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Lunatic Adam Kokesh pleads guilty to gun charges, released from jail

With Giant Gas Find, Israel is Poised for New Era

Morning Plum: Study suggests politics of Obamacare could shift against GOP

This Hidden Camera Footage Of A Gay Couple In Texas Will Shock You

Sometimes a piece of paper isn't enough protection...

Obama apologizes to Americans losing health plans

The Scott Walker Effect: Helping Democrats Win & Republicans Lose

DU - How can I start a DU group.

Keeping the people of the Philippines in our thoughts......

Heavy fighting rocks Libyan capital as rival militia battle

I would like to know how many people on this site


Striking, provacative, and NSFW (all OK on this post though)

John Pilger's "The War You Don't See" Documentary was Pulled by Liberal Left Foundation from Viewing

Found: A never-before-seen asteroid with six comet-like tails

What do you make Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland say Jonathan Martin should physically confront Incognito

Al Gore In 2016? Seeing more and more of him in the press and just wondering. What say you?

Anonymous Wal-Mart workers unload and urge protests on new website

I figured it out. The White privilege meme.

What a shot you could be....

Sir Patrick Stewart will be on Jon's show tonight..FYI..n/t

Republican anti-gay bigots are getting their clocks cleaned

The election of the physically unfit for 2016.

TDSWJS sent a 'gay' couple to Alabama and Mississippi, and the results were surprising

How can my wife be obessed with a show in which she hates about 85 % of the characters

Washington Post: New York’s incoming first family says it all with their hair

Two UFCW union jobs open ( Campaign Communications Coordinator & Senior Online Communications Specia

Chris Hedges at Moravian College: The Myth of Human Progress and the Collapse of Complex Societies

The Devolution of the Seas

First all-metal 3D printed gun?

Durbin Says Senate Democrats Will Back $10 Minimum Wage

Cross the Brazos at Waco!


Papantonio: Media Spin Won’t Change Chris Christie’s Extremism

NC Gov’t Apologizes for Traffic Alerts Saying 'Stay Home Because of Women Drivers and Obamacare'

I just got a McAfee alert that DU was a dangerous site first time I have seen that.

Great Video by men for men about what it means to be a man in U.S. culture

I don't believe there is a gender war on DU

Chuck Todd Grills Obama: Was the ‘You Can Keep Your Plan’ Line a ‘Political Lie’?

It's not okay to hate people b/c of race, gender, sexual preference -- or weight.

Obama Says He Would Never Have Dumped Biden

Oh. man!!! I'm gonna make a FORTUNE off'n you folks here in GD!!!

Man convicted of sex with girl, 5, to get new trial

My (apparent) little victory over Fox "News"!

Dazzling Twitter debut sends stock soaring 73 pct

Coach Daubenmire whines christians are being bullied by not being allowed to bully

49ers Aldon Smith, fresh from rehab and on bail, expected to play Week 10

Strongest typhoon of the year slams Philippines

Ill. Gov Will Sign Marriage Equality Bill November 20

CBS News Reviewing Benghazi Attack Story After "New Info" About Primary Source Revealed

Netanyahu: PA agreed to new settlement construction in exchange for prisoner release; Kerry denies

Hello Lounge

Ugh! On Chris Hayes now, libertarian from Reason Magazine is

What if the ACA regulated dogs instead of health insurance?

US unemployment benefit applications fall to 336K

Obama says he's sorry Americans losing insurance

What We Found at Hart Island, The Largest Mass Grave Site In the U.S.

Woman Tried To Wear Cheeseburger As Sandal After Having Sex In Waffle House Parking Lot

uh-oh. Is netflix not working for anybody else?

Jurassic Park In Real Life - Movies In Real Life (Episode 6): Funny

The Cruz family is a wee bit nuts

Report: Richie Incognito expected to file grievance against Dolphins

So, when does Carnival Cruz accuse Obama of being the 2nd gunman

Germany rules out asylum for Snowden

I lost my beloved Mina this afternoon.

Charlie Rose has been chanting more GOP horseshit again (yeah, so what else is new?)

Here is an interesting idea for a new type of electric car

ASK A SLAVE Ep 6: I Love That Boy

Major Insurance Company Faces Lawsuit For Allegedly Tricking Customers Into Canceling Their Policies

GOP candidate wants to tell Nairobi kids: ‘We already have someone from Kenya as president’

Is Texas not welcoming a president?

Anyone remember the chili cheese burrito from taco bell

Syria crisis: Saudi Arabia to spend millions to train new rebel force.

Protesters at Twitter HQ Fight for San Franciscans #ThrownOutByTwitter

Papantonio: Wealthy Get Subsidies, Poor Go Hungry

Boston Driving Song. Funny

Accounts Differ to F.B.I. and CBS on Benghazi (NEW NYT Article on 60 Minutes Report)

Sinead O'Connor on religion (2011 interview)

Saudi employers upset as labor costs soar after immigrant exodus

Trio arrested in 8-month-long torture of woman

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Motown & a new Kitteh gif

Fifteenth Republican Incumbent to quit house...

Hawks’ Dennis Schröder suspended one game for hitting DeMarcus Cousins in groin

State, federal charges in Miss. govt. agency probe

Bill Moyers on why the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement is death for democracy

Why would the President say that "if you like your plan, you can keep your plan"??

"'Enormous' gender gap costs Cuccinelli"

Lol...Rachel said "cucci coup"! n/t

cucci coup

Cop Teaches Man's Son a Lesson by Shooting Him Dead

Political wisdom.

We need a war on poverty, not teachers

Harry Reid Compares GOP's Obamacare Gripes To Lame Prison Jokes

Upper West Siders Optimistic About de Blasio Mayoralty

Best Australia line EVAH!

Why the fuck is Chuck Todd the one interviewing Obama for NBC???!!!???!!!

$10 Minimum Wage Proposal Has Growing Support from White House

Accounts Differ to F.B.I. and CBS on Benghazi--CBS will make a correction.

New push for immigration reform will target 9 House Republicans

CBS May Issue A Correction To Their Bombshell Report On Benghazi

Ruh roh! Chuggo has been spotted in GD!!

Happy Days are Here Again

Conservative columnist: Obama may be planning ‘false flag’ hate crimes to stir up racial unrest

3,000 Votes Missing in Fairfax County?!?

Billy Graham's Final Sermon: 'I've Wept' For America

Foyle's War came back with three new episodes. They are just incredibly good. Now we are sad...

Goldman Sachs orders staff to keep Saturday holy

Dogs shaking themselves dry in slow motion.

CBS News Pulls Troubled Benghazi Report As New Reports Eat Away At Source's Credibility

*Entire POTUS NBC interview

Manufacturing Glass Could Reduce Nuclear Waste By 90%

I'm hoping someone can help me find an author with some really vague clues.

Police Union bills shield misbehaving Cops

Map of the reuslts of the NY mayor's race.

George W. Bush to help group that converts Jews in effort to bring about 2nd coming of Jesus Christ

White and male privilege - or, why you're not necessarily a bad person for just being a white male

Right-wing talking point on De Blasio's win

Lara Logan: '60 Minutes' admits Benghazi source may have 'misled' her (LOS ANGELES TIMES)

The AFL-CIO ads broadcast republicans' ugliest anti-immigrant words

Google barge revealed: Artistic structure with 'fish fins'

Here is a Friend of mines Movie Website!

Bill Maher-Apoliticism shouldnt be a bragging point...

Highest Ranking Female Texas Republican Blasts GOP Effort To Legislate Women’s Bodies

How do I donate a star? I forget.

Hamas warns of grave conditions of Palestinian refugees in Syria

Does anyone have experience with a Health Savings Acount (HSA)?

Arab women push to the fore in Israel local vote

Models go topless to protest catwalk racism

Obama Goes Big in the Middle East

Exclusive: Snowden persuaded other NSA workers to give up passwords - sources

Is it time to end the global war on drugs?

Despite ‘huge’ hesitancy, seminaries branch out in online degrees

The One Where Bill Maher Left An Obamacare Hater Speechless With One Question

When a person's post get's alerted and juried...

ADL’s Foxman: U.S. Seen As ‘Weak’ On World Stage

Umm, thanks, I guess?

The Elephant in The Womb

Farc rebels reach deal with Colombia on political role in country

How to make work better, according to my 8 yr old

December 2015 release for new 'Star Wars' film

Denial-of-service tool targeting site discovered

Welcome to Toronto:

"US may split command of spy and cyber agencies"

Guess the city!! (abstract, metaphor)

My First Discussion: Note to Tea Party followers ... you've been had!

It's nice when we can talk with each other, and to each other, instead of past each other

Hangover Cure That We All Could Use

#VAAG Race - Multiple Dem sources - "smoking gun" something is up Fairfax Co = 3,000 missing votes

How can the New York Times endorse the Trans-Pacific Partnership??!!

FBI monitored anti-war website in error for six years, documents show

Possible discrepancy in Fairfax absentee votes could affect count in AG race

Super Typhoon Haiyan, one of strongest storms ever, hits central Philippines

Is the United States of America a Democracy or a Corporate Oligarchy?

Remember when Dan Rather was forced out of CBS because of his false story?

The United Nations vote on the Cuba embargo – 22 years in a row

local elections

fireworks thru the trees

spreading his wings

Sarah Palin Kicking Off Book Tour in Bethlehem, PA

Absolutely unimaginable this would happen in this country

Must see: Comparison photo of typhoon "Haiyan” to "Katrina"

Art Awareness: AIDS Epidemic Posters on Display and in New Book

I have to stop this charade... I can't stay away from this place. I thought I said goodbye on 10/11

"CBS Considers Coming Clean"

Iran Nuclear Deal Expected as Early as Friday

Thomas Edison.

Looks Like The Police Are Becoming The Enemy

Pope Francis drives an '84 Renault...

does anyone know the name of the movie

Ugh. RedState lashes out against women voters in wake of Cuccinelli loss

Jordan to replace Saudis on UN council

Comment, not a question...

Chinese labor camp inmate tells of true horror of Halloween 'SOS'

Exclusive: Snowden persuaded other NSA workers to give up passwords - sources

Anderson returns to court in Morton case

Here’s how people are changing their Internet habits to avoid NSA snooping

Jon Stewart Skewers Paul for Plagiarism : 'Rand Theft Caught-o'

Bombs Explode Outside Provincial Chinese Communist HQ | China Uncensored

Frenchman 'too big to fly on plane' stranded in US

Denial-of-service tool targeting site discovered

Imagine thinking the worst thing about rape is not the crime or the harm to victims

KOMO News: Seattle entrepreneur testing the law with his pot delivery service (recreational MJ)

KOMO News: Seattle entrepreneur testing the law with his pot delivery service (recreational MJ)

Happy 129th Birthday Hermann Rorschach! Cool Google doodle...

A little discussed and HUGE benefit of Obamacare:

Don't Knit and Drive.....

New Taliban Leader, no peace, no way, no talks. More War.

Brother dismisses conspiracy theories of ‘Michael Hastings truthers’

Super Typhoon Haiyan is officially the strongest cyclone to make landfall in recorded history.

PM Netanyahu on P5+1 Talks with Iran

Texas: Republicans Blame Wendy Davis for Complications Caused by Their Voter ID Law

Looks like Sen. Lindsey Graham’s office is going to need a new voicemail message

Kerry: Why do you want to build in what will eventually be Palestine?

The assault always happens twice

The rise of religion might be all about sex

Pope meeting Putin, could help mend Catholic-Orthodox relations

this should endear Christie to the baggers: GOP darling Christie to visit Vermont

Why is he giving the door a dirty look?

Andrew Kohut: The GOP Is in Better Shape Than You Think

Attend Metro hearings to fight back against cuts to bus service

Pop music a comparison

"Aloo" in Hindi means "Potato", but "Vindaloo" is unrelated, and doesn't contain potatoes

No net savings by increasing Medicare eligibility age

Advocates Urge Congress to Protect Older Adults during Current Budget Considerations

Che Guevara the new star signing for Brazilian club Madureira.

Accounts Differ to F.B.I. and CBS on Benghazi

Charles Pierce: Organized Labor Was the Real Winner This Election

NC Dept of Transportation traffic alert: Watch out for women drivers and Obamacare

I just donated to and volunteered for Jason Carter's campaign for GA Governor

US, Israel lose UNESCO voting right in dispute.

Saudis throw weight around in both Washington and Moscow

How does one cool down on a hot Mumbai day? A watermelon stand.

Find something to be happy about today (Friday Nov 08, 2013)

Greek police raid occupied and worker-run TV station

I went to Olive Garden last night

Nadya Tolokno of punk-rock band Pussy Riot is missing.

Nuclear Arsenal: US To Turn Old Bombs Into All-Purpose Weapons

Lindsey Graham's Proposed 20 Week Abortion Ban is Cruel and Dangerous

Why a liberal stays in the South

Spying Fallout: German Trust in United States Plummets

Germans see Snowden as hero but don't favor asylum : poll

We Sent Them to Brutal Wars: Now, the Untold Story Of What Happens When Soldiers Come Home

Privatization Nightmare: Sen. Dianne Feinstein's Husband Selling Post Offices to His Friends, Cheap

FBI Monitored Anti-War Website for Six Years in Error, Documents Reveal

Major misstep for Florida: Lawmakers vote down repeal of 'stand your ground'

BOOK REVIEW: Hell on the home front

Lawmakers vote down repeal of 'stand your ground'

Are we in for a cycle of violence?

Pakistan drone strike served CIA revenge

Glow of talks flattens nuclear reality

Doctor Housing Bubble 11/06/13

Incompatible allies

Get lucky

TPM: GOP Blockade Sells Even Old-School Dems On Nuking Filbuster

Shell denies lying about Nigeria oil spills, blames locals (says they stole oil)

Woman Has A Flash Mob In The Operating Room Before Her Double Mastectomy Surgery

Mormon church-owned company buys huge swath of Florida land

How Can the New York Times Endorse an Agreement the Public Can't Read?

Kerry leaves for Geneva; Netanyahu talks tough on Iran

Fukushima News 11/7/13: Fukushima At Most Dangerous Phase Since 311; IAEA & Fukushima Seawater

Jim Hightower | Can Wall Street Buy Redemption?

Tough nut Djokovic resists Del Potro, hope for Federer

Wall Street slumlords’ outrageous new scheme: How they could wreck the economy again

U.S. loses voting rights at UNESCO over Palestine row: sources

Military chiefs warn budget cuts could raise casualties

The LAX Shooting, Domestic Terrorism, and the NRA

Europe at 'polio risk' from Syria

FAA: Drone access to U.S. skies will take longer

Pentagon: Reports of sexual assaults up 46 percent

The NYT has endorsed the TPP

A Field Guide to Losing Friends, Influencing No One, and Alienating the Middle East


The next time my crazy brother in law talks about "radical left wing MSNBC"

Exxon fined for Arkansas spill, sued over Yellowstone spill, still just keeps making piles of money

As Guardian Snowden revelations attacked ..., paper says journalists prevented 'catastrophic leak'

Chris Christie is no moderate on the environment

The Public Option for Higher Education

This time, it's personal: Government spying hits Google where it hurts

UK intelligence chiefs get off scot-free in grilling on NSA leaks

Recent facts about photovoltaics in Germany - GREAT READ

GCHQ data snooping has "destroyed trust in British tech"

People power beats corporate utility 2-to-1 in Boulder

Africa’s first fair-trade clothing company is a huge deal

Another reported atrocity in Afghanistan

The Rude Pundit: Guns and Ammo Magazine Firing Shows Conservatism Is Fucked

Spying Fallout: German Trust in United States Plummets

Novel Genetic Patterns May Make Us Rethink Biology and Individuality

Ted Cruz Unilateralism a Prelude as Party Loyalty Falters

Really funny and unique squeaky toys - sale!

Obama Said to Back Democrat Push for $10.10 Minimum-Wage

U.S. Unemployment Rate Rises to 7.3% in Shutdown-Skewed October; 204,000 Jobs Added

Obama's 'You Can Keep Your Plan' Comments Problematic, Not a Big Lie

Oddly enough, the world of news keeps happening, even when I don't pay attention.

Bales prosecutor says quick resolution made sense in massacre case

The Mutilated Economy-By PAUL KRUGMAN — we’ve done ourselves immense long-term damage…

CBS apologizes for 60 Minutes Benghazi report - will issue correction

“Bullying” over vaccines?

Morning Joe still doin' "shudda, cudda, wudda" on Cuccinello...

Healthcare: Two LTEs that make some good points that I haven't heard.

Bill Moyers' Preview: How Dollarocracy is Destroying America

Texas Football Stadium Vote A Reason to Celebrate, Sort Of

Really funny, unique and durable squeaky dog toys - sale!

Are car headlights less effective as they get older? It's hard for me to see when driving

NYT: Swastikas, Slurs and Torment in Town’s Schools

Richie Incognito sexually assaulted/harassed Dolphin volunteer (2012)

Vatican calls speculation over female cardinals “nonsense”

Drones from the Other Side War Is A Crime .org

Pasta Zorba

DDoS & Security Reports-Digital Attack Map

Studying for a job interview - anyone else hate doing this?

Pressure Snowballs To Fix Pentagon Buys; Kendall Outlines Scrub Of All Acquistion Laws

Virginia Provisional Voters must present your documents by NOON today for votes to count.

Look, I know a lot of people don't want to discuss the problems of the ACA

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -Repubs

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Truths and Lies about Health Care

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -Football

Coach Daubenmire whines christians are being bullied by not being allowed to bully

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - The Rest

UK - Marine guilty of Afghanistan murder.

Fire burns Eminem's childhood home in Detroit

Picture Defines Empathy And Is A Lesson In Being Good

The Demolition Derby of consciousness. . . . Please come CAPTION Glenn Beck!!!!

Worried about privacy? We're in Austria where hotels are required to monitor--by room--

Sigh. Sorry Sean. And Rush. And Erick. Oh, and Herman (who isn't sure where Libya is...)

Big power ministers arrive in Geneva as Iran nuclear deal nears

Petition: " President Obama: please meet w. striking Walmart workers."

David Sirota: Teachers Were Never The Problem

U.S., Israel lose voting rights at UNESCO over Palestine row

Anonymous Was Here Biatch! Hacker Group Defaces Singaporean Leader’s Site

Pentagon arms buyer stresses accountability on weapons programs

I have my Pandora Radio playing quietly at my desk

Obama: 'No way' I would have dumped Biden from 2012 ticket

Mining Company Sues Canada Over Fracking Ban in Quebec

Tom Toles: The Republican mantra on health care

Matt Taibbi: Chase Isn't the Only Bank in Trouble

Nothing wrong with him a train wreck couldn't fix. Please come CAPTION Darrell Issa!!!

Shooting Ourselves: Mass Killings, Austerity, and the Breakdown of American Society

Great pics - Comet ISON Soars Past Distant Galaxies; Forms New Tails

First Arab Woman Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Gives Away Her $500,000 Award

Wisconsin: Neither Burke nor Vinehout can dream of matching the funds that will pour in to Walker

Israel warns John Kerry over Iranian nuclear deal

Royal Oak (Mich.) voters uphold LGBT ordinance

'We were wrong': CBS's Lara Logan apologizes for Benghazi report

COWARD!!! Democrat Senators give the WH a deadline to fix the Affordable Care Act

Jews See Anti-Semitism Growing In Europe

Iowa police kill son whose father only wanted to ‘teach him a lesson’

"It's something only Hunter S. Thompson could hope to adequately explain."

Bid to keep No10 files secret halts Iraq report:

Rachel Maddow - Dems embark on push to raise minimum wage

Why today is a great day to sell Chris Christie stock

Al-Qaeda chief disbands main jihadist faction in Syria: Al-Jazeera

TFMS Sketch - Rand Paul's Speech Writer Addresses Plagiarism Charges

Proof you live some place with real winter:

Kerry Restates US Opposition To Settlements- Unveils 75million In Aid To Palestine.

In Memorium:

The GOP's Medicaid Gap: The 5 Million People The GOP Cut Out Of Obamacare

Rachel Maddow - The election's over. The drama goes on.

Embattled Louisiana senator says she'll skip Obama speech

NBC's Richard Engel: More Data Alone Won't Lead to Press Freedom

“We Are Living in the World Occupy Made”

CBS Apologizes for Benghazi Report (apologizes for their lies, IMHO)

Philadelphia voters elect a Whig to public office

How many times have the talking heads got it wrong with President Obama

Israeli Prime Minister statement after meeting US secretary of State John Kerry.

Stanford players dress as nerds after beating Oregon..

$10 Minimum Wage Proposal Has Growing Support From White House

Indians pay dear for drug reputation

McConnell smacks down tea party groups: They mislead for profit

David Ortiz came in third in the Boston mayoral race on Tuesday. All write-in votes.

Gartner Reveals Top Predictions for IT Organizations and Users for 2014 and Beyond

Why do you hate Apple products?

1st pic of scientology bunker for Travolta/Cruise/Hubbard's-Return & Mrs MISCAVIGE

Virginia's Election Encapsulates the Problems Both Parties Face

Anyone know why SNAP and WIC have different food standards?

My daughter can't seem to realize her male kitty is the most evil cat in the world

The jury system stifles discourse about important issues.

Papantonio: Chris Christie a Cash Cow for Corporate Media

It's Hermann Rorschach's 129th birthday;


The first youtube video.

Brokaw interviews Kerry about JFK

Syrian opposition refuses Moscow talks

The GOP Still Hasn't Figured Out How to Get On With the Tea Party - By Charlie Cook

Keith Olbermann is up to his old tricks on ESPN.

Ineteresting Israeli article on this week's events

Kansas school suspends 13-year-old boy for wearing Vera Bradley purse

Something Clinton This Way Comes. Will the GOP be ready? (The Weekly Standard)

Positive Psychology and the 'positivity ratio': Nick Brown Smelled Bull

Look into my eyes

Enough with the Chris Christie fat jokes

Incognito investigated for molestation

Obamacare is critical to raising the 80% out of poverty

What If Rand Paul Were a Woman?

Train carrying crude oil explodes in West Alabama

food stamp toon

Dad 'wholly' incapable of caring for 4-year-old son because he refused to take kid to McDonald's

Gay Republican Don Guardian Elected Mayor of Atlantic City

Mayor 1% - Kari Lydersen Discusses Her New Book On Rahm Emanuel

Man tells MA Supreme Court it's his constitutional right to take "up skirt" photographs

Howard Dean: The WH will not make the ACA fix date on November 30th

Heard that both the House and Senate are holding hearings on Military Sequestration.

Homeless man gets a makeover---yeah, bring a hankie.

UT/TT Poll: Abbott's Lead Over Davis in Single Digits

Religion, Contraception and Bosses’ Rights

The House Committee on Slashing Food Stamps

What's for Dinner? ~ Friday Nov 8th

DHS contracts with TOP SECRET private armed security firm for WI and MN.

David Brock 1, CBS News 0

Oops! Lara Logan Apologizes For 60 Minutes Benghazi Report

NCDOT alert blames traffic on ‘Women Drivers, Rain, Obama Care’

Witness' sister helps free man convicted in 1979 killing

What The TPP Is And Is Not

Anyone with asthma who cannot get through a simple cold?

PETA assumes humans are superior to Nature. That’s why they are F***ed in the head.

Senate Committee Approves Continued Bulk Spying on Americans

GOP arguing why they lost VA gov’s race in Virginia feels like the 50's debate about"who lost China"

Revenge Website Shames Accused Mistresses But Not Cheating Husbands

First-class passengers give up seats for Marines

Florida teacher suspended for forcing kids to say pledge on Sept. 11 or ‘go to your home country

Group forms to back Christie in 2016

Major Insurance Company Faces Lawsuit For Allegedly Tricking Customers Into Canceling Their Policies

IT workers were, in the end, lost

Anyone believe 'excuse' I heard for yesterday's huge selloff,

Home Depot Deletes Racist Tweet

Odd election day story.

Pic Of The Moment: Dear Birthers: Get Over It Already

An Open Letter to All Breathing Republicans

Brad Friedman - CBS’ erroneous Benghazi debacle explodes

The iPad Air is amazing.

Lalo on the Republican reaction to Obamacare

I've seen a few posts about the Guns & Ammo editor being forced out

PETA Is Not the Enemy.

Why Do Poor People 'Waste' Money On Luxury Goods?

End of an era: BAE Systems ends shipbuilding in Portsmouth

Future Superdelegates Are Already Kissing Up to Hillary 2016

I Would Love to Live in a Country Where...

Go Lindsey Graham! Yes, Dylan Davis should testify before Congress.

Mr. Cuccinelli has himself to blame for loss

Kings of Cannabis

Polio Threatens Europe as Virus Makes Comeback Amid Wars

Physicists Smash Record For Wave-Particle Duality

Uh huh. Yeah, sure.

Lara Logan Apologizes For Botched '60 Minutes' Benghazi Report, Says Show Will Issue Correction

Virtual Tour of Abbey Road Studio, through The Beatles' eyes...

Does anyone remember

Lara Logan on 60 minutes' "mistake"

Surprising Variation Among Genomes of Individual Neurons from Same Brain

October payroll employment increases (+204,000); unemployment rate changes little (7.3%)

DemocracyNow: WA State Vote to Label GM Food Defeated By Corporations’ "Sophisticated Propaganda..."

Rumor is Kali (who HATES having her pic taken) posted an accidental selfie in the rearview mirror...

Chicago Celebrates a Victory

Oversight Chairman Accused Of Leaking Misleading Information About Obamacare Implementation

Maddow: Republicans in ‘complete chaos’ on LGBT rights and women’s issues

Rick Perry Might Not Know Chuck Todd's First Name

FAA Says Yes to Civilian Drones—and No to Flying Robots

Sisters claim HPV vaccine caused ovarian failure and premature menopause

Repeat After Me: There Is No Liberal Media

A Silent Thread in Remembrance of Kristallnacht.

Tweety Has Fully Bought Into The MSM Narrative On Christie

Repuke governor takes over struggling, largely minority city. Guess who?

Police arrest 54 people in protest at Los Angeles Walmart

Fuck Todd: Would you like to apologize to the American people for that, Obama?

Idaho high school basketball coach Laraine Cook fired...

County Commissioner, Two Others Indicted For Alleged Torture

Rush Makes Another Offensive Remark To Single Women

BREAKING: #CBS "60 Minutes" #Benghazi Story To Join #RandPaul's Speech Transcripts & Mitt Romney's

Toon: Your coverage doesn't meet the minimum standards...

Kitten rescued from ceiling ready for adoption

63 Cleveland Police Officers Suspended After An Unarmed Couple Was Shot At 137 Times

Study shows a single dose of HPV may be enough for lasting immunity.

Lara Logan Apologizes For Botched '60 Minutes' Benghazi Report

Burglar surprised to discover the lady he's robbing is an armed ax-throwing champ

Police shot unarmed man, drove an armored truck through his door when he did not exit his property

Haiyan maintains category-5 strength for 48 hours, including entire Phillipines Landfall

Pine Bush, N.Y., School District Faces Accusations of Anti-Semitism

Major Bitcoin theft from website, claims owner

Damon Bruce: "sports has lost its way because women are giving directions"

Hunger Games Theme Parks Are Coming, Because Nothing Says Fun Like Children Fighting to the Death

Rand Paul's 'new' advice column in Breitbart

President Obama does it yet again.

The Rude Pundit: The Massacres That Aren't Worth Covering

Ohio college student loses his testicle after fraternity initiation

President Obama does it yet again.

bringing some "oohs and aaahs" into the lounge. Pics of Comet ISON.

Hate crime charge for California boy accused of setting transgender teen on fire

Wildlife photos

Bob Stoops has a major problem.

N.Y. City to seek immediate ruling preserving stop-and-frisk

In reading through the messages about Billy Graham's last sermon, and that Sarah Palin

Red Sox showing "strong interest" in Carlos Beltran

We got to keep our health insurance policy! Did you get to keep yours???

Lt. Gov. predicts casinos chosen by mid-2014

South Fork burglar arraigned for 25 break-ins

Incognito held meetings at strip club

Thom Hartmann: You might be a Republican if...

Mary Matalin has been chief editor of Threshold Editions since 2005 - publisher of Embassy House

First S&P, now Moody’s downgrades Thruway rating

Evidence of Widespread Voter Fraud Found in Virginia Governor’s Race

Tea Party shocker: Even right-wingers become liberals when they turn off Fox News

President Barack Obama talks with Nelson Manela’s daughters Zindzi and Zenani

No Joke!: The Onion Ending Last Print Editions

MO Woman Possessed by Demon after Signing Up for ObamaCare

SUNY Upstate president resigns amid compensation review

California Comprehensive Overdose Treatment Protection Signed by Governor (Harm Reduction Coalition)

Regulation Gives Parity For Mental Health Coverage

I like this tweet..

It's a no-brainer

Cuteness Alert: Finnish Kayaker Rescues Owl From Lake, Takes Awesome Picture

"Pro-Life" demagogue was in federal prison for trying to blow up a church...

How much will it cost to make these racist old men go away?

Larry Pratt: "Trayvon Martin was killed by his broken home..."

Zambia: Miracles Do Happen in Zambia

'Grassroots' gun control org "Moms Demand..." is utterly astroturf

Texas Football Stadium Vote A Reason to Celebrate, Sort Of

UNMANNED: America's Drone Wars

Psst DU Tweeps; Luke Russert just pantsed himself.

Please HELP. I upgraded to Windows 8.1 and now I can't even sign on to computer.

Croton man accused of secretly filming people at health club

Consumer Spending Cools in U.S. as Households Boost Savings

Ten GOP senators voted for LGBT rights. The culture war as we know it is over

Renewable energy's bird problem - Understanding 'The Duck'

Payrolls Jump 204,000 as U.S. Economy Weathers Shutdown

Guardian presents the overview of the NSA revelations

Popular pope, but same old church

Swastikas, Slurs and Torment in Town’s Schools

Patrick Stewart slams Rand Paul and Rob Ford: ‘Comedians’ with bad material

My food stamps got cut!

After Kristallnacht: An Infamous Press Conference ‘Justifies’ Terror, 1938

Avonte Oquendo search enter 5th week

Statement by the President on the 75th Anniversary of Kristallnacht

North Carolina traffic alert blames accident on “women drivers, rain, Obamacare”

Solid Concepts uses 3D printing to make an M1911 pistol

Bill de Blasio and Chris Christie are the best representatives of their parties for 2016

From the archive: Kristallnacht

Israel Accused on Arafat Death by Palestinian Committee

The most appropriate protest sign ever!!

Top House Democrat Rips Darrell Issa For Spreading Lies About Website

Risperdal Maker Agrees To $2.2 Billion Settlement

Threatening Unemployed Benefits Do Not Prevent People from Taking Jobs

Just tried these for the first time

Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Turning Women 'Into Nothing But Abortion Machines'

Have you done today's Google main SEARCH page?

The Best Speech on Coming Out EVER even from closets you wouldn't even think of

Make Detroit work: Start embracing long-time residents, business owners

Cut his Social Security, Medicare and food stamps! After all, what's that old coot ever done for me?

KY Teen Chooses to Sit Out Race Over Satanic 666 Bib Number

Go a little higher and we can increase benefits too.

Cannabis. Can We Talk Openly DU?

Scott Wanker.

V.A. intern called to address issues raised in my annual V.A. physical

Exclusive interview with Dread Pirate Roberts: ‘You cannot stop people doing drugs’

Navy Ships Stationed Off Coast Of Syria Coming Home After Extended Deployments

Wow. NPR really carrying water for Faux now! Unbelievable!

Simon & Schuster pulling Benghazi book

Philadelphia voters elect a Whig to public office

who says American culture is dead?

This is kind of cool -- electronic luggage tags (w/ GPS)

At 107, nation's oldest veteran enjoys limelight

Police dept are being populated by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, so why are we surprised

Teacher suspended after requiring fourth-grader to participate in Pledge of Allegiance

How did Ken Cuccinelli Lose by only 2.5 Points?


Spoof video The Black NRA shows gun rights double standard

Skepticon 6 November 15-17 in Springfeld MO.

Does This Work?

US Congressmen send letter to Santos addressing land restitution problems

Powerful Portraits of Secluded Cultures on the Brink of Extinction

This Week In Right-Wing Lunacy - 11/8/13

The Misfit Atheist on the Sunday Assembly/Godless Revival Split

Joss Whedon hates “feminist”

A Rabbi Wonders: Am I A Religious Jew?

Nicaragua: CIA-contra drug charges resurface

Libyans Protest Against Out-Of-Control Militias

Animals don't talk, lassy.

Islamists Protest In Egypt Over Detained Women

you can mislead the nation and take it to war....

Canada: Finally they have an idiot politician. Only one, but it does warm my heart. nt

Guns: the porn of 3-d printing

The Nazi Anatomists

November 8, 2013...

What are you waiting for? Let's go for a drive...

Mark Steyn: Better not to tense up around police

Big Plans For To Unite Coney Island Wetlands With Bath Beach’s Calvert Vaux Park

Pick one...

I guess that he's the ambitious type...

Window and Doors...

Hot damn...hell has frozen over.

Men Replace Woman In Sizzling Ducati Motorcycle Posters

Wall Street’s nightmare: Here’s how to really expedite the recovery



Affordable Care Act Good For Texans – Kingwood Observer

Because it's Friday evening - Kirsty MaxColl

As of today, my ACA discussion at DKos had 164 comments. It deserves that much here:

Former DA and judge Ken Anderson to serve 10 days in jail

Texas Republican Slammed For Denying Uninsured Citizens Obamacare (VIDEO)

Simon & Schuster pulling Benghazi book

Republican Texas Comptroller Hits Back Hard At Her Party’s Misogyny (VIDEO)

Wow Comment section: CBS 60 Minutes reviewing account of Morgan Jones on Benghazi

Comanche Peak nuclear power plant’s expansion put on hold

Rios Montt genocide plaintiffs seek international help after Guatemala court delays trial to 2015

Horus Chillin'

Weekend music to chill by....Frenchman Gabriel Faure Edition!

Former hand surgeon Michael Brown dies after doctors remove life support in Florida hospital

OK, help me get the appeals process straight with the TX abortion bill

Here's some excellent firsthand footage of the 2011 Japanese earthquake...

Comedian Mitch Benn on the link between conservatism and low intelligence

Paraguay eyes Acepar nationalization, output stops

Will you ever be giving an answer to this question

Republican cites ‘mental health’ claim from Wendy Davis lawsuit

Cool Dad Raising Daughter On Media That Will Put Her Entirely Out Of Touch With Her Generation

Investors see legal marijuana as growth industry

The Justice for Andy Lopez Memorial Park is born

What are you in for?

Why would anyone care whether a woman has an abortion or not?

Homeless vet gets a makeover and a second chance

All because of Wendy Davis...

Prius vs Model S: What Your Electric Car Says About You

Getting 'high' for higher education works for me!!

Will work for free...

Lubbock County Judge Tom Head (the UN is coming) to announce candidacy for re-election

Researchers regrow hair, cartilage, bone, soft tissues

Eureka! A good vegan veggie burger

OUCH:"“If I had known” Mr. Obama said, according to the aide, “we could have delayed the website.” "

"Furthermore, we have about 50% of the world's wealth but only 6.3% of its population"

Men of all ages, please do a weekly self-exam.

Dawn in Philippines expected to reveal damage from powerful typhoon

Average amount of budget Americans think goes on foreign aid: 28%. Reality: 1%

The Grand Old Tea Party

Weekend Economists Honor Our Veterans November 8-10, 2013

Hello, DU! Your Friday Afternoon Challenge today: “Poetics of Place: the European Gardens of

The annual ESPN r****ing of Coach Duke has officially begun!

Chinese Facility using LanzaTech technology makes ethanol from steel mill CO2 emissions

Everything That’s Happened Since Supreme Court Ruled on Voting Rights Act

The war on women voting in North Carolina

Bias towards the rich, of course...

#GOPDictionary: Ben•gha•zi, v.: The act of beating a dead hoax. @ericwolfson #Benghazi

Vatican unveils new magazine in Latin

Botched NC Traffic Alert Warns Of ‘Women Drivers, Rain, Obama Care’

Local fight with Mexican cartel a small victory

What's with the trend of cavity searches during traffic stops?

Could Carmen Carrera Be Victoria's Secret's First Transgender Model?

What's with all this crap about the Pope? I'm sick of this clown.

How Abercrombie Went From Cool to Creepy

Kansas State To Give Away 300 Pounds Of Bacon To Basketball Attendees

Thom Hartmann: Killing the Poor...Part 1

Thom Harmtann: Killing the Poor...Part 2

Go PETA!!!

You can all go straight to hell

Top 10 Worst Anti-Science Websites: What Sites Would You Add?

Since I know a little about a small town near Kali's ranch, I went to find a vehicle for her,

Darrell Issa Accused Of Editing Selectively Again, This Time Over Obamacare

US aircraft carrier patrols South China Sea, welcomes China army officers aboard

Antisemitism on the rise, says European survey

LAPD will start getting On-Body Cameras

'We Are Winning': Walmart Workers' Biggest Protest Yet Shows Workers 'Won't Be Silenced'

Yes, I like Pope Francis. Sue me

When did it become an admirable trait for a politician to berate his constituency??

Air cowboys, Air Mail service in the 1920s

When PETA lost our support...

Whoopi Goldberg and 'Amtrak Joe' Biden Take the Train Together

T.S. 2013 Remix...

Annie Lennox

So, you think the driver was one of the Republicans who take everything literally?

Papantonio: Chris Christie – The Face of the Republican Train Wreck

“Obstructing President Obama’s policies and his agenda isn’t actually obstruction; it’s patriotism"

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows (Christie, Christie, Christie...)

Former Texas Prosecutor Gets Jail for Wrongful Conviction

Is this how you prepare to tea bag an elephant?

Lou Reed's Last Words: Watch His Final Interview

Are Republicans saying that we did not have a problem with access to healthcare before Obamacare??

Swastikas slurs and torments in towns schools..........

Largest Civil Disobedience In Walmart History Leads To More Than 50 Arrests

High School Senior Year-- Go-Go's

on pointing fingers...

Why can't we be friends

Jason Carter is running for Governor

For sale: Salt Himalayan Pink Gourmet FDA No Chemicals Non-gmo Organic Halall Kosher

Thanksgiving on the Green

CJ Craig sends her regards to the Creative Speculationists of DU

my wife went to the mall today, santa claus was already there....

Ole and Sven in Hell

Calif. school dons skirts in honor of burn victim

Ole and Sven in Hell

Winter is coming... What's your favorite cold weather gear?

"Are Computers Making Society More Unequal?"

You might not believe this but I checked, and the science is very sound....

Former '60 Minutes' Producer: Discredited Benghazi Story Was Done To Appeal To Conservatives

Founder of yogurt bar chain Pinkberry guilty of assaulting homeless man, jail no bail

World's most accurate pie chart

Arc Light-- B-52s

Incredible new footage of the moment special forces boarded the Arctic Sunrise

I'll Let The Picture Speak For Itself --->

Dumb Criminals: Man Blows Up House After Watching TV Show About Hindenberg

Remember how you felt when you were 5 months away from turning 16...or 21?

Dumb Criminals: Two Men Try To Rob House Of Professional Axe Thrower

If it's Friday night, it must be time for Bill. Maher. Here's the lineup. HBO 10 pm and 11pm EST

Nearly 2,000 votes in Fairfax possibly uncounted

Next week, Republicans will present a bill to restore health coverage to previous status.

Real Time with Bill Maher tonight:

A nice dad from Ohio gets into the pot business

Open for business: Crowd packs Cabela’s on opening day

Creepy creepy creepy

The Clash on the Court...Inslee vs Monson..

First sign that humanity is slowing its carbon surge

"Calif. Gov. Brown: A Great Power Has To Find Some Unity"