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Archives: June 12, 2013

OK, I'm gonna hawk a website. Where you can buy stuff. CHEAP.

50 years ago at this time, JFK went on national television to advocate for full civil rights.

Please DU this poll: Do you miss Bush yet?

*$%^*#!@ whistle pigs!

GlobalPost goes inside the United States to uncover the dramatic descent into authoritarian rule

Senator John Cornyn Solicited Obamacare Grant Money While Voting to Defund It

A thought on my struggle with issues raised by the South Carolina graduation speech.

Nuestra Familia case: Details of biggest gang prosecution in Santa Clara County history

This will not end well: has anybody changed their mind about guns?.

Surveillance of Banksters Please

War Widow Faces New Battle (Update on the Stewart's battle to get the VA to recognize the Pentagram)

TYT: Operation: Troll the NSA

Julian Bond is on Chris Hayes program discussing surveillance

Greece suspends state broadcaster ERT to save money

The Doughnut

Dalton McGuinty set to resign from his Ottawa seat

Conservatives: Expanding Plan B Access Will Embolden ‘Rapists’ And ‘Sexual Predators’

Mother, daughter caught smuggling $59k sewn in bras

So, one argument goes that we need these snoop programs to keep us safe.

LZ Granderson - Why Michelle Obama got heckled

Europe warns US: you must respect the privacy of our citizens

And now we pause to observe the beauty of our Universe

TYT: Is Climate Change Action Doomed?

Ron Paul (R-Batshit Crazy) warns U.S. government may assassinate Snowden with a drone

Mermaids seen due east as rare maps go on sale (This was on sale last weekend, but still a fun read)

Turkish police drive protesters out of Taksim Square

CIA snitch holed up in HK

Nine Companies Tied to PRISM, Obama Will Be Smacked With Class-Action Lawsuit Wednesday

A glitch in the jury duty request:

What If Richard Nixon Had Had Your E-Mail Password?

Looneytarians and the Libertarian Party

What would be the best alternative plan to balance privacy & National security?

Al Gore Speaks at Energy & Environmental Leaders Day, Hosted by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse

Just won tickets to see Joe Satriani

Is it time to push to change the Bill of Rights to cover all humans on earth everywhere?

Lighten up!

You go for an interview and are handed this question.

An amazing online resource that links to free movies all over the web . . .

"I Was Mitch McConnell's Love Slave..."

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! PODCAST UPDATE & a new Kitteh gif

Good guy Obama

Isn't it a shame

Watch: Senator Tim Kaine Rocked His Entire Floor Speech in Spanish

Bacon. Even MORE reasons to choose bacon.... ... Bacon... ,,, Bacon-bacon.... ... .... Baconbacon.

If we're ever allowed to open Hempburger Cafes... grab that franchise, brothers & sisters. GRAB it!!

Early carnivores who "rejected" meat -- this explains a lot.

Honey Badger puppy don't give a shit.

Young MFM had LOTS of friends to play with growing up. He DID!!!

House has tough questions about secret surveillance programs

MiddleFingerMom found a way to mix business AND pleasure on the boardwalk. one's talking about gun regulation anymore...

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 13, 2013 -- TCM Memorial Tribute -- Esther Williams

TCM Schedule for Friday, June 14, 2013 -- Friday Night Spotlight: Noir Writers

State Dept. Pushes Back on Report of Prostitutes, Cover-ups

Multiple fires force evacuation of hundreds in Colorado

Cat, treading water off the coast of Florida, trying to make it to the Bahamas

Exceptional Maureen Moss

George Takei Fears NSA Spying Will Lead to Something Much Worse

"A Bone to Pick With Genocide? Try a Million "

Assange has right to sunbathe: Ecuador

G8 summit: Irish trade unions call in human rights monitors

Legal Wiretaps by Special Services Are ‘Normal’ – Putin

The entire House was briefed on NSA etc, will the entire Senate get the same treatment ?

What ever happened to the Bermuda Triangle?

Carville Slams O’Reilly’s Scandal Fever: People Are Playing Out Their Anti-Obama ‘Fantasies’

Glenn Greenwald Destroys MSNBC's Attempted Propaganda


Ladies, some thoughts on this conversation. Gentlemen, too, if you care to wade in.

North Ridgeville humane officer shoots five kittens outside house with residents nearby

Caption this!

Quick question about the FISA Court

Key Government Talking Point On Spying Program Debunked

Medicare Obesity Screening and Counseling - who has used it?

It's Privatization Stupid

Mountaintop removal companies continue soulless attack on people of Appalachia

"The third Koch ‘brother’ hits North Carolina"

Anybody else feeling like they're walking into an alternate universe

Man arrested for DUI, only problem is he was sober and blew a point 0.00

Online Courses Have Reached A Turning Point That Should Seriously Scare Colleges

Feingold Correctly Predicted Patriot Act Abuse in 2001

Someone else who won't get email responses from Klobuchar's office

Candidate Obama debates President Obama on Government Surveillance

Why Occupy Is More Of A Threat Than Al-Qaeda

LOL: Ever Get The Feeling You're NOT Being Watched??...

Good article on the NJ Senate race

Nate Silver on Snowden:

Pennsylvania resolution celebrates the end of school-sponsored Bible reading

Alberta Oilsands Cleanup Harder Than First Thought: Industry, Regulator

We are being manipulated to miss the point.

Your evening smile (and it is worth it)

This is not okay

It was the 3rd of June another sleepy, dusty, delta day

The 24 Hours That Rocked U.S. Race Relations

The Teabaggers must be celebrating!

In this age of 'scandalous' revelations that threaten to divide us, remember who the enemies are.

I just saw America's Susan Boyle on America's Got Talent.

Spying on Americans and the Fourth Amendment. An Open Letter to Dianne Feinstein

A very cool tattoo:

Pope Confirms 'Gay Lobby' at Work at Vatican

Kansas approves new science standards and I am shocked!

ACLU challenges constitutionality of NSA phone surveillance program

Has there been an article/thread yet regarding who actually 'owns' the meta-data?

Please add your favorite George Carlin

U.S. tech firms push for government transparency on security

Santa Monica gunman was mentally evaluated

Alicia Keys will play Israel, even though Alice Walker doesn’t want her to

Not a good day for Rush Limbaugh--poor fella got kicked while he was down.

"Republican IRS agent reportedly says he was behind Tea Party scrutiny"

Congratulations to all Dems. especially the ones on D.U.

FBI Visits Oregon Man at Home, Inquiring why he Photographed Dam


The REAL bombshell to come will be the list of people the NSA was targetting.

GOP Rep. Peter King To Anderson Cooper: Journalists Should Be Punished For Exposing Classified Info

Here's the complaint filed by the ACLU challenging the legality of the NSA bulk records program


Gerrit Cole has impressive debut for Pirates

What is your favourite restaurant dish. I like a nice steak & fries.

What’s It REALLY Like Shopping With Food Stamps?

You can't criticize the NSA

Bad reporting...MSNBC says Canon City fire is near Mesa Verde...

Misinformed, Christian Conservative Kids get Owned

The Stasi State 2.0 Makes Us Safer.


"America's Lost Youth Are Concentrated In These States [MAP]"

"With today's lawsuit, the ACLU is now attacking Section 215 on three legal fronts"

Raise your hand if you didn't suspect our data is being monitored.

It was worth the half box of tissues

Woman's account of her experience facing the CA gunman with AR-15.

What are the Patriots going to do with Tim Tebow?

"making him actually love his slavery"

This is 11 dimensional chess?

My new facebook status...

Rachel Maddow - McDonnell scandals cast pallor over GOP candidates in Virginia

WOW - An Examination of U.S. Gun Murders

Bill of Rights has been declassified by the NSA (See photo of this doc - Good news!)

This is pretty fucked up

DOE report faults $450K payments to ex-Rep. Wilson (Heather)

Principiis obsta and Finem respice—‘Resist the beginnings’ and ‘Consider the end.’

Kerouac, Ginsberg, Lucian Carr, and others in New York 1959/ Cat Power

best buds!

Wonder if any of the Supremes use Verizon or others cooperating with the NSA?

Rachel Maddow - New GOP bills take reproductive decisions away from women

Do you think pot users tend to repeat themselves ?


Care to have some fun? Let's Troll the NSA!

"It's OK when our guy does it." "As long as the President has a 'D' after his name"

Some of what he said makes me want to NOT be a donor.

I'm still a Dem. Are you? n/t

Aarrrghhhhhh, anti vaxers at it again

Lost Broken News

Important Bob Cesca story debunking Greenwald, which few DUers have read yet


I am 73 years old today

Test Yourself! *** See if YOU can SPOT the LIAR***

So my buddy owns a bar in downtown Indy

What a real MN progressive has to say: "Massive spying on Americans is outrageous" by ret. FBI agent

Nuclear advocacy lands Abe in hot water with wife

Rationalizing an authoritarian surveillance state is naive.

Prisoners at state prison in Canon City are on stand-by to be evacuated.

What a real MN progressive has to say:"Massive spying on Americans is outrageous" by ret. FBI agent

John Oliver Slams GOP For Backing NSA, Not Gun Control: 2nd Amendment Wins! Only One ‘With A F*cking

Sen. Russ Feingold on FISA, June 2008 ...

‘Behold The Face Of Evil’: Colbert Rips Into NSA Leaker Edward Snowden For ‘Attacking’ America...

Cool Tenn. pics

I am really angry right now

ret FBI Coleen Rowley has been speaking out about dangers of Increased US spying

Father of Snowden's girlfriend sends his love to couple

Darrell Issa does a 180 on releasing the transcripts in the IRS investigation.

A track from Black Sabbath's new album, and a heckuva comment!

Behind Cry for Help From China Labor Camp

German Reaction to NSA Spying Revelations

NSA and GCHQ: mass surveillance is about power as much as privacy

Told CenturyLink To Eat My Soiled UnderShorts Today

Sen Franken supports NSA spying even though MN's peace activists were targeted in 2010.

"Could Agriculture Bloom in the Desert? Qatar Works to Invent an Innovative Oasis"

Douchebag alert. And I am not talking about joeybee's fave, Tebow...

North Korea still a top tier human rights violation country

Traders Said to Rig Currency Rates to Profit Off Clients

Depressed Kitties' Diary Entries...

How? I mean really! HOW?!

You, too, can become a slacker spy!

George Takei Fears NSA Spying Will Lead to Something Much Worse

AT&T Leaker: Give Snowden Retroactive Immunity

I wonder if BushCo tentacles reach to the new Utah NSA Facility

Make Phone Calls for Ed Markey

NYT editorial: Surveillance: Snowden Doesn’t Rise to Traitor

PRISM gets the Taiwan Animation News Treatment -

The gun nuts are proud of their victories

Jonathan Allen Performs "Time To Say Goodbye" - America's Got Talent

E3 2013: Cops Called to Shut Down Ouya

No connection between Manning and Jason Katz, CENTCOM video: trial report, day 5


how much is the NSA program costing the tax payers?

Reasonable Expectation of Privacy (don't miss the 4th paragraph)

I do not see this law as "Stupid".

It's really embarrassing to see a liberal US Congressman made fun of to his face when he posts here

With the E3 videogame convention going on, a question...

Ars Technica: What the NSA Can Do With "Big Data". PRISM is Google for spooks.

Maine Democrats Sink Nader's Conspiracy Suit

Bloomberg Asks Donors to Shut Wallets Over Senators’ Gun Votes

Bloomberg Asks Donors to Shut Wallets Over Senators’ Gun Votes

The Solution To The Dwindling Bee Problem? A Sperm Bank!

49ers stadium accident kills worker

Nestle Launches Ladies Only Premium Line Of Bottled Water

George Takei Fears NSA Spying Will Lead to Something Much Worse

What is Your Time Zone?

Norway mulls tolerating heroin smoking

Digital Blackwater: How the NSA Gives Private Contractors Control of the Surveillance State

Reuters interview of Thomas Drake, whistleblower

Who you are is defined by what you do, not what you promise.

Students file complaint in court against "cruel and unusual" truancy punishments

What do Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning and the Steubenville hacker have in common?

The Nation: Remember When NSA Surveillance Was Used to Help Launch the Iraq War?

Did your mom slice sandwiches straight across or diagonally?

First book ready. Now need to find Agent.

What is your keeper / success percentage?

Kyary pamyu pamyu!

What Extradition Proceedings Against Snowden Would Look Like & How The U.S. Might Get Around Them

Stop Watching Us brings 85 organizations together to demand truth and transparency on PRISM

Sadly, it looks like the terrorists have won.

I know it's late, I know you're weary

I don't Remember Democrats here supporting the Patriot act when it was signed.

Snowden Seeking Legal Help in Hong Kong, Oriental Daily Reports

Just got two 'jury duties' in a row

Why Shouldn't I Work for the NSA? (Good Will Hunting)

A Picture that says 1000 words..............

Femen calls on Turkish Revolutionaries to protest at Tunisian Consulate

Miami complaining about the President's visit is the same city that snub Mandela when

Party or policy?

June 12: National Peanut Butter Cookie Day

Yes, The government is spying on American citizens. Period.

OMG. Snowden's a SLACKER!

I want to see Snowden's BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

Snowden's bow-legged. He's left handed.

Increased health care cost sharing works as intended: It burdens patients who need care the most

Jesus loves your downward dog, Mark Morford

I wonder who Snowden went to with this information first... Was it Greenwald or another?

NSA scandal: Twitter and Microsoft join rivals in call to disclose government data requests

Gay State Department official tapped for ambassadorship

Snowden cheats at billiards.

Do you attend people or actions?

Writers Guild of America, East, Shares 101 Best-Written TV Series

Metro Workers Authorize Strike; Next Step Mediation

First day at the Y today, and Fox is on half the screens in the gym.

Levin dropping key provision from military rape bill

Levin dropping key provision from military rape bill

Georgia - GOP Hospital Executive Calls For Single-Payer (Medicare For All)

CEO Pay Graphics

Buffett welcomes Hillary Clinton to Twitter; is he subtly urging her to run for president?

Please check in if you oppose the massive surveillance being conducted on American citizens

Cops Plead Guilty to Helping Plant Drugs on Woman Sexually Harassed by Judge

So I got published, and that was just the first shock...Eight is great.

7 Ways Obamacare's Surrender to Hospital and Big Pharma Profits May End Up Coming Out of Our Wallets

'Ice hovercraft' tracks seen on Mars

Germans accuse U.S. of Stasi tactics before Obama visit

Why Libertarians Are Basically Cult Members

If Big Brother is listening to everything was say and everything we do, why do we have crime?

Over 10 million children 'work in slave-like conditions'

N.Ridgeville cop shoots kittens to death mere steps from family with young children

NSA whistle-blower Snowden - staying one step ahead of the authorities

Traders Said to Rig Currency Rates to Profit Off Clients

Last Week in Poverty: Denying a Head Start in Washington State

Mystery of the man who fell to earth

Short walks 'could cut diabetes risk in older people'

Britain wheat crop 'to fall by a third after extreme weather'

Coal companies get sweetheart deals on federal leases, shortchange taxpayers

Another product review from George Takei

Bloomberg Asks Donors to Shut Wallets Over Senators’ Gun Votes

NSA revelations trigger a spike in '1984' sales

Australia - Mal Brough: Gillard challenges Abbott to ditch candidate over sexist menu

If poe had a computer, part deux.

There Is No Global Warming, I Repeat "TINGW'ing - It Is All In Your Head. It Is A Hoax.

Medicare Obesity Screening and Counseling - who has used it?

That Life...

Toomey SUPPORTS Doubling of Student Loan Interest Rate-to pay the extra $4k, stop drinking Starbucks

My Name Is Bond...

If You Can't Afford Tires You Can Now Rent Them. New Way To Help? The Poor

Elusive sea serpent spotted; penis jokes commence

Lewis Turco's Form of the Week: #34 -- The "haikuoum" (and the "sonnetoum").

Well, sometimes you just gotta shank a creep...

Available at fine retail outlets...

Sen. Toomey supports doubling of student loan interest rates

I have expensive tastes...

The Obama Surveillance Revelations Are Pushing Liberals Over the Edge

Medicare Obesity Screening and Counseling - who has used it?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Everybody's spyin' at me

A Proud Father's Love Brings 10-Year-Old Son To Tears (video)

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Congress

Let me make a prediction: Within the next week or so, it will be revealed

50 years ago today - Medgar Evers assassinated

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Choose One: Secrecy and Democracy Are Incompatible

I see ox blood.

This is what happens when you leave a vicious Rottweiler alone with two kittens...

Sign the PCCC's petition demanding a Congressional Investigation into government spying.

Can we get some guidance about comparisons to Nazi Germany?

Cory Booker: the inexorable rise of Newark's neoliberal egomaniac

Germans angered over Catholic Church's decision to deny sacraments

Why Should We Even Care If the Government Is Collecting Our Data?

LDS Church must face its racial history

Nelson Mandela 'responding better to treatment' - Zuma

NSA employees use data mining systems to spy on wives, ex-spouses

Vater and Vater: Gay Adoption Debate Flusters Conservatives {germany}

Look no terrorist is going to kill as many Americans a year as the gun goons

US Prism Scandal: 'Security Is Not an End in Itself'

Facing Reluctant Landowners? Here's How To Use Terrorism Charges, Sez TransCanada To Police

News/topic filter available on DU?

Long Running, Long-Known NSA Illegalities & Long-Ignored NSA Whistleblowers

YTD Cases Of Dengue In Singapore 2X Caseload For All Of 2012; 9,000+ Cases, Two Deaths

Want to See Your NSA or FBI File? Here's How........

Is there a way to filter out certain topic or news on DU?

Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon urges cities to consider assault-weapons bans

New app helping Venezuelans find scarce items

Maine State House Approves GMO Labeling Bill 141-4, But Ties Law To Actions Of Contiguous States

Tony Auth cartoon illustrates the American public.....

If the Patriot Act is repealed, should the secret FISA Court be abolished?

Yay! Everything's Clean! BP Ending MS, FL, AL Oil Cleanup By Mid-June; Process Continues In LA

Kathy Taylor (D) and Dewey Bartlett (R) in race for Tulsa Mayor

Obama's War On Journalists - Kevin Gosztola Discusses

Republican Nominee For Virginia Lieutenant Governor Misspells Own Book Title…On The Cover

NYC Diabetes Deaths Hit All-Time Record - 5,695 In 2011 In 5 Boroughs, Roughly One Every 90 Minutes

N.S.A. Disclosures Put Awkward Light on Previous Denials

Blair Center-Clinton School: African American Public Opinion: A Liberal Agenda in an Era of Shifting

NASA - Methane Levels In Parts Of Rapidly Defrosting Alaska "What You Might Find In A Large City"

Oldest man in recorded history dies at 116 in Japan

Traders Said to Rig Currency Rates to Profit Off Clients

Dust Storm Causes Deadly 26-Car Wreck in Nevada

Syrian rebels kill dozens of Shi'ites in eastern town

String 'em all up for a Wednesday. Please come CAPTION Rep. Peter King!!!!

The NSA Spying Scandal - Director Of National Intelligence Clapper Lies To Congress

Kick this thread if you can think for yourself.

Venezuela’s opposition plans to base 18 war planes in Colombia: Maduro ally

2nd Graders Turn School Halls Into a Bustling Farm Stand

Syrian helicopter fires on Lebanese town, two wounded

Reid Finally Gets Enough Balls To Call Out Lawmakers CLAIMING They Were NOT Briefed On NSA Spying

Colbert on NSA snooping: We must find the courage ‘to stay scared sh-tless’

Swiss upper chamber approves U.S. tax deal

Greek style orzo

Why Obama Can't Undo the Surveillance Society, but We Can

Ariel Castro pleads not guilty in Ohio kidnap case

MIT's Solution to NSA overreach – put people in charge of their own data

Is the U.S. Still the Land of the Free?

Judge says Keystone XL pipeline suit should go to trial

Revelations about internet spying has just put chill on President Obama's upcoming visit to Germany

Do you Stand with Hitler and Stalin or with President Obama. Only two choices here.

Obama Cans Regulator (Gary Gensler) Who Crossed Wall Street-- Ouster is a gain for big bankers

Glenn Beck’s teary-eyed silent monologue: ‘My vocal chords [sic] are paralyzed’

We Already Tried Libertarianism - It Was Called Feudalism (Mike Konczal - Rortybomb)

NSA did NOT have To Snoop Around For Info-They simply ASKED Corporations who are already gathering

It’s the Secrecy, Stupid

NSA surveillance: anger mounts in Congress at 'spying on Americans'

The Last Word - John F. Kennedy's ‘finest moment’

An interesting perspective of Ed Snowden from the far right.......

BMW sued by U.S. over criminal background checks in hiring

Papantonio: Sexual Assault Victims Punished By Military

Japanese now admit to rigging (and lying about) baseball games

The coversation we should be having about private data

Biden on Al Gore: "This man was elected president of the United States of America,"

You know what I love about Jet?

Good morning! -

Hot Dam! I've found an existing solution to the Surveillance controversy

EU warns Obama of ‘grave consequences’ from NSA intel scandal -

Statement of Microsoft Corporation on Customer Privacy

So is this the logic for our time? Or has it always been this way?

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 12, 1963

Edward Snowden Reportedly Gives Interview To Chinese News Outlet

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 12, 1963

Edward "the story is not about me" Snowden does interview with South China paper:

Nuclear advocacy lands Abe in hot water with wife

$576,000 in taxpayer money restores gun rights to 3 people in Oregon (thanks, NRA!)

BTW, there are people who are ACTUALLY confronting the insane GOP

Community Calls For Renaming Of Chinatown Street For Army Private Who Committed Suicide After Hazing

Council Set To Override Paid Sick Leave Bill

American Bar Association may ban ‘gay panic’ defense -

Thunderstorms, hail possible Thursday

Boehner Seeks Spending 'Cuts and Reforms' Greater Than Debt Limit Increase

The more I read about Snowden, the more I think of my brother in law.

Snowden saw what I saw: surveillance criminally subverting the constitution Thomas Drake

Screaming "stop it" on the intertubes serves no purpose without action.

Papantonio: Economic Uncertainty Fueling Generational War

What Happened to the Iceberg That Sank the Titanic?

Thinking about elementary school

the worst charities in america

In light of what I've been reading here lately...

Snowden saw what I saw: surveillance criminally subverting the constitution

Here we go again: WI nutbag Senate passes pre-abortion ultrasound bill

Toddlers Killed More Americans Than Terrorists Did This Year

Inequality In U.S. Is Scarily High, Rising (INFOGRAPHIC)

Are George Zimmerman Calls Relevant to Trayvon Case?

Has any government ever collected massive amounts of information about its citizens and not used it

Jordan passes Abu Qatada treaty

Would George W Bush ever welcome a debate concerning the NSA?

Lodger Required - UK advert

The clearest lake in the world

Interesting comment made my Edward Snowden girlfriend.


Cuomo proposes new bill to stop corruption in state politics

Joel Pett on for profit spying and incarceration.

Pat Robertson: Dungeons & Dragons Leads to Suicide

Russian parliament passes new blasphemy law as protesters call for secular state

WTF happeded to gas prices?

It looks like Mark Twain was right.

reproductive coercion, domestic violence and anti-choice laws

Are you in this picture? (gigapixel photography)


reproductive coercion, domestic violence and anti-choice laws

Oh what an idiot!

5 Backward Ways Our Society Responds to Domestic Violence

Why does not every Senator have access to the secret information?

Darrell Issa On IRS Investigation: Releasing Full Transcripts Now Would Be 'Reckless'

Growing up

A question on oil and gas prices....

One of the best Japanese Drama's..Great Teacher Onizuka

Mice With OCD Can Mean New Hope for Humans

Dems Unveil Bill To Block Congressional Pay If Debt Ceiling Isn’t Raised

Biden: Republicans Scared of Paul, Cruz

Pope confirms 'gay lobby' at work at Vatican

First World NSA Problems

Warren Buffett Welcomes Hillary Clinton To Twitter, Pressures Her To Run In 2016

I'm going to catch up on all your pet threads very soon

Flash player headaches

women are male-controlled technologies of production and reproduction.

women are male-controlled technologies of production and reproduction

Here is a country that knows how to prepare for a post-petroleum world.

For Peace & Stability, The U.S. Ranks Last

Is God messing with Glenn Beck?

Marco Rubio says hell yes to legalization in Spanish Media

Judge Ignores Pleas of Woman Arrested for Protesting Sexual Assault

To raise your ire: How Retirees Pay Zero Taxes

Did you just sign a petition asking the government to stop spying on you?

Watch for the slight of hand

New calls for ENDA directive as White House reception approaches

I just ate the last McRib

need ideas

To me, If you really want to solve the problem of over eager electronic surveillance

How to Detect Spyware on a Cell Phone

Rare two-faced kitten born in Oregon

Barbara Hall Had Cooking Spray Sex, Threw Bottle At Boyfriend, Florida Cops Say

9mm America - Gun Control Advocates Should See This Powerful Show

Atomic Power’s Green Light or Red Flag

Join me in supporting Senator Sherrod Brown's campaign to overturn Citizen's United!

Let’s remind ourselves how this crap all began..

Belichick already annoyed by Tebowmania

Newark Man Claims Botched Penile Implant Gave Him 8 Month Erection

Star Of Kim Kardashian Porn Parody Says Khloe Would Make Great Porn Star

Humane Officer shoots a family of five kittens

Dublin Man Adds Clothing To Scantily Clad Rhianna Posters

David Brooks psychoanalyzes Snowden: he didn't visit his mother enough

Guy With Guitar, Sword, Knives Scares Customers At Iowa Convenience Store

Absolutely no snark intended here, but

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday June 12th

Little boy survives monster Oklahoma tornado, only to be mauled to death

European coal pollution causes 22,300 premature deaths a year, study shows

Terrorists now know not to discuss plans online

The profile page changes look good.

GOP congressman: Rate of pregnancies from rape is ‘very low’

Three Words: Break Dancing Jesus

Video emerges of naked man accosting riders at BART station -

Wake the fuck up!

Dumb Criminals: Mom And Daughter Caught By Canadian Customs Trying To Sneak $58K In Bras

Wave Of Opposition To Senate Chemicals Bill Swells From Public Interest Groups, Legal Scholars

Snowden wants ‘people of Hong Kong to decide my fate’

Mike Huckabee: “we’re now even seeing television commercials portraying same-sex couples”

Republicans have a stranglehold on the institutions of government.

Is Edward Snowden a Hero? A Debate With Journalist Chris Hedges & Law Scholar Geoffrey Stone

Pic of the Moment: Crazy Sh*t Conservatives Say Inside the Fox News Bubble

10% of all U.S. electricity comes from reprocessed Russian warheads.

Who's being naive, Kay?

Libertarians: Still a cult

Hi,broke my arm very badly and am scheduled for surgery

Gov. Goodhair's job-stealing tour comes to Connecticut

Can The NSA Listen to All Youz Callz? POLL

POWERFUL: Matt Damon, Alec Baldwin, And Whoopi Goldberg Use Obama's Own Words To Demand Zero

Why We Get the Police State We Deserve—and What We Can Do to Fix That

New Electronic License Plates Could Be Controlled By DMV, Law Enforcement Agencies

Question about publishers or agents dealing with young writers.

Unions' Choice to Avoid Primary Will Aid Booker

Walter Rhett: The Archetype of the Outlier

Word has it that Snowden picked his feet in Poughkeepsie....

MICHIGAN: Military Sexual Assault Victims Need You To Make A Phone Call

Woman, 70, earns law degree

Governed versus ruled.

Gay Film's Poster Freaks Out Parisian Suburbs

Days before vote, huge majority of Iranians favor Sharia law

Steny Hoyer on Andrea Mitchell made some good points about contracting issue.

Switzerland Questions US over CIA Drunk Driving Gambit

Switzerland Questions US over CIA Drunk Driving Gambit

The mechanics of character assassination is simple.

Thomas Drake: Snowden Saw What I Saw

What happens to women who are denied abortions?

Cuban Americans Denounce Florida Legislators’ Position of Cuba on the Terrorist List

op ed in NY TIMES about Clapper lying

Nobody give a shit about me? Daburnit...

Bradley Manning court-martial hears 'evidence of online chats' with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

The Rude Pundit: Thomas Sowell Thinks Women Shouldn't Be in Combat Because Men Will Rape Them

A poll from Appalachia regarding Edward Snowden, traitor or hero?

Five ways to stop the NSA from spying on you

Will you all please make up your minds?

big-leg women, it is true?

Hong Kong activists now have a website to support Snowden

Texas gun range offers target practice from a helicoptor...

World toe wrestling championships showcase the athlete’s foot

Russia may deem civil servants’ use of Gmail, Facebook ‘high treason’

What if...right wing bumper stickers told the truth....

Edward Snowden is not a hero

For some, the goal is to portray the program as a crime

Dozens of Shiites Reported Killed in Raid By Syria Rebels

Revealed: Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you don't want the government spying on you

Americans Tell Their Stories About Guns, Violence And The Aftermath

Greek PM faces coalition revolt over state TV shutdown

Chicago suburb mows Hawks fan's "playoff lawn"

Guardian: Edward Snowden: how the spy story of the age leaked out

[Snowden]...Showed Hong Kong Newspaper Documents Revealing US Hacking Attacks On China (updated 2x)

didn't exactly want to stick my foot next to it for scale...

Relive all 16 record number of 3-pointers!

Deterrent - Yes or No? After reading this story, will you modify your own behavior?

How many Democrats has Michael Bloomberg funded against Republicans so far?

These words no longer apply

Tell Twitter, tumblr and facebook to stop Creepshots.

And Now, a Brief Scene Capturing the Essence of Los Angeles as a Hockey Town

Germany most-spied-on EU country by US - leaked NSA report

Edward Snowden: US government has been hacking Hong Kong and China for years

the woman who revealed dirty tricks on the UN Iraq war vote

NFL's Goodell defends Redskins' name; calls it "positive."

Tell Twitter, tumblr and facebook to stop Creepshots.

Former President Bill Clinton to campaign for Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful Ed Markey in Worcester

Has a friend or relative of yours ever been shot?

To Crack Down On Rhino Poaching, Authorities Turn To Drones

TYT: Trayvon's Killer Has A Sly Ally (Fox News)

Snowden case: How low-level insider could steal from NSA

OK, this story has Lounge written all over it.

Can The Edward Snowden Trickle Turn Into A Flood?

Report: Many Iraqis Still Holding Petty Grudge About U.S. Invasion

Connecticut Passes Landmark ‘Homeless Person’s Bill Of Rights’ Law

Thom Hartmann: Bring back the boring bureaucrat bankers too

Thom Hartmann: Spying by corporations is different than spying by government

Obama Nominates America’s Biggest Walmart Cheerleader as His Chief Economic Adviser


Cute, Chicago's Field Museum's TRex, Sue...

Questions rise about seeding for ocean C02 sequestration

Carl Levin = idiot. Unconcerned about perpetuating military rape.

America has been captured by the "war on terror" propaganda.

So. Am I the ONLY person who likes The Goodwin Games?

GLENN BECK is going NUTS again. Says a document will change the world. (it's toilet paper??)

Peter King Calls For Legal Action to Be Brought Against Greenwald

The Momentous Confrontation in Turkey

Hacker Attacks Top Latest U.S. List of Global Threats

Paul McCartney on Colbert tonight! : )

TYT : Put The NSA On Trial

FEMA denies aid to Texas for fertilizer plant blast

New York Judge Rules In Favor Of "Black Swan" Interns, Says Unpaid Internships Illegal

So Snowden shows up in Hong Kong just when Obama is meeting with the Chinese

14 Things You Really Don’t Want To Know About Your Groceries

I fix machines all day, but I can't fix my gay son...

Game of Thrones Finale - SPOILERs

This is DU

Reward at $6,000 in killing of mother turtle at Delavan golf course

After Scouts lift gay youth ban, Baptist group calls for firings

House Democrat learns surveillance programs revealed in media are just "the tip of the iceberg"

Nanotechnology and religion: a complex relationship

Hum over the hill of Humpday!!!. Then come CAPTION Laura Ingraham!!!!

Does the government have our phone records or not? Court orders Govt to respond re FISA metadata

Only Enemies of the State have anything to fear from the NSA comm logging.

Hero or devil's spawn, I don't give a shit. It's massive expansion of surveillance

Richard Clarke: Why you should worry about the NSA

With the news media reporting that Snowden may have revealed

The Role of Religion in Anti-Slavery Efforts

Agree or Disagree - the Snowden/PRISM issue is a simple one.

Southern Baptists OK Quitting the Boy Scouts

Funniest NSA Spying Memes and Cartoons

The alcohol curfew in Turkey went into effect 15 minutes ago

UN warns Colombia’s military justice reform may harm human rights record

Pigs fed GM grain suffer health problems, study says

German coal imports rise in key markets

This 12 year old kid earned $80 playing the harmonica. Guess what he did with it?

Pat Robertson Says Gays Destroying Boy Scouts to 'Do Sex With Each Other'.

Snowden is a Hero! He deserves a medal

Tom Hagen....The Republicans played this one beautifully !

Leaks Are Vital For Democracy and the NSA Revelations Are the Quintessential Example Why

This restores faith in human kindness. Even though dogs are considered impure in Islam,

CHINA: Annual thermal coal demand to double to almost seven billion tonnes by 2030

Fathers Day coming up! What are you fixing (or having fixed for you).

if you're not breaking the law, you've got nothing to hide...

Schumer backs state senator for NYC public advocate but stays mum on mayor race

Good news for rape victims! Come CAPTION Rep. Trent Franks!!!

ChunkyMark "Wow!!!!! Edward Snowden...just stunning"

Did someone help Ed Snowden punch a hole in the NSA?

But can the applicant pass a background check?

Updated-Developing: Crews Work To Rescue Window Washers From Hearst Tower

CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell Resigns

Using Metadata to Find Paul Revere

So the US has been hacking China

Crap tornado in Devon headed my way

A shout out to DUers from Broken Arrow

"Round up the usual suspects."

Erdoğan's chilling warning: 'these protests will be over in 24 hours'

Stop Watching Us brings 85 organizations together to demand truth and transparency on PRISM

Let's try this: Do you live or work in an internationally known city & how do you feel about NSA?

Thom Hartmann: Zimmerman Trial - How Will Race Play a Role?

Breaking - CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell Resigns

9 Year Old Gets Through Turkish Customs With Unicorn Passport

CIA’s deputy director to be replaced with White House lawyer (WaPo)

For me- Sweet dreams are made of THIS!

At this point the Snowden fan club has a lot of egg on their faces.

Ohio city grinds to halt thanks to speed-camera debate

Sean Hannity On NSA Surveillance, Then And Now (by Media Matters)

Newtown Families back in DC to lobby around the Six month anniversary of that slaughter

(New York) City Argues to Overturn Ruling That Prevented Limits on Sugary Drinks

Did we really all check 'agree' to this government spying?

There goes my sweet gig for the last 14 years--goodbye, NewsHour!

And here it is: NSA chief: Surveillance helped stop "dozens" of threats

Opposition seeks parliamentary oversight of Canada’s spy agencies

REAL dangers in America!

Attorney gets 3 years for shooting at census worker

Rubio on NSA leak

So where is Perrycare?

Gallup: Americans Disapprove of Gov't Surveillance Programs; Split on Whether Leaker Right or Wrong

Stephen Colbert on Edward Snowden and "PRISM"

please point me to evidence that Snowden sold U.S. secrets to Chinese!!

Is it just me, or is the NSA data collection scandal a watershed event?

Appeals Court Tells Texas Judge that, Actually, Moms Can't Be Fired for Breastfeeding

Two congressmen go off the deep end! (GOP, naturally.)

Glenn Beck hypes another "exclusive!"

Fans of "The West Wing" and "The Newsroom":

Dallas City Council Spent Its Morning Talking About Gay Marriage, but no vote taken

Are The American People Being Spied On Or Not?

obama was just in hong kong? when did this happen?

US: Edward Snowden May Be A Chinese Spy – Former CIA Officer

Ch ch ch ch changes...

(WHAT!) Officer cleared after shooting litter of kittens in front of kids

Report: Flake Apologizes For Son’s Offensive Slurs On Twitter

Today in Murder Trials

Jesus christ on a pogo stick! Can't I be depressed without someone saying I need gawd?

Tornado warning issued for Edmonton - Ended at 4:00 pm mdt

Westboro Baptist Church Protests the Southern Baptist Convention. This Should Be Fun.

We need CEOs to get to work

Huckabee: churches should reject tax exempt status

Put the NSA on trial

GOP wunderkind drives Wisconsin into the ground

Wood not so green a biofuel…logging may have greater impact on carbon emissions than previously tho…

Does China regret allowing Snowden to stay in Hong Kong? - Bloomberg

Right. So presumably all my porn passwords are now in the hands of the CHINESE?

Key anecdote to defend NSA data gathering is full of holes

'Psychic' who reported mass grave north of Houston must pay $7 million

Guilty verdict in trial against ex-HPD officer accused in teen beating

It's nearly done!...edited on July 21 - it is essentially done!

11-year-old mariachi who sang National Anthem at Spurs game attacked in racist tweets

Peter DeFazio (D-OR) tries to stretch the little over $30 he gets to spend on food for the week

If the Snowden Affair results in the collapse of the US-Chinese faux alliance...

secret software

Gallup: 72% of Republicans approved of NSA program when the Drugstore Cowboy was doing it.

Bwaaaaaaah Grand Theft Auto Issa is terrified of Elijah Cummings releasing the IRS transcipts

The Conspiracy-Ridden Worldview of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Barclays’s Jenkins Says Bankers Must Regain ‘Moral Compass’

Here's the problem: Even if you stop the NSA surveillance now, how do you prevent it in the future?

Sierra Club sues State Department for access to Keystone pipeline files

NYT report- "What Happens to Women Who Are Denied Abortions?"

I think that it's important for me to clarify myself from my earlier essay...

Danish supermarket receives cocaine in Colombian banana shipment mix-up

Colombia bans use of circus animals

"If you support Snowden, you'll regret it!"

Colombia bans use of circus animals

Panel rejects pulling sex assault cases from military’s chain of command

These Stronger than the storm commercials with Christie are getting annoying!

Embraceable You (Girl Crazy, 1943)

Greenwald: “We Did Not Want To Just Go And Arbitrarily Disclose Things’

Arlington officer accused of tipping off steroid dealer, supplying other officers

The Spurs are going to win just because they have the better celebrity fans. >>

"Hermione just stole all our shit"

Venezuela a long way from the hyperinflation hall of shame

Pope Francis: gay lobby exists inside Vatican

Idaho Farmers Sue Monsanto Over GMO Wheat

BPA Linked to Obesity Risk in Puberty-Age Girls

"The Myth That Rape Rarely Causes Pregnancy Comes From Nazi Experiments"

Pronunciation question..........

I bet the US is seriously considering capturing Greenwald.

This is the first time in 5 years that I have seen this much bi-partisanship.

Watchdog groups support effort to stop Christie from holding October election for U.S. Senate

Edward Snowden and the tall tales: Information has no EZ-Pass

Sinkhole Cuts Into Practice Time Before MLB Game

Editorial: FEMA denial of West disaster aid stinks of politics

How James Clapper will get away with perjury

Preparing for the next megathrust earthquake

pardon my french but...

Traders Said to Rig Currency Rates to Profit Off Clients

Holy Straw-man, Batman -- Critiquing Economics in one Lesson


Grilled Hearts of Romaine with Blue Cheese Dressing

Jon Stewart is definitely right about this....

Military Sexual Assault Survivor Trina McDonald releases new video

Iowa and Illinois & area: tornado warnings. Some tornados on the ground.

10 Year old sings and draws racism.

Big Brother Loves the Smearing of Snowden, Greenwald

LET'S GO BLACKHAWKS! Chicagoans, check in here and reminisce about the greatest US city!

Meet "N1ggerkiller"... he's the son of Senator Jeff Flake and he goes by "N1ggerkiller" online,

Is "Dabbing" the Crack of Pot?

John Hickenlooper and Dick Cheney go hunting

5 Beloved Celebrities Who Were Nothing Like You Think

Wind Farms Interfere With Surveillance - so says Booz Hamilton

Cheaper Ways to Capture Carbon Dioxide

Glenn Beck promises new whistleblower revelation that will "take down" "whole power structure."

Sanders (re-posting from National Journal): Why I Don't Care About Edward Snowden

I think Glen Greenwald and Edward Snowden are very scared right now.

Defending NSA spying puts GOP establishment on wrong side of debate

The newest smear attempt: A picture of Snowden with pants pulled down

Moscow Gays Protest Russia's New Propaganda Ban

"Qur'an-based defence too challenging even for Muslim lawyers"

Glenn Greenwald part one and ten discussing his book"with liberty and justice for some"

Snowdens Girlfriend on Cenk (sort of)

New Layer Of Human Eye,'Dua's Layer,' Discovered Behind Cornea

Senators Request Independent Investigation Into NSA Programs

look at this woman-hating GOP asshole from Wisconsin

State-By-State Look at Iowa to Mid-Atlantic Storm

"The Trash-Talking Blood Sport of Economics"

Transgender student suit goes to Maine high court

Al Qaeda in Mali document found that explains how to use shoulder

Papantonio: Private Contractors Sifting Through Your Personal Data

What The Great Gatsby Teaches Us About America In 1 Chart

A strange experience at the movies...the movie was so loud as to be disturbing..

Prosecutor brings tax fraud case against Lionel Messi

One thing that I have absolutely no use for...

Groups Hail Senate Passage of Local Food Bill, Encourage Assembly Action

Guantánamo doctors must refuse to force-feed hunger strikers – physicians

"John Oliver Hammers Republicans' Hypocrisy On The NSA Scandal"

Man survives 2 days under sea in shipwreck air bubble

How Turks Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Tear Gas

I changed my mind. nt

Jury duty twice so far today.

Speed Sisters

Thank You-Thank You-Thank You-Thank You-Thank You-Thank You-Thank You-Thank You...

NSA data mining: What else did we expect?

Josh Marshall: Curious

NSA data mining: What else did we expect?


Ed Markey is Against NSA Spying!

Guantanamo prisoner seeks to attend pre-trial talks on secret evidence

Don't forget to walk your arachnid...

Syrian doctor, in unprecedented note, asks Israel to save patient’s life

"Hostiles within our perimeter"?

Miller Barber, Golf Champion With an Unorthodox Swing, Dies at 82

N.S.A. Scandal: God Save Us From the Lawyers

X-Post from Video: Peter DeFazio (D) tries to stretch the little over $30 he gets to spend on food

In todays Arizona Daily Star (Tucson): Rick Renzi (ex R Rep Az) is Guilty On 17 charges

Philadelphia faith-healing couple accused of murder must stand trial: judge

Feds Find Someone Weak and Poor Enough to Nail for Housing Meltdown

Nothing Fails Like Prayer

"...a greater percentage of women to federal judgeships than any other president..."

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 13 June 2013

Creationist Science Fair

My friend just lost her food stamps.

What is the greatest album you've ever heard?

God is opposed to food stamps? Let’s try an evidence-based approach to hunger instead.

Boston Drill Using Backpack Explosives Planned Before Marathon

Patriots owner gushes about Tim Tebow

On PRISM, aka Google for Tyrants: Has it been used to prop up 3rd world dictators?

Death by cake and cupcakes...

REO SPEEDWAGON - Roll With The Changes

What is a traitor/treason?

Oops, I think that they're on to me...

Regulatory Nominee Vows to Speed Up Energy Reviews

Edward Snowden’s misplaced idealism

Cat Tail Speak...

More Americans see man who leaked NSA secrets as 'patriot' than traitor: Poll

Scary first timer for me.

Colombia worries as troops join Arab mercenary force

Go B's