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NSA approved cell phone.

Gov. Martinez's ex-campaign manager pleads not guilty

Snowden is a Traitor.

How much will decommissioning San Onofre cost? I've seen two estimates

We are all terrorist suspects now

About encryption as a privacy protection from the NSA

Governement working on draft to restrict social media in Turkey

Re-post from another thread.

I can't tell the difference, can you? Sarah Palin doing an impression of a 5yo vs. Lily Tomlin

How Edward Snowden’s New Leaks Are Distracting From The Conversation He Wanted

Obama and Putin fail to resolve differences over Syria

Montreal Mayor Michael Applebaum charged with 14 offences

Offshore Accounts Leaked - Searchable database here!


Tens of thousands protest Confed Cup costs in Brazil

Sister who shaved head in solidarity told to wear wig at work

Edward Snowden and the National Security Industrial Complex

CNN’s John King Blames Obama Poll Numbers On NSA ‘Tapping’ Phone Calls And ‘Reading Emails

how can i get a new bumper sticker?

Putin's demeanor at the press conference today

Miles From Nowhere

What's the Difference Between Edward Snowden and Daniel Ellsberg?

CNN's Peter Bergen Probes Claim NSA Halted "Dozens" of Attacks - Finds It Mainly Hype

Toon: Miss Utah

New Iranian President Really Impressed With Country’s Nuclear Arms Program

NC GOP rolls back era of Democratic laws

While the West deliberates, Saudi Arabia sends anti-aircraft missiles to arm anti-Assad rebels

8 Days and Counting~The Polls: Markey (D) Mass Senate race- Leading!

From 1999: How NSA access was built into Windows

You know you're getting old...

Russell Brand on Morning Joe MSNBC

OMG! I just found out Russia and China spy on us too

As Snowden Chats His Credibility Wanes

Japan fears losing battle of buffets against China

Michael Jordan Hires Patrick Ewing As Bobcats Assistant Coach To Watch Him Lose More

They should suspend this piece of human waste for LIFE! Animal Cruelty (Graphic Video)

14 Things We Learned From The Q&A With Edward Snowden

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Equality Under the Law & a new Kitteh gif

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 20, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- Mamie Van Doren

Snowden: If they had taught a class on how to be the kind of citizen Cheney worries about, I would h

George W. Bush Having Trouble Finding Decent Cocaine Since Leaving White House

President Obama says NSA program totally transparent.

How Obamacare Could Flatline: Employers are doing their best to exploit loopholes in the ACA ......

Earliest use of chocolate in North America discovered


*Challenge* Three bracketed images for HDR. Let's see what you can do.

Mysterious Subatomic Particle May Represent Exotic New Form of Matter

Rachel is cracking me up with the probe of Governor Vaginal Probe Bob McDonnell

A goodnight smile for a tough day

Watch the Shockwave of an Explosion at Mexico’s Popocatépetl

"Is the US spying on us foreigners?"

Neil Young-Opening of Bruins/Chicago 3rd play off game

Everybody jump!

No, not there, there...

ESPN poll: Which team will win the NBA Finals? (Spurs lead 3-2)

"Don’t Blame the Work Force"

Lost in Translation

Ted Cruz measure would overturn SCOTUS on voter registration

Funny or Die mocks Michele Bachmann’s retirement

TCM Schedule for Friday, June 21, 2013 -- Friday Night Spotlight: Noir Writers

10-Year-Old Explains Why Her Dads Need ENDA.

Some balanced rocks

"Study finds young Republicans are more liberal than they think"

Minutes of Use (MOU): 2.321 trillion; June 2011: 2.251 trillion (3 percent increase)

The Carbon Value of San Onofre to the California Grid is Minimal.

Top court overturns Arizona voter law

My favorite belly laugh

Eva Longoria a Democratic powerhouse

Biggest protests in 20 years sweep Brazil

On junk food and the "free market"

Kobach tells Fox News he will use lethal force on protesters at his house

Tom Tomorrow on Mass Spying: "Sensible Thinkers Think About Leaks"

Legislative response to West explosion begins with registry

So, I got a reply from the NSA n/r

After stalling amid Democratic infighting, landmark gun bill cleared by Assembly committee

Senator Manchin fires back at NRA

Gordon Ramsay seeks to turn Meson de Mesilla fortunes as part of 'Hotel Hell' TV show (Las Cruces)

I'm going to make a lobster casserole with lobster, mushrooms and onions. In a white sauce. With

Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

'we do not store data related to customers’ location, Map searches or Siri requests'

Eye-Opener for the Elite on Inequity by Chrystia Freeland

This is NOT politics.

Pet Shop Boys: Israel not apartheid state

Google settlement clears way for new Class C stock

Ever stub your toe and it still hurt like weeks later?

E-book publication? How do you go about it?t Is it better/cheaper than an Agent?

Poll: Support for Intervening in Syria Falls From Really Low to Mind-Bogglingly Low

The Rosenbergs didn't tell the Soviets that the sun rose in the east

"Tax Avoidance On the Rise: It's Twice the Amount of Social Security and Medicare"

At Trial, Hit Man Says ‘It Broke My Heart’ to Learn Bulger Was an F.B.I. Informer


Obama in Copenhagen: Climategate. Obama in Sunnylands: NSA-gate. Obama in Belfast:

I just looked for the comments box in a physical magazine.

Charles Saatchi accepts police caution for assault on Nigella Lawson

NEW YORKER COVER STORY: Orwell Would Be Saying "I Told You So"

It's not a Winters day and I'm not hoping I was in LA.......

Ohio day care worker accused of mixing drugs in snacks to get children to go to sleep

Maybe we are seeing the REAL American government at work?

TX Rep Michael Burgess: Masturbating Fetuses Mean We Need Abortion Ban

End of the road in sight for $1 billion Grapevine DFW connector project

Thanks, Smokey! (probably NSFW)

11pm ET: Here's a live-stream link for the Charlie Rose / President Obama interview on now...

Natural flame inside a waterfall

"Preventing Poverty"

Snowden Didn't Give Nothing To The Knowing, That The Knowing Didn't Already Have.

The cracks are beginning to show...

Bus service to Arlington clears final hurdle

Copyright questions.

Put the Spies Back Under One Roof

Anybody else watching tonight's "Love It Or List It?"

God I miss Roger Ebert.

Oh my God. Now they have a term for it. Carb face.

Applebee's controversial in Port Lavaca for potential 'club atmosphere' and MFM's lewd conduct

Argh! My Stupid Niece and Her Nasty Girl Drama!!!


Lynnesin, if you're out there, this is for you.

Comics Paired With Musicians

URGENT! Home desperately needed for 2 Sacramento cats.

Obama Joins G-8 Allies Isolating Putin Over Assad Support

Rachel Maddow - Congress too frightened to allow Obama to close Guantanamo

URGENT! Home desperately needed for 2 Sacramento cats.

Just once I would like to see a TV show with a childless couple!

Amid Perry invasion, Connecticut governor aims barbs at high-crime, bad-schools Texas

Amid Perry invasion, Connecticut governor aims barbs at high-crime, bad-schools Texas

Rachel Maddow - Wisconsin GOP doesnt trust women not to lie about rape

Obama Says Bernanke Fed Term Lasting ‘Longer Than He Wanted’

URGENT! Home desperately needed for 2 Sacramento cats.

How many obstructionist Congressional Republicans does it take to change a light bulb?

"Princess's" tomb leads archeologists to revise image of ancient Celts (Germany)

Rachel Maddow - House GOP follows states, prioritizes war on women

Oliver Starts Mocking Palin Returning To Fox, Then Has Revelation: ‘We Can Just Fu*king Ignore Her!'

I was looking for post in last day or so on Bible history....

My dad died this afternoon.

Charles Saatchi accepts caution for assault over incident in Scott’s restaurant when he put his hand

Sheriff Joe Arpaio receives death threat from California man Cesar Nunez, according to MCSO

Sexual Assault touches more women than the GOP understands! Poll for DU women:

Rachel Maddow - McDonnell, awash in scandal, sees conservative credibility eroded

Today is the birthday of Strong Vincent, hero of Little Round Top (2nd day of Gettyburg)

Don't blame environmentalists for the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station shutdown

It is a little sad and a bit uncomfortable...

Have you seen that teeny tiny German Sour cucumber?

The Onion: Nation Demands New Photograph Of Edward Snowden

Nobody will sympathize Mayor Hashimoto

United States of Surveillance

KGNU Radio Boulder & Denver CO is seeking a Station Manager

Iranians Duped or Hijacking Elections?

Snowden / Manning 2016 or Manning / Snowden 2016 would be great...

When they say "we as Liberals" in discussing concealed carry expansion

KGNU Radio Boulder & Denver CO is seeking a Station Manager

Billo not laughed at re: his big theory about Obama

Republican cites masturbating fetuses to support new abortion restrictions.

The Declaration of Independence (as read by Max McLean)

Snowden Surrenders Moral Authority With Dangerous Leaks About American, U.K. Spying Techniques

Microsoft raided Guatemala insurance office with police, lawsuit alleges

Microsoft is a Suicide Cult pt ...

Chart of the Day: America's 30-Year Project to Make the Rich Even Richer

Elizabeth Warren is barking up the wrong tree - she needs to bark at the Senators she works with

Obama's got some explaining to do. German law protects the privacy

I never liked Ernest Hemingway, and now here's another reason.

One Million Bones Brings Genocide To Washington, D.C.

Venezuela Announces 760,000 Tonnes Of Imported Food Is On The Way

Remarks by the President at the National Defense University (23 May 2013)

High Heels and Workers’ Rights

Surveillance Theater Movie Night: Colossus: The Forbin Project

Malala speaks out: Taliban attack 'cowardly'

President Barack Obama Sits Down with Charlie Rose (Full Interview)

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

Best George Carlin Quotes of All Time

Privacy and Spying

Thought you might appreciate this.

Chevy Spark EV and BMW i3 first to get 80% in 20 mins SAE charging

Secret Trade Agreements Threaten Food Safety, Subvert Democracy

Moderate drinking during pregnancy 'does not harm baby's development'

North Korea says NSA scandal is proof America is "kingpin" of rights abuse

June 18: National Cherry Tart Day

How much will decommissioning San Onofre cost? I've seen two estimates

Government Spending Improves Lives, in China

From 2008: Why the FISA Amendments Act Is Unconstitutional

GOP plan to appeal to millennials: “Make abortion funny”

Largest Tar Sands Oil Producer, Seeking To Avoid “Foregone Revenue,” Announces Fewer Safety Checks

Will new technology render kitties obsolete?

Looking for a good KDE Debian Testing Distro? SolydK 64 or 32 might be the answer

Maryland: Manning Trial Looks at Address Disclosures

Military plans would put women in most combat jobs

House takes up far-reaching anti-abortion bill

A More Secular Europe, Divided by the Cross

Vermont Congressional Delegation backs legislation limiting surveillance powers

Hamas political bureau urges Hezbollah to leave Syria and focus on Israel


Russia to close paper mill on Lake Baikal

Snooki alert ~

As long as you're under my roof....

Russia to close paper mill on Lake Baikal

Airborne laser reveals hidden city in Cambodia

Miss USA Winners Get Naked for PETA’s Anti-Fur Campaign (NSFW, gore)

somewhat technical question about spam email

Couples Who Indulge in Premarital Sex to be Considered Married : Indian High Court

Robert Scheer: The Terror Con

Eugene Robinson is tearing Joe Scum a new one


Borders are for poor people, not botulism.

Under what circumstances is spying acceptable or essential and why?

Bully, Ideologue, Worst - Sen. Patrick Targeted by Colleagues and Media Alike

Eugene Robinson: This Will Not End Well

Why America & China's Future Plans Are Totally Nuts

9 Ways the Right’s Ayn Randian Experiment Screws Over the Young

Just chillin'

Students Struggle With Debt While Vacation Homes Are Lavished on the University’s Elite{NYU}

So, apparently there is a drug for Alzheimer's that works but has not been on the market for 30 years.

Deadly monsoon rains sweep north India

Syria: What President Obama could have done:

Society of Addiction: Capitalism, Dopamine and the Consumer Junkie

The Prism: Privacy in an age of publicity.

Syria: If People Don't Do Their Own Damn Revolution, It Won't Work

This Vine Captures How Gigantic Last Night's Protests In Brazil Were {@ link}

Van GO!

Daniel Ellsberg: A Coup Against the Constitution



The German Prism: Berlin Wants to Spy Too

Obama's Soft Totalitarianism: Europe Must Protect Itself from America

I have nothing to hide.

Fox News Sued for Live Airing of Man's Suicide

These 'build build build' comments go to the heart of Israel's problems

See what kids for retiring principal:

What's up with our land of the free?

Inspired by prayer, Virginia politician starts errant bedsheet drive for troops in Afghanistan

Obama (NATO) ENDING U.S. Control of Combat Operations in Afghanistan Today

sooo....did Vladimir steal the ring or not ?

I wonder what it's like to work at the NSA, especially now.

Florida man beaten, robbed, stripped naked on first date

When is the next Republican administration due? Will it be propped up by fundamentalist Christians?

Get Out: Australia's Army Chief Is Evidently Not Cool With Sexual Assault

I still love my President

Increased air pollution doubles risk of pregnant women having autistic children

That US-EC trade pact is a waste of fucking time if

The Rude Pundit: Random Observations on Dick Cheney's Fox "news" Sunday Appearance

So, do the "terrorists" infiltrate, also?

Wisdom, tolerance and compassion, via Muhammad Ali

Texas Congressman: Masturbating Fetuses Prove Need for Abortion Ban

Would you let your co-workers read your e-mails? Record your phone activity?

I thought i'd heard everything-(This takes the cake)-

Will be visiting Seattle for the first time

The difference between NSA spying on you and some large company doing it

Camouflaging the Vietnam War: How Textbooks Continue to Keep the Pentagon Papers a Secret

Family rule taints Kurdistan's rise

Obama's weapons-for-peace program

Is Ted Cruz Trying to Overrule the Supreme Court on the Voter's Rights Act?

Do you think the State is something more than a parade of men in suits pointing at flow charts?

Swiss parliament refuses to debate bill preventing disclosure of accounts

Senate Intel Committee Blocks Former Staffer From Talking To Press About Oversight Process

You have entered the DU Lounge.

Poll: Most Opposed to Arming Syrian Rebels

Why Are People So Distrustful of Big Government?

''Baked Alaska'': 90-95° temps shatter all-time records

Its time to break out my gun

The making of a global security state

The Man Behind Moral Mondays

Guitar Center: Prices So Low, Employees Can't Survive on Wages

Excerpt: Obama talks NSA in Charlie Rose interview.

Pop Quiz! What was your favorite when you were a kid?

Students Push to Limit School Police After Newtown

The Leadership Trait That Barack Obama and Dick Cheney Share

Photos: More than 80 arrested during 7th Moral Monday | 06.17.13

Who brought the tabloid into the mainstream? Please come CAPTION James O'Keefe's movie trailer!!!!

Twenty Questions: Ptomaine Tommy! What was/is he famous for?

The Sol Collective Sows Seeds for a Brighter Future

Democrats Risk Losing a Generation to Cynical Libertarianism


Dallas abandoned pylons?

Exposure to high pollution levels during pregnancy may increase risk of having child with autism

Syngenta plays dirty to shape public opinion on herbicide

Fibromyalgia Is Not All In Your Head, …Researchers discover a…source of pain in the skin of patient

Papantonio: Whistleblowers Help Protect Democracy

China Will Fight Air Pollution Blahblah Work To Improve Technology Blahblah Toughen Enforcement Blah

Just wondering: Have they even manage to pick one juror for the Zimmerman trial yet?

7 Important Examples of How Markets Can Fail (Mark Thoma, Fiscal Times)

Monsanto Holds "Honey Bee Health Summit", Then Blames Problems On Varroa Mites

Automakers Push Back Against Consumer Protections

Anybody else think Snowden is attractive? nt

BLM Will Drain 150,000 Acre-feet/Yr From Great Basin N.P. Aquifers To Prop Up Las Vegas

Lose your tickets to a scalper-bot? Ticketmaster doesn't care...

big brother and silicon valley

The End is Nigh! I recommend an NPR Report: Why The FISA Court Is Not What It Used To Be

This is really a question for ATA, but....

Luxembourg Senator writes medical prescriptions for raw juicing marijuana.

Data intrusion - by Matt Bors

Take Privacy & Security in Communications into Your Own Hands

Bold and fresh! Innovative and new! Please come CAPTION Jeff Duncan (Rep, R-SC)!!!!

Fury at House Repugs re anti choice bills..

I thought it was interesting.......

I don't see how it benefits the Right to encourage left wing oppostion to their programme.

Snowden: being called a traitor by Cheney is "highest honor you can give an American"

Live coverage of NSA testimony at House hearing, if anyone is interested

Progressive talk radio?

US to open direct Taliban talks

"It's as Bad as Watergate."

The Terror Con: Booz Allen attempting to substitute terrorist for communist as the enemy of choice.

I want to welcome all of the new posters who have shown up recently

Bill Maher’s HILARIOUS ‘Celebrity Confessions’ Signs! Parts 1 & 2

Fourteen days ago, President Obama nominated 3 potential justices.

Pictures of the New Kitten

Twin suicide bombs kill 29 in Baghdad

84 more arrested on ‘Moral Monday’ as protesters decry ‘outsiders’ label

What does your cat do when you’re not around?

Please GOP: Make preventing fetuses from pleasuring themselves the centerpiece of your 2014 platform

should living together be equal to a marraige?

Is it possible for astronauts to drink water in space by using a sprayer?

Lose your tickets to a scalper-bot? Ticketmaster doesn't care...

I dare you not to smile.

Republican's "Man Brain" Makes Him More Rational About Money

The NRA just called me

So, from now on, I invoke my Fifth Amendment rights at the beginning of any conversation

Report: US adult smoking rate dips to 18 percent

I am one author and trans

Kim Jong Un gives 'Mein Kampf' as birthday present

Discrimination against pregnant workers has been rising

Bank of America whistle-blower’s bombshell: “We were told to lie” (David Dayen, Salon)

Miss Utah: 'Create Education Better'

Syracuse Catholic parish hosts Gay Pride prayer service

once again teachers told to just deal with budget cuts.

I like pink very much

If I hear the word "nuance" one more time my face is going to melt with rage.

The politics on the NSA programs lay bare realities.

Animals and Pets Poll: Americans Prefer Dogs; Fear Snakes

One way to look at the Surveillance Scandal

Neven's IceBlog - On Persistent Arctic Cyclones

Google’s Next ‘Moonshot’ Project…Wind Power From Thousands Of Feet In The Air

So this is what the ice looks like

PHOTO: "The Poutine Burger"

IEA - CO2 Emissions From Fossil Fuel Use Hit All-Time Record In 2012 - 31.6 Billion MT, Up 1.4% YOY

WOW. Archaeologists have discovered oldest cave art hidden for more than 6,000 years in Tennessee.

Siemens to Shut down Solar Power Unit

71 days jail time for a $3.25 theft.

Any chance of adding "no medical woo or medical conspiracy theories" to the SOP for GD?

Scores detained in Turkey police swoop

China's Millionaire Pigeon Racers

Everyone in US under surveillance incl Congress - NSA whistleblower

WTF? I thought Elbert Guillory was off his rocker with all the church crap but now he's a "r"

Orson Welles: Carole Lombard's plane was shot down by Nazi agents

It's "Reefer Madness" time over at Faux "news"

Rick Scott, Florida Governor, caught in a backroom deal.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Listening In

BONNIE SLAPS VIRGINIA. What is your favorite headline ever?

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Syria

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Pub-goer's disbelief as he captures picture of two UFOs flying at speed over commuter town..

Kerry Chooses Ex-Sen. Russ Feingold As New U.S. Special Envoy For Africa

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 18, 1970

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 18, 1970

Pic Of The Moment: They Just Don't Get It

Police: Infant died after mother invited pedophile boyfriend to rape child

not sure what I just witnessed....

US adult smoking rate dips to 18 percent

Alan Grayson On Trans-Pacific Partnership (Secret Trade Agreement)

US Home Construction Up 6.8 Pct. In May; Permits For More Single-Family Homes Hit 5-Year High

Civil rights groups sue NYPD over Muslim spying

Iceland received informal approach over Snowden seeking asylum

New Voters Loosen Republicans’ Grip on Old Dominion

NSA director says plot against Wall Street foiled

Iran Is Ready to Suspend 20% Uranium Enrichment, Russia Says

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday June 18th

Claire McCaskill endorses Hillary Clinton for 2016..

‘Every Plant And Tree Died’: Huge Alberta Pipeline Spill Raises Safety Questions

Why Are These Republicans Asking Congress To Grow Up?

China border officials seize 213 bear paws (BBC)

Dam construction to reduce greenhouse gases causes ecosystem disruption

Remember Cynthia McKinney? Guess where she is going to be July 4th...

The Idea vs. the Reality. Did you ever think you really wanted to do something, but when it got

Obama announces extra $300 million in aid for Syrians, refugees

Cry-Baby Gregg Popovich Has Flo Rida Manager Banned From NBA Finals

Swiss bill to ease bank secrecy rebuffed

Protecting us from whom?

The last telegram ever is about to be sent

Israel Seeks $5 Billion US Loan Guarantees - Report

Is therer a way to freeze/preserve summer squash?

Snowden, a fool not a spy according to Jonah Goldberg (ugh)

Dumb Criminals: Alleged Robber Turns Out To Be Woman's Own Grandson

Boehner: No way to get immigration bill to House floor without GOP majority support

Did Spoon Bending Psychic Work For The CIA?

TSA agent accused of harassing 15-year-old girl over shirt

3 hdrs i didnt use

Thom Hartmann: Big "Business" of Spying - Can We Recover Control?

NOT pro-life

One Nation Under Surveillance

Journalistic impartiality tested in NSA leak story says Phoenix's temps over the next 10 days range between 107 and 112.

Thom Hartmann: If people don't do their own damn revolution, it won't work

Paul Fanlund: In race against Scott Walker, the high road will be wide open

Germany -- aghast at our surveillance state. The irony is frightening.

The phrase of the day is "masturbating fetuses". Replace any word with "masturbating fetuses".

Wolf of Wall Street

Bank Of America Paid Foreclosure Bonuses

Canadian Couple Unearths Ancient Skeleton While Building Fence, Gets Billed $5K

Republicans and Democrats can’t even agree on baby names

Our government is spendding a disproportionate share of tax money

Obama's Approval Rating Slides

The best thing you've seen all day

Do you believe the FBI and NSA when they say more than 50 plots were foiled by NSA surveillance?

Wow! My future home team just passed the Frisco Giants in the standings!

If you think the Udall / Wyden Proposal is a good idea

NSA director says plot against Wall Street foiled

So now the Repugs have put Marsha Fucking Blackburn out in front of their latest

Thom Hartmann: What?! Florida just Outlawed Sick Leave

Russia blast: Huge explosions rock arsenal storing 13mln shells

I love it when I get new evidence to advance my political theories

A conflict with congressional oaths?

British atheist group looking to expand will host sermon at city dive bar

Westboro Baptist Hate Group targets 5 yr old with lemonade stand...

Bill Ayers: Obama Presidency Gets ‘Failing Grade,’ He Should Be Tried For ‘War Crimes’

The Dance of the Masturbating Fetuses

Dude in the cube next to me at work, bare feet. Funk. Stink. YUK!

Chrysler expected to formally refuse Jeep recall

Tuesday Tunes, June 18 2013; What are you listening to?

don't even try it...

Sprint sues to stop Dish Clearwire buyout

Alan Grayson On Trans-Pacific Partnership: Obama Secrecy Hides 'Assault On Democratic Government'

Ted looks in the mirror & ignores the evil looking back at him

Still think NSA-leaker Edward Snowden is a hero?

Royalty Pharma lets Elan takeover bid expire

Mom orders cake with graduation *cap* - gets *cat* instead

Senator Jon Tester of Montana introduces his constitutional amendment to overturn "Citizens United"

How the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Used 'Terror Tools' for Disinfo against Citizens

intresting discussion

One By One, Israel's Coalition Members Abandon Two-State Rhetoric

Israeli Politicians Protect 'Price Tag' Attackers

LOL :)

Report: Clippers pull out of talks with Celtics

Thom Hartmann: The Syrian Civil War is Not the American Revolution

DU this poll. Are you tired of the birther claims? Jeff Duncan Questions Obama's 'Validity' On Rick

What is there most of in this universe?

Trans-Pacific Partnership will allow corps to "have the nation’s nuts in their squirrel-like hands"

Thom Hartmann: Did SCOTUS Rule to End Voter Suppression Nationwide?

Iceland Received Informal Approach Over Snowden Seeking Asylum

Has anyone ever seen this?

Meet the Tiny Superheroes!

McCaskill Lends Support to Group Urging 2016 Clinton Run


Gun Control rally in San Bernardino makes the news...

Gallup POLL - Americans' Confidence in Newspapers Continues to Erode

What this country needs is a good 25 cent rubber

White House Petition to Pardon Edward Snowden.

Gender Policing the Vegan Woman

Printing Tiny Batteries—Novel application of 3D printing could enable the development of miniaturiz…

Have We Reached Acceptance Yet?

Do me a favor

Every Plant And Tree Died’: Huge Alberta Pipeline Spill Raises Safety Questions

Biden warns of ‘political price’ for lawmakers who oppose gun control measures

Barbra Streisand courts controversy in Israel before Shimon Peres party

Chrysler relents, agrees to recall 2.7 million Jeeps

Dem committees attack House Republicans on student loans

Care to post in a poll regarding guns?

Four arrested for holding mother, child captive for years

So let's keep this straight. The Republicans in Congress are ok with the alleged NSA spying.

NYSED creating artificial student failure

John Mayer : What did you just do? Using the Prancercise gal for your music video

NSA Director: Surveillance Programs Foiled About 50 Terrorist Plots

Israel’s President Peres Calls for Two-State Solution

There’s rat poison in my milk? or, why everything is toxic

Zimmerman Trial: Potential Juror Excused After Revealing Donation To Zimmerman's Legal Defense Fund

Jobs, infrastructure, recovery, jobs, unemployment, stimulus, food, health care, jobs

Another week, another awkward remark about pregnancy from a Republican lawmaker.

Gaza children play war in Palestinian summer camp

Electrofuels: Charged Microbes May "Poop Out" a Gasoline Alternative

Glenn Greenwald: As Obama Makes "False" Surveillance Claims, Snowden Risks Life to Spark NSA Debate

Eyewitnesses describe the terror of DWI checkpoint shooting

Hungarian ex-policeman accused of deporting Jews to Nazi death camps

"Here to solve the nation's ills." Please come CAPTION John Boehner!!!

Temperature Conversion Chart and cooking caculator Just because.....

"Let me just put this thing here and ... OH FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!"

2013 ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CW canceled/renewed score card......

What a way to get some time off.

How can we request a forced ignore?

Rep. Jim Himes Thrives in "Disgusting" Fundraising System, Co-Introduced Amendment to Weaken Dodd-Fr

Feds charge 3 in Ohio slavery case

The Rude Pundit - Republicans Love the Fetuses; the Women, Not So Much

Foiled NY Stock Exchange Plot: Limited Background Information

Attacking Greenwald over Brazil is ignorant and insensitive

Serious reflection about the “need” for NSA surveillance

from 2002: Taleban 'warned US of huge attack'

Is a society where it is impossible to do anything at all illegal without being caught a good thing?

Nigeria sees boom in skin-bleaching products

Sparks, Flames, & Fire

5 New Revelations About NSA Surveillance

Looks like Director Clapper is trying to walk back his lie to Congress.

Hairy stockings aimed at deflecting unwanted male attention

Where is the additional information Snowden says he's going to release?

Update on ThunderShirt.

Dallas Councilwoman Objects to "Homosexual Conduct" in HIV Testing Billboard

No Extra Benefits Are Seen in Stents for Coronary Artery Disease - NYT

Pat Robertson: Marine training was easy for me, ‘but I’m not a lady’

Police: Detective left gun in movie theater restroom

these f*ckers never quit....House GOP takes up abortion ban

Veteran Cemetery Plot For Sale

Bobby Jindal Has Completely Lost Touch With Reality

How to make it all go away.....

How is it after 100's of posts in GD just like this, this one gets killed?

NASA vows to track every asteroid near Earth

Zowie! WI State Rep Mandy White reveals a very personal story abut rape:

Greenwald is accusing President Obama of making "false" claims, but hasn't backed up his claims

6 Palestinians killed in Syria refugee camp

New battle flag for TX

Is it the monitor or is it the graphics card or something else causing this.

Tip from Former Smoker 1

Tip from Former Smoker 2

School prayer: 50 years after the ban, God and faith more present than ever (CSMonitor)

Manning WikiLeaks case in recess until June 25 while attorneys negotiate witness statements

Speed of Bradley Manning Trial Masks Prosecutors’ Struggles

Trans Canada calls Nebraska Landowners "Terrorists"

Feingold Named Envoy to Crisis Region in Africa

Full House committee transcripts shed new light on genesis of IRS targeting

Why do we have 5 branches of the military?

Rep. Elijah Cummings releases a full IRS interview transcript

Assange will not leave Ecuador embassy even if Sweden drops extradition bid

Israel's President Peres Backs Obama's Move To Arm Syrian Rebels

Republicans Give More Money to Charities than Democrats

Why did my Bill Maher thread get vaporized?

Russell Brand schools lazy Americans..Mika is a 'shaft grasper'

Who was the middle-man?

Is anybody going to Scarborough Faire?

MassResistance: You need to cool it over so-called 'draconian' laws other countries have for gays

Senator dances at strip club for campaign cash!

Senator caught in strip club with his pants down

George Zimmerman trial: 40 potential jurors identified, jury selection moves to next phase

Libertarianism is bullshit

NSA, FBI Detail How Snooping Programs Prevented ‘Over 50 Potential Terrorist Events’

Photos altered so subjects appear as a kid and an adult simultaneously

Study: Same-Sex Couples Suffer Discrimination in Rental Market

Weird food combos...

Could Obama's record on civil liberties, privacy, and mass surveillance hurt Democrats in elections?

I want it to be January 20, 2009 again...

More waiting for abortions than guns...


Bitcoin for Beginners

TPMuckraker: NSA Chief: Snowden Got Access To Top Secret Court Order During Training

My question is who owns the software?

National Space Society Will Pitch Space-based Solar Power To G8 Nations

What Dame Judi Dench Does In Her Free Time Makes Her Even More Awesome

This current Congress really sucks!!

Save The Bees!

Ferd F-teenthousand

Cannabis Factory Discovered When Cop Rolls Down Car Window After Farting

"Every plant and tree died..."

So I'm on my way back from Scarborough Faire when this dumbass on a bicycle cuts me off,.....

Karma Police: Just might be the perfect song.

No, one is not a racist merely for opposing this administration on surveillance policy

Slow day in clinic. I'm getting caught up on paperwork; but I'm bored.

10 POLITICAL Things You Can't Do While Following Jesus

Found a cool chart re: intro/extro-verts

First visit to new psychiatrist...

A Gun Study I Would Like To See Done.

Immigration Bill Would Slash Deficit, Congressional Budget Office Finds

POLL: How high of a phone bill are you willing to pay IF the telcoms are forced to store the data?

The doghouse

Anyone here not celebrate Birthday's?..

Patriots' Star Aaron Hernandez to Be Questioned About a Murder, Sources Tell ABC News

In quest for greater efficiency in ICE's ethanol (& methanol) could provide a much needed boost

The Leo DiCaprio character matrix...

What if Snowden didn't have authorized access?

I've been eating "institutional food" for about a month now...split between...

James O'Keefe just never learns...

CBO estimates Senate immigration bill cuts deficit by $197 billion

Libertarians support your right to smoke pot


What is it you want to see happen with the NSA?

Hmmm, Tasty Hummus...

My town is on fire.

Maybe we should isolated all the stupid people to stop them from reproducing...

Pilot Flying J guilty pleas: Radford, Stinnett, Clark admit to mail fraud counts

WTG, Spider!

GOP-led House passes far-reaching anti-abortion bill

Fuck both under and over, deal with it yourselves...

Geri X - You Can Have Me

Judge Torches Colorado's Marijuana Magazine Rule

Tropicana Deception Suit Will Stay on the Shelves

Uranus Is Being Chased By Trojans!

today in women's herstory--18 june

Jackie Chan's Best Story Ever...

Venus’ Winds Are Mysteriously Speeding Up

Website Development

John Kerry appoints ex-Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold as special envoy to Africa’s Great Lakes

Who's watching who?

Perry's Politcal Scheming Irks Texas Watchdog"has potentially committed one or criminal offenses

Imagine a world without red states. Without the southern states, the rest of us would enjoy:

Journalist Michael Hastings Killed in Car Crash

Edward Snowden is an opportunist

Modern Problems...

Fox commentator paid $50,000 to tout stock

Mistrial declared in case of cop accused of killing girl

AP Sources: 4 US Troops Killed in Afghanistan

a biography of the day-Maria Göppert Mayer (nobel prize winner, physicist, mathematician)

I finally figured out why Republicans want all those imaging procedures

More's the pity.

Senate GOP vows payback if Reid triggers nuclear option on nominees

haahahahaha funny name

Jail threat for reckless bankers among proposals to clean up banking system

Is Upworthy the worst site on the internet?

‘Every PlantAnd Tree Died’: Huge Alberta Pipeline Spill Raises Safety Questions As Keystone Decision

Google tablets dying early, possibly due to cheap memory

Bush and Cheney were liars, and there is an effort to create the impression Obama is no different

Can't get Chrome to download from Youtube

BOOM: White House Was Not Involved In Targeting Of Conservative Groups