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Denver taxi driver mistakes Italian gun manufacturer exec for terrorist, calls police.

Anonymous on the case of lesbian girl charged with statutory rape.

White House Says It Didn’t Loop Obama In on I.R.S. Inquiry

NDP wants RCMP inquiry into $90K payment to Duffy

Kerry calls Israeli envoy to protest legalization of West Bank outposts

I posted this on Facebook...

Our hearts are with you, Oklahoma.

Live link News Channel 4 Oklahoma City Tornado Coverage

Help me find something?

Just received message from NWS that our local transmitter is now out of service

Meet an internet troll

Question for environment/structural engineers, could some type of natural structures be placed

My heart is with Oklahoma

Elementary kids drown:

BREAKING: 51 Confirmed Dead in Oklahoma Tornado: Medical Examiner's Office

Ray Manzarek, keyboardist and founding member of The Doors, dies at 74 from cancer

I've written Governor Fallin's speech for her.

37 confirmed far

Jennifer Lawrence's got the blues. Dressed up as Mystique.

Don't Say Awwwwwww. Something a little brighter to bring some relief:

9 Questions That Atheists Might Find Insulting (And the Answers) - crossposted from Atheists group

Reporter from Oklahoma on MSNBC says heroic teacher

The compound in the Mediterranean diet that makes cancer cells 'mortal'

Readout of the President Obama's Call with Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin

Meteorologist told people

A serious question for DUers watching tornado coverage

Human vultures already descending upon devastated Moore, OK

Woman got all six Powerball numbers - but bought her ticket an HOUR too late

Did the government arrest Adam Kokesh to forestall the DC march?

Peggy Noonan jumps the shark

New immune system discovered

Red Cross: Safe and Well Website

Gorgeous photo of the Milky Way with Cottonwood trees

The Low-Tech Way Guns Get Traced (spoiler: it's by hand)

Oklahoma- First Responders.

No Charges Filed in Toddler's Accidental Shooting

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Sunday Bloody Sunday & a new Kitteh gif

Hubble finds dead stars "polluted" with planetary debris

May 20th 2013 tornado

Cassini Shapes First Global Topographic Map of Titan

Headline News should rename itself Sensational Court News

Absolutely Stunning Images Of Children Pulled From Rubble At Plaza Towers

The difference between gays and anti gays

Is it just me or has President Obama presided over

Free the Press! Campaign to buy the Tribune Group

NOW w/ Alex Wagner - There’s just something wrong with Virginia Republicans

MSNBC: Draper Water Treatment Plant damaged by Tornado....

GOP Congressman: Calls for Impeachment "Will Likely Increase"

'Bipartisan' debt forum with Ron Johnson and Mark Pocan puts hyperpartisanship on display

Eagles in air battle crash-land at airport

The Waterfall and the World at Night

My God! Today is the 56th anniversary of the Ruskin Heights Tornado.

Just wanted to say

ADHD in childhood may be linked to obesity in adults

Jury Service

Krugman: Where Are The Deficit Celebrations?

May 20th 2013 Tornado VIDEO


I like this kid...

Make a Disaster Plan for Pets

According to Rachel, 7 kids have been found dead at that Oklahoma elementary school.

NY1 Exclusive: Mayor To Propose Installation Of Removable Steel Panels In Some Waterfront Areas

Sleeping women

Obama administration mistakes journalism for espionage

About 40 children are still unaccounted for at Plaza elementary school

My black cat Brigid is getting white hairs that weren't there before.

Ray Manzarek, founding member of The Doors, has died

interesting and hopeful graph

Republican congressman Tom Cole from Oklahoma supported the Sandy Relief Bill

Sobering map of tornado tracks

Guatemala Court Annuls Rios Montt Genocide Conviction

My God, horrible tornado news.

Documenting Dystopia: Non-Profit establishing a Global Public Surveillance Camera Directory

Primary the Blue Dog!

Diagram - how to determine if it is watergate

Poll: Americans angry about Benghazi can't find it on a map

All of these disasters and emergencies have proven that Obama and the Dems

16-year-old killed in San Jose bike accident


How do you handle a crisis spiritually wise?

Subway Just as Unhealthy as McDonald’s

Your Smartphone's Smashed Screen Is Now A Status Symbol, Apparently

We’ve Got Your Back Oklahoma

Thanks to you all for the kind thoughts

Financial strain pushes many veterans to the breaking point

"White House Says It Didn’t Loop Obama In on I.R.S. Inquiry"

Kids drowned in school, MSNBC link added which says "at least 7". :(

How can they build tall buildings in OKC area, but not basements?

If you have to be trapped by a tornado, Oklahoma City is probably the best place in the country...

coburn of oklahoma want any disaster aid to his state offset by other cuts

Text "Red Cross" to 90999 to contribute $10

The Tea Party plans a comeback. Where's the Occupy movement?

Brooklyn Gospel Singer Bit Into McDonalds Chicken Sandwich, Claims Piece Of Glass Ruined Her Voice

Dude Wants to Shoot Hillary Clinton in the Vag, Unaware Vaginas KILL

Venezuelan Anti-Crime Program Records 55% Homicide Reduction

Guatemala court annuls Rios Montt genocide conviction. Rios Montt Freed. Impunity Reigns

We live in a wonderful country,

Oklahoma Senators Jim Inhofe, Tom Coburn, Face Difficult Options On Disaster Relief

Chick-Fil-A Gift Cards Donated To 'Biblical Marriage' Church Event

Oklahoma Senators Jim Inhofe, Tom Coburn, Face Difficult Options On Disaster Relief

Surveillance video catches people stealing from St. Vincent De Paul

A reminder that the tea party has existed in other forms throughout history.

"The false god of ‘narrative’"

Spring is mating season!

Oklahoma Republican Sen. Tom Coburn will seek to offset federal aid to victims of a massive tornado

"President Seeks Path Forward Beyond Troubles"

Sarah Palin, I'll see your "snow in Alaska in May"

Amazing Tornado Time Lapse

If you want to help with Oklahoma storm relief, see this:

Peace (read Pot) Rally Hi-Jacker (AKA Bring Guns to DC Guy) "Kidnapped" by the Feds. (Snort)

How did I never watch "Friday Night Lights"?

May 8, 2013: Con think tank stooge: "Sorry Global Warmists - Weather getting less extreme"

I posit that the hedgehog is the cutest animal ever. [The Hedgehog thread!]

Thank you to any of DU's first responders out there

I would not buy real estate in Moore, Oklahoma.

AP Raw Video: Rescuers Pull Tornado Survivors to Safety

A fun photo, you decide if I took it, or if I posed

Donations for OK Tornado relief

"Will A GOP Aide Be Fired Over Benghazi Email Changes?"

Please, Oklahoma - from now on require underground shelters at schools

We are absolutely seeing the results of climate change

I have never seen such a magnificent year for my Spring flowering plants -

Your politics don't matter

32 pics from the Moore Tornado (link):

Please send healing vibes white light for us in OKC area

"More Costs of a Pseudo-Scandal"

surprisingly, the DailyMail seems to have the best coverage I have seen on OK tornado

So okay on Colbert's show

I'm glad David Letterman called out Roy Blunt

"The IRS Real Scandal: Targeting by Class"

At least 20 children are among the 51 people killed after a tornado slammed Oklahoma

Where's all the money gone?

why do people/or locations like Oklahoma and general out west do not have basements?

Mama's at the seashore and Papa's in Heaven!

So, I broke my arm last month. Actually my shoulder and broke doesn't quite do it

Stadium cheers as two-year-old son of Chelsea FC's goalie scores a goal.

Oklahome DUers, please check in!

I spent two years in college in Kansas.

Sipping on a little sherry tonight. Ask me anything.

Fox News Ignores Obama offering help to Oklahoma.....

President Obama Signs Disaster Declaration for Oklahoma

“They shut me up in Prose–” — Emily Dickinson

It was beautiful outside today. Very unlike most of this spring in Ottawa. Now it's freezing

Tragedies such as Hurricane Sandy, Newtown and now Oklahoma...

Obama vs. LBJ

Tornadoes in the United States: Past 48 Hours count =48 reported byUniversity Of Michigan

Sally Ride to Receive Posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom

Nasrallah ‘killer of Syrian people’ as tensions in Lebanon rise

Is it Watergate Flowchart - Help Conservatives Figure it Out

My friend posted this on FB (help find reputable source)

Al Qaeda on guns

once again, brave teachers risk their lives to protect their charges.

Pat Robertson,,,, who you gonna blame this one on???

But Wall Street is doing nicely, I see...

Someone Threw A Wine Bottle At Reggae Legend Frederick "Toots" Hibbert

Will Coburn and Inhofe...

To the people asking why they don't have basements or tornado-proof...

Thunderstorm finally hitting here in Sheboygan.

Witch Hunt Takes Down CSCOPE

Ray Manzarek, keyboardest for Doors, dead at 74.

Economically, Could Obama Be America's Best President?

Darrell Issa: A Modern Day Joe McCarthy

Syria's Nusra Front Eclipsed by Iraqi al-Qaida

H-E-B pulls prepackaged Gulf shrimp from Galveston Shrimp Co. after recall

Dave Letterman's Stooge of the night Senator Roy Blunt (Mo.)

Is China seeking regime-change in North Korea?

Senate Report: Apple Paid Little Or No Taxes To Any Government On Billions In Profits

Single-Payer National Health Insurance

At least 91 killed in Moore tornado, hundreds injured -(UPDATE - NOW REPORTING 24)

Federal judge ruled feds need not notify Fox reporter of search

Pic of elementary teacher and student reuniting after the tornado:

With Climate Volatility/Tornados- We Should Begin Building Underground Houses. It Saves Energy

Alternate theory on Tornado winds

Depressed whale...

Democrats strike back at GOP voting measures

Vido clip of what a famly sees when emerging from a storm cellar:

This probably sounds dumb, but could a drone be flown into the center of a tornado from above...

Something to think of about donateing for the recent storm victims. Hope the relief workers think...

TREASON. I think the GOP'ers relentlessly persecuting Obama are now guilty of it.

TREASON. I think the GOP'ers relentlessly persecuting Obama are now guilty of it.

Help! I can't have any coffee until tomorrow afternoon.

OK tornado survivor finds her missing dog alive while talking to a reporter:

Has there been an explanation for why the 4th-5th &6th graders were evacuated


DMN: House OKs requiring legislative input on Medicaid expansion

Good morning, Lounge!

Comets damaged 4 continents 12,800 yrs ago

The GOP Energy Tent Is Slowly Getting Bigger (sic)

California teenager is heading to Harvard after winning a science prize.. Recharge your cellphone in

Did I hear that the Oki officials told Joe Scum et al to move

National Geographic - The world's biggest cave 2010 HDTV 720p

President Obama signed a disaster declaration for Oklahoma

Mika & Joe & the crew are in Oklahoma? Why?

So which 'One Single Event' ARE you willing to allow to be Climate Change?

Daniel Dennett's seven tools for thinking

NASA, Bigelow To Discuss Private Sector Human Space Exploration And Development on May 23

Robert Scheer: Tumblr Is Worth $1.1 Billion to Yahoo For One Reason: You

You hear all kinds of outrage from the right about welfare recipients but what about APPLE?

FEMA offers GRANTS to communities for public shelters

Star Trek (spoilers)

Morning news: god devastates OK town, spares dog.

Hope for survivors fades at ruined school

Smithsonian: Understanding the scale of the Monroe Tornado.

On feeding the poor...a local area's solution to stocking the food pantry.

Recycled Bike Part Chandeliers Under a Texas Overpass

Assault on Wall Street - A Review

Marching in Chicago: Resisting Rahm Emanuel's Neoliberal Savagery

President Obama to speak on Oklahoma disaster

Darrell Issa - Car-thief / arsonist / scumbag

Wells Dry, Fertile Plains Turn to Dust

Will Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Stop Meaning Anything When Climate Change Hits?

May Lies. Watch the Skies. Ominous Weather Advisories Hoisted over Texas

Bed-sharing 'raises cot death risk fivefold'

Why Inequality Is a Problem and Growth a Red Herring

Dog found while woman is talking to a reporter in OK...

May Lies. Watch the Skies. Ominous Advisories Hoisted Over Texas

To Desire to Make Capitalism Moral Is, in Reality, to Demand Its Suppression

Oklahoma tornado survivor finds dog buried alive under rubble

oooops, duplicate post (dog found in rubble), sorry; posted in Good News (link inside)

When Obama goes to OK, I trust the GOP will whine about him using them as 'props.'

Can you even remember the last time we built anything cool ?

About tornados--if you're in a city, you have sirens to warn you. What if you're driving in the

Angry man with middle eastern heritage..explosives training..unregisterd gun conviction

A little Conqueroo

Will Obama visit OK?

Oklahoma Senators DEMAND Offsets for Tornado Aid?

House Speaker derails Fallin's plan to save Insure Oklahoma

Union of Concerned Scientists: Global Warming FAQs

Where can I give a CASH donation for the tornado victims?

Heatwave deaths in New York city could rise by up to 22%, study shows

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday May 21st

Record 400ppm CO2 milestone 'feels like we're moving into another era'{ralph keeling}

Nutty Finding: Olive Oil and Nuts Can Protect Your Brain : NBC News

"If Jonathan Karl doesn't like being called a hack, then he should stop being a hack"

Creationism and revisionist history threaten to invade our classrooms Zack Kopplin

Hey Oklahomans: Please find time to call your reps today!

"Oh, We're Booked for Four Weeks on Estimate Appointments..."

Fukushima No. 1 can’t keep its head above tainted water

A way to help the animal victims in OK

Spain: Links Between Spanish Banking Scandal and Anti Cuban Groups

Comments from: Senator Tom Coburn FB Page

Do you "rec" your own threads??? I did it for the first time ever...

austerity is dead: stop pushing it, drop the CPI and increase social security

Puzzle of why penguin cannot fly 'solved'

VA numbers show staggering effects of sexual abuse in military

Aloof, shifty Obama: Nixon times ten thousand!

A perfect characterization of the national media flocking to the scene of OK tornado....

To Desire to Make Capitalism Moral Is, in Reality, to Demand Its Suppression

Meanwhile, back in North Carolina (57 arrested in 4th Moral Monday)

Anyone regret slashing National Weather Service budget now?

Mitch McConnell Hilariously Crashes & Burns on IRS 'Scandal'

Former IRS commissioner (Shulman) to testify on Capitol Hill

BBC just reported that over 90 people are dead so far in Moore Oklahoma

Hezbollah’s Role in Syria War Shakes the Lebanese

OK dedicated site: lost and found pets

Woman kills boyfriend with 12-gauge shotgun--says they were "playing around in the apartment."

Help Oklahoma ...... go to this post please and keep it kicked and recommended

Okay. Don't laugh. This is serious.

Who altered the Benghazi-emails?

Astounding NY Times Editorial Spells Doom For Ed Deform

Senator Inhofe Oklahoma

Knowing he only had months to live, this 18 y.o. kid wrote a beautiful song

Would a steel shipping container make a good storm shelter?

How the Government Targeted Occupy

We will help the people of OKC and need to simply put the big Ignore

Is Pope Francis an exorcist?

Obama administration mistakes journalism for espionage

Moore Schools Have One of "Biggest and Best Stadiums in the State," but no storm shelter for kids

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Can't keep him down

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Scandals and a lazy congress

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Jeffrey Nugent says his brother Ted Nugent is wrong on background checks

Today Is A Good Day To STOP Trashing Teachers.

WaPo fact checker gives WH claim that Repubs doctored email to smear the President three Pinocchios

A Reversion to a Dickensian Variety of Capitalism

Afghan peace lost in transition worries

upgrading memory

Horrifying new trend: Posting rapes to Facebook

Some people are brave...and some people are idiots.

Pentagon to take over some CIA drone operations : sources

Unheralded Mathematician Bridges the Prime Gap

IMO, Tornado Alley needs to change the shape(oval) of buildings and roofs(dome) with

When did NPR become the Disaster News Network?

Hundreds of Non-Union Workers With Taxpayer-Supported Jobs Plan to Strike Today

Message To David Letterman: Make Coburn & Inhofe The Stooges Of The Night ......

Chris Christie Joins the Yahoos, Says No ‘Proof’ Climate Change Caused Sandy

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 21, 1930

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 21, 1930

The seven craziest findings in the US investigation of Apple’s tax avoidance practices

ROUND UP THE USUAL SUSPECTS......Who do you think altered the Benghazi emails?

PBS's Koch Problem: How a Major Right-Wing Funder Undercut Key Films

Tony Auth on Republicans and their faux scandals

How half the rice in the Chinese city of Guangzhou was poisoned by pollution

Tom Toles on the Republicans' quest to end the Obama presidency

Annoying Lincoln MKZ commercial

The Economic Geography of America's Abortion Wars

Oklahoma Senator Won’t Support Tornado Relief Without Budget Cuts

Walter Pincus re: AP-The reality is that this is not a whistleblowing case-There are no heroes here

NASA funds design for a food replicator

The Right’s Scandal Hypocrisy

Where is the religious right condemning Tornado victims for their God less ways, and why hasn't

Looking for the little things . . . . .

Colombia making ‘great strides’ protecting indigenous lands: lobby group

Papantonio: K Street’s Revolving Door

Senators and Congresscritters Deserve to Suffer. But Their Constituents Don’t.

Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office Revises Death Toll Down To 24, Including 7 Children

IRS destroyers of freedom

The most radioactive beach in the World

There must be a reason why the only thing they gave you was religion

What happened to Plaza Towers Elementary was a direct impact of the tornado...

Tornado death toll substantially lowered

Laid off 6 months ago -- applied for dozens of jobs. NO interviews.

What Our Words Tell Us

A fellow DU'er told me about this article

The Suburbanization of Poverty

Church Whistle-Blowers Join Forces on Abuse

Investigating Gaza flotilla deaths would sacrifice International Criminal Court's legitimacy

Church Whistle-Blowers Join Forces on Abuse

Welcome to This Generation's Joseph McCarthy ...

Obama: There's no longer time for excuses for black men

TORNADO from the parking lot of a local Kentucky Fried Chicken by a cook at the restaurant.

Exxon: No Plans Yet To Reopen (Mayflower) Ruptured Pipeline, and No Answers Why

My sister is funny

Oklahoma Tornado Survivor Finds Missing Dog During Live Interview (you'll need a tissue)

Urban Class Warfare: Are Cities Built for the Rich?

Detroit's pension boards pay $22K to send 4 trustees to Hawaii

Anthony Weiner’s Cardinal Sin: Rank Hypocrisy, Not Creepy Sexting

Matuschka reacts to Jolie story (artist whose 1993 photo shifted focus to reality of breast cancer)


(EU) Investigation Into Oil Industry Price Rigging Mirrors LIBOR Scandal (updated)

Hi..I'm new here & just received a suggestion from Knetauros to post a thread re: mental telepathy

Germany Is Taking Formal Ownership Of Justin Bieber's Monkey

Zach Galifianakis’ Date to Hangover 3 Premiere: Woman He Saved from Homelessness

School Answering Machine

Tesla raises $1 billion in stock sale; 100,000 EVs now on American roads

Christie says no proof climate change caused Sandy. Reply to him is priceless:

Venezuela frees opposition activist jailed over post-vote violence

GOP Senator To IRS Chief: You Lie

Fact Checking - If the site you're looking at doesn't do it, and many don't,

Japan Times: Discharges of Fukushima nuclear material “have effectively contaminated the sea"

As He Came Into The Window It Was The Sound Of A Crescendo......

We need a media shield law, not more GOP posturing (my latest Detroit News rant... er, blog post)

As He Came Into The Window It Was The Sound Of A Crescendo......

President Obama Speech On Oklahoma Tornado – 5/21/13

The Story Of Ham Rove

Religion Shouldn't Be an Excuse for Discrimination

U.S. and Europe Prepare to Settle Chinese Solar Panel Cases

With no domestic funding, Oak Ridge donates salt for Czech molten salt reactor program

Banks Win Big as Regulators Refuse to Rein in $700 Trillion Derivatives Market

Tunisian man dies of new coronavirus

EU bathing water continues to improve, says report

The Obamacare Myth About Small Business

UK leader fears sperm-donor lesbian queen!

Songs That You Love That Don't Get Radio Play

Torture Victim’s Body Is Found Near U.S. Base, Afghans Say

How someone votes doesn't limit my compassion for them. n/t

Court: US can keep bin Laden photos under wraps

Multiple videos of the Moore OK tornado.

Lazarus comets' discovered in the Asteroid Belt

Please come CAPTION GOP's nominee for Lt. Governor in Virginia!!!!

GM to invest $44.5M in Lansing Cadillac factory

Would you support imposing restrictions to breeding pit-bulls?

Oklahoma senator: Tornado aid “totally different” from Sandy aid

Firm to appeal nuclear plant whistleblower case

Are deaf dogs afraid of thunder and lightning?

Progress can be Threatened

Something Has Been Lost

Chelsea Clinton to lead NYU faith program

Climate Change Denier Inhofe Says Monster Tornado 'Hard to Explain'

"I know my Constitution!" Please come CAPTION Tom Coburn (R. OK Senator)

Self delete!

***This is too much ....I'm still laughing***

Whatever happened to backscratchers??

Doug Shulman is on C-SPAN 3..

TCM Schedule for Thursday, May 23, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- Harold Lloyd

Pic Of The Moment: Tom Coburn Will Refuse To Accept Federal Disaster Relief Without Budget Cuts

We need a Democrat from New England...

TCM Schedule for Friday, May 24, 2013 -- Friday Night Spotlight: Second Looks

Cubs Fan Gets Beer Dumped On Head After Shielding Wife From Fly Ball

OK, I found a reason to hate Windows 8...

Owner Of Collapsed Indonesian Mine is Big Donor to Congress

Dumb Criminals: Thief Makes Beer Run While On Pursuit From Cops After Burglarizing House

JPMorgan Votes to Keep Dimon in Two Top Jobs

Overnight rescuers saved 132.

It’s Whitewater all over again

When the day simply sucks ass.........

GOP Aides Mock House Republicans’ ‘Crazy’ Benghazi Witch-Hunt

Authorities lower death toll to 24; number of injured hits 240, including 60 kids

Inhofe and Coburn: Red state hypocrites

There is a moral problem with America when something as devastating as the Oklahoma tornado

Why We Can't Forget That Oklahoma's Senators Voted Against Sandy Relief

A year ago from Pat Robertson: "Tornadoes wouldn’t happen if enough people prayed"

The Theory of Interstellar Finance

Why Rational People Buy Into Conspiracy Theories

The NRA Thinks These Are The ‘Coolest Gun Movies’ Ever

Polygraphs should be banned. Period.

Amazed at the Choots-pah: Thomas Friedman hosting "The Next New World" forum . . .

Peace Corps now accepting same sex couples!

Keiser Report: Down is New Up, Up is New Down

Race-baiting WND writer totally screws it up.

GOP Senator To IRS Chief (Miller): You Lie

Alabama City Told Traffic Camera Violators to Appeal to Non-Existent Court

If you live in L.A. can you help me with the down ticket today?

Pentagon to take over some CIA drone operations : sources

U.S. Security Company Seeks Dismissal of Abu Ghraib Torture Charges

Please delete

Major League Soccer announces New York expansion team: New York City Football Club


I'm pretty sure that at least *some* of these homeowners didn't vote for Coburn or Inhofe.

Peace Corps To Accept Same-Sex Couples

Man Tattoos Puppy!

Sky High and Going Up Fast: Luxury Towers Take New York

Insane Video Of The Moore, Oklahoma Tornado From Just One Block Away

Right-wing historian shoots himself in Notre Dame cathedral 'in protest at gay marriage'

Poll: Hillary’s Numbers Remain Strong Despite Benghazi Investigation

Hero teacher who shielded students with her body in bathroom stall at Plaza Towers


The Doors famous keyboard player has passed away

Sources: ESPN Laying Off Hundreds

Anyone regret the sequester now?

Tuesday, May 21th, Good News Offerings

Tornado Watch now in Dallas until 7 PM

Thom Hartmann: Climate Change? Biggest Monster Tornado Ever...

Thom Hartmann: The GOP Punks ABC News...

London woman Laura Fernee says she's 'too attractive' to work

GOP Aides Mock House Republicans’ ‘Crazy’ Benghazi Witch-Hunt

Inhofe: Tornado aid ‘totally different’ from Hurricane Sandy aid

Rand Paul outraged, but not entirely sure why

Gay Bashing? There's an App for That!

Before Receiving Federal Disaster Aid- Red State Residents Should View Footage Of Their Reps

Are we on the cusp of a solar energy boom?

Are we on the cusp of a solar energy boom?

Texas Passes 'Merry Christmas Bill' To Fight War On Christmas

It's rare that we reach a freakout of this magnitude

Press Release: Federal Agency Makes Wrong Move on Civics and History Education

Making the rounds on Facebook:

Campaign for the Civic Mission of Public Schools - Educating for Democracy

Heartwarming: Tornado Survivor Finds Dog During TV Interview

WaPo Fact Checker: 3 Pinocchios For Claim Of ‘Doctored’ Benghazi Emails

Can one get called to jury duty for someone on their ignore list?

My sister is a teacher in OKC.

Exellent video of nurses explaining Obamacare in 90 seconds.

Ben Bernanke Is Right About Interconnective Innovation

Archie Comics' gay kiss a poke at real controversy

For our neighbors across the Red River information

Leaked recording stirs political furor in Venezuela

Scott Walker tells Connecticut GOP most Americans on his side

Right wing activist kills himself over gay marriage - in Notre Dame

SAP Just Vowed To Hire A Whole Bunch Of People With Autism

Thom Hartmann: Chris Hedges - Rise Up or Die!

FUNNY: Got Scandal Fatigue? Here's the Cure...Absurdity Today Ep. 39

Does anyone take Harry Reid seriously when he "threatens" to curb filibusters?

Map: Path of tornado crosses path of F-5 1999 tornado that killed 41

OKC Thunder star Kevin Durant makes $1 million tornado pledge

How the Government Targeted Occupy

Anyone wanting to help in Moore

Boy those so-called 'first responders' are getting a lot of coverage on teevee today.

Yes, the tornadoes and other extreme weather events are generally linked to climate change

Jodi Arias is about to give a statement

OFA Urging Donations to the Red Cross for Oklahoma

May 20, 2013 City of Joplin sending assistance to Moore, OK tornado victims

In 2011 almost 9000 people were hospitalized because of dog attacks (a 55% increase from 2001).

Do you continue to learn things as your life goes on?

Looks like they found the source of the IRS cover-up: Darrell Issa

Life as One of the Most-Persecuted Ethnic Groups on the Planet

When The Music`s Over

NASA is funding a 3D food printer, and it'll start with pizza

I'm PISSED!!..need a little help from the smart folks here...

Mom Forces Bullying Daughter To Wear Thrift Store Clothes As Punishment

Forklift Operator OK After Falling Into Sink Hole Of Soy Sauce

Hey Jodi Arias

Heads Up Hill Country - May 21, 2013 - Be Safe

Oklahoma Democrats

"The wheels are coming off." Please come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!!

Customs Siezes Handbags Full Of Dead Animal Parts At LAX Airport

Has DU organized anything for the people in OK? If so....

CBS reporter claims her computers were hacked..tries to link it to the Justice Dept with no evidence

Anti-Semitism Reports Increase, State Department Says

Gay marriage: Commons passes Cameron's plan

White House: Reporters shouldn’t be prosecuted

Kevin Durant donates 1mil to the Red Cross to help in Oklahoma!

Question on a broody hen -

FBI ID’s Benghazi suspects - but no arrests yet

A 'Nonviolent Army of Love' Rises in North Carolina to Face Down Rightwing's Assault on Progress

Former Justice Department officials: Stop the Leaks

On-Call Shifts: The Latest Corporate Shame

Diversion: Is There Anything FOX News Can't Fix?

CA. D.U.'ers

George Michael should stay indoors

B vitamins could delay dementia

a "must share" with that crazy uncle.

Hal Rogers: No offsets for Oklahoma aid

Head of JAEA quits over Monju inspection flaws

Kevin Durant donates $1 million to Red Cross for disaster relief

Anti-gay right wing extremist commits suicide at altar in Notre Dame Cathedral

Court Strikes Down Arizona 20-Week Abortion Ban

Super Bowl 50 Awarded to San Francisco/Santa Clara

Parking Meter 'Robin Hood' Group Saves People from Tickets, Gets Sued

Where did all the guns go during the tornado?

Lawmakers Travel to Russia to Investigate Boston Bombing

'I Was an Idiot': 'Daily Show' Creator Apologizes for Insensitive Tornado Jokes

Poll: How many DUers have a 401k or IRA

"Listen, it's obvious!" Please come CAPTION Senator Jim Inhofe (Oklahoma Rethug)!!

Peaceful Protester Tasered Outside DOJ While Demanding Wall Street Prosecutions (VIDEO)

Amazing PHOTOS from Elem. School Rescue: "It's a Miracle Any of Them Got Out."

Disgusting: 4 Ways Apple CEO Tim Cook Spins Tax Avoidance

Beyond "No Single Event....".

Department of Justice Meets Snuggly the Security Bear!

Republicans plan to gut the National Weather Service will kill more Americans, including children,

Rand Paul demands Congress ‘apologize’ to Apple for tax avoidance hearing

Climate Change and Extreme Weather: Prof. Jennifer Francis (2013)

How I got my creativity back

Dispelling Modern Myths Of Muslim Anti-Semitism

Villagers discover ancient ball game statue in Mexico

Israel Army Warns Syria Of Golan Unrest 'Consequences'

Israeli Forces Shoot Teen Near Ramallah

"A bunch Oklahoma whiners!" Please come CAPTION Ayn Rand!!!

IRS Official Lois Lerner Will Plead The 5th Amendment

GOPer Who Got Millions in Farm Subsidies Thinks the Poor Should Starve Rather Than Get Food Stamps

Jodi Arias to jury: Let her live, she'd start a recycling program

Poll: If You Were Faced with a Decision

I'm sure all or most Dems in the Senate and Congress are going to approve aid....

Apple CEO to Congress: Lower corporate taxes to single digits or else

Is "In God We Trust" Constitutional?

Moonstone Beach, Cambria, CA

Storm chasers - is it time for them to stop?

Hungary destroy all Monsanto GMO Corn Fields


Cuomo tells gun-loving sheriffs to STFU or GTFO

When/where did President Obama say this?

Molly Maguire's a S*T*I*N*K*E*R !!

Pope criticizes "savage capitalism" in visit to food kitchen

We Told You So (How Obamacare Is Cleaning Up Health Care Financing)

41% of Republicans think Benghazi is the biggest scandal in US history...

For all those who were asking:Why Don't More Homes in Oklahoma Have Basements?

Apple chief calls on US government to slash US corporate tax

Re: May 25th 2013 MAM- Looking at the "science" behind the safety claims of Gm seeds.

The Ridiculous Response To The Oregon Medicaid Study - Joan McCarter Discusses

Apple CEO Tim Cook says Made-in-USA Mac will be assembled in Texas

Illinois Ranks As The Worst Rogue Coal State - Jeff Biggers Discusses

Smart bar code shopping

ACLU of Florida Statement on Prosecution of 18-Year-Old Kaitlyn Hunt

US Forest Service: Climate Change and Wildfire

Deja Vu on the Hill: Wall Street Lobbyists Roll Back Finance Reform, Again

Salt Lake City has highest rate of gay couples raising kids

Bachmann challenger not eager for Obama’s help

I hear this on the radio earlier, and it made me cry. After watching the video, I can't stop

Vicious personal attacks - I second the request for some action.

What was the last book you've read?

Cuccinelli Endorses Running Mate, But Won’t Defend Anything He’s Ever Said

New Method for Producing Clean(er) Hydrogen (a cleaner fuel reformer)

Hoping To Raise Money From Tech Industry, Rand Paul Defends Apple’s Tax Dodging

Alzheimer's/dementia brain atrophy reduced > 50% with "pennies per day" B vitamins

Premont ISD gets new life with A&M-Kingsville partnership

Going green: Nation equipped to grow serious amounts of pond scum for fuel

Correa Insists on LatAm Unity Against Transnational Thievery

Bolivian Miners Accept Gov't Proposal and Abandon Strike

The two hands of God. Please come CAPTION Pat Robertson!!!

Bill Keller (NY Times) shows once again what an asshole he is...

So...Is it Un-American to purchase Apple products?

Linking climate change and human evolution

Obama opposes GOP bill on Keystone XL oil pipeline

HOLY F**K! Just got a TORNADO WARNING Emergency Alert on the TV!

Oklahoma Tornado's Strength Upgraded to Rare EF5

Cruz’s attempt to strip citizenship provision from immigration reform fails — in a big way

Video spoofs former military psy ops being used in fracking fields

Mark Fiore video spoofs former military psy ops being used in fracking fields

Activists Cornel West And Carl Dix Hold Mass Incarceration Dialogue In N.Y.C.

Liquefied Air Could Power Cars and Store Energy from Sun and Wind

American Bridge, Top Liberal SuperPAC, Had Secret Ties To Bain Capital

Papantonio: Oklahoma Deserves Better Than Inhofe and Coburn

OCCUPY OKC - Occupy OKC to help with tornado ( Also Occupy Norman)

Cape activists arrested at nuclear plant protest rally

Houston to host Super Bowl LI in 2017

Daily chart : Who's who in Syria's battlefield

A reminder of the "21st of May"

Exxon Takes Algae Fuel Back to the Drawing Board

U.N. mulls excluding nuclear accidents from disaster prevention plan

Transgender MMA fighter!

Moral Mondays protest outside and inside NC General Assembly. (57 arrests this time)

Torrington, CT is under a Tornado Warning!

For-Profit Prison Corporations Promise Investors “A Growing Offender Population”

Obama administration approves ALEC model bill

The Part-Time Job That Pays $1,122 Per Hour

If there are septic tanks in a community, there can be shelters underground

Kevin Durant donated a million dollars for tornado relief

Woman on CNN tells Wolf " um i am actually a Atheist"

Senate votes to make small cut to food stamps

Satellite Photos Show What the Oklahoma Tornado Looked Like From Space

Brazil commission says abusers could be tried

Congressman Who Gets Millions In Farm Subsidies: Food Stamps Stealing ‘Other People’s Money

Cancer and birth defects in Iraq: The nuclear legacy

Did anyone listen to the Doug Shulman testimony this morning on C-SPAN 3 ??

Brain fart and epiphany about the new wealth, blue gold.

Mets pitcher grew up in tornado town.

Why Rational People Buy Into Conspiracy Theories

Man sentenced for stealing medical supplies for injured troops

Hundreds seek compensation in Japan nuclear crisis

Alex Jones Explains How Government "Weather Weapon" Could Have Been Behind Oklahoma Tornado

Ever see a 5-Leaf Clover?

St. Petersburg lawmaker calls for study of Levy nuclear plant costs

Millennials Graduate College (cartoon)

Stargazer Snaps Amazing Photo of Deep Space Oasis

Johns Hopkins Scientist Slams Flu Vaccine

Kibbutz residents attack Bedouin village in the Negev

What “Social Welfare” Work Do Tea Party Groups Perform? Does Karl Rove hold bake sales?

Duke Energy, NRC probe missed crack at nuke plant

The Reagan Rainbow

Tea Party "Working The Refs" in IRS Scandal

So what have the House Republicans done to help create jobs in 2013?

How much do you love President Obama?

Conservative Groups Granted Exemption Vastly Outspent Liberal Ones -

Texting teen dies in first drive by herself

Marlins are so bad they can't even hide a spitball >>

Colbert concludes tea partiers are ‘a bunch of pussies’ after consulting his lawyer

PC or Apples?

senator inhofe:tornado aid totally different than sandy aid

To those DUers under the Tornado gun please...

One less Douchebag on the planet.

Mount Errigal, Ireland

Germany to Store Europe’s Energy

News Fox

A visit with my very conservative father: A few musings

One man's escape from Camp 14 and North Korea

Senate Committee Votes to Authorize Arms for Syrian Rebels

GOP Benghazi Conspiracy Theorist Turns Obama Friend After OK Tornado

Clearly one of the most stupid headlines I have ever seen..from Huffinton Post..

Romney the Racketeer Chronicles - Part 4: Obstruction by Habitual Destruction of Evidence

Metalheads! Oshkosh rock festival this summer...

For kids in Varna Hungary, this is the winter of their discontent

How Artists Strengthen Communities

Virginia Lt. Gov. Candidate Fought Against Desegregation Efforts

Denali Wolf

My new addiction, is Chef Gordon Ramsey

Badlands Nat'l Pk.

Elephant Seal can't quite remember

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Teachers were heroic protectors

Strasburg vs Cain tonight ...

Hey Dems in Senate... How about this???

How the National Security Apparatus - in Partnership With Big Corporations - Cracked Down on Dissent

Graham, McCain: No Apologies To Susan Rice For Benghazi

Devious Democrats

Breaking: Judge has lifted ban on Jodi Arias doing TV interviews

How much internet speed do I need?

Free download - 40 extreme metal bands - This is Armageddon!

It's not just this one monster tornado

Report Says GOP Aides Are Beginning to Mock House Republicans’ Benghazi Accusations as ‘Crazy’

So, some schools had funding for storm shelters

Rebuilding America's Infrastructure.....

Feds Again Delay San Onofre Nuke Restart Decision

Cardinal Dolan Uses NYPD To Bar Gay Catholics From Sunday Worship In St. Patrick’s Cathedral

What's with the sappy music on Hardball?

Yin and Yang

Ex-DUer has great idea: Donate your excess hotel points to hotels near Moore

Moral Mondays protest outside and inside NC General Assembly (57 arrests this time)

WHEN will it be important enough to take a stand and do something?

House Passes Bipartisan Veterans Legislation Cosponsored by Shea-Porter

Get A Brain! Morans guy has a Twitter account

"Elections have consequences"

Papantonio on Current TV: Tax Cheats And Corporate Lackeys

What am I gonna do with all my Charlotte Bobcats gear?

Minnesota To Grant Care Workers The Right To Join A Union

"Obama approval ratings UP. So tiny group of millionaire Beltway pundits & GOP are out of touch w/

Sweden Framing Assange, British Spy Messages Said to Say

Reaching the 'weather weapon' stage