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Archives: November 27, 2013

So, the assembled in US Moto-X Cellphone is on sale at Amazon for $0.01

Bug Appétit: A feast for Thanksgiving with insect ingredients

Mystery Santa Claus at school was bell ringer (he won't do that again...)

The Show Crossfire on CNN is getting freeped.

Andrea Mitchell is such a POS.

Have you heard the bull**** claim that "renewables are great but they aren't enough"?

This cat has phenomenal lung capacity...

Finally got my Apple TV up and running

Seattle Diner Booting Customers For Wearing Google Glass

El Paso congressman's IPO stake in Twitter questioned

Ex-Access HealthSource CEO, spokesman sentenced for racketeering; nearly $14M restitution ordered

Why republicans and other conservatives have such bad ideas.

Americans back Iran deal by 2-to-1 margin: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Court Cites Errors With Shelter Rules

George Takei has a cologne coming out Dec 15

Little by Little -Kimi Monogartari

Mark Halperin's Sudden Claim That Obamacare Death Panels Exist Calls Into Question His Reporting

The 5 Stupidest Habits You Develop Growing Up Poor

Thanks for not shopping (Baltimore Sun column)

Texas NFL fans will be treated to this ad, thanking Ted Cruz.

Wow, I just got a voice mail message

Uh oh..."Family Says They Did Tip Gay Server, Didn't Leave Note"

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Main Stream reporter points out my mistake on Marty Lackner suicide story.

Decision on parade balloons will be day of parade

Mary Cheney Joins Fight Against Indiana Gay Marriage Ban

South Park -- Black Friday

Judith Kerr and the story behind The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Smartphone sales top one billion, keep growing: survey

Boy raped sister after watching internet porn at school

Japan Secrecy Law Stirs Fear of Limits on Freedoms

Firsthand experience with an undead parrot - An Oatmeal cartoon

**************5TH ANNUAL DU COLLEGE FOOTBALL POOL: WEEK 14**************

Oh my, starting to twig a little.

Pope calls unfettered capitalism tyrany

I love Sandra Fluke! She's on with Chris Hayes now.

Since Hobby Lobby is so concerned about abortion, why do they get the goods from China, who has...

Democracy Now: Wal-Mart Workers Plan Record Black Friday Protests

Americans Live in Terror of Losing Their Jobs

Jurors Deadlock in Harlem Police Officer’s Trial

Ted Cruz Quite Possibly Just Made His Most Ridiculous Statement — Ever

Why can't you get a blow job in Columbus when THE OSU plays in Ann Arbor?

Exclusive: Bryant Park Ice Rink Shooting Victim: ‘There’s No Point’ In Attack

Bill Moyers: Henry Giroux on Zombie Politics

a suggestion--again from the wife--teach some retailers the true meaning of compassion.

Georgia, USA: DeKalb County juror form lists "slave" as occupation

Zimmerman's New Attorney Thinks Her Client Is A Racist And Stand Your Ground Is An "Awful Law"

CBS internal investigation of 60 minutes: summary of findings

Chris Hayes, MSNBC, with Paul Wolfowitz coming up -- NOW

How frozen pizzas are made (manufactured)

Why It's Easier for Republicans to Believe in God Than Evolution

Card of the Day: The Lovers

Paul Wolfowitz on Chris Hayes

Revolving Door Sham: JPMorgan CFO Admits $7 Billion of DOJ Settlement is Tax-Deductible

Can indictments be altered retroactively and still be legal?

Starling Murmurations Transform Into Stunning Shapes In The Sky

How to talk Obamacare with your teabagger relatives during Thanksgiving dinner.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Bad Santa & a new Kitteh gif

Boo and Buddy share a little down time.

Nuts For Longevity: Daily Handful Is Linked To Longer Life

COMING NEXT WEEK: New DOS-like attacks on

NYPD Officer Who Gave Shoes To Man On Street Promoted To Detective

Bill Ayers: Right-wing media convinced leftists that Obama was a secret leftist

I am been thinking of to be more involve in socialistic media

Luckovich Toon on the Pope

How I spell Republican: H Y P O C R I T E S

Rogers scores national NHL TV rights for $5.2B

You don't expect Hillary to run, if the GOP controls both houses of Congress after 2014.

VIDEO: A camera on a toy car drives into a pride of lions.

Jim Love, Canadian Mint chairman, helped run offshore 'tax-avoidance scheme' for clients

Surveillance video in Kendrick Johnson case appears to have been tampered with

78 Magickal Tools: Bringing the Magick of Tarot to your Pagan Path

How many have alcathons in their community?

If the supreme court votes against the ACA can Jehovah's Witness bosses deny their employees

OK, Ohio State Marching band doing some movies, amazing.......

JFK - The Real Conspiracy begins to emerge

In a galaxy far, far away..

L.I. Homeowners Stuck Cleaning Up Mystery Oil Slick

Alec Baldwin's MSNBC Show Ending

Obenshain will ask for a recount tomorrow.

City Council Looks at Lower Speed Limits

At Fukushima hearing, all speakers criticize state secrets bill

The raccoon saga

Obama goes after tax-exempt political spending

Atheris hispida

Illinois gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner (R) - Touts Frugality But Owns 9 Homes

Teltschik: Policy of detente could work with Iran

Thanksgiving shopping? Not in states that ban it

GOBAMA!!! New Rules Would Rein In Nonprofits’ Political Role

Gator teammates blocking each other vs Georgia Southern

If you read only one Pit Bull thread this week, make it this one

Pope Francis, Putin Discuss Syria Solution in Vatican

Israel, EU reach research deal, finessing settlement issue

"The creative adult is the child who survived."


Israel says kills three Qaeda-linked militants in West Bank

Special Report: How China took control of an OPEC country's oil

A look at the traders behind the China-Ecuador-U.S. oil triangle

Alec Baldwin blames gay activists for US show being pulled

A holiday guide to arguing with your right-wing relatives

Corporations Are People, the Biblical Sequel

Obama to Hollywood: Don't glorify guns

President Obama Speaks on the Economy

President Obama Speaks on Immigration Reform

Who Said It: NYC Mayor-elect Bill DeBlasio or Pope Francis?

Suspecting NSA spying, Microsoft to ramp up efforts to encrypt its Internet traffic

Steps Toward Peace

Suspecting NSA spying, Microsoft to ramp up efforts to encrypt its Internet traffic

Police: Teen Punched Woman In the Face Before Fleeing The Scene

Barack goes Hollywood!

Lawrence O'Donnell is talking about the French consulate warning French tourists to avoid Dorchester

Honda Inflicts Michael Bolton on the Holidays (Sales plummetting)

A great point by P. J. O'Rourke

Yes we can, Iran style

What Name Would You Give our Latest Do-Nothing Congress?

Good Samaritans meet homeless Czech man in New York, buy him a ticket home

As of 2011, 90% of Democrats believe in God (or a Higher Spirit): Gallup.

Now is not the time to cut back. Now is the time to provide.

Venezuela headed for chaos

Honduran Presidential Election In Limbo

Still don't believe in Global Warming?

Free Syrian Army says no ceasefire for Geneva peace talks

Racism, (shocker) Still alive and well in America.

November 26, 1942

Had a little fun with Photoshop!

NC OKs higher rates to keep Blue Cross policies

Post a quote!

In Western swing, Obama goes on offensive over healthcare law

Venezuela’s Maduro Rejects US “Intervention” in Honduras

Americans back Iran deal by 2-to-1 margin: Reuters/Ipsos poll - Nov. 25, 2013 - "Adding Capacity"

Remember when...

I hope that voters remember this timeless quote at the next elections...

Weekend Update: Worst Lady on the Plane (a laugh for t-day travelers)

Slate - "Corporations Are People, the Biblical Sequel" by Dahlia Lithwick

God's God

Every person has a human right to food and the government has a duty

They're remaking "Poltergeist."

Read The Witty Suggestion An Advice Columnist Gives To A Homophobic Parent

I'm in a bad place...

In a bad place :(

Obama administration proposes new limits on tax-exempt political groups

How will you spend Thanksgiving?

Who pays the salary for medical residents ...

Obamacare and verifying identity.

For those who don't know,

Does anybody here watch Warehouse 13?

New Poll: Only One-Third Of Americans Support Repealing, Defunding Or Delaying Obamacare

Larry Klayman just can't get a break...

VPN - do you use one?


Poll: Most unaffected by Obamacare

Pizza Hut manager fired for refusal to open on Thanksgiving Day

What if State boundaries were redrawn so that each State had the same population?

Thanksgiving Food For Thought: The Problem -- Nutritionism. The Solution -- In Defense of Food.

JP Morgan has a message for taxpayers:

Top-Secret Document Reveals NSA Spied On Porn Habits As Part Of Plan To Discredit 'Radicalizers'

Thanksgiving food..."WTF?"

Los Angeles Considering Proposal To Ban Feeding Homeless People In Public

Shocker: Yahoo news has been running a few factual stories on Obamacare

"Polar bear hunting" -- creation of a racist meme

Sandra Fluke Destroys 'Corporations Are People' Argument

Obama authorizes disaster aid to 9 Nebraska counties

U.S. move of Vatican embassy draws fire (moved, not closed)

Darrell Issa's Traveling Obamacare Hearings Exclude ACA Supporters

Texas National Guard to limit benefits to 5 bases to avoid recognizing gay marriages

Irving software firm settles suit with U.S. Army for $50 million

The Final Word on Health Care

My nomination for *Song Of The Year* on planet Earth

Ghost Appears Normal, Little Girl Scary

State education board limits charter school options

The editor of Newsbusters calls out many DUers about Fox news/thanksgiving

Angry White Guys And Crackers Barking Up The Wrong Tree

are there any ads being run for the ACA

Lakoff: NY Times Exposes Propaganda but Still Spreads It

Americans back Iran deal by 2-to-1 margin: Reuters/Ipsos poll

How To Cook a Turkey

I think Ted Cruz is in the closet.

Baptist leader: Single moms are denying their kids ‘the father that God wants’

Former Pennsylvania GOP official charged for drugging and raping woman multiple times

Manosphere blogger: “Feminism is a morbidly obese, sexually promiscuous, short-haired, tattooed...

11 year old girl tells the truth about Wal-Mart

Alec Baldwin Fired? MSNBC Cancels ‘Up Late’

Alec Baldwin Fired? MSNBC Cancels ‘Up Late’

Checking out the new Mazda Pi...

Janet "Nostradamus" Yellen Tops WSJ's List of Economists Who've Accurately Predicted Things.

Would think not...

Let me get this straight:

6 Outrageously Greedy Companies That Make Scrooge Look Like a Softie

Bill Gates Imposes Microsoft Model on School Reform:Only to Have the Company Junk It After It Failed

I'm glad to have met you Sakura

Edward Snowden’s latest leak: NSA monitored online porn habits of ‘radicalizers’ to discredit them

Christian Right Believes It Has Once-in-a-Decade Chance to Impose Its Radical Worldview on America

Must see in this new NSA world: Stasi Files: The Lives of Others | Journal Reporter

Spot the difference on this Pope.

The Hobby Lobby Lawsuit Is A Trojan Horse

Pre-Blondie Denise

How to install Great Little Radio Player


More on Stasi spying on Katrina Witt: Nine For IX: Exclusive Clip From 'The Diplomat'

talks on global free trade collapse in geneva

Migration plan risks UK being seen as nasty country, says EU commissioner.

Film Review | The Lives Of Others

Mama Mia...

New York Airport Workers Organize to End Two-Tier Wage System

U.S. flies B-52 bombers over disputed ‘air defense zone’ in China

Former Walmart Exec Leads Shadowy Smear Campaign Against Black Friday Activists

Kelpies are now complete (X-post UK forum)

Kelpies now complete (X-post GD)

A Crowd-Sourced Escape From Poverty?

UN body adopts resolution to protect individuals' universal privacy rights.

OKC Thunder fan may have to give away $20,000 halfcourt shot prize due to NAIA rules

City of Tampa will not be reimbursed for $677,000 in RNC costs

'It Feels Like Education Malpractice'

The TPP and ill health

Okinawa: The Pentagon’s Pacific junk heap

Happy Birthday CaliforniaPeggy!

Emergency help needed re: 2 turkeys

Solar Energy Was America's Sole New Power Source in October

All the rightwing noise machine about the Iran deal hasn't affected most Americans opinion

Chemical spill in Ohio forces hundreds to evacuate

Non-Apology Tour: US Lawmakers in Berlin over NSA Scandal

Democratic Party of Washington County forum 12/3: Social Security: Past, Present and Future

The Eternal Melody of Pi Base 12

Land Grab: Foreign Companies Drive Cambodians from Farms

OJ Simpson's Appeal For New Trial Denied.

Germany will get a minimum-wage in 2017: €8.50 = $11.56

Gender Quotas: How German Firms Help Women Get Ahead

Pentagon Contracts: German Scientists Accused of Naivete

The Corporate Bully...

Did anyone else watch A Death in St. Augustine on Frontline last night?

Wisconsin: Mary Burke put on the spot

The Rude Pundit: The Rude Pundit's Blatantly Racist Names to Call Dinesh D'Souza

(EU) Growing Risks: Government Bond Holdings Could Burden Banks

The worst governor ever!!

Proud moment: The U.S. is no longer the world’s biggest jerk on climate change

Waning Numbers: Germany to Suspend Monitoring of Scientology

Ballot measure to enact $15 minimum wage near Seattle wins narrow victory

Could the Hobby Lobby be a open door to a Roe v Wade challenge?

Bid adieu to South Carolina’s drowning shorelines

Merkel and SPD clinch coalition deal two months after vote

Latvian government falls over Riga supermarket disaster

Fed Reveals New Concerns About Long-Term U.S. Slowdown

The Googlization of the Far Right: Why is Google Funding Grover Norquist, Heritage Action and ALEC?

Moscow police arrest 'armed Islamists' in raids

Aborted EU Deal: Protests Rock Ukraine After Pull-Back

China 'monitored' US bombers in new air zone

Private Toll Road Investors Shift Revenue Risk to States

Dekalb County, GA, keepin' slavery alive.

Recount requested of SeaTac $15 minimum wage vote

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Shopping Turkeys

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Peace agreement

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The rest

Thanksgivukkah Spawning Menurkeys in Mashup Celebration

Bomb on a Plane

15 reasons the world is digging Pope Francis

Corporations with Religious Rights? Here’s the Inevitable Result

War on Christmas??? Oh, no

"54% of the country either supports Obamacare, or say it’s not liberal enough."

"Are you kidding? Obama HATES America." Please come CAPTION Fox's John Bolton!!!!

CNN poll shows majority of people think ObamaCare can be fixed.

(VA) Toll opponents file petition for high court rehearing

The role of men during #16Days (South Africa)

Iraq violence: Shootings and bombings leave 33 dead

Kentucky Gay Couple Arrested, Fined One Cent For Protesting At County Clerk's Office

The Census Bureau Made An App That Can Tell You Where to Live

Chinese Locomotives Certified Asbestos-Free, But Chock-Full Of Carcinogen, Oz Workers Find

No Action To Protect Atlantic Bluefin, Shark; Tuna Tracking Blocked For Third Time

Whatever It Takes To Keep Chinese Bean Sprouts Looking Fresh: Cancer, Osteoperosis, Early Puberty

NPR theme this morning: "Geology confirming theology"

American Workers: From Bounty to Bleakness

Poll: Americans Support Iran Deal By 2-To-1 Margin

Energy firm RWE npower axes £4bn UK windfarm amid political uncertainty

CIA's most senior officer in Pakistan 'unmasked' by Imran Khan's party

Pope Francis Understands Economics Better Than Most Politicians

In Greenville, SC, it's snowing!

More Dead Dolphins Wash Ashore In Florida; 889 Strandings NY-FL Since 1 July 2013

The Boneyard

Funny: New 2013 Videos

Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota wins America's Best Bathroom Contest

Mark Halperin did some 'splainin' on his "death panels" on Morning Joe today...

The US can't afford high-speed rail. Or can we?

My Mac-loving sister sent me this goofy toon.

Sony files patent for 'SmartWig'

Good Morning

Thousands of drivers incorrectly charged on Texas toll roads

Tech Hypnosis, Digital Bullshit And The Nature Of Reality - And Of What Really Matters

Hobby Lobby is a threat to your religious freedom. And your health. And your wallet.

EU says won't suspend data sharing accords with U.S.

For all: WKRP - An Epic Thanksgiving PR Stunt:

Activists Plan Nationwide Walmart Protests For Black Friday

Ditching the wig: One girl's journey

Daphne Lee speaks out against NDAA at Clark County Commission, Las Vegas

Must be hard to be a neocon at #Christmas.

I propose we adopt Kid President's suggestions as rules for DU.

40-plus years as a pediatrician

So much data-gathering, so little doctoring

What are you making today for dinner tomorrow?

Every impediment to over 50 & Unemployed should be another reason to vote anything but Republican

Judge handcuffed after refusing to stay in his car, UCLA says

Sodium-packed medications raise stroke and death risks

The Dirty Secret of Black Friday 'Discounts'

KENTUCKY: Gay Couple Fined One Cent For Trespassing During Marriage Protest

In Syria, a new order for daily bread

Booksellers write new chapter in Wyoming

I don't mean to be offensive but can't we tell the difference between how a word is used?

Having Daughters Increases Parents’ Identification with the Republican Party

Firefighter awarded $1.1 million in racial bias suit

The 'Ticking Time Bomb' That Could Cause Such Rapid Global Warming We'd Be Unable to Prevent Extinct

Why "Official" Nuke Plant Cost Estimates Are Like Campaign Promises

it's a deluge on the coast of Maine

How many jobs could we generate

BTW, John Kerry is kicking ass as Sec. of State

A Walmart Thanksgiving

The Iran deal is THE primary reason why I voted for Obama

..and now, a moment of Biblical wisdom for Teh Lounge

Christian Scientist Run Corp Could Deny Health Care Coverage

Welcome Home ...

Ford Escapes Recalled over Fire Concerns: Autoweek....(7th recall, brackets mine )

Read this then ask yourself if you need to do any shopping at Best Buy this holiday season

Monsanto, the TPP, and Global Food Dominance

Chicago's Disastrous CTA Ventra Cards & The Dangers Of Privatizing Public Services

Million Short: a search engine that removes the top first million popular websites

Pro-EU liberals must create 'next vision' for Europe

Taking from the Poor and Giving to the Pentagon: This is the GOP

DNC Wants To Help You Talk With 'Your Republican Uncle' On Thanksgiving

The Treasury Department’s New Crackdown on Dark Money Groups

How to post something that makes me think "Hey you're a racist"

Arctic Seafloor Methane Releases Double Previous Estimates

Task force: billions needed to fix transit in S.F.

Duluth TV anchors fake being outside from warm comfort of studio

Hey Teabaggers! No cuts to job rehabilitation programs.

Creative British Airways billboard identifies planes that fly overhead

French tattoo artists fight coloured ink ban

Your favorite NSA/ CIA General Hayden hates the Iran deal

Germany to introduce minimum wage

Walmart, Target, Best Buy Force Employees To Work On Thanksgiving - Bryce Covert Discusses

Sriracha plant must cease operations that cause odors, judge rules

May be slight OT as this isn't political, but if you're in Central AR and need a place....

Chocolate peanut butter milkshake

Bibi Netanyahu: the Non-Negotiator

Heart of Darkness: Criminal Investigation of Wisconsin Recall Money

Horse pulling Amish buggy killed in drive-by shooting

They Took 3 Years Of His Life. Now It's His Turn To Fight Back.

US now indicates Iran interim deal wasn’t quite finalized

Poll: Majority Optimistic That Obamacare Problems Will Be Fixed

How busy are airports on Monday AFTER thanksgiving?

Anti-Moslem bigot slams the Pope.

4 Charged Steubenville Rape Cover Up - Florida State Fans Ignore QB Sexual Assault Allegations

Rachel Maddow - Yellen's obvious qualifications test GOP

Breaking: Whole Foods workers striking for right to stay home on Thanksgiving

More than 600 San Francisco teachers and classroom aides skipped school tuesday

When will the American people

He said the "M" word, not the "F" word! Those fucking GOONS! They ALWAYS get AWAY!

Salon: "the Warren Commission... was stacked with RFK’s political enemies"

Rachel Maddow - New IRS rules could temper big campaign cash

Last day of clinic before the holiday!

Here's an odd Great Pyramid story about that obscure Khufu cartouche

Reshoots for Mad Max Fury Road.

Angry Man Yells at Trumpet Player in New York City

Being open on Thanksgiving is not a crime against Labor

Sanders Unsure If Hillary Clinton Is 'Forceful Advocate For Working Families'

Made it out alive (fully charged...)

Rick Steves' Iran: Yesterday and Today

CO: Sen. Hudak will resign seat to end recall threat, hold Democrats’ Senate majority

Interesting numbers from latest CNN poll on the ACA

"I have a stake in YOUR success !" THIS is what separates us from the Republicans.

Rachel Maddow - Corporate religion eyed in birth control case

Is the fight against Black Thursday a losing one? I sure hope not.

I feel so blessed! SHE came to my town!!!

Pic Of The Moment: Nice Try, Mitch

ACA question..

On November 21st, 2012, I wrote about a potential pitfall of the Hobby Lobby case

State Sen. Evie Hudak (Colorado), faced with recall, to resign

New Anti-Iran YouTube From GOP

Three people dead after Sao Paulo stadium that will host football World Cup opener collapses

VIDEO: Ants subterranean structures revealed.

Obama conspires to set off nukes

Alison Lundergan Grimes Calls Out Mitch McConnell On Fair Pay Claims

If a Corporation is a person then I'm all for capital punishment.

A turkey named Liberty takes Resident Bush by surprise, November 20, 2001

Find something to be happy about today (Thursday Nov 28, 2013)

The Democrat's Guide to Talking Politics with your Republican Uncle

AIDS: Infections on the Rise in Europe

I'm still getting unwanted ads and pop-ups. . .

Jim Greer lawyer among Central Florida attorneys facing discipline, Bar says

Italy's Senate expels ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi

Scientists see unreported fish traps from space

A Thanksgiving Reminder That America Alone Doesn’t Guarantee Time Off For Vacations Or Holidays

This Turkey Day, Tanks Fer Nuttin', GOP!

I think this is going to be cute.

Bakery family hailed by Obama enjoys sweet success

A Thanksgiving Note from Senator Elizabeth Warren

So I'm just sittin' here........

'Biggest Loser' trainer Bob Harper reveals he's gay

Judge bars protesters from Walmart

John Lennon's dog.

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Spike the Cranberry Sauce ...

Iran says to continue building at Arak nuclear site despite deal

Greg Abbott Wins YCT Straw Poll, Still Silent On DREAM Act

Detonation of the nuclear option ensures the theologists will turn out in droves

Twerky Day

Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo Room opens in Berkeley

U.S. affirms support for Japan in island dispute with China

Opposition candidate murdered in Zulia

Treasury And IRS To Crack Down On Super PACs Masquerading As Tax-Exempt Social Welfare Groups

The GOP’s Late-Term Abortion Strategy Is Backfiring

Republicans Refuse To Cover The Poor, Then Complain That Obamacare Isn’t Covering The Poor

Egypt's highest-profile secular activists threatened with arrest

Toon: President Obama fails to understand...

Conservative/libertarian has a conniption fit over Pope Francis's errors.

Recipe for a train, plane (or car) wreck. CNN has reporters headed from NY to DC via all 3 modes...

Congress Exploits Camapign Loopholes for Personal Gain

"Child Labor in the USA" - Why wont the Pres Obama Admin do anything?

United Airlines killed their dog? (E-action with photo of Bam Bam)

"Child Labor in the USA" - Why wont the Pres Obama Admin do anything?

Rachel Maddow - Marriage equality spreads, GOP goes anti-gay

US says working with Cuba to solve banking issue

8 Things I Learned While Farming this Summer

Paid for by the Hillary Clinton For President Committee

VID: Pope Slams "Tyranny" of Capitalism and "Idolatry of Money" But Opposes Shift on Women, Abortion

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Miley Cyrus Leads TIME Magazine's Person Of The Year Readers Poll

CO School Board Member: Transgender Student Require Castration

Doctor Admits Nude 'Punishment Therapy' with Sex, Whips May Be Unusual

Stop whatever you're doing and read this.

Oh NO!! the President is giving the rethugs another talking point freebie on the ACA read this

To the extent you were political as a kid - were your politics then similar to what they are today?


Michigan about to require women to buy "rape insurance" based on petition signed by 4.2% of voters

Philly Leads Big Cities in Bicycle Commuting

Christmas Time on Wall Street

Yes, That Is a Nipple on the Front Page of the New York Times.


Did I post in the "Gungeon"?!?

Thanksgiving... with that Tea Party Relative.

Can Right and Left Rally Against Walmart?

Like a Boss!

Who needs a national health care system? 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic much worse than thought.

Powerful PA. Republican Official Charged With Drugging his Employee and Raping Her Twice

Enjoy a Colbert Thanksgiving!

The "Muslim" President just......

No silly Xmas sweaters for me this year.

Packers’ Josh Sitton calls Lions’ coaches ‘scumbags,’ has more choice words for Jim Schwartz

cnn new yorkers will REALLY be pissed off....

It's only a matter of time ...

The Government’s Secret Plan to Shut Off Cellphones and the Internet, Explained

Is it appropriate to make your grown children fend for themselves during the holidays?

Actress Jennifer Sky’s Saved by Obamacare. Her Passion Is Contagious (VIDEO)

Pope Francis must be doing something right. He's got Rushbo on full scale attack

New Iran, new U.S., same old Bibi

Watermelon Cake

Can you identify these Evil Twins?

Porn-watching pitbull forced to work on Thanksgiving.

Regardless of language, the message is the same

Mike Huckabee radio show ending

Light One Candle

Germany proposes extending offshore wind support

Jeezus Keryst, AMC… Gone With The Wind ALL DAY?

Increased State Police patrols on the roads during Thanksgiving trave

Is there anyone here who is good with Symbolic Logic? Here's a challenge..


Texas National Guard Agrees To Grant Benefits To Gay Military Spouses

Opposition to fracking grows in new Marist poll

North Carolina 3-year-old shoots another 3-year-old after parents leave rifle in playroom

De Blasio reiterates plan to tax wealthy NY'ers to pay for pre-K programs

What's for Dinner, Wed., Nov. 27

I Can Haz Spanish Lessons: Cat Pictures Now Have A Purpose

Today in Native History: Custer Attacks Peaceful Cheyenne in Oklahoma

"We Have to Consume Less": Scientists Call For Radical Economic Overhaul to Avert Climate Crisis

Grass-Whoppers: Insect Burger Patties Hit NYC Restaurant Menu

The Aspire News app:

Seven Flower Magic Rituals

Buying Into a Bubble: The Black Market Dollar in Venezuela

Yea! It's Rivalry Week in the Big 12!

It has not gone unnoticed (re: porn)

5 Revived Religions you should Know about

#SaveBrian Campaign has begun If you love Brian Griffin and Family guy

Michigan’s veto-proof ‘rape insurance’ close to becoming law with approval of 4.2% of voters

Space shuttle replica sprayed with graffiti in Clear Lake

"The Real Walmart"?!? Six Big Fibs in Walmart's New Ad Campaign

Question about Mobile View.

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall – A Real Ghost Caught on Camera

The Myth of 'Free-Market Health Care'

CD-27: Solomon Ortiz, Jr. (D) Considering Challenge to Congressman Blake Farenthold (R)

Raising the Social Security cap

Obamacare Small Business Exchange Will Be Delayed A Year

Why does Waldo wear a striped shirt?

Thoughts (?) on Thanksgiving

Ayn Rand Welfare

Frozen Foods Have More Nutrients Than You Think

Pope slams Capitalism, Economic inequality...

Zen Pencils: Philippine Red Cross

Colorado School Official Wants Trans Kids Castrated (!!)

The other half of the story:

My view on "violent" porn

Only 0.6% under 65 will lose insurance and pay more under Obamacare.

Jerusalem expert attacked: 'No rock can move me to hate'


Papantonio: McDonald’s Offers Financial Advice to Underpaid Employees

Biblically Guided Dallas Drilling Company Still Hasn't Found Oil In Israel

Pizza Hut Manager Fired for refusing to open Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving falls during Hannukah This Year , American Jews will celebrate

Frank Bruni-The Plutocrats' Pundit

Help me choose a title for my new article on the Kennedy assassination

Hello porn-watching conspiracy theorists!

A Ghost Town With a Quad

The Birth of the TV Dinner

a majority of Americans still seem to have an open mind about whether Obamacare will eventually work

Paul Krugman thinks things are looking up for Obamacare...

My holiday season wish if for our Liberal/Progressive Legislators call for FDR's 2nd Bill of right

Wildebeest herd makes 'rare' early return to Tanzania

Iran Seizes Saudi Fishing Vessels in Persian Gulf

Kinda cool: The 50 states, redrawn with equal population

WATCH LIVE: National Menorah Lighting Ceremony

Our Homicide Epidemic

Key witness in case against Uribe’s brother arrested

Be thankful for ... kitties with forever homes.

Iran Deal Ripples Felt From Syria War Zones to Saudi Palaces

Voices in Danger: The journalists working under constant fear of harassment in Honduras

Sometimes I feel like screaming and punching people in the face.

Morford: Meditation for the damned

Honduras roiled by claims of fraud in presidential vote

Peace, Love and Pepper Spray. Amber Lyon with We are ChangeCT

Violence Against Demonstrators Follows Contested Result in Honduras Elections

I think we are driving our dogs insane....been cooking all day, and the house smells like a mix of..

Police violence against journalist during student protests

Let's Correct People Who are Too Lazy to Understand the FED

Somehow I need to get this story straight--lots of kids.

Durable Goods Orders Drop as U.S. Shutdown Hurts Confidence

Time for a new snow blower

Turn on Ed Shultz right fudging now

The Kalasha of the Chitral mountains...

5 Novels Every Atheist Can Believe In

'This Isn't Toronto': Florida Sheriff Arrests Mayor For Selling Drugs

Religious liberty is for people, not corporations

Walter Rhett: Thanksgiving and the Winds of Fate

My next door neighbor is an asshole.

If you hear, "God is a republican" or some such nonsense this Thanksgiving:

It’s Thanksgiving So We Asked Brits To Label The United States — We’re So Sorry, America

Investigating the Saudi Govt's 9/11 Connection and the Path to Disilliusionment-Sen. Graham (Updated

I'm making a list!

Ohio Amish girl, family flee to avoid forced chemo

Looking for a device

Anger Over US Drone Program In Pakistan Prompts Activists To Reveal Secret Identity Of Spy

Bernie Sanders: Why I might run in 2016

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Thanks for not answering my question.

Hero Gamers donate 37,500 lbs of food through gaming. Media basically ignores them.

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I sincerely praise the right wing in their march to

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My next door neighbor is a douchebag.

A 50 state look at Medicaid expansion

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Bill Donahue calls to fire Maher over Dan Savage's rant on ..............

Pope Francis is naming names

Fox Business host Stuart Varney lectures Pope Francis about capitalism and religion

Burned agender teen released from hospital

What happens if you put yourself on full ignore?

Tongue pierce lets the paralyzed drive wheelchairs

WTF?? I just went on and in this area of N.C. ONE ins. co provides coverage

Why don't Walmart workers just find another job?

Miz t. and I just 'earned' our Thanksgiving dinner.

Gobble Gobble hey!

I live next to two sociopaths who are always arguing about tree limbs.

People are Signing up in Droves for Obamacare, but not for Private Insurance

Loathsome Wall Street Deficit Hysterics: ‘Blame the Old and Sick, Not Us’

Just signed up for a different Med D provider.

help need christmas present wrappers in NYC

"...have you ever seen Exxon Mobil in the pew next to you at church?" (via CNN)

my neighbors across the street are idiots.

My neighborhood sucks.

Gun Lobbyist Larry Pratt Says Guns Were in the Bible and God is 'Judging' Unarmed Americans

Chicago women marry in Illinois’ first same-sex marriage

My next door neighbors are great.

my neighbor's kid is afraid of me

Who is the last person on earth you want moving in next door?

Best representation of online discussion forums I've seen: Argument Clinic

Ok, watching the BEST THANKSGIVING MOVIE on TV.......

How long will JFK conspiracy theorists be allowed to openly accuse people of being here under false

Great tweet: "True leaders don't create followers. They create more leaders."

As God as my witness....WKRP made the best Thanksgiving TV episode ever....

I think this year's "Black Friday" Consumer Frenzy for Best Deal will be a BUST...

I hate when the wind shifts...

Happy Birthday Jimi Hendrix

Assassinated 35 years ago today November 27, 1978

Important Public Citizen email concerning the latest "Free Trade" swindle

Toon: This planet has issues, Bert

How many planes are in the sky right now?

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