move to Amend chapter. 1st meeting 11/22

Is There A Democrat Running For The U S Senate This Year?

Pro Bono Attorneys to Provide Free Legal Services to Central Valley Low-Wage Workers

Nov 15th, Fresno State: The First Nations Indigenous Student Organization of FSU presents film

Native Americans riding horses along Enbridge pipeline

TED Talks: Pamela Meyer: How to spot a liar

TED Talks: What if ET is out there?

Venezuela jails 100 "bourgeois" businessmen in crackdown

You know what Medical Marijuana has done for Oregon that NOBODY talks about?

'Gloves come off' as journalists debunk each other's Obamacare horror stories

I have permission from Taverner to give out his name via PM to anyone here who wants it.

Jon Stewart Bashes Obamacare Rollout: You Ran on 'Yes We Can' Not 'Pobody's Nerfect!'

Chronicle will print special editions for ‘Batkid’ flashmob

New Mexico cancer patient barred from daughter’s school because of her "smell"

TCM Schedule for Friday, November 15, 2013 -- Friday Night Spotlight: Screwball Comedies

TCM Schedule for Saturday, November 16, 2013 - The Essentials: The Best of Friends

TCM Schedule for Sunday, November 17, 2018 - Tonight on TCM: MGM Vs. Fox

Rob Ford Graphic

Holy shit! Toronto Mayor Rob Ford *IS* Cartman!!!

AZ Wildcats looking good

Social Candidate won the seat of seattle city council defeating her democratic opponent

Whenever I see Matthew McConaughey pictured in his new movie "Dallas Buyers Club"

With friends like most of the Dems in the Congress, the Presidents' enemies

Stop the trials..........(UMC)..........

FED Judge criticizes lack of prosecution against Wall Street executives

If There Were A Close Encounter With 3rd Kind GOP Would Be Eliminated As Pest Species

John Kerry: I Have 'Serious Doubts That Lee Harvey Oswald Acted Alone'

Perfectly Timed Animal Shots

For all my Jewish Brothers who thought George W..

House Republican Shames GOP Members On Stalled Immigration Reform

Texas Senator John Cornyn Ads

Obama aides: Transparency plans could harm security

I watched Upstream Color and it changed my life...

Quantum memory 'world record' smashed

Exclusive: US blocks publication of Chilcot’s report on how Britain went to war with Iraq

Prosecutor warns of a mob threat against Pope Francis

Catholic bishop of Springfield, IL to do `exorcism` on day governor signs gay marriage bill

Dog Takes Puppy on Journey in Shopping Cart

60 Minutes" Benghazi Controversy - Poncho Denews' Bogus Bombshell

Bolivia Willing To Resume Dialogue With Chile On Sea Dispute

Tutankhamun's sister goes missing.

Chase ballots for campaign finance reform

Janet Yellen Shames Congress For Austerity, Being Terrible

Professors Gruber & Maddow explain Romneycare lesson: Be patient with Obamacare

Gay Rights Activists Take Aim at NY Stock Exchange’s ‘Russia Day’.

Venezuela: Enabling Law approved with 99 votes in its first reading

Right wing cyber attacks on website confirmed

The more you know about the odious Trans-Pacific Partnership, the less you’ll like it

Nanny Consulting: Meet the Jobs of Tomorrow

Pyhrric victory by Monsanto et al with I-522?

WikiLeaks reveals secret trade agreement that could crack down on web freedom

Public Citizen Report Reveals Dents, Holes in Keystone XL Southern Half Weeks Before Planned Startup

Judge sentences mob kingpin Whitey Bulger to two life terms

I want to be like my mother

Texas town evacuated after Chevron pipeline explodes

Report: Billion-dollar TSA program to look for suspicious passengers works ‘slightly better than cha

So, do candidates behind on election night often make up 6000+ vote deficits?

Dean Baker | The Obama Pledge on Keeping Your Insurance

Hot mic catches UN interpreter saying anti-Israel votes are ‘a bit much’

Our Gasoline thirst fuels Mideast Fundamentalism, Violence – EVs are the Answer

Japan slashes climate reduction target amid nuclear shutdown

Take that, France: Iran has Halted Expansion of Nuclear Facilities: IAEA

Talk about Dystopia.. winning 2012 photo

Montco (PA) GOP Chairman Robert Kerns resigns

Centrist sinkholes

Forest change mapped by Google Earth

Poe's Law Alert - Cruz's Dad: "if (atheists) step one foot outside electrified fence, we shoot them"

NSA Spying Crushes US Tech Companies in Emerging Markets (“An Industry Phenomenon")

Caroline Kennedy Inducted Ambassador to Japan

GROSS! Yoshi caught a bunny!

The Glory of Rome’s Name

How Not to Hold an 'Oversight' Hearing

It must be Thanksgiving. Everybody is talking about the homeless

Taking stock of drone warfare

My church was seriously vandalized

This story is unbearable. It is common. It's a sorry reflection of our society and culture

Chris Christie Is an Extreme Right-Winger -- Don't Fall for His "Moderate" Act

Four Gentlemen Group Portrait. 1950s 1960s Nostalgia

Federal Judge Slams DoJ for Not Prosecuting Wall Street Execs

The 10 Giant Corporations That Have Taken Over Much of Our Economy

VICTORY! Plans for beagle breeding facility rejected!

Fears Confirmed: Offshore Fracking a Toxic Mess

In Sunny Arizona, A Crucial Vote on the Future of a Solar-Powered Nation

China to ease one-child policy, abolish labor camps, Xinhua reports

Americans Are Increasingly Segregating Themselves in Ideological Enclaves

Koch "Carbon Bomb" Brothers Could Cash in Billions on Alberta Tar Sands Holdings

Florida woman renews marriage vows with Ferris wheel named Bruce

Future My Love

“They Were Soldiers” Author Discusses High Cost of War for America’s Veterans

C.I.A. Collecting Data on International Money Transfers, Officials Say

What's Right with Sweden? Prisons Close as Demand Falls

Pennsylvania paper retracts editorial panning Gettysburg Address

Woman arrested after bomb found at Washington state hospital

Woman accused of leaving bomb in car at Washington state hospital — second found in home

MAP: Is Your State Ready for Climate Disasters?

EXCLUSIVE: Volkswagen Isn’t Fighting Unionization—But Leaked Docs Show Right-Wing Groups Are

Sometimes you can't believe everything you read

The real war on Christmas is the Fundie pastors

Shocker! (NOT) Andy Kaufman’s “Daughter” is Actually Just A New York Actress

Problems mount for White House in push for Trans-Pacific trade pact

No. Really. Fifty Shades of Grey novel found to have traces of herpes

Astroturf “Fix the Debt” Caught Ghostwriting for College Students

program designed to help prepare for droughts

John Oliver Flies 'The Daily Show' Coop, Makes the Move to HBO

Why should copyright be the life of the author + 70 years?

100 photos of Victoria’s Secret models…. or chess?

The single most important thing to remember about the troubled ACA rollout

$100 billion Boeing order expected at Dubai air show

NRC failing to enforce seismic regulations at California's Diablo Canyon reactors

40 billion ways to dance - Mark Morford

Some Senate Democrats not satisfied with the Presidents one year fix

Maduro requests state to act against El Tiempo (Venezuelan) newspaper (spanish)

The dream solution for the insurance companies (a nightmare for us)

When Parents Yank Their Kids Out of Standardized Tests

All Quiet on the Benghazi front

Congrats to Cutch and Miggy

NJ has 23,000 enrollments and over 700 have picked a plan in the ACA

Haiyan: A Disaster Made Worse By Greed

Suicide among military-connected youth a growing concern

"I'll give you 'sensibility'! I got your 'sensibility' right here!" Please come CAPTION Ted Nugent!!

Rip-off: High Out-of-Pocket Social Costs are a Stealth Tax on the Middle Class and the Poor

New Elizabeth Warren Banner for DU sig. lines.

The Gospel of Selfishness in American Christianity

Israel's Peres warns against feud with U.S. over Iran

I've Recently Been Diagnosed with Dyshidrotic Eczema

Malpractice claims against veterans hospitals on the rise

Teacher Slugs Middle Schooler Who Mocked His Favorite Football Team

Rob Ford's intoxication affected his job: former staff

Folks are signing up for Obamacare at the same rate they signed up for Romneycare

Socialist Sawant wins City Council seat

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -Unhelpful Helpers

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - The Starvation Party

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -The Rest

SF Bay Restoration Effort Hits 2-Million-Oyster Benchmark In 1st Such Success

Delaware Governor: Say Goodbye to Your Beach House

Tea Party opposes Upton bill, wants to repeal Obamacare.

13 Cities Mobilized to Shine a Light on TPP: “Don’t Fast Track a Train Wreck – FLUSH the TPP!”

No prison time for man who raped 14-year-old

A Trail of Tears: How Veterans Return From America’s Wars

Where the Hell Is Matt? 2012

"Death Of 1,000 Cuts" For Australian Environmental Laws

The 5% of Americans affected by Obamacare fix don't square with reports declaring demise of the ACA

Kauai County Council Meets 9 Hours Re. Override Of Mayor's Veto Of Anti-Transgenic Rule

One of the college kids here on campus mistook me for one of her friends

Developed World Shuns "Loss & Damage" Plan In Warsaw; Favors Empty "Clean Tech" Committments

Kennedy : la vérité sur son assassinat

Affordable care act policies not so affordable according to US

San Francisco: Rats scatter from Central Subway construction

Canada Abandons Any Pretence Of Climate Action, Praises Australia For Gutting Its Carbon Tax

Clinton: Helping women succeed is the 'great unfinished business of the 21st century'

Ring of Fire: Safety Net Programs On The Chopping Block

Singapore-Sized Pine Island Iceberg Moving Slowly Out Into Southern Ocean

Upgrading to Wireless N from Wireless G worth it?

Folk singer Roy Harper charged with child sex offences

Trigger Fish - Mediterranean Species - Confirmed Off Isle Of Mull, Scotland's Inner Hebrides

The DC DoWop Group:

Companies Use Obamacare Confusion To Sell 'Junk Insurance'

TX school brings in Christian misogynist to lecture students about dating, students shut him down

Poland Ready To Double Size Of Largest Coal Power Plant, But Will Wait For Climate Conference To End

Stone-tipped spears predate human existence by 85,000 yrs

Yes, Stephanopoulos . . . **** you.

'Sleepwalking to Extinction': Capitalism and the Destruction of Life and Earth

Top Three Nations For 2012 Extreme Weather Damage: Haiti, Philippines, Pakistan

SiriusXM customers, demand the pick up Randi Rhodes

Catholic bishop of Springfield, IL to do `exorcism` on day governor signs gay marriage bill

A botched website vs. bodies floating in the streets: Not the same thing

I guess he's a social drinker ................

Former Bush Officials Eagerly Compare Obamacare Rollout To Hurricane Katrina

DHS Official Confirms Attempted Cyber Attack on

Pentagon Comptroller Hale ‘Hopeful’ For Sequestration ‘Micro-Deal’

Somali pirates jailed in US over American deaths

Congress Must Scrap Generous DoD Benefits For Future Forces: Rep. Hunter

And here's why I despise Alec Baldwin. He's a hateful creep

Why the government now cares what you spend on gas

Freepers begin RINO-fication of Ted Cruz

2014? Bring it on.

Army To Sacrifice GCV To Stave Off ‘Creeping Hollowness’

Researchers kill oldest living animal to verify it’s the oldest living animal

Charles Pierce:If our politicians are not responsive to our needs-then it's time for new politicians

NOT SO FAST! ...... About that Socialist who was thought to have narrowly lost in Seattle......

Single photon detected but not destroyed

Lockheed Martin cutting 4,000 jobs, closing plant

Bacterial Competition In Lab Shows Evolution Never Stops

Feinstein promotes bill to strengthen NSA's hand on warrantless searches

Ted Cruz does not-

Pat Robertson: Ask Your Gay Son if Coach Molested Him

You know, you will get called out as a RINO if...

Conservatives SILENT About Bogus Benghazi Story

Investigation seeking extension of Greenpeace activists in Russia - spokesperson .

Do you ever feel that medical Science Advancement will eventually make USA a socialist country ?

Accusers: Head of Pentagon's anti-sex abuse effort interfered with investigation

106,815. This number represents life and death.

You're welcome, America!

Rock Legend Iggy Pop Urges Gov. Snyder to Cancel Wolf Hunt, and Let the People Decide

Instructors Often Pressured to Censor Themselves, Says Professor Scolded for ‘Tea Party’ Email

Who’s to Blame for ENDA’s Demise?

Bernie Sanders on junk insurance policies

(LIVE NOW) 2013 IACC Strategic Plan Update Workshop Agenda

Huge Part of Far Eastern Sea Tentatively Declared Russian Shelf.

Just heard on the AP news that the President is meeting today with major Health Insurance CEO'S

Dozens dead in clash with Libyan militiamen in Tripoli

Iowa couple revealed as major funders behind anti-tax PAC

JON STEWART TO OBAMA: At Least You're Not Rob Ford!

"Well, we always have the GOP's option...." from Derf

Poll: Do you believe that solitary confinement

5 Christian “hipsters” trying to make fundamentalism look cool

Right still pushing ‘don’t enroll’ crusade

Time For An Good Old Fashioned Crazy-Off

Last-line antibiotics losing ability to kill superbugs in EU

Ted Cruz and Koch brothers embroiled in shadowy Tea Party scheme

Why I'm pissed, and why you should be, too.

Professor Richard Wolff: Capitalism as a system seems incapable of solving its unemployment problem

Kym Worthy to charge homeowner who shot Renisha McBride with 2nd-degree murder

Rob Ford vows legal action after council votes to strip him of powers

How Can the States Provide Fourth Amendment Protection Against the NSA?

This is so cute: Local TV reporter interviews a cat on air about water rate hike

George Bush's New 'Crusade': Converting Jews To Christianity

Here's hoping Erik Walden gets a nice fat fine...

OWS Activists Pay Off $15mil of debt owed by Americans

Casey bill would penalize companies that send customer services jobs overseas

Atheist 'mega-churches' undermine what atheism's supposed to be about

Interesting Group - Blind Cat Rescue

Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel: By God! There shall be a national revolution over our restrooms!

TPP Disclosure Shows It Will Kill People and Internet; House Opposition Is Widespread

This is the winner headline: 'Obama Allows Health Insurers to Continue Substandard Plans'

TeaKKK wood brained commenters on CNN's Renisha McBride story

Winter running hats?

Website problems are stil the norm, even established ones.

Kentucky 75-year-old's house seized, sold over $288 unpaid HOA dues

Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Down a Handful of Xanax with a Can of Tecate

Jim Hansen compares anti-nukes to climate denialists and anti-evolutionists.

The spinelessness leads to everything else...

D.C.: Metro GM Apologizes After Especially Bad Week On Red Line

Terrence Howard got screwed over by Robert Downy Jr. In Ironman.

House to vote on 'Keep Your Health Plan Act' soon...

Alex Rodriguez's lawyers might put Bud Selig on the stand

Discuss: House Vote on Republican ACA "fix" Bill

Failing to protect ‘irreplaceable’ areas threatens species' survival

Embarrassing Colorado once again

Successful Enrollment in MNCare ACA exchange!

Obamacare is having one huge success nobody knows about

Distressed/grousing over a glitchy Obamacare website? Think ACA is doomed because of a fix for 5%?

OUCH: Charles Pierce on GOP (and their media buddies) comparing #Obamacare to Katrina

Air Quality Advisory Issued For Western Piedmont

Obamacare Deductibles 26% Higher Make Cheap Rates a Risk

Texas largest cancer centers not taking ACA patients

Petition Calls For Arresting And Charging Tea Party Republicans With Sedition

Credit-Card Rewards Programs Examined by U.S. Consumer Bureau

Sick of Cory Gardner?

Is it really appropriate for Roll Call to comment on Fed nominee Janet Yellen’s clothing?

A Letter I'm considering sending to the IRS:

Obama Says U.S. Loses Nothing by Waiting on Iran Sanctions

Springfield's bishop didn't quite get Francis's memo about "obsession" with culture wars

Conservative Christian Right Wing Republican...

Coach Accuses UT-Austin of Racism & Sexism

Crazy eyes Bachmann:Obama is taking my insurance away

The saga of Mayor Pig continues: City Council limits his powers, Mayor Pig threatens to sue

ActBlue Petition to Stop the Effects of Citizens United

Tom DeLay and the attempt to impeach Attorney General Holder

The Dangers Of Privatizing Our Water Supplies - Lisa Graves Discusses

Somewhere In Turkey, A Wild Cat And A Fox Are Best Friends

Gain in Factory Output Signals Sustained U.S. Demand: Economy

Please Support Your Local Foodbanks - Time to bring this up again.

It's RADIO SHOW day!

Tomorrow Night in New Hampshire

FCC Eases Rule on Foreign Ownership of TV and Radio Stations

Speaker John Boehner Hosts Supporters Of Russia’s Anti-Gay Law In House Office Building

Uh Oh, Fox noise is covering Fukushima

Yahoo news says that Fox News is the most trusted source for

Did something happen to DU?

Don’t like spiders, bro?

The phrase of the day is "whale tail". Replace any word in a thread with "whale tail".

Questions about "cancelled plans" FACTS

A Hurricane Katrina moment, David Gregory?!?!

Andrea Mitchell & David Gregory

BWAHAHAHA! - J.P. Morgan's Q & A on Twitter backfires. Bigtime.

If you want to learn how to lie,

Supporting Our Troops By Starving Them - Veteran's SNAP Benefits Cut

*PSA* Google looks into lie-detecting neck tattoo

Why People Should Stop Referring To Problems As "Obama's Katrina"

Honduran elections have wide-ranging consequences

What if you had a job interview on the day the world ended?

[UPDATED] Premiere Decides to Keep Progressive Talker Randi Rhodes on Air After All

Obama's Katrina

From Governor Patrick to the Massachusetts Congressional Delegation on the Affordable Care Act

GOP’s ignorance of economics: Even more dangerous than realized

Of course the "liberally-biased media" glosses it over, but with Republicans attacking Obama on the

what a Dick.

Conservatives Attack Obamacare Ad, Call Women “Hoes” and “Prostitutes” for Using Contraception

Obama never lied about your plan

NJ Diner Leaves Anti-Gay 'Tip' for Lesbian Waitress

Any plans to have a function for turning off sig lines, avatars, etc?

Alec Baldwin’s homophobic rage

(MO) Missouri Siblings Handed Lengthy Prison Terms for Small Marijuana Grow

Busted! Health Insurers secretly spent big to defeat ACA while pretending to support it.

(The People’s View): President Obama Check-Mates Health Insurance Lobby

Questions about persimmons.

Michigan homeowner charged in racially fraught fatal porch shooting

US quietly offers bounties for Benghazi attackers

Just a question

WTI Crude Set for Longest Run of Weekly Losses Since 1998

No, Obamacare’s flaws are not like Hurricane Katrina!

wanker of the day: "Jonah Goldberg is kind of a dick about other people’s misfortunes"

UK Vogue's Terrible Article On 'Silicon Valley's Wives And Girlfriends': Fail.

2016 Quinnipac Poll: Chris Christie 43, Hillary Clinton 42 (generic ballot test 39-39 D/R)

Tweet from Nerdy Wonka

Harrisburg newspaper finally apologizes for its bad review of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

In countries that have single payer or

House approves plan to let some keep their health plans

Wurstfest Fund Raiser tomorrow in Lampasas


Joe Barton isn't a conservative.

John Oliver Leaving 'The Daily Show'

Ambassador Kennedy arrived to take up her post in #Japan today

Great news..on ACA

39 Dems

Detroit police arrest almost 3 dozen people in biggest crime sweep in 20 years

When did the media jump the shark and why do we keep falling for it?

TSA officer bled for 33 minutes in LAX shooting

Anonymous Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

What do you say to conservative pundits who say that Obama should resign over the ACA,

Pic Of The Moment: Sign The Pledge If You Want To Keep Your Old Non-ACA-Compliant Health Care Plan!

New Jersey Diner Leaves Anti-Gay Tip For Lesbian Waitress

It's Official- I got my Dream Job today!!

Chile: Next president must grasp the nettle of media democratisation

Photo confirms water leaks from Fukushima reactor containment vessel

Discovered Human Remains ID’d as Missing McStay Parents: Officials

Court Orders DHS to Release "Internet Kill Switch" Plans

Football AS Football (NFL team logos re-done as soccer badges)

Bachelet Poised for Easy Win in Fed-Up Chile

DNA test reveals believer is part atheist!

Berkeley's next smoking ban may hit home

1/4/2015 ...

9 People Who Are Drunker Than You

Noted Self-Advocate Cuts Ties With Autism Speaks

Bless atheists, for they have sinned

So the gun went off accidentally and just ended up in Renisha McBride's face

Dumb Criminals: New Hampshire Fugitive Captured After Commenting On Own Wanted Photo

Stocks are in an "Obamacare" rally (msn)

Help bring Piper home!! TN's medical cannabis campaign gets a boost from a 2 year old.

What's for Dinner? ~ Friday Nov 15th

ACLU: Mercy anti-abortion policy illegal

Baby Turtles

Help bring Piper home! TN's medical cannabis campaign gets a boost from a 2 year old (x/p)

Salon: GOP’s ignorance of economics: Even more dangerous than realized

Luckovich toon today.

Curse by the side of the road

Curse by the side of the road

How do I uninstall Windows 8.1?

How is it that working/middle class people consider themselves to be "makers"?

Luckovich: Takers

Sleeping with a cat...

Invisible bike helmet.

How do I uninstall Windows 8.1

Artist Discovers Unseen Color Photos of JFK's Final Moments

Trial date for voter id case set for Sept 2, 2014

Has anyone read Mark Ruhlman's Ratios?

Students Defend Christianity against Atheist College Class

80% of the US Population is at or below the POVERTY line - WHY is this NOT a National Emergency???

Greg Abbott Campaign Poll of "Important Reforms" Doesn't Include "Education" Or "Immigration"

YES! Hell on Wheels' renewed for expanded 4th season

House approves ‘Keep Your Plan’ ObamaCare bill; 39 Dems defect

Toronto city council aims to put ‘firewall’ around Ford

Jeremy Hammonds statement prior to sentencing

Yeah, Randi Not Being Canceled

Randi Rhodes Show will continue!

Randi just announced she's not going off the air

State Tax Reform and Fairness Commission issues final report

Another diner stiffs LGBT server on tip and leaves rude note instead

Find something to be happy about today (Friday 15, 2013)

China's one-child policy to be relaxed as part of reforms package

Donate More Than China - Colbert Challenge - $10.00 Text Info

Maddow: Think Obamacare rollout is messy? You should have seen Romneycare

How big data is changing the cost of insurance

"JFK: The Final Hours" on NGC at 6pm and 2am tonight

Schumer supports President’s decision to allow people to keep their health plans

House Republicans take 47th vote to repeal Obamacare

Papantonio: Obama MUST Drop the TPP

A little girl walking on ice for the first time:

This sounds like something I would do....

Ming the clam, world's oldest animal, was actually 507 years old

Like Beer? You'll love Leesburg Errors Now BELOW 1%

John Oliver leaving the Daily Show...

Retired union workers facing 'unprecedented' pension cuts

Who has a list of Democrats that voted with Boehner and his group today with regards

BREAKING : Bernie Sanders

15, 2013 West Colombia baby revived 10 hours after being declared dead

Parnell: Alaska won't expand Medicaid

Now that the Republican-led House has passed the Republican-written legislation which says

Viking-age 'gold men' unearthed in Sweden

150 years later, newspaper retracts editorial calling the Gettysburg Address Silly

Here’s how to get the truth about ObamaCare:

Mr. Sulu and the Enterprise

Playstation Network offline

Bring All of Our Troops Home from Afghanistan Now, President Obama.

Upton's Bill passed. 39 Dems crossed over to vote for it.

Parnell: Alaska won't expand Medicaid

Exposing fake clinics. Stopping the lies of crisis pregnancy centers.

This Marine deserves kudos from all of us:

Where did Aleister Crowley’s Influence on Wicca Go?

As if Ken Starr wasn't loathesome enough, he is now up to this:

Mama forgot to pack the tape...

Repubs made a mistake by allowing Democrats a vote on the canceled policies.

The 10 Corporations who have taken over the economy

Some links regarding suicide and firearms:

J.P. Howell: Yasiel Puig was bullied by Dodgers

It's Friday evening (at least in the Eastern Timezone) and we are heading into Cocktail Hour...

Would you rather negotiate with 1 horse-sized Eric Holder, or 100 duck-sized Eric Holders? #AskJPM

Something about Obamacare that's going really, really right

Bashir is tearing Palin a new one re her slavery comment

Martin Bashir's name for Sarah Palin: America's Resident Dunce. eom

Should I Adopt a Black Kitten Who I Spent Two Weeks Rescuing on a Brooklyn Rooftop?

US Navy Expected To Declare Boeing's P-8A Spy Plane Ready For Use

Kathleen Sebelius visits Milwaukee amid Obamacare storm

A question on the Massachusetts Healthcare Program?

TEPCO’s Risky Operation at Fukushima - The Nation

Neat squishy foldable dog water/food bowl

One more HDR from Chicago:

[Wisc.] Assembly approves changes to voting hours, ID law [and recalls too]

Judge bans live TV coverage of Arias retrial

Louisiana official wants to take library’s money to build new jail

Would a televised debate on the issue of healthcare be something that could help the healthcare law

More Americans Mention Healthcare as Top Problem in U.S.

38 years ago today I finished up my hitch in the Army.

Why Indian mascots are wrong

Do you believe owning guns

Oprah Winfrey Says President Obama Is Victim of Racism

So you want to boycott companies that support marriage equality? That's cute. Start with these.....

Matt Barnes: Epithet OK in context

U.S. ban on guns that escape metal detectors set to expire

FINALLY! Figure Sking News: Chan not convinced by Plushenko comeback

Chicago hacker tied to Anonymous given 10 years in prison

Hi Skinner. Smilies are no longer being displayed in PM's.

Does American 'exceptionalism' allow the US to be above the law?

Sno Balls. (The kind with pink coconut on top)

Pagan Roots in the South

Dow, S&P close at new highs; Exxon Mobil leads Dow

Suggesting that Obamacare is Obama's Katrina is as appropriate as

Pat Buchanan upset by Pope Francis: He is losing the culture war

Michele Bachmann: 'I Lost My Health Insurance Under Obamacare'

ALEC Floats Legislation Chipping Away At The 17th Amendment

Scientists reveal ancient texts in medieval manuscripts.

Ed Schultz Attacks NY Times, Geraldo, Fournier for ‘Despicable’ Comparison of Obamacare to Katrina

Yes, single payer is the goal

Papantonio: Religious Right Holding America Hostage

Remains found in Calif. desert ID'd as those of missing San Diego area family

How Whisky Makers Could Soon Be Providing A Superior Biofuel

Courts have a gutless history on the filibuster

Albania rejects US request to host disposal of Syria's chemical weapons

How Ken Anderson was released after only five days in jail

Obama administration announces lower quotas for ethanol in gasoline

Batkid saves Gotham City ok San Francisco - Many Celebs help including Obama

The sinkholes are back in Florida

Miles Scott, AKA 'Batkid,' Begins Fighting Crime In San Francisco (UPDATES)

Rob Ford Eats What?

Ted Cruz and his Father

Are Morning Drive deejays in your area full-blown wingnuts?

Holy Crap!!! 'The Killing'......

(R) Health care reform - Children, single moms, SNAP, ENDA, Benghazi, Katrina. Oh, and Obama.

Justice Dept to Notify Defendants on Surveillance

Here’s a Video of a Fake Orgasm Flash Mob at Katz’s Deli