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Archives: November 17, 2013

Walmart Greeter gone wild...

Health-care Web site’s lead contractor employs executives from troubled IT company

What would a job interview for a teller position at a head shop be like?

Michigan Natural Resources Commission threw away public comments on wolf hunt

Yarnell 19: Mother of fallen firefighter seeks $36 million in son's death

The Villagers are talking up both Chris Christie, and WI gov Scott Walker.

The War Criminal of a Dick speaks -

Cave women unearth skull of unknown human ancestor

"People who can't be bother to educate themselves past the 60 second sound bite or use least bit

What rhymes with bronchitis?

George is gone. What's to become of Lennie?

N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences director puts kibosh on documentary about sea-level rise

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Elizabeth Warren: Why Isn't Minimum Wage $22?

They’re spying on all of us!

Girl gang's grip on London underworld revealed - Guardian

5.5 magnitude earthquake shakes Tokyo as Fukushima decomissioning reaches critical stage

I think the 2016 talk is fine but can we all agree on 2 things.

Hey, Loungers! Leonid meteor shower this weekend...

Bank of America building's lights in Dallas redone.

PSA: Leonid meteor shower peaks this weekend...

Rollins Band - "What Have I Got?"

The Obamacare "revolt" that isn't by David Atkins The press is screaming with headlines that the v

The Black NRA

What Walmart Could Learn from Henry Ford

With the next gen now beginning, what games defined the current gen (360/PS3) for you?


California takes down 10 fake Obamacare websites

Why even atheists should be praying for Pope Francis

President Obama's Weekly Address: Taking Control of America's Energy Future

WH - West Wing Week 11/15/13 or, ''We Will Stand By Your Side''

GO Auburn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

"An Injury to One" Trailer

Bloomberg takes his secrets with him...

Free Thought Exchange brings atheists to church for dialogue


Ryan in Iowa, O'Malley in NH with all eyes on 2016

Rutgers football player claims defensive coordinator Dave Cohen bullied and verbally abused him

Hillary, Christie, or bernie

Well I was rollin' down the road in some cold blue steel

Coachella Valley Unified to keep Arab mascot, but revisions will be made


Former BNSF employee awarded $235,000 in termination suit

JFK's American University speech, June 10, 1963.

Greek militant group claims Golden Dawn killings

Tens of thousands rally for and against Bulgarian government

American teacher can stay in Britain

U.S. quietly offered $10 million reward for Benghazi attackers

The Menorah Tree: Dangerous Religious Syncretism or Amazing Religious Creativity?

10 things billionaires won’t tell you-What happens when so few control so much of the world’s wealth

"Under My Thumb"

Ironic Connection: Cleaner air makes global warming worse

Israel said to be working with Saudi Arabia on Iran strike plan


Confession – I am a bigot.

Ok some Senate questions.


So, who's entering Matt Taibbi's haiku contest?


Bill Maher New Rules - Supreme Court Judges and Corrupt Americans

Alright ladies and gents what's on your perfect pizza

NOVEMBER Preliminary Voting is up in GD

Republicans attack president's 'phoney apology' over Obamacare rollout

2014 - Let's talk

How the embattled Senate minority leader explains America’s political gridlock (Politico)

I have found it! My dream ticket....MOYERS/WARREN 2016 Just think what this country could become

‘When I grow up I’m going to be President.’

Please, I need some advice

Can you guess this person's sexual orientation?

I was just paging through a Wal-Mart flyer...

I agree with Willie Nelson

I'd really like to know if it was the private contractors that f'd up

John Hagee opens his big mouth again...

12YO’s Petition: Give Teens The Ability To Pre-Register To Vote Nationwide

Republicans support the minimum wage?

Another victim of Obamacare...

Notorious Bronx gang leader found fatally shot in car

Anyone drive a GMC Terrain?

"House Democrats Refuse To Revolt Over Obamacare"

Idea to bring back some American Jobs...

Up at 4am, went in to work at 5, put in 4 hours


Brooklyn service for man whose ashes were missing in the mail

SNL is beating up on Rob Ford AND 60 Minutes at the same time.

BOOM! SNL opening sketch knocks it out of the park!

SNL opening on Toronto Mayor Ford just ripped 60 minutes

latest leather project: Woven leather basket

Does Chris Christie Look This Guy

If you didn't see the SNL opener, here it is

Arne Duncan: ‘White suburban moms’ upset that Common Core shows their kids aren’t ‘brilliant’

I am watching the movie Open Range for at least the 100th time, if not more.

LOCKED IN THE CABINET - The worst job in Barack Obama’s Washington.

Tweet from Bette Midler LMAO

Tweet from George Takei -*Facepalm*

To believe or not to believe... it's a helluva question for some.

SNL Lampoons Mayor Rob Ford and 60 Minutes During Cold Open - video link

SNL’s Obama Pops 'Paxil Second-Term Strength' Anti-Depressant in Commercial Parody - video link

FLOTUS Tweet - Thanks for catching all those bad guys #SFBatKid! You're an inspiration to us all -mo

Vance McAllister [R] wins 5th District congressional seat [Obamacare Win In Louisiana]

Church services held in typhoon-shattered city

Kenyans chase down and catch goat-killing cheetahs (BBC)

Another way of looking at Calvin and Hobbes (pic)

FDA issues stern warning on Medtronic devices

How I helped Philomena track down her son sold by cruel nuns:

Dear NTs

Israel MPs mull Jewish prayer at al-Aqsa site

Israël s'apprête à dérouler le tapis rouge à François Hollande

Lure of Israel's gas may dampen Turkish ire

Bachelet aims for landslide win, but Chile's dictatorship-era system could block reforms

Bachelet aims for landslide win, but Chile's dictatorship-era system could block reforms

List all the concert venues and stadiums you'be been to.

Is anyone familiar with the Techa River/Kyshtym Nuclear Disaster?

Fuck Dana Milbank

Question about Medicare/Medicaid in Michigan and the ACA

Atmosphere and fans' role in Premier League games becoming a concern

Cross Posted from GD: Medicare/Medicaid and the ACA in Michigan - a question.

The Colony: Chile's dark past uncovered

Isley Brothers - Sensuality Part 1 & 2

So CNN does a split screen of Obama and crack smoking mayor Rob Ford

They're COMING!

Senate showdown over military sexual assault bill

10 Deranged Dispatches From the Right-Wing Wackosphere This Week

Court Orders DHS to Release "Internet Kill Switch" Plans

Eternal Austerity Makes Complete Sense – If You're Rich

TPP, WikiLeaks and the Drone Strike Transparency Bill

How Ayn Rand's Idiotic Worldview Makes the Wealthy Feel Good About Themselves

How Military Spouses With Secondary Trauma Are Left Out in the Cold

Matthew and Son, by Cat Stevens

Hayes: 'The Only Way Out is Through'

The Real Sharing Economy Is Booming (And It's Not the One Venture Capitalists Are Cashing In On)

Louisiana Republican supports Obamacare Medicaid expansion, wins House seat carried by Romney

Wanted for Treason

BERLIN: News report charges U.S. with conducting illegal operations from German soil

Three more years of having to deal with crap hurled by the intellectually

We Are in the Midst of Defeating the Largest Corporate Trade Agreement in History

2 injured when drone malfunctions, crashes into Navy ship

German expose of America's "Secret War" attracts quick, strong U.S. rebuttal

Spy fears: CIA, Pentagon ‘work against’ Russia building GLONASS station in US

U.S.-led troop pullout may be behind Afghanistan record opium poppy crop

USC stuns No. 4 Stanford

No cigarettes for 16 hours now. 5th attempt in as many months.

"The Battle of Chernobyl" Chernobyl Documentary

Pope Francis: "Thou shalt not frack!"

Inside the sarcophagus at Chernobyl

At the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

Real Estate "Flopping" The New Corporate Screw Job

"More Fun With Bill & Hill" or, w/friends like Bill, who needs enemies? Explosive piece.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Sage Advice Edition

Republican crocodile tears over lost insurance

Fascinating video slow but worth watching

Sunday fun exercise. Caption this photo:

Biden to tout infrastructure spending in trip to Panama

Happy Birthday to our newest "senior citizen!!"

Squeeze play on Boeing machinists/union is reality elites failed to feel

Nazi-looted art: German collector says he owns pictures.

Republicans Asserting Reliance on Gold as World Loses Faith

Kerry to visit Israel on Friday to discuss Iran deal: Netanyahu

Voter Suppression’s New Pretext

Boeing: Record 777X order placed in Dubai

More Cities Consider Using Eminent Domain to Halt Foreclosures

SoS Kerry on the international problem of wildlife poaching

6 contractors found beheaded in Afghanistan (1 NATO service member killed by bomb)

Homeland Security says the Pope is a terrorist

(cross-post : link here) SoS Kerry on international wildlife poaching

For those who love SUNDAY LOLcats, see also

"People are supposed to care. I get it, but. . . " Please come CAPTION Laura Ingraham!!!

Socialist Candidates are winning around the country at local level it a sign for future?

Bankrupt handling more volume and so far 60 bugs have been fixed with more on the way

Life in Prison for Stealing Candy? Thousands of Prisoners Sentenced to Die Behind Bars for Nonviolen

Silicon Valley Nerds Seek Revenge on NSA Spies With Coding

Stop treating our Country like a war zone

Inside The GOP's Plan To Exploit Obamacare In 2014

The difference between a boss and a leader

Simply amazing - the invisible bicycle airbag helmet

"America’s angriest white men: Up close with racism, rage and Southern supremacy"

TPP: Plutocrats Plan to Dominate the Planet: But the People of Chile Are Fighting for All of Us

Tennessee Valley Authority Defies McConnell With Coal Cut

I'd love to see Elizabeth or Bernie as Prez but outside of Vt and Ma they're too liberal, right?

Mutant Crops Drive BASF Sales Where Monsanto Denied: Commodities

Strengthening Social Security for generations yet to come

A moral value

afghanistan, after the war boom

Find something to be happy about today (Sunday Nov 17, 2013)

Owner Of Dog Shot And Killed By Police Suing For $1 Million In Damages (Warning Graphic Content)

Judge Rakoff Virtually Indicts Obama on Non-Prosecution of Banksters

Denver or KC ? - Start em sit em week 11 in the NFL

Lou Holtz .......

Is There A Bigger Problem At CBS News?

A Vast Wasteland Of Effort Spent: America's Rampage Through the Middle East

Richard Wolff: Global Capitalism: November 2013 Monthly Update


UK: PM rejects call to lower age of consent to 15

CBS News Sunday Morning

Teen makes sure kids have shoes

When Liberal Convictions Run Into the Reality of Parenting

Pet Cemetery

JFK toon

Atheist Ex-Pastor Jerry DeWitt’s Mission to Red America

The rise of far right parties across Europe is a chilling echo of the 1930s

Religion and the right to be left alone: Editorial

Bashir: Maybe someone should poop in ‘world class idiot’ Sarah Palin’s mouth

Why Pope Francis is Polling The World’s Catholics

State Cop Shoots at Minivan Full of Kids

A gilded goodbye for many private college leaders

’ I’ve also been told point-blank to my face, ‘We don’t hire the unemployed.’

Why Are Children Working in American Tobacco Fields?

Libya's deputy spy chief kidnapped at airport: sources

The Rising Tide of Populism in the Dem Party Spells Trouble for Hillary

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday Nov 17th

The Guardian op-ed: No more evasion and prevarication – Britain's elite must be held to account

Republican outsider Vance McAllister wins House seat in Louisiana

Check out The Joy Team’s Billboard Campaign (Vancouver, Washington)

Nobel author Doris Lessing dies at 94

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, November 19: Bonhams Auction

Handmade gifts for the holidays...

Drone Strike Served CIA Revenge, Blocked Pakistan’s Strategy

VW plant’s ‘works council’ stirs GOP unrest in Tennessee

Post-Haiyan, Gloves Come Off On Climate Aid: US Encourages Developing World To STFU

The Insanity of Our Food Policy - By JOSEPH E. STIGLITZ

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, November 20: Star of the Month: Burt Lancaster

Changes In Federal Flood Insurance Hit Rural Areas; Some Coverage To Rise 4X And More

Just smile and wave...

Pelican, Dolphin & Manatee Dieoffs Surround Florida; Likely From Multiple Causes

Bill Black: Will the Chilean People Save the U.S. by Electing Michelle Bachelet?

Petition to Indict Sheriff who shot 13yr old going viral

Nuts, Fruitcakes and Turkeys...

Developed Nations Refuse To Even Discuss Plan To Calculate All Emissions Since Industrial Revolution

D.C. insurance commissioner fired a day after questioning Obamacare fix

Lancet - In Absence Of Radical Cutbacks In Antibiotic Use, Prepare For A Post-Antibiotic Era

Breaking Bad Season 5 - Alternate Ending

NC KKK mistakenly attempts recruiting drive in black Florida neighborhood

Israel muzzles witness in US anti-terrorism lawsuit

As Of Mid-Novemberr, Still No Significant Ice On Superior; Lake Has Warmed 2C In Past 20 Years


Janelle Monae

Americans have to transform their anxiety into indignation & reclaim their stake in nation's future

Enormous Jellyfish Swarms Fill Waters & Beaches In Kerala State, Key Indian Fishing & Tourism Region

Heads Up! IN, IL, MI, KY, OH - Rare "High Risk" Severe Weather Outbreak Today - Poss. Tornadoes

GRAPHICS: GOP's Health Care Approach

Elizabeth Warren: quiet revolutionary who could challenge Hillary Clinton in Democrats' 2016 race

cognitive dissonance.

Man Dances Like No-one is Watching, OH, the joy!

Dana Perino's Bright Idea - People In The Philippines Need To Use MORE Fossil Fuels!

Americans Killed by Cops Now Outnumber Americans Killed in Iraq War

The Walking Dead 4.6 "Live Bait" (Spoiler Alert)

'Day-to-day survival,' low expectations fueled corruption in Martin County Ky

Happy Sunday! Smile!

Ohhhh now Hillary is the big bad wolf..

'scuse please, if DUing from So WI--open a weather window...tornadic radar return

"What was so terrible about The Inquisition anyway?" . . . Please come CAPTION Pat Buchanan!!!

Pervez Musharraf to face trial for treason, says Pakistani minister

He's just a patsy, even fifty years later

Optimistic sign on today's NYT Best Seller List

Why Do We Still Care?

Check out this 10th grader's art/commentary on COMPASSION

Build a better birdhouse

Dennis Prager interviews Sarah Palin about her "War on Christmas" book

Pelosi: Congress Should Focus On Making Obamacare Work, Not Elections

Cobb County, GA, has an $86 million school budget deficit, but plenty of $$ for a baseball stadium


US Infant Mortality and the President's Party (Rodriguez, Bound, Geronimus, 2013)

After republican complaints, U.S. quietly offered $10 million reward for Benghazi attackers

Why DRM in Cars Is Going to Drive Everyone Mad

Boeing airliner crashes in Russian city of Kazan, 50 killed

David Gregory is a blithering idiot.

The Rich Owes Government And ‘We The People’ For Their Success

Isn't Comet ISON beautiful! Two very recent outstanding pics (just added one!)

The word 'author' loses its meaning (Pete Peterson -Fix The Debt mischief)

Lukovich: Empathy

Netanyahu steps up attack on prospect of Iran nuclear weapons deal

The Black Bruins (spoken words) Sy Stokes

Dems should change the fillibuster rules

Any jackass can kick down the barn...

Analysis: Latin America grows increasingly hooked on U.S. fuel imports

Rescue animals, now siblings, meet for the first time

Nov. 12, 2013 - Mylene Paquette becomes first N. American woman to row across North Atlantic

Newly elected Republican Vance McAllister Wants to Accept the Medicaid Expansion of the ACA.

I thought when a post was locked in one of the Groups

The Heritage Plan for health insurance reform.

Chicago Cardinal Pens Anti–Marriage Equality Letter

It's time...

The Associated Press Top 25 Poll 11/17/13 - Bears slip ahead of Buckeyes!

Banker Sentenced to Death in Vietnam Fraud Trial

The Forgotten Giant Arrows that Guide you Across America

The Heidi Game: 45 years ago today

More about useless reporters and pols.

Finally. Thomas Kinkaide paintings I like...

Why even Catholics should be insisting that Pope Francis

Pyramid Age love story comes to life in Egyptian tomb's vivid color

Steve Duin: Portland police re-dedicate themselves to video surveillance

Success enrolling for ACA!! My problem was the dental glitch

A lot of wind around here in Mid-MO...

Dangerous 'High Risk' Midwest U.S. Tornado Outbreak Underway

People in Soldier Field,Chicago for the Bears game better watch out!Stopping now.Tornado warning

Dangerous 'High Risk' Midwest U.S. Tornado Outbreak Underway

Texas prosecutor OKs prisoner release in lesbian sexual assault case

Hey did you know it's "our" oil now?

"The World Would Be a Better Place Without Religion" -- A Sentiment Common on College Campuses

Threat from NSA leaks may have been overstated by UK, says Lord Falconer

'Sleepwalking to Extinction': Capitalism and the Destruction of Life and Earth

America’s angriest white men: Up close with racism, rage and Southern supremacy

Another question from the slightly knowledgeable to the quite knowledgeable

98L is in the Atlantic

All North American Thanksgiving dish -

Kauai County Council Override Frees Way For GMO Bill

Tomorrow is my birthday I will be 60, don't know how I lived this long.

White supremacists arrested in Leith

Lets talk appliances and am I crazy to give up the Gas?

World War II vet told he’s too old for memorial parade

TPM - "Beneath the Headlines on"

evaporated milk, condensed milk, 2% milk

Graves in Norway bagged for late payment

Health-care Web site’s lead contractor employs executives from troubled IT company

Whoa! Looking out a window in Peoria, IL as a tornado bears down:

Things I never knew I never knew: Pope falls victim to Catalan 'shitter' tradition's not always a bad thing.

Soldier Field spectators directed to seek shelter

anti-rape campaign that shames the perpetrator, not the victim (warning: trigger alert)

anti-rape campaign that shames the perpetrator, not the victim (warning: trigger alert)

Breaking... Bears-Ravens game suspended for inclement weather (updated)

MSNBC had a documentary entitled "Teen Mania" on very early this morning.

Mike Luckovich: You should resign...

Good gawd: NFL Red Zone footage of Soldier Field is scary! (Vine link up)

Should we never praise Liberation Theology? Should we never praise its founder?

1:42pm-Map of tornado warnings in IL (red boxes). Heads up Indiana!

Man Buys Undeveloped Negatives, Discovers One of The Most Important Street Photographers of century

President Barack Obama BiC Pen Drawing

Joan Crawfords Message to Right Wing Fundies

Tornados are here--and people are going to need your help.

Walter Cronkite announces death of JFK, November 22, 1963

Richard Wolff: Global Capitalism: November 2013 Monthly Update

This is why I support Obamacare...

TWC tweet for Centralia, Il:

Taking A Chance on God - A documentary profile of John McNeill, pioneer gay priest

TWC: Tornado on ground in Frankfort,IL, moving to E.Chicago.

anybody here familiar with fisher cat behavior?

What does Obamacare do to Medicare Advantage?

Just wow--this is a letter from a Dallas citizen begging JFK not to visit:

Child with dead chicken around his neck found shackled to porch at home of Department of Social Serv

DO NOT assume you are out of danger if 1 storm passes. Map of Chicago area 2:09 pm

Sunday Smiles... If It Fits, I Sits: The Supercut

Question from Rowdyboy

Kirsten Gillibrand to push original sexual assault measure


Nancy Pelosi Guts David Gregory’s Republican Talking Points and ACA Lies

Democrats rally behind president in defence of Obamacare

Do you hate all rich people?

‘Quite ill’ Nelson Mandela now unable to speak

Interviewer notes that Scott Walker's ideal presidential candidate sounds like Walker

For Filipinos, the world scrambles to deliver 'the basics'

Heads up Lafayette,IN! Map of 4 tornado warnings west of you:

Japan Times - "China may long regret miserly typhoon aid offer"

For all you Breaking Bad fans...the newly released alternate ending!

Beware. Bank of America just instituted outrageous transaction fees outside of US

Did you know this about John Quincy Adams

Chimpanzee Retirement Legislation Passes Senate, Goes to President Obama

This is the reason my renter has to pay rent now...

The Stray Birds - who here has heard them?

Awesome role models...

Justice is reviewing criminal cases that used surveillance evidence gathered under FISA

HEADS UP Ohio and points east! Map of areas possibly in danger:

Is Israel ‘gay heaven?’ It’s complicated

Is Israel ‘gay heaven?’ It’s complicated

Analysis: New climate of pragmatism prevails in U.S.-Cuba relations (Reuters)

Did you know this about James Buchanan?

I would like to apologize if I have offended any NFL fans by saying...

I need somebody who has NOT played this browser game yet to click a link for me. Please?

Former Newton County DA found dead Friday

Upgraded my flash and lost full screen open on dual monitors ... ???

my doctor and health care.

Howard Dean's 65th birthday message

Atheist? There's an App for that!

Answer the Polls! Raise the Approval Ratings of Democrats!

Duke. The Best Team in the ACC?

Qatar Stadium Design Critics: It ‘Looks Like A Vagina’

Arlington assistant chief arrested in family violence case

Bloomberg kills story, suspends reporter

Regardless of what you think about Obama, a vast majority of the party still loves him...

South Texas faces juvenile jail overcrowding

Mavis Batey, Bletchley Park code breaker in World War II, dies at 92

Question re Chinese (?) character meaning.

What's the WORST TV show that someone in your household watches?

Can I ask everyone to get rid of the carved pumpkins?

Republicans have ground to make up in Rio Grande Valley

Today's Meet the Press

Boerne man's statewide trike trek inspired by diabetes

Tornadoes Strike Several Illinois Towns

British MEP Nikki Sinclaire reveals she is transgender

Gonna be a hot time in the ol' LP tonight...

Liberals Aren't Truly Opposed to Merit Pay for Teachers. They Just Don't Know What It Is.

Volcano under Antarctic ice may erupt, accelerate melting

10 Tornadoes Rip Through Illinois

Elizabeth Warren as the anti-Clinton

I am such a doubtful thomas...

(video approx. 44 min. length) The JFK assassination: As it happened

Deadly Delays (or, where baby-lovers should be spending their time and attention ...

Support Elizabeth Coppola!

Anonymous Hacks Neo-Nazis, Finds Ron Paul

Absolutely no one was clamoring for me to turn into an OP this reply


Let's Roll...

I can hear the fog horns going in the Verrazano Narrows.

Video of Central Illinois tornado - taken from car on freeway

House approves ‘Keep Your Plan’ ObamaCare bill; 39 Dems defect - one thing they are forgetting ...

Meet the Catholic extremists who could shatter the church

And now for something completely different: Cat Attack! Incoming! Cannonball:

Today I discovered almond milk!

A little risqué humor

Is The Affordable Care Act In Serious Jeopardy?

France Assures Israel It Will Stand Firm On Iran Deal

Houston’s biggest New Year’s Eve party cancelled due to lack of funding

Blast in Damascus kills 31, including four generals

Momentum Building for Expanding Social Security Benefits

Momentum Building for Expanding Social Security Benefits (cross posted in GD)

Daughter's former hometown devastated

Co-Chairs Of De Blasio's Team Visit Talking Transition Tent

Daughter's former hometown devastated

Camila Vallejo, student leader, gets ready for a seat in Chilean congress

Boeing takes $100 billion in orders from Gulf

Netflix Reviewers Think Your Lady Detectives Are Slutty Sluts

The Cheney Bunch

Aid missions boost US troops' image, readiness

If you guys don't hear from me tonight...

...decided to open up a really old wine - a 1986 cabernet -

NYPD officer hospitalized after Queens fight

John Doe – Subpoenas hit, homes tossed (Best response to WSJ free speech rant)

John Doe – Subpoenas hit, homes tossed

Pakistan Plans To Try Ex-President Musharraf For Treason

This list is also good for those that have suffered the Tornadoes today (11/17).

Special section: JFK, 50 years later

Check out this wind map!

The GOP think they have the best issue to run on in the way the ACA was rolled out to win in 2014

Republicans Want to Torpedo the Insurance You Like Far More Than Obamacare Ever Will

More Fire On The Mountain ...

LaGuardia Airport to get $37M in anti-flood aid

First Ken Starr, now Kathleen Willey.

Friends, there may be a more appropriate forum, but

Police Investigate Alleged Attempted Sexual Assault In Central Park

Talk about holding a life in your hands: Woman nearly slips out of harness while tandem skydiving.

Fallout from Trans-Pacific Partnership leak, 'fast-track' opposition in U.S.

DEATH PENALTY I taught a peace and justice class this morning

Oughta be a maximum wage as well as a minimum wage law

Pecan Pralines - Blue Ribbon Winner

New Mexico police union gives payments to officers involved in shootings

Obama Says Americans Can Keep Their Damn Insurance - Borowitz reports

Want to know how I have fun at the store?

The death toll has risen to three in Illinois

NY Daily News - JFK Funeral (pic heavy)

The Context Behind Nancy Pelosi's Famous 'We Have to Pass the Bill' Quote

NSA Chief Reveals How Many Documents Edward Snowden Leaked

Netanyahu Needs To Hear What The US Public Is Saying: 'No more wars...'

Report: Obama Rejecting Calls From Netanyahu Amid Tension Over Iran

Lots of planes coming in to the Indy airport tonight.

A Message for Liz Cheney: Run for the Senate in Massachusetts

Dana Perino, stupid shill

$20 Million/Yr diverted each year from Allentown Schools; plus 5 new charter school proposed

Uncomfortable subject - your period, your cooking and criticism

Highland Park mayor wounded in Detroit nightclub shooting

sending positive thoughts to all

Workers At The Union Leader Deserve A Fair Contract

Libya: On The Brink Of Abyss


Cheney Sisters Take Their Gay Marriage Fight to Facebook

Glenn Beck Compares Occupy Wall St. To Neo Nazis

Ellen DeGeneres.

Any MFM hospital updates?

Israeli Rapper: 'First Burn All Jails With Palestinians Inside, Then Destroy Jenin!'

Mass.: Racist graffiti prompts cancellation of HS football game

Social Security benefits may be on table in budget talks

Calif. high school will keep 'Arabs' nickname