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Britain lobbies for nuclear export group to admit India

If you're not paying for something, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold.

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Unlikely feminist hero: [Australian] Army chief's video message draws plaudits

Guardians of Peru's Treasures Stake Out Post Office to Block Smuggling

Guardians of Peru's Treasures Stake Out Post Office to Block Smuggling

Snowden’s Leaks on China Could Affect Its Role in His Fate


PRISM Isn’t Data Mining and Other Falsehoods in the N.S.A. “Scandal”

Acadian Ambulance responding to explosion at nitrogen plant in Donaldsonville

WATCH: Rachel Maddow Slams GOP's Inability to Get Off The (Bigotry) Sauce

Luckovich Toon: A Whole New World

Don’t question the system, never point at the naked emperor, you’ll ruin the spell we all live under

Coal remains world's fastest growing *fossil fuel*: BP review

I cannot even watch the discussion on Syria

Judge Rejects Fort Hood Shooting Suspect’s Defense Strategy

Santa Monica shooter built his own weapon

Friday rant: Brave New Whirled edition

Rule Would List All Chimps As Endangered, Even Lab Animals

What should be do to reduce our NSA profile?

This new Bridezillas episode is great.

California Gov. Jerry Brown to redirect "Enterprise Zone" Funds for jobs.

City Lawmakers Renew Call For Stricter Gun Control On Six-Month Anniversary Of Sandy Hook Shooting

When I'm stuck while traveling, all I do is cuss...

Former Bank of America workers allege lies to homeowners

2 explosions in 2 days at 2 Louisiana chemical plants 21 miles apart from each other....

Hong Kong organisers expect 200 to march in support for Snowden

Yes, This Public Sculpture Is Really Made From Condoms

The US Open has been WONDERFUL

Grumpy Kitty despises annoying children's shows

PRISM Isn’t Data Mining and Other Falsehoods in the N.S.A. “Scandal”

Elderly Horse, Abused for Years, Saved and Taken to New Home

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF Friday, Forever & a new Panda gif

Watch Sam Seder Stomp Silly Libertarian!

Another attack on democracy in Canada

The Animal Poems

Odd thing at the supermarket this evening

America's Worst Charities

And That Is Why I Married My Husband

Judge in Zimmerman trial bans potential juror from courthouse

Friday Talking Points (262) -- War On Women Continues Apace

Supreme Court Bans Protests On Its Grounds (SCOTUS unclear on the concept)

Baby Sea Lion wants to be friends

‘Bill Mill’ group ALEC trying to skirt open records laws in Wisconsin

Intolerance: Nuclear Weapons to Stop the Gays

Rick Perry Vetoes Texas Equal Pay Bill

Remember the bank loan modification nightmare that cost millions their homes? BOMBSHELL:


Man Claims He Spotted Florida’s Elusive Skunk Ape

Letter from the President (to Congress) -- Regarding the War Powers Resolution

Snowden is a Chinese Spy and has been for years.

Gareth Bale...

Cleanup From Fukushima Daiichi: Technological Disaster Or Crisis In Governance?

What I really wish the Big Dog could/would say:`

"It would be easy to say that we owe it all to the Bush family from Texas..."

Extreme Anti-Abortion Legislation Heard in Senate Committee

You can help 3,000 security officers organize

IMF learns from their mistakes

Fair: Syria and chemical weapons what do we know?

Rick Perry Says Americans Have No Right to Freedom From Religion

The American people don't pose a threat to our national security but big corporations do

CWA President Larry Cohen, NASA Scientist & Activist to Discuss How the NLRB Crisis Hurts California

Could not a whistleblower take information to a Congresscritter?

When words just aren't enough -- Say it with BACON!

Online revival of a 1960s sci-fi magazine.

Here is a post that I posted in the general discussion group

Rough start to the series in Balmer for the Roid Sox!!

OMFG - Lady Di was not Anglo-Saxon -is this the end of the monarchy???

Chinese Paper: Snowden Could Be Useful to China

"Menopause May Be an Unintended Outcome of Men's Preference for Younger Mates"

Peter King Suspicious Of Snowden’s China Connections: ‘He Studied Chinese’

It may be Summer, but need is still there.

Headline: US troops on Syria border as Obama arms rebels

Snowden’s Leaks on China Could Affect Its Role in His Fate

Dem Strategist Rips Hannity & Unknown Nut Job: These Scandals Are A Witch Hunt.

Facebook Releases Data, Including All National Security Requests

June Competition Comment Thread

NSA snooping: Facebook 'receives 1,500 data requests a month'

The June Photo Competiton Is Open, Post your HDR Images Here

Web Companies to Disclose Surveillance Info After Deal with U.S

June Photography Competition Submissions Are Now Open

Facebook Releases Data, Including All National Security Requests

New history documents Canada’s surprising role in U.S. Civil War

We all have heard/seen recent disaster movies. But what about the old ones?

Ecuador Legislature Approves Curbs on News Media

Whole Foods revises employee language policy

Decision to arm Syrian rebels was reached weeks ago, U.S. officials say

Calif. Legislature passes $96.3B Democratic budget

New York Museum Chronicles Early Days of AIDS in the City-open thru Sept. 15, 2013

New York Museum Chronicles Early Days of AIDS in the City-open thru Sept. 15, 2013

Why does Bill Maher invite detestable people like Nial Ferguson on his program

The bell tolls for telcos?

Senator Kennedy at the 1980 Democratic National Convention - May we never forget.

How do you get 7 years for writing letters and spitting?

Where are this week's Duzy?????????

Bill Maher almost lost control of his own show


You wanna start a personal revolution, What else you gotta do tonight

Anyone else having trouble with NetFlix streaming tonight?

Car Slams Through Front Porch Of Bedford-Stuyvesant Home

Three Macros

catholic church fires domestic abuse victim

Woman Being Denied Citizenship Because Her Morality Doesn’t Come From Religion

Living on light: woman attempts to prove humans can live without food

The government paying our money to corporations...


The Man of God Got It Handed Back To Him.

Basketball Diplomacy: Lunch with the North Korean Team

US agrees to give EU more info on intel scandal

Uncle Sam = Big Brother?

Just discovered some AA apps in itunes

Sorry but I missed a lot of news today. Can anyone tell me if

Ecuador's legislature passes restrictive media law

Did you see this nut?

Richie Havens Sings "Freedom"

Venezuela considers taking bottles from babies' mouths

Let's say Snowden ->IS<- a Chinese spy.

Any other Store Owners/Sellers in this Group

DirecTV issues apology to man who reported burned satellite dish

Turkish Protesters at Taksim Square singing "Do You Hear The People Sing?" from Les Miz

Survival Alert: Brazil Dismantles Democracy in Assault on Indigenous Rights

Early results put Rouhani ahead in Iran poll

Insight: The big money bails on Argentina - again

Venezuela's Chavez lives on as cartoon

We Didn't Start the Fire (1990-2012 Edition)

The internet TCP/IP renders the 4th Amendment meaningless.

Prescott Bush was neither a Nazi nor a Nazi sympathizer.

Weekend Economists Salute Our (Founding) Fathers June 14-16, 2013

1950. Discuss:

Eco-terrorism in Wisconsin's North Woods!!1!!

Atheists: Just as obnoxious as Christians

Today's gun tragedy, mom and son in possible murder/suicide

Dog butt looks like Muhammad in a robe.

From the Golden Calf to Gezi park: religious imagery and modern protest

So Cute~ The Father's Day Luncheon at the White House.. BAM!

UN chief opposes US arming Syrian rebels

Maher Rips Apart Patrick Kennedy’s Anti-Pot Crusade: You Sound Like ‘Nancy Reagan In 1983′

POWERFUL Thom Hartmann commentary: The US Needs to Stay out of Syria Civil War

Snowden claims China hacked since 2009 + faux outrage Beijing style []

Cost of Obama’s Trip is Dwarfed By George And Laura Bush’s Africa Spending Spree

That 70's Show: God Bless America

that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

On Real Time with Bill Maher tonight Niall Ferguson made a statement

Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper has his own scandal woes ~

Maher Tears Into Panel Over Syria...

Maher Savages ‘Cryptkeeper’ Congressmen: ‘When Did We Become This Weekend At Bernie’s Government?’

Battling with "tree" roaches (don't read if sensitive!)

What's being done in my name?

"I'm in the bathtub right now," she said. "I don't have anything to write with."

Call your mom.

1776; Discuss!

If the Chinese didn't think of Snowden they should have.


Senate Staffers Told To Pretend Top Secret Documents Are Not Widely Available On Web

All too true...

Hel-LO! You’re … Who Again? by Dick Cavett

Shutout!: Democrats Beat GOP 22-0 At Annual Congressional Baseball Game - photo slideshow link

Pandora's Promise notes nuclear epiphany for activists, but misses an important one: John Kerry

Part Time

Amber Alert, 5 year old boy might be en route from WA to Montana

Rep. Alan Grayson 2.0: Less fire-breathing, more self-restraint

Man stabs brother over mac and cheese

A trip down memory lane - How NSA access was built into Windows (1999)

Iran election: moderate Rouhani leads

Free dog

Good grief--Perry's tour fanning rumors

Good grief--Perry's tour fanning rumors

Cat: Cute puppy my paw!

Radio host sacked over Australia PM Gillard interview (asked if Gillard's partner is gay)

Convicted U.S. spy Christopher Boyce: 'Snowden is doomed'

Remember this terrifying revelation?

Disclosure Tactic in WikiLeaks Case Seen as Defense Strategy

Ooooh, dogs! Dogs just want to have FUN!

Gov. Rick Scott signs bill to speed up executions in Florida

Am I the only one that finds the prose of Charles Dickens to be erotic?

Who do you like for US Senate?

Watching "Dark City" (1948, not the 90's one) and "Introducing Charlton Heston" were the first words

World continues to lose carbon war

Scott Walker Boots Joshua Inglett, Student Who Signed Recall Petition, From Regent Appointment

Al Gore: NSA's secret surveillance program 'not really the American way'

The Borgia's is ending this Sunday, for good!

In my heaven, god plays a twelve string Rickenbacker

What goes well with kraft dinner? What

Twitter refuses to share the data of its users detained in #OccupyGezi protests

Orr halts payment on city's debt; legal battle expected over pensions, health care (Detroit)

June 15: National Lobster Day

I eat better than 60% of the world's children.

June 15:Nature Photography Day

NRC Considers Voiding Key Ruling On San Onofre

Civil War museum at Jefferson Barracks bustling with final touches for opening

Union thug and homeless man save a life

President Obama introduced at Gay Pride event by third graders

President Obama Invites Gay Dads To White House For Father’s Day

Judge: Obama sex assault comments unlawful command influence.

This message should have been self-deleted by its author

Another DUzy delay... sorry folks

Crocheting, baking pies, bragging about rhe grandkids, rioting, pl... wait, WUT!!!

Sydney University bell tower plays Game of Thrones theme

It's the one that says "Bad Motherfucker" on it...

Chile and Bolivia appear before Hague court in Pacific outlet dispute

Assange: Britain loyal to U.S. in NSA leaker case

Fresh Violence Mars Chile Student Protests

Rand Paul compares Separation of Church and State to persecution, blasphemy laws

Public School Proselytizing Sparks Miss. Lawsuit

Time-Lapse: The Rise of the Milky Way

Flashback: Bill Maher compares retarded children to dogs (January 11, 2001)

Oh Summer, where art thou?

National Security Should Never Be a For-Profit Industry

How America's Bully Economy leads to a "Bully Society"

TYT: Bill Maher calls Sarah Palins 5 yo child ''Retarded'', Cenk Uygur ruling in favor of...

How a New Sustainability Movement Is Conquering America, One Town at a Time

Matt Damon May Star In Catholic Church Sex Scandal Film

Sprinkles and Bacon

Putting a new spin on variable stars

Heavy Pressure Led to Decision by Obama on Syrian Arms

Ex-Employees: Dr. Michael Brown Told Bodyguard to Blow Him, Pissed All Over an Airplane Bathroom

Can Utah's Beautiful Wildlands Survive an Energy Grab?

Chile to block extradition for Carmelo Soria 'killers'

Sarin my ass. they're LYING to us again.


Le Drum Beat - Mary Wanna Laugh

Convicted U.S. spy Christopher Boyce: 'Snowden is doomed'

Google launches Internet-beaming balloons

Keep 'em coming

Defying gov't, Turkish protesters to stay in park

Once they can force Obama into another illegal war

Tell GTA Issa Elijah

Draft document reveals G8 will avoid ‘naming and shaming’ corporate tax avoiders

The U.N. is going to war- for the first time. This is what humanitarian intervention actually looks

Donald Trump Gets Demolished On Twitter By Modern Family Writer (Boom)

"No Fathers Day" Campaign launches.

Curiosity killed the cat

What happened to one family caught up in the Secret Squirrels' databases,agents and FISA courts?

Russ Feingold Tried to Warn Us About Section 215 of the Patriot Act

Dogs are wonderful creatures

The Best Tweets From ‘Feminist Taylor Swift.’ Yes, You Read That Correctly.

Beans, beans, the musical fruit!

Who'd You Rather Be Watched By: China, or the U.S.?

Fathers Who Care For Their Children Are Penalized At Work

Leaked memo details NSA talking points on Prism

Why Obama Now 'Owns Syria'

Bad Idea, Mr. President

Rachel finds out a very nasty fact about the passage of Wisconsin's abortion bill:

The Syrian War: Israel and U.S. Coordinating How to Target Assad’s Arsenal

Batteries included: New wind turbines and solar panels come with built-in storage

So what is the end game in Syria? What is that the admin hopes to accomplish?

who will control the syrian rebel's guns?

GOP’s John McCain problem

Herby Lamb Chops

"Republicans didn't care about Big Brother until we elected a big brother..."

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday June 15th

Obama Tumbles Down Syria's Slippery Slope

Naomi Wolf Thinks Edward Snowden and His Sexy Girlfriend Might Be Government Plants

The Sword Drops on Food Stamps

Obama, the ‘big data’ president

Boston woman pays $560,000 for two parking spaces

Guns don't kill people....toddlers do.

Fathers Day

Rep. Alan Grayson on the NSA: American As Apple Spy

The left turns compliant on violating civil liberties

What would you do?

All the Infrastructure a Tyrant Would Need

Chrysler to freeze salaried employees’ pensions in effort to limit liability

This is what your supermarket would look like if all the bees died off

2 confirmed dead in Colorado wildfire; 379 homes destroyed

Ever Regret falling asleep at that party?

GOP Rep. opens wrong door, attends LGBT event

Pakistan blast kills female students

I had dinner with a Civil Disobedience Veteran ...

Anyone seen this weeks DUzy's?

Sales director turns into an ARTIST after surgery to remove a brain tumour

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 15, 1942

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 15, 1942

Eco Porn: Exploring the Limits of Carnal Idealism

Rick Scott, Governor of Florida, blocks sick time vote!

Chemical Weapons Charge: Berlin Rules out Arms for Rebels

Veterans' personal data from Fayetteville VA hospital found in recycling bin

Hollywood comes to you with a casting emergency: Who should play Wonder Woman?

Fishing ban proposed near Rockall after rare scientific finds

I had 3 possible contest entry selections.

There should be one, SINGLE restriction on abortion:

Obama Administration Has Spent Nearly $300 Million Cracking Down On Medical Marijuana: Report

Iran's election could get very interesting


"Lecturing" as a sexist trope

Rachel Maddow - Unpopular Congress musters one gun bill (for conspiracy paranoids)

Court: Lawyers overbilled mentally ill vet, including for 'services' like attending his birthday par

Whistleblower welcome in China

The evolution of Arizona Ranchers:

UPDATE to my Bank of America LIED about HAMP post

Death row diary offers a rare glimpse into a morbid world

Animals vs Reporters (Guess who got the last laugh?) Trying post again

A Saturday is but a black maw / Until you come CAPTION Rand Paul!!!

Australian Army General Tells soldiers who disrespect women to 'GET OUT" (Boom!)

Home prices shooting back up

Retired Federal Judge: Your Faith In Secret Surveillance Court Is Dramatically Misplaced

Corporate sponsors of the Third Way, and more.

Would there still be bacon?

Building a better world is not about having a plan. It's about having a REACTION.

Photo request thread: You pick 'em, I'll post 'em ...

A Farewell Post For The Deaf Kitty (So DU can return to grousing about politics)

Eisenhower warned about this in 1961

Origin of "Rethug" (as in "thug"): The "Brooks Brothers Riot" part of Coup-2000

When Men Hate Women: Femicide in Ciudad Juarez

I found the salami!

TCM Schedule for Monday June 17 - Star of the Month: Eleanor Parker

Rowhani appears headed to landslide win in Iran elections

Ex-commander of SS-led unit living in US

Retired Federal Judge: Your Faith In Secret Surveillance Court Is Dramatically Misplaced

Hereditary Traits: Bigoted taunts by the children of GOP honchos have everything to do with politics

Leaked: NSA's Talking Points Defending NSA Surveillance

Curiosity's cameras.

Offers of legal, financial help for lesbian expelled from Grace University

Despite being called Madame Obamahater, I'd vote for him again

Local, self-sufficient, optimistic: are Transition Towns the way forward?

Court reinstates age bias suit against Iowa plant

Your high-tech gadgets are spying on you

My daughter accidentally reset her kindle and lost her personal data

The Great Lakes (Karen Nyberg, NASA astronaut)

Toon: The show we would like to see

Environmentalists Must Face Down the Anti-Science in Their Own House

Flight from Cairo to New York City grounded at Prestwick Airport

Even MORE details how BOA screwed HAMP customers...

Obama is wrong, Clinton is wrong, and mccain is wrong. We should stay out of Syria. Getting

Cooperative, Worker Cooperative, Co-Op

The Snowden Prism

New $1.7b NSA facility in Utah has potential to snoop on U.S. citizens for decades

Unemployment Falls But New Jobs Pay Low Wages–World Wage Normalization?

Tactics for reducing your NSA footprint

Bill and Hillary Clinton haters

Lying Sack of S*** of The Week: Ron Johnson

I'm not letting anyone get close enough to hurt me again.

Changing handles

Scientists Use New Engineered Virus to Restore Sight

Multiple blasts, gunfire kill 22 in Quetta; hospital under siege

NSA.. Homer Simpson... Meta data collection

Police Search For Suspect In 9-Year-Old Bronx Girl's Shooting

Hassan Rouhani wins Iran presidential election

Fellowship of the Ringwraiths

Fresh Libya clashes leave several dead in volatile Benghazi

Rick Perry was on the teevee just now comparing himself to St. Peter and

“Autism biomed” and the murder of Alex Spourdalakis

If the powers that be set out to destroy the credibility of Snowden, they succeeded.

Needs to be pointed out... Mayor Bloomberg, recent darling, and great NRA "equalizer"...

New Ecuador law curtails private media

Saturday, June 15th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Keystone and the Clintons.


Six Months After Sandy Hook, Cuomo Pushes Washington On Guns

considering the news of the week, Romney's loss is even more gratifying

Woman sues McDonald's franchisee for payroll debit

What is a "gun grabber?" A "gun hugger?" Do they actually exist?

Stay classy, Oregon republicans.

Donating blood is good for your health.

Al Qaeda's Iraq Head Refuses to Scrap Syria Merger

PATHETIC! - Only 47 of 100 senators attended the 2:30 NSA Spy briefing

Reformist Rowhani wins Presidential election in Iran

Thanks, Mom!

Patriots Owner: Putin Stole my Super Bowl Ring

Woman Being Denied Citizenship Because Her Morality Doesn’t Come From Religion

Inmate Families Sue Over Heat-Related Prison Deaths

Ohio could ban reporters from seeing gun records

Fired for word: 'Negro' in Spanish class

Live Now: Politics Done Right

DU Poll: As of today do you support Snowden/Greenwald?

This AP Article Is Everything That’s Wrong With Sensationalistic Obamacare Stories

The next 10 days will be worth more than 200 years. Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!!

House panel says no to separate Spec Ops family programs

What are you reading the week of June 16, 2013?

Reddit Atheists Have New Leadership After Turbulent Coup

Patriots Owner: Putin Stole My Super Bowl Ring

Happy Anniversary to one of the greatest sports films of all time...

Oxygen mystery: How marine mammals hold their breath

The big difference between us and them

US Special Forces testing stealth motorcycle

Neo-Con moles embedded into Civil Service?

Alan Grayson submits the Mind Your Own Business Act

Alan Grayson explains NSA scandal. Now we know that they have gathered information on everyone

Splitting the sea: turning ocean water into hydrogen fuel (using artificial chlorophyll)

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (full length) bring me a shrubbery

Hong Kong rallies in the rain for Edward Snowden

Bashir & Guests Burst Into Chorus of Laughter at Conservative ‘Faith & Freedom Coalition’ Speakers

Space sector likely to use terrestrial fuel cell technology

Offshore Tax-Haven Data Made Public As Companies Brace For Scrutiny

Fake ‘Progressive’ Super PAC Actually Backing Conservatives, Run By Former Consultants For Rove

Senator Elizabeth Warren - Economic Sanctions Against Iran and HSBC Settlement - MUST SEE

Syria: Lots of stuff, suddenly

Hong Kong Rallies for Snowden

What is Al Gore's role in enabling the NSA Spying?

US first astronaut teacher Barbara Morgan writes letter to China's first space teacher Wang Yaping

Elizabeth Warren Hits 'Big Corporate Interests' For Putting Efforts 'Toward Influencing The Courts'

U.S. puts jets in Jordan, fuels Russian fear of Syria no-fly zone

Son of NY socialite Astor seeks new trial after juror recants

For those calling for the heads of Greenwald and Snowden:

The Corporate Pirates Assaulting Social Security

Children in the Syrian War: Tortured by One Side, Recruited by the Other

Would all you NSA defenders still support the spy program if Santorum was president in 2016?

"We gotta put some salsa sauce on the Republican party."

World's wind turbines to cross the 300 gigawatt mark - data

Protesters Take to Hong Kong Streets to Support NSA Leaker Edward Snowden

Want Free Rent? All You Need Is A Walrus Costume.

Hyundai Motor delivers first 15 hydrogen-powered ix35 Fuel Cell in Europe (Copenhagen)

Chinese Censors Target Winnie The Pooh

Al Gore says Obama must veto 'atrocity' of Keystone XL tar sands pipeline

A question about the NSA debate for any parents out there.

Hydrogen plant starts storing wind energy in Germany

Jesus Appearing In Dog's Butt Gives New Meaning To Phrase "Holy Shit"

PORTRAIT OF THE LEAKER AS A YOUNG MAN: Edward Snowden Has Always Been A Privacy Fanatic

Senator urges IG probe of Cuccinelli’s office providing legal aid to natural gas companies

In Student Housing, Luxuries Overshadow Studying

Summer, 2013 tv premiere dates (chronological)

The Newsroom: The Complete First Season Blu-ray (review)

Dad and Equal Employment Opportunity

Building the Business Case for Energy Storage

Community Garden's Bicycle Blender Project tackles access to healthy food, renewable energy

Sheriff's East L.A. station holding gun buyback today (funded by forfeiture $$$)

NSA vs Snowden -- Follow the Money

This joke is directed at bigots....

Thank you for all the great input about moving to Oregon, and I have another question

Al Gore says Obama must veto 'atrocity' of Keystone XL tar sands pipeline

Right Wing Bloggers strike a blow against free speech in MD

Right Wing Bloggers strike a blow against free speech in MD

Right Wing Bloggers strike a blow against free speech in MD

DIR EN GREY interview at Download Festival 2013

This is why we need marriage equality...

Snowden's Secret

Hong Kong protest backs ex-CIA whistleblower Snowden

..."arms raised, ...protesters lifted their middle fingers"... “G.W.: Puts ‘Moron’ in Morongo"

I'm going to be a customer on a Gordon Ramsey "this restaurant really sucks" show tonight

Conservatives have ‘a long way to go’ to win national elections, Rick Perry tells activists

Do I need to worry about thread safe methods?

Highly recommend: Kill Anything that Nick Turse

'Psychic' who reported mass grave north of Houston must pay $7 million

Just got the power back! Whoo hoo!

President Morsi says Egypt to cut all ties with Syria - reports

Pipeline protesters return for Biden visit

The Coming Solar Electricity Transformation

SNAP gets cuts and Wholesale Prices on Food goes up.

Sh*t People Say to Bartenders

Power just came back on and I haven't opened the freezers...

Trapper has turned into Frank Burns!

Here's a daily adorable to brighten your Saturday. Have you ever seen a hedgehoglet?

Lame Question submitted by Kali

角川ホラービデオ館 - Ghost House

I'm back!!

Patriots Owner Claims Vladimir Putin Stole His Super Bowl Ring

What I'd Like for Father's Day: An Open Letter to my Daughter

Palin on Syrian Civil War: 'Let Allah Sort it Out'

WATCH: 50 Years of LGBT Culture in 5 Minutes ****Some may find traumatic or offensive****

Should we trust new Iran president?

Scary But Salient Point in Chuck Thompson's "Better Off Without 'Em":

Sarah Palin On Syria: 'Let Allah Sort It Out'

Obama: 'This Administration Acts Like Violating Civil Liberties Is The Way To Enhance Our Security'

Bruce Schneier - Crypto-Gram Newsletter - June 15, 2013

Girl, 5, Collects Hundreds Of Dollars For Peace Selling Lemonade Outside Westboro Baptist Church

Is it difficult to refill ink jet ink yourself?

Just this morning I got my power back after 2 days without it

Voter Suppression bill sent to Brewer; Complaint sent to DOJ

Tunisian Feminist Leader: 'Femen, Please Leave Us Alone'

EgyptAir plane bound for NY diverted to Glasgow. Note found onboard

I found my Info under my Lady Freedom screen name!

Girl, 5, Collects Hundreds Of Dollars For Peace Selling Lemonade Outside Westboro Baptist Church

One pot dish. Braised short ribs.

Can you read this?

We should all file a gigantic lawsuit against the federal government...

Co-Lying Sack of S*** of The Week: Most of the U. S. Senate

So now we have "Start a Discussion" but "reply to this thread"

Police shoot down civilian drone over Gezi Park - Istanbul

Democracy, Now

When you wipe out on your bike at 12, you shake it off...

Oh My - Tony Blair was banging Murdoch's wife?????

Count The Five hosts among those who hate-watch The Newsroom.

Former State GOP Chair Obenshain: Planned Parenthood "Barbarians;" Colleges "Indoctrination Camps"

AP's New Investigative Report on "PRISM" ......(Interesting Snip)

Ed Shultz just started n/t

Is anyone watching Turkey?

The IMF’s “Mistakes” On Greece Are Nothing New

Oh thank Gawd, thank you Gawd, it's finally over...

Gov. Rick Perry, confusing Libya with Lebanon, preaches humility to Christian Conservatives in DC

It's Time For A Global Minimum Wage

Ever notice how if you chop the middle letters (ah Pal) out of "Sarah Palin" you get Sarin? nt

Who to add toBill MAHER to a Twitter List? I've lost (some of) my Twitter virginity thx to MrScorpio

Turkish police storm protest camp using teargas and rubber bullets

Arturo Vega, Shepherd for the Ramones, Dies at 65

'Fuel crisis' prompts Border Patrol cutbacks in Rio Grande Valley

Complaint raised over Lumberton school led prayer

A Tale of Two Dads

Eagle Pass engulfed by overnight flooding; residents seeking shelter

Why don't the bird in Miami's Parrot Jungle just fly off wherever they want to? nt

Senate plays dirty to put squeeze on abortion clinics

C'mon people! It's not like this is rocket science.

Orphaned Foal Finds Comfort in Giant Teddy Bear After Rescue (story & video)

A Look Back • Missouri was home to enemy POWs during World War II

Ed Shultz exposing the raiding of Post Office funds

Gail Collins gives Bronx cheer to Bloomberg's anti-gun efforts.

Recipe: First, kill two cooters.

Secret to PRISM Program: Even Bigger Data Seizure ("small part of much more expansive & intrusive")

Detroit Dog Rescue; The story of Piglet

I've gotta share this: seal pup jumps on boat and cuddles

Summer in San Francisco

Parents launch petition to bring back Father’s Day cards; school replaces holiday with ‘Family Day'

Newsroom - Charlie Skinner (any relation?)

Monsanto Video Revolt: Global anti-GMO online rally launches

10 kids, 2 dads

Everyone who enters the Taksim Square to be treated as terrorist: Turkish EU minister

Statement by Press Sec on 1st Anniversary of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DREAMERS)

Leon Panetta urges Santa Clara University grads to work for the public good

Iran's new president hails 'victory of moderation'

Johnny's takin' care of things for a while, And his style is so right for troubadours

McGowan up by two strokes

Pet peeves, let's hear them...

Tone Deaf Jesus

Tell the country's largest grocery store: NO genetically engineered seafood

Cats aren't solid!

My male kitty had blocked urinary

Cat is thinking out of the box

I've got a juvenile crow in a large box on my lawn...Any ideas on how to rear long enough to release

My male kitty had blocked urinary

The Byrds - I'll feel a whole lot better

We won't prosecute Sownden to the fullest extent of the law, that would be a

Decarcerate PA Activists March 100 Miles to Protest New Prisons [VIDEO]

With about 10days to go. Is the MA race as close as Fox claims?

Papantonio: The Republican Economic Reign of Terror

Toon: One Nation, Under Surveillance

Wisconsin bill would bar police from enforcing any new federal gun restrictions

Wisconsin bill would bar police from enforcing any new federal gun restrictions

The Salad Uprising in Brazil

The Skills Gap....A Corporate Fairy Tale

Decarcerate PA Activists March 100 Miles to Protest New Prisons [VIDEO]

World exclusive: Iran will send 4,000 troops to aid Bashar al-Assad’s forces in Syria

What if animals were fat?

Turkish union federation to call general strike after police raid

Decarcerate PA Activists March 100 Miles to Protest New Prisons [VIDEO]

Edward Snowden: All-seeing, or myopic? (Donna Brazile)

A British Precursor to Snowden Case

Heartbreak in Jamaica as Veronica Campbell-Brown tests positive

Ecuadorian minister makes UK visit

Texas Governor Rick Perry Now Begging For Government Handouts (VIDEO)

What was that tune again?

But the time together through all the years,

Will be away for the week so I will see you guys next weekend. Have a great week!

WATCH: 11-Year-Old Boy Returns To NBA Finals For Encore Anthem Performance

my son is getting sucked into the woo.

GOP plan: Bring Dubya back!