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Archives: November 5, 2013

US might set out its own peace plan in January...

Boehner: We Republicans still hate gays and Latinos

Do you live in MA, NH, RI.?

One more poll of Polls. Which fits your stance better?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Tired of the Republicrats and Demoplicans? Looking for some fresh ideas?

Just got my AFSCME membership card

What is the logical fallacy

Gay rights bill clears key hurdle in Senate

David Blunkett calls for urgent review of laws governing security services.

Who did Rand Paul bribe to get his Ophthalmologist license?

OSHA Weaknesses Force Workers to Choose: Report Safety Violations, or Keep Their Jobs?

Any NYers contemplating voting for de Blasio on a third party line tomorrow?

So true~

If Jesus Were GOP...

I voted! - Don't foget Tuesday, Nov. 5th.

Senate Moves Ahead with ENDA; Cuccinelli's Crazy Ping Pong Partner Puts Out Homophobic Ad

For TZ and Billwillq!!!!

Greece's debt inspectors back amid austerity anger

Michelle Rhee revolution faces massive threat — and new accusations (Bridgeport schools)

End Minimum Wage Law - Create Millions Of More Jobs

MS Word Lock out

Biden: “Everything they talk about, without exaggeration, is about turning back"

Guitar Center Workers In Las Vegas Vote To Unionize, Marking Third Union Win This Year(Bain Capital)

Move over, Ted Cruz: Rand Paul’s wacko public meltdown

Stormy Monday, 11/4/13

Every night Tweety is reporting on some birther s***. I am beginning to wonder why

Abortion Providers Appeal to U.S. Supreme Court

Church silent about where it houses credibly accused clerics

There Are Only Three Kinds of Jobs Where Women Earn More Than Men

Tweety Is unsufferable on Hardball

Honoring a picket line, but missed the strike, LOL!

Librarian: With Emanuel’s pension plan “...I got two feet in the grave”

Jerome Armstrong on THE FAILURE OF THE NETROOTS to Be What Was Hoped, Politically..

The Superrich Don't Need Our Middle Class Infrastructure

group insurance premiums expected to be up 6% - 7% (2013-2014) by benefits consultant, Aon Hewitt

12 year old with holstered handgun, father with shouldered rifle seen at Sky Harbor airport

Women’s Flexibility Is a Liability (in Yoga)

The Wall Street Code - How Wall Street Rips Off Main Street - The Algorithm Developers

IFC is starting a showing of Walter Hill's "The Warriors"!!!

Is this real?

Bill Maher riffs on Ted Cruz and marijuana

Have You Ever Voted To Retain A Republican Judge?

Some may enjoy this lively Biblical Criticism board, newly revived by Peter Kirby:

The Real Right-Wing Revolution Is Happening at the State Level

Gary Kubiak suffered mini-stroke

Wouldn't the pages Rand Paul scrubbed still be in the wayback machine?

House Passes Deregulation Bill Written by Citigroup

Consumer Reports destroys ACA 'rate shock' horror story

Canada quietly ratifies controversial international investment convention

The new MSNBC site is horrifying!

Refuse to remain silent

I need to say this.

WIRED: We’re About to Lose Net Neutrality — And the Internet as We Know It

I stand with Alan Grayson. The Tea Party IS like the Ku Klux Klan.

John Bolton needs his war fix......right now !!!!!

McAuliffe poised to win in VA. Lt. Gov. will go Blue too. Please, get that AG race too and SWEEP.

I cooked a delicious bowl of Spinach Au Gratin for my date...

OMG. I saw two big roaches in the house tonight.

Patti Smith on mourning Lou Reed: Lou had chosen the perfect day to set sail—the day of poets

CNN: Meet your friendly neighborhood drones!

Sky-High in the Polls, de Blasio Seeks a Mandate

Blaming the Poor for Poverty

Rafael Cruz: LGBT rights and evolution are communist brainwashing lies to kill God

A poem of sorts for the season

Sharon was a very gifted girl. Her parents noticed that even at a very young age, she looked at..

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Dirty Laundry & a new Kitteh gif

Fellow NY'ers, how are you voting on Prop 1 and other amendments?

If you even thought of not voting tomorrow

Chris Christie from a kid born in Jersey

EVEN MORE: Sections Of Rand Paul’s Op-Ed On Drug Sentencing Plagiarized From Article Week Earlier

Fla. man convicted in killing of Washington's Sean Taylor

A couple old pics I'd forgotten I took

Plutocrats vs. Populists: Good Piece Until the End -- Answers are Easy (Dean Baker)

Sixteen special legislative elections tomorrow.

Slice of life - Train time.

Does anyone know how the 26th District race is going?

Rachael Maddow is about to address the Rand Paul statement after the break

I have to prove my manhood n/t

Sarah Palin 2016: Former Alaska Governor Laying Groundwork For Possible Presidential Run

Ready for Hillary---Mujeres para Hillary-

Welfare vs. the Second Amendment

Andy Lopez Family Files Federal Lawsuit, Claiming Violation of Fourth Amendment

NY Times: Poverty in America is Mainstream

Has anyone gone on the website "Right Wing Watch"

Story after story on the TV "news" about the website

When DiFi says "Snowden should have come to us", I think of my employer

Did anyone watch ABC news tonight

Passengers with fake tickets ejected from Air Canada flight

Clinton -Castro a winning ticket--there's 2 Castro brothers -pick one

Why isn't "Healthcare" a checkbox on your income tax return...?

Johnson & Johnson Fined $2.2 Billion And SAC Capital Will Pay $1.8 Billion In Settlements Recently..

Fossil of largest platypus ever is discovered in Australia

No shit?

WooHoo! I'm set fer life I tells ya!

U.S. appeals court halts horse-slaughter inspections

Covered California Info/Counseling Session

LOLGOP tweet

Its about damned time . . . .

I'm going to Oakland

New Republic - "Business Donors Were For Tea Party Challengers Before They Were Against Them"

Jimi on American Masters PBS...set your DVR!

Duffy allegations bring RCMP to PMO doorstep

Can a 'Country Mouse" ever really move back to the City...and get a "real job"?

"Can Science Explain Tea Partiers’ Rage?"

California probe of campaign donations sheds light on 'dark money'

Gunman opens fire at Garden State Plaza in Paramus, NJ

Thousands of Russian nationalists rally in anti-immigrant protests

Have you ever heard of a tree goat?

Dying here...

"I've been married sixteen years. I hear 'no' all the time."

Hundreds Of Federal Workers Look To Join Lawsuit Against Government Over Shutdown

So, my bike is dead.

Have you ever noticed how GOP and KKK spell the same thing?

Football fans boo president during National Guard ceremony

Michael Collins is the only human, dead or alive, not contained in the frame of this picture...

BREAKING NEWS Gunman on the loose at NJ Mall

They tore down their shelters, took their possessions, what is left ? (They need Anonymous)

Shooting reported at Garden State Plaza mall

Chris Wallace: One of the problems w/ Obamacare is to many poor people get Medicaid.

NSA Lawyer: Phone Surveillance Uses Stop-and-Frisk Standards

Hong Kong's Famous "Duckzilla" Has Been Officially Deflated

Dumb Criminals: Drunk French Teenagers Steal Llama From Circus, Take On Train Joyride

Holy Moly movie! "Deadfall"

Gun Nut Nation erupts again

"An Upward Redistribution of Income, not an Improving Economy Explains the Drop in the Deficit"

Kanye West co-opts Confederate flag

This is a damn shame!! (Caution! This photo is not for the faint of heart)

I somewhat doubt Rand Paul is a plagiarist

Kids React to Gay Marriage

So, the Senate "narrowly" advanced ENDA

"Tea Party's Senate Meddling Agitates Republican Campaign Committee (UPDATE)"

You gotta love this picture!

Special Investigation: How Insurers Are Hiding Obamacare Benefits From Customers

There's a thrill upon the hill!

Airports, restaurants, shopping malls and people still don't think we have a problem

What the (bleep)-ing hell??!!??

Yes, Virginia, there is a vast left-wing conspiracy.

Tedeschi Trucks Band @ The Albert Hall

The liberation of NYC starts today. Vote tomorrow my friends.

Sardine population plummets along U.S. West Coast — AP: Collapse of species feared

Paramus mayor says gunman is gone and mall is still in lockdown

The Nazis Targeted Certain Groups Like The GOP Does. Should We Call It The Republikkkanazi Party?

*Check out Nancy Pelosi on Charlie Rose.

Insurance Scam: Obamacare Benefits left out of letters.

For crying out loud! My neighbors down the street have a full blown Christmas display up!

Paula Abdul connects to Jewish roots in Israel

"You know, one of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror." -GWBush

You know what's sad?

Why I stopped watching porn: Ran Gavrieli at TEDxJaffa 2013

Sigh...the next time a person asks me (after finding out I'm an Atheist)...

How far into the future does the google calendar go?

"The GOP’s new reality"

Googol and Googolplex - Numberphile

Cuccinelli Fundraising Hampered By 'Sense Of Entitlement,' GOP Consultant Says

Norway to broadcast 100 hours of chess

Two-Faced Allies: Pakistan and the U.S.

Egyptian Scholars Now Believe The Cause Of King Tut's Death Was a Freak Chariot Accident

As A Vet I Don't Take My Countrymen Seriously When They Say Thank You.

The Kitties of Kyoto.

Anyone else reading Double Down tonight?

I'm so sad... going to possibly lose an election tomorrow due to no fault of my own

"Cowboy up, kiddos!"

Wall Street Legend William H. Gross Admits: ‘We Got Rich Off the Backs of Workers’

okay the Hallmark channel is pissing me off.

Gateway to Forever

Kids React To Gay Marriage

Anyone ever try ear candling?

Why Would Anyone Want to Attack a TSA Agent?


Advice To Enjoy Being Young Came Out Way Sadder Than Intended

Nail-biter mayoral election in Cincinnati

Today is Tuesday, November 5th - Wake up America! Drink some coffee, get dressed, and go VOTE!!!

Mother banned from school because she has a conceal carry permit, posted it on FB

Trust in me

Hawaii Police Union President's Shocking Testimony Against Same-Sex Marriage

Oregon will recognize same-sex marriages from other states.

Making Charlotte's Web Oil

Meet the Lone Ranger.

5 Endangered Whales Found Dead on Russia’s East Coast

Paxman: Brand was right over public's disgust at 'tawdry pretences' of politics.

Israelis Plan New Colonies, Oil Drilling, on Palestinian Land During "Peace Talks"

India launches spacecraft to Mars

Not an advertisement, but 3D printers for sale to the general public?

Five years in prison for homeless mom that sent her child to school

Senators grapple with health care rollout woes

BlackBerry to focus on software _ not devices

IN MY OPINION Greg Cote: Miami Dolphins bullying scandal puts spotlight on troubling locker room ‘cu

Please help Tennessee women keep their pro-choice rights

Report: 2 armed men in Denver school

Food stamp cuts are ideological, not fiscal: Republicans make the poor pay to balance the budget

Voting day and foolishness has already started in Marietta, Georgia

How Republican govs like Rick Scott killed high speed rail.

Rand Paul’s Wacko Public Meltdown

Beware: Huge Media Companies Are Selling Corporate Ideology as the 'New American Center'

'12 Years a Slave' Highlights America’s Shocking Record of Female Subjugation

As long as Will Pitt is doing it, I think I'll call myself out

Doctors Tortured Detainees in the War on Terror

Election Day 2013: The Fate of the Tea Party, GMO Labeling and Other Issues At Stake

Kevin Cullen on the anti-union bent of the local media

Scott is scared of Charlie Crist in FL

~8.8 Billion Earth Like Planets In This Galaxy Alone

Two armed juveniles held after breaking into Denver middle school: cops

So the results are in!

Ken Cuccinelli nods approvingly as Ron Paul rants about "nullification"

Nazi Plunder: 1,500 Modern Artworks Found in Munich Flat

Abbott Leads Davis by 6 Points in Latest UT/Texas Tribune Poll

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Vote

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Garden State Plaza shooting suspect killed self in mall, authorities say

The tea party; these are the children of Obamacare

Any DUers following the black lung cover up and Johns Hopkins

Responsible Gun Owner Shoots Self, Young Daughter While Cleaning Gun

Arkansan Inventor of 3D Printed Gun causing International Controversy, possible jail time

What is Google building out in San Francisco Bay?

Why dengue and yellow fever could be coming to a city near you

Fresh Plagiarism Charges Raised Against Rand Paul

Probably the biggest reason Republicans oppose Obamacare . . .

A daily occurrence? 2 Armed Juveniles Detained In Empty Denver School, Police Say

How Guy Fawkes Inadvertently Created The Word 'Guy'

Obama Defends 'Keep Your Plan' Claim

Just voted!

Southern survival: On the Gulf Coast, a community fights for its life{LARGE image warning}

Stop calling JFK conservative: The right’s favorite new lie is filled with historical flaws

It’s Election Day, and the Koch brothers have more votes than you do

Harvest of Shame (CBS, 1960, Edward R. Murrow)

John Carlisle: Utopia-seeking squatters struggle to create oasis in rough Detroit neighborhood

Big Money Flows in New Jersey Races to Thwart Christie Agenda

If you have friends and family in Virginia, call/text/email them today and make sure they vote.

For Uninsured, Clearing a Way to Enrollment

Senate Democrats Pause From Obamacare to Push Labor Bills

Toward Ending Workplace Discrimination - By The NYT Editorial Board

Garden State Plaza shooting suspect killed self in mall, authorities say

Skydivers in plane collision caught on camera: We'll jump again

Hillary in 2016? Not So Fast - By Frank Bruni

This Transatlantic Trade Deal is a Full-Frontal Assault on Democracy

So is the NRA going to be satisfied when the malls are empty?

On This Day: November 5...

Guy Fawkes..Hero or Terrorist?

Five directors who "Get it."

How McAuliffe became the frontrunner: 8 turning points in the race for Virginia governor

DPW Chair Tate's candidate for Gov supports Geobic mine, offshoring jobs and charter schools

Ukraine, Chevron Seal $10Bln Shale Gas Deal

Up to 17 million Americans eligible for Obamacare tax credits: Chicago Tribune

Alabama GOP Special Election Candidate Told Gays To 'Go Back To California Or Vermont'

Robert Scheer: Pay No Attention to That Imperialist Behind the Curtain

And one more time before Ken Cuccinelli fades away ....

Bigfoot hunting, you're doing it wrong (or, what would happen if Cheney hunted bigfoot?)

is it too late to prepare for climate change?

Diablo Canyon needs to spend up to $12B to stay open

Progressive Chicagoans Take Budget Hearings into Their Own Hands—No Emanuel Necessary

Oliver Stone and the JFK Assassination

Terry McAuliffe grabs huge lead as my family votes!

Dean Baker: The Weak Economy and Deficit Reduction: Deniers and Terrorists

Worker's Power offers critical support for Moore and Sawant.........

Will it be Hillary or Elizabeth? Your thoughts?

adapting to climate change: it's not about giving up, it's about getting real

The plot thickens in the NFC North ......

Bangladesh court sentences 152 to death for 2009 mutiny

Gay, Christian High School Student Suspended For Ripping His Own Bible

Guy Fawkes Night 2013 is Nov. 5: Will you celebrate?

McAuliffe - Northam - Herring

"possible plagiarism"times a-LOT.. at least 8 (you can check for yourself)

I was wondering, what is up with all these Guy Fawkes posts, but then .......

On those "low cost" health insurance plans...

"Cattywampus" or "catterwampus" (or "kittywampus")?

Bangladesh seeks 77% rise in wage for garment workers

Brief overview of NPR's coverage during my commute this morning

John Bolton is kicking and screaming for a war

"Why should I pay for the library?" and other Election Day derpitude

Big turnout in Northern Virginia

Sections Of Rand Paul’s Op-Ed On Drug Sentencing - Plagiarized From Article Week Earlier

Assad advisor: With political will, Syrian crisis over in 2 weeks.

Hamburg is planning to make cars superfluous in the next 15-20 years

chuck toad gives cuccinelli a final morning boost on voting day....won't help chuck.

Heads need to roll for ACA still draining Obama's time and political capital!

Suspected N.J. mall gunman found dead

"Honest consideration is for wankers!" . . . Please come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!!

Where were you when they told us the world as we know it is over?

Sources: Alleged (LAX) shooter hated government, 'New World Order'

How the media’s blowing the Obamacare rollout

How Democrats Are Helping Chris Christie Become the Next George W. Bush

The (primary) problem with “Double Down”

Just finished voting.

Man gets "raped" by police and medical staff after a routine traffic stop


Dean Baker: The Weak Economy and Deficit Reduction: Deniers and Terrorists

On the Road: Middle school football players execute life-changing play

Find something to be happy about today (Tuesday Nov 05, 2013)

5 people boarded Venezuela-Toronto Air Canada flight using fake tickets

Forget Chris Christie: 5 under-the-radar races to watch today (from pot to schools)

Happy Guy Fawkes Night! 3-ginger parkin with vanilla-apple compote:

Let's Blow Up Parliament

Here: I fixed Andy Card's transcript from Morning Joe

"Remember, remember, the fifth of November, Gunpowder Treason and Plot"

Vanishing Wetlands, Polluted Streams, Erosion - Iowa Pays The Price For Ethanol

Human Bacterial Resistence Genes Confirmed In Crows, Gulls, Flies, Seawater, More

Bush Chief Of Staff Wishes Obama Wouldn't 'Mislead The American People

Debunking the Spin: Voters Want Change, Not “Centrism”

Handy Summary Of IPCC Report So Far: "Animal Planet Will Get Really Boring"

Don't forget to VOTE today!

Despite Drought, Colorado River (TX) Expected To Support 1 Million In Austin By 2025

Apple Opening Arizona Plant With 2,000 Workers

"Children of the Core": The Final Sacrifice

The Annual Jimmy Kimmel, "I ate all your Halloween candy" videos.

8 YO Chinese Girl Diagnosed With Lung Cancer; Caused By Pollution, Doctors Say

"Four score and a couple hours ago. . . ." Please come CAPTION Rand Paul!!!

Lounge, time for our morning calistenics.

Ron Paul Calls For 'Nullification' Of Obamacare: 'Pretty Soon...We're Just Going To Ignore The Feds'

Good luck, Terry.

Melting Starfish Disease Confirmed All Along US West Coast; No El Nino Link

Tepco to conduct fuel removal test at reactor 4

You know how you break a vegetarian?

Nuclear/shale oil hybrid system recommended for AGW solution by MIT Nuclear Science Dept

Gangstas casing the joint:

Religion’s surprising emotional sense: New atheists are wrong again

JFK Conference: Bill Kelly introduced new evidence - adding Air Force One tape recordings

Senator Rand Paul Faces New Charges of Plagiarism

Happy 120th birthday Raymond Loewy

Chris Wallace: 'One of the Problems' with Obamacare is Too Many Poor People Get Medicaid

Lounge, time for our morning calisthenics (REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS EDITION)

LAX TSA Shooting: NRA Made it Easier to Bring Guns to Airport

Why is the Obama administration bowing to religion?

Homeless man gets new teeth, and more

Shrub's only legacy: REVENGE on b.f.e.e. enemies: CBS not inviting Dan RATHER to JFK special

'Russia for Russians'

Congress' Support for 0.5% Tax on Wall Street Grows, But Majority of Democrats Still Not On Board

Jesus Christ all MSNBC is doing this morning is bitching about the ACA

GMO Wars: The Global Battlefield

Bonfire Night should be banned because its 'anti-Catholic', say campaigners

OH HELL NO: Dozens of Deadly Spiders Burst from Banana As Woman Prepares to Eat It

Anyone else's cats have a problem with standard time?

America has more prisoners than high school teachers

Widow's strong testimony key to helping secure conviction in arson death

Netflix enters Oscar race with move into original documentaries

Texas Republicans Still Love Ted Cruz: Poll

Rachel Maddow - Rand Paul scandal hurts his standing at home

The Democracy Scam = Toon

Gran Turismo 6: A list of all 1197 cars

Everyone Should Go Ahead and Get Registered for the ACA, Private Insurance-ObamaCare is

Does everyone in Arkansas carry a shotgun?

History is on the side of ENDA: its time has come

BLAMING OBAMA for sucky HCIs canceling their sucky plans post ACA being put in as law is so.....

Oh God I just saw the funniest Family Guy clip ever!

Tune in…this is going to be fun! –mo (earlier: Prez and First lady reopen WH tours- vid)

Liberal senators push to expand Social Security

Can We Start Firing People for Being Conservative, Christian Republicans?

Rachel Maddow - A law so obvious some think it already exists

Raise Idaho's minimum wage

Private Insurance, Ready to Confuse the ACA Plans By Using the Term ObamaCare.

Pittsburgh woman finds incredible deal with Affordable Care Act

Pic Of The Moment: Politico: Moderate House Republicans Vow To Speak Up Against Conservatives

About those problems with the ACA roll-out - a little context -

Scientists sign declaration that animals share the same awareness with humans

oh joeybeeeeee! -- somebody wants to say HI!

It's Election Day in Detroit...

When do VA polls close?

Off with Google Instant Prediction......

A good way to get more stuff is to pretend there's something wrong with whoever won't give you it.

LGBT rights and evolution are communist brainwashing lies to kill God

Will a child find religion on its own?


I Just Voted

Bring it on, Rand Paul

Nobody could have anticipated that Insurance Companies would deceive people

Goodwill caught selling donors' personal information

"Believe in ESU": Students, Professors & Union Activists Rally Against Education Cuts [FULL VIDEO]

@GovWalker withdraws elections board nomination

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: A Personal Take on Cuts in Food Stamps

Rachel Maddow - Good luck voting. You might need it.

Decisions Are Made by Those Who Show Up

John Kerry: Up to Saudi Arabia to decide if women should be allowed to drive

White House Sees 'No Alternative' to NSA's 'Collect It All' Approach

Jon Stewart skewers Toronto mayor Rob Ford over crack smoking

Palm-Size Drones Buzz Over Battlefield

GOP Uses the Term ObamaCare to Bait and Switch Back to Corporate Pricing Control and

Paella recipe

What is classical liberalism?

3 Michigan cities consider easing marijuana laws

Bill de Blasio Talks Religion in the Bronx

"Believe in ESU": Students, Professors & Union Activists Rally Against Education Cuts [FULL VIDEO]

Starfish wasting disease baffles US scientists

"Active Shooter Training"

North Dakota oil boom brings worry to Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Major Newspapers to staff---write crap that pisses people off

Service Sector's Growth Accelerated In October, ISM Index Indicates

Environmentalist opposed to central Colombia mining project assassinated

Fake Jerry Jones 2013 Week 9 Recap - Why we're called America's Team

The Woman Who Has As Close To A Superpower As We Can Get

Hagel Calls for Smaller Force to Protect Technology Edge

Ted Cruz Uses 'Obamacare' Strategy to Attack ENDA's Transgender Provisions

What's It All About, Gonzo?

Justices Suggest They May Curb Congress’s Power in Poison Case

Why You Shouldn't Take a Vacation From HIV Treatment

Remember, Remember

Bill de Blasio Elected Mayor of New York City (Based on zero percent of votes counted - Gawker)

I know it's three years away but:

Obamacare: Fear, Doubt And Confidence Crisis, Dem Senator Warns

anybody know what the turn out is like in Virginia today?

What to Say When Asked How You Got HIV

Tapping Medical Marijuana’s Potential

2016: you know if it is Clinton vs Christie

Ken Cuccinelli's Parting Gift to Democrats: An "Obamacare Referendum"

Obama White House Sees 'No Alternative' to NSA's 'Collect It All' Approach

Palestinians: The War between Mahmoud and Mohamed

California emissions rise on San Onofre shut down

Meet Uncle Sam, Your Partner in Crime

Homeownership Rate Climbs From Lowest Level Since 1995


Gallup: Trust in Media Recovers from all-time low. Dems trust media more than GOPers.

Going to a meeting

Ron Paul releases "Greatest Hits" album of batshit crazy comments at Virginia rally for the Cooch.

*Unwanted pregnancy* should be rare. Abortion is needed as often as it is needed.

Thom Hartmann: Who is Really Behind our Crumbling Infrastructure?

Obamacare Site Can Handle 17,000 People an Hour, CMS Says

OH SHIT!!!! the Federal health care website response time is getting better

One mother's story shows plight of trapped women

Coburn Facing Another Cancer Fight

Nov. 4, 2013 President’s Meeting with Guantanamo Special Envoys

I believe that one of the biggest or possibly the biggest issue of the day is free and fair voting.

Money from the Left and Right is Distorting Democracy This Election Day

Cal State budget plan includes hiring more than 500 full-time faculty (LA Times)

One mother's story shows plight of trapped women

Fukushima - A Global Threat That Requires a Global Response (Please Sign Petition)

NJ Democrats thank Obama

loser walker loses another one

The Super Rich are Betraying America - $25 Trillion of New Wealth

Clock Question

"UK's Royal Mail Privatized and Sold to Investors"--Will Enrich Investors, but Workers Worse Off.

Rand Paul Caught Scrubbing Transcripts From Website After Plagiarism Charges

The TSA Shootings At LAX Highlight America’s Real Terror Threat

Toronto Mayor Ford Admits He Smoked Crack

Email: Public Hearing on Voting Rights - You're invited!

One special request: Everyone vote in Texas today, just to show them we can!

Viral Videos: 9-year-old opera singer stuns all

Where were you when they told us the world as we know it is over?

Toronto Mayor Ford admits crack cocaine use

V For Vendetta/Guy Fawkes masks being made in an overseas sweatshop

I'm with Leymah.

North Korea Allegedly ‘Making Progress’ On Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

Higher Taxes VS Dead Kittens

Please vote today, just to show we can and will take back our state

“I left shaking”: Teacher Chris Christie yelled at unloads to Salon site response times are getting better

for my 10,000th post! Thank you DU

777X would face logistical challenges in South Carolina

Kentucky's Obamacare Website Works, But Word Of Mouth Is What Sells It

Fox News guest: ‘Obamacare is a war on bros’ because rates are same as women

Obamacare Website Security Tests Never Finished Before Launch

UN: 40 percent of Syrians need humanitarian aid

Should visitors to schools be prohibited from bringing firearms on the property?

Election Day Pennsylvania: State Police running speed patrol within eyeshot polling place

Will VA follow CA?

What Congress didn't say: Obamacare outlaws policies that are essentially worthless

A Noah's Ark theme park in the BAY AREA?!

Florida punctures 'school-to-prison pipeline.' A national model?

Charlie Trotter has died.

Why Teens Aren't Going To The Mall As Much As They Used To

Ted Cruz & GOP gov't shutdown prove Tea Party is step to post-democracy America

At 12 PM today I was voter number 112.

Patrick Stewart is a Boss.

An appeal to the NY County Board of Elections . . .

Is this Walker's first roll-out of his Presidential ads?

Mike Luckavich toon...ROTF

This virtual 10-year-old-girl just outed 1,000 sexual predators

Scientists Summarize the Newest IPCC Climate Report

Ideas you wish you'd thought of:

Humans Are On The Verge Of Losing One Of Their Last Big Advantages Over Computers

NYSE’s Next Owner Says Small U.S. Investors Get Ripped Off

So this happened nearly one year ago

Can you crowd fund a manhunt for Joseph Kony?

Omahan's motorcycle, stolen in 1967, turns up in Los Angeles

Tell me about your favorite one-hour lunch spot

Results for #RandPaulSpeeches ...LOL

"Why National Democrats Rolled Over for Chris Christie"--- The Daily Beast

Why you should vote Libertarian Today

Alienating Big Business: Lack Of Money For Conservative Republicans A Trend Across The Country

8.8 billion habitable Earth-size planets exist in Milky Way alone

i'm a bit of a mess today, i need some sympathy

Did the White House really say there is "no alternative" to the NSA's 'collect it all' approach?

what's for dinner - tuesday, nov. 5

Vatican launches world survey on modern family life

Rand Paul caught once again

Art Bell Leaves SiriusXM

The Virginia Gubernatorial Race Proves the GOP Is Suicidal

Senator Obliterates GOP Talking Point On Obamacare’s Maternity Coverage In 60 Seconds

Dont get upset about Virginia tonight. It will appear bad

CNN's Most Dramatic Airports leaves one big one out.

Radioactive Pot?

Professors Who Get Paid To Shill For Wall Street - Lee Fang Discusses

Go Vote

Blue Cross tacitly admits it: ObamaCare wasn’t why they cancelled all those policies.

Dumb Criminals: A Recap Of 2013's Bizarre Food Heists

Should visitors to schools be prohibited from bringing firearms on the property?

Word is there is serious Vagina Probe Backlash in Virginia

City of Dearborn Mich. says that it is not under Shariah law after conservatives fall for satire

The Great Recession may have crushed America’s economic potential

Maddow: Good luck voting today if you aren’t white

Do these people know no shame?

Rudolph arrives early in one sleepy French town

Some think we can work out our differences with Chris Christie. Think again.

Definite Problems with Obamacare Website (Yes, I know it isn't a Shock.)

Tomorrow morning Morning Joe and his crew will talk Christie's win non-stop. Little or no mention

"We have lost 14 States in this union to the most corrupt group of citizens I've ever known."

Honduras: Elections offer chance of turning point for country with world's highest murder rate

Wisconsin: A DNR agent speaks out

GOP Chairwoman Accidentally Tweets in Support of ‘War on Women’

Colbert writer sets up Twitter account to mock Fox News ‘sock puppets’

A great message....

Unexpected Friends

Senator Obliterates GOP Talking Point On Obamacare’s Maternity Coverage In 60 Seconds

Paul Ehrlich: Overpopulation and the Collapse of Civilization

John Cornyn, Ted Cruz oppose ban on anti-gay discrimination

GOP at risk of losing Bill Young’s seat

The implosion of the GOP brand, in one more chart

New York opens voter hotline on Election Day

"Palin will give my ticket gravitas." Pleasec come CAPTION Ted Nugent!!!!

Fox "News" Medical Expert

Despite all the wailing and gnashing of teeth, Richie Incognito will probably be back in the NFL ...

Red Wing Pottery, iconic brand, faces closure

SEE for yourself:CNN to broadcast "Pandora's Promise" on Thursday

How many of you are NOT buying much if any this Christmas?

Jim Carrey ~ just mouthing off again.....Well said, Mr. Carrey...

How to turn hate for the poor into $5,800,000

Girl Who Dressed As Boston Bombing Victim, Threated With Rape And Death, Fired From Job, And Had Nud

Wapo's Greg Sargent: Liberal push to expand Social Security gains steam

OK, OK... you've dodged the bullet so far, but you Obama-lovers just wait 'til the next hurricane!!!

A one year old child beginning to think.

Fox news hacked (updated: screen shots, back to 'normal' now)

A World Where Everything Has A Price Tag

A World Where Everything Has A Price Tag

Dramatic skydiver crash caught on tape

How do I make my meatloaf fluffier?

"Believe in ESU": Students, Professors & Union Activists Rally Against Education Cuts [FULL VIDEO]

Regarding those mistakes made by science…

This information was available to news media and policy holders since March 2010.

Not endorsing violence, just pointing out the stupidity of her position.....

Does anyone know what time they will start to release the internals of the exit polls?

Song on the brain--When is the last time you heard this one?

CO: GOP gubernatorial candidate gives anti-recall protesters the finger

Rob Ford was against crack cocaine before he was for it........

So this latest case of mall shooter seems different...

Glenn Beck: We don't need no stinkin' FDA

I'll just leave this here.

Hamburg is planning to make cars superfluous in the next 15-20 years

Sorry, America, You’re Wrong, the Jews Did Not Kill Jesus

Talk about some sneaky bastards.

Are You a F*cking Feminist? [Lady Bits]

how easy is it for you to vote?

Why are guns and death so prevalent in our society?

Fake Jason Garrett

Rand Paul Adding Footnotes So People "Leave Me the Hell Alone"

Take that, cheeseheads!

CNN Has Lowest Ratings Week in a Year

Question: Should convicted felons be able to vote

It's a Fox news story, but still --

You'd Have to Kill Me Before I'll Enforce Marriage Equality, Says Hawaii Police Union President

Apple issues public report detailing government information requests it receives

Taxing the Movement of Money

Going to see Mary Ellen Mark tonight. So excited!

Great pic of de Blasio and family today.

Have you guys thought about Hellbanning instead of PPR'ing

Football coach fired after trying to take team to Hooters

Montgomery County voters deciding on who will be in their new legislature

E-Voting Trouble During Today's Elections in Virginia, New York, and Elsewhere

Had to do a tricky skin excision this morning in clinic.

John Kerry Bucks Israel’s Warning On Iran: We Will Give Diplomacy A Chance

(NHLer) Tyutin defends Varlamov, blasts American laws

Michael Hastings's brother rules out foul play in death; says media sensationalized

No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project

‘WEEEEEEEE’: Internet Finds Endless Entertainment In Fox News Website Troubles

What The Media Won’t Talk About: 17 Million Uninsured are Eligible for ACA Tax Credits

Matt Drudge weighs in on the NYC mayor's race

Charles P. Pierce: Nat'l Democrats - Wrong. Very wrong. Incredibly wrong. Spectacularly wrong.

Gotta Love Big Papi.

What type of Democrat would vote for Chris Christie?

Hau'oli la hanau (happy birthday) to deOccupy Honolulu! Two years old today.

CREW Files Complaint Against Koch's Secret Dark Money Giant

Why is Jake Tapper on CNN giving so much time to Chris Christie?

If you think someone is a very patient troll

KRUGMAN to GOP "I guess it’s a matter of who you’re gonna believe—Ayn Rand or your own lying eyes"

ObamaCare price hikes hit 'red states' hardest

VA: Counties/cities to watch tonight

Fast-food experts analyze 5,427 kids' meals -- only 33 are healthful

Why should we care if Rob Ford smoked crack?

Obamacare Reduces Kentucky’s Uninsured By 5 Percent In The First Month

I was wrong in what I posted and it was right my posts were hidden.

I VOTED! Although I admit, I don't know who the hell I voted for.

An amusing bit of satire

Jimmy Kimmel's a hard, cruel man! And so are some parents...

GOP Senators Urge Colleagues To Adopt Disabilities Treaty

Know anyone that referred to cocaine as weed?

In memory of Betsy Smittle. Gone but not forgotten.

I voted for a Republican for the first time in my life today.

TX-sized floating island containing one million tonnes of junk from Japan tsunami drifting toward US

Construction equipment stolen at I-95 Confederate Flag site

Two Years After Fukushima, Japan Opens Biggest Solar Power Plant, Reaching A National Milestone...

Poll: GOP 2016 pick a 4-way split

I think I mis-understand the nature of a group--

Ice Forecasts?

The 8 turning points of the Va. Gov race (Wash. Post)

Wow! They really are manning the phones

B.C.'s Nisga'a becomes only First Nation to privatize land

As the #Obamacare website gets fixed, expect to see more stories like this

Why it's Misleading to say we are in Debt

To Stave Off Decline, Churches Attract New Members With Beer

Sen. Sanders: The Older Americans Act

Kevin Cullen on the anti-union bent of the local media

Voters To Decide Winner In Heated Brooklyn DA Race

Aaron Rodgers has fractured left collarbone

Counter for an argument about min wage.

10 Brainteasers to Test Your Mental Acuity

Hospitals in Anzoategui are without medical supplies

Pope Francis' latest surprise: a survey on the modern family

4 More hours to vote in New York State. Polls close at 9 PM Eastern.

Another House GOP Subpoena Issued For Enrollment Data

McConnell Addresses Obamacare's Success In Kentucky

Obamacare 'rate shock' victim changes her mind, calls the law a 'blessing in disguise'

Need help with your annual C-Mas Family Newsletter? New Years Invitations, etc?

For the NPR haters - a couple finds relief in Obamacare

Christie Says Romney Apologized For Book Leaks

Exit poll internals from the mayors race.

Illinois State House Passes Gay Marriage Bill

British Couple Choose A Horse For A Bridesmaid At Their Wedding

Island of debris the size of TEXAS from 2011 Japanese tsunami is headed straight for the U.S.

Justin Bieber Offered Job As A Pimp At A Brazillian Brothel

Clay May Have Been Birthplace of Life, New Study Suggests

Wands for Prayer & Meditation FIXED link!!!! Pinterest should work

Vote on Paper Ballots

Colon cancer testing rates leveling off, CDC finds

Canuck Cruz's Poppy: Gays Stole The Word 'Gay,' Are 'Potential Sexual Predators'

A Classic Gets Remade

Crap. The trial for the voter id case may not take place until after 2014 elections

My Dear, religion is like a penis...

No time to be timid.

Rafael Cruz: LGBT rights and evolution are communist brainwashing...

Rep. Scott Tipton (R): "I Never Voted To Shut Down Government"

gay Honolulu PD officer calls on department to disavow union president's stance...

Fox "News" got hacked....

Don Gordleone Starring Abe Vigoda and Phish

NYT election results page.

Noam Chomsky | De-Americanizing the World

Sign the dKos petition: Tell CBS News to correct their misinformation on Obamacare

Middle school coach plans to take team to Hooters - or lose job trying

Food Safety Modernization Act Threatens Fresh, Healthy and Sustainably Grown Food

Nancy Pelosi to read Top 10 list on 'Late Show' (preview)

This you have got to hear. Self taught 9 yr old girl sings Puccinini. Staggering.

Amazing coincidence : The South Carolina attorney who says that compromised his

Since the Vehicle Safety Act was passed in 1966, more than 390 million vehicles have been recalled.

Woman captures domestic abuse in 'a photo a day' video. take note of my edit, people

Finding the Higgs Leads to More Puzzles

Hillary Clinton Again Shuts Out Media

Aaron Rogers injury...announced...fractured collar bone


B.C., Alberta reach agreement on Northern Gateway Pipeline

Firm applies to build largest pipeline yet from ND

Master developer of 67-acre Walter Reed campus named.

HuffPo: Social Security Cut Would Put More Money In Seniors' Pockets, GOP Claims


What were you doing last year at this time?

Injured Indiana hunter chooses to end life support

*** Official - It's too frigging early for returns thread *****

Okay how many U.S. House and Senate seats are up for re election tonight?

Man Wanted To Watch His 11-Year-Old Daughter Get Beaten, Raped By Stranger

Illinois Senate Passes Same-Sex Marriage Bill


BREAKING: Neither Obama or Clinton on ballots in NJ, VA, NYC. Media impacted w/ time change glitch.

Disappointing cookies.

Radio report: very low turnout in Virginia

Ramblin' Man: John Kerry is a Figure of His Times (and That's Not a Good Thing) by Peter Van Buren

And the dominoes tumble...

FIRST ON CNN: US intelligence suggests Syria may hide some chemical weapons

Netanyahu Launches Twitter Campaign Against Iran’s Khamenei To Show 'Real Face Of Iran'


Israel Says Separation Wall Will Be Border

It's time to end the tax exempt status of politics from the pulpit

5 People Who Could Be Confirmed To The Supreme Court Once The Filibuster Is Nuked

U.S., Russia Fail To Agree On Syria Peace Talks Date

If you haven't yet signed this petition to get support for Sherrod Brown's SS bill, do it NOW!

Senate Vampires Working Overtime This Halloween - Common Cause

152 Bangladeshi Border Guards Get Death Penalty Over Revolt

Carter Center questions transparency of Venezuelan elections

Any virginia exit polls?

Pritzker Billionaire Brothers Turn From Family Feuding to Deals

Thorium vehicle will run 100 years on 8 grams of fuel

Why is broadband (so much) more expensive in the US?

The usual "conservative" method for dealing with dissent...

Why aren't the American pickers creating a new industry? Barge picking in international waters.


Sakartvelo (Georgia)

Escher, get your ass up here!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 6 November 2013

1 Year in an abusive relationship in 1 Minute (Anti-domestic violence campaign -Trigger Warning)

Illinois lawmakers vote to allow gay marriage

Daily Kos has a link to a petition to demand CBS correct the Barrette health insurance story.

White House Sidesteps On "Obamacare" Change

All at the same time, no less!

Supreme Court Dismisses Major Attack On Abortion Rights

Cargill To Label Meat After 'Pink Slime' Uproar

Paid for by the Hillary Clinton for President Committee

Big Cats . . . and Catnip

Peter Falk Roasts Frank Sinatra:

Lawsuit calls Georgia's 'Stand Your Ground' law unconstitutional

Link for election results here:

CBS Snubs Dan Rather In Kennedy Anniversary Coverage

I do NOT like sex with old, obese men: the perils of being a stock-shot model