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Man Makes 3D Printed Prosthetic Hand For Son For Only $10

North Carolina Senate candidate plagiarizes from plagiarizer Rand Paul

'Mr Balls'- the most disturbing looking mascot you'll see today.

"McConnell smacks down tea party groups: They mislead for profit"

how many tea party groups were denied tax exempt status

I think I see some avatar changes for folks here coming up real soon...

Spying Fallout: German Trust in United States Plummets (+ key resource for breaking out of PRISM)

The Real News: Will Mayor-elect Duggan Challenge Detroit's Emergency Manager Law?

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford said to be considering rehab

A linguistic trick of affirming the right to abortion while simultaneously devaluing it.

Rand Paul has another problem

Mayor 1% - Kari Lydersen Discusses Her New Book On Rahm Emanuel

South Florida Holocaust survivors accuse Obama administration of ignoring their pleas for justice

Rachel Maddow: Instead of Apologizing, Rand Paul Is 'Melting Down' Over Plagiarism Scandal

Fairfax County Election Board meeting tomorrow on missing votes

Doctors Call Claims That Gardasil Caused Sisters' Infertility Bogus

CBC's Fifth Estate program tonight (Friday Nov 8) investigates the Rob Ford fiasco.

Wow... powerful abuse ad

Whatever you say, Waterboro Church

Progressive Change Campaign Committee fellowship


Orcras can jump!


Democracy Now: "We Are Living in the World Occupy Made"

We still need 75 Votes!

I hauled my kids out of a pizza parlor and some parents called the police

Students wear dresses and skirts during Skirt for Sasha Day Friday (teen burned on bus)

SARAH EIDA - When My Heart Is Broken

TX dem eddie lucio introduces bill FORCING pre-abortion adoption course

The Holstee Manifesto

TX dem eddie lucio introduces bill FORCING pre-abortion adoption course

The right-wingers found a new hero in its war against the poor. SpongeBob SquarePants

Chris Matthews on Christie Win: ‘Reagan Democrats Are Alive’ and ‘They Like Reality’

Recall effort advances

Darn... I keep giving dollars to DU by mistake.

Texas Homeowner Battles $3 Million Defamation Lawsuit For Exposing Fracking Company’s Pollution

Bill Moyers: How Big Money & Big Media Undermine Democracy

The Babushkas of Chernobyl

*EDITED*If you are showering unqualified praise and admiration onto an openly bigoted person....

S.F. programmers build alternative to

SeaWorld Says It Will No Longer Put Trainers in Water with Orcas, by David Kirby

A Lethal Competence--"EMPIRE OF THE SENSELESS"

For DU metalheads tonight: Invasion of the Giant Hornet Empire

Could This Invention Spark a Global Revolution?

*Barbara Buono guest on Chris Hayes show,

Here's something you'll never see...

People are hoodwinked by Christie

Rand Paul delivers rousing speech in bid to end plagiarism scandal (Satire)

Read this Anonymous, because you are not as anonymous as you need to become

Friday night drinks & dinner with Will Shakespeare.

Former MSNBC Host Dylan Ratigan Is Not the Face of Cancelled Insurance

With SUPER BOWL XLVIII (48) coming up in early 2014 I'm wondering if there will be a SB 50?

Friday Talking Points (281) -- As The Wedgie Turns

60 minutes does investigative journalism. That implies

What took me so damn long? Firefox

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Working for the Weekend & a new Puppies gif

Canstruction - need your vote please.

Coming soon, Boehnercare.

Frozen yogurt magnate convicted in brutal tire-iron attack of homeless man

Ever misplace your drug stash?

General Motors To Offer Benefits To All Gay Married Employees

Rob Ford crack video hunt drew threats, offers of cash

From my article, "Teaching is Not Rocket Science; it’s More Important"

has everyone seen today's google doodle--hermann rohrschach's 129th birthday

Benghazi Book Pulled from Shelves After '60 Minutes' Story Falls Apart

Culprit in Mysterious Elk Deaths Found

This is why you should never interrupt a programmer.

A Perfect Demonstration of Human Empathy

Makes you Shiver

Why, to me, what CBS did with its conservative audience pandering big lie is really huge news.

This is why you should never interrupt a programmer.

So the Shining and Sweet Caroline sync up and it's pretty fucking awesome

Dog Faces

Philadelphia voters elect a Whig to public office

Obama Spars With Louisiana Governor Over Healthcare Law

How Democrats can do very well in 2014:

why is it so hard for some people to

Hello Jesse B

The Daily Show: Recap - Week of 11/04/13

McCarthy: No House immigration deal in '13

NY Magazine excerpt from Double Down

Send in the clowns!

Lindsey Graham Silent About Discredited '60 Minutes' Benghazi Report That He Hyped

Girl Rising

This is why the North won the Civil War: Quality and productivity

'Astounding' warmth recorded across Alaska last month, according to climate center

I was just on a 5-1 Hide winning jury verdict. BeWARE!1 n/t

Another reason why the GOP hates unemployment insurance:

I'm squiring two spincters?!1 SPINSTERS (<that's what I mean) tomorrow

Calif. moderate GOP state senator Emmerson resigns unexpectedly

Typhoon Haiyan death toll rises to 1200 in the Philippines,Vietnam braces itself for second landfall

Let me give you the skinny on PETA and marketing


Ex-prosecutor who argued to convict innocent Texas man of wife's murder agrees to 10 days in jail

Paranoia Has Undermined US Democracy

Texas School Throws Child’s Breakfast In The Garbage To Bully Him Out Of 30

House Dem accuses Issa of selectively leaking Obamacare documents

Patrick Stewart explains his lobster Halloween costume to Jon Stewart

Another health insurance shocker

Hawaii - marriage equality vote coming soon despite heated chrisitianist stalling attempts...

Chicago Cop Caught Shooting Unarmed Man Gets Off Scot-Free

An incomplete desk, and a complete one.

The Koch Bros' war against Obama

US reporter detained by Venezuelan authorities

Anthony Weiner is great on Bill Maher tonight

A story in smilies. Each post add a line.

A possible workaround to

Panera Bread union and owners to sit down at bargaining table -- 19 months after vote

A look beyond the Twitter IPO finds rot beneath the gloss of recovery

Men with beards are more attractive, healthier, research says

Rules to Require Equal Coverage for Mental Ills

More than 100 people were killed in a Philippine city that took the brunt of Super Typhoon Haiyan

Egypt Turns To Russia As Relations With Washington Sour

One Day At Fenway

NYC Grand Jury Indicts 11 Bikers in Motorcyclist-SUV Highway Brawl

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised does a funny about websites.

The Whale Warehouse

Texas public libraries face 70% cut in federal funding

Bill Maher Tears Into GOP Panelist Over Whether Tea Party's Finally 'Peaked'

What's up with the spate of peta threads in GD?

I need some help, please

Grand jury indicts 11 bikers in SUV assault

Kristallnacht anniversary still haunting for child refugee from Nazi mobs

Exit Polls: Hillary Clinton Would Clobber Chris Christie Among Minority Voters In New Jersey

Cuomo orders probe into anti-Semitic harassment allegations in Pine Bush schools

Home Depot apologizes for racist tweet

10-year-old boy who says he was bullied arrested

Boeing versus its unions: de ja vu all over again

Social Security’s Role in Solving the Retirement Income Crisis

The VA and NJ races: a common factor

Union-Made in America Thanksgiving

Maher, Weiner Get in Crazy Shoutfest with GOP Guest Over Obamacare: Where's the GOP's Plan?!

New Rule - Maher: When Did Christian Values Change From 'Love Thy Neighbor' to 'F*ck Off and Die'?

Feds deny aid for Yosemite's Rim Fire

Sucker Punch Gone Wrong

What happened today regarding Fukushima?

CBS did not check with FBI sources re Behghazi 'witness' report?

It was only a matter of time...

The 6 GOP Governors Democrats Hope To Unseat In 2014

Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR) Warned In Right-Wing Ad Not To Let Obama Fill Key Judicial Vacancies

I don't understand when someone says "abortion should be rare"...

I got carded again tonight...

Russian report: Evidence does not prove Arafat poisoning

Tallying VA's 'Missing' Op-Scan Votes; And Other Surprises in the Incredibly Close VA AG Election

Iranian simulation: Missiles on Ben Gurion

Here's one of the most fucked up parts of private health insurance...

a typical post by a typical uninformed republican

FDA Approves Marijuana-Based Epilepsy Drug For Use On Kids In Clinical Trials

With Survey, Vatican Seeks Laity Comment on Family Issues

Do you think the Catholic church is on the verge of becoming more progressive?

Potato prices reach record highs in India

Schweinsteiger hurt. Again.

Obama: 75th Kristallnacht anniversary a reminder of what silence in face of hatred can bring

John Stossel is on Fox News advocating for the trade in human kidneys.

4 charged with severing pot clinic owner's penis

So Lara Logan of 60 Minutes was getting

This one is too good not too share ... I can see it being put to good use in GD

Question on Flagged for Review.

TCM Schedule for Saturday, November 9, 2013 - The Essentials: Dick Powell

Did A Supreme Court Justice Just Admit To Being An Atheist?

TCM Schedule for Sunday, November 10, 2013 - Tonight on TCM: Revisionist Westerns

Kristallnacht: 75 years ago in pictures

That pesky liberal media is at it again!

Hawaii - House passes marriage equality, Hawaii to join the other gay marriage states !!

Swastikas, Slurs and Torment in Town’s Schools

Charles Pierce: The Long Reach of Dead ACORN

Find something to be happy about today (Saturday Nov 09, 2013)

Hawaii state House approves bill to legalize gay marriage

Who first said, “You can keep the insurance you have”?

Watch An Entire Team Of Teenage Football Players Do Something Very Unexpected.

I've got crabs!

Hunt for a ghost ship: NBC News spots abandoned US vessel in Nigerian creek

How the Unholy Alliance Between the Christian Right and Wall Street Is 'Crucifying America'

Children Locked Up For Life: 10 Shockers About America's Prison System

GOP super PACs gear up to fight tea party

Impatient Congress presses ahead on military sexual-assault law

Buying the American Dream

Even Right-Wingers Become Liberals When They Turn Off Fox News{long read}

Ever misplace your bud stash?

US holds talks about Yemen detention center for Guantanamo inmates

Does Stanford have the smartest football players? Evidence suggests they do.

Republican Lawyers Who Gutted 1965 Voting Rights Act Seek Millions From Taxpayers

VA secretary touts recent progress to reduce veteran waiting times

JFK's speech to be given that night if he had lived

Six Initiatives to Fight Citizens United

If you have a Facebook account you can help a DUer bring jobs to her small, rural community

What Christie "Landslide"? What "Mandate"?

US to lose vote at UNESCO over three-year Palestine boycott

Ted Cruz on Tonight Show: cliches and crapola.

End Times for Obama? Why This Crisis Will Also Pass

The interim period between Autumn and Winter...

‘Caucus,’ a Documentary of the GOP’s Crazy Days in Iowa

Paying the Toll On the Economic Highway

Changes to Dodd-Frank Act on CEO compensation


24 years ago today---maybe it seems like no big deal now, but back then? The earth moved.

Non Sequitur suggests corporate bailout plan that I can really get behind!

Three Guys Built a Better

Urban Dictionary - "Crackstituents"

US Navy Suspends Two Top Admirals In Connection With Bribery Scheme Involving Prostitutes

5 Must-Watch Videos About the Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

want to know your healthcare cost & Subsidy you get? enter zipcode here & know instantly.

Wisconsin’s poet laureate: Tony Stella ~ Sightseeing in the Penokees

The Village Against the World

Ominous promo for today's "UP" with Steve Kornacki...

Scientists are hot on the trail of the oldest ice in the world

Obama admin keeps trying to help coal industry, coal industry keeps whining

EXCLUSIVE: Iran Foreign Minister Confident Nuclear Deal Wrapped Up Soon

Michael Morton freed after 25 years in prison, prosecutor gets 10 days

Secret Brief On DoD Readiness Woes Set For House Members; HASC Hopes To Sway GOP Leaders

The Mormon Church Is Becoming Florida's Private Largest Landowner – With Nearly 2% Of Its Landmass

What metrics do you use in quantifying trolls?

Service Chiefs Critique Hagel’s SCMR: ‘Rosy’ & ‘Dangerous’ Assumptions

Suriname president's son on US terror charges

Gay marriage clears another statehouse hurdle in Hawaii

A t*rd in the punchbowl! . . . Please come CAPTION CBS's Benghazi expert, Darryl Davies!!!

Happy Birthday William Rivers Pitt!

White House tech expert gets subpoena to testify on

Amazing pic of SuperTyphoon Haiyan


Court throws out death sentence of Florida man after 28 years

Typhoon Haiyan: Red Cross estimates 1,200 dead as winds slam Philippines

Without Jesse B how can we all be together?

Hammerhead shark: New species discovered near South Carolina coast

Colorado Woman Who Championed Obamacare Loses Insurance Plan

Man pulls out unloaded gun, causes panic at LAX

Charles Pierce admires this Pope

how badly has the US economy been damaged?

Canadian Tar Sands: Internal Docs Expose Oil Industry 'Profit over Planet' Mentality

How the corpses of Hitler's victims are still haunting modern science—and American abortion politics

White guy wins after leading voters to believe he’s black

Can the Defense Budget Shrink Without Risking National Security?

The Sarah Palin War-on-Christmas Soundboard (It's a riot)

Okay Boomers. How many of these questions can you answer correctly?

Texas School District Sex Education Compares Non-Virgins To Chewed Gum

When Trans Fats Were Healthy

my mother-in-law is visiting & she watches the today show.

humbling image

Simon & Schuster to Pull Benghazi Book Amid Questions of Accuracy

Ever Misplace your mustache?

Obsessive Thoughts: A Darker Side of OCD

Maduro government 'occupies' Venezuela electronics chain

Surveillance expert to Bill Moyers: Edward Snowden is “a troublemaker, & a true hero and patriot"

Yep, Being a Young, American Adult Is a Financial Nightmare

British lawmakers to quiz Snowden leaks newspaper editor

"The Curse of the Gifted" vs "Drama of the Gifted Child"

Sarah Palin's New Book: a "How To Guide For Oppressed Christians"

Last night I saw why the GOP will lose again in '16

The Loophole That Allows Facebook to Avoid Paying Taxes on Billions of Earnings

Obama says current U.S. policy towards Cuba ‘doesn’t make sense’

Tomorrow is a King Sized Drag

Critically endangered species in Sumatra on the road to extinction

TN Student Speaks Out About Common Core, Teacher Evaluation, and Educational Data

The Workforce Is Even More Divided by Race Than You Think

Cuts in Hospital Subsidies Threaten Safety-Net Care

No matter how much of a lying, plagerizing, not-certified-doctor, Rand Paul is shown to be

I Rand Pauled some of this Post-

U.S. military chiefs say spending cuts erode preparedness for war

Service Chiefs Warn of Reduced Presence in Asia-Pacific, Smaller Forces

Ugh. Netanyahu. There's a good potential nuclear deal with Iran

Who gets the blame for the falling gas prices? I haven't heard a peep out of right wing pundits

Billions more for Navy? Obscene

How is Obamacare not a disaster for the Democratic party? (revised)

This AMAZING map shows you where all the countries are

Did A Supreme Court Justice Just Admit To Being An Atheist?

Right Wing’s Surge in Europe Has the Establishment Rattled

Federal Court Upholds New Jersey's Ban on 'Ex-Gay' Therapy

Tolerance As a Religious Virtue

Any Science Friday Fans here? Wondering what happened to Flora Lichtman

Family rescues kidnapped woman, kills captor

Smoggy Beijing sees lung cancer cases soar

Americans support expanding Social Security, not cutting it. Here's why: (infographic)

CBS Benghazi failure recalls Rather

Maduro government 'occupies' Venezuela electronics chain

Marijuana legalization gains with public, but pot use almost always a negative with politicians

"Obama lied" vs Reality from @stevebenen

Sitting At Her Son's Bedside, A Mother Re-Defines Religious Nut

Texas prosecutor to serve 10 days for innocent man's 25-year imprisonment

St Vincent and Grenadines prepares to confront dark history of slavery in court

(AZ) Small core of doctors write vast majority of medical marijuana recommendations

Wow...great segment with Mellissa Harris Perry this morning. Older workers.

49 Stories That The Media's Focus On ACA Glitches Ignores

(MA) Anti-Prohibition Committee Wants Massachusetts to Legalize Marijuana By 2016

With 'ACE,' Catholic ed has a good thing going

Bravo! Melissa Harris-Perry

Voter Suppression Backfires in North Carolina, Spreads in Texas

BENGHAZI!! - Bookstore owners told to return "THE EMBASSY HOUSE" stock to S&S

Couch 1, Cat 0

CoveredCA, decisions decisions...

Don't Be Playing Hail to the Chief Just Yet, Chris-This was lowest gubernatorial turnout EVER in NJ.

The JFK conspiracy theroy is just not allowed.

‘Dance is my medicine’

TCM Schedule for Monday November 11- TCM Spotlight: The Story of Film

Bloomberg News Is Said to Curb Articles That Might Anger China

A possible solution to the canceled policies?

U.S. seeks $864 million from Bank of America after fraud verdict

Homeless Vet Timelapse Transformation

Not usually an anime fan but watched "Tokyo Magnitude 8.0" on Hulu Plus

WI Bill would make felony of some co-sleeping with babies. Q:Is this racism or a valid concern

To those knowledgeable about CA property values: The Braverman House

MacNeill found guilty in slaying of wife

The Philippines had a deadly earthquake 3 weeks ago...

How ever you make it

Just went on

Not the man seeking to expand access to care...

On FB? Consider liking Congressman Levin (D-MI)

The Affordable Care Act: Making A Difference In Our Neighborhoods

The Tunnels of NYC's East Side Access Project

Stephanie & Dernt - 11/05/2013 - The Stephanie Miller Show


Guitar Man

You're a special kind of stupid, aren't you?

Does the 3D add a lot to the movie "Gravity"?

Hey Illinois

The 113th Congress ---A Hall of Shame

Despite the danger, some found the Nazis less than intimidating

Puppy cam for a Saturday afternoon!

Banning Abortion Endangers Women's Health (47,000 die yearly from unsafe abortions)

Atheist Student Leader OK at Ore. Christian School

We Have a Dumb Religion Problem -- Not a Political Problem

Minimum wage challenge: Why did Henry Ford double his employees wages?

Grimes challenges Turtle face McConnell shooting at the range

Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America

White Anti-Gay Activist Wins Election After Pretending To Be Black

When did EVERY child's toy start having to make noise/sounds?

Greg Crawford's Weekly Rant -- Nov. 8, 2013 -- Friday News Dump

Talks Over Iran's Disputed Nuke Program Hit a Snag

Tweet from Whoopi Goldberg...

Obamacare is not a disaster

I Was No Hero . .

Marcella Hazan w Bittman, video

Look again at that dot. That's here. That's home. That's us.....

NYPD detective pleads guilty to computer hacking

Men indicted on fraud, identity theft, and conspiracy charges

LIVE RADIO NOW: 'Obama Lie' & Doctors For America

Caption this

I am having a real hard time forgiving and deciding what to do with my "boyfriend"

2 arrested in alleged sex assault at barbershop

Happy Birthday, Hedy Lamarr!! Please Read ...

I don't judge people based on color, race, religion, sexuality, gender, ability, or size...

Is America comprised of 11 regionally separate nations?

Sanders for President?: He says there's a 1 percent chance he'll run in 2016 - Video

What's for Dinner? ~ Saturday Nov 9th

Good Samaritan stops attempted rape in Bushwick

You got to dance like nobody's watching

Incredible colourised historical photos.

Tweet from Michael Moore re 60 Minutes/Benghazi! --

The Day of the Doctor: The TV Trailer

Natural Born Job Killers: Republicans Are Set to Kill 1 Million More Jobs in 2014

Another BS story the media claimed was true...

De Blasio Receives Warm Welcome In Puerto Rico

(CA) Feds give $400K to fight marijuana grows in the Valley

Virginia Attorney General Election Cliffhanger Coming to Its Climax?

The Media's Obamacare "Horror Stories" Continue To Collapse

South Carolina Wildlife agency Ends Practice of Bear Baying, Humane Society blog

MLS Cup Playoff Ads On DU!

Private website which give you ACA subsidies in seconds. Please forward.

Rep. Elijah Cummings Nails Issa for Leaking Obamacare Misinformation

Bella wanted to say,"Hi!

"Dollarocracy":Big Money & the Decline of Media, Journalism, Politics--McChesney & Nichols

Critics mock Scott Walker’s ‘tell-all’ book as laughable chronicle of omissions and delusions

Hillary Clinton is the most formidable presidential frontrunner in modern era

This is a remarkably funny video.......and it's short!

Talking Transition Tent Opens For New Yorkers To Discuss Priorities For Next Administration

WATCH: Hawaii Passes Marriage Equality

#VaAG - NBC12 Decision Virginia Dave Wasserman on the AG race

(National) Bipartisan Marijuana Bill Appears To Have One More Big Supporter In Its Corner: The NAACP

(MI)chigan lawmakers propose pharmacy marijuana sales

Looking for real estate support/property management work in Southern California

Looking for real estate support/property management work in Southern California

"I do not believe a 'fine' can be levied against me for not purchasing a product"

(MO) Council might consider easing penalties for marijuana cultivation

Real Time with Bill Maher FREE Audio Podcasts Available

Looking for real estate support/property management work in Southern California

Minnesota scores bragging rights on Obamacare

So sick of hearing about Christ Christie

LOL. In lieu of kitchen dancing a V&M post - "You got to dance like nobody's watching"

Dan Rather was forced out by CBS for telling the truth about

The Torture Doctors

Ball... Records

The end is nigh, Cthulhu awakens.

Lenny Aydemir, 9, Finds And Returns WWII Veteran's Missing Dog Tags

Canadian boasts about his financial status. Check out the brilliant rebuttals.

Card of the Day: The High Priestess

Harry Enten, Political Writer/Analyst for The Guardian, is the worst of the worst

Don't Tread on Me: Snake signs up near Galveston County Courthouse

Jay Leno presses Sen. Ted Cruz on his image, gay marriage and his dad

Help deciding on a new PC monitor

More Americans die each year from antibiotic-resistant bacteria than AIDS

Bolivian Skull Ceremony Blends Ancient Rite With Catholicism

NRA Talking Points

The Secrets Of Scientology (BBC Full Documentary)

Teaching Others

Texas anti-LGBT crusader won local election by pretending to be black

Thousands of terrified human beings died in that cyclone

Tesla Model S fires lead to investor lawsuit

Journey of Guitar Solo

I get paid to not lose my shit

Seventeen academies rapped over 'unacceptable standards'

After 50 years, sometimes it's time to just leave it alone.

Veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan Battle Lung Trouble

The way I see it...

Yes, I will continue to criticize the "Gentler, Kinder" pope.

What percentage of our government has been privatized?

I want my cheeseburger sandal !

What are you reading the week of November 10, 2013?

Confessions Of A Syrian Activist: “I Want Assad To Win”

IRS paid $3.6 billion in fraudulent tax refunds

Charles P. Pierce- My Profession Steps On A Rake

Charles Pierce asks "Please explain democracy to me"

Question about how to pack fragile items for mailing

Check out the makeover this homeless veteran got!

The Falling Leaves...Different Approaches

Guardian editor to face lawmakers on Snowden leaks

Does this meme cross the line?

Greetings. Are recurring payments for star membership still recurring?

The Book of Matt--A Laramie Project

Miss Universe Pageant Tonight!!!

Pragmatists, Ideologues, and Inequality in America

The Solar Industry is Red Hot – Will it Get Hotter?

Navy christens next generation of aircraft carrier

Taxpayer Subsidies Helped Tesla Motors, So Why Does Elon Musk Slam Them?

Fairfax Co. Absentee Votes Tighten Up Va. AG Race

19 Bejeweled Skeletons That’ll Blow Your Mind

Swastikas, Slurs and Torment in Town’s Schools

What the Media Won’t Tell You: Millions are Hurting as Red States Reject Medicaid Expansion

Fairfax Co. Absentee Votes Tighten Up Va. AG Race

Will I have to hit rock bottom before I change...

Why legalizing gay marriage is going to get harder

CBS must explain-Logan's Benghazi source & CBS-owned partisan bk publisher (Editor=Mary Matalin)

Typhoon Haiyan landfall winds nearly equivalent to EF-4 tornado

JFK Conference: Rex Bradford detailed the historic importance of the Church Committee

Clinton/Castro (photo)

Alexandria Provisionals net 24 for Herring.

Hamas Official: We'll Expel or Kill All the Zionists

Yesterday was International Stout Day. I am celebrating right now, however....

These news stories appear to have a commonality

Police Brutality Backfires

VA Provisional voters NEED TO "BE PRESENT" & CONTACT Bd of Election to be counted!

I would like to propose a Kennedy Assassination group.

Toons: Rand Paul

Incognito investigated last year for allegedly molesting woman with a golf club

Florida school board votes to remove name of Confederate general

24 Ways To Read When Throwing Shade Isn’t Enough

Dear God, Mr G is watching a documentary about Ayn Rand/Nosferatu UPDATE

American Health Care’s Good Old Days

Realtime Twitter F-bomb map

In Unprecedented Move, Spent Fuel Rods To Be Removed from Fukushima Reactors - Extended

Tons of toons

Fly Incognito!

For those very concerned about Fukushima, or entirely not

Mr. Fish Toon- Inheritance

Another reason Jurassic Park failed: Lazy geneticists!

College athletes can seek cut of TV money: U.S. judge

Bride Kidnaping victims

Washington state Senate passes tax breaks, aiming to win Boeing work

Before October 2013 where were all these insurance companies with these

Journey is gonna be so pissed!

Russian cops took some time away from oppressing citizens to do a cover of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”

Where is Jay Inslee on the coal ports?

Congratulations, Hawaii!

Has anyone ever gotten a Phantom Text?

Wise words from Joel Osteen...

I removed the Norton trial stuff from my new laptop last night and now I'm bombarded with ads. Help!

Former 60 Minutes Producer Mapes: Benghazi Story Aimed At "Obsessed" Right-Wing Audience

Ohio State scores 89 against another cupcake.

Big coal worse than keystone, Israel undermines peace, Japan’s radio active nightmare!

Colombian authorities seize 80 properties connected to convicted governor

Maher Single-Handedly Rehabilitates Weiner: 'It Wasn't That Awful What You Did' - video link

Chris Christie Crashes Fallon's 'Thank You Notes' to Say 'You're Welcome' - VIDEO

ADL: 2 in 3 Israeli teens report experiencing anti-Semitism online

Damn! I didn't know that you could do this!!

Would you do this?

Anyone get ValPaks?

Rand Paul addresses Plagiarism allegations in new Speech

whatcha drinking tonight?

French riot police use tear gas on anti-tax protesters

A Simple Desultory Philippic fixed by a couple of 20 somethings

Internet Archive’s office catches fire, but Wayback Machine escapes unharmed

My crockpot is officially dead - Anyone use the self stirring kind?

Muslim Actress Tells Off Sheik Cleric

Miami Herald journalist Jim Wyss released by Venezuelan authorities

Methodist pastor faces trial for son's gay wedding.......

His Honor Back On Duty In Talkeetna, AK!

Thanks to Anson Mount for sharing this on fb

Iraq war inquiry blocked in bid to make Bush-Blair 'kick ass' memo public

Breaking - no deal with Iran