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Extreme Jet Stream Pattern Triggers Historic European Floods

I don't care whether you approve or disapprove of Edward Snowden's leaks. What REALLY outrages me

I didn't know Raymond Burr was gay.

Why not deal seriously with those of us who see science and religion as equal?

Obama’s “Dirty Wars” — and a soiled presidency

What happened to the DU store?

OK, initial reaction to Snowden's claims

Private city proposal divides Guatemala

U.S. finds long-lost diary of top Nazi leader, Hitler aide

A dedication to those that are "Hangin' tough, stayin' hungry"!

Debunking the "Electric Cars Aren’t Green" Myth

The outsourcing of U.S. intelligence raises risks among the benefits

A Primer on Global Listening

I am raising a GLASS to EDWARD SNOWDEN

Shortening a metal pipe...

B.C. city puts chicken manure on homeless encampment

A Private City in Guatemala.

Monday, Monday!

Has anyone seen rug's ferrit soap ?

Chinese dissidents in exile share experiences in Pgh North Side!

Twins promote uber-prospect Miguel Sano

Karl Rove the latest to defend NSA snooping and data-collection

On a lighter note, those who were shocked by last week's Game of Thrones ...

Slave-owner's descendant gives away plantation

DOJ: No Comment On Snowden

Bruce Springsteen - Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out

Paul Krugman Smacks Down Republican Whining That Obama Hasn’t Reached Out To Them

This country would be a disaster without the Bill of Rights

the long arm of ........ BACON !

"Booz Allen Hamilton: Edward Snowden's US contracting firm"

Are we having fun yet?

Explosions, gunfire heard around Kabul international airport

Aye Aye, Sir

understand UAW is strking Bell.

S & M s

For Conservatives, the Future Looks Dim... and Gay

Is anyone else getting that auto-load video for "Hit the Floor?"

The key to the "This Isn't News" argument is willfull ignorance.

Dear Chairman Issa

ASSANGE: "imagine Washington-backed Google Glasses strapped onto vacant human faces — forever."

Beginner, I would love some direction or suggestions

Delta could get saltier if tunnels are built

Is anyone watching the Tony Awards?

If they are conducting phone traffic analysis, why are there illegal telemarketers?



Obamacare Is Killing the GOP!

Just so you know

Nelson Mandela is not dead.

I am Friends with Andy Karl, who is on the Tony's right now, and I am sooooooooooooo proud of him!

Nelson Mandela victim of death hoax on Twitter Read more:


Booz Allen Statement on Reports of Leaked Information

For my 10,000th post...


Does anyone know of a program that puts text on a photo, easily. I have over a thousand photos of

Obama is coming to Boston!

Cross-section of a Kiwi

I haven't been paying attention, and now I'm really really pizzed at Obama!

Republicans search for secret to winning support from black voters

"The Origins of the Overclass" by Steve Kangas

Israeli Figures Show Rise In West Bank Settlement Starts Ahead Of Kerry Visit

AP Sources: US Leaning Toward OK On Lethal Aid To Syrian Rebels This Week; No-Fly Zone Unclear

So how many Congressmen/women support the Patriot Act now?

Question for anyone divorced

Edward Snowden Describes The Time The CIA Got A Swiss Banker Drunk And put him behind the wheel

Neil Patrick Harris amazing in the Tony Awards opening tonight!! (video)

What similarities do the SS/chained CPI and the NSA story have in common?

Saw John Williams and the Boston Pops this weekend! Amazing.

Anyone watching George Stromboulopoulous interview show on CNN? I think

First it was "the government never listens", now they listen too much!

God's Checklist

How All Three Branches Conspired to Threaten Your Privacy

"We have an idiot on our show." Kool aid man Alex Jones epic fail !!!

Stephen Colbert's 2007 Press Club speech

Uribe criticizes foreign support for Colombia’s peace process

Apple to make big announment Monday afternoon.

The Ugly Side of D.C.'s Corporate Bipartisanship

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 10 June 2013

This Snowden guy has a few cracks in his resume.

U.S. Congress Committee Endorses $488 Million Aid To Israel

UFO Spotted Over Netherlands Castle

Justice Department Fights Release Of Secret Court Opinion On Law That Underpins PRISM Program

For those of us who need some laughter...Here you go...

Republican IRS agent says Cincinnati began 'Tea Party' inquiries

"In a little hilltop village, they gambled for my clothes..."

Wife just finished watching Mad Men. She wanted to know what 1A means and all

"Alleged assassin of Pablo Neruda is former CIA and DINA agent Michael Townley "

Our $1 trillion chance ( petition against tax havens): Please spread!

A patent on your DNA? What the Supreme Court ruling means for you

Obama NOT The Villain-Look in the Mirror-Its The Pant's Wetting Populace of the USA Who Votes for...

Even in 2001

Top Ten Reasons To Legalize Pot Now

I wonder why Snowden went to Hong Kong instead of Iceland.

How many people had jaws dropping open the last 5 minutes of mad men like my wife?

Is it really keeping Congress informed when the only way they can find details of programs

Dates when PRISM collection began for each provider

If tomorrow Obama changed his mind and decided the surveillance program was all wrong

There are 1,931 private companies working on intelligence, counterterrorism, or

xPost from BOG: Transcript of the NSA Surveillance Portion of my 6/9-10/13 show

Iain Banks dies of cancer aged 59 (BBC)

*Hummingbirds on PBS/NATURE!

Banned TED Talk: Nick Hanauer "Rich people don't create jobs"

CodeApology: #CodePink Apologizes for “Insensitivity” to “Women of Color”

Political extremism can be moderated by asking people a simple question

In Syria, residents return to battered town retaken by government

Andrew Neil calls Alex Jones an idiot in Sunday Politics clash

I watched "Warm Bodies" this weekend. I loved it so much, I watched it again.

If the NSA Trusted Snowden With Our Data, Why Should We Trust the NSA?

"Many Rival Nations Surge Past the U.S. in Adding New Jobs"

The "Dates when Prism began for each provider" slide... those are all chat protocols, except Youtube

Obamacare Is Killing the GOPRepublicans' obsession with the law will be the party's undoing

What do you put into your potato salad? I'm thinking potatoes, peas, chives,

Scary night! Came home from the movies to find cops in our driveway

Openly gay NBA player Jason Collins marches in Boston Pride parade

Poll: Over two thirds of Americans support Jason Collins’ decision to come out

Don't entertain this garbage.

Aversion, suffering and breathing it in.

NSA surveillance as told through classic children's books!

Spying on Americans is illegal

Post a picture of the machine you run for a living

Tonight's sunset.

If you truly believe Obama is spying on Americans, why not call for his impeachment?

The national status of japan

Sundance is showing "All the President's Men"

Well, this explains a few things about Monsanto...

my Dad died

National parks to offer healthier food under new standards

Hundreds in government had advance word of Medicare action at heart of trading-spike probe

Snowden couldn't have dropped out of Special Forces School

White House Close to Decision on Arming Syrian Rebels

Here's another paranoid conspiracy theory....

Air Force Names Woman To Head Sexual Assault Prevention

Snowden claims he's very brave, but at this point he's coming across as a coward.

The Media That Bashes Obama Today Ignores Their Own Complicity In Bush’s Crimes

Tax Cheat Mitt Romney Calls for a Special Prosecutor To Investigate the IRS

The "biggest leak in US political history"

Newsroom - season 2 trailer

Timeline of revelations regarding FISA ACT, USA Patriot Act, and NSA

Afghan Whigs - "Summer's Kiss"

MFM shows off his new T-shirt

I need one of these for MFM's posts

Kitty Konundrum

Bring Rodrigo Home: 4th graders rally for deported classmate

Four teenagers arrested over fire at Islamic boarding school

June 10: National Iced Tea Day


Google Doodle Today Is REALLY Cool

Best use of dead tree

Marching band

Snout-less dog returns home to Philippines as a hero

"Edward Snowden has blown the whistle on this presidency.You have to wonder: Will Obama see out..."

Putting aside Snowden, the President and everyone else

Make sure you check out today's Google page!!!

This is just silly

This Snowden story has some odd aspects

Chris Hedges: The Judicial Lynching of Bradley Manning

Church & State

Robert Reich: The Quiet Closing of Washington

Getting to know you, Getting to know all about you window peepers

Report: Rise in carbon dioxide emissions may be ‘a disaster for all’

ho hum

Why is anyone surprised at the data mining?

How All Three Branches Conspired to Threaten Your Privacy

English Defence League rally bomb plotters jailed

Taliban lay siege to NATO air base in Kabul in early morning assault

Who is paying for Snowden's hotel in Hong Kong?

" U.S. Expansion Poised for Longevity" - out of touch copy editors strike again

5 Ways Tech Companies Cheat America's Youth

How Budget-Cutting Obsession Is Destroying the Lives of Abused Women

America's Baby-Boomer Potheads Are Toking More—and More Openly

How U.S. Law Pre-Convicts and Pre-Punishes American Muslims

Ed Snowden Broke The Law

Republican IRS agent says he instigated ‘Tea Party’ inquiries

No Dunk tonight Tiago Splitter

NSA surveillance as told through classic children's books


CBS news: Allegations of coverups of investigations of State Department Personnel

DemocracyNow will be all over the NSA/Snowden/Greenwald Story this morning...

are you feeling ... lucky

This fat, lovable chubby guy couldn't hurt anyone.

Edward Snowden as Conscientious Objector

If this surveillance program is so in-dept why haven't they broken up the child prostitution

Edward Snowden, We Love You: Why We Should Resist the Hero Worship

Old Opportunity Mars rover makes rock discovery

Snowden went to the Post first then to Greenwald

Wha WI Gov. Scott Walker, GOP do when they need positive voucher school study??

"The Dickens, you say..."

Closed for repairs?

I need to you think they will let me " exercise ".... in the church?...

Good Morning to the Lounge

Why the Snowden Leak Is Such a Big Deal

What type of intelligence operations should the government be allowed to use for national security?

Great News Apologists. You're on the same side as Rep. Peter King.

Newtown families, gun control groups mark 6-month anniversary of massacre with lobbying push

How about a question that I'm certain no one can answer

They aren't mining data to get the "terrorists". They are mining data to get the DATA.

Biden: Gun Control "Fight Is Far From Over"

Snowden was kicked out of the Army..he is begining smell like he is FOS

Bouno (Running Against Christie) Isn't Getting Full Party Support

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 10, 1980

"No charges expected" after boy, 4, shoots and kills (former Special Forces) father

check in here if you think President Obama should NOT be impeached, even if you are mad as hell at

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 10, 1980

NYT Editorial: What’s Next for Social Security?

I walk in...

No gun control? How about accountability?

NPR reporter mockingly said Snowden thought CIA might send the MAFIA after him.

Accord Reached Over SEC Firing

Jackrabbit Kerouac

The $62.49 Cup of Coffee

Al Gore 2006 Speech On The Supreme Executive At Constitution Hall.

It's Time to Do Away With Homeland Security

Boundless Informant: the NSA's secret tool to track global surveillance data (

At Theme Parks, a V.I.P. Ticket to Ride

Next Time Someone Tells You That Immigrants Are Destroying Our Country, Show Them This

Historic Challenge to Support the Moral Actions of Edward Snowden by Norman Solomon

Who's Next? The Marriage Equality Waiting Room

I should have joined the USA Drinking Team

Papantonio: Financial Elites Screwing Over The Working Class

Don't Judge Snowden until you hear him explain here.

What is Snowden actually claiming about the NSA and/or PRISM?

"I've always been right in the middle on the gun control issue, and I'm not anymore."

We live in a dangerous world.

US nuclear bombs 'based in Netherlands' - ex-Dutch PM Lubbers

Sugar low: Big Soda is losing the battle for American hearts and bellies

The Numbers Don't Lie: It's Irrational to Give Up This Much Liberty to Fight Terror

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Surveillance

Monday Toon Roundup 2-The Rest

The strangest thing just happened...

In nation's breadbasket, Latinos stuck in poverty

Fight Club is on AMC right now...

One of the Darkest Periods in the History of American Prisons

A red hot reminder

Inside the Global Industry That's Slaughtering Africa's Elephants

Land of the Free?

Tom Tomorrow: The Five Stages of Living in a National Surveillance State

Best Buddies...

U.S. finds long-lost diary of top Nazi leader, Hitler aide

What Happened to Eric Holder?

When did they stop requiring you make E-4 before your Q course?

Whistleblower or traitor? You decide.

I'm waiting a bit before forming a solid opinion on this NSA mess.

Japan Is a Model, Not a Cautionary Tale

Cats. I guess they're ALL going on a diet.

American Progress: Here's what Obama could do *today* to curb gun crime:

French homophobes have so much flare!

The only thing they will ever understand is starving the beast: Cut back on your internet/phone use.

Grumpy cat is not a Belieber

Fellow DUers who disagree with my position on the PRISM Program are . . . ?

PA. is 47th Among the States in the Percent of Public School $ Funded by the State

"This is now a scorecard issue."

Next Time Someone Tells You That Immigrants Are Destroying Our Country, Show Them This

Daniel Ellsberg Op/Ed: "...shows how broken the system of checks and balances is in this country."

Asian tigers at risk from domestic dog distemper virus

Guns & the law

How about that Snowden dude, eh?

GOLDWATER proud 2B "extremist" - Ted 'Carnival' CRUZ "Proud wacko bird"

Where's the outrage?

As the whole Snowden episode starts resembling a new Bourne movie, here is a fun possible plot twist

A Canadian version of data-collection programming. . .

A stroll down DU memory lane. Anybody remember this guy?

The curious case of Snowden's cryptographic key

Bob Dole Sez...

Get goverment out of edukation!

Manning and Snowden are whistleblowers

The real story in the NSA scandal is the collapse of journalism

Global warming on track to result in 3.6 to 5.3 degree temperature increase—exceeding 2.0 target

Helping kids undergoing chemotherapy:

Former CIA Officer: Officials Considering NSA Whistleblower’s Case ‘Potential Chinese Espionage’

State Department memo reveals possible cover-ups, halted investigations

NSA data could be most useful for connected types on Wall Street.

Firefighters Rescue Dogs From Burning House in Detroit! (they all made it)

Ok, my turn: job interview tomorrow!

Ex-NFL Star Chad Johnson Gets 30 Days in Jail

Something to think about for those tearing up Snowden

They've been at it for years already

10 women, many in 90s, escape burning Calif. limo

Wisconsin economy- it hasn't just sucked for the last 3 months

Wow. Ellen Page may have found a hottie.

Dudebro sexually harrasses woman, she tells his mom.

Yep, they were a little too big to jump up on Stannis' shoulders...

Solar panels could destroy U.S. utilities, according to U.S. utilities

Check this out. This discussion board from THE VIEW has nothing to say

N.S.A. Enforces Zero-Tolerance Policy on Conscience (Borowitz tells all)

International Energy Agency urges stop-gap climate action

Pic of the Moment: Welcome to the Surveillance State

If psychiatric analysis were required before every gun sale, would Bachmann, West, or Paul pass?

George Zimmerman murder trial begins with judge denying delay

Since the NSA is in the news, anybody use SELinux in their environments?

"There has not been in American history a more important leak than Snowden's" -Daniel Ellsberg

Edward Snowden: saving us from the United Stasi of America - Guardian/UK

I dreamed Skinner dissed my jury duty service to the whole forum...

Moral courage

In his quest for complete safety, Snowden had the right idea

"America's OUTSOURCED Spy Force, by the Numbers" -- The Atlantic

Waiting on new climate deal 'will set world on a path to 5C warming'

My favorite philosopher is "They'll Do It Every Time." Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!

2012: Supreme Court says warrant needed for GPS tracking of suspects

‘Unskewed Polls’ Founder: ‘I Was Only Wrong’ Because I Didn’t Consider Voter Fraud

Edward Snowden Told To Leave Hong Kong Or Face Extradition Back To The US

In the Flesh - BBC


Snowden's Biggest Mistake?

U.S. to weigh arming Syrian rebels, official says

10 things to know about Edward Snowden

The fact that 25-year old contractors were being trusted with its inner workings



Angry Birds Peace Treaty

Yesterday I sat on 3 juries within 15-20 minutes. Is that normal or is it a bug?

Support Structure for Reactor 4 Is Now Complete (Fukushima)

Mr. President, a little less Yin and a little more Yang if you don't mind?

One very damn smart company


Children to deliver petitions to McCrory's office ahead of 'Moral Monday'

Problem Not Obamacare: It's Healthcare Market Robbing Middle Class & Here's The Proof (VIDEO)

Americans do have a serious privacy crisis, but it's not coming from the government

They Cried “Wolf” About Benghazi and the IRS. Why do you Believe Those F ***ers About the NSA?

Bone Marrow & Cabbage Pizza Wins Swedish Pizza Championships

And THAT is leadership. Prince Harry defends gay soldier from homophobic attack

Self Proclaimed Vampire Mom Drinks Blood From Real Human Donors

It is simple,people...

Comcast subscribers will share Wi-Fi signal, spread hotspots

WOW good news isn't popular.....

Extreme Jet Stream Pattern Triggers Historic European Floods

Ron Paul, Glenn Greenwald and Gary Johnson are unified in opposition

Police arrest Thai pet shop owner with rare lions

Stormy Monday, 6/10/13

Chicago litterbugs could lose their cars?

Ellsberg: Snowden’s NSA leak more important than my Pentagon Papers

Thom Hartmann: Time To Do Away With Homeland Security Now - Here's Why...

Love this linguistic gem: "telephony metadata"; Gail Collins: Intelligence for Dummies

Urge Your Members of Congress to Pass the Paycheck Fairness Act

The FISA court already found the NSA has violated the constitution in some instances

Radiation Exposure from Eating Pacific Bluefin Tuna Affected by Fukushima

Now we know who you have to f--- to get a Snowden job.

NYPD Officer Shot In Foot Outside Harlem Hospital

Rick Steves: In Milano, The 1% Salutes the 99% with a Massive Middle Finger

Opinion: Texas law still comes out of a gun

Council Plans 911 Hearing In Wake Of Young Girl's Death

It is the 50 year anniversary of the signing of the Equal Pay Act

I don't get this:

Obama Says Wage Gaps Remain 50 Years After Equal Pay Law Passed

The Shady Overlap of Disease Charities and Drug Companies

What if they held a fire sale of Greek national assets, and it turned out no-one wanted them?

Five Signs Of Stalled Progress On The Gender Wage Gap 50 Years After The Equal Pay Act

Susan Komen CEO's salary draws fire as donations drop (64% pay raise)

Just had to turn off access to my blog from Ukraine

NSA memo pushed to 'rethink' 4th Amendment

Insight: Turkish troubles highlight cultural divide

Spying issue won't go away, By Van Jones

The government is spying on us? Eh. The new Xbox will watch us? OMG!!!!

Delegate says he'll testify before grand jury in McDonnell case


Baby makes three — and a college savings plan (BBC) {shocking numbers}

Great Society

To what extent should concern over terrorism, both domestic and foreign, play

Huh. Greenwald said he's been working with Snowden since February. He's been at BAH since March

What happened to suburban Lake Worth couple in Condo #1223?

18 Awesome Body Hacks.

Stay classy, History Channel...

the NSA and the NSC, any connection?

Octogenarian Couple Complete Bucket List

New York NOW Endorses Christine Quinn for Mayor

The Judicial Lynching of Bradley Manning

Apparently Snowden is running out of money and maxing out his credit cards

How to illegally spy on americans, deny it, and not be lying...

How does world's oldest water taste?

Top Democrats Ready to Oppose Views to Save Immigration

Question for musicians: Why do bands play so much faster live in concert?


Hillary Clinton starts tweeting

Can protesters wave gruesome signs? Supreme Court declines free speech case

Intelligence chief Clapper: I gave ‘least untruthful’ answer on U.S. spying

Brooklyn Police Beat Gay Man and Use Homophobic Slurs, Victim and Friends Say

Iraq Hit By Wave Of Bomb Attacks, Killing Dozens

DOE Official Got Summer Jobs For 3 Of His Children

'4 Intelligence Officials' Allegedly Joke Of 'Disappearing' NSA Leaker, Reporter (UPDATED)

Glenn Beck Calls Michelle Obama A 'Monster,' 'Lady Macbeth' After Heckler Confrontation

Snowden's Former Employer's (Booz Allen Hamilton) Stock Falls After NSA Leak

Matthew Barzun in line to be new US ambassador to London

Supreme Court Ends Torture Lawsuit Against Donald Rumsfeld

Edward Snowden Gone From Hong Kong Hotel, Whereabouts Unknown

Victory for Science in Kentucky schools!

Intelligence chief Clapper: I gave ‘least untruthful’ answer on U.S. spying

An Anonymous Twitter User Is Beating A GOP Congressman In A Senate Race Poll

Iran: Bushehr nuclear plant has generator problem

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Drink a Lot of Booze ...

Fearing Snowden-Gate might not have the legs they'd hoped for...

Firefighters Rescue Dogs From Burning House in Detroit! (they all made it)

Recommendations for Executive Action to Combat Illegal Gun Trafficking and Gun Crime

Three officers, one supervisor suspended after unauthorized driver enters Y-12

NYCHA Budget Woes Threaten Community Centers

Pamela Geller: We are an army

Ellsberg: Snowden’s NSA leak more important than my Pentagon Papers

If Snowden is lying and making up crap then why is the NSA on the defense?

Construction of new West Bank projects hits seven-year high

Quote from the Handmaid's Tale:

Was Snowden the source of the FISC warrant re Verizon?

Detroit woman testifies she saw officer shoot her granddaughter

ONE statement from the government gives credibility to Snowden:

Authorities: China Bus Fire That Killed 47 Was Arson-Suicide

Can Edward Snowden prove he didn't

Asobi Sesku

How do Buddhist deal with death on a personal level?

This~ Updated!

Does anyone know if

Ever laugh so hard it hurt? Please read this, I promise you won't be sorry...

NFL receiver Chad Johnson gets 30 days in jail for slapping lawyer's butt in court

A Tale of Two NSA Leaks

What should Snowden do next?

Where's Edward?

Leaker was seeing a psychiatrist

Tornado watch in Maryland,

Cop Must Pay $2 Million for Forced Sex

What's for Dinner, Mon., June 10, 2013

A man of deep consideration. Please come CAPTION Fox's Ralph Peters!!!!

Anyone here with severe dry eyes?

Adirondack rail corridor: NY seeking comments on future of line connecting Utica and Lake Placid

MIM's big chance to own a piece of Ohio State history! >>

2 out of 3 people face hunger as Haiti woes mount

why would any living soul care what SE Cupp has to say...

This may clarify what Atman was so upset about earlier

Booz Allen Falls After Employee Intel Leak - Business Week

Designers build latest toy for the super-rich: a380 foot submarine yacht with helipad AND

Warning: Take Batteries Out of All Cell Phones RFN!

Sales of 1984 surge on Amazon

Mad Men - art imitates life. Spoiler alert

More bafflegab from our President...

A Kitten Sam and Kitten Beau Update

Some more of my HDR attempts (that I won't be using for the contest)

NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Won't Represent Sheldon Silver In Scandal Lawsuit

Liberals vs Liberals

Julian Assange praises Edward Snowden as a hero

We really need to change our priorities....

What's your basic view of Edward Snowden and his actions?

Sen. Udall Calls for Reopening the Patriot Act

Belgian Man Killed in Fighting in Syria: Reports

"True Colors" never looked so cute.

Greenwald Lied In His Reporting About NSA Program. Period. HE LIED.

Majority of Catholics, Mainline Protestants Support Marriage

Who said this re: PATRIOT Act and FISA?:

Fascinating: US recovers 400 pages of the diary of WWII Nazi minister Alfred Rosenberg

Though nine of ten threads here lately

2 children beheaded by militants, Afghan authorities say

Republican Committee Confuses 'Game of Thrones' With 'Lord of the Rings' in Parody Web Game

The Nation - Pandora’s Terrifying Promise: Can Nuclear Power Save the Planet?

When Republicans spend the majority of their time passing bills to repeal Obamacare 37 times...

Sewing machine table

Papantonio: The Death of the Tea Party

Ex-Albuquerque cop stands trial for wife's killing

World's Safest House Located in Berkeley, CA

World's Safest House Located in Berkeley, CA

Gov. Perry signs sweeping education bill

Network Solutions is undergoing a Distributed Denial of Service Attack

*Steve Clemons coming up on Martin show, MSNBC.

Gov. Perry will head to New York and Connecticut to lure businesses to Texas

Gov. Perry will head to New York and Connecticut to lure businesses to Texas

Gov. Perry will head to New York and Connecticut to lure businesses to Texas

Fox News host: Zimmerman ‘has already been punished’ with weight gain

NSA Surveillance: Don't Care. I've Got Nothing to Hide.

Lawd! Tornado watch until 10pm.

Fox News Speculates Trayvon Martin Could Have Killed Someone With Skittles And Iced Tea

the real danger of the NSA spying (and a comment about Obama critics)

Wall Street Journal calls for budget veto

800 Years Of Human Sacrifice In Kent

iOS 7 ...

Anyone else going to see The National at Red Hat venue in Raleigh tonight? Tornado Watch!

Piece of ancient writing discovered in Kultobe ancient settlement in South Kazakhstan

I am beginning to get the uncomfortable feeling that I am surrounded by CIA and NSA...

New Mac Pro, Upcoming Super-Powered Apple Computer, To Be Assembled In U.S.!

Beachcombing for early humans in Africa

Birdman finally meets his mini-me

Ron Paul: ‘We Should Be Thankful’ For Edward Snowden

UTSA to visit Texas A&M’s Kyle Field in 2016, ’19

Orwell's 1984 is getting renewed interest but Huxley's insight that our appetite for distraction

Benedict's health failing rapidly...

Report: Obama Admin Held 22 Briefings For Congress On Surveillance Programs

Feds file claims on 27 properties of imprisoned evangelist Tony Alamo

The Least Untruthful Manner: Donald Rumsfeld Would Be Proud

PRISM Program: Obama Administration Held 22 Briefings For Congress On Key FISA Law

N.C. motel deaths: 3 mysterious deaths in same motel room, is room haunted?

Venezuela arrests 9 Colombians over plot to kill Maduro

Venezuela arrests 9 Colombians over plot to kill Maduro

Follow-up: Battery Maker Exide Declares Bankruptcy

Report: Fourth of NYC Could Be Flood Zone by 2050s

You have to be utterly ignorant of history, in a state of denial, dumb as grits or

The art and theory of giving the governor a harrumph

Newtown, Conn., schools placed on lockdown following telephone threat to Hawley Elementary

You cannot privatize government let alone national security

New Mac Pro, Upcoming Super-Powered Apple Computer, To Be Assembled In U.S.

The European reaction to our surveillance scandal.

TYT: NSA Surveillance - Does Obama Have ANY Credibility Left?

The Irrationality of Giving Up This Much Liberty to Fight Terror

Officer: Suspect arrested in Texas base shooting

Prism Exposed: Data Surveillance with Implications for the World

Most Americans support NSA tracking phone records, prioritize investigations over privacy

The faces of DERP

Young Tornado Victim Killed by Dog in Arkansas

Minimum Wage Saw Little Growth Over The Last 50 Years As Productivity Surged

The Irrationality of Giving Up This Much Liberty to Fight Terror

Court of Appeals Dismisses CCR Case Challenging NSA Surveillance Program (Filed in 2006)

Booz Allen Hamilton shares fall

Melissa Harris-Perry's Diverse Economic Coverage

A Game That Wants To Teach Women How To Masturbate

Fox News' Ralph Peters: 'Bring Back The Death Penalty' For Edward Snowden - video link

LETTER: Felon thanks the NRA

Joke: You Care About Your Dog???

Can anyone here who suffers with sciatica tell me what they do to ease the pain?

It seems a significant portion of the government is in revolt against the President.

Uncommon Descent Uncommonly Decent On Relativistic Physics But What In God’s Name

Pew Poll on NSA Phone Tracking

Wired article from 03-2012: James Bamford: Inside the Matix (NSA Data Centers)

Sweden: Male train drivers wear skirts after shorts row

Midweek Severe Storm Risk Includes Possible Derecho

Happy Birthday Howlin' Wolf

Science Is No Substitute for Civil Rights

Hillary Clinton’s brilliant new Twitter profile

7 Ways to Tell You’re Cat Crazy

Conservative Michigan Mom Calls Anne Frank's Diary 'Pornographic'

Religious harmony: Dousing the flames of sectarianism

Gaza govt plans to execute more collaborators

"The Death Of Snowden"

Haniyeh: No future for Israel on the land of Palestine

Most Americans back NSA tracking phone records, prioritize probes over privacy

Snowden Helped Guardian Reporter With Secure Communication System

Sources: Pats to sign Tim Tebow

**Breaking News** Tebow signs with the...

Had you ever heard of Booz Allen prior to 36 hours ago?

Woman says deputy demanded sex acts to keep her and boyfriend out of trouble

Republicans Watch Another Fake Scandal Die; IRS Manager Reveals He Is A Conservative Republican

Catholic and Anglican leaders unite against global hunger

Tweety started a new series - the Unkindest Cut

How Removing Trees Can Kill You

Hillary is on Twitter:

I display my DU bumper sticker with pride....

FBI Agents Visit Home Of Snowden’s Father

(Reniew) Talmud on Trial: Interfaith Dialogue in the 13th Century

Community College Says NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden Took No "Cyber-Related Classes"

Troubles In The Data Mine

Wise beyond his seven years

Victims of Saddam-era poison gas attack on Kurds demand French investigation into suppliers


Our laws have not caught up with our technology.

Arya Stark

Guy tries to escape by driving off - in a police cruiser

When religious beliefs become evil

Scotland's moonwalking pony in 'paternity battle'

Admit it... You really miss her !

Psychic show canceled in Scotland due to 'unforeseen circumstances'

WTF is up with facebook?

Tech experts tie WikiLeaks soldier to database breach

China Plans Quantum Science Satellite in 2016

Five Ways The U.S. Can Have An Icelandic Revolution

Dumb Criminals: New Orleans Preganant Woman Steals Strawberry Daiquiri

German Woman Wants To Break Guinness World Record For World's Tiniest Waist

Obama's May 23rd speech

FYI--Edward Snowden was born in Elizabeth City NC

Decided it was time to share...

Lubicon Lake Nation Files Aggressive 700 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Canada

Glenn Greenwald: I Know Where Snowden Is ‘Generally’

(Awesome) Colorado Secretary of State's ethics testimony: the remix

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Judge Napolitano To Shep Smith: NSA Leaker An ‘American Hero’ Who Exposed ‘Extraordinary Violations’

Let's not miss an opportunity! We can agree that gov't PRIVITIZATION is a fucking failure.

So, after sweeping up the gigantic Snow job the WA Post and the Guardian dumped on us,

ACLU Wants Secret Court Opinions That Allow NSA Acquisition Of Phone Records

Coal-Burning in the U.S. and Europe Caused a Massive African Drought

Storm damages several homes in Delaware.

Israel signals readiness to limit settlement building for peace

Cost of a gov't intelligence analyst: $126,500 -- Cost for a contractor to do the same job: $250,000

Who's this babe with JFK?

China's latest manned space mission to launch June 11

The Carlyle Group Has Made $2 Billion Off Of Booz Allen

Toon- Moral Mondays, and the rest of the week in North Carolina

Senator Al Franken on NSA surveillance

Speak up: What Can the AFL-CIO do better to address the needs of low wage workers?

Japan Times OpEd: Cease promoting nuclear power

TOrnado WARNING, Mont + Howard, Caroll, + Balto Counties.

Canada to snuff out medical marijuana production in homes

The FOREIGN owners of our Super Government SURVEILLANCE System:

NSA Enforces Zero Tolerance Policy

An Anonymous Twitter User Is Beating A GOP Congressman In A Senate Race Poll

Glenn Beck said that if the Nazis could read emails and phone records, all the Jews would disappear

Sen. Feinstein: Snowden's leaks are 'treason'

YOO: "A trial would give (Snowden) the opportunity to explain in public why he broke the law."

So he's "disappeared" from Hong Kong.....

Glenn Greenwald on NSA program

In Light of PRISM, Furious European Politicians to Fight Back Against U.S. Surveillance Overreach

ahmahgahd verizon haz mah infos oh noooes!!

Mysterious Meteor Shower Might Peak Early Tomorrow

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Total Awsomeness Of Michael Moore

I found a cousin in my research.

6/11 Luckovich cartoon: Smothered, covered

"Most significant" leak in history, and likely one of the dumbest.

Apple's WWDC Secret Is the War on Cellphone Carriers Has Begun

So I had the number for the greatest Thai resturant awhile back...

Funniest Hillary Clinton Memes (in honor of her Twitter debut)

6 things you should know about privatized intelligence contracting

The Daily Banter’s Official Helpful Media Guide for Interacting With Glenn Greenwald

Rick Perry sez that if Congress worked part-time, nsa surveillance would be prevented.

It's Monday, car show day!

Truthout tells the story of uranium mining on tribal lands

2001, they all sure looked pretty pleased with themselves didn't they?

Hawaii Man Arrested For Driving Pickup Truck Into Ocean

Windows 8 or the flash player? I get the audio and a green screen when

Patriots Sign New Long Snapper

NBC just now: "After 9/11, when the government failed to connect the dots..."

When the authorities say that they welcome debate, or that Congress was notified...

Midweek Severe Storm Risk Includes Possible Derecho

How cool are these things?!

OS X Mavericks!

Remember the vote for the Patriot Act

Celebrity Psychic Cancels Show, Blames 'Unforeseen Circumstances'

I don't want to talk about what this guy was up to in my yard this morning, but

There's more gun madness going on and no topics on it?

Digby: Did You Know that NSA Spymasters Are Involved in the War on Drugs?

I heard Sandra Day O'Connor was feeling a little blue, so I did a song for her...

Japan seeks to develop its offensive capability

An Organic farmer needs our help