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Archives: November 21, 2013

Lawmaker Ends Shopping Cart Destruction Campaign

Winamp! Noooo!

point 'em out knock 'em out; get shot in the arse.

Capitalism is a “dirty word”: America’s new socialist council member talks to Salon

The magnificent Maccabee mansion found under a home

Hundreds of Students Rally At UT In Solidarity With DREAMers

Gomez Mill House, Oldest Jewish Site in North America, Approaches 300th Anniversary

How the hell does “allowing people to purchase insurance over state lines help”?

Officials say Obamacare website improves as Republicans pounce

US troops to stay in Afghanistan until 2024 and beyond

Is this true? Tornado hits U.S. nuclear facility in Kenucky Sunday

I guess you cannot write anything negative about GWB on Facebook. There was a discussion on him

Earthquake shakes southern Ohio

133 Countries Walk Out of Climate Talks Taking Place in Poland

With Cheers and Tears, Illinois Celebrates Marriage Equality Signing

Remember: The people who said that Obamacare is going to fail...

Wal-Mart and subsidies...

Why the Assault on Obamacare Is Unfounded and Sadistic

Hundreds of Students Rally At UT In Solidarity With DREAMers



Police arrest man suspected of Paris shooting attacks

Bill de Blasio Announces 60 Names for Transition Team

Was George Zimmerman’s 911 Call a Clever Piece of Propaganda?

Director hits back at Assange, calls him a liar

LRA leader Joseph Kony 'in surrender talks' with CAR

Medal of Freedom Program at 9:01 on CSpan Starting NOW

What everyone is doing

What John Lennon, Bob Marley, Elvis & Kurt Cobain Would Look Like Today

GOP release website outlining 2014 agenda

Are State Officials Withholding Vital Information from the Mayflower Oil Spill?

Krugman: Those counting on Obamacare collapse are “making a very bad bet”

Lindsey Vonn Suffers Partial ACL Tear In Right Knee

Does anyone else ever wonder what the history books will say about this era 50 years from now?

GOP’s existential test: Why they’re really escalating a nuclear option crisis

HRC could heal her relationship with many progressives, and make winning in the fall in 2016 a LOCK

Obama 'edits' "Under God" from Gettysburg Address: Latest Installment of Obama Derangement Syndrome

George P. Bush makes state candidacy official

Gettysburg Address 'outrage' provides handy checklist of stupidest people in America

LOL! - Gettysburg Address 'outrage' provides handy checklist of stupidest people in America

Ted Cruz reveals he’s a thin-skinned hypocrite

"The self-serving must stop."

This sign says it all about WalMart

I hate our education system.

America Sucks Less

It’s “Paul Ryan is a serious wonk” season again!

Colbert on Walmart and Income Inequality - w/ Robert Reich

Medal of Freedom program started at 8:0l on CSpan - great program

Local Elections Matter

City of Omaha won't offer some benefits to employees' same-sex spouses (will bargain with unions)

Boehner Won't Punish Trey Radel After Guilty Plea For Cocaine

Someone at M$NBComcast needs to tell me why they spend so much time showing us

TEPCO Prez to UK - Fukushima "a warning to the world"

The BDS movement and the opportunistic exploitation of self-denying Jews

Kstew, hands down on this dress off.


Walmart could pay workers $14.89 an hour without raising prices

Inside NYC's New Mirrored Infinity Rooms

OMG, Tigers trade Fielder to Texas for Ian Kinsler

white suburban moms who — all of a sudden — their child isn't as brilliant as they thought they were

Doctor Who Fans check in if you are getting excited about 11-23-13.

See, the American people have to realize that universal healthcare is just a dream.

Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger on fraud.

Sylvia Browne, world-famous psychic, dead.

The wisdom of a real American

Wisconsin: This is not democracy

Video of awards given to the divers that defied the Canadian Gov to search for my nephew & crew

How to look like Batman (with your cat's help)

Skeleton Greatest Hits @ Lake Placid

Loretta Lynn receives Presidential Medal of Freedom

Sponsor a Walmart Striker

Most children’s furniture contain toxic, flame-retardant chemicals - study

Separated at birth?

Free Kindle Vegan/Vegetarian cookbooks

up to 15,000 troops to stay in afghanistan till 2024

Question about "The Walking Dead" (SPOILERS)

My Girlfriend just turned 62 and was paying to Anthem Blue Cross...

Amazing, the way 99.9% of corporocratic media gives electability advice to the GOP.

NYT opinion: A New G.O.P. Excuse for Doing Nothing

Just 90 companies caused two-thirds of man-made global warming emissions

WikiLeaks documents show that the TPP will...

20 minutes of awesome - Tarkus

'Alaska' Woman In Anti-Obamacare Ad Is Actress From Maryland

Exposed: The myth of the global warming 'pause'

President Obama Awards the 2013 Presidential Medal of Freedom

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Dearly Beloved & a new Kitteh gif

Elizabeth Warren coming up on Rachel

Oh Lawd...

When are we going to call the Congressional GOP Welfare Bums?

Richard Dreyfuss weighs in...

North Korea detains traveler from Palo Alto, 85

Mark Twain quotes:

Lawyers notify court that Whitey Bulger will appeal conviction

Bush paints, but is he any good? Critics tacke W's talent - CNN

Arizona man ordered freed in son's 2004 death

Rutgers AD Julie Hermann, Tyree family meet to discuss alleged bullying case

Utah Town Forgot To Hold Municipal Election In November

Awesomeness from The Onion!

Progress bar says 16 mins...

Attorneys: Charges dropped against 2 girls in Rebecca Sedwick cyberbullying case

Expectations are high for summit between Pope Francis and Vladimir Putin

Expectations are high for summit between Pope Francis and Vladimir Putin

What isyou legistlative wish list for the first 3 months of 2014?

US closing courthouses in NC, Okla., W.Va., Wyo.

You don't deserve to make a decent living

Church of England paves the way for women bishops

How Our Public Schools Became a ‘Communist Threat’

I Never Thought I'd Want To High-Five A Teacher For Yelling At A Student, But I Was Wrong


November FINAL Voting up in GD

Massachusetts State Senators Approve Nation’s Highest Minimum Wage

US surgeon gets suspended sentence in Australia

$16 million lottery ticket unclaimed in Florida

FBI secretly spied on ‘David Frost Show’

The most ominous words in the English language are "bipartisan consensus"...

Buoyed by de Blasio, education lobby gets an early start

Song For The Night: Sam Cooke A CHANGE IS GONNA COME

Comptroller wants AT&T to disclose data-sharing

That's right, you heard right. Crotch gusset.

Over all - was life better 50 years go today - or was it worse?

San Jose State (Univ.) students accused of tormenting black roommate charged with hate crimes

Illinois becomes 16th US state to legalize gay marriage

Good news, California: Surplus is $2.4 billion

Pennsylvania cops Taser handcuffed 14-year-old in the face ‘for his safety’

Buying 3 grams of cocaine in D.C. is a misdemeanor?

Great Dane pups are out,

Tea Partiers hate taxes....

Come on - you KNOW Farley would think this is funny!!

Are you fucking kidding me?

Group raises concern with tar sands oil shipments on the Great Lakes

No charges: Doctor used whips, choked female patient in 'punishment therapy,' deputies say

A Blind Dog And His Brother Are The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

Radel: 'I realize I need help'

Palin's PAC asks about Bashir action

So, conservatives can get away with anything as long as they say "I love Jesus" at the end

"She is my rock"


I bet it burns the repuke's asses that Ben Bradlee got the

Koch Brothers’ Group Uses Health Care Law to Attack Democrats

USA Today - "Health care spending increases hit new low"

Grace Meng, Congresswoman from Queens robbed in Washington DC

Jay Leno Still Sucks. nt

Brooklyn groping, police assault suspect arrested

For those interested in where Rob Ford gets his support up here...

Wonkblog - "Wonkbook: Change is painful. But the health-care status quo is a complete disaster."

HR 2728 call your Rep to vote NO! Protecting States' Rights to Promote American Energy Security Act

Endless Afghanistan? US-Afghan agreement would keep troops in place and funds flowing...

TCM Schedule for Friday, November 22, 2013 -- Friday Night Spotlight: Screwball Comedies

Obama 'edits' "Under God" from Gettysburg Address: Latest Installment of Obama Derangement Syndrome

OK - now on serious withdrawl. We just devoured Season 6 of Mad Men....via DVDs.



"Illinois gay marriage law draws exorcism in Springfield" (are you freakin kidding me???)

A question about safe haven groups

Guess what folks? Someone made a game about Sandy Hook!

Rare US Drone Strike Outside Pakistan's Tribal Region Kills 6 People

What do you think? Great Xmas gift, huh?

Tribune Company to Cut 700 Newspaper Employees

Anyone here ever read "Storming Heaven" by Denise Giardina?

We've won most national elections since the ACA was upheld, and the tea baggers are STILL IMPLODING

Bad Behavior Gets "Paid Forward" Even More Than Good

Jim Gray, Frank Luntz, exchange pathetically racist anti-Obama e-mail

Oregon health care exchange website never worked, has no subscribers

The Google doodle is celebrating my birthday!

"I Punk’d Scott Walker" (Politico feature)

Little By Little

Koch Brothers Use Actress to Portray Disgruntled Voted in Begich Attack Ad

Sikh comedian does Captain America to see how people react. - Nov. 19 Update - "Making the enrollment process easier"

America Ferrera And University Of Texas Students Rally Against Young Conservatives Of Texas (VIDEO)

Birth control for free with Obamacare? Most women didn't know

CHART: These Members of Congress Are Bankrolled by the Fracking Industry

Sen No Yoru Wo Koete

Any gamers in here?

Logos Naki World

Anyone use Dropbox to post pics here???

Palestinians' first ever UN vote symbolic yet historic

Abbott Government is a disgrace to us all.

Hey NC taxpayers. The NC Tealiban just screwed you all royally

Did the U.S. undermine democracy in the Maldives because it wants to set up military bases there?

(Samurai Champloo ~Shiki no Uta - Minmi)

Argentina’s president back in public, says she’ll ‘deepen’ her left-leaning economic model

Kansas 'Prayer Phones'

St. Louis County enforces STATE law requiring drug tests for drug felons on 'welfare'

Famous psychic, television personality Sylvia Browne dies at 77

California Congresswoman Seeks Offshore Fracking Moratorium

Jackie Kennedy wrote to Marie Tippit

George Zimmerman sent porn to GF's underage daughter...

Christmas Tree Massacre

Rep. Adam Kinzinger: "there's a lot of confusion among our allies" on Syria policy

Sen Gary Hart: 'American Journalism Never Followed Up On (JFK) Story"

Boener, McConnell, Cruz, Cornyn, Blunt - Among Top 10 Paid Off by Fracking Industry...

AP photographer wins Gabriel Garcia Marquez journalism prize for project on ill sugar workers

USF researchers find magic mushrooms may help with PTSD

Who is your favorite Congresscritter?

What's for Dinner? ~ Thursday Nov 21st

Matthew Kressel: "The History Within Us"

Which biography of Sylvia Plath seems the best researched?

How the US Militarized the Haiti-Dominican Republic Border

Dr. Ruth on AC 360

Unpacking a box from our's a trip back to 1968

Really disturbing article..

Sylvia Browne

3D Latte Art

Karzai tells elders there is no trust between Afghanistan and U.S.

US and UK struck secret deal in 2007 to allow NSA to 'unmask' Britons' personal data

Sarah Palin's official mayoral SUV listed on eBay

Wow! Just 90 companies caused two-thirds of man-made global warming emissions

Let's get this one thing clear...

This Is What A Car Crash At Nearly 200mph Looks Like

I think the fact that Agschmid posted a movie review in here by accident is hysterical.

Wis. collector puts rare comics on auction block

Sarah Palin is so durn outraged about Martin Bashir and his mean language!

Gov't to require seat belts on large buses

Playground Politics

Rupert Murdoch, wife reach divorce deal in NYC

Senate Democrats Poised to Block Filibusters of Presidential Picks

Study: Nuclear force feeling 'burnout' from work

New waterproof surface is 'driest ever'

Mr. Cub

Late Sen. Inouye awarded Medal of Freedom

The TPP's potential impact on the ACA:

Undersea volcano creates new island 620 miles south of Tokyo

What Progressives MUST do RIGHT NOW to start turning the tide on the ACA issue:

Economic Opportunity Institute: Tax-break Boeing needs to get to work

Swarm mission control ready for triple launch

Can the ACA survive?

Wisconsin: Burke Perpetuates the Corporate Myth that Outsourcing is a Necessary Evil

Voucher schools failing Wisconsin

I Watched My Patients Die of Treatable Diseases Because They Were Poor

12 Ways JP Morgan Admitted It Ripped Off Americans to the Tune of Billions

Texas cops force drivers off the road to give DNA to federal contractors

Is this cat having fun or what?

Now thats how you sell furniture

Wisconsin: Time for a change of course

Looking bad for Jamels Winston.

I think I found a bug:

How the GOP Is Literally Killing Its Voters

Obamacare faces new threat at state level from corporate interest group Alec

6 Questions for Teach for America

My GOD, the GOP is getting bold in their assault on Obama and Obmacare...

Tony Blair let the American NSA Spy on Millions of Britons and Store their Private Data

Video prompts cries of S.F. police brutality

US seeks Broad Powers, Immunity for post-2014 Troops in Afghanistan (Lazare)

The New Yorker's George Packer: Leaving Dealey Plaza

Haiti's prime minister tours Silicon Valley

Fuck: Suspected U.S. drone hits Islamic seminary in Pakistan, killing six

Concussion damage 'lasts months'

How Facebook May Secretly Foil Your Activist Plans

US-Afghan pact at impasse?

Darwin's frogs face fungal assault

Quantitative Easing, The People And The Damage Done

What are the potential consequences for States refusing the DOD orders re: equal rights?

With This Much Disk Space, Who Needs Friends?

Volcanic Eruption Creates A New Island South Of Japan

How the US Is Cementing Its World Domination

America and the Last Lifeboat!

High Methane Levels all over Arctic Ocean

US Senators’ Insolence

Nom Nom Nom

Exclusive: Inside America's Plan to Kill Online Privacy Rights Everywhere

Dump It in the Ocean: TEPCO's Plan for Radioactive Fukushima Water

Get health insurance companies out of our lives.

What future does America have?

Marco Rubio Says He’ll Do Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy—but Better

Collapse? Wealthiest Nations Accused of Sabotaging UN Climate Talks

PBOC Says No Longer in China’s Interest to Increase Reserves

15 Worst Snacks for Weight Loss

Is George Zimmerman the kind of person that you'd hang out with?

The fact that in America four Presidents hacve been assasinated and there have been

Health-care price inflation is at its lowest rate in 50 years

Someone suggested this should have it's own thread. I agree, so here it is.

A Very Chargin Falls Thanksgiving - Tom the Dancing Bug

Is this legit? Pope Francis on Pat Buchanan and Palin??

Most of NSA’s data collection authorized by order Ronald Reagan issued

McDonald's: Low-Paid Workers, High-Flying Execs

"Second American Revolution" Rally Falls 999,870 People Short Of A Million

'This Is Nuts': Poland Announces 'Radical Acceleration' of Gas Fracking at UN Climate Summit

How one small community is going big on solar

Super Euros: Top 10 climate-change-fighting countries are all in Europe

Why Trey Radel Proves We Should Drug-Test Congress — Or End The War On Drugs

Karzai Says He Won't Sign U.S. Deal

Reading, writing, & arsenic: New Orleans school planned atop toxic dump

This fancypants sofa bench is actually a rainwater collector

Sexualized workplaces, predatory men and the rage of women

U.S. Navy committed to F-35 despite talks about more F/A-18 buys

Ruth: Botching F-35 dwarfs ACA website

Juanita Jean and Bubba are grandparents

Vatican Unveils Frescoes In Catacombs of Priscilla With Images Some Say Show Early Women Priests

Reading "The Barbarous Years" by Baylin about the European colonization of North America

Surprise! Man finds himself in audience full of people he saved as children from Nazi camps

the GOPs war on competence

McAdory High School issues apology for 'Trail of Tears' banner held up at weekend football game

Coffee as medicine? Japanese scientists show how it helps the heart

Alabama woman getting support after rape ordeal

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- A Violent Man

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- CONgress and GOP

Split over military sex assaults issue crosses party lines in Senate

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- 1 week away

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

Forum Discussion: Atheist Children & Religious Holidays

Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence accused of protecting sex abusers

Shiloh Altar: Biblical Archaeology Provides Evidence of Ancient Religious Center

Navy official in court in bribery case is working much better now

Ukraine Ditches Plans for EU Deal, Turns to Russia.

Mary Cheney Says She's 'Not Supporting' Sister Liz Cheney's Senate Campaign

Krugman: Real Entitlement Reform

Omahan and his motorcycle reunited 46 years after theft

Finally, someone on Morning Joe breaks away from the Chris Christie love fest

How Obamacare Could Become A Secret Weapon For McConnell's Opponent

Navy investigates drone mishap

Climate science lawyers up

Eureka Science Photo Prize

Dems try going on offense: It’s Obamacare versus ‘Cruz Care’

Hi Mom! Look what I did for you!!!!111!!1

Maggie rescued from tornado's rubble

Be still my heart..Tuck Choad is actually grilling Bob McDonald about his corruption...

Find something to be happy about today (Thursday Nov 21, 2013)

Study: Military teens more sad, hopeless

Look, it was worth a try and all the effort but we may need to give up and go back to the old way

Time's latest cover

Another Bush Puts His Name on the Ballot in Texas

Let's say your name is Trey Radel. Let's say you're busted for a coke buy from a cop. Let's say . .

Venezuelan minister asks for actions against El Universal

About JFK: Didn't Peter Jennings do a report showing the computer graphics of the convertible

For people demanding the ACA be scrapped because of initial glitches, know your history.

Will George Zimmerman kill again?: His history and the law pose serious risks

Warsaw's Continuing Blather-Fest Putting Us All On Track For Potential 4C Warming - Guardian

'Channing Tatum Epic Split' Parody of Volvo Van Damme Epic Split

What Wendy Davis gets wrong

A question for my fellow skeptics:

JFK Assassination Witness Speaks For 1st Time

What happens when Big Data meets human resources?

Reuters - DEFRA, Other Agencies & Universities Probing Apparent Global Crop Plateau

Terry Sanford High students embark on military mission through Rapid Strike flight simulator

Today's Doonesbury

If energy industries were religions, what religions would they be?

All the news you need to know (per the corporations who own the media)

Greenpeace, WWF, Most NGOs & CSOs And Observers Quit Warsaw Talks

the sheldon adelson crew on chuckie todd's show

Polish Government Fires Environment Minister In Middle Of Talks - Will Replace With Fracking Ally

A Tree Crew Just Left My House.

G.O.P. Maps Out Waves of Attacks Over Health Law

Maybe Tucker Carlson isn’t a necrophiliac…

That #@%&*** Alureon trojan is a major PITA to remove.

2013 Long Enough Spoon Award - DOE Grants To Researchers On How To Capture Methane Hydrates

Software crisis - is just the dead canary

UNFAO - Haiyan Destroyed 1/3 Of Philippines Rice Crop; Storage Sites May Also Have Been Lost

Minnetonka priest’s tenant is ex-priest who abused teen

A Catholic priest asks a question during a children's sermon and boy he got an answer:

"Bye Daddy"

NY Water Testing Company Falsified Thousands Of Samples, Prospered For Years Under Lax Regulations

NRC Strips Whistleblower Protection

Defense bill stalls over Democratic, GOP divide

Amazing, New Policy From China's Government - We'll Use Markets To Fight Pollution!

Whistleblower at Hanford nuclear vitrification plant says retaliation continues

Senate Democrats poised to deploy “nuke option”

For now, Navy cancels search for landing field

Green groups quit ailing Warsaw climate talks

Welcome To The Post-Roe World

Harry Reid May Nuke The Filibuster This Week: Dem Sources

Jack Schlossberg - another painful reminding moment

A Tale of Two Insurance Plans and the Monster that ate one of them

Flooding in Riyadh? "Storms rage across the Arabian Peninsula"

3 women rescued after 30 years in captivity, London police say

Treason: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

What Should Americans be Thankful for This Thanksgiving?

US panel: China navy power growing in the Pacific

Ever notice how the Target motto is "Expect More. Pay Less." ?

U.S. to sell rest of GM shares by year-end, may lose $10 billion

US to train several thousand Libyan soldiers

Maryland Will Return To Paper Ballots In 2016

Did Faux News just break the law?

Panel: Arlington cemetery should tighten grave rules

Russia: A year on, Putin’s ‘foreign agents law’ choking freedom

Yellen Clears Key Senate Hurdle To Become Next Fed Chair

The Dutch: Traditional, or Racist?

GAO finds Navy ship-to-shore communications lacking

Senate talking about nuclear option now

Selling insurance across state lines has already been tried...and it failed

Senate paralyzed on what to do about Guantanamo

In response to Young Conservatives of Texas’ “Catch an Illegal Immigrant” event.

Welcome to the Republicans' "Whine Fest 2014"

Is Harry going to do it?

Whoa! Sounds like Harry is ready to pull the nuclear trigger on filibusters:

Wah hooooo! Going nuclear!

Green groups stage walk-out at UN climate talks

Hotdigitty Harry!

Unbelievable! Jindal: Republicans must shed image as 'party of no', shun Tea Party line.

Just a reminder as to why Rob Ford is actually dangerous (it's not the crack!):

Dan Dierdorf to retire from broadcasting after 2013 season

Reid goes NUCLEAR!!!

President Obama's Handwritten Tribute to the Gettysburg Address

"Now I know what a giant schnoz is for." Please come CAPTION ol' Snow-Nose, rethug Trey Radel!

A Boeing Dreamlifter landed at the wrong airport in Kansas:

WATCH LIVE: Reid Proposes Filibuster Reform On Senate Floor


A Red Cross and Red Crescent call to action on nuclear weapons

Fiddling while the world burns (and drowns, and thirsts, and starves and .......)

Becoming A Feminist

Unbelievable: Each scene in this video is made from one still photo

Listening To CNN On The Filibuster Issue And It Sounds Like They Are....

Florida's Scott Starts Reelection Year 7 Points Down, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds

Reid finally grows a pair - Senate will end GOP filibuster obstruction of nominees

Just a reminder as to why Rob Ford is actually dangerous (it's not the crack!):

How Wall Street — not pensioners — wrecked Detroit

No Vimeo thumbnails on front page?

9 Things You May Not Know About the Warren Commission

Liz Cheney Praises Joe Lieberman For Sticking To 'Courage Of His Convictions'

Lily Allen - "F*ck You"

"Well, Your Honor,. . . ." Please come CAPTION George Zimmerman!!!

Latest Judicial nomination fails by three votes...I think the fuse is about the be lit.....

Why Old Men Don't Get Hired

Defying G.O.P. on Nominees, Reid Moves to Limit Filibuster

CEO Jamie Dimon to FDIC: JPMorgan Chase’s fight over Washington Mutual is far from over

No More Filibuster - Sometimes it seems the USA has just one problem, Republicans

Reid goes Nuclear

READ: Harry Reid's Full Speech Calling For Filibuster Reform

Joe full of himself-

Submitted without comment:

WATCH: Harry Reid's Full Speech Calling For Filibuster Reform

We Haven’t Won Yet on Export Control Reforms

Jeebus! Read what these San Jose State students did to their black roommate:


The iPhone Goes To War: Army Explores Shift From To Commercial Networks

Help With Defaulted Student Loans

TYT: Did Toys R Us Just Make an Anti Science Education Ad?

What happens to all those folks with no insurance...?

UK police: 3 women held for 30 years

The G.O.P.’s Health Reform Playbook or why the GOP does not want to get rid of ACA now

Mayfield Heights -based PSC Metals may dump company-paid health insurance, push workers to Obamacare

Man skis for his 100th birthday

Auto-trash by Keyword question

Millett nomination blocked again...anyone have a match?

OK National Guard: my friend just won the Internet

Tim Scott:Lindsey Graham is on his own

I Killed Andrew Breitbart - Chris Faraone Discusses His New Book

Gift Ideas for Teenage Nieces and Nephews? Please share!

How much of today's homophobia is a rehash of the Satanic Ritual Abuse Panic of the 80's?

Just Curious - What Does Hillary Think About This Filibuster Issue?.....

Filibuster reform change starting now

my libertarian-leaning republican friends answer to foodstamps

Congressman Clyburn was interviewed this morning saying another Government shutdown looms

How to See Comet ISON This Week -- Nov. 18-24

McConnell unleashes torrent of lies in response to Reid's nuclear threat

If Nuclear Option prevails, get ready...

DAMN!! Big Ed's out again on radio

Pic Of The Moment: House Republicans Declare War On... Reduced Spending And New Jobs?

Senate actually voting NOW on changing filibuster rules.....C-Span 2

San Jose State students accused of tormenting black roommate are charged with hate crimes

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Gracias a la vida

Does reforming the filibuster remove a Senator's right to put a hold on any nomination.

Leaf Time

Feds Owe Ongoing Notice to Drug Test Subjects

Levin, Manchin, Pryor voted against filibuster reform

Jennifer Lawrence is a Lounger.

168 filibusters of nominees in our history. HALF of them have occurred during Obama years!

Monty Python announces greatest hits reunion show

Did you see Elizabeth Warren on Rachel Maddow campaigning to increase Social Security benefits?

I consider myself a geography buff, and this still was really hard.

Which state is worse - Colombia or Venezuela?

Anyone know what exactly they are voting on now?

Teen spends 3 years in infamous New York jail without ever being convicted

OH MAN!!! Mike Pap is ripping Harry Reid a new asshole

Atheist church movement the Sunday Assembly holds first Adelaide gathering on Wednesday

McConnell pulls another fast one...

Jailbreak a phone, go to jail: Copyright law, the TPP way

The Filibuster rules change has passed

Radel pleads guilty to cocaine possession, taking leave

Charles Manson: Gettin’ hitched in the pokey?

Lift high the cross

Secular Talk: How To Sneak Christianity Into Public Schools!

NYTimes: Rodriguez Isn’t the Only One Who’s Had Enough

For those of you playing at's what just happened.

Secular Talk: Energy Secretary Told To Shut Up About Global Warming

Secular Talk: Glenn Beck Compares Occupy Wall St. To Neo Nazis

Home of North Dakota white supremacist defaced by graffiti after revelations about his ‘African’ DNA

Senate goes 'nuclear,' Democrats approve changes to filibuster rules

So Far, Obamacare Has Taken Only A Modest Hit In The Polls

Meet the woman who would deny spousal benefits to all, so gays can't have them...

McCain: "For the last 2 weeks, I have reached out to the Democrats,

One arrested, $3 million in drugs seized in pot busts

David Axelrod Tweet - We interrupt the handwringing in DC for this bulletin:

Orange slug or a clementine?

Survivor Blood v. Water Episode 10 thread - No spoilers on future episodes please

Senate GOP blows itself up. What the hell were they thinking?

THIS is why passing the nuclear option is so important:

The reality of life on food stamps

Ohio House advances broad 'stand your ground' bill

Question submitted by Tuesday Afternoon

Will and can the rules change in the senate be appealed in federal court.

Smart tvs--apps only or web browser, that is the question.

The problems with do have one thing in common with Hurricane Katrina....

Kennedy Cousin Michael Skakel Granted Bail As He Awaits New Murder Trial

Secular Talk: Donald Trump: Obamacare Website Cost 'Over $1 Billion'

And this guy calls himself a Democrat??

Secular Talk: MSNBC Host Dominates Minimum Wage Debate

Carl Levin of Michigan, Joe Manchin III of West Virginia, and Mark Pryor of Arkansas

The 3 Dems who voted against the Nuke--

Toon: Why don'cha try pullin' yerself up by yer bootstraps?

I wonder how it's going over in freeperland

Republicans finally get the kick in the wedding tackle that they have deserved for so long.

Alabama grants pardons in 1931 Scottsboro Boys rape case

Seattle City Councilmember-elect shares radical idea with Boeing workers

Big price reduction at Toys R Us!

Dumb Criminals: Man Charged With Driving BMW Down Steps Of Philadelphia Museum Of Art

Toon: Walmart heirs and Walmart employees.

Muslim Brotherhood 'stole' Egypt's revolution: Kerry

Sen. Reid: 20 of 23 District Ct nominees blocked in last 4 years by Republicans.

Three women rescued from 'slavery' after 30 years in London home - police

New healthcare law can work by using smart conservative fixes (barf alert!)

Is "Obamacare collapse" Obama's Katrina... or the Right's Fitzmas?

Watch for these proposed conservative "fixes" to Obamacare

Huge events happening in the Senate, so of course...

Somali woman and journalist arrested for reporting rape

Three Cheers for Harry Reid and the Senate Dems

Free today. Kindle book about quitting smoking.

Continuing the "tit for tat" in the Senate.

China's top court bans police from torturing suspects


Has anyone else had to do this?

Young Stars Paint Spectacular Stellar Landscape

Federer, Murray, Berdych Named Among GQ's Most Stylish

The GOP approved CPR procedure...

Investors: AT&T and Verizon must say how much customer data goes to NSA

Prawer: Response to Right Wing

Florida in secret talks to accept funding for Medicaid from Affordable Care Act

New health plans sold through exchanges not accepted at some prestigious NYC hospitals -

Alabama pardons Scottsboro Boys after 82 years

Compared to the far-right tea party moderate Republicans look like liberals....

NY to invest $12M to fix Whiteface Mt. highway

Secular Talk: Kook Chaplain: Gay Couples Lust After Their Kids

Reverend Billy Faces Up To A Year In Prison For Protesting JP Morgan Chase

*POTUS coming up in WH briefing room shortly,

The rare mental health fixers

How Often Do You DURec Posts?

State trooper dies during training at Letchworth State Park

Green groups walk out of UN climate talks

Florida Tea Party Darling-Republican congressman Trey Radel, What's the problem?

Bravo Senator Reid. Today lots of folks all over the net will now get to see it and believe it :)

Judge in Colorado theatre shootings indefinitely postpones trial while more psych tests eyed

FEMA funds canal flood warning system for installation of precipitation gauges

well, this is a lovely little cold snap

Reid: Senate GOPer Approached Me With A Deal On Filibuster

Stewart Tackles 'Hip Hop Conservative Trey Radel: Finally, a Non-Rob Ford Drug Story!

Bill Richardson in touch with North Korea over detained American

61% of Americans Still Believe JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theory

Foreign Minister: Israel Needs To Seek Allies Other Than US

Tea Partier Busted for Cocaine Voted to Require Drug Tests for Food Stamps

Mochi, Mochi, Mochi!!!

WP Tea party has roots in the Dallas of 1963. Note hatred of Kennedy by fringe groups.

Feds raid Denver-area marijuana dispensaries and grow operations. WTF???

Mochi, Mochi, Mochi!!!

I hope they vote in the President's judicial nominees at a break neck pace.

Papantonio: Subsidizing The Rich at the Expense of the Poor

Mama Great Dane looks EXHAUSTED!!!

If one person has an imaginary friend, he's crazy...

Ed nailed this one yesterday...

GOP senators on filibustering appointees...

Car bomb in northern Iraq kills 25

Sustainable Economics

In the real tally of violence, Palestinians have it much worse.

Stores refusing to open Thanksgiving Day: TJ Maxx. BJ's, Costco, Home Depot, Dilliards, Marshall's

McConnell: For going nuclear before he was against it

People Are ALREADY Camping Out For Black Friday Sales (Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio)

Manhattan subway station robbery suspect arrested

Indianapolis Man Loses Pants During Carjacking

Reid Remarks 'on the Senate floor' On Changing The Senate Rules

Just because there can't be enough threads about it... HELLLLLL YEEEEAAAAH HARRY!

Senator John McCain (R - I Just Pooped) said the Democrats will pay a "heavy, heavy price..."

Cornyn and Cruz called to nominate fed judges

New York Supreme Court rejects 'too intoxicated' murder defense

JFK Conference: Mark Lane Addressed the Secret Government’s Role in the Assassination

Wisconsin: BBC names Madison one of the top 5 university towns in the WORLD

OK ... NOW I believe it.

In Honor of Harry Reid and the Demise of the Filibuster:

Are you for or against the senate rule change making it easier to confirm Presidential appointees?

Celebration time!

look at the graph next to harry reid. politics as usual???? hell no.

Reid: If McConnell Wants To Kill The Filibuster, 'Let Him Do It'

Found this little parable in my Dad's computer

Are you for getting rid of (or reducing the threshold for) filibusters altogether?

Lamar Alexander was a horrible Tennessee Governor. He moved to Australia for a while

Hot off the press ... Florida secret talks to accept Medicaid funding from ACA

Bachelet's Chile reforms a step closer as senator hints at support

Video of Harry Reid from eariler today

DEA: Alarming rise in prescription pills, heroin, meth use

Card of the Day: The Emperor

Levin's lament very unsettling to me

I am so scared ... the FBI apparently has issued a warrant out for my arrest unless I

Baltimore County teachers file grievance over workload from Common Core

Completely unbiased headline: "Dems Overturn Decades of Senate Precedent"

Chiquita loses suit to stop release of Colombia records

Chiquita loses suit to stop release of Colombia records

Bishop Exorcises 'Infernal Enemy' Responsible for Marriage Equality

Three Democratic Senators sided with Republicans to vote against the rules change-Levin among them.

G.O.P. Maps Out Waves of Attacks Over Health Law.

i'm going home for Thanksgiving!

A word of caution for folks who think they can order food in a restaurant and leave without paying

Why America can't get enough Rob Ford

Ask Amy: Her response is spot on....

Ok, I'm taking one for the team and listening to Sean Insanity.

A little over 3 years... Space the nominations out in equal time sequences...

Visualization, meditation, and pathworking


WTF is this?

Rapid response for Herring, from McAuliffe

"Filibuster" is an old Dutch word for "Free-booter or Pirate."

JUST SAY NO!! Police Ask Random Drivers For Saliva, Breath, Blood Samples

Possible 'Active Shooter' Reported at a North Carolina University.

I apologize for the evil I have unleashed upon the world.

NC Central University on lockdown. Witness reported hearing shots.update- Man arrested

The Knock Out Game *Warning Graphic Images*

Abby Huntsman

My take on JFK Conspiracy Theories and Theorists.

No promises from Cover Oregon director about new deadline

Utah Attorney General Expected To Resign Over Investigations (Update: he has resigned)

"Zombie Scientific Materialist Ghouls will fight to feast on my Soul Cadaver." - Sylvia B.

"Why did Harry Reid go nuclear? Here's why, in one image"

For the record, I STILL do not support the "Nuclear Option".

Jameis Winston Isn't The Only Problem Here: An FSU Teacher's Lament

Fuel rod removal: Fukushima’s most dangerous operation yields first successes

Social Security Expansion becomes mainstream!

Tea Partiers Continue to Disrespect Women and Latinos, Call Senator Van de Putte "Barrio Boopsie"

Fall Chocolate Tart

New Life for Todd Staples (Or, Bad News for David Dewhurst)

Republicans have already found a way to F*CK up judicial nominees !!!!!!!!!!

Ford Nation stands by its man. No. Matter. What.

horseradish recipe

Wages down on the farm

Wright's secret $90,000 cheque to Duffy broke the law, RCMP allege

Dallas' Most Tabloid-Worthy Hedge Fund Wants it Known: Its President Owned His Wife in Court

I would rather Reid and the Dems had forced filibusters to involve old-fashioned non-stop talking

Historic Headlines if Buzzfeed was around during the 20th Century

Kinky Friedman Is Running on Pot

Republicans have already found a way to F*CK up the judicial nominees !!!!!!!!!!

Sanders Statement on Majority Rule in the Senate

Rand Paul: Harry Reid Is A 'Big Bully'

Americans Want Improved Social Security and Medicare and Less Military Spending

FEC Denies Tea Party Group Contribution Disclosure Exemption

Dow Closes Above 16000

The Hunger Games Are Real

Secular Talk: London Mayor: Rich People Are Oppressed

Democrats finally give Harry Reid the votes he needed to let Barack Obama be president

Why the Democrats made the right vote with the filibuster rule?

"Knockout game" violence leads to call for law

I just bought our Christmas present...Organic grass fed beef.

Homelessness drops for third straight year

The Divided Brain

When We Lose Antibiotics, Here’s Everything Else We’ll Lose Too

The Playground Atheist Looks Back

Well that didn't take long. Cloture invoked on nominee Patricia Millett 55-43!

I saw something that scared me yesterday.

Central Colombia ex-mayor arrested for assassinating predecessor

President Obama's statement on Senate filibuster reform vote

Saudi religious police arrest two men for giving out ‘free hugs’

Reid (and Senate) Appreciation Thread

If you don't want to be referred to as Teabaggers.........

Bullied boy with ADHD brings it on himself, classmate’s father says

"Adam Levine Is the Sexiest Man Alive -- But Who Should Have Won?"

Alright damn it! Who bought all the Kroger 10 for $10 cheeseburger Mac?!?

Sweet Jesus! What Is It?! (Oldie But Goodie)

Toon: Making a Point

Gamma-ray burst brightest ever seen

Chilean Student Leader Backs Bachelet's Reform

Costoc Labels the Bible As Fiction In This Store. Pastor Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Shrine Dedicated to God of Death Unearthed in Mexico

Looking to join a fun club? For $25/month you can join Gilberton PA's Mark Kessler's militia.

‘Birther’ website: New violence charges against Zimmerman are liberal media plot

Civitas Institute demands emails, phone records of UNC anti-poverty crusader

Stock market!

"Fuck Harry Reid."

The off-the-deep-end story of the day!

Still one of the funniest kitten videos ever.

Hate crimes charges after students fasten bike lock around black roommate’s neck and call him ‘Three

The First Four Women to Pass Marine Infantry Training Took This Selfie

School officials threatened to be ‘lined up and shot’ after Fox News ‘misreporting’

Bishop Paprocki stages exorcism as gay marriage becomes law in Illinois: ‘Be gone Satan’

Bolivia's leader decrees special Christmas bonus for state agency workers

DUers working to flip a House / Senate seat. How's it going? How can we help?

Thanksgiving Classic - - Johnny or Arlo?

Requests for pardons drop in wake of changes

Excellent zinger on Costco book placement.

The gateway drug

Jumbo jet mistakenly lands at small Kansas airport

Jury orders Samsung to pay Apple $290 million

Man dies trying escape road rage incident in Pasadena (Texas)

PennDOT explains gas taxes from the new Transportation Funding Bill

Freeper Filibuster Reactions

A&M study of 24,000-year-old bones finds Native Americans' European ancestry

Senate goes 'nuclear,' Democrats approve changes to filibuster rules -

Utah attorney general announces resignation

Hate crimes charges after students fasten bike lock around black roommate’s neck and call him ‘3/5'

Wisconsin: Working the Refs

6,000 Arizona child abuse reports not investigated

Spaghetti: the GOP healthcare plan

American Choices Around Death Differ By Religion And Race, Survey

This 56 year old Man--err me--will never see a Republican Senate Majority for the rest of my life.

Navy suspends captain amid bribery scheme probe

Is today's rule change in anticipation of or in reaction to upcoming Supreme Court argument?

Now you can own the Red Sox's beard balls

The phrase of the day is "beard balls". Replace any word in a thread with "beard balls".

Shocking- London slaves freed: three women walk out of house after 30 years' captivity

Oregon man arrested in bombing at DA's office

Joshua Tree Time-Lapse Video Hopes To Help Save A Southern California Treasure

Cypriot university to accept Bitcoin payments

Reid: Senate GOPer Approached Me With A Deal On Filibuster

Psst ... teh ketteh is awake

LG looking into claim smart TVs grab user data

Most embarrassing Ford

Thom Hartmann: Carbon Taxes Shifts us From Polluting to Non-Polluting

New health plans sold through exchanges not accepted at some prestigious NYC hospitals

Thom Hartmann: Why There will be a Crash of 2016

Famous Phone Number in the Panhandle 867-5309

Do you really think the GOP was going to preserve the filibuster if they got back into power?

Greg Abbott Continues to Avoid Qualifying His Support For The DREAM Act

Dear Harry Reid

Nicholas Winton

It would be nice if all of the DUers who previously labeled Harry Reid, "spineless", "a wimp" ...

Yes, Harry, because in the words of the Tea Party

Forget the cocaine, the GOP is addicted to hubris.

"Column: Why Rob Ford is dangerous"


Court tells state to explain why 'racist' rabbis not prosecuted

CNN Doubles Down on Pro-Nuclear Bias Answers petitions, critics, with more slanted commentary

Filubuster Crack Whore adicts forced to go cold turkey

"Never read the comments"

We. Was. Right.

Three people found dead in Pleasant Valley

Saudi Arabia man arrested for giving out free hugs.

Off duty cop carjacked in Brooklyn

For my fellow foodies: Bon Appetit's "Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes with Bacon Sesame Brittle"

Speaker Boehner's office confirms he has successfully enrolled in Obamacare, 45 mins.

"Charlie Brown just said 'fuck it' and kicked Lucy."

Fox News Pundit Says End Of Judicial Filibuster Could Lead To ‘Military Coup’

Google Middle-Earth

In The History of The USA 168 Presidential Nominees Have Been Filibustered-Almost 1/2 Under PBO

Republicans say that the Filibuster is GOOD FOR AMERICA and HOW THINGS ARE SUPPOSED TO WORK, right?

Mitch McConnell responds to Reid with a huge bomb

Apparently we are all wrong about Republican treatment of Obama.

The people will like that the Democrats are trying to do something...

Digital Museum

"If I truly am innocent, as I claim I am..."

Attacks Around US Probed For Link To Knockout Game

President Barack Obama: Worst Socialist Ever

Well, he printed it after all.

Senate Republicans Block $625B Defense Bill Over Democratic Tactic Limiting Amendments

Floridians overwhelmingly support medical use of marijuana: poll

More Drivers Positive For Pot In Washington State

Great news! @FamiliesUSA report shows 71% of Americans in individual market will get help paying for

Odds of the truth coming out tomorrow about JFK on 50th Anniversary?

Need advice on new desktop

The DC Circuit Court will now be Democratic/moderate

I finally got a Costco card

Nearly 80,000 Californians sign up for Obamacare plans

A Pair of Helping Hands Under the Golden Gate Bridge

Enough is Enough....

If you're in need of a laugh this fine Thursday, Chris Daughtry sings "The Ballad Of Rob Ford"

U.S. regulators to consider in-flight calls, text messaging

Wisconsin: Sen. Vinehout ~ Affordable Health Care: No One Should Fall Through the Cracks

Al Gore praises (Ontario Premier) Kathleen Wynne’s plan to outlaw coal-burning for electricity

Why did Harry Reid go nuclear? Here's why, in one image

George Zimmerman's Estranged Wife: He's 'Like A Ticking Time Bomb'

Doctors are concerned about pay scales under health care law

Poll Fishing: How Today’s Media Distorts Data to Drive Ratings

So Chuck Todd thinks Clarence Thomas sucks?

More than a quarter of civilians shot by HPD in 5 years had no weapon

Two unions for prison guards, teachers fail certification elections

Boehner Successfully Enrolls In Obamacare Only 45 Minutes After He Blogs About Frustrating Exchange