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Archives: November 19, 2013

Serious question: Who should I name in my will?

Congress passes new regulations on compounding pharmacies

ALEC is at it again

It's all Zimmergun on CNN

The Girlfriend's 911 call AND George Zimmerman's 911 call - link below to both - AUDIO

Elizabeth Warren supports expansion of Social Security

Whole roasted duck

Ray Walston was My Favorite Martian

Why can't the edit history be at the bottom of the post?

21 Awesome McDonald's Dishes That You Can't Get in America*

Northern Lights Timelapse - Nov 9, 2013

Texas Conservative Student Group To Hold 'Catch An Illegal Immigrant' Game

BREAKING: Wal-Mart faces warehouse horror allegations and federal Labor Board complaint

XKCD on Nano-technology (or any new technology!)

Mixed news on retirement plans: School employee fund OK; plans for judges, State Patrol need help

Bad Memory...really, Chris?

A link to the survey on the Synod of the family 2014

Walker's book has bold faced lie about 'violent protestors' (from his new book)

2014 Remote Area Medical clinic schedule

Rocking the flute: Herbie Mann "Hold On, I'm Coming"

Harper Moves to Give Up More Canadian Sovereignty

(Church) Jury Convicts Pa. Methodist Pastor for Gay Wedding

(Church) Jury Convicts Pa. Methodist Pastor for Gay Wedding

Online survey for Vatican synod on the family 2014

What pickup lines does George Zimmerman use to get dates?

Lets call it Reagancare!!!

Court shelves case against German bling bishop........

The times they are a-changin'

RNN: "Wikileaks Exposes the TPP as a Capitulation to Corporate Interest" (Kevin Zeese Inteview))

PS4 first impressions

Seems like George Zimmerman IS the type to start an unprovoked confrontation after all.

Anonymous posted an NSA surveillance photo of Dick Cheney interviewing his next heart donor.

So ReTHUG baggers and Fundies were whipped in Louisiana and Virginia

Are Those ‘Healthy Heart’ Vegetable Oils Really Good For You?

Ted Cruz: Obama is ‘lawless’ and senators must ‘render judgement’ on impeachment

Anti-LGBT activist slams church over ‘effeminate’ Jesus: ‘He smelled bad… He was a man’s man’

Fox's Misleading HealthCare.Gov Comparison Disputed By Actual Web Developers

Question regarding 2016

The Dangers Of Privatizing Our Water Supplies - Lisa Graves Discusses

Dupe. Self Delete. nt

Cheney parents defend Liz Cheney in gay marriage feud with sister

Republicans block (another) nominee to key appeals court

1 year prison sentence for man who lured A&M professor into online relationship that lead to suicide

Don Curtis, Parkland resident, on JFK assassination: "the posterior part of his head was blown out."

New Mexico: We won’t let the Rio Grande River flow into Texas anymore

A Generation Struggling: Rich Kids are Losing

The sound of single payer being flushed down the toilet

Silk Road Vendor Behind Ricin Laced letter sent to President Obama

San Antonio Baptist Health System pays $3.7M to settle Medicare fraud suit

Boy Found Handcuffed with Dead Chicken Around Neck; Foster Parents Arrested

Don't call it Passive Aggression - just say:

Progressive women will get their revenge on Karl Rove

For the BOG - Feeling a bit down could use some support from my brothers and sisters at BOG

Right Wing Cyber Attacks On ACA Website Confirmed

Here's the Alternate Breaking Bad ending

At this rate, Republicans won’t be in the WH for at least 12 more years.

Thomas Mulcair's potentially costly Quebec mistake

Judge dismisses lawsuit by family of slain border agent

This Christmas season I'm stopping a 39 year tradition in support of my friends

LGBT post in GD

Zimmerman: "She attacked me"

NY Magazine: Obamacare Hyperventilation to Continue Forever!

Calls for Monticello mayor's resignation after DWI arrest

*Special Alert! Oppose the “Grazing Improvement Act”

Howdy from deep in the heart of the Texas hill country, day one.

Owner Attacked by Dog and Loses Arms: Was it Provoked or Out of the Blue?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Fifty years & a new Kitteh gif

Costco President's response............

DJ Steve Porter - Rob Ford Crack Remix

Any recommendations for an actual camera for a 14 year old?

Ken Cuccinelli: "Tempting" to Take on Mark Warner in 2014

Tweety Gave The JFK CTists A Big Ol' Kick In The Nuts Tonight

Former Cop Charged With Manslaughter After Firing 41 Shots At Suspect

Google to Pay $17 Million to Settle Privacy Case

Disabled Man Sues Police for Tasering and Shooting His Therapy Dog to Death

Doctors accused of insurance scam

Buy American Mention of the Week, 11-18-13

Bernie's on the joint budget committee

Cymbrowitz wants public input when siting drug rehab centers

JFK second shooter or Andy Kaufman alive

Pierre Omidyar: 'Almost a caricature of neoliberal ideology' (7,145 words)

11/18/13 Risk calculator for cholesterol appears flawed

It would be great if more Churches did this

“50 Years of Guns” with Rev. Al Sharpton. 9pm Friday.

Fuel removal starts at Fukushima Daiichi No. 4 spent fuel pool

Watch the World's Forests Disappear on Google Earth

Does some cable station still show Star Wars movies all day on T'giving?

Josiah Thompson: The Untrue Fact About The JFK Assassination

Insurance Companies Caught Ripping Off Customers & Blaming Obamacare

Earth QuakeSwarm

Senate Democrats Eye Filibuster Reform After Another Round of GOP Obstruction

The Guardian: 'Open-plan offices were devised by Satan in the deepest caverns of hell'

Elizabeth Warren Wants to Expand Social Security

11/18 NYT --- That cholesterol recommendation is bogus!

A little lightheartedness for DU: Rob Ford GIFs set to "Wrecking Ball"

The Libertarian Bizarro World

need input about a wsj article

WTF???? Zimmerman calls 911 when police show up for his gf's call to 911???

Top state museum scientist leaving Nature Research Center

So does anyone else wish JJ Abrams never touched Star Trek

quick question re: Zimmerman

National Geo Nature Photo Contest

Lawerence O'Donnell plays the entire 911 dispatch of GZ on the phone

Health law helpers finding more luck on

An amazing image of the elusive big-fin squid

I smell burning. Either there's a fire or I'm having a stroke

Rob Ford’s new TV show includes call for councillors to take drug and alcohol tests

What if, even while you sleep.. you could help find cures

How are things going in the recently tornadoed areas?

Rick Scott and the Republican Florida Legislature need to be yoked with George Zimmerman.

No huge drop in Obamacare support despite rocky rollout: Reuters/Ipsos poll

The Real Reasons Insurers Are Canceling Policies - by Wendell Potter

Damnit Bashir, you shouldn't have apologized

Fan's fall from deck at Bills-Jets game on camera

A little Thanksgiving humor from Betty Bowers

Subjects we're not supposed to talk about... - Nov. 18 - "Progress Over the Weekend"

Common Core Protesters

America's Worst Charities

Texas DUers, please help debunk this...

"The myths of Obamacare's 'failure'"

Student Attacked During School Meeting About Bullying

Was Trayvon His First, Or...

My next door neighbors got a new puppy

VIDEO "Ford Nation" Ezra Levant mitigates Sun TV's newest stars: the Ford brothers.

Report warned of flaws last spring

A Talk That Stirred Fear of Antigay Bias Is Delayed

Sarah Silverman tells Chris Hayes: ‘I think vaginas really, really scare people’

'We take care of each other': Military families already prepping for another government shutdown

The most painful tears

Jon Stewart says any attempt to compare the roll out to Katrina

Episode #25, The Head Wound...

Say hello to the planthopper.

Wal-Mart defends controversial food drive for employees

Ted Cruz: Congress Will Have to 'Render Judgment' on Obama Impeachment - Video link

This Cheney feud story is bullshit.

Everyday chemical exposure linked to preterm births

Maradona - Life is life...

Please help me with an ACA question.

Fuck you, Brady. Incidental contact.

Lee Terry (R-NE) calls unattributed Web statement an 'oversight'

Looking for advice from DU audiophiles

Chris Hayes said fans tricked players into fucking up by counting down the wrong time on the shot


IF this doesn't force Democratic Legislators not only on the national level BUT state levels as

Stewart Savages Media for Comparing Obamacare Site to Katrina: Are You 'Out of Your F*cking Mind'?

Stewart Goes Off on Liz Cheney, Hallmark's Political Correctness in 'Gaywatch' Roundup

Dumb Criminals: Accused Flasher Told Cops He Was Just Airing His Penis Out

“Catch An Illegal Immigrant” Game Planned For University Of Texas

Detroit Strip Club Owner Buys House Next To Ex Wife, Erects Giant Middle Finger Statue

*DICK* Cheney throws daughter Mary under the bus.

CNN Plagiarism - Crowley Repeats GOP Talking Points on Obamacare Rollout and Immigration

No EU nation candidate to destroy Syria gas


Hurricane Katrina killed more than 1,800. Obamacare’s Web site doesn’t work yet. Stop comparing them

Sleep Therapy Seen as an Aid for Depression

Fascinating video detailing the various tests conducted during nuclear blasts in Nevada

Rand Paul ‘16 pick: ‘Someone like myself’

You want a real progressive, economy stimulating idea?

Death of rebel leader seen as key loss to Syria’s anti-Assad forces

Got my Don't Frack California yard sign today.

'It was like being in Paradise. I felt only love'

The manufactured Obamacare fiasco reminds me of a movie where the hero's beaten to a pulp, then

As a Canadian I think you guys should thank us for Rob Ford...

Alcohol is becoming a problem for me...

(Maryland Dem. gov. candidate) Mizeur to back legalized marijuana

Think about this: in 15 years...

Five Ways to Ruin an Economy

RE: 2016, I figure if nothing else a Dem President is less likely to start World War III...

Kennedy to Take 19th Century Ride

Laura Jane Grace Discusses New Against Me Album On KROQ Radio

Ford Knocks Over Woman Councilor (yeah, that Ford, the Toronto Mayor)

Miffed at Obama over Iran, Netanyahu cozies up to France's Hollande (+video)

The mayor of Toronto: Comedic Genius?

Question about the movie "Don't Say a Word" (SPOILER ALERT) ...

Hey - Was Anyone Here On DU At The Chicago Bears Game Yesterday?......

Judge allows Alabama man who raped 14-year-old to avoid prison time

Liberal Radio Host Savages the Media for 'Hit Job' Reports on Obama

Palestine casts 1st vote at UNGA as observer state

Off-the-shelf knee braces--anyone have experience with them?

The Great Depressionn - Rioting

In the spirit of Maher, a new rule for 2016 discussions

Trading Women for Profit

should Bashir have apologized to Palin

Texas officials from both parties want to extend high-risk insurance pool

US Envoy to Japan Caroline Kennedy Meets Emperor.

Fox News guest: Mary Cheney should respect Liz’s rights and keep ‘gay agenda’ in the bedroom

I could use some gift ideas...

Fucking creeps

You put the lime in the coconut

Chris Hayes: Sleeper issue of 2014? GOP refusal of Medicaid expansion.

Great News: The Obama Admin Just Gave Nine Tribal Nations $7 Million To Fund Clean Energy Projects

Lebanon blasts near Iran's embassy in Beirut

Insanity In Wisconsin Legislature?

"If you take birth control, your mother probably hates you."

Odds slim for extension of jobless benefits

Obama Pick for Court Is 3rd in a Row Blocked by Republicans

Farm bill takes aim at state animal welfare laws

'Selfie' named by Oxford Dictionaries as word of 2013

Striking works - spanish dirt collectors win.

Memorial to Egyptian protesters damaged in Cairo

Does the Obama administration listen to the Rachel Maddow show because she

Google to pay $17M to settle Safari privacy case

Hyundai to sell hydrogen-powered SUV in 2014

Yahoo vows to encrypt all its users' personal data

Exposing the Racist History Of Libertarianism And Murray Rothbard

37% of Americans avoided recommended care in 2013

Sony Entertainment looks to cut $100 million-plus

More dangerous weather: Cyclone Cleopatra kills at least 14 in Italy

OK...there is strange, then there is this... (LMAO!)

A family full of Kennedy connections (Omaha Steve once ran against the machine)

Thousands of Afghan elders to decide if U.S. troops stay or go.

Philippines to split up typhoon relief zone country by country.

Indonesia’s Sinabung and Merapi volcanoes erupt (Dialup Warning: Includes Incredible Photographs)

Complicated Problem of America?

So who targeted the Iranian Embassy in Lebanon?

Fusion reactor achieves tenfold increase in plasma confinement time

America's Permanent State of War: Abroad and At Home, In Our Hospitals and In Our Streets

Exposed: American Doctors and Psychologists Engaged in Frightening Torture Programs Since 9/11

Central African Republic communal violence spiralling out control - UN chief

Monty Python to reunite for stage show

Bubbles are Not Funny: The 99% Gets Blasted When They Burst

How Shockingly Little We Know About How Oil Spills Affect Our Health

your brain will assplode from teh cuteness!

Taxidermy Fails - Some people should consider a new career, any new career...

Blasts at Iranian Embassy in Beirut Kill at Least 23

US Military Ready To Train Libyan Troops

The effort to taint liberals/progressives

George Zimmerman has a long history of thug behavior toward women.

farm bill takes aim at state animal welfare laws

Keeping Our Social Security Promises Act

Judge: Workplace lecture was religious harassment

The World Ends Tonight

The media is giddy this AM - they have driven Obama's approval ratings to 41%

Mayor Ford to City Council: "You Guys Have Just Attacked Kuwait"

The Pentagon's Doctored Accounting Ledgers Conceal Epic Waste

Wisconsin: Walker "Joke": Teachers, Public Servants are Lazy, Overpaid Heathens

How Sawant did it, plus victory rally video

Where is my star membership?

Major US Banks Set Up Elaborate War Rooms Last Month In Case The Government Defaulted

Man Banned From Gun Ownership Loses Appeal (9th Circut Court of Appeals)

"WalMart: A Progressive Success Story", by Jason Furman, chief economic advisor to President Obama

A question about an egg wash. Don't laugh!

For Democrats, a Tax-the-Rich Road to Victory

Options low for condemned white supremacist killer

Montana man to be sentenced in Wyoming kidnapping

Lots of TPP News: Salt Lake City "19th round" Edition

"he knows how to do this

Miami Herald: Cuba believed to have intercepted details of U.S. aid to dissidents

I Am Not A Crook!

Jay Leno Sued for Bestiality Jokes Woman Says 'Crossed the Line'

Sen. Sanders provides history lesson on deficits during budget meeting

For everything I've lost this year the thing I have not lost

Walmart's Employee Food Drive Reveals What's Wrong With America

28 Common Racist Attitudes And Behaviors

Revealed: The Surveillance Industrial Complex

Has anyone here heard from Robb lately?

We Don't Wanna Hear It: Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to NSA's Bulk Collection Program

U.N. climate talks: Four countries behaving badly

Bolivian forces find $2 million cocaine stash hidden in wine bottles

EXCLUSIVE: Teenager spends 3 years in jail and charges dropped

Logging on the rise again in the Brazilian Amazon

Go into the ocean deep, they said...

Senate of the University of Athens announces its resignation

Circular and Kafkaesque: FBI Cites National Security Threat For Declining To Explain Why Compliance

Pa. House votes down transportation spending measure

The Coming Drone Wars: Iran Unveils its own Drone, with a 1200-mile Range

Lion-Hunting U.S. TV Host Has Internet In An Uproar

Monty Python to reunite for stage show.

Climate Change: Power to the people

Caribou Barbie thinks that Black people cannot comprehend slavery by her definition

Haulin' Data: How Trucking Became the Frontier of Work Surveillance

US immunity in focus at Afghan assembly

Universal Healthcare Doesn't Mean Waiting Longer to See a Doctor

"Bill Gates Can't Build A Toilet"

150 years ago today - The Gettysburg Address

Mum fined/convicted in Zurich for circumcising infant son (both parents need to agree)

Futenma Air Station: The New Dugong Lawsuit: Stop the Relocation of the Base

I am very disturbed by the T-shirts My elementary school children

Wisconsin: "Chosen one" Mary Burke faces criticism over Dept of Labor findings

Tribes from 17 countries converge on Brazil for Indigenous Games

(Ireland) Parents bringing kids for punishment shooting 'by appointment'

7-week-old puppeh Theo joins Beau the toddler for naptime every day:

Can we bubble? Yes, we can.

Political Wire: Healthcare Plan Enrollment Surges in Some States

Restaurant for dogs opens

Never trust anyone under 30.

american inequality in 6 charts

Whether Hilary or Elizabeth...

A potato in his head almost the size of a normal human brain. . . . Please CAPTION Steve Doocy!!!!!

Zimmerman 9-11 call released

Creating a moment of caring...

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- A Cheney Family Thanksgiving

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- ACA truths

Conservatives More Offended by Rainbow Flags Than Confederate Flags

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Rally to Share the Truth about the ACA

Robert Scheer: Be Thankful For the People Struggling to Limit NSA Spying

Cheney Family Thanksgiving

Animal abuse verdict set aside for lawmaker

FOX News celebrating Women's History Month

Study Ranks Canada #55 Of 58 On Climate Policy, Ahead Of Iran, Kazakhstan & Saudi Arabia

Lawmaker hammers home his homeless solution, takes a sledgehammer to shopping carts

"So what if she's pregnant? Grease the *****!" . . . Please come CAPTION George Zimmerman!!!

Noam Chomsky: Media Control and Indoctrination in the United States

Corps Of Engineers Projects 2-Ft Sea Level Rise By 2060 - Dead Silence From Talahassee

The Best Customer of American Industry is...

2013 Global CO2 Emissions Projected At 36 Billion Tons - Another New Record

U.S. Safety Agency Launches Investigation Into Tesla Fires

Islamists raid Somali police station, at least 28 dead: witnesses

WaPo poll: Did Obama tell truth or mislead?

Elvis predicts few US polar bear cubs

17" Of Rain In 24 Hours - At Least 17 Dead In Sardinia After "Apocalyptic" Storm

A Public Service Announcement: Rob Ford is NOT from Florida.

WikiLeaks and the Drone Strike Transparency Bill

The shittiest job in America

"George W. Bush: Building The Keystone XL Pipeline Is A ‘No-Brainer’" (well, he should know)

Albuquerque, N.M., voters to decide on municipal abortion limits

Sunday's Midwest Tornado Outbreak Included At Least Two F-4 Storms

Aerial photo of tornado path through Illinois town:

Four Chilean Student Leaders Make the Jump to Parliament

TX Rice Farmers May Face 3rd Year Without Irrigation Water; City Water Cuts Also In Play

Two old ladies were waiting for a bus and one of them was smoking a cigarette.

California, number of other states on track to meet ACA enrollment numbers

John Edwards Starts New Law Practice

At Least 10 London Banks Abandon Carbon Trading, Along With UBS, Deutsche Bank, Barclay's

Tea party activist says his rally will send Obama to Iran and usher in new right-wing government

Please Take Your Squabble Elsewhere (Cheney's) by Charlie Pierce, my hero

Anti-Obama nonprofit tells IRS it's not 'political'

As health-insurance problems keep arising, Vermont offers a ray of hope

kudos to the NY Daily News re: Zimmerman

2014 and voter suppression

Elizabeth Warren to Congress: Grandma "Will Be Left to Starve" If We Cut Social Security

3rd grader suspended after crushing, sniffing Smarties candy

Remember our success story highlighted by the President?

Oh Happy Day - they're back

Papantonio: Subsidizing Low Wage Workers

Just caught an episode of "Snake Salvation."

Court files: NSA engaged in “systematic overcollection”

Leonardo Da Vinci's wacky piano is heard for the first time, after 500 years

How to Win an Argument With a Gun Nut EVERY Time!

PA. Treasurer Rob McCord for Governor??

During the Zimmerman trial, we have had DUers argue for his acquittal, which, of course, happened...

NYC Graffiti mecca 5 Pointz whitewashed overnight (pics)

Duncan regrets 'white suburban moms' comment

Deeds critically wounded; son dead from gunshot

Reports: Obamacare Enrollment On The Rise

U.S. Counties Killing The Most People Are Good At Getting Death Penalty, Not So Good At Justice

Wal-Mart Asks Workers To Donate Food To Its Needy Employees

Top 20 open source gifts for the holidays

Junk Glistens Under ‘Bernankecare’ as Worst Stocks Win

John Edwards launches law firm aimed at social change

Sen. Creigh Deeds Stabbed (VA), Son Shot Dead

50 Reasons for 50 Years… Episode #49

Who now can testify to George Zimmerman's character?

Selfie tops twerk as Oxford's word of the year

Senate banking panel to vote on Fed's Yellen on Thursday

Cyclone Cleopatra floods Sardinia

‘We should be talking about expanding Social Security benefits’

Krugman: Question Fed Policy? Sure. Audit It? No. (Rand Paul's very bad idea.)

Is this guy even a democrat? State Rep. Uses Sledgehammer To Destroy Homeless People’s Possessions

University Of Texas Students Cancel 'Catch An Illegal Immigrant Game'

There is a Sex Party In Australia

Animals Can Be Jerks

S.F. Giants add Tim Hudson to rotation

ZIMMERMAN isn't funny, but Gawker readers' comments are:

I think this guy has the wrong party

Solution for those who do not want to purchase health care insurance...

Joseph Stiglitz: The insanity of our food policy

Watch Liberated Research Chimps See the Sky for the First Time (tissue alert)

Exclusive: The NSA Installs Secret Equipment on the CIA’s Controversial Killer Drones

Either China's screwed, or everybody is.

HealthCare.Gov Woes Highlight Government Hiring Of Old Contractors

A Cold War Fought by Women

Toll tidal wave: Agency proposes tolls on all north side freeways (San Antonio)

I wanted major in Political Science but never got the chance

Bridenstine scores 44 percent approval in Tulsa poll

Putin Adviser Sees Political Will to End Greenpeace Dispute

"There was once a time in history when the limitation of governmental power..."

Bridenstine moves to repeal federal income tax

200 Birds euthanized after Polk County rooster fight busted

Apple’s ground-breaking bet on its clean energy infrastructure, with exclusive photos

Accidental Discovery Dramatically Improves Electrical Conductivity

Paul Ryan, Poverty Warrior? Huh?

Toronto mayor Rob Ford says he has given up alcohol

Volusia schools to keep using history book (has Pro-Islamic worldview)

Nov 19 American Made Matters Day

Pic Of The Moment: Here's How WalMart Are Thanking Their Employees This Year

Photos: Kennedy Hatred in 1960s Dallas Looks A Lot Like Obama Hatred Today

Husband of former FL Sec. State Katherine Harris commits suicide

Ann Romney on CNN: President Obama is incompetent and liar.

“Catch an Illegal Immigrant” contest at the University of Texas canceled

New cause for State Sen. Ernie Chambers: repealing cougar hunting law

Scowcroft, Brzezinski urge Iran accord

Scowcroft, Brzezinski urge Iran accord By Jim Lobe

Celeb-Studded Telethon Raises $50K for Texas Women Who Need Abortions

Greg Abbott Responds To Former Staffer's Mock "Illegal Immigrant" Round-up By Attacking Wendy Davis

Kmart trolls the religious right.

And know for something completely different….and entertaining

German parties say EU may not be able to let Turkey join

Sorry, Republicans: No big drop in Obamacare support

US grand prix

We will never have adequate mental health care in this country

On Wal-Mart and their starving employees...

Are journalists creating a negative view of Obama tby creating foreign policy dissention narratives?

We do not have to see eye to eye on everything

Chris Grayling seeks legal clarification over EU charter of fundamental rights

Unbelievable Facts That Are Actually True

Former Florida Secretary Of State Katherine Harris' Husband Commits Suicide

Megan Kelly on ACA rollout

rideronthestorm, others in Sunday's tornado area, please check-in when you can

Charles Pierce is absolutely sick of this Cheney family horseshit.

Reports: Obamacare Enrollment On The Rise

www looks funny

We don’t know if the Quality Jobs Program is paying off

Should porn made freely be consenting adults ever be a criminal offense?

Latest Release of Documents on N.S.A. Includes 2004 Ruling on Email Surveillance

Illinois survivor finds his dog buried alive under rubble.

Surviving Climate Change: Is a Green Energy Revolution on the Global Agenda?

There are 36 critical races in 2014

BecKKK takes 3 wishes in Kathy Lee interview (what to change about himself)

The nasty article pushing a Kerry/Rice fight seems completely made up

McDonald's to workers: "quit complaining"

Bitcoin hits $750, up 107% in a week

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday, November 19, 2013.

Mystery human species emerges from Denisovan genome

Cuccinelli Pouts After Loss

Bitcoin Gaining Validity Fuels Rally in Virtual Currency: Tech

Physicist's analysis of Zapruder film of JFK assassination

The Seaside Restaurant Set Inside a Cave

State Senator (VA) Deeds - very weird

Marking JFK anniversary, GPO releases digital Warren Commission report

Obama administration was warned of Obamacare risks in March: report

U.S. healthcare website has security bugs, expert warns Congress

Lew Sees No Alternative to Congress Raising Debt Limit by Feb. 7

Caroline Kennedy in Japan (photos)

East Coast could be in for a spectacular nighttime rocket launch

The Walled World-if you thought the Berlin Wall was a bad idea-check out these 10 countries'walls.

East Coast could be in for a spectacular nighttime rocket launch

Trivial request of those of you on social media

The Walmart Conundrum...

I hate, hate, hate my hypochondria.

US-Israel Rift Over Iran Nukes Now In The Open

Endless Afghanistan? US-Afghan agreement would keep troops in place and funds flowing, perhaps indef

If 3 Little Girls Did This To My House, I'd Do Everything I Could To Get Them Full Rides To Harvard

NOM Tax Returns Released — Reports Show Org With $1 Million Deficit

Draft of US-Afghan Security Deal Shows US Would Maintain Military Presence in Afghanistan for Years

Russia Grants Bail To Nine Foreign Greenpeace Activists

MSNBC just aired a more complete video of the mother who was pulled over in New Mexico

Update: Liberty University Student Killed in Dorm Shooting

MILLIONS Descend Upon Larry KKKlayman Rally To Overthrow Obama

San Jose's cat box liner is going down the paywall road

U.S. Court Allowed Internet Data Mining After Violations

Egypt Forces Deploy as Protest Anniversary Stokes Fear of Clash

I got my Harry Potter stamps. Did you?

Another recommendation for edit history.

Obama’s Wall Street-Friendly Cabinet, "Gang of Five" Departs to Wall St. for the BIG BUCKS

US Military Deaths In Afghanistan At 2153

Labor Department Says It Contacted Commerce on Jobs Allegations

Police: Katherine Harris' husband commits suicide

10 year old explains the truth about where money comes from...

David Sirota: Don't demonize public pensions

Obama to Offer $100 Million Job Skills Education Plan

Albuquerque Votes On Abortion Ban With National Impact

Self-healing electrodes could make li-ion batteries last 10x longer

Excellent list of anti spying computing/internet choices.

Lew Praises Forthcoming Baucus Tax Plan as Constructive

Officer says he shot at van’s tires, not kids

The spreading of misinformation on Obamacare

J Lawrence's Catching Fire Premiere outfit. I'm torn.

Right wing cyber attacks on are confirmed

Is there anybody who isn't fascinated by time travel?

Timelapse: Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Obama Didn't Lie About 'Keep Your Health Plan'

BBC News: 'Fresh blow for embattled Toronto mayor Rob Ford'

Yale: A Scarcity of Rare Metals Is Hindering Green Technologies

Study: Kids Are Less Fit Than Their Parents Were

Trayvon's Amendment

Please tell me this shithead's going to be primaried next election...

UN Official Warns That New Israeli Settlement Building Could Torpedo Palestinian Peace Talks

If we could do ONE thing before the next election: change the political definition of "TOUGH"

Racist Young Conservatives of Texas Get Response From University Of Texas Students (VIDEO)

10 Animals You Didn't Know Existed

Luke Russert substituting for Andrea Mitchell is a total prick. He is more anti

Elizabeth Warren sides with the PCCC and against the Washington Post editorial board

If you're a guy, or can talk like a guy, next time you get a phone call and you don't

Why Rep. Marsha Blackburn Opposes Effort To End Horrifying Horse Abuse

October was the 344th consecutive month of above average global temperatures

REMEMBER, Food Stamps cuts hit food banks hard, in time for Thanksgiving.

The actual probability of Earth going to hell in the next few decades

What's Up With Florida: Woman Marries Ferris Wheel

Sid Davis, Westinghouse Radio reporter was just on MSNBC recalling the day Kennedy was killed.

Is Elizabeth Warren running for President?

British nuclear energy industry could attract South Korean investment

Has anyone asked Toronto Mayor Ford whether

Hilarity: Zimmerman has the presumption of innocence...

A word from Donna Dem:

Obama Makes Personal Appeal To Lawmakers To Hold Off On More Iran Sanctions

Zimmerman first appearance: Former girlfriend alleges prior choking incident, suicidal thoughts

Nuclear Deal With Iran Comes Closer As Tehran Concedes On Right To Enrich

Channeling your inner Reagan: Mr President, take down this website

"The goal that we should have is that we see zero abortions"

To the Zimmerman jurors and Zimmerman's lawyers, I'd just like to say ...

A Liberal Pope?

Zimmerman's attorney just said Zimmerman was indigent?

KATU reporter wants to know if it bothers anyone that the president watched basketball Sunday

Judge Sets Bond For George Zimmerman At $9,000 In Domestic Assault Case.

Lawmakers Move To Strike ‘Mental Retardation’ Language From Phila. Laws

The real reason for Iran hatred?

My mother and grandmothers Indian Pudding recipe. Excellent for Thanksgiving

Zimmerman seemed intent on retrieving his possessions himself.

Senator Elizabeth Warren's Speech about the retirement crisis

Lance Bass To Cuomo: Don’t Frack

My war on the Crime of marijuana possession begins today.

The Real Victims

Ann Romney Says Mitt Would Back Chris Christie '100 Percent' in 2016

Squeee. You've been warned!!!

Profile of PA. Dem Governor Candidate Tom Wolf

Why the Cheneys' gay marriage feud could burn the GOP

Think Progress: The Obama Administration Just Gave Nine Tribal Nations $7M To Fund Clean Energy Proj

Bond set at $9,000 for George Zimmerman in Assualt Case

Judge: “NSA exceeded the scope of authorized acquisition continuously”

¿Dónde trabaja?

Larry Klayman's big rally had millions of people at it!

Skinner, is it possible for a jury decision to be so egregiously wrong that an admin would step in?

Gregg Abbot responds to his former staffers racist college game...

NY joins $17 million multistate settlement with Google over tracking of consumers

If you go to Starbucks, you are committing TREASON!

Why Conservative Comedy Does Not Work

Obamacare Policy Cancellations: Media Mythology, Republican Spin

Toon: Is that the holiday store or the GOP Headquarters?

Healthcare plan enrollment surges in some states after rocky rollout

The TPP in less than 4 minutes:

New Allegation Made Against Zimmerman In Court

In case you didn't know today is World Toilet Day.

California pastor outraged to find Bible filed under ‘fiction’ at Costco

Strike Three: U.S. Court Orders Moniz to Zero-Out Nuclear Waste Fee

NYC bans tobacco sales to anyone under age 21

Toon: Philippines

Partnership with National Center for Internet Security to strengthen New York's cyber security

Tennessee Governor Hesitates On Medicaid, Frustrating Many

Karn Evil 9

Progressive groups have their own tax reform ideas

Maradona: Life is life

President Obama: Lying Liar Or Media Target?

Feinstein comes out FOR filibuster reform

The Ray Kelly - Brown University Stop & Frisk Protest Controversy - Rania Khalek Discusses

Turkey’s Kemalists see his secularist legacy under threat

Just for laughs: "You know you're a Packer fan when..." (not really about sports, fyi)

Principal apologizes after cheerleaders create offensive banner against Native Americans

Charlie Crist to support legalization of medical marijuana. His law firm leads the campaign in FL.

German renewables are invading Poland

Guestview: NYC circumcision rite consent rule tests limits of religious freedom

US-Afghan agreement would keep troops in place and funds flowing, perhaps indefinitely

Elizabeth Warren comes out FOR filibuster reform

Ex-Bogota Mayor ‘received over $15M in kickbacks’: Contractor

Last Rites For President John F. Kennedy Remembered By Catholic Priest Rev. Oscar L. Huber

Please sign this petition to your congress critters and senators to ban animals from circuses.

Hybrid Elec Porsche 918 does 0-62mph in 2.6 seconds & 0-124mph in 7.2 seconds

Christie caught consorting with the devil

So Zimmy uses 911 to make statements for court that cannot be cross examined

My confidence in the internet grows with each passing day.

The drive thru drug...LMAO

Abortion is just like any other medical and surgical procedure, a necessity to treat...

Find something to be happy about today (Tuesday Nov 19, 2013)

OBAMACARE: The Real Victims

Switzerland Proposes New Law To Link Execs' Pay With Lowest Paid Workers

Local Moral Monday protest draws hundreds (NC)

Good lord, the stupidity of the right knows no bounds

Daily News Wants Someone To 'Stand Their Ground' With George Zimmerman

The Rude Pundit - GOP Gov. Scott Walker: Obamacare Sucks Except When It Doesn't

I could easily see this Rob Ford thing ending up like Dan White in SF.

Creigh Deeds’ son had mental-health evaluation Monday.Released because no psych beds available.

Another DUer, Pab Sungenis, is Shown the Door

JP Morgan in record $13bn settlement with US regulators

Too much money to lend: Banks must tackle a new problem of the Eagle Ford Shale

Kauai Council Overrides Mayor's Veto of Anti-Pesticide, GMO Bill

TEPCO plant engineer makes case that earthquake caused reactor cooling problem

John Fugelsang Quote On George Zimmerman --->

UT Young Conservatives call off ‘catch an illegal immigrant’ stunt

Hickenlooper polling under 50% in Colorado

Cat summoned to jury duty after owners list him as a family member on Census

obamacare question from my car mech.

Occasionally a blatant misogynist is shown the door...

Ken Anderson’s law license officially canceled

Walker and 29 Republican Groups Under Investigat​ion

Defending The Minimum Wage

Seth Rogen comment...LOL

Jackie Kennedy’s Letter to Khrushchev: My Last Night In The White House

Three Army Lietenant Colonels Write That Belief In American Exceptionalism Is Hurting The Military

Well. George Zimmerman's wife turned the tables today:

Today's kids can't run like their parents could, study finds

George Zimmerman Must Give Up Guns to Get Out of Jail

I wanted to start a thread for pictures of our pets

Malfunctioning drone leaves hole in Navy ship

The GOP's Agenda

'X's marking spots where JFK shot removed

Wow, systemd is a PITA on a server

Could first U.S. offshore wind farm be in Texas?

Could first U.S. offshore wind farm be in Texas?

Key Senate Democrats Flip, Now Ready for Fillibuster Reform Through Nuclear Option

Colo. teen who killed girl to spend life in prison

"A man's gotta know when to walk away" (Foot Locker commercial)

... or why the prosecutions were so few?

IT official says needs payment feature

ObamaCare Will Work

skin care products question

I hate the word homophobia

Elian Gonzalez Criticizes U.S. Immigration Policy vs. Cuba

The repukes didn't kill ACORN after all!

Harry Reid is set to go nuclear

Republicans are totally invested in healthcare failure.

Despicable Actions: Unethical and Harmful

Despicable Actions: Unethical and Harmful

Far-Right Senate Candidate Phil Gingrey (R-GA) Loses His Entire Campaign Staff

Mo. Supreme Court Denies Franklin's Appeal

Esperanza Spalding - We Are America ----- #CloseGitmo #WeAreAmerica

Rep. Trey Radel charged with cocaine possession

Positive Proof There is a God!!! Monty Python members plan reunion

$13 Billion Settlement With JPMorgan Is Announced

Florida Republican congressman Trey Radel arrested for cocaine

Adventures in Total Idiocy, Hasselbeck version

Missouri to execute inmate using drugs from secret supplier

Rep. Trey Radel charged with cocaine possession

Conservapedia: The Search for the Truth Ends Here

President Obama Was Speaking - Was Telecast On MSNBC - Then They Cut Him Off.....

Global Damage From Extreme Weather And Other Disasters Set To Break $200 Billion A Year

Wanted weavers to make custom blankets

The Progressive Abortion Purity Test

Monty Python to reunite for new show after 30 years

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Obamacare Hurting Pregnant Women Over 65

Fukushima job feared too perilous for Tepco

Bernie Sanders on health care and health care coverage...

Arcane1 is a fucking idiot.

I just heard on the local Atlanta news channel that Zimmerman

Misunderstanding song lyrics website failures are the leading story on the local news.

This First Time Area Man Hearing About Daughter Dating George Zimmerman

Six new teams qualified for the World Cup today

5Pointz graffiti art gets whitewashed

Harry Reid is set to go nuclear(as early as this week)

Cute Harry Potter in New York City

US to Train Several Thousand Libyan Soldiers

What Is Harry Reid Waiting For?

Bronx point-blank shooting caught on video; 1 sought

Florida: Accused flasher says he was just 'airing out' his penis

UK to summon Spanish ambassador over Gibraltar sea incursion

Mayor Bloomberg Signs Bill Banning Tobacco Sales to Anyone Under 21

St. Ray has apparently changed his mind about the Niners

JPMorgan Agrees To $13 Billion Toxic Mortgage Settlement

New insect discovered in one of the world's most untouched places

Expose at DailyKos about how is morphing into RW Organization.

Average Social Security Check Is $1269, But CEOs With Nest Eggs Worth Tens of Millions Want to Slash

Oklahoma Drops National Guard Benefits For All Couples To Avoid Serving Same-Sex Couples

I want this...

Mayor Signs Bill Raising Tobacco Buying Age To 21

Does anyone own a NEST thermostat?

Bachmann considering Affordable Care Act lawsuit

Bratton Touts Crime Mapping Past As Top Cop Speculation Swirls

Hunter's personal weather forecast...

Time of death 21:00.02

The bizarre history of our obsession with unicorns

Breaking the Set: 1mn Injured Vets, Jenna Pope Photo Activism Occupy & More, Moby & Activism!

Study: Kids are less fit than their parents were

GOP tweets altered image of Grimes as 'Obama Girl'

How to Learn the Tarot

Sen. Paul, opponent of Detroit bailout, to unveil plan to fix city

11 Reasons To Love Costco That Have Nothing To Do With Shopping

J&J unit to pay $2.5 billion in U.S. hip implant settlement

None DARE call it a scam . . .

President Obama Showed Courage When He Took On The Health Care Industry!

Tesla Fires - Software Update

Will Solar Save the Planet?

I am SO pissed! I'd like to sue this guy.

Obamacare enrollments surging, working better

Long Island firefighter killed in hunting accident

Supreme Court Refuses to Block Texas Abortion Law

"What are they supposed to donate with -- their food stamps?"

Just heard on NPR that the website glitches have destroyed Obama & Dems

Question about security.

What kind of sleazebag cares more about appeasing primary crazies than family?

49ers’ Whitner forced to withdraw ‘Hitner’ name change application..

Nighttime Rocket Launch Tuesday Visible from US East Coast

So Excited! - "An Empire Strikes Back for 2013!"

Supreme Court won’t block Texas abortion restrictions

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 20 November 2013

So Excited! - "An Empire Strikes Back for 2013!"

GOP Rep. Radel ‘Profoundly Sorry’ For Cocaine Charge

Poor Miz t. She's had a bad month.

Despite our secularist enemies, we are on the brink of a Christian Spring..........

the bonfire foretold rages...

The company that botched the Obamacare website

The Democratic Party has the right answers to the problems facing the United States

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's TV show canceled (after 1 episode)

99.9% chance that I will be moving to Texas the first week in December

Lebanon bombings Al-Qaeda vs Hezbollah...

Add four more stores to your Thanksgiving "bad list"

Pab Sungenis

Jenna Pope Photo Activism OCCUPY & More, Moby breaks the set with Music Therapy