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About half the Senate skipped classified NSA briefing

Former NSA Senior Official. "slippery slope toward a totalitarian state". MUST WATCH

NSA admits listening to U.S. phone calls without warrants

Former NSA Senior Official. "slippery slope toward a totalitarian state". MUST WATCH

U.S. puts jets in Jordan, fuels Russian fear of Syria no-fly zone

Homophobic Comments From Jeff Flake’s Son Reflect GOP’s Isolation

I've been reading some right wing sites take on Obama and the Naval Judge

My city and the local garbage company provide an annual Spring Cleanup, no charge.

An honest question for those who support the PRISM system and phone tapping

NSA admits to listening without warrants.

Louvle Astros

Palin On Syria: ‘Let Allah Sort It Out’

Buzz Aldrin speaks out against Tang

I think the GOP is on the way out.

the million $ question regarding NSA gathering/collecting

Any scuba divers here? Need some advise, want to get into the sport.

Former employees claim BoA pushed troubled homeowners towards foreclosure

Chief of Staff of the Australian Army is not kidding around when it comes to sexual harassment

Not just children like playing in puddles

Lebanon-Sequitur: Rick Perry Mixes Up Lebanon And Libya

Study on Glyphosate and Roundup

"The GOP's John McCain Problem"

A Summer Home in New York: Some Like It Hot

Michael Jackson's Ghost Testifies In AEG Live Lawsuit

Just a really great picture

It's not "woo" to be cautious about cell phones.

Why I Lack Enthusiasm About the Church

Bill Moyers with Laurence Lessing on "Recent Revelations of NSA Spying"

I'm dog sitting for a friend

U.S. spy agency paper says fewer than 300 phone numbers closely scrutinized

The White House explains it

Texas Air Force recruiter sentenced to 27 years for sex offenses

Dog: Precious little thing my bone!( Added more gif's)

German neo-Nazis submit anti-Israel legislation

Officials: NSA programs broke terror plots in 20 nations

"IMF to Congress: No, seriously, guys, stop it"

Someone please stop me!

How Rep. Jerold Nadler broke the "NSA DOES listen to your calls" story....

The answer is Sarin gas.

Officials: NSA programs broke plots in 20 nations

Senators miss intel briefing

"Why conservatives can't whitewater Obama"

Why Captain Picard needs therapy

Now connect a few more dots....

teacher fired for being survivor of domestic violence

ALL this NSA info and....

teacher fired for being survivor of domestic violence

NKorea proposes talks with Washington

I personally stopped 103 plots.

Decarcerate PA Activists March 100 Miles to Protest New Prisons [VIDEO]

Looking For A Job Today AND....... WTF

Maybe Roger will win one tomorrow.....

why are massive national security breaches so ridiculously easy?

There's an error in the style sheet for the "Start a discussion" button.

The Real Story - Star Trek (Full Episode)

At least 74 Texas sites report large stores of potentially explosive ammonium nitrate

IRS scandals threaten funding for health care law

The Ed Show - US Postal Service remains under attack

Okay, just sumbmitted a contract for my new home

The Ed Show - Scott Walker’s getting exactly what he asked for

NSA Sr Official, Whistleblower William Binney NYT interview

Rockwell: Somebody's Watching Me- Released 29 years Ago.


the neighbor's beagles are out again

Good cat.

Colonel John Bogdan, the warden of Guantanamo, inflicts harsh treatment to chill access to counsel. - The outsiders movement to restore our Republic

POLL: How long will it be before Jerrold Nadler comes out and says he misunderstood... (UPDATED)

"Secret tax-haven names released to public"

VP Joe Biden drops by Sunnyvale Hobee's with Rep. Mike Honda

I posted this a day ago seems like-

Australian Chief of Army tells those who don't respect women to "Get out!"

To Teachers on DU:

My cup would run over

Yahoo Was Reportedly Forced To Join PRISM By A Secret Court

Snowden's life surrounded by spycraft

Growth of intel outsourcing no secret, but now Congress taking notice

Why is NSA making all these confessions?

Orwell meets HAL

I miss my Dad...he died a little over a month ago

For those who did not know about spying on the American public

40 Hyper-Realistic Artworks......

Why is Susana Martinez's approval rating so high with our economy sucking so bad?

for our fathers who are no longer with us

Zippy the Pinhead has done it now - getting on TRUMP's bad side!1

School Policing: Amazing Actions Of A Teacher In The Face Of Danger

CNET Story Alleging NSA Can Listen To Phone Calls w/o Warrant Faces Skepticism - BIG UPDATE

TruthDig website and this...

Firefox Addon: Dark Side of the Prism

Big strong guys, an observation.

Am I the only one?

Ecuador minister in UK for Assange talks

Filmmaker takes center stage in surveillance story

55% contained, 483 homes lost

Second Alaska Peninsula Volcano Spurts Ash, Lava and Steam.

Sound City - Real to Reel - Best Rock album in decades ? ....

U.S. surveillance architecture includes collection of revealing Internet, phone metadata

Devil on my left, Angel on my right. Ask us anything!

6 Tornados in DC Thursday

What's wrong with libertarianism? (Photo)

TYT Classic: CNN commentator warned us about Boehner back in 2006!

Law and Morality Clash Yet Again

OMG, Eric Holder reassured the EU they have nothing to worry about and...

How much more poignant can it get? Jon Stewart with an I'm laughing but I'm not tickled comparison

Missing By Bruce Springsteen

Santorum on why Romney didn't win: "not a single factory worker" at the Republican Convention!

Ever think you could get emotional about some flowers?...

In a purely Libertarian land there would be no public lands. Can you imagine?

Was CNET story pirated from LaRouche site?

One more, in my frustration, I liked from today

we got up to the mountains today (pics)

How to Survive a Plague

Thomas Penfield Jackson, Outspoken Judge, Dies at 76 (Microsoft antitrust case judge)

Jeb Bush Isn't Quite Right About 'Fertile' Immigrants...

The Media Is Responsible For Your Paranoia, NSA, OMGhazi, IRS....

In Student Housing, Luxuries Overshadow Studying

This day in Jewish history / A banker outs American anti-Semitism

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

In March 2004, Comey, Mueller, and several Bush DoJ appointees almost resigned over metadata!

OK: THIS is one of the best performances I have ever seen.

Man held as four stabbed at mosque in Birmingham

Sarah Palin’s how-to guide on spotting hecklers

Five weeks to vacation.

CNET Says NSA “Admits” Listening to US Phone Calls - But That’s NOT What the Video Shows

Hong Kong People Oppose Returning Snowden to U.S., Poll Shows

Bear with head stuck in jar is rescued in Pa.

Eb & Flo

Zipper history - you know you always wondered

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday June 16th

Admit to something worse and we all sigh in relief when it's not quite as bad.

Appeals court rules man can challenge Oklahoma 'rain god' plate

Your opinion on M&M's raspberry flavor?

In Utero > Nevermind

Whistleblower (RAP NEWS 19)

Plane carrying George W. Bush diverted after smell of smoke

NYC Dispatcher Spent Almost 8 Hours on Stroke Call (with Victim While Rescuers Tried to Locate)

Been feeling like drinking more recently...

Tony Blair - STFU

Anyone ever sold tobacco or liqour in the states. What was it like? Rules?...

Iran will send 4,000 troops to aid Bashar al-Assad’s forces in Syria

Vows To Rebuild Million Dollar Homes in Burnt Forest

Girl, 5, Collects Hundreds Of Dollars For Peace Selling Lemonade Outside Westboro Baptist Church

I'm stunned and ready to cry out. My story 500 Miles hit #1 today...

Exactly why has the US stepped up with the military adventures since the middle of

Three HDs I had to toss for the June contest

The growing U.S. involvement in Syria proves this:

Tech hiring binge may pose security risks for government

Threat of sectarian war grows in Syria as jihadists get anti-aircraft missiles

Edward Snowden: The Spy Who Went into the Cold

Ash genome reveals fungus resistance

Robert Reich on Hillary Clinton in 2016

Snowden may be too hot for China to handle

Private money pours into Syrian conflict as rich donors pick sides


Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) I Lava My Job Edition

It's no longer a civil war in Syria. It's a regional war involving Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran

Iran stock market climbs for 2nd day after vote

A haunting image ... we have Iran nearly surrounded.

11-Year-Old Boy Impregnates Friend’s Mom

Happy Father's Day

BIG NEWS!!!!!!! Egypt cuts diplomatic ties with Syria

How Predatory Reformers Are Destroying Education and Profiting at Our Children's Expense

The Latest Outrageous Waste of Money for the Pentagon's Playthings

Cops Just Love Those Tasers

Warner Music has "extracted millions of dollars in unlawful licensing fees" over "Happy Birthday"

Sunday's sun has just begun to shine on Sarah Palin. Please come CAPTION this heiress of zilch!!!

Milton Rogovin: The Forgotten Ones

Sanders say's let's have a debate, and not a man hunt over spying...

The NSA Leaks and the Pentagon Papers: What's the Difference Between Snowden and Ellsberg?

Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel tweets that he 'can’t wait to leave College Station'

Catholic Church Keeps a Secret 2nd Set of Records

Britain's new 'peasants' down on the farm

Al Gore says Obama must veto 'atrocity' of Keystone XL tar sands pipeline

Texting while driving is so yesterday ...

Naomi Wolf calls bullshit on the Snowden story

what's your breaking point to take action?

Biden in 2006 schools Obama in 2013 over NSA spying program

Shareholder Derivative Action Against News Corp. Over Antitrust Violations

The Great (Gay) Novelist You’ve Never Heard Of

Lenders seek court actions against homeowners years after foreclosure

Spock drops the 'f bomb';

Chicago Hospital Accused of Cutting Throats (tracheotomy) for $160,000 (needlessly)

The Pope’s Gay Panic

Excellent detailed WaPO article on what is really going on regarding NSA surveillance

Nelson Mandela improvement sustained

Goal of Broader Protection for Chimpanzees Emerges From Changing Perspectives

Wall Street is Winning the Long War Against Post-Crash Regulation

The Father’s Day Present I Want: Action On Climate Change

The True Size of the Student Debt Crisis

CNET Story Alleging NSA Can Listen To U.S. Phone Calls Without Warrant Faces Skepticism

Somewhere in the UK ........

Was there not a story about a "NSA KEY" en bedded into MS operating systems years ago?

Another misleading media report implies that warrantless wiretapping is legal.

I'm trying to make peace with the fact that privacy no longer exists

What did Bailin'-PALIN do to/with AILES to get her steady cash flow back - your guesses!1

is a edward snowden a hero? a follow-up.

Westbound I-10 in Metairie to see major disruption Tuesday night

Venezuela releases judge Afiuni from house arrest

Atheist Who Blamed Faith for Sexual Abuse Forced to Resign for Sexual Messages

Is anyone else having a problem pulling up as a homepage?

AAUP censures Southern University

the NSA's chief chronicler. {james bamford}

Yesh Atid: No Civil Marriage Without Same-Sex Marriage

Obama names former CRS head ambassador to the Vatican

Hong Kong People Oppose Returning Snowden to U.S., Poll Shows

Happy 50th Mr. Zip

Abington vs Schempp

Iraqi Interfaith Council Tries to Protect Minorities

Border Story: an actually pretty interesting video about the US-Canadian border

X-Post from GD - Is anyone else having a problem pulling up Bing as a homepage?

Very Important Info on.."The Duct Tape Festival"....This weekend...Avon Ohio

It is unknown how large Lithuanian penises are. Or even if they exist.

Dick Cheney Tells Chris Wallace: ‘Traitor’ Snowden Possibly Had Chinese Connection Before Leaking

Christian Missionary Deconverted by Tribe

New philosophy journal

Luxury Bacon Box

Question submitted by Orrex

Anyone here ever break a lease? (please read before commenting)

Does Rep. Jerold Nadler reveal "NSA DOES listen to your calls"? Exchange with Muller:

Of hundreds of millions of dads, Jon KARL picked Poppy via Jeb Crow Shrub to represent everybody

Portland, Oregon DUers, I am coming to your beautiful city next week

IMFM -- UPDATE -- kinda

300 Kansas immigrants went to Kris Kobach's house yesterday.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all you fathers.

Happy Father's Day to all the DU Dads!

So how are you spending Father's Day?

Schieffer Destroys Snowden: ‘I Don’t Remember Martin Luther King Jr. Or Rosa Parks Hiding In China’

Conyers, Nadler, and Scott: NSA-Phone Tracking is Overbroad; Call for Immediate Hearings

5-Year Old Girl Stands Up To Westboro Hate Group With Lemonade Stand - Raises Thousands For Peace

The father. The beginning. The rise.

An Appreciation Thread~ Our President Barack Obama~

Snowden set back civil liberties badly.

Tied in knots over interfaith weddings

NSA admits your 4th amendment rights mean nothing.

The corporate "intern" scam.

Happy Father's Day to the wonderful dads on DU!

Dear Dad...

Palestinians Need Tough Talk From Europe

McDonough: Obama Doesn’t Believe He Has Violated The Privacy Of Any American

Snowden set back young IT people.

Will the NSA stuffs result in empanneling a commission like Church or Pike?

You're a human with a conscience. It has not been stolen from you.

Please, please, please! Whatever you think of the situation, can we please stop referencing

Should the NSA stuffs result in empanneling a commission like Church or Pike?

Snowden set back public perception of white guys with glasses and facial hair

Shipping magnate Paul Soros dies in NYC at 87

Well, we finally have learned a lesson from the Vietnam War -

OK. Uncle. I've got it. Only Saints Should EVER Be Whistleblowers.

BDS vs. Palestinian Statehood

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 18: Sammy Cahn in Hollywood (and Jeanette MacDonald's Birthday!

A Room With A View. A Tale For Father's Day.

Graphic baby delivery photo

Just because it's "legal" doesn't mean it's not an abuse of power

Checking in: My Father's Day tribute to Dad (1919-2005):

The Structural Genocide That Is Capitalism

This spells out the most-important difference between the worldviews of the 1% and the rest of us:

Anyone familiar with duckduckgo search engine?

Turkey Prime Minister rallying in Istanbul after protesters cleared from Gezi Park

soc sec advocate or soc sec attorney

Plant strong & Healthy living

soc sec advocate of soc sec attorney

An atheist goes to church: The Catholic Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Why Is Everyone on the Internet So Angry (toward one another)? (Scientific American)

Plant Strong and Healthy living

Norway religions: Judaism

Booz Allen Hamilton sees a HUGE difference btwn Dems and Repubs

Ed Snowden fled to China, so it's OK for the NSA to spy on us....

Facebook tracks you even if you do not have an account.

Political Evangelical Calls For ‘War’ Against ‘Pagan Onslaught Imposing Homosexual Marriage’

My show Making Sense with Steve Leser this week: NSA Surveillance,Kerry and Israel/Palestinian Peace

xpost from GD: My show this week: NSA Surveillance,Kerry and Israel/Palestinian Peace


One wonders if any executives working for companies contracted by the NSA

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, June 19: Written by Donald Ogden Stewart (May Whitty's Birthday, Too!)

Virginia GOP Lt. Gov. Candidate: "Satanic Rock," Witches Destroying Society

White House Petition to Pardon Edward Snowden

Iran to send 4,000 troops to aid President Assad forces in Syria

Jerrold Nadler Does Not Think the NSA Can Listen to U.S. Phone Calls

Rand Paul Tied To Evangelical Demanding War Against ‘Pagan’ Imposed ‘Homosexual Marriage’

China calls on Snowden to reveal more

DOE: electric vehicles 1/3 cheaper to drive, 17% lower lifetime costs

China deserves explanation of PRISM

Make a Witch Bottle

The dark side of Wall Street: An insider’s tale of illegal trades – and illegal substances


My dad was a drunk, a staggering lush who alienated every person he knew...

Putin warns West: do not arm Syrian rebels who 'eat human organs'

For The North Atlantic...Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico

Eco Porn: Exploring the Limits of Carnal Idealism

Rec it, Bookmark it, Download It. Make it Go Viral! The NSA scandal in 5 minutes

£3.5m project to record ancient music

Booz Allen Hamilton: Edward Snowden's US contracting firm

Alan Grayson: IT'S NOT OKAY WITH ME - "We are not North Koreans. & We don’t live in Nazi Germany."

If the Economy Is Back, Why Are Wages Still So Low?

How many have to die?

Air Force Bans Personnel from Reading News Stories Reporting NSA Scandal

"6 dead among 26 shot across Chicago" Thank heavens we don't have CCW here!

Back up Elizabeth Warren: Support transparency in trade negotiations

Swiss president would back criminal probe against NSA leaker

NFL implements new bag policy: Leave the purses at home

Are we the only ones? What other countries celebrate Fathers Day?

Edward Snowden, NSA Whistleblower, Wins Unusual Sympathizers in Latin America

Why do you think the U.S. is a target for terrorists?

Jerrold Nadler Does NOT Think the NSA Can Listen to U.S. Phone Calls

Deceased black nun may reach sainthood

(Cairo) Bible-burning Egyptian cleric jailed for 11 years

On missing my dad...thinking about him...and being one.

"Most of the people who were dead set against MJ are dead, many of them from alcohol."

Spiegel - All-Time Flood Records Fall Across Northern Germany

The FBI/NSA and YOU! Filing a FOIA request

The Structural Genocide That Is Capitalism

In Reference to Domestic Surveillance from an INSIDERS PERSPECTIVE feel free to disagree.

Obama does not believe he has violated the privacy of any American

I know all y'all DU'ers trust President Obama

I stand with Thaddeus Stevens.

Confidence in Congress Hits All Time Low

Anybody hear about Medical Marijauna

The perfect Summer treat. Who wants some?

One of my nieces received her J.D. from Stanford this weekend

Hating oral sex as the new misogyny? Toward a more feminist sex life

President Barack Obama tweet

Snowden, not that i really care about whether or not he is a hero

Ellsberg: A Coup Against the Constitution

Have we discussed why the Surveillence State isn't using their data to arrest banksters?

So Nadler walks back his claim of warrantless wiretapping

Repubs contradict each other today re: gov't snooping:

Pope suggests French lawmakers ‘repeal’ gay marriage law

I see a lot of posts today about fathers and how people here miss them

Remark by Grant Devereaux about the NSA surveillance...

The Spear of Destiny is in the hands of darkness

Turkey Protests: Government Targets Doctors Who Treated Injured Demonstrators

Words of wisdom from G. W. bush?

A powerful and important message. I hope all parents take heed.

AT&T rolls out mandatory 'Presidential Alerts' feature to iPhones; cannot be disabled

I hate Father's Day, although I think I've been a good Dad.

I really think this is the reason the right wing opposes abortion and birth control

No amount of military action can solve our self created "problems" in the Middle East.

A message from a Sandy Hook father on Fathers' Day:

Want a good, rational, technical discussion of how PRISM (appears) to work?

Maureen Dowd: Bill Schools Barry on Syria

Keystone XL Isn’t the Only Key

Why am I getting blue double underlined words in most of the threads?

Man Auctions Off Suit Of Armor Made For Guinea Pigs

Report: UK Government Spied on Its Allies at 2 G20 Summits

Two Questions

2 Things Still Confusing Me About NSA Story

Rove: NSA surveillance is OK because fictional cops do it on TV shows

I sympathize, but can't relate; for every crappy father, there's one who isn't. I love My Dad.

new Guardian editorial: oversight lags technology as spying spreads to G20 summits

Syria - What Statement Best Describes Your View?

L've been having the same problems as Lady Freedom Returns with my DU videos.

Sliding once again down that slippery slope

The Farmer and the Spy

No, Everything Does Not Happen for a Reason. Thank God for That.

So you want to have a security briefing?

It baffles me. Given the history of the NSA and the CIA

Moshed in the Pit of Capitalism

UPDATE: Nadler walked back his comments in a statement to BuzzFeed on Sunday.

Ed Schultz on at 5/nm

Re NSA, let's saying hearings are held and legislation enacted

Uh Oh,Apple's New iPhone Software: Redesigned, With A Lot Of Features Copied From Android!

Morskoi Boi, the 1950s arcade game from the Soviet Union is now playable online.

British atheist group looking to expand will host sermon at city bar

New Florida law: Teachers can’t be evaluated on students they don’t have

MAJOR International implications to NSA scandal heading our way... Spying on allied governments

School prayer: 50 years after the ban, God and faith more present than ever


the boss must be in town.

Flashback: "60 Minutes" reported on NSA spying back in **2000**

Great response to WaPo posts re gay Dads on Father's Day

Ed Shultz covering Snowden w/Tom Hartmann + Adam Greene

Czech PM Petr Necas to resign over aide scandal

Desperately pleading with the Obama admin. once again (for the wolves)

Certain Republican politicians’ theories about rape and pregnancy stem from Nazi experiments

I survived

Congratulations to all you ReThuglican Lurkers & Trolls! I'm calling you out!!

Phil’s Eagle?

The whistleblowers are the new generation of American patriots

Yo Darius: It's rock me like a hurricane, not wagon wheel

Didn't grow up with a Dad, so I want to thank my role model on DU.

Reading between the lines: Austin American-Statesman extends deadline for Top Workplaces nominations

I Have No Insurance and Need Help

Here it comes...TONIGHT....9PM HBO...

It's back...TONIGHT....9pm...HBO...minor spoilers

The washroom at the greasy spoon I frequent is kinda scary (with pics)...

This cat will never be found will he?

Does the revelation of UK communication monitoring at G20 summit as part of the Snowden documents...

What ever happened with Glen Beck's earth-shaking scoop a few days ago?

LATimes: White House says 'scope and scale' of aid to Syrian rebels may grow

Gun interests WANT criminals to have guns

Man Threatens New Mexico FBI Office With Explosive Burrito

Happy Father’s Day! The Psychology of Papas.

If you had 10 minutes with Barack Obama, what would you say?

Sale of Novelty Lighters Could Be Banned in NY

Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center bans hiring of nicotine users

(WI) Assembly bans abortions based on fetus' sex

Fracking strains water supplies in drought-stricken West

IRS supervisor in DC scrutinized tea party cases

Have you ever been to a doctor for a generalized problem

Fake storefronts prepared for G8

nadler issues statement regarding cnet story

Girl Rising - tonight at 9 pm EST

Essential life rules.

Is she fattening me up for slaughter?

Can a show about murdering women actually be feminist?

Last night's sunset over the Three Sisters

Why is “F__K” a “dirty word”?

Pope Francis names prelate to head Vatican Bank:

Bunless Burgers...

Valentina Tereshkova - first woman in space

Day off in Boston...

If you kill in the Name of God

Departing Boston FBI chief proud of legacy

Some aspects of Snowden's presentation that I find worth further inquiry - an update

Pam Spaulding closing her LGBT site 'Pam's House Blend'

Bloomberg’s ‘Final Recycling Frontier’: Food Waste

New Motorola Vitamin Pills Could Be Edible Stomach-Acid-Powered Passwords

Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted

NSA targeted Dmitry Medvedev at London G20 summit


Girl Rising - tonight at 9 pm EST

Steady rain falls as crews work against Colo. fire

NYT: 'Anonymous' DNA samples increasingly able to identify individuals

Fracked Up

Fears of National ID With Immigration Bill

Erdogan supporters hold mass rally, protesters cleared from Gezi Park

I ain't good lookin', but you know I ain't shy.

In a democracy, do not elected officials have a right to keep secrets from the people?

Ecuador: End Assault on Free Speech

Wierd letter in the mail yesterday from the lab where I work...

This is what your supermarket would look like if all the bees died off

Judge Says 3,500 Could Be Summoned for Holmes Jury

Texas should use rainy day money to help West

Police lock down Taksim, PM shows off in Istanbul

But I'm A Nice Guy

Man shot inside Ogden church during domestic dispute

Dick Cheney defends NSA surveillance programs

Boris Johnson: Don't arm the Syria maniacs

22 disturbing playgrounds

I just saw an ad for a dating web site, that gave me a good laugh.

PRISM: It sounds like the NSA is wiretapping the fiber optic cables of Google, Yahoo, etc. UPSTREAM

New Jersey Catholic Church lobbies to keep sex abuse victims silent.

"Digital Fortress" -- the NSA scandal is a Dan Brown novel from 1998.

Your good night cabbage

Indianapolis fire injures four, forces evacuations of 100 homes

I was asking for advice

NSA targeted Dmitry Medvedev at London G20 summit