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STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 19 June 2013

NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake & Attorney Jesselyn Radack: Expect to see a lot more...

UK Labour Politician Claims To Have Fathered Alien Child

A Health Maven’s Sweet Secret

Anger over daring to mention serial killing of women

The Democrats should be linking Issagate to every republican in the House Leadership...

Man accused of threatening Texas Sen. Ted Cruz

I have the cleanest kitchen curtains I have ever had.

Racism vs Inequality

House passes far-reaching anti-abortion bill

FBI tracked Martin Luther King's Every Move

Trial of accused Fort Hood gunman moved to at least August

Why France needs a total ban on smacking kids

At debate, Markey(MA-D) asks Gomez(MA-R)

PHOTOS: Tornado touches down near Denver airport

If the phone companies were not scared of the NSA punishing them, I think they would....

Texas doctor convicted of patient sex assault

In Partisan Vote, House Acts to Limit Abortions

Max Myers: Democratic Candidate for PA Governor on Progressive Issues [VIDEO]

Live Oak County sued over jail abuse--called a rape camp

Sen. John Cornyn discloses 3 Texas pensions as supplemental income

ANSWER: ....Because things like this don't happen by accident!

CBO: 8 Million To Gain Legal Status In Senate Bill

Greenwald: Fisa court oversight: a look inside a secret and empty process

Texas A&M student newspaper writer: Send Johnny Manziel out the door

New 'embryonic' subduction zone found

Snowden set back WikiLeaks

U.N. Recommends Bringing Iraq Closer To Ending 1990s Sanctions

Jeremy Scahill will show his documentary "Dirty Wars" in Minneapolis June 22. Q and A

Medicare: Cost-saving changes coming for diabetics

US War Games Sends Clear Signal To Syrian President

Chris Hayes will cover that Dixiegrrrl bombshell re the bank loan modification nightmare

June 22, Jeremy Scahill in Edina for documentary "Dirty Wars" doing Q and A

How immigration reform could save taxpayers nearly $1 trillion

Arab Village Latest Target Of Political Vandalism In Israel

Fisa court oversight: a look inside a secret and empty process

Houston group protests gun control outside Jackson Lee's office

Colombia’s gay population has no right to marriage or family: Catholic Church

Ayn Rand: Architect of the culture of death

Officials Amp Up Spying Defense

Ayn Rand: Architect of the culture of death (x-post from C&OC)

You say "I do" when I say you do, or something like that. . .

'Days Of Rambo Are Over': Pentagon Details Women's Move To Combat

Max Myers: Democratic Candidate for PA Governor on Progressive Issues [VIDEO]

Michael Hastings last piece for BuzzFeed...

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Snowball Effect & a new Kitteh gif

Workforce Zombieland

Rachel Maddow please spare us

Tyler man charged after flying from Peru to Dallas with jacket full of snakes

trumad must be indisposed >>

Facebook is acting up - what do I do? My life is ruined

OK Woman Politely Declines to Thank the Lord; Atheists Unite

Boy, 6, fatally bitten by relative's dog

Hall of Fame and Shame for my last radio show totally dedicated to Women's Issues

Been a DUer for 9 years and just hit 3,000 posts. Ask me anything.

xpost from Feminists: Hall of Fame and Shame for my last show dedicated to Women's issues

Today is the 60th anniversary of the execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg...

Max Myers: Democratic Candidate for PA Governor on Progressive Issues [VIDEO]

Max Myers: Democratic Candidate for PA Governor on Progressive Issues [VIDEO]

Open your eye!

"Now that's local food!" Salad buffet

Are fears of big "brother" racist?

My 2003 Dean Peeps check in thread

What if the senfeld theme was slowed down 1200%?

The remainder of the Yankees home games will be held at Lenox Hill Hospital

To Get a Truce, Be Ready to Escalate. by Wesley Clark

I have a question about racial profiling.

NSA Considers Ending Collection Of Data On Americans' Phone Calls

Rachel just gave a VERY moving tribute to Michael Hastings:

Analysis: Why Edward Snowden isn't a whistle-blower, legally speaking

I just ate a corn dog. Ask me anything.

Who plans to watch "Rock My RV" with Bret Michaels?

Journalist Michael Hastings dies in L.A. car crash

something we should always remember ......

Obamas Arrive in Berlin

Colombia’s gay population has no right to marriage or family: Catholic Church

Just got an interesting CD from a friend. All the San Francisco Oracle issues in PDF.

Does anyone here not like HDR?...

Almost all of Colombia to be online by 2014: Santos

A.M.A. Recognizes Obesity as a Disease

Colombia passes controversial military justice reform bill

Vice President Biden Marks Progress on Executive Actions to Help Reduce Gun Violence

CBO: Senate immigration bill would cut deficits by $200 billion over decade

Feds: 3 in Ohio held woman, child in 'subhuman' conditions

Russ Feingold named U.S. envoy to crisis region in Africa

June 18th 1942 - James Paul McCartney was born in Liverpool.

Texas man sentenced for Medicare scam operating bogus ambulance companies

For the ultimate D&D fan

"Fight the Future" by Paul Krugman at the NY Times

#GOP : Only prostitutes should be paid well

FISA & EPCA the facts & nothing more

North Colombia mayor arrested for drug trafficking

How The NSA Learned To Mind Its Own Business

Conflicts, Motives, and Ego

Serena Williams speaks on Steubenville rape victim, questions her decisions

Ari Fleischer on CNN praising Obama

Obama considers sweeping climate plan

Amazon to stop paying Minnesota bloggers for sales traffic

WSJ's Taranto: "Female Sexual Freedom" Has Led To A "War On Men"

I just joined Facebook. I feel a series of headaches coming on...

4000 Colombian miners to strike over working conditions

Kimberly-Clark moves to ease Venezuelan toilet paper shortage

Racism v Inequality

Senate Dems Schedule Hearing For D.C. Circuit Nominee Patricia Millett

Does anyone know any good Civil rights-oriented websites

US senators urge Kerry to review Honduras' aid

US senators urge Kerry to review Honduras' aid

Blackburn leads abortion fight

Is it acceptable for Gitmo detainees to attack their kidnappers?

Greenwald and Ellsberg on Piers Morgan

confronting militarism and patriarchy-the takeaway from the congressional hearings on sexual assault

confronting militarism and patriarchy-the takeaway from the congressional hearings on sexual assault

Above the Riverside Basin smog at Big Bear Lake

Bill Ayers: Obama Should Be Tried For War Crimes

"CBO: Immigration Bill Will Reduce The Deficit Over The Next 20 Years"

KERA special

More from The Law of Divine Compensation.

Protesters Demand Release of Guantanamo Prisoners

Florida Man Stabs Brother Over Mac & Cheese & Spilled Beer

In the Ivory Tower, Men Only

After Fukushima, Japan beginning to see the light in solar energy

Apple's screw-up leaves tethered iPhones easily crackable

Syria Spillover into Lebanon Intensifies with Clashes in Sidon

Man Arrested For Calling 911 To Prove To Friend That 911 Doesn't Show Up On Caller ID

The House Just Vote Down Another Womens Choice/Health Issue.... Added Voting Roll Call

Cape Wind gets $200M in financing from Danish pension fund

Jordan's King: Tough Talk As War Rages Nearby

Benadryl Dosage For Dogs

The frog has had just about enough of this crap.

Timber markets challenge Latin American forest communities

Being Gay at a Catholic University

Australia, South Korea, Iran qualify for World Cup

Republicans can work with lightning speed when they want...

NSA Leaks, Nuance & Me

NSA may no longer be protected by State Secrets privilege in EFF court case!

Establishment Lapdog Media vs. Edward Snowden

School Data Profiteering

(really) long exposure

Rachel Maddow - Plan presented to wrestle control of ATF director from gun lobby

Journalist Who Brought Down U.S. General Is Killed In Los Angeles Car Crash

Is This Man Sane?

More than seven million refugees displaced in 2012 - UN

Snowden Ready To Dump More 'Truth' On NSA

UN says refugees, displaced at two-decade high

"Shifting IRS polls contradict key deposition"

Google alternative DuckDuckGo hit 3.1M queries yesterday, up 50% in 8 days as PRISM fears rise

Another Pet Food Recall!

The Statue Experiment

Pet Food Recall: Dog, Cat Food Contaminated With Salmonella

Funniest Responses to the War on Women

My guess is that the Red and Yellow alert system will be restarted!

How is Beirut these days?

What does HOF mean?

Half Of NASA’s New Astronaut Class Is Female

Rachel Maddow - GOP brings anti-science perspectives to war on women

Do you know where your shit goes?

I am Bradley Manning video

President Obama and Mike Rogers, Chairman, House Intelligence Committee, agree on one thing...

Random pics from a walk around the block...

UN Representative on Indigenous Peoples Asked to Investigate Human Rights Violations Caused by Panam

Surveillance Theater Movie Night: Almost An Angel

where's FrenchieCat?

nice compilation re wikileaks, whistleblowers, etc.

A horder's car D:

Snowden seeks asylum in Iceland through intermediary | Assange will not leave the embassy even if..

To Trent Franks, "legitimate" doctors agree with him.

Alan Grayson has seen and read the TPP Free Trade Agreement. He invites questions from us...

Texas Senate OKs abortion measure in late vote

Kim jong un's mother

(Texas) Senate OKs abortion measure in late vote

What I'm really noticing while watching

Dumb Criminals: Man Arrested For Impersonating Police Officer

John Oliver Tears Into GOP Over Immigration Reform: A ‘Border Fence Built Out Of Ignorance & Spite'

Two different stories of disastrous futures: Rahul Kanakia, Ken Liu

'The People Have Awakened': Hundreds of Thousands of Brazilians Rise Up Against the System

Are they storing content? YOU BET THEY ARE.

"The First Vikings" (from "Archeology" about uncovering 8th century burial boats)

Carl Sagan's Contact read by Jodie Foster

Pink Floyd Echos Live at Pompeii

Here's last night's interview with Charlie Rose

(Pet Food Recall) Natura Again Recalls Innova, EVO, California Natural and Others

Banff motorcyclist pursued by ‘massive’ grey wolf along stretch of B.C. highway, takes pictures

Do any of you guys own a bible(s), religious tomes, etc...

Silent Darkness

Airborne laser reveals hidden city in Cambodia

I am never going to give credence to any accusation of "subconscious racism" ever again.

Obama to Call for Deep Cuts in U.S., Russian Nukes

Whistle-blower says he was targeted by IRS

Israeli Public Veers Left

Obama makes it at last to the Brandenburg Gate

From the White House: Lough Erne Declaration

House Immigration Bill: Committee Advances Measure Over Democratic Objections

Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel nearly transferred before Heisman Trophy winning 2012 season

Sen. Warren on Corporate Capture of the Federal Courts

Biden: Obama team not giving up on gun legislation

Ban on research into gun violence must be repealed

Ahhh! It's a "pre-collection database" they're using...TO STORE ALL RECORDS OF OUR COMMUNICATIONS.

June 19: National Dry Martini Day

Afghan government irked over U.S. talks with Taliban

Monsoon Triggers Floods in India’s Himalayas, Killing 138

Special Report - Syria's Islamists seize control as moderates dither

Special Report - Syria's Islamists seize control as moderates dither

ICTY Hague court in turmoil amid claims of manipulation

UK Iraq damages cases: Supreme Court rules families can sue

WH Petition. Edward Snowden Is a Hero.

Fukushima nuclear plant: Toxic isotope found in groundwater

Obama's Berlin speech: History raises the stakes

Iraq damages cases: Supreme Court rules families can sue

Red Cross' Guantanamo reports sought in 9/11 case

Today's Non Sequitur

Major supermarkets launch 'traffic light' food labelling system

Time to watch this one again...

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday June 19th

Lemon Curd.

June 19, 1964, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was approved after surviving an 83-day filibuster

20 years of wedded blisss

The sheer terror of sitting still, Mark Morford

Somali UN compound attacked in Mogadishu

Watch Top U.S. Intelligence Officials Repeatedly Deny NSA Spying On Americans Over The Last Year

Big Lie: America Doesn't Have #1 Richest Middle-Class in the World...We're Ranked 27th!

Meet America’s Most Shameless Defender of the 1 Percent, Harvard Economist Greg Mankiw

"Fast Track" , TTP which controls 40 % of global economy right now, to bypass discussion...

Documentary aims to 'break silence' on crash of TWA Flight 800

Elijah Cummings releases full transcript of IRS interview, leaves Darrell Issa looking like a punk

After reading the article by Glenn Greenwald...

When Drones Guard the Pipeline: The Militarization of Our Fossil Fuels

This is going well: Afghanistan suspends talks with U.S.

The right to bear armed drones.

The Making of a Global Security State: The Five Uncontrollable Urges of a Secrecy-Surveillance World

Just when you think they can't get any more foaming-at-the-mouth insane ......

RIP, American Dream? Why It's So Hard for the Poor to Get Ahead Today

Watch a terrorist takedown at a post office:

Dang it Serena..... "Steubenville Rape Victim 'Shouldn't Have Put Herself In That Position'"

US-Taliban talks set to begin

Rail Safety and the Value of a Life

UK - Supreme court quashes Iran bank sanctions and criticises secret hearings.

"unprecedented surveillance strikes at the core of our right to free speech"-ACLU sues...

'Yes We Scan': Germans Protest at Checkpoint Charlie as Obama Arrives in Berlin

USA Today NSA Roundtable Excerpt.

SCOTUS gives Illinois AG second 30-day delay on gun bill

Patriots' Star Aaron Hernandez's Home Searched After Killing

A CAPTION a day keeps the undertaker away. PLease come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!!

'We Steal Secrets' Misses the Leak for the Leakers

Former Obama Campaign Staffers Protest Keystone XL Pipeline

Gun owners target family event (Stay classy!)

Sunday's Mad Men

Catholic Church has no problem with marriage between gay man, lesbian

Friggin' Pillow Talk??

A Perilous 'Searching for Monsters to Destroy' in Syria

Protesters out again in Brazil's biggest city

Tens of thousands of guns go missing from dealer inventories each year

Merkel: ‘Important, Necessary’ To Debate NSA Surveillance

San Francisco's new eco-friendly bus malfunctioned en route to a press conference

Rand Paul: Young People Now View Obama As A ‘Hypocrite’

El Paso's BRT System ready to break ground

Here come the Edward Snowden truthers

that live music can be beneficial to premature babies

Asshole heckles grieving father at gun safety rally, gets grabby with cops, ends up tazed.

Lancet call for independent Guantanamo medical care

'Hoff' yeti crab hitched ride on ocean super-highway

Former law abiding gun owner shoots wife over dinner

Joe Scum was trying to make a big deal over the 200,000 people who attended Obama's speech

The feds get seriously creepy about climate change{warning big picture}

what a face

Be on the lookout for "Satin" and his minions Denim and Searsucker

BOURDAIN has landed a protege, fwiw: Rat, from "Pearls Before Swine"!1

US and Rest of G8 Won’t Follow UK on Corporate Transparency

Racism is not a personal moral flaw. It's a role you play in a system.

You know that slogan about "Watch out for Motorcycles?"

Question about art and political cartoons

Obama live from Berlin now on GEM$NBComcast n/t

Small global warming rise would have ‘alarming’ impact: World Bank

Phrases you hate. Me: "Not so much."

KS Sec of State compares immigration protesters to the KKK

Trust me: Political Spying + Computers = Big Brother

Gasland Part 2 is out, and it does not look good for PA.

When Drones Guard the Pipeline: The Militarization of Our Fossil Fuels

Dick Cheney and Keith Richards will outlive us all. When our grandkids are in their 30's and 40's,

When Drones Guard the Pipeline: The Militarization of Our Fossil Fuels (xpost from Veterans)

What Congress and the Media are Missing in the Food Stamp Debate by Greg Kaufmann


Papantonio: Obama Defends Domestic Spying

Russian parliament passes anti-homosexual laws

Anyone seen Tom Petty live?

I'm running a lttle behind. Did I miss the war on Christmas?

Map: NYC Has New Hurricane Evacuation Zones

Massachusetts dog owners: Parvo virus outbreak

84 More Arrests In North Carolina: 'We Cannot Be Silenced'

The Morning Plum: Time to declassify those FISA court opinions, Mr. President

My mother is in surgery.

I saw a "Family" Car Sticker Yesterday That was Really LAME!

Rep. Legislator Says Mass Transit is Welfare (it keeps people off welfare by getting them to jobs)

SHAME on these Dems for not supporting ENDA

The latest Sinfest cartoon provoke a lot of thought

Republican Conservatives See Religion As The 'Road To Majority'

Why tech manufacturing jobs are coming back to America

After Detailed Stories Cover LePage Admin's Cozy Relationships W. Lobbyists, Gag Slapped Into Place

The Pace of Modern Life (xkcd; large image warning)

How does the NSA intercepting communication between you and you doctor not violate HIPAA?

The crepe of things to come.

Would it be better if everyone on DU agreed on NSA?

Nearly 2 Months After AR Pipeline Spill, State Files Suit Against Exxon: Question - Why Such Haste?

Some Moderate Repub. PA. Senators Working on Additional Funding for Urban Schools

President Obama's Brandenburg Gate Speech: My Take

NOAA - From Gulf Of Maine To Hatteras, Ocean Temps Highest In 150 Years; 3F Over 30-Yr Averages

xpost... google maps and new google maps engine api

Does our culture of gun violence relate to the "Wild West" mentality?

America Feeds the Rich

Faith in Values: Purity Police Miss the Point

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Repubs

Most Americans are not aware of this .

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- War

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Privacy Debate

Squirreler than thou. Please come CAPTION Michele Bachmann!!!

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

You, Terrorist

Iceland resumes whale hunting, endangered Fin Whale killed

Detroit takes aim at its pensioners

Pic Of The Moment: Obama Speaks At Brandenburg Gate

Marco Rubio's English Proficiency Requirement In Practice

Parents Sue Texas Police for Killing Student

When I Was Young

Is This The Best Response To A Cease And Desist Letter Ever?

Men's Wearhouse kicks out founder, chairman George Zimmer

Family: Country singer Slim Whitman dies at age 90

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 19, 1964

Hungry? Grow Nutritious Insects At Home

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 19, 1964

Chomsky comes out against NSA surveillance

Delta plan triggers flood of lawsuits

for all practical purposes, there are TWO databases

Shaken Man Sues Trigger-Happy Torrance Cops

Who George Zimmerman Wants on His Jury

California balances budget on backs of the poor and disabled

Ohio Anti-Abortion Group Fundraising With Assault Rifles <---- actual headline

Supreme Court Strikes Down AZ Voter Registration Law

flashback: Michael Hastings calls out a General to his face

Best-selling author Vince Flynn dies at age 47

Who has more control over their respective governments, Koch Brothers or Queen of England?

FBI director tells Senate the bureau uses drones inside the US but rarely

Medical Costs Registers First Decline in 40 Years

Dolce and Gabbana sentenced to jail for tax evasion

I-5 Skagit River bridge reopens less than 4 weeks after collapse

Does anyone know if those invitations from linkedin are a put on?

The Last Word - Gitmo vs food stamps GOP hypocrisy exposed

Papa Francis and the least of our brethren...

Best Mel Brooks movie Ever...?

what would be a good marinade for pork shish-ka-bobs?

OP-ED: Murkowski Shares Thoughts on Marriage Equality with Alaskans

The National Security State and the Whistleblower

Federal Health Exchanges Are Behind Schedule, GAO Finds

I did a lengthy segment on I/P issues during my last radio show. I interviewed...

The bizarre PINK lakes from around the world that look like milkshakes due to a freak of nature

The people I'm around in real life are convinced the government is recording everything

Erdogan Casts Bankers as Villain of Turkish Protests

Slim Whitman Dead at Age 90

China Says Middle East Conflict Too Complex for Just U.S.

Pit bulls maul kid, but there are never consequences

PA.'s Tragic Betrayal of Its Public Schools (by a retired school superintendent)

Easiest way to bathe a cat

Josh Duggar moving to D.C. for political job with Family Research Council

GOP passes 'Obediant, Barefoot and Pregnant' Bill ( wimmen should be) in House

Michael Hastings' accident

Mass dog owners - Parvo virus outbreak

Chomsky: Obama Is ‘Dedicated To Increasing Terrorism’

GOP passes 'Obediant, Barefoot and Pregnant' Bill ('wimmen should be') in House

Freeway Bridge, Under Construction, Collapse Kills One And Injures Another In Arizona

The Last Word - Cummings releases the IRS transcript

A final message to my students after my firing

BIG Ratings for the NBA Game Last Night

San Jose sues MLB over A's blocked move

Edward Snowden: The New, Improved Monica Lewinsky

ACLU: VICTORY! Social Security Administration Drops Surgery Requirement for Gender Change

Australian hot tub

Ray Allen's Shot, Captured In Photos

Hey NRaleighLiberal & other tomato lovers did you know this?....

Thom Hartmann: Just when we thought the big banks couldn’t hit a new low - they do...

The Government Is Spying on America with Drones, Too

Factory worker wins the lottery TWICE in 24 hours....

You may be high

Kerry: We work on climate change every day

Watch out

Help the NSA Save Money - Something We All Can Do

Chinese Tourists Snap Selfies with Dying Dolphin

A Big Slap in the Face for GLBT at the Last Place You Would Expect----- an Anime Con.

Latinos Learn English Faster Than Previous Immigrants, Study Finds

Bleak outlook for warming world

WTF Sony?

How many people here remember the "free speech" zones?

Sat. Is Elizabeth Warren's Birthday, sign her card,

Joy Reid us tearing GTAIssa a new one on M$NBComcast right now

Obama defends intelligence tactics in wary Berlin

Climate, Ice, and Weather Whiplash

And we speak of things that matter, in words that must be said

You guessed it...picked up another kitten this morning...

Superman and the NSA

S-400 air-defence shields Russia from sky & space threats

noisy kittens waiting for dinner

The best mashup evah !!

Patton Oswalt on rape jokes: "My viewpoint was fucking wrong"

Country singer Slim Whitman dies at age 90

Britain's response to the NSA story? Back off and shut up - MOD issues D-notice to BBC etc

Wisconsin Man Claims Sex With A Goat Is His Constitutional Right

High levels of radiation found in groundwater at Fukushima

I certainly hope the people over in rightie land aren't 'giving aid and comfort to our enemies'

So he said, "The internet brings out the worst in people"....

Robert Stone comments on environmentalists' impressions of "Pandora's Promise"

Walter Rhett: Abortion and HR 1797

Voting Rights Phone Banks in Durham & Orange County

Standing man inspires silent protests in Turkey.

'Sesame Street' creates first Muppet to have a parent in jail

I Remember You

Surveillance Bait

Kickstarter book campaign labeled guide to sexual assault

So Assange is a rapist and Snowden's a creepy, mysterious, they-haven't-decided-what-yet.

My patients make me sick.

Terry Gross interviewed Shane Harris, author of "The Watchers: The Rise of America's Surveillance

Former TWA Flight 800 investigators want new probe 17 years after crash

Interested in solar yard lights? Want to help transport cats and dogs in shelters?

I'm getting older. I'm starting to use the phrase "young man" without irony.

"No more than 2 DWIs in the past five years"

President Obama's remarks at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany

No surprise. Paula Deen Says 'Of Course' She Uses the N-Word

FBI arrests 2 local men for alleged terrorist plot

Sean Hannity: “I’m not a Republican”

Ben Franklin on the surveillance scandal

Pelosi Sends Surveillance Memo to Her Caucus

Betty White rules!

This sure says alot...of nothing!

Firefox browser to move ahead with ‘Do Not Track’ option

Refugee's Murder May Leave 911 Operator Liable

Judge: Terror case evidence may be 'classified'

Heat Fans Left One Of The Best Games In Finals History, Begged To Be Let Back In

Privacy glasses screw with facial recognition systems

10 Points!

Michael Hastings' last article

Wrong-Way Driver Arrested for DUI in 14 Freeway Pile-Up

Lisa Murkowski endorses same-sex marriage

Marshall U. dismissed from bottle-rocket-shot-out-of-anus lawsuit


The phrase of the day is "shoot bottle rockets out of his anus". You know what to do...

Chomsky: Spying Does Not Protect You

Obama Preparing Big Effort to Curb Climate Change

Phone call from "Windows"?

W's back!!! Please come CAPTION Mr. All Hat, No Cattle!!!

Fed, More Optimistic About Economy, Maintains Bond-Buying

Senator: IRS to pay $70M in employee bonuses

Merkel Challenges Obama on Surveillance

Don't TALK to me like that! -- a mini-rant

Thom Hartmann: Join Ben Cohen's Stamp Stampede Now - I Did!

Report: McCain says D.C. Circuit nominees deserve up-or-down vote

Sequestration Putting a Boot on Meals on Wheels

Hastings was asked if he got death threats

FBI ends search for Jimmy Hoffa's body

FBI admits to domestic surveillance drone use

George Zimmer: Men's Wearhouse Has 'Chosen To Silence My Concerns By Terminating Me'

Obama says U.S. to redouble efforts to close Guantanamo

Capital Area Democratic Women calling for help

Statistics on phone calls, text messages, emails,etc.

Arizona Congressman Calls for 'National Referendum' to Reverse Supreme Court on Voting Rights

I told my husband about the GOP congressman saying a 12-week

stupid GOP congressmen

Low class nonsense during MAIG bus tour

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) now fully supports marriage equality.

Tropical Storm Barry forms in the southern Gulf of Mexico -NHC

Why we should all be afraid of Big Brother

My new soda flavor

Britain fails to get EU backing for Hezbollah blacklisting

Gay Teen Creates Early Detection Cancer Test

Gyula Horn, the man who tore the Iron Curtain, dies at 80

Rebels: Assad, Hezbollah used chemical weapons

Mad wiffle-ball skills...

NBA Final Game Predictions

Breach of privacy? Here's one...

I think I cost the state of Virginia thousands of dollars

Obama Calls For Nuclear Warhead Reduction

Tropical Storm Barry - attention Mexican DUers

Man arrested in women's underwear thefts over 12-year span

Why the fuck...

America'a Middle Class ranks #27 in world

New Film Questions TWA Flight 800 Probe

HPV infections fell by half in teen girls after vaccine, study shows

If your name is Ahmed or Fatima, you live in fear of NSA surveillance

Israel denies Arab artists entry to West Bank

Glenn Beck Is Luring Christians Into Islamo-Mormon Deistic Universalism

How do you give a girl a good organism?

Vermont: We grow them good, fearless, and without Bull Shit!

House passes 20-week abortion ban

Michele Bachman Comes Out - Calls Edward Snowden A Traitor

ACLU/Daniel Ellsberg Statement and link to petition.

"A Different Kind of Patriotism": Russell Brand on Bradley Manning

Hundreds Oppose Drilling in Loyalsock State Forest at Public Meeting [VIDEO]

FATCA...DUAL CDN/AMERICANS and American permanent residents need to be aware

Hundreds Oppose Drilling in Loyalsock State Forest at Public Meeting [VIDEO]

Hundreds Oppose Drilling in Loyalsock State Forest at Public Meeting [VIDEO]

Serena Williams apologises after comment

Hundreds Oppose Drilling in Loyalsock State Forest at Public Meeting [VIDEO]

CDC: HPV Vaccine Reduced Disease Rates in Teen Girls by 56 Percent

Burma or Myanmar?

This is something that should take place in every city...

Do you know what a 'signature strike' is?

Don't Be Fruitful and Multiply

Northwestern Professor Quits Over Used Condoms In His Backyard

Dave Jennings has passed.

Torchlight Free until 6/20 at GOG

Macklemore X Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert- Same Love (With Lyrics)

Face it. Information gathering, data harvesting, surveillance, whatever you call it--will never end.

Three words: Japanese Toilet Candy

First Gay Marriage in History

Who knew?

Internet trolls love feminist writers

NSA Agent Caught SNOOPING on Video by Tom Mabe

(Idiot) NRSC Spokesman: Ed Markey Might Be Ineligible For Office

Oh, hell. I forgot what I was going to ask.

DISH? Direct-tv? Local cable? Other? recommendations, watchouts?

How to Beat Facial-Recognition Software

Russell Brand Punks Morning Joe

The Worlds End - Trilogy Trailer

A debt worth passing on to our kids (Time to rebuild America)

Speaking of cloak and dagger, whatever became of The Office of Strategic Influence.........

Sports Corp. recommends converting Astrodome into massive convention center

M.I.C. pigs with their snouts deep in the public trough

Happy Juneteenth from a Land Where Old Times are Forgotten

Whiteness, NSA Spying and the Irony of Racial Privilege

Pew poll: Obama Job Approval Holds Steady, Economic Views Improve

Way to go, America!

"Olympic curling aspirations a plus."

Howard Dean is having a 10 year anniversary party (he announced in 2003) Sunday in Burlington

Julian Assange Really Wants In on this Edward Snowden Story

Kid Rock Proves, Again, He's Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks...

U.S. coal exports set monthly record

Rattles and the Beginning of Gender Stereotyping

Alabama Politician (R) May Launch Congressional Bid from Jail

People wonder how the government watches the communications of millions.

Xbox says "Oops"

I for one welcome our new gay pigeon overlords...

xpost from gaming - Microsoft does a complete 360 and walks away

Album covers of Stephen Colbert from his Paul McCartney show

What's Your Cell Phone Usage like

Valerie Plame: Edward Snowden Deserves Thanks, 'Will Be Abused'

Men's Wearhouse Founder And 'You're Going To Like The Way You Look' Guy, Fired

Close 6 libraries to save $2.4 million, but spend $40 million on NFL scoreboard (Jax, Fl)

Gigapan view of mars.

Here is a link to a petition that I started on Move ON .

Serena Williams issues apology to Stuebenville rape victim

Current global food production trajectory won't meet 2050 needs

A humbling view of where children sleep around the world

Opinion: A protest in U.S. oil country spells trouble for fracking abroad

Eye ointment time. I'm going to be all blurry and incommunicado for awhile.

NOAA, partners predict possible record-setting dead zone for Gulf of Mexico

The Earth receives enough solar energy every hour to satisfy our energy needs for an entire year.

Christian host: Liberals want immigration because conservatives are having more sex

Kickstarter pick-up guide tells men: ‘Pull out your c-ck and put her hand on it’

Too funny..Cyprus's bailout needs ...a bailout.

A Battery Made of Wood?—Wood fibers help nano-scale batteries keep their structure

UK top court ruling threatens Western sanctions against Iran

Later, heathens!

"A Call For Austerity Is Not A Statement Of Disrespect"

So I'm tappering down my SSRI and I'm disturbingly manic right now...

Quick question:

Anyone travel to the UK with their camera gear?

Brazil's Sao Paulo, Rio revoke fare hikes after protests

Mars had an oxygen-rich atmosphere four billion years ago

Newsroom !

ABC Unveils 2013-14 Primetime Schedule....

Thermostat, er Thermocat

Argentina Judge to be Extradited from Chile

Quark quartet opens fresh vista on matter

The CW Reveals Its 2013-14 Primetime Schedule:

Texas Town Upset With Governor's Water Veto

Steve Earle - Rivers Of Babylon

Analysis: Brazil's protests: Not quite a 'Tropical Spring'


Are the American People guilty until proven innocent?

I may be away for a bit

New York men accused of plotting to build radiation weapon

West doesn’t rule out challenging Rubio

Stay classy, Faux.

McConnell Sings Very Different Tune On Nuclear Option Than In 2005

British Supreme Court ruling threatens Western sanctions against Iran

The Heart of a Teacher, the Soul of Our State

Obama to mount major climate change push

Stock Market plunges on fears that the QE junkies are going to be weaned off their habit

Three U.S. Naval Academy football players charged with rape

Outlook is Grim for Mammals and Birds as Human Population Grows

Va. newspaper drops 'Democrat' from its name, says it's bad for business

An error on a post on my part got a bit blown out (flame) of proportion...

Chipotle = GMO

In Contrast to Cnn poll, Pew Shows Stable Approval Rating for Obama

"America Can Take a Lesson From Germany"

Indiana Teacher Counsels Female Graduates To Be Mothers Not CEOs

Huff Post: America's Class War: A Dispatch From the Front

Microsoft breaks bug-bounty virginity in $100,000 contest

Boston Globe Endorses Ed Markey For Mass. Senate

… Simple and inexpensive process to make a material for CO2 adsorption

Frederick Douglass statue dedicated in U.S. Capitol

"Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered." She's talking about TEACHERS.

The origins of the term " Entitlement Culture"

What Snowden Can Expect

Adelaide's war of religious words reaches a new height

Workforce Zombieland

British Politician Claims To Have Fathered Alien Child. [Video]

Drones 'r' U.S.!

America Does Not Have a Religious Identity

Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiated in secret

Three Naval Academy Midshipmen Accused of Sexual Assault

Pope Francis Adds St. Joseph To Catholic Mass, Signals Church Interest In 'Fatherly Care'

Former TWA Flight 800 crash investigators want federal government to re-examine case

2 accused of plot to kill Muslims and other 'enemies of Israel' with ionizing radiation device

Will Commerce Open The Doors To 'Eastern' Philosophy?

The Science of Why We Don’t Believe Science

What else can we do? (re: the "Cuban 5") by Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada

BBC's Adam Curtis: "The Trap: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom?"

Cruel AND stupid

TNT Original Series Lineup....

US companies criticise UK healthcare firms' charitable status and tax breaks

NSA surveillance is an attack on American citizens, says Noam Chomsky

US, Taliban to meet in Qatar for 'key milestone' toward ending Afghanistan war

Tap It: The NSA Slow Jam (video)

Associated Press CEO: Sources will no longer speak to us because of phone monitoring

That damn Greenwald is at it again

Customs and Border Protection avoids sequester furloughs

US races to mollify Hamid Karzai over plans for peace talks with Taliban

US condemns China, Russia and Uzbekistan for human trafficking

Report: James Gandolfini dies in Italy

Bluegrass pipeline info

Watch Forbes Test 'Buycott' App On Anti-GMO And Koch Products In Supermarket Aisle

Watch: Hilarious NSFW video ruthlessly mocks Republicans over masturbating fetuses

"If that sounds like mission impossible, what exactly is the alternative?"

Men's Wearhouse ousts founder, pitchman Zimmer

Fox 2013-14 Primetime Schedule....

Suck it non-believers

Texas pastor: Donate to fix my helicopter and get a new car from God

High potency marijuana concerns authorities

The GOP Dilemma Over the Voting Rights Act

James Gandolfini Dead at 51

Alan Chambers, Exodus International "I am Sorry" (for hurting LGBT people)

NSIDC updating sea ice baseline

U.S. Promises Smooth Transfer of Quagmire from Afghanistan to Syria

I've been alerting an awful lot lately...

Maine governor to stop talking to 3 newspapers

Congress looks to kill NASA's plan to capture an asteroid

Kerry speaks on the 10th anniversary of the passage of Pepfar - that deals with AIDS in Afica

Who needs T.V. when I got T-Rex?

GOP Amendment Adds Fetal Sex Toys to Abortion Bill

Maine's governor throws another tantrum...