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Rescuers save beached Greenland shark with an appetite for … moose?

Enhancement Suggestion: The little right-arrow on thread listings that indicate new posts

Tired Teachers - What TN teachers really think about new evaluations

Pennsylvania court may hear gay marriage ban challenge in June

Amazing art: Mesoamérica Resiste! created by the Beehive Collective

CARTA: The Genetics of Humanness: The Neanderthal and denisovans

For a Special ...?

Card of the Day: The Hierophant

How To Get A Job At Fox Business

Have you been involved in a road rage incident?

Wind energy company pleads guilty to eagle deaths

Song for the night: The Byrds - He Was A Friend Of Mine

Gnight, DU!

David Brooks in typical form this evening (NPR)

Olivia Robertson, a founder of the Fellowship of Isis past away last week. Here is her obituary

If canceled, not even 1% will pay more for Obamacare: Study

Rob Ford remains popular as Toronto mayor despite crack scandal

My lemon laptop's broken and looking for a new PC

Moms Mabley singing "Abraham, Martin & John"

Blood Coltan - Remote-Controlled Warfare and the Demand for Strategic Minerals

The last speech:

BART traces foul-up to botched software upgrade

Adam Lanza was a "lone nut with a gun"

Weekend music to chill by....Oscar Peterson Edition!

How many of you have visited JFK's grave site in Arlington?

"Ancient Aliens" has got to be the funniest show on TV!

North Carolina Christian school orders families to sign anti-LGBT ‘Biblical Morality’ pledge

What's an objective assessment of the benefits and harms of religion overall, in your view?

Modern humans may have interbred with Neanderthals and Denisovans

NSA bulk data collection violates constitutional rights, ACLU argues

I wish we all could join their plan!-->>Vermont implements single-payer

Jose Canseco pulled over with goats wearing diapers in the back of his car

'The Return of the New Democrats' by Al From with a forward by Bill Clinton

Washington State GOP chair claims ‘war on women’ responsible for pay-reduction

Sergeant Schultz kitteh!

Douglas Todd: My favourite atheist

A friend asked me to share this: Heirloom Seed Companies

Religious groups rally around U.N. climate talks in Warsaw

Thanks so much MSNBC and Chris Matthews for including Donald Trump on your special

Just because I feel like it: A little CCR for a Friday night.

Justice Coalition for Slain Andy Lopez Founded

Queered Science: Historic Women Pioneers

Squatty Wanker, Uninteresting, unintelligible, untruthful

Breaking... Iron Mountain workers made famous by leaked audio vote to unionize 14-10!!

For those cooking a turkey for the first time....

Help !

Protest marchers demand charges against deputy in Andy Lopez shooting death

Some interesting developments...

That was The President (Phil Ochs)

Wanna blow something up?

Militia nut openly calls for Obama`s assassination on Facebook

Consult this over the next few weeks to avoid stress.

History of Abortion and Contraception Law in America. Not what the RW tells you.

Veto Veto Veto

Where were you when you heard Ronald Reagan was shot?

Drunk driver who killed woman, had license revoked, charged again with DUI

Rick Steves offers to match $100 donations to Bread for the World

will Tom Brokaw ask George HW Bush where he was on 11/22/63?

when I think of the pain of Dan Snyder as the owner of my hometown team, I find some comfort

Why is it so important for some people that the Kennedy assassination

How annoying is Fox "News"?

Rick Steves offers to match $100 donations to Bread for the World

University of California Workers Strike Against Harassment

I found this video of a wood burning fire, enjoy on this cold night.

Rush Limbaugh: Filibuster reform is like rape

Kansas City Laborers File Lawsuit on Behalf of Spurned Non-Union Workers

Coalition of Unions Backing Pittsburgh Casino Workers’ Right to Organize

The transformation of the Democratic Party.

How common is FOX News on TVs at businesses in your area??

Did Michele Bachmann REALLY Say THIS?

Watching The Kennedy Brothers on MSNBC. MAN I miss Teddy.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Fridaze & a new Kitteh gif

I want ONE lousy post this week that doesn't sink like a rock.

I was 10. It was a Friday.

Did I make the right choice in boycotting GD today?

Going over some quotes with Will Shakespeare. Ask us anything.

~\\// - "The 5" and my daughter --- today

People tend to forget ... JFK was the grassy knoll shooter ...

The U.S. Health Care System Is Terrible, In 1 Enraging Chart

WaPo: States see surge in Obamacare enrollments

People! I'm telling you. It was Onassis.

12/7/41, 4/12/45, 5/8/45, 8/15/45, 9/11/01, today

Tumbleweed Tiny House

JFK: In his own words---on HBO tonight--- just awesome.

"JFK -- the smoking gun" on Reelz tv.

John Cleese Carefully Considers Your Futile Comments

Friday Talking Points (283) -- Harry Reid's Explosive Week

Phil Ochs-Crucifixion(first live performance)

Those who demand that everyone "just ACCEPT that Oswald did it"...

"Kennedy is said to have spent some of the happiest times of is life on the Honey Fitz."

I will now play an appropriate song:

I must say that the Kennedy Conspiracy theories are the most fascinating of my lifetime.

Tea Party group must disclose donors, Federal Election Commission rules

JFK was a cowboy in So. Az.

Walmart executive says employees are excited to work on Thanksgiving

"Heat Your Room with 1 Candle plus Flowerpots, Nuts and Washers" (Permaculture Magazine)

Today and in decades to come...

Top ten findings of the Acts Seminar (Westar) Neil Godfrey..........

"I am the man who accompanied Jacqueline Kennedy to Paris . . ."

I loathe car company commercials at Christmas.

need some help here--are any of you familiar with a religious system called "axion", supposedly

Wind energy company pleads guilty to eagle deaths

How Poverty Impacts Students' Test Scores, In 4 Graphs

MFM hasn't really been in hospital. He's in Japan training the MFM Dancers.

Anniversary of JFK death brings sadness, solemnity

Web inventor: Surveillance threatens democracy

I'm looking for the episode of "Nash Bridges" in which Tommy Chong and Philip Michael Thomas appear

Florida police accused of racial profiling after stopping man 258 times

Noah's Ark - Nov. 22, 1963

Ashton Kutcher vs. Wal-Mart: Epic Twitter clash rages over poverty wages

"I am the man who accompanied Jacqueline Kennedy to Paris . . ."

Kennedy Assassination Theories Include American Government

Fighting Obamacare: The South’s New Lost Cause

Texas GOP Lawmaker Charged With Felony In Airport Gun Incident

Sor Juana Inez de la Cruz

Obama Vets Eye New York Races With New Advertising Bid

I was just a 9 year old Montana kid When JFK was assassinated

MTA Reaches Milestone On Second Avenue Subway Line

Bravo Dan Savage - on Bill Maher

Whoops! Obamacare turns out to be great deal personally for Boehner

Sunnyvale (Calif.) Prepares for Legal Battle Against NRA

"Minnesota's Freeman family watched historic tragedy unfold from up close"

Two Rare Amur Leopards Join Staten Island Zoo

Right-wing “family expert”: Treating husbands and wives as equals is unchristian

Mebbe we oughta revisit the never-solved murder of Lizzie Borden's parents

Fla. poll: Hillary Clinton beats Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio

New iP1 Pistol May Trigger Old Gun Law in New Jersey (WSJ)

Go Slowly - Radiohead

Sen. Jeff Merkley on MSNBC = Filibuster Rules Change Victory

U.S. Retailers Decline to Aid Factory Victims in Bangladesh.

In this day and age: Could a secret that would ROCK THE WORLD be kept? In the U.S.A.?

What is going on with you tube google?

People are always asking me "Where were you when Kennedy was killed?"

Hmm, how many Kennedy CT threads will I have trashed by Monday?

The next critical activist campaign...

Don't blame Dallas; Don't blame Texas (for JFK assassinatin)

Switzerland does it. Why can't we?????

Conservatives overestimate support, liberals underestimate

Someone on FB referred to Obama voters as "noneducated, non working leaches" (sic)

JFK: A Conspiracy Theory

JFK rumor: I have heard this a couple time and I figure I ask if this was true: George HW Bush

Planned Parenthood’s Austin clinic resumes abortions

U.S. concerned about Nicaragua plan to end presidential term limits

Paul Ryan: Poor People Need Jesus, Not Food Stamps

A question about JFK that's more important than who killed him.

Abraham, Martin, and John

11 Democratic U.S. Senators protest NRC's new restrictions on transparency and accountability to Con

Texas Board of Education holds up biology book over evolution debate

Air Force Academy used to send gay cadets to Ted Haggard to be `cured`

Just watched a Nova on PBS re:JFK (sponsored by Koch and Boeing)

Unbelievable...Time Warner and Comcast may merge....One Big Monopoly

"New breed of Senate Democrats drove filibuster change"

Abraham. Martin, John & Bobby

Reelz tv will be rerunning

Obama's first post-nuclear option judge is a union buster

GOP following a scripted plan to attack

What's for Dinner? ~ Saturday Nov 23rd

Report Says Very Few Applications From People With 9/11 Related Health Problems Processed So Far

Pornography, especially violent variants, furthers rape culture...

I paid my star membership! Get rid of these ADS!!!

Medieval Land - Fun Time World (A Bad Lip Reading of Game of Thrones)

How far John Derbyshire and National Review have fallen

Deceased rock stars pictures: How they would look if they were alive today

Education commissioner’s emails create flap in Missouri

Police: Alleged pot-smoking ghost hunters burn down Louisiana plantation

I really can't imagine what Jackie was going through when JFK was shot.

Just for once can't they visit Rainier Valley, or Kent?

Brooklyn shooting leaves teenage girl injured

JFK with a young Nancy Pelosi

Really? You wonder why there is no evidence?

I just received my 23andMe results.

Honduran elections could turn out to be a box of surprises

One question about the motorcade

For JFK: Simon & Garfunkel - "The Sounds of Silence"

St. David’s (HCA), Blue Cross unable to agree on contract; millions of policyholders may be affected

Healing Bobby

Made a cake in 2 minutes again...

In 1963, Dallas was Tea Party Central

China says Iran nuclear talks in 'final moment'; Kerry due in Geneva

RIP Mavis Bately - cryptographer at Bletchley Park

Hatred of Catholics led some to cheer JFK's assassination: Jarvis DeBerry

ACLU asks court to end NSA surveillance program that collects phone call data

N.S.A. Report Outlined Goals for More Power

Greenpeace journalist Kieron Bryan discusses prison 'shock'

The Hardest Organizing Job In Labor

Fidel Castro insists that cabal within the U.S. government killed Kennedy

The Difference Between Republican and Democratic Brains

Anyone pick up "Super Mario 3D World" and or "Zelda a Link Between Worlds"?

Switzerland Prepares To Vote On An Incredibly Radical Plan To Fight Inequality- Is There Any Swiss ?

West braces for more stormy weather

My sincere attempt to help Rush Limbaug

‘Trouble Don’t Last Always’

Afghanistan rebuffs U.S. demand to sign security pact

Vermont is the most successful state in signing up for the ACA

N.S.A. Report Outlined Goals for More Power

Hundreds of thousands evacuated as Cyclone Helen hits India

7 Signs the National Outcry Against Walmart Will Lead to Big Changes

End the 1 Percent’s Free Ride: Taxing Land Would Solve America’s Biggest Problems

Healthcare Is So Horrible Here that Thousands Rely on Free Clinics—

Is Saudi Arabia Heading for a Shift in Foreign Policy?

First U.S. pot stores will open Jan. 1; Central City, Colo., gets first license

Government loses $139M on loan to electric car maker

Digging in: Why US won't leave Afghanistan

"I Never Thought I'd Be Working In My 70s": Three Distressing Retirement Stories

Fracking-Friendly Bills Flourish as Industry Donations Skyrocket

Americans Should Be Living Longer [CHARTS]

EXPERT: Internet For Our Kids To Be 'Fundamentally Less Awesome'

Quick, I need to know how to stop an extradition from Guatemala

Despite US Opposition, UN Pushes Forward Surveillance Bill of Rights

TCM Schedule for Saturday, November 23, 2013 -- The Essentials: First Features

TCM Schedule for Sunday, November 24, 2013 -- Tonight on TCM: James Garner

The Real News: Vietnam and the Legacy of the JFK Presidency - Peter Kuznick. Interesting

Watch out!

Multi-Millionaire CEOs Hatch Plans to Cut Social Security While Compiling Massive Nest Eggs of Their

The JPMorgan Settlement Is A Scam!

The Pentagon Unveils Its First Strategy For The Arctic

TPP Protestors to Foreign Negotiators: "Don't Let U.S. Bully You"

Erick Gelhaus - shooter of 13yr old Andy Lopez - ties to BLACKWATER SECURITY

What a Labor Leader Said in Response to a Social Security Lie

result of the war on drugs-'We're bloodthirsty … and like to kill'

JFK: A Conspiracy Theory

US and UK struck secret deal to allow NSA to 'unmask' Britons' personal data

Buckminster Fuller Best Interview

Harry Reid has always baffled me.

US Spent Billions on Afghan Projects That Will Fall Apart When We Leave

Who Does Your Physician Work For?

One Fan's YouTube Dance Pushes Bon Jovi Classic Back Onto Hot 100.

Unicorns are Real

Spanish Government trying to outlaw peaceful protest

do people notice food labels?

FDA: Anti-smoking drug Chantix linked to more than 500 suicides

FDA: Anti-smoking drug Chantix linked to more than 500 suicides

Paul Krugman: Expanding Social Security

Blow by Blow: 10 Politicians Linked to Cocaine

Colorado Medical Marijuana Raids Show Industry Still Risky

San Diego Atheist Group Looks To Spread Non-Belief

Would you support higher fine for rich people who breaks the same rule like poor people?

Consenting Muslims in America

President Obama slams 'reckless few' on economic recovery

Author Henry Giroux tells Bill Moyers: Modern politics turns people into ‘the walking dead’

Shatel: Day after 1963 tragedy, NU-OU played after Bobby Kennedy’s OK

How Catholic was John F. Kennedy?

Snoring duckling

China establishes 'air-defence zone' over East China Sea

Breaking: Federal District Court Declares A Religious Income Tax Exemption Unconstitutional

Why America Got The Sequester It Deserves

Why don't pro-lifers celebrate the date of their conception?

Ball point pen draws electrical circuits.

Pentagon’s bosses thwart accurate audit of DOD’s main accounting office

Dan Savage & Bill Maher: Cheneys need a Dick to settle a feud between a lesbian and her straight sis

Race Relations and the Thermostat

Happy Birthday R. L. Burnside

"Common sense is for common people!" . . . Please come CAPTION Ted Cruz!!!!

Military spending defies efforts to track it

Finally! SHREDDIES!!!

botanic garden

DoD seeks plan to shut all U.S. commissaries

vibes needed for Willie Nelson's band ** Update**

Free - just reach out and grab one

Pixar lays off up to 5 percent on 'Dinosaur' delay

One of the best perc from being the Treasurer of the County Democratic Party

Concerns Raised About Overlapping Autism Research

2 priests found guilty of sex abuse by archdiocese unlikely to face criminal charges

Little boys that could teach men how to treat one another. (warning for awesomeness)

has everyone seen the google doodle for today? interactive video honouring dr. who's 50th

The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2013 is…

The only assasination attempt on a modern day Repub Pres would have benefitted whom?

Are MSNBC commentators getting too shrill? Also having different sounds levels

"Arthur Newman" Interesting road flick.

LA Times: The "Elizabeth Warren Wing" of The Democratic Party On The Ascendancy

Duke lacrosse accuser Crystal Mangum found guilty of murder

Fran and Fred Smith (CEI) hassle cyclist for reporting van in bike lane

Pretty significant NYTimes piece on NSA written by James Risen

I Say we take up a collection and buy one

Oh, That Food Is Unsafe for Humans? Let’s Give it to Our Pets

And credit for the nuclear option goes to...............Dirty Bloggers

Photo: Sen. John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline, celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary

Buy American Mention of the Week, 11-23-13 (Telling Congress how to help U.S. economy)

Sherrod Brown: Support David Pepper

A Friend of our has his framed letter from President JFK from when he was in grade school

There is a crazy blonde woman on GMA (national TV)

fox news is not reporting this...

Cocaine Fever In Congress Just Shows The Drug War Must Go

At age 13, my grandfather went to work in the coal mines

Repost of young Clinton shaking JFK's hand photo

Happy Fiftieth Anniversary, Whovians!

Illinois Sen. Kirk. A Hawk on Iran

The Tea Party and Racism

Should we really give the whole country a pass on reason when it comes to JFK conspiracies?

Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the biggest hypocrite of all?

Afghanistan: The Occupation, Part II

MLB ballparks to use metal detectors in 2014

Jim Sterling: Top Ten PS4 and XBox One Games OF ALL TIME!

Weekend respite. Not all artists are in galleries.

BOYCOTT WAL*MART = Wal-Mart labor group promises 1,500 Black Friday protests next week

Seriously. I've never been THAT high.

U.S. District Court Judge Rules Religious Tax Exemption Unconstitutional

How do you handle it when FOX News is playing on TVs in businesses you frequent?

Wages Stagnate as U.S. Manufacturers Reap Record Profits

American laws not adequate to meet the needs of the N.S.A.

Scalfari Confesses: Pope’s Words in Interview May Not Have Been His Own

This Is Why Poor People's Bad Decisions Make Perfect Sense

ALEC's "Nuclear Option" to Kill the Affordable Care Act

In memory of JFK...

Disgusting racial incident in Grosse Point, Michigan

Brilliant, stunning, amazing, gorgeous, spectacular, and wonderful First Lady

Why Is Obama's Department of Labor Bringing On a Top McDonald's PR Person?

taterguy ... all lit up !!

TCM Schedule for Monday November 25- TCM Spotlight: The Story of Film

District Attorney in 13yr old Andy Lopez case up for Re-election

Find something to be happy about today (Sat 23, 2013)

Weekend Toons- Unleash the Senate!

An Atheist’s Telethon to Raise Money for a More Accessible Bible

Israel's military says Iran deal could ENHANCE regional stability - disagreeing with Netanyahu

Regarding allowing JFK conspiracy theories in GD

NASA wrote back

Catholic dioceses of Pittsburgh, Erie win injunction against Affordable Care Act

Three Obamacare Truths That the Republicans Ignore

Lol! Best Photobomb Ever:

Excellent article about Blackwater's history of involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Why the U.N. climate talks keep breaking down, in five simple charts

Week 8 Obamacare signups - 928,133 confirmed

Saturday, November 23rd. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Young men supporting a classmate with cancer. (Warning more awesomeness)

for those times when you find yourself in GD ...

Nearly 50% of all filibustered nominees were Obama's

Robert Newman - "History of Oil"... stand up comedy

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford more popular than Obama and U.S. Congress

Iraqi woman who worked as interpreter for US military joins the Marines

Cocaine bust derails fledgling GOP congressman

Frozen - looks like it will be a really cute Disney production ...

What is the youngest age at which it should be possible to sentence someone to life without parole?


LIVE RADIO NOW: Obamacare And Election 2014

The corporate media's MANUFACUTURED ACA "crisis".

Policies hamper students' return from mental health leave

In honor of all of the Kennedy CT threads these past few days......

Praying Mantis needs to get some tartar sauce....

Worst video for a great song?

How Feminism Hurts Men

Rich vs poor deadlock broken at U.N. climate talks

Source: Was there another shooter on the 4th floor of the Texas School Book Depository?

Great Cats Thanksgiving

How Republicans Fit The Classic Profile Of An Abuser

US Drone Protesters in Pakistan Block NATO Supply Route

Job openings, hiring reach 5-year highs

Newspaper deliveryman finds teddy bear bomb in North Carolina

Womanist Forefathers Fredrick Douglas and W.E.B. Du Bois

Scott Walker - Wisconsin (CREW)

Hard ball politics on the filibuster.

3 on Willie Nelson's band bus hurt in Texas wreck

Human Cheese, anyone?

Regarding that upcoming Bonnie and Clyde Mini Series to be shown "on three networks!"

Chemical in fries, chips and coffee prompts FDA advice

America is number one...and this is very bad news..

Wyoming Wind Farm Pleads Guilty to Eagle Deaths, Pays $1 Million.

The brilliant, stunning, amazing, gorgeous, and wonderful First Lady Michelle Obama in Ladies' Home

BART Boasts of $128 Million in Savings on Same Day it Spurns Workers' Family Leave

Republicans: The number one reason the rest of the world thinks we're deaf, dumb, and dangerous...

Ian McKellen offers life advice (including on Life & Death)

Marijuana with a side of ibuprofen: Buzz-killing Rx for Alzheimer's?

Remember when...

I knew there was a good reason not to elect her to the SF Board.

Toon: Facts vs Fox News

SNL Ghost Hunters Infrared Fart

The incompetent and reckless leadership of Mitch McConnell.

Cold, grey, got up at 5:45 for work, but at least came home to THIS (part 1)

NSA slapped malware on 50,000+ networks, says report


Maetreum of Cybele Win Tax Fight

'Jews Poisoned & Murdered Arafat Like They Did The Prophet Muhammad', Palestinian Minister Claims

First Lady Michelle Obama by Alexei Hay for Ladies Home Journal Dec 2013/Jan 2014

Cold, grey, got up at 5:45 for work but at least came home to THIS (part 2)

Observations by von Pragh on LI Medium

Scholars of Religion Gather for Annual Meeting

'Underdog" Rescued from Plunge into Open Pit Diamond Mine

Dr. Whoogle!

This is a difficult read... Depressing as hell.

Now You Know - Stuff I learned from grading essays: Impeachment

Euthanasia delay pays off.

Did you know a fourth season for a TV series started today?

Is it too early to talk Thanksgiving disasters?

What are you reading the week of November 24, 2013?

How to study in Germany (for a U.S. citizen)?

John F. Kennedy > Quotes > Quotable Quote

You thought Cookoo had crawled back under his rock, didn't you?

Does not believing the official story constitute a Conspiracy Theory?

If porn causes rape, does that mean Japan is awash in rapists?

Metadata: How govt can discover your health problems, political beliefs, and religious practices

Thom Hartmann: Everything U Know Is Wrong: Who Really Killed Kennedy?

Mom's in Canada have been thanking unions for this since 1921 (still none in USA!)

I hate to use the word anniversary, but soon it will be a year since

"Dark Side of the "Extraordinary Pierre Omidyar" --Micro-Finance/School Privatizing Neolib

Federal money for SunRail in jeopardy

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker contends Reagan fight with labor helped end Cold War

One last JFK poll just to prove or disprove a theory I have.

Shrewd or despicable?

Newsweek: Was Lara Logan's Husband Involved In 60 Minutes' Botched Benghazi Story?

Oh the IRONY: White supremacist's home defaced after revelations about his ‘African’ DNA

Federal District Court Declares A Religious Income Tax Exemption Unconstitutional

Truck crashes through gas station window...

The Insanity Files: Why I might owe my life as it currently is to a judge in Dekalb County, Georgia.

Is Elizabeth Warren a progressive?

What the Democratic Party has Effectively told ReTHUGs and their baggers from

Will probe bring justice in town's rape scandal?

I've had a realization.

The Science of Denying Science. First in a series.

SOA Watch and Other Human Rights Activists Demand Justice, Not Impunity

Is it possible to manipulate the number of posts one has?

Weaker sex my ass!

I'm wondering if the Elizabeth Warren vs. Hillary Clinton stuff

Political Repression Intensifies Ahead of Honduran Presidential Election

Who remembers the old camera cube?

Common Core teaches Gettysburg Address with no context or background. Unbelievable.

Televangelists extravagant "house exemption" subsidy unconstitutional - US District Court Judge

Killer dinosaur that preceded T. rex unearthed in Utah

Women challenge the coup-instigated violence

Plouffe Tweet: Dow Jones 16000+ Nov 18 2013. That terrible socialist, @Barack Obama

DIY Death: at home funerals

(MoveOn-AFL-CIO e-petition) MSNBC Hosts: Stop The Attacks on Workers’ Rights at NBC

What is "Organization for Action?"

I think the era of landslide presidential electoral victories is over.

That roof collapse of the supermarket roof in Latvia

Halftime Upset alert: Oregon 9 Arizona 28

Who watch the Doctor Who Check in to talk.... SPOILERS

About these infernal Hillary versus Liz kerfluffles--

Tennis courts shrink when it's cold

Homeless man charged with pushing man onto Harlem subway tracks

Massive numbers, multiple actions rock Wendy’s!

LA Times Op-Ed: Honduras elections: A chance to get it right this time

Birther, Rush Limbaugh fan, busted for threats to kill President Obama

The Real News "Mayor 1%" Rahm Emanuel vs. The 99% pt2

More photos from the front! Bonus pics from an exciting Wendy’s Founder’s Week of Action…

Cutting-edge coal plants planned in Fukushima: report

As Budget Fight Looms, Democrats getting frustrated with Obama

Middletown woman sells food stamps in exchange for heroin

Uh Oh! It's Nader: "21 Ways Why Canada's Health Care is Better."--Any DU Canadians Care to Discuss?

Restaurateurs Rail Against Tip Worker Wage Increase

Hempstead deli owners accused of trying to scam lottery winner

Angolan police kill opposition member, detain 292 protesters

Indiana Jones In Real Life - Movies In Real Life (Episode 2)

Thousands protest Maduro's special powers

So-called "rape fantasies"

Brazil Seeks to Widen Ties with Iran

we are all pro-life, I can see clearly now

San Rafael, Calif. Passes Ban That Makes It Illegal To Smoke In Own House If Walls Are Shared With

Tension and Flaws Before Health Website Crash

Derailed train converted into mobile cultural center in Ecuador

Derailed train converted into mobile cultural center in Ecuador

Magic: the Gathering; or, a thread in which Nuclear Unicorn gets her geek on

steubenville redux: victim-blaming in a florida football town

Breaking news: Oswald killed Kennedy

steubenville redux: victim-blaming in a florida football town

Van de Putte enters lieutenant governor race

Bill Maher Contrasts 'Sex Machine' Kennedy with 'Amiable Square' Reagan


So anybody else putting up their tree, I have a live one.

Temple Tx Arrest

How We Teach Our Kids That Women are Liars.

It is cold!

How do we make the KOCH brothers 'impotent'

Jim Cooper Proposes Ban On Death Gratuity For Lawmakers' Spouses

Chomsky: Business Elites Are Waging a Brutal Class War in America

Bird Dogs