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Archives: June 13, 2013

I watch on HGTV the Property Brothers, most of the couples really piss me off.

The Snowden Prism (JM @ TPM)

Here's What Happens to (Poor) Women Who Are Denied Abortions

Ron Paul Is Using Edward Snowden’s NSA Leak To Raise Money

Everything is so fucked up

Anti-evolution and the death of biology in Turkey

When you were a kid, did you eat white or wheat bread.

Conservatives are to blame for the collapse of America’s infrastructure.

I'm building a chair I designed... I don't have a lath to create 7" round

‘knock on some doors, make some phone calls, get ed markey elected’

North Carolina Is the New Wisconsin

LOL! Just watched the pilot episode of the newsroom again. Only this time

Study links food-packaging chemical (BPA) and obesity in girls

I am lying to you right now.

Rep. Ralph Hall (R) wanders into LGBT event, enjoys hospitality before realizing he’s in wrong place

Chris Hedges: Figures like Snowden Deeply Courageous

Rep. Ralph Hall (R) wanders into LGBT event, enjoys hospitality before realizing he’s in wrong place

UN: Children Victimized in World Conflicts

Quote of the Day: Darrell Issa Wins the Chutzpah Award for June

And how does Greenwald use his story? To attack Democrats, of course!

Why I just donated to the ACLU

Sarah Palinesque snark and a swipe against Michelle Obama...

Most disapprove of gov't phone snooping of ordinary Americans

How Spy Agency Contractors Have Already Abused Their Power

So now we have to worry about something called a Derecho...

Best band names EVER?

Republicans are always wrong 100% of the time - REPUBLICANS: - 'If it helps, we hate it!'

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night! Onward Christian Soldiers!

Left unity championed at New York meet

Two excellent truth-out articles

Glenn Greenwald to Pete King: Bring it on

NY woman helps track suspect in dad's 1986 killing

NY faults 17 life insurers for shifting risks

Dem. Senator Merkley Skipped Briefing On NSA Program He Said He Didn’t Know About To Go On HARDBALL

Bush signing the Patriot Act

Ken Cuccinell's Slimepit of Corruption: Oil & Gas Edition

For those of you claiming that the administration would never do anything illegal

Danger to working families: Cory Booker Hearts Private Equity -- And Their Hefty Campaign $$$

Phil Ochs -- Love me, I'm a liberal

I'll tell you one ...

IRS scandal-current Tea Party propaganda perspective

I think something is wrong with me

So far, I haven't said anything about the NSA scandal...

Biden 100% against meta data collection.

Not only in Bolivia, of course:

So there's this 5 yr old DU thread about NSA syping and Main Core. Heard of it?

Guardian issues statement in reply to Rep. Peter King

Great Uncle Leo survided Pearl KIA 1942 (they found his plane photos at link)

Who says there's no such thing as coincidence?

Veterans protest GOP limits on veterans tax credits, and Walker isn't happy

Venezuela’s “normalization” of relations with Washington

GOP leader vows to reinstate voter ID as Assembly passes elections bill

Desktop wars. {Dial-up warning}

11-Year-Old Boy Nails The National Anthem, And The Racists lose their shit.

What do you think of Edward Snowden?

I want to ride on the silver dove far into the night.

"A Word from the Cripples" - Poem by 9th Grade Student About the Crisis in Funding of Urban Schools

Intruder in the Dust

Grace University Student Kicked Out For Being Lesbian, Must Repay Thousands

Go Easy On The Soy Sauce, Bro, It Could Kill You

"NSA is spying on Americans"

Flash! Chimps Smarter Than Republicans. PBS Special Shows Chimps Evolving In Africa

Back in the fire lookout for the 2013 fire season

Back soon

Heh! Two straight humiliations of the Frisco Giants by the Pirates...

Flowing Auroras Over Norway

U.S. Banks Profit from Facilitating Fraud against Their Customers

senate armed services committee removes provision challenging military sexual assault

senate armed services committee removes provision challenging military sexual assault

Pat Robertson: Making predictions about disasters are 'nutty'

Boxes for God

A great leap learning Twitter (follow-up on thread about using/not Twitter). Your tips go here!1

Anyone else do photomicrography / micrography?

Economic war and terrorist actions planned against Venezuela

Former Pastor Jerry DeWitt Will Host an Atheist Church Service in Louisiana

No blackouts expected this summer amid San Onofre closure

Kicked out for same-sex relationship, Grace University student challenges paying back aid

I've only seen two episodes, but John Oliver is kicking ass so far on the Daily Show.

Veterans protest GOP limits on veterans tax credits, and Walker isn't happy

Harms Man or Helms Man -- did you have a bakery truck in your neighborhood?

. . . . and in other news: Hey Kids! Let's Flip Houses!!!!! Here's How!

Which 73 Democrats Just Voted to Gut Dodd-Frank Today?

Yes, it does matter to you that the NSA is spying on people?

Report: ‘Catholic McCarthyism’ threatens bishops’ anti-poverty push

Scientists decry ‘the worst case of scientific censorship since the church banned Copernicus’

NSA: Not Safe Anywhere

Rise of an Empire -- 300 sequel

Teabagger today didn't like my calling his unemployment benefits welfare

Justin Timberlake's album cover is just so wrong.

Before the Patriot Act became law the US Government had to

I Think Obama Doesn't Want A 911 On His Watch...

Brienne and Ygritte out on the town in London last night.

Cheap fuel cells real soon?

faux says trayvon martin died of a street attitude (which, I guess, is worse than a "dehumanizing

I am not an official member of any fan club, especially the NSA fan club, but...

Lawsuit Planned Over Response To Fatal UWS Crash


I Love Monsanto! Cult of Dusty.

Catholic-Owned Media Company Will Sell Erotica, But Not Gay Lit **NSFW LANGUAGE**

NASCAR's Jason Leffler dead after dirt track crash

Moving to Tallahassee

"then they came for the jews"

Gillibrand loses bid to strip military sex assault cases from chain of command

If you're more worked up by whether or not Snowden lied than THAT Clapper lied

Rockland Legislature Bans Radioactive Fracking Waste

Rachel Maddow - Wisconsin GOP latest to push extreme anti abortion laws

It's been nice knowing all of you...

Cascade Failure, Aircraft Pilots, And the New Homeless

Rachel Maddow - Virginia voters show signs of backlash against GOP anti abortion extremism

McCarthy (spied on Americans)

Daniel Ellsberg: Edward Snowden: saving us from the United Stasi of America

I started a diet on Monday

Right-wing companies are being contracted to track your phone usage...

The Founding Fathers should have had Bill of Rights death pool

Ex NSA leaker to Snowden: Watch your back

President John F. Kennedy in 1963 - "Ich bin ein Berliner!"

Majority Views NSA Phone Tracking as Acceptable Anti-terror Tactic

Researchers Unveil A Thought-Controlled Drone

June is Bustin' Out All Over - Carousel 1956

Snowden revelations on NSA strain US-China relations, says Beijing

Has your cat or dog ever embarrassed you?

Puffy Ami Yumi (and The Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra) Hazumu Rizumu

Clifton Blecha, White Supremacist Sentenced To Life Imprisonment, Mistakenly Released On Parole

Obama Urges Massachusetts Democrats to Turn Out for Markey’s Senate Bid

Otsuka Ai ~daisuki dayo (english subs)

Poll: Where will Snowden end up?

Glenn Greenwald Slams Rep. Peter King: He Supported Terrorism For Decades

Canada’s Harper govt increases nuclear operators’ liability to just $1 billion

If you're represented by Susan DelBene, Denny Heck, Rick Larsen or Derek Kilmer

Brutally Honest Disney Movie Posters Are Both Sad and Hilarious

Sen. Ellis shouts down Dems during ultrasound bill vote, breaks gavel base

Wanna see an out of control Wisconsin Republican?

Poems on Kindness in a Time of War

Americans Tell Their Stories About Guns, Violence And The Aftermath


Hannity On 10 Year Old Transplant Recipient Case: "This Sounds Like A Death Panel"

I do not think that terrorism would be as prominent today without the US...

10 Things Edward Snowden has to see while in Hong Kong

Snowden's Friend on MSNBC (Lawrence show) sounds like an idiot

Somehow one team has managed to escape the discussion about racist team names and logos

India ignored my asylum plea, claims Julian Assange

Assange sets out his stall for Senate ticket

Bulger denies being an informant, murderer

You might be a racist! (Zimmerman talking points debunked!)

Just something to think about regarding Snowden....

Obama Motorcade Accident: At Least 2 Police Officers Injured In Florida Incident

Why metadata matters...

Throwing Metro Under the Bus

Who really pays for designer vaginas?

wiki page on NSA director is very critical

Snowden’s CIA Drunk Driving Claim Questioned

Forget PRISM: Global Cyber Chiefs Say They Need to Pry Even Further

Is there a legitimate argument that once you call on an open airway or write on a public forum

Anyone ever been to Demo Tati Underground?

North Korea calls off talks with South over choice of diplomat

The Trial (1962) the entire movie directed by Orson Welles, movie adaptation of Franza Kafka's novel

John Oliver Tears Into Media’s Superficial Snowden Coverage, Mocks ‘Frat House’ Joe Scarborough

The FBI can secretly turn on your cellphone mic to eavesdrop on you

Do we really want to know what's going on here ?

U.S. Offers Conditional Support for Police Monitor in Stop-and-Frisk Case

Regina Benjamin stepping down as surgeon general

Woman charged with murder for killing boyfriend with her stilletto shoe

Something Odd for a RW Sandbag.

Muslim man accused of sparking Burma unrest jailed for 26 years

‘You’re Out Of Order!’: Total Chaos Unfolds During State Senate Abortion Debate (full 10:40 mins)

Kill the Messengers.

My 8,000 word random ramble - well, a picture IS worth a thousand words, right?

TVA cuts 530 jobs, spending on Ala. nuclear plant

Data Reveal a Rise in College Degrees Among Americans

Obama rallies support for Edward Markey in Boston as Senate race tightens

US considers Syria policy as John Kerry seeks ways to help civil war rebels

Obama taps top Native American fundraiser for U.N. human rights post

No More “Fast Food” in Bolivia: McDonald’s Has Closed Down All Its Restaurants

Previous NSA Leakers, Thomas Drake And Mark Klein, Speak Out In Defense Of Ed Snowden

Peru Launches First Homemade Rocket

Peru Launches First Homemade Rocket

80-year old nuclear engineer opposes nuclear power now

Poll: Americans split on how to address military sex assaults

Why is this okay?

The Possibility Of Full Protection For Chimpanzees Under The Endangered Species Act

Amazing video of a supercell forming in Booker, Texas (time lapse)

Turkey protests: Ruling AK party may hold vote on park

Did you hear the news? The Invisible Man married

Cheetah tracking study reveals incredible acceleration

It's a sad day when the Russians are right about US foreign policy

Secret life of the cat: The science of tracking our pets

Shares pummelled, dollar slumps as rout gathers pace

GOP congressman Trent Franks: It’s hard to get pregnant from rape (video)

UN says nearly 93,000 killed in Syrian conflict

Glad to see the gun debate has simmered down.

Google pays interns $6,000 a month as competition for tech talent grows

Potential juror in Zimmerman trial lied in court

(Ma'an News) Committee: Israel soldiers force Muslim to drink wine at gunpoint

Thrift store workers join retail union

Talks between Patriot Coal, UMWA break off

Nurses union ratifies 2 labor pacts

Judge Rules That Movie Studio Should Have Been Paying Interns

Ever had an OP unexpectedly "blow up in your face"?

Type 'S' for Suspicious: DARPA's far-out, high-tech plan to catch the next Edward Snowden

UFCW asks union families to not shop Dierbergs new Lake Ozark non-union store

Steelworkers Ratify Contract at Caterpillar South Milwaukee

Infighting tears at N.J. Democrats

Infighting tears at N.J. Democrats

Ellisville Mayor back, amid continuing legal moves. Was new Walmart store behind his impeachment?

Even Morning Joe Scum is eating Issa alive today

old time religion

Don't forget to walk Obama's kids.

ON SALE! Rifle That Hits Target Over 10 Football Fields Away

There Are 108,000 Private Contractors in Afghanistan and the Pentagon Has No Idea What They're Doing

Let's talk about FISA and the FISA Amendment Act of 2008

NRA targets Joe Manchin, invokes racism

Politico: Bill Clinton Breaks With Obama On Syria

I'm on my second day of fasting on that 5 - 2 fasting diet.....

Scan Predicts Whether Therapy or Meds Will Best Lift Depression

Dad's Life Stress Exposure Leaves Mark On Sperm, Can Affect Offspring Brain Development

Fire tornado - first time one's been documented...

The Shocking Amount of Wealth and Power Held by 0.001% of the World Population

More scientific news that DEMANDS thst we fund research as WELL as development:..

10 Dumbest Pundit Reactions to NSA Revelations

Can you be both a partisan democrat and a liberal?

You Wouldn't Believe Bank of America's Latest Scam

After nearly 300 posts I've gotten just a handful of recommendations.......

Sources: Decisions made on San Onofre nuclear plant flawed

Larry Flynt: I've Never Met A Republican Who Wasn't Racist

No, Edward Snowden probably didn’t commit treason

Durham councilman, 7 others arrested at NC General Assembly protest

Human rights group threatens Australian professors against Israel boycott

Senate drops measure to curb sexual assault in the military

Small dog loses it on top of a pool table (cute video) :D

Favorite from your collection

The Secret War

Earth to John Boehner...

Editorial: Bipartisan Blessings; NSA Program Arouses Little Anger

Videos: Planned Parenthood/Black "genocide" lunacy believed by Cain, Jackson, Robertson, Cuccinelli

Videos appear as black blank screen! Just started happening

Farmers fail to feed UK after extreme weather hits wheat crop

Census Benchmark for White Americans: More Deaths Than Births

"I think that he's a moron and he proves that stupid has no specific political affiliation..."

Third of all honeybee colonies in England did not survive winter

Cheetahs 'more powerful than a motorbike'

Black Forest fire rages in Colorado, stirring up awful memories

Resolute Missourians illuminate human cost of failure to expand Medicaid

Why Is Russia So Homophobic?

From now on, whenever I'm traveling outside the southeastern states, I'm going to ask

Congress grills NSA chief Keith Alexander about spying

Edward Snowden and the NSA Leaks: What Does It All Look Like From China?

Made in America-cute kids' clothes

Is Today The Day When Boehner And Cantor Meet With The Newtown Parents?.....

Good morning. How long does it take to get a star?

Acknowledging Complexity

Jobless claims show unexpected improvement

For my DU friends who follow facebook....

Can you hear me now?

The House Republicans Could stop the NSA spying today...but they won't. This is bi-partisan madness

6/11 Monitor - 3 + 4 Drought Forms Triangle Dallas-Tucson-NW Nebraska; Far Northern Plains Wetter

Dear friends in Wisconsin... How are things?

BP Review - World's Fastest-Growing Source Of Energy? Coal

I blame the patriarchy

DOE Inspector; Fmr GOP Rep. Heather Wilson Got $500K For Work Not Meeting "Even Minimum Standards"

Report: Feds Hunted For Snowden Before He Went Public

Math invades the U.S. House: Congressman rises to hail solution to the Boltzmann equation

Strange question to ask fellow guitarists

Greely CO Residents Support Lots Of Drilling & Fracking, Until Wells Encroach On Fox Run Suburb

NSA Director Says Leaker’s Wiretapping Ability Claims Are ‘False’

"Breakthrough" US-China Climate Deal, Will, Uh . . . Do Something (Zero Long-Term Committments)

Which is treason?

UK - 'Retailers have a moral obligation to ban the airbrush,'

What About the Fact That Terrorists Want to Murder Us All?

"...climate move that nobody noticed"

"Deep Throat" motives not altruistic

Post your transparency stats!

(Maine) Senate votes down "no permit" concealed carry bill

The NSA Horse Left The Barn...Years Ago...

Snowden: I am not "needy" (Snowden) or trolling for K&Rs (Snowden) ...

How About a White House Watchdog to Protect Privacy of Americans? It Already Exists, but Does Nothin

The Court Ruling That Could End Unpaid Internships For Good

Pesky sack of kittens got you down? Proof firearms solve every problem:

NYC might restrict 3D-printed guns

Finding the right balance between security and liberty

Foreclosures Jump as Banks Bet on Rising U.S. Home Prices

"terror, terror, terror" is big, very profitable business for some corporations.

NSA Chief General Kieth Alexander and "The Secret War"

India's Apollo Tyres to buy Cooper Tire for $2.5 billion

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - Feel Safer?

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Politics

NRA Backing Pryor On Gun Vote

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Papantonio: America's Crumbling Infrastructure

House GOP stomps all over Republican rebranding

What does Sean have against Hannity? Or is it the opposite? Please come CAPTION the w*nking spud!!!


The ‘secrecy industrial complex’

Other important news today from SCOTUS in about five minutes

Yottabyte equals a million billions of gigabytes. some info on the Utah NSA site.

Food Stamp Cuts Dramatized By Democrats Taking 'SNAP Challenge'

Personal Details Are Being Sold For A Fraction Of A Penny

I don't understand this Snowden "controversy"

Inspector in Philadelphia collapse commits suicide

French feminists (in Tunisia) get (4 Month) jail term for topless demo

Germany’s PV Generation Peaked at 23.4 Gigawatts on June 6

Lessig: It’s Time to Rewrite the Internet to Give Us Better Privacy, and Security

(Sweden) Forced 'infidelity check' is rape: Supreme Court

Protesters held over Parliament trespass

AZ House passes Medicaid expansion in Brewer win

Massive police raid launched in Toronto area of alleged Ford crack video

Above the law: America's worst charities

Clarity from Edward Snowden and Murky Response from Progressive Leaders in Congress

Isakson: ‘Perfect Storm’ Could Flip Senate Seat

Project Permit: Cutting Red Tape for Green Energy

Terror Bytes: Edward Snowden and the Architecture of Oppression by Amy Goodman

Should Rooftop Solar Leasing Companies Be Treated as Utilities?

Secret life of the cat: What do our feline companions get up to?

NJ Special Election Could Hurt Democratic Voter Turn Out in October AND November

Utilities' Appetite For Wind Energy Continues To Grow

Edward Snowden and the Real Issues

“There are but three true sports -- bullfighting, mountain climbing, and motor-racing.

The World’s Largest Secret Dinner Party

How a Doctor Came to Believe in Medical Marijuana

I gained 10 pounds just looking at this.

EPIC Hypocrisy on NSA Surveillance & Gun Background Checks

How about that other solar - you know, the not so sexy kind?

'Kindness' covers all of my political beliefs (Roger Ebert/toon)

IBM employee axe cuts away 1,300 staff

TX Man Murders Escort Who Refused Sex, Found Not Guilty

Security Expert Bruce Schneier: History Will Hail Edward Snowden As A Hero

Should marijuana be legal? Why or why not?

"it's difficult to impregnate by raping" - how exactly does he know this?

Workin' in the data Tom the Dancing Bug

The Last Word - More Republican folklore on rape and pregnancy

Edward Snowden, We Need To Talk

Explosion at Williams Olefins plant in Geismar

A rolling disaster on auto-pilot

Supreme Court says natural human genes can't be patented

The Last Word - Rewriting Rep. Issa on the IRS

Blast, fire reported at Louisiana chemicals plant: local TV

Is rape OK in the military because

If a financial advisor is a fiduciary, do they have a certificate or something that says that? nt

I hope most here make a point to try to never shop at Walmart.. check out included link

Concealed carry bill: Illinois prosecutor 'goes rogue,' allows concealed carry

I'm listening to my "Pachelbel Canon in D" playlist on my iPod.

Presentation (PDF): Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project

you'd think after all these years on this planet, I'd learn to

Supreme Court sides with Oklahoma in water fight

Why “I Have Nothing to Hide” Is the Wrong Way to Think About Surveillance

Dispatches XXV: A Conjecture Regarding Lagging Employment in Wisconsin (Menzie Chinn, Econbrowser)

Fish Stealer!

Cave Dwellers

Hi Fi Records

New Data Archaeopteryx Reveals Insight into the Evolution of Feathers

Free Exams and Tests for Low-Income Women:

Senate rejects amendment to delay legalizing immigrants

I support our President. . . and he NEEDS us

"Been dead for over 20 years and Freddie is still upstaging the following act"

Colorado - multiple fires

Gannett To Expand in TV with 1.5 Billion Belo Purchase

CMD Files Open Records Suit Against ALEC Board Member Sen. Leah Vukmir

Remember when everyone made fun of Senator Ted Stevens "series of tubes"

Hot Damn..."It's Not Just Akin" website DESTROYS Republicans for anti-women statements/votes

should I move to Houston...

Poll: Majority Says Snowden Did A Good Thing, But He Should Be Prosecuted

Edward Snowden and Washington's revolving-door culture /Who's running the drug war?

Edward Snowden and Washington's revolving-door culture / Who's running the drug war?

so I tried to get my free annual Equifax credit report

BClinton warns Obama he risks looking like a "wuss" if he doesn't act on Syria.

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 13, 1971

Amy Goodman: Edward Snowden and the Architecture of Oppression

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 13, 1971

Every Sperm is Sacred

What do NSA's likely excesses and DOMA have in common?

Meet Nancy - A "Small Government" Conservative


Above the law: America's worst charities

Clarity from Edward Snowden and Murky Response from Progressive Leaders in Congress

Supreme Court Rules Human Genes May Not Be Patented

Chemical plant explosion in Louisiana

OMG, I fricken KNEW someone would do the "Secretly Gay" thing...

A Swirly Lava Pool on the Moon

Honest questions on NSA and Snowden

We live in a binary political system. If the Dems lose, the Republicans win.

Business is booming in restaurant with "no kids" policy

Who's afraid of the NSA?

Japan mulls building next supercollider

Letter: Felon Thanks the NRA

U.S. Fears Edward Snowden May Defect to China: Sources

Is 2013 The Year for Militant Feminism in music?

Is it just me?

Pic of the Moment: Sean Hannity: Hypocritical Partisan Hack

Snowden saw what I saw: surveillance criminally subverting the constitution - By Thomas Drake

Right-There's nothing new about PRISM.

If you see the Po-Po, warn a brother.

Remember, bridesmaids' dresses don't really HAVE to be frumpy.

Women, remember this: Sooner or later your Grandma, bad heart & all, is gonna wanna see that tattoo.

Anybody else out there heavy into S&M?

MiddleFingerMom has opened up a wildly successful chain of yoga salons.

Not many of you know that MiddleFingerMom used to be a newscaster for a major network, The proof?

Elizabeth Warren takes on another Obama Administration secrecy problem

Rep. Loretta Sanchez: NSA revelations just the "tip of the iceberg"

Halloween prop a cry for help

Senator Warren Presses White House to Release Pacific Trade Text

What Congress Could Learn From These Small Business Owners

Hey's your chance..guess who is going to be available?

Glyphosate Weed Killer Found in Human Urine across Europe

Scott Walker withdraws appointment of student regent who signed recall

In Her Own Words: Military Sexual Assault Survivor Speaks Out And Creates Change

When a baby elephant sees the sea for the first time!

Change of pace: A small business investment question

Private contractors are getting rich and perpetuating terror at the same time

"Six-two and even, over and out"

Put the NSA on trial

Cabelas supplying weapons to criminals

Nuclear ice breaker (Yamal) saves researchers

Senate Rejects Border Security Change to Immigration Bill

Four Reasons Why Apple Is in More Trouble Than You Think

The recent SCOTUS decision on DNA might help with the military rape issue

Winnipeg: Spot an illegally parked car, earn cash

Toxic waste spill in northern Alberta biggest of recent disasters in North America

Congress Rating as Institution Hits Low, Gallup Says

Cloistered nun, 105, dies after 86 years in monastery

Mike Michaud registers, officially explores Blaine House bid

It must be time for more saber rattling over the Falklands

Franks defends remarks on rape

Snowden’s Chinese Fans

Just a Few Loud Voices

Positive Signs: Jobless Claims Drop, Retail Sales Rise

Main Stream Obfuscations Forces One's Mind Stream to Engage in Cognitive Dissonance

Spanish and Greeks move north due to austerity, crisis - OECD

FBI’s Mueller Says U.S. Surveillance Programs Operate Legally

Has anyone accusing Snowden of treason actually read the Constitution?

'Desperate father' spray paints the Queen's portrait

Is U.S. Keeping NSA Surveillance From Terrorists, or From the Public?

India's Apollo Tyres to buy Ohio-based Cooper Tire

Ticks That Spread Red-Meat Allergy

The NSA spying story has been around for a week now...what has anyone here done?

Larry Flynt ‘never met a Republican who wasn’t… in his heart a racist’

Erection lasting 8 months: Man and wife sue doctor

Judge Jones' troubles intensify

Santa Monica shooter's rifle appears to have been pieced together

China Accuses US Of "Double Standards" On Hacking

FBI director says U.S. will hold Snowden responsible on NSA leak

House Committee Hearings on Redistricting in Houston

I want to give a shout out to the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City area of my state five years after

Bill Regulating 3D Printed Guns Announced In NYC

How to Leave a Cool Digital Trail in Case Your Partner Gets Famous

Here's How Telling Your Black Friends They're 'Not Really Black' Gets You Made Fun Of On Television new TV ad for campaign finance reform: Stripper Senator

Woman finds an extra topping on her burger: A razorblade

Secret Money Is Now Swaying State Judicial Elections

New season of 'Drop Dead Diva' to feature gay pro athlete storyline

NFL Players Association sells gay pride shirts for Athlete Ally

Thom Hartmann: Should special prosecutors handle military sexual assaults?

Members Of Congress Say They’re Tired Of Playing ’20 Questions’ With NSA

How secure is a system with 500,000 contract workers who have access to classified information?

Thom Hartmann: We're Prepared to Accept an Apology from Exxon & Lawmakers

Suddenly, white people care about privacy incursions

In my opinion, the Sandy Hook Massacre carried a higher emotional toll than 911

Microsoft To Set Up Windows Stores In 600 Best Buy Locations, Launching This Summer

"...if we don't wrest back this power for privacy,...our democracy has been snuffed out."

International Linear Collider publishes its Technical Design Report

Rupert Murdoch files for divorce from Wendi Deng

U.S. Fears Edward Snowden May Defect to China: Sources

Wal-Mart's Everyday Hiring Strategy: Add More Temps

FEMA Report: Climate Change Could Increase Areas at Risk of Flood by 45 Percent

Pit Bull attacks horses in Fond Du Lac...

I'm scared to do this: any thoughts?

Toon- How to wink at a bigot

"further evidence white Americans will become a minority nationwide within about three decades."

Turkish PM Issues 'Final Warning' To Protesters To End Park Sit-In, Rejects EU Critics

Court Challenge To NSA Surveillance Programs Moves Forward

Squ e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e

Affordable Care Act: Coverage May Be Unaffordable For Low-Wage Workers



FFRF sues over literature discrimination

I read the news today, OH BOY: Zimmerman's legal team & potential jurors' "favorite Fox News shows"

Papantonio and Seder discuss the NSA Scandal

Darrell Issa Refuses To Release ‘Evidence’ That Obama Conspired With IRS To Target Tea Party

Darrell Issa's got it in the bag. Please come CAPTION the prosthetic human!!!

Some photo's of my veggie garden.

Kitten Sam and Kitten Beau went for their shots this morning...some interesting news about Beau

Dammit, Dave!

Scarborough rips NRA for new ad ‘shading’ Obama like O.J. Simpson mug shot

Anyone else sick of Facebook?

FEMA denies more funds to Texas...

Why Women Are Bullies At Work

Dumb Criminals: Man Calls Emergency Hotline To Complain About Quality Of His Prostitute

Russian Airbus A330 Makes 7 Flights Before Maintenance Crew Discover Dead Man In Wheel

DVRs set to record 2 extra hours of Stanley Cup Final cut off 6 seconds before game-winning goal

Why is Congress kept in the dark re NSA yet thousands of private contractors know?

Darrell Issa Refuses To Release ‘Evidence’ That Obama Conspired With IRS To Target Tea Party

News is a bit old..but.........GO TEXAS !.nt

Republican Mansplains That Men Are Better Thinkers because Man Brains

Former Georgia Judge Sued by Woman - Arrested for Drugs After Accusing Judge of Sexual Wrongdoing

Even before NSA scandal, US residents were anxious about privacy breaches

REPORT: $590M Lottery Winner To Share Fortune With Her Gay Son And His Partner

About the bigot eruption that happened after the airing of the Cheerios ad with the biracial couple?

WTF? US Navy ends dependence on capitalised communications

7 awesome things you didn't know about Steve McQueen

Orange County Man Accidentally Sells Wife's $23K Ring For $10

GetEQUAL Arrested At Boehner’s Office While Demanding ENDA Action

The Rude Pundit: Hatch Fears a Stiffing and Other Things Going on During the Immigration Bill Debate

Bike makes riders high-flyers, if only for five minutes (BBC)

Fox News Host Praises Anti Islam, White Supremacist Leader On Air

DOJ Plans To Back NYPD Oversight Move ( Stop and Frisk)

Jersey boy Jon Stewart slams Christie, uses Christie video

Parody of the Cheerios biracial commercial ...

Census Benchmark for White Americans: More Deaths Than Births

Rupert Murdoch files for divorce

Greetimgs from the Wet Chester University Student Union!

Nanoparticle opens the door to clean-energy alternatives (catalytic water-splitting)

Dogbert The Futurist Predicts Google Glass In 1994.

What's wrong with the current state of gun background checks?

Funniest Jon Stewart Quotes Ever

California Teacher Fired For Being A Victim Of Domestic Abuse

Oops. A little more truth leaks out.

'Self-cleaning' pollution-control technology could do more harm than good, study suggests

I'm this close to doing the DNA test from

Sign of the times: Santa Monicans arrested for murder include Asian, White, Latino

Bumblebees and apartments, rear view

Are sequestered jurors stripped of their smart phones?

Nancy Pelosi Says NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Should Be Prosecuted

Michele Bachmann discovers Tumblr and posts a pic of the latest House vote to repeal Obamacare

Survey: Many Americans say 'Big Brother' is here

San Diego Domestic Violence Victim Fired From Teaching

Antonin Scalia Does Not Believe in Molecular Biology

The country's biggest spy center

A gay island community created by Italy's Fascists

Blade Runner the way it was meant to be seen

Chicago And The Fight Against Privatization Of Public Education-Report By Jack Gerson

Much of Snowden's resume is made up of exaggerations or outright lies.

Oh, The Horror! "Mansion Shortage Could Slow Sales in Rich Towns"

Man stuck in mud

Guess Who is Returning to Faux News

New Origami Street Art in Angers

Chris Pyle on Democracy Now discussing NSA and whistleblowing

Who Built This Garden?

Ironically Area Of Colorado That Is On Fire One Of The Most AntiGovernment Cobstituencie In Colorado

OC Sheriff Unlawful Detention

Democracy dies when ONE individual thinks he knows what's best for us all

News Corp’s Rupert Murdoch Files For Divorce

Chamber of Commerce drops suit against Yes Men pranksters!!

So what do you think the NSA are doing with the multiple call segments/copies

Table the morale outrage. Our mined data worth billions is now in corp. hands 4ever. Time to pay up!

NYC debates crackdown on counterfeit luxury goods

Bernie Sanders: Do you think the U.S. government should be able to monitor everyone's email? (Poll)

This App

70% of the $80+ billion intel budget goes 2 private contractors not bound by constitutional amendmts

Anyone else notice....

North Carolina Is the New Wisconsin And it's got both ingredients- Koch and voter suppression

Red state problems

Aw crap did I miss it? Did the entire power structure come crashing down yet?

Antonin Scalia Does Not Believe in Molecular Biology

Report: Snowden Stored Documents On Thumb Drive

(Nevada) Governor vetoes gun bill, says it would erode rights

Some people never change

Trayvon Martin murder trial jury to be sequestered: judge

FBI chief says spy tactics could have stopped 9/11 attacks

Librarian who was fired for closing library early due to tornado warning has been reinstated.

Unpaid internships in jeopardy after court ruling

Conservative judge Edith Jones up for rare review

Case settled over JetBlue pilot's meltdown

Case settled over JetBlue pilot's meltdown

Wendy's is latest to see gross photo go viral

This is the other side of the democratic party the one that buys politicians: here they buy educatio

New CIA #2 Pick is the former host of “Erotica Night” at a Baltimore bookstore

Sen. Rand Paul: ‘American Taxpayer Dollars’ Are Funding ‘A War Against Christianity’

Hillary Clinton announces new charitable agenda at family’s foundation

Meta OP's are still visible in people's journals

Brownsville Official: 'It’s not ricin'

Is the picture cute, sad or disturbing?

Rick Perry says no more items for Texas' special session

trumad: ‘American Taxpayer Dollars’ Are Funding ‘Rand Paul’

This Is How Ed Snowden Got His Secrets

Let's start with Halliburton!

Woman claims large “burly” Arlington police officer punched and body slammed her during arrest

Rubio: ‘I’m done’ if immigration bill includes gay couple amendment

Rep Steve King's office "invaded" by "Illegal Aliens"

There is no appropriate smilie for the statement...

Four killed in shooting in Cherokee Street building, St. Louis police say

Why "Stand Your Ground" sucks...

Stop outsourcing government secrets

Pressure builds on US over Hong Kong civilian hacking allegations

Dallas police detective serving suspension over incident for wearing an offensive T-shirt

Why You Can’t Trust the Media or Congress on the NSA Kerfuffle

Stop blaming technology for high unemployment!

Miami Heat Fans (this is funny as shit)

Let's say a Judge overseeing a high profile case in which a protest group ...

4:40 PST today! UPDATED!

Silver Fire now 11,500 acres and growing, still zero percent contained

Why take selfies when you can print out a 3D miniature copy of yourself?

Joshua principal’s threat of punishment against valedictorian alleged

When Life can Turn on a Dime.

Borowitz reports from Hell: Murdoch Divorce Stuns Satan

Gannett to buy TV station owner Belo for $1.5B

Booze Allen Hamilton are looking for a System Admin, Junior Job in Hawaii - Secret Clearance needed

The Palestinian Authority's Reign of Terror

Hillary Clinton addresses education, women, economy at renamed Clinton Foundation

David Letterman Loves Drums...

Tim Minchin - Rave Reviews for "Jesus Christ Superstar"

Dangerous Warmongering

Lawsuit Seeks To Force Sheldon Silver To Repay Vito Lopez Settlement Money To NYS

Part of Colorado Springs evacuated

Ex-Argentine leader Menem gets 7 years for arms trafficking; could lose Senate immunity

Supreme Court Bans Protests On Its Grounds

Superman is an immigrant

No one understands what treason is: Alex Seitz-Wald, Salon

Calling Darrell Issa’s bluff

Best Buddies part 2...

Thousands Of NYC Union Workers March On City Hall To Demand Retroactive Pay

Jobless Claims in U.S. Fell by 12,000 Last Week to 334,000

Comes A Time - Neil Young

Galveston Judge Christopher Dupuy indicted again and arrested again

Ex-Argentine leader Menem gets 7 years for arms trafficking; could lose Senate immunity

Here we go again - work place shooting in St Louis

C.I.A. to Get First Woman in No. 2 Job

Could someone please explain the numbers below...

Suspect in Fort Hood prostitution ring identified...

Talk Nation Radio: Here Comes Corporate Nationhood TPP and SOPA

Man sings to wife of 66 years from hospital bed

This Is Litecoin, The 'Silver' to Bitcoin's 'Gold'

Egypt says citizens free to join fight in Syria

(MK)Dannon: “The Palestinian Future is In Jordan”

Outsourced Intelligence: How the FBI and CIA Use Private Contractors to Monitor Social Media

Obama Is Pro-Rapist Because Of Plan B Decision, ...

When will those 12 terrorist incidents be made public?

Is it me, or have there been a lot of house explosions lately? Here's the latest one:

Get your tiny violin: Rich running out of mansions to buy

Wow ! In 1997 we only made it to "E" (hurricane-wise)

Republican Party leader Johnnie B. Rogers files motion to dismiss assault

The Security Briefing Flytrap

The mind's a terrific thing to baste! Please come CAPTION the new/old Fox contributor!!!

Wisconsin votes to force ultrasound before abortion..

Boy Scouts disappointed Caterpillar drops support

I am a little surprised that nobody else has thought of this.

Syria Has Used Chemical Weapons Against Rebels, U.S. and European Official Conclude

Unzipped nanotubes unlock potential for batteries (nanotech anodes for Li-ion batteries)

Above the law: America's worst charities

"Tebow, Tebow"

Sarah Palin back at Fox News

"What good is it to save the planet?"

Has anyone seen this of the Wisconsin Senate?

What's for Dinner, Thurs., June 13, 2013

This made me smile

Survey released Wednesday by a Republican-aligned pollster found Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA) 12-point edg

A little good news regarding the Detroit Institute of Art...

Not Writing History (US media silence on Rios-Montt trial)

Not Writing History (US media silence on Rios-Montt trial)

Marco Rubio: Immigration Reform Shouldn't Include Gay Couples

Nevada's (R) Governor vetoes universal background checks, first in nation to do so since Sandy Hook

Warm Ocean Causing Most Antarctic Ice Shelf Mass Loss

White House notifies Congress that Syria has used Chem. weapons on rebels

Talking Points Memo: The Tragic Fall of the White Race in America

A Dictator's Toolkit: Unlimited Toys for Tyrants

Best Apology Ever

Pioneer Natural Resources opens Pawnee facility

New Campaign Finance promo ad brings new meaning to "transparency"

Forget the NSA: Your Tech Gadgets Are Spying on You

This is a perfect analogy except Hogans Heroes was more factual.


San Antonio’s little mariachi Sebastien returning for NBA encore

Energy Department…to Help Hoboken Region Improve Its Electric Grid in the Aftermath of…Sandy

President Obama is not violating his liberal principles by defending the NSA. He is exercising them.

What can you tell me about the College of Charleston?

White House says Syria's Assad has

Dreamers protest at (IA) Rep. King's office; King denounces on Twitter

"if they could sell more guns by repealing the 2nd Amendment, they'd be all for it."

The Supreme Court ruled today that human genes cannot be patented

what's a little more war? here's the syria plan:

TCM Schedule for Saturday, June 15, 2013 -- The Essentials: Rudy Vallee

El Charro de Oro

I have only found 1 positive thing that Greenwald has said about Obama, and even that was kind of a

TCM Schedule for Sunday, June 16, 2013 - Essentials Jr: Father's Day (& Smoky and the Bandit!)

Well this is gonna be fun.

Zimmerman jurors to be sequestered up to a month

be safe NC friends. The storm line is about to hit the Triangle area...

This is heartbreaking......

National anthem at Spurs game causes stir on Twitter

OMG. CBC reporting police source says Toronto Mayor had ongoing relationship with guys in the crack

Bernie Sanders nails it again...

Has Glenn Greenwald published anything in the last two days?

Why, after the ABLE DANGER snafu, did Obama retain NSA director?

Glenn Greenwald's 'Epic Botch'?

got this e-mail from anthony weiner today.

'Tip of the Iceberg': Senators Warn Far More Data May Not Be Safe

Palin Returns to Fox News, After a Brief Split

The enemy of our enemies is not necessarily our friend

Bank of Canada warns of overpriced condo market 'threat to economy.' Interesting how useful public

Edward Snowden: The Asymmetry of Courage

Gov. Corbett's Education Cuts Devastate Pennsylvania Students & Schools [VIDEO]

The Time Has Come~

What level of surveillance would freak you out, if you're not upset over the recent revelations?

San Francisco median home price hits $1 million

'Homosexual Propaganda': New Law Increases Risks for Russian Gays

The Sewer is getting more clogged with s***...

Gov. Corbett's Education Cuts Devastate Pennsylvania Students & Schools [VIDEO]

Wesley Clark on CNN

Hi everyone. Don't know why it took me so long to join this group but now seems

Two right-wing Wisconsin legislators-are trying their hardest to bring voter suppression here..


Gov. Corbett's Education Cuts Devastate Pennsylvania Students & Schools [VIDEO]

The Redskins Owner Paying Frank Luntz to Spin His Team's Name Can't End Well

Snowden smuggled out THOUSANDS of documents on a thumb drive.

Get Ready To Be Disgusted By Yet Another Fast Food Employee

Funniest Pictures Mocking Sarah Palin (in honor of her return to Fox News)

Arizona Passes Medicaid Expansion, Giving Jan Brewer A Victory For Obamacare

Chicago Sit-In to Protest Keystone XL Pipeline

New food truck park opens this weekend near Love Field

Russia Won’t Embrace Europe’s Inefficient Welfare Model – Putin

Must read: Saving Nadrah

Presidential Nominations and Withdrawal Sent to the Senate

There’s good news and bad news about eggs - eating daily really bad for diabetics

Surveillance thwarted attack on Danish newspaper: White House

Rogue State: How Far-Right Fanatics Hijacked Kansas

We're a Multiracial Cheerios Family

Twitcam live with Julian #Assange right now

GOT - Episode 10 'Mysha'

Guardian "walked back the 'direct access' claim made in Greenwald’s original article"

Rick Perry may not be the front runner now, but he's making a bold move for first place again

GOT - Episode 10 'Mysha'

New EU law mandates eCall in all new cars

(WTF!)Texas Gov. Rick Perry: Americans have no right to freedom from religion

I wash my hands of Obama if he tries to overthrow the government of any more countries.

Bank robbery suspect arrested near Lincoln Tunnel

sexual a political stance

GOP’er Louie Gohmert And FBI’s Robert Mueller Explode Over Investigation Into Boston Bombers

2 confirmed dead in Black Forest fire; 360 homes destroyed

Smoothie Recipes for Everything – 18 Recipes to Make You More Awesome.


6 Hour Standoff Ends After Police Discover Suspect Isn't Home

Arizona Passes Medicaid Expansion, Giving Jan Brewer A Victory For Obamacare

We have no earthly idea if the right balance is being struck with prism and the phone company data

Father’s Day Spending to Grow Slightly

Greek PM shuts down ERT after 75 years of public broadcasting

May Retail Sales Up 5% from Last Year

Jeremy Scahill on The Tonight Show Talking NSA, Snowden, Rampant State Secrecy

Rich are running out of mansions to buy

90-Year-Old GOP Rep. Accidentally Wanders Into LGBT Pride Event, And Then…

Sen.Joe Biden on NSA Databases, Wiretapping & Privacy- CBS/Smith May 12, 2006

10 Reasons Why Libertarianism is Bullshit

House blocks bill that would bar the indefinite detention of American citizens

Syria regime used chemical weapons against rebels, US officials say

What Happened to Glenn Beck's Scoop That Was Going to Rock the Nation?

'Anarchist' convicted in Ohio bridge bomb plot

Obama Urges ENDA Passage By Congress To End Workplace Discrimination

Indefinite Detention Of Americans Survives House Vote

Air National Guard Unit Under Investigation For Misconduct Claims

Want proof that NSA snooping thwarts terror plots? Stand by, Senator Feinstein says

Bond insurer attorneys barred from San Bernardino bankruptcy

America's Newest Billionaire Wendy Deng

Man paralyzed after diving into creek to rescue girl (has no insurance)

Anthony Weiner Gets Celebrity Treatment in Brooklyn

Ex-senior White House official blasts Japan's view on history

Gun Control Push Renewed By Lawmakers Six Months After Newtown

Guantanamo hearing spirals into notebook safety debate

Wish President Barack Hussein Obama A Happy Father’s Day »

NSA Talking Points Issued By House Intelligence Committee

Daniel Ellsberg on PRISM: We're "a Turnkey Away from Tyranny"

Lawmaker accuses Google of dodging taxes

Expert: Abortion would have improved chances of woman who died from ruptured uterus

Rick Perry vetos a bill approved 145-0

Gannett to buy TV station owner Belo for $1.5 billion

MSNBC's 'The Cycle' Hits Series Low Before Its One Year Anniversary

Senate Democrats discuss need for 'black agenda'

Raley's investigating cyber attack of its computer systems