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Prize-Winning Animation Lets You Fly Through 17th Century London


A good morning in the kayak after a dry week.

Nov 1 Bill Maher Show

Patrick Stewart has it right again

Your favorite line from a movie?

Atheist to get her day at the Supreme Court

Sailor Freddie Mercury is here to save the day!

Posted this in GD figure I'll post here too

Can you identify the lovely young woman pictured with JFK?

Man behind Oregon's famous 'exploding whale' video dies

Three Pages Of Rand Paul’s Book Were Plagiarized From Think Tanks

I carry a wallet in my left hip pocket.

3000-Year-Old Religious Center Found In Peru; Dates From The Pre Incan Era

That Pesky NYT Article about LATEST NSA SPYING...that folks don't want to read:

Cruz: Father’s remark about sending Obama ‘back to Kenya’ was joke

I am looking for organic/sustainable yard work in Tempe

Anyone else watching the Tom Foley memorial service on

Toon: Monkey Court

Watching Miami/Fla. State game, and wondering..

Florida is learning to deal with extreme weather.

Is John Boehner attending Speaker of the House Tom Foley's funeral?

Someone actually posted this on Facebook.

Issues with the whole UPMC/ Highmark spat.

Issue between insurance company and a hopsital chain. Cross with PA section

Russian piracy charges against Arctic 30 activists 'not withdrawn', Greenpeace says

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's popularity rises 5% in a poll despite drug video in hands of police.

LAX suspect had 'patriot' movement propaganda on him, expert says

Super rare 'hybrid' solar eclipse occurs early Sunday

What is your sleep number?

What is the best comedy you've seen this year? I like "the Heat"

cat technolgy

Sex workers embrace Obamacare

Did you say... dance?

All or nothing nuclear power – from 24/7 to 0/365

From Worker's Power on the budget crisis and the aftermath.....

"Republicans see Cruz as party leader"

Revolution for fleas on kittens


The 10 Hungriest Cities in America

Too Funny!! Michigan gets held to MINUS 48 YARDS of rushing!!

Israel ‘furious’ with White House for leak on Syria strike

Tension reliever

Ex-Pistons, Hawks center Walt Bellamy dies at 74

THIS is WHY there is the whole discussion on the MN Constitution and

Holy Shit! Nebraska beat Nebraska 27-24!!

Do you know what this is?

CNN - The Most Trusted Name In Editing...

My beautiful wife and me.

Okay, the raccoons have gotten ridiculous

Christian fundamentalism is relatively new.

Eric Idle comments on LAX shooting. Gets inundated with gun nut teahadist attacks.

Worse than plagiarism: goon stomps woman into gutter, hiring a known racist

Due to Daylight Savings Time, this time tomorrow it will be yesterday evening?

Went to a friend's poetry reading and book signing.

Does anybody really know what time it is?

The ‘sex scandal’ look transcends species.

On October 29th, something absolutely INSANE happened in the House of Representatives

The Official Explanation for the German Energy Transition

Just got this in my e-mail, some weird snack foods!

These Stunning Maps Prove Just How Much the Rich Control U.S. Politics

"Libertarians Are Huge Fans of Economic Coercion"

Like to listen to a great radio station?

Belgium considering new euthanasia law for kids

Why are men choosing not to marry anymore?

ING NYC Marathon street closures and parking restrictions

For everyone who is obsessing about each new Virginia Gov poll, look at the following...

"How the Koch Brothers Orchestrated the Shutdown"

De Blasio Attends "Get Out The Vote" Rallies Ahead Of Tuesday's Election

Hi, I'm new and not familiar with this software

Chris Christie screams at teacher, tells her "DO YOUR JOB!"

Great FDR quote:

Hawaii anti- same sex marriage testimony is pretty revolting.

There's always room for cello

LAX shooter could face the death penalty

Good News! An extra hour on DU!

What in hell is going on in this photo? Never seen it before.

this deserves it own op: atheists for jesus by richard dawkins

Awesome get-together with Women For Obama friends last evening!

LOL! Canadian tweet:

The Passivhaus's fabric-first approach to energy efficiency

Arcade Fire did it again. New release - Reflektor - is remarkable. But it takes several listens...

Family: Louisiana Police stun father as son died in house fire

Tea Bagger - "Person Who Cannot Afford Health Care Will Just Have To Die"

why can't we get kirby cucumbers in the "off season"?

Justin Bieber seen sneaking out of a Brazil brothel under a bed sheet

Show them YOU remember their "NAY" vote.

Teabaggers Are Really Sociopaths Who Should Be Locked Up In A Psych Ward.

The Great Broken Menhir

Denver scales back proposed pot rules, would allow back yard smoking

Mom who allowed her seven-year old son to dress up like a KKK member for Halloween faces

Suits claim Love Canal still oozing 35 years later

For those who wonder why so many politicians still ride in small planes.

Need help finding an old t.v. movie. May be British. How political fear was pitted against technical needs

Dr. Quentin Young with Sen. Barack Obama

Have you ever obtained pot from someone wearing a Christian band shirt?

'Drag Out Hate!' rally held after Marine's assault

NYT: Climate Change Seen Posing Risk to Food Supplies

SNL Lampoons Itself... for Lack of Black Female Cast Members (SNL cold open skit)

Poll shows anti-Semitism in US down 3% in 2 years

UK Labour party would give tax rebates to firms that pay living wage

First thoughts upon seeing this on the dinning room floor.

Anyone go to Friday Night Magic?

IF CBS reboots the original STAR TREK.... will You watch it?

Just doing a test OP because of the time change. Something seems odd.

Lowest Common Denominator Satisfaction

Marc Lamont Hill Defends Obama During Heated CNN Debate: 'He’s Not Webmaster in Chief'

Schumer Endorses Clinton for President in Iowa Speech

If I go to bed now, and set my alarm for 1hr faster than normal

Biden, W.Va. Democrats Honor Rockefeller's 50 Years Of Public Service

Soooo like the people working around the world for AIDS had to take a pledge against prostitution

Two French journalists killed in Mali

Google's Content ID software is an Orwellian censor that actually works.

Star Wars Imperial Forces invade Thomas Kinkade paintings! Funny and really well done (edited)

Red hair and black leather... my favorite color scheme.

What's bugging the head of the NSA? (MSM respect for "The Weasel" turns to contempt.)

In Virginia governor’s race, gun control surfaces late as a key issue

Total, Annular, and Hybrid Eclipses

Please sign to get Walmart to stop usupporting gestation crates for pigs. It is torture.

Timely Message!

Newsmax/Zogby Poll: McAuliffe Pulls Ahead in Virginia Gov. Race

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

A new way to steal from the widows of old soldiers

So the bud seriously kicked in right as I was drawing a glorious rebuttal post in GD to an end.

A moderates 12 point views.....have fun!

Does Your iPhone Have Free Will? A new 'Turing Test' for free will

Hillary Clinton starting new project to empower women

Charlie Crist files to run for Florida governor as a Democrat

*** PSA *** GD is missing

Portrait of the NSA: No detail too small to watch

Deloitte promotes Mauritius as tax haven to avoid big payouts to poor African nations

U.S. food banks struggle to meet new demand caused by food stamp cuts

Why Romania Is Becoming More Important to the US

Qatar: Not intelligent

Where the hell is GD??

Taiwanese Storm Troopers - they are some scary mofos

From fertiliser to Zyklon B: 100 years of the scientific discovery that brought life and death

More NSA Leakers Followed Snowden’s Footsteps, Whistleblower Lawyer Says

FYI I keep getting a General Discussion Group is offline message

Obama, Iraq’s Maliki pledge to combat al Qaida aggression

Why the Obamacare website was doomed.

FBI tracking down Medicare fraud fugitives from South Florida

Okay, Now what have you done with GD?

Sunday morning walk by the Danube

Why so many "That forum is offline" today?

A chorus of boos for Hallmark carol revision

Cranberry Upside-Down Cake

Lies, Nonsense and Totally Off-the-Wall Behavior -- 10 Doozies from the Nutty Right Wing This Week

This place is falling apart. ( n/t )

Caustic Egyptian comic gets thrown off the air

What Americans don't know and don't understand is quite an obstacle to progress

Uruguay to sell legal marijuana for $1 a gram

70,000 disabled vets still have chance to gain ‘retiree’ status (please pass along)

70 days of pure stress is over

70,000 disabled vets still have chance to gain ‘retiree’ status (please pass along)

Plutocrats vs. Populists

East Coast DU'ers: Solar Eclipse this morning...

Chomsky Attacks Rush to "Destroy the Environment as Fast as Possible" with Fracking and Tar Sands

The Price of America Having the Greatest Military in the World? It's Destroying the Country

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Blah Blah Blah Edition

Insurance Policies Not Worth Keeping - By The NYT Editorial Board

The Tumbling Boundaries of Gay Rights

If someone from the ‘Windows Security Desk’ calls you, hang up immediately

There's a solar eclipse on the East Coast this morning...

The Revolution of the Mind is Underway{long read}

Outsourcing might be next big thing in health insurance

Find something to be happy about one hour earlier today (Sunday Nov 03, 2013)

Who the Hell paid the ransom for GD?

Electrical fireball in Lachine, Quebec

New Bill to Give Israeli Fathers Eight Days of Paid Paternity Leave

For those following the Monsanto discussion

Goldman Sachs Gives Hillary Clinton Almost Half A Million Dollars In Less Than A Week

N.C. Army medical center to cut more than 500 jobs

2 Days Until Virginia Votes; Right-Wing Hate Radio Host Mark Levin Rallies for Ken Cuccinelli

Two articles on the pitfalls of growth

John Fox To Have Heart Surgery: Broncos Coach To Miss Several Weeks

Cipro may be implicated in Gulf War Syndrome

Suits claim Love Canal still oozing 35 years later

experts say nuclear power needed to slow warming

A 100 yard goal.

Smug McSmugly


Dem groups gang up on Ken Cuccinelli

South Carolina Police Chief Threatens To Target Anyone Who Advocates Legalizing Marijuana

Wisconsin: What we pay to be disenfranchised

To my friends of the Friday Afternoon Challenge. Read this...

Corporations Rewriting US Labor Laws

Visitor bond scheme to be scrapped by government

Fact: One of the only activities that activates, stimulates and uses the entire brain ...

Recipe for a Third World Country

The Bank Guarantee That Bankrupted Ireland

Dog attacks on guide dogs show marked increase

Auto Workers Try a New Angle at Volkswagen

We need to cut corporate taxes to stimulate the economy, like in the 1950's. Right?

Is Political Conservatism a Mild Form of Insanity?

William Faulkner

What Happens When the World Dries Out

Bill Moyers: America’s Drone Wars

Trees 'shield vulnerable species from climate change'

Dark Money’s New Frontier: State Judicial Elections

Chris Christie to teacher "I'm tired of you people" His wife looks on and smiles. Picture.

The Border Patrol's Out-of-Control Growth

Bold Progressives Drafted Elizabeth Warren - Let's Keep Doing That

Crossfire Luckovich Toon.

I hate trying to come up with ideas for a research paper

Elephant society 'still disrupted decades after cull'

Has anyone lifted/jacked up a 2 story house?

Israel to build fence along border with Jordan: Report


How We Have Ended Up Paying for 1 Percenters Beach Vacation Homes

Abortion on Demand and Without Apology! For every woman in every state!

America’s Lethal Profiling of Afghan Men

Hungry Like the Wolff: A compilation of items from Richard Wolff, an economist who "gets it"

A Woman voting Republican...

Anyone who says they're a "pro-life feminist"

Start em, Sit em Week 9 in the NFL - Make Your NFL Picks

Photos of this morning's Eclipse. (More pics)

Report: NSA spied on Israel, shared intelligence

Second Phase of Venezuela's Barrio Nuevo, Barrio Tricolor to Promote Sustainable Development

Biden-Brown 2016? MSNBC seems to think it's realistic.

11 years married

US threatens Turkish F-35 jet deal

Just to be very CLEAR re: "takers"

Went on Justice with Judge Jeanine to debate ACA/Obamacare with the Judge and Noelle Nikpour

Tesco To Scan Shoppers Eyeballs To Improve Advertising

All the people featured in this article met their death in one year at the hands of partners or

Timothy Egan: "Make 'Em Pay!"

Reality Check: Water and the Tar Sands

Want to know why the ACA is struggling? Look no further than the rethugs

Five to One

Montana, feds to seek damages from Exxon spill

PREDICTION TIME: How big do the Dems win in VA on Tuesday?

I lost my job on Friday.

"Lying in the service of virtue is no vice." . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Brian Kilmeade!!!"

Experts Say Nuclear Power May Be Our Only Hope

200 Years Ago, Davy Crockett And Andrew Jackson Won A Battle At Tallushatchee

Wit Happens

Uh.... RuhRoh: Bees Underwent Massive Extinction When Dinosaurs Did

Did anyone catch SNL with Kerry Washington last night?

Girls don't poop - poopouri

How the Alger Hiss Case Explains the Tea Party

Michigan's wolf hunt: How half truths, falsehoods and one farmer distorted reasons for historic hunt

The first snowflakes of the season are falling...

Do you agree with the locking by hosts of this thread?

Ban Viagra Now!

What would you describe as being the most EXTREME Left wing position?

Texas Attorney General Almost Disenfranchised By His Own Voter ID Law

Profiles in courage, The AccoLade

Visionary! Transcendent! Plan Proposes 1,300-Mile Bike Path To Follow Keystone XL Pipeline

November 3, 1969: PBS is Founded

Planning a Holiday Trip? Don't Wait.

South Carolina Police Chief Threatens To Target Anyone Who Advocates Legalizing Marijuana

What's for Dinner? ~ Sunday Nov 3rd

Survey from the Democratic National Committee.....WTF?

Sen. Whitehouse at Budget Conference Committee Hearing

Some Democrats Vote With Boehner Touting Independence

Keep Ken Cuccinelli out of your daughter's bedroom.

Thoughts of Andy Lopez – 13yr old boy shot by Sheriff

Very Presidential: Mitt Romney Also Made Fun of Random ‘Chunky’ Women

Romney: Obama's 'dishonesty' on health care puts second term in peril

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, November 5: 100th Birthday Tribute: Vivien Leigh

Letter to Gov Christie from NJ Teacher He Screamed At: "We want our schools back-We want to teach"

Another ask for component upgrade advice...thanks

Autumn in Chicago

This sounds so real:

Tea Party "logic"

Dangos by Jun Kaneko at Millennium Park

So Governor Fat Cat has ethics troubles

If I never see another op in my life about any of the following, it will be too soon.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, November 6: Star of the Month: Burt Lancaster

Child Poverty Rises while Corporate America Booms with profit and subsidies.

Virginia Democrats please enlighten me.

32 companies dodged 72 billion in taxes in 2012

Media Matters: CBS "Eyewitness" Admits He Lied About Benghazi Attack While Bashing Critics

Germany 'should offer Edward Snowden asylum after NSA revelations'

Sailboats Ship Freight to Manhattan for First Time in 60 Years

CBS' discredited "source" goes into attack mode...

'New World Order', described by a Religious Right Extremist, beginning back about 1990

Dear President Obama, This Is Why Judges Matter

Venezuelan president slams Twitter anew

Kerry visited Eqypt

The Internet Always Wins.

Yea: Daily Kos picked up the teacher story with bully christie

Man pays $1,000 so atheist ex-Hasid will keep Sabbath

Iran newspaper editor jailed for religious article

Message from Senator Bernie Sanders

Student Loan Debt...

5 Things You Might Not Have Known About God And Beer

Decreases in religious life could prompt canon law reform

The Associated Press Top 25 Poll 11/3/13 - Pretty much a bye week

Congregation celebrates assembly - without religion

and, don't forget to turn your clocks back...

Mount Union Football extends nation's longest winning streak: 23 games

Red Bull Trolls NSA

Moyers And Co.: The Top Secret Trade Deal You Need to Know About

Rand Paul Responds To Plagiarism Accusations: 'If Dueling Were Legal In Kentucky..'

Ancient Grammar Police on Patrol!

Kitty KELL(E)Y is on for 2 hrs on C-SPAN2 BookTV!1

Please, Anonymous: hack the crap out of our "secure" vapor votecounting machines

The Most Decorated Woman Soldier of WWII has died

Happy Diwali to All!

Hey chervilant

Identification of Participants in House Stenographer freak-out footage

Ten skydivers jump to safety after their plane's mid-air collision...

I was suppose to be there, for her, at that moment.

Looks like Greg Abbotts's Voter ID Rollout is turning into a "debacle" a "fiasco"

Happy Palm Springs Pride

Did anybody lose an alligator?

Hey DUers I Need Some Emergency Help From You All

This Is Why We Need Obamacare

Need help with Ad-Block in Firefox

Is this appeal for help a sanctioned request?

Nothing says SUPPORT THE TROOPS like cutting food stamps to the 900,000 veterans dependent on SNAP.

Meanwhile in the Obamacar...

Obamacare ‘horror’ story turns out to be Obamacare success story

Fact Checker -"Obama’s claim that the Massachusetts enrollment experience IS relevant to Obamacare"

Bug in Jury Comments


Kerry in Egypt on first visit since Morsi ouster

Saudi Arabia eyes buying five German Type 209 submarines

WaPo - "The Squeaky-Wheel Problem in Obamacare Coverage" - Upper Class Rules!

Greg Abbott should be forced to testify about his disastrous Voter ID rollout

Burns explores Roosevelt legacy in new documentary

Former HOUSE SPEAKER JIM WRIGHT denied TX voter ID card

Clowns on the Front Lines: Inside Patch Adams' Mission of Hope

The strib opinion page

(Check this out!) Cost to the average taxpaper per year

How do you feel about fruit cake?

Missouri: Restricting access to abortion but limiting mothers' care for babies...

No more wars for oil? Hmmmm..

Keiko, the Untold Story movie available for $5 online

Is Snowden buying asylum by fanning the flames of anti-Americanism?

"Why isn't gerrymandering illegal?"

really stupid question.

The Walking Dead 4.4 "Indifference" (Spoiler Alert)

CBS Shieffer. Fox Sound-Alike?

Unusual sight in the middle of the Sahara desert.

Is It Time For Dogs To Have A Social Network Of Their Own?

We need a clarifying definitive election in 2016. A subway election between candidates that state

Flying squirrels

Israel’s new ‘covenantal partnership’ bill would legalize gay marriage

beware SF evil doers ! batkid is on his way. :D

Putin Signs Law Punishing Terrorists' Relatives

This person is clearly an improvement over his predecessor....

In Linkedin, I've been endorsed for skills in subversion

Pardoning Snowden ... or something

I make my fruit cake with dried fruit soaked in Irish Mist -

To fix Washington, look to Mexico (CS Monitor)

It's a tough job.

GUARDIAN: Google's worst-kept secret: floating data centers off US coasts

Christian homeschoolers receive maximum jail time for death of child

90 Year Old Legendary Speaker of the House Jim Wright Denied Texas Voter ID Card

White House, lawmakers: no clemency for Snowden

I officially hate Windows 8.

Theoretical question about reproductive rights.

Why is this INMATE Bernie Kerik on my TV

North Dakota - Trading tradition for oil

Colorado's secession movement on CBS

Colorado's secession movement on CBS

So, what did you do this weekend? Oh, nothing much really...

Skydivers leap to escape fiery collision of planes over Wisconsin

48 human beings were massacred - and we have forgotten them

So the theme for the rethugs if Hillary runs is

Here we go with the media love feast for Christ Christie

Peggy Noonan on ABC: Tea Party Aims to ‘Topple’ GOP, Not Take it Over

GUARDIAN: "NSA Furor Has Roots in US Internet Imperialism"

Larry Sabato predicts bigger Virginia turnout, comments on Dem GOTV.

Question about firearm identification, sort of

Proposition 30: A year later, California schools seeing benefits of tax measure

Gay Couple Becomes First Men to Marry Each Other at West Point

PHOTOS: Hundreds of olive trees destroyed near West Bank village

An Excellent Moyers and Co. on the secrecy surrounding the TPP 'free-Trade' agreement

What Happens When You Dress As A Boston Marathon Victim And Post It On Twitter

USC reseachers find that Google’s Quantum Computer is the Be Real Thing (Almost)

Estimated cost of new West schools cut in half

So WTF is up With Jay Inslee and his ignorant war on Medical Marijuana?

Romney leaves Cruz off his list of 2016 GOP stars

Read for yourself: Letter from leading climate scientists to environmentalists

Sen. Rand Paul Wishes He Could Challenge Plagiarism Critics to a ‘Duel’; Calls Them ‘Hacks and Hater

Yes, men should pay for pregnancy coverage, and here's why:

Snowden Cites Calls for Reform as Justifying Leaks

Took a Daylight Savings nap.

A collection of 1,500 artworks confiscated by the Nazis in the 1930s and 1940s has been found

Ed Snowden

Apparently a 50" Phillips LED TV (in the box) does NOT fit in the backseat of my car

Through the Looking Glass: How Harming Others Makes Sense

Through the Looking Glass: How Harming Others Makes Sense

Had some de Blasio campaign workers knock on my door. I said I am voting straight Dem ticket.

Gun violence goes on, and so does the denial

Feingold and Kerry are on the verge of having helped end the violence in the Congo

Zogby has McAuliffe up in VA by 12 and "headed for big win".

NFL Forbids Chiefs From Creating Their Own Schedule Again Next Season

Looking forward to movies starring these superheroes.

Dear Climate Scientists, Please Note the Global Terror at Fukushima Four

ING New York City Marathon: Double victory for Kenya

I have a question regarding immigration.....

de Blasio, Lhota enter home stretch of New York City mayoral race

Congo's M23 rebels declare ceasefire but shelling continues

Trick-or-treaters handed anti-abortion cards

Photos, Video: 1,600 Rally with President Obama for VA Democratic Ticket in Arlington

It's dark. It's cold. Why do I live in the northeast!

‘One church in Europe’-Old Catholics, Episcopalians commit to deeper communion

I know this is a low priority item.

"I Noticed This Tiny Thing On Google Maps. When I Zoomed In… Well, Nothing Could Prepare Me."

A sign of the shutdown? No permits issued for new buildings.

British minister says Islamic veil should be banned in courts

As Bush Settles Into Dallas, Golf Tees and Family Time Now Trump Politics

UK government reaction to NSA leaks eroding freedom, rights groups warn

Top 10 Anti-Abortion Myths

From Kenya: A 4-year old's bucket list is completed

Newspaper: Snowden Documents Reveal Surprising Depth Of NSA Activities

Well, it's 5:05 and the sun is down,

After four and a half years, we now KNOW: It's useless to "reassure Wall Street"

Seahawks gettting their butts kicked by Tampa

Anybody else see the "Don't Enroll, Alaska" ad on tv this weekend?

Israel Furious at Obama for Outing Syria Strike; "Such behavior was "scandalous...""

There ought to be an ACA Group

Boehner Cries Yet Again

There ought to be an Anti-ACA group

Hagel: US To Expedite Delivery Of V-22 Osprey Aircraft To Israel

Chinese general cashiered over Tiananmen attack

That does it! I'm no longer an NPR listener!!

I didn't need a book to tell me.

Kerry Seeks To Bridge Gaps With Saudis, Pledges Stout US Defense Of Arab Friends From Attack

Japan relying on out-of-date data for hunts of small cetaceans

1,500 works by masters like Picasso and Renoir hidden by nazis found.

"I'm good at killing people" Haperin and Heilemann claim Obama said this?

Our Military - World Police?

PPP Polling tweets about Virginia poll in progress

Obama's Health Law Finally Gets Real For America

Employers Wariness Thwarts Many Blind Jobseekers

Chinese high-speed trains venture overseas

So how come NJ voters are going for both Booker and Christie this year?

The Anti GMO Crowd Finally Won Me Over

ADL National Director Foxman Confirms: Jewish Groups To Take 'Time Out' In Iran Sanctions Campaign

What would you rate as the 10 greatest albums of all time?

Your friend, "Mitt"

Important Update- DU Has A Pumpkin Smilie

Bronx hit and run leaves young father dead; Suspect arrested

Obamacare website to go offline overnight daily for repairs

Bipartisan House Gives In To Wall Street, Passes Dodd-Frank Rollback Drafted By Citigroup Lobbyists

There ought to be an Apathy group ...

Rallying for McAuliffe, Obama tears into tea party

Rebels Lose Ground To Assad Forces In Syria War; Free Syrian Army Official Akaidi Resigns

Obama's health law finally gets real for America

Terminal evacuated at Birmingham airport

US appeals court: Warrants needed for GPS tracking.

Have you morphed into being a horrible person?

Egypt changes venue for trial of ousted president

The overlooked witness who might be key to deciding Michael Skakel's

Jordan Valley Fence Would Finalize The West Bank's Complete Enclosure

The Silent Axe: Driving Palestinian Olive Farmers Off Their Land

NSA, Homeland Security issue ‘cease and desist’ letters to novelty store owner

Rick Perry Reminds Texans it's Time to Turn Back the Clock

Dez Doz it again! >>

Texas Abortion Restrictions Leave Many Women Without Services

Actually, The Link Between Sexual Assault And Alcohol Isn’t As Clear As You Think

Maybe one of these days we'll learn from the past....maybe...

Documentary on the KKK

Know Who to Blame