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Archives: June 21, 2013

WHO Finds Violence Against Women Is 'Shockingly' Common

Fricking awesome... The amazing Wolf Blitzer wins the Italian Urbino Press Award

How Shell is trying to send a chill through activist groups across the country

Thirdhand Smoke Causes DNA Damage

Help! Who knows how to use Skype?

FDA allows OTC morning-after pill, lifts age limit

Jungle - Platoon

Hillary Clinton has dinner with Mayor Thomas Menino in Boston

PBS Newshour-What Makes Us Happy?

What about NSA collecting BUSINESS communications and content?

A Lifeline for Minorities, Catholic Schools Retrench

Could Paula Deen's words bring down her empire?

GA utility closing 15 coal plants for carbon-free nuclear; says solar "would increase rates"

New Colorado Law Bans All-Online Concealed Carry Training Courses

Oracle's fiscal 4Q sales disappoint Wall St. again

Netroots Nation livestreaming from San Jose - Getting ready for 2014!

Rae Carruth is playing for the Patriots??

Okay-Spurs or Heat?

Facebook introduces video on Instagram

Comparing Photos Of Obama In Berlin (09-13) Is Intellectually Dishonest In The Extreme

A new book by a friend.


Are you paying too much for private security consultants to spy on you?

It doesn't feel right to not have a James Joseph Gandolfini tribute in the TV forum.

I may have low standards but the Lounge bathroom is getting rank.

Security officers appeal to GOOGLE!!! (PHOTO from today)

Dog Days of Summer~

Local Politics UMass Lowell-Herald poll: Ed Markey 20 points ahead of Gomez

Marsh 3 sex suit: Attorneys spar as millionaire's lawyers seek delay

2014 movie worth seeing!

I want to live to be 100 or at least 90 minimum

I just don't know what to say about this. Help me out...

Joe Torre’s daughter Cristina saves falling baby with perfect catch

Luckovich Toon: Welcome Home, Tony

Hi, I'm zbdent, and I have Attention Def

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! That G*Dammed Piece of Paper, Again.

Russell Brand destroys the idiots on Morning Joe...


A Blessed Midsummer to all!

College Professor Accused of Religious Intolerance After Teaching Diversity Lesson

The DU Lounge does Broadway!

Why Having A Liquid Nitrogen Pool Party Is A Bad Idea

Gun control

Miami Heat or San Antonio Spurs

Turn on Rachel right fugging now

FBI: “At no time was journalist Michael Hastings under investigation by the FBI”

No foul play suspected in Michael Hastings' death, LAPD says

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms (firearms)

Garry Kasparov: I Will Not Return to the Dark Reality of Putin's Russia

WaPo: New documents reveal parameters of NSA’s secret surveillance programs

FBI insists Michael Hastings was not under investigation

School district eliminates all grades below 50%

Cat nurses orphaned pit bull puppy in Ohio

Climate Change Refugee Immigration Bill

Senator says Perry vetoed his bill by mistake

Republican infighting spills onto House floor

Happy Solstice, DU.

Inspiring North Carolina Moral Mondays protest video from 6/17

Cute message I just got in a fortune cookie:

Has anyone here ever intentionally lost a lot of weight? Like more than 30 pounds?

Gun owners call off bringing weapons to neighborhood events in MN

Guess what this is?

Republican Super PAC Launches

NYT: Documents Detail N.S.A. Surveillance Rules

Unions Target Home Workers

Brazilians fill streets with protest, violence

Obama to Pick Bush-Era Justice Dept. Official (James Comey)to Lead F.B.I.

Injured Police Dog Holds Down Attacker During Subway Brawl

Gov. LePage is a horror

Bargains and headaches as Argentina's thirst for dollars prompt currency and customs controls

What Happens to Women Who Are Denied Abortions?

3 Things About the TPP You Need to Know and Share

The Border Security Ruse

Britain rejects involvement of pope in Falklands dispute

Legislature, Gov. Jerry Brown back down on attempt to weaken open records law

Gary, Indiana Is Deteriorating So Much That It May Cut Off Services To Nearly Half Of Its Land

I'm not really sure what to look for in Offshore Accts.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is an Assault on Democracy That Will Undermine the Economy

Firm that checked NSA leaker being probed

Swimmy~Every Little Thing (live)

NSA can "retain and make use of "inadvertently acquired" domestic communications if..."

Valvoline introduces NextGen recycled motor oil; now, who wants it?

Police: Woman threw feces at dog owner

Top Republican: Obama’s climate change plan ‘absolutely crazy’

Miss Alabama on NSA Prism Scandal

Texas House approves redistricting maps

Solstice in Seattle. 59 degrees and raining. And the days are 18 hours long.

WikiLeaks plane 'ready' to bring Snowden to Iceland

Moody’s downgrades West school district’s bond rating following FEMA aid denial

George Zimmerman Trial: Panel of women jurors a "slam dunk" for defense, expert says - FL USA

He's one lucky guy: Nebraskan once won $100K in lottery; now he's won $1M

NASA Needs Your Help Finding Killer Asteroids

Criminal US Chamber of Commerce Promises to Double Efforts to Gut SS and Medicare

One in three women suffers violence, WHO global study finds

The Big Lie: America’s Middle Class Far From Richest Middle Class In The World

Happy solstice. Happy full moon.

Glenn Beck Buys 72,000-Square-Foot Studios At Las Colinas, Is Apparently Here To Stay

Hannity Guest Bill Cunningham Erupts At Democrat Tamara Holder: ‘Know Your Place & Shut Your Mouth'

NSA: All your encrypted emails & logins belong to us.

Too weird to be true! Masturbating fetuses prove...well you have to read this!

I guess I will have to cancel my plans for an ex straight ministry

From Middle Class To Peasant Class: How Republicans Made America A Top Poverty Creator

Do you think this NSA "scandal" is a real scandal?

Judge Dupuy (Galveston) faces more allegations

A final, desperate -- and doomed -- push for H-1B restrictions

If Snowden is an enemy of the state and cannot be feasibly apprehended...

House rejects farm bill, 62 Republicans vote NO

Union Activists Bring 'Don't Be Evil' Message to Google Headquarters

"Americans View GOP Less Favorably Than Democratic Party"

Boehner: Forget Climate Change, Where Are The Jobs?

Repeat Texas pot bust nets more than $5M in plants

I know I can do this.

N.S.A. & Silicon Valley's Intertwined Interests in Big Data Analysis

Invader Zim - The Voices of Zim

Supreme Court decisions tomorrow?

LOL! Snowden's background check? Outsourced! Company that did it now under investigation.

don't forget your local party.

Karnes County: Flowline rupture contaminates property

You know what really gets me about movies...

A warning from way back when...from FDR

GMO virus cures kid of cancer, mainstream media finally interested

WWZ tomorrow.

Cyber Warfare Beats The Other Kind

Cat nurses week-old abandoned puppy

U.S. border 'surge' would place agent every 1,000 feet

Congratulations to the Miami Heat on their championship. It was one of the most

Congrats to Juwan Howard!

El Supremo's new avatar???

U.S. Charges Two New Yorkers With Building 'Death Ray' Aimed At Killing 'Enemies Of Israel'

Got a malicious "vGrabber" toolbar by clicking on streaming links for the game

State Dinner!

Rachel Maddow - Wisconsin student suffers for Scott Walker pettiness

Sen. McCaskill Blasts The Guardian‘s NSA Reporting: They Have An ‘Agenda,’ Distorting The Facts

Anytime you mindlessly bash a region, whether it be

Salvadoran Military List of Victims a Smoking Gun

Rachel Maddow - Maine governor shuns paper for exposing dirty dealings

The Black Forest fire in Colorado is now 100% contained but...

Rachel Maddow - Maine's LePage in lobbyist scandal, punishes paper

Miami Heat defeats San Antonio Spurs in Game 7 to win second consecutive NBA title

I just saw a sci fi movie called Wing Commander.

What’s Behind the Venezuelan University Strikes?

Girl: School cites Bible for kicking her off football team

The cabbage in your fridge still runs on a daily clock.

A lovely, poetic message from tumblr: "for every man who looked at me twice"

BEST STORY EVER: Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee

The black mamba is Africa's deadliest snake...

Prosecution raids nuclear power operator over corruption probe

Pre-Hispanic Chiefs in Panama Were Born to Rule

Gohmert: Cutting food stamps not evil because poor people buy king crab legs

Extra depressed tonight...

Those who would do even sell their souls just to increase their approval ratings

First Farmers Were Also Inbred

Why Snowden was smart to choose Hong Kong. Very smart

My cat just died in front of me...looked like she was stretching and she was gone

Oh, I don't know. I've just been inspired tonight, I guess. Tom Waits: "Step Right Up"

Distracted walking: injuries soar for pedestrians on phones

They Sound Nicer than Republicans!

Annie's List: "Put a Woman in the Governor's Mansion"

Ancient Mayan city (Chactun) found in Campeche, Mexico

Fracking: David Letterman gets it

The Greeks who worship the ancient gods

Brooklyn woman says she was raped at knifepoint ‘for being gay’

Demonaut needs some Vibes right now!

The Upside of Genocide

Late night rumblings from Inside the Beltway -- a lulu of an idea!

ALIVE DAY MEMORIES: Gandolfini spoke with ten young men and women that survived the war in Iraq

Dollarocracy: How the Money and Media Election Complex Is Destroying America

You’ve got plenty to do. Starving the poor isn’t one of them.

The Second Bill of Rights.

Blue jays and mockingbirds vs. crow

Art Pope using mug shots of arrested protesters as a game on his website

Best Political Cartoons of 2013

More amazing historic photos...

Funniest Bumper Stickers Mocking Republicans

I'm engayged!

Gulf of Mexico 'dead zone' predicted to reach record size

"if we want the rewards of being loved we have to submit to the mortifying ordeal of being known."

Badass Teachers Association Shows a New Spirit of Defiance

Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world

The FISA court is acting like a legislature, and that’s a problem

Photos Occupy Brazil:

Hi, Skinner. I have another question about jury service here.

About Your Banging Blacklist: An Open Letter to the Civitas Institute

Anti-Semitic Vandals Mar Warsaw Ghetto Memorial

has this Ad from Australia been posted here?

June 21: National Peaches and Cream Day

June 21, 1788 New Hampshire ratifies the US Constitution becomes the 9th State.

Another Gandolfini documentary, this one is regarding PTSD: WARTORN 1861-2010

June21, 1877 – The Molly Maguires, 10 Irish immigrants are hanged at the Schuylkil County, PA

Just For Laughs

June 21, 1919 – The RCMP fire into a crowd of unemployed, during the Winnipeg General Strike

Sorry guys, but no Surveillance Theater Movie Night tonight

On Facebook

Nigel Farage says tax haven fund was a mistake

Hello DU. Better late than never.

Brazil unrest: 'Million' join protests in 100 cities

Spain arrests 'Syria jihadist suspects' in Ceuta

James Gandofino: A great mother son relationship Tony and his mother

Change Is Coming!

Russ Tice, Bush-Era Whistleblower, Claims NSA Ordered Wiretap Of Barack Obama In 2004

Do we fart while we sleep ?

LULU: A Creepy App for the Women!

Abu Qatada treaty ratified by UK Parliament

Leaked NSA Doc Says It Can Collect And Keep Your Encrypted Data As Long As It Takes To Crack It

Republican's "Man Brain" Makes Him More Rational About Money

Corporate Spooks Are Watching You: The Dangerous Rise of the Industrial-Surveillance Complex

the real news Violent eviction of Gezi Park gives rise to "standing protesters"

Revealed: the top secret rules that allow NSA to use US data without a warrant

EFF: Call Now to Oppose NSA Spying: 1-STOP-323-NSA (1-786-732-3672)

How American Society Unravelled After Greedy Elites Robbed the Country Blind

Sherman A1 did WHAT?

Wozniak on NSA: I feel a little guilty

How Wall Street Fraudsters Plunder Public Finances, And How to Fight Back

New right-wing wet dream: Cities run by corporations (no elections!)

*because lying is what they do. yeah, the FBI

What's for Dinner ~ Friday June 21st

WAPO/Eugene Robinson: Congress should hang up the NSA phone tracking

Program gives Ark. dogs, prisoners a second chance

20-Second Aerial Video Shows Just How Gigantic Last Night's Protest In Rio De Janeiro Was

"This Is The End" - great movie!

Revealed: the top secret rules that allow NSA to use US data without a warrant

U.S. Promises Smooth Transfer of Quagmire from Afghanistan to Syria

What would you do with a half a dozen not so great tomatoes?

I'm engorged!

The NSA Scandal is a Bipartisan Cluster Fuck.

Up to Their Eyeballs

George Zimmerman trial: All-female jury seated in Trayvon Martin shooting case

When There’s a Fee to Get Your Pay

Supermoon 2013 Dates And When To Watch

Robert Reich: Why the GOP Can’t Learn

Boy’s death highlights anger some Yemenis feel over U.S. drone strikes

Source: Arrest Warrant Issued For Aaron Hernandez

Indefinite Surveillance: Say Hello to the National Defense Authorization Act of 2014

Verizon accused of intentionally slowing Netflix video streaming

"Free Trade" Was Never Really About Trade

Source: Arrest Warrant Issued For Aaron Hernandez

There was a post in the lounge ... what is your favorite song about a city?

U.S. Afghanistan auditor tells of free-for-all as subcontractors demand money they’re owed

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's War on Teachers and Children

The Incarceration Epidemic

Drug price collusion allegations appalling, says Hunt

How America Became a Dollarocracy

Ken Cuccinelli Gives "Laugh Worthy" Performance at NOVA Technology Council Forum

Around this time I'm usually procrastinating...

Billionaire U.S. activist kicks off campaign to turn Obama against Keystone

"When an hour of minimum wage won't buy you 2 gallons of gas, but it takes 4 gallons to get to work,

The latest in cat sequestration technology

Dean Would Consider Another Presidential Bid

Friday TOON Roundup 1: The littlest big tent in history

Friday TOON Roundup 2: Passings

duplicate... oh well..sorry

Friday TOON Roundup 3: The Rest

Marijuana Crops in California Threaten Forests and Wildlife

Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan

School Data Profiteering

Stock slide: Markets like a "drug addict," hooked on Fed money, expert says

Your Morning Squeeeeeee...

EPA drops fracking pollution study...So I guess I must be a racist...

Injuries mount for distracted pedestrians using cellphones

During applegrove's "swearing phase", her career plans didn't fare so well.

Kali's daily routine at her desk:

Good, Bad and EPIC Nature-Inspired Baby Names:

Canada vs the USA:

Little did they know, The Fucking Immortal MiddleFingerMom had good reason to laugh.

MiddleFingerMom has created a race of Supermensch with which he intends to rule the world.

PRISM and the Rise of a New Fascism (John Pilger)

stonehenge gathering marks summer solstice

I am amazed

Happy Solstice everyone!

We are a messed up country. 44 states punish the victim of Domestic Violence

Scrapping equipment ($7 billion worth) key to Afghan drawdown

Strategize your Serendipity...

Scott Brown "I could beat Ed Markey"


Paula Deen: A no-show on 'Today'

Greece's Democratic Left party defects from coalition

Stuff of nightmares: The giant snake that can open doors

In Syrian chemical weapons claim, criticism about lack of transparency (WP)

Sadly once again, corporate profits are more important that the workers, even disabled ones

GOP Excavation Crew

Tim Kaine: Obama should block the Keystone pipeline

Now that's a TAXIdermy!

This is really really cute! Sleepy pets!

St. Petersburg council leaves Lens decision to voters

Facebook's Former Security Chief Now Works for the NSA

List: American Processed Foods banned in other nations because of dangerous chemicals

Papantonio: Political Polarization is Toxic

Where is El Supremo??

Terry Branstad vetoes $91 million for Iowa police pensions

"Public Schools Are the Glue that Hold Neighborhoods Together" (Inquirer piece by Sen. Leach)

Goodwill pays disabled workers below minimium wage - and its legal

NY Times: The F.B.I. Deemed Agents Faultless in all 150 Shootings in their history.

N.H. Lawmaker Resigns After Alleging Gov’t Planned Boston Marathon Bombings

Krugman: Profits Without Production

Marriage is between one man and one woman ... it is in the Bible

On the left, Howard Dean open to presidential bid

Outrage over illegals aliens taking American jobs....

John Oliver Savages Paula Deen

Brazil leaders to meet as protests, violence grow

Charity Cases...and king crab legs...

We’re now farming more fish than cattle globally

Obama to meet with privacy, civil liberties board

Plants 'seen doing quantum physics'

Old Friends

F-22 program produces few planes, soaring costs

will you still love me tomorrow

After Florida loophole closed for concealed weapons, Rep. Senator tries to open new loophole

Boeing Told to Repay After Charging $2,286 for $10 Part

Marital Catters

Why is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed still alive after a decade in US custody?

Here's How the NSA Decides Who It Can Spy On

A Clear View of Alaska—and Maybe Our Future

The texting pedestrian. Please come CAPTION!!!!

Don't get caught in public doing anything,

Why Do Babies Twitch in Their Sleep?

UK regulator orders Google to delete private data

Sarpy Outlook TV - Episode 3

Hispanic Republican Heckled to 'Learn English' at Tea Party Rally

You Might Be A Racist, Not For Valid Obama Criticisms, But For Posting Rightwing Obama Smears

The Silent Spring is here:

PA. Repubs: Providing Health Insurance Will Hurt Health of Poor People; Won't let hospitals speak

Company Owner Guilty in HazMat Poisoning Deaths of Two Drivers

Only terrorists complain about water quality. Terrorist.

Have DUers seen the flooding in Calgary - holy shite!

"I don't like to judge but..."

How PRISM Sends Your Private Data Overseas

Analysis: Rough honeymoon for Chavez's successor in Venezuela

Texas Legislature: Emotional 10-hour abortion hearing ends without a vote on bills

Farm Law Rejection Another Embarrassment for Boehner


U.S. Stocks Little Changed After Largest Drop Since 2011

Oops- Obamacare saved consumers nearly $4 billion in 2012

Spyware claims emerge in row over Chinese dissident at NYU

Fry on, oh Friday, but first let us CAPTION or favorite village idiot!!!

A map showing the original meanings of place names in North America

On "Way Too Early" this morning, Donna Brazile and Karl Rove dancing together. Then he kissed her.

BAE Pushes Its T-X Bird At Paris Show; Gen. Welsh Tells DC ‘We’re On Track’

Chris Rock on Careers, Jobs and Money

The Morning Plum: Obama takes tentative step towards surveillance transparency

Stars of 2013 Paris Air Show: Russian Su-35; European Neuron UAV: NO Americans

An amazing video detailing the murder of Trayvon Martin

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 21, 1964

W.Va. Lawmakers Field Vaccine Exemption Concerns..

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 21, 1964

Sen. Sessions: GOP Distrusts Obama, But We Might Backload Sequester

Georgetown might pull out of Lone Star Rail District (updated 6/26/2013)

When the employer is short-sighted...

Rep. Congressman Calls Rep. Anti-Abortion Bill "Staggeringly Stupid", Frustrated With His Party

Top Official Admits F-35 Stealth Fighter Secrets Stolen

“Men’s Rights Activist” Busted for Beating the S*** out of a Prostitute

Kerry Brings Obama’s Small-Arms Rebel Plan to Concerned European Nations

Brazilian Revolt Claims First Fatality as Violence Erupts

Ahmadinejad Signs On As Dean At Sarah Lawrence

The Breathtaking Flower Hill of Hokkaido

Whole human brain mapped in 3D

NSA scene from "My Fellow Americans"

Lochnerized: Corporations have Constitutional Rights. Unions? Not So Much

Once again Gomer puts foot firmly in mouth...

Alito tells Dallas lawyers about highest court

Alito tells Dallas lawyers about highest court

hello lounge

So what am I supposed to do with my Paula Deen cookware set?

"Corporatizing National Security: What It Means" - Ralph Nader

"Hew Hampshire lawmaker resigns after claiming government behind Boston bombing"

Texan guilty in porn case offers to mentor youth

Why is The DUzy Awards reccing threads?

The world's fastest electric racing car (VIDEO)

Why it's a good idea to pay attention to toys' age recommendations

Creation of a Breed - A Cat Breed

Thom Hartmann: Is China about to Economically Fall?

Spank your wife for Jesus

Three States Dump Major Private Prison Company In One Month

Embattled Paula Deen a no-show on Friday's 'Today'

X-Posted From GD: “Men’s Rights Activist” Busted for Beating the S*** out of a Prostitute

On summer solstice, George Monbiot's £100 bet against solar power ended. Who won?

At Least 6 Wildfires Under Way In Colorado, Some @ Zero Containment; Temps In 90s, No Rain Near-Term

Bank of Bob: 1 man's journey into microlending- most important article you'll read in your life?

Russia Clinches $270 Bln Oil Export Deal With China

Who could forget?

On Glenn Greenwald and His Fans - The Nation

India floods: Death toll in Uttarakhand 'passes 500'

Bohener Re. Obama's Trial Balloon Plan On Emissions: "I Think This Is Absolutely Crazy"

Where to post a fundraising link?

Amazing pictures of man and cat escaping Canadian flood.

Give Students Same Rate as Big Banks - Elizabeth Warren

Dear fellow lefties. Before that last few weeks had anyone ever accused you of racism?

Five billion-dollar weather disasters in May

Canadians jump on Trudeau bandwagon, poll shows

Why One Great NASA Satellite Photo Of Alaska Is Freaking People Out - Seattle PI

This Week in Poverty: The Older Americans Act and US Seniors

How About A New Poster Child For Global Warming - Blind, Starving Cheetahs - Guardian

Aransas Pass police officer faces monkey business during traffic stop (Video at link)

Anyone here live in New Navel of the Moon?

The Tyee - Four-Man Team To Attempt Northwest Passage In Rowboat

NCDC - Last Month 3rd-Warmest May For Planet On Record - 339th Straight Month Above 20th Cent Avg.

Pic Of The Moment: Louie Gohmert Strikes Again

Another photo of the black kitten...

Man Dressed As Penis Fights Woman Dressed As Vagina

House of Representatives: Still terrible at everything

How Michael Moore deals with death threats: ‘My two lovers, Ben and Jerry’

LA Times - Steady Stream Of Expatriates Leaving Beijing, Citing Foul Air, Health Concerns

Thom Hartmann: Time for the Fossil Fuel Industry to Pay for Their Waste...

Witness: Hastings’ speeding car ‘shook my car like a freight truck going by’

The World’s Biggest Coal Company Is Turning To Solar Energy To Lower Its Utility Bill

CBC -Go-Ahead For Mine Cleanup - Enough Arsenic Trioxide Dust To Kill Everyone On Earth

Three States Dump Major Private Prison Company In One Month

George Zimmerman trial: State can say Trayvon Martin was profiled

Fox Business Guest Uses ‘Spanking For Jesus’ To Attack Muslims

Old Men---Please don't do this.

Australian Man Learns The Hard Way That Seven Year Olds Can't Be Designated Drivers

US stocks calmer after 2-day plunge

Misogyny, sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. and unconscious internalization.

Bank of America whistle-blower’s bombshell: “We were told to lie”

Most people with common sense are deeply suspicious of Michael Hastings' death.

Guard Who Killed Jewish Man At Kotel Says He Feared For His Life

"There is no America. There is no democracy. There is only IBM and ITT and A T & T and DuPont..."

Egypt Islamists Mass In Cairo As Tensions Mount

Cable went out this morning so I finally hooked up this antenna booster I bought last year...

Enron’s Skilling to exit prison early if deal approved

I've got a new show starting at 1PM ET

Good article about women in NJ politics

Since when are pet threads General Discussion?

Police: Women, Found Having Sex In McDonald’s Bathroom, Assaulted By Customers

What is the name of your Wi-Fi network?

Court upholds (right-wing) radio host's conviction for threats to judges

Ezra Klein presents The Running Vampire Bat:

Detroit official denies report that city may sell its classic cars

House deals shock defeat to Republican farm bill

June 21, 1964. In Memory of 3 young men murdered in Mississippi

Heat Fans Wake Up To Learn Team Won Game 7

Monsanto Awards Itself World Food Prize, Nets $46,666.67 On Their Investment

Nothing short of outragous, sick pot users put in jail in Montana

GCHQ(NSA) tap fibre-optic cables for secret access to world's communications

State Supreme Court: Special Election Can Go On As Planned

Obama To Netroots Nation: 'I Need You'

Colombia’s state council condemns the state for its role in death squad murder

Mitch McConnell Realizes IRS Scandal Is Over

trust me on this

SHOCKING Debate - Cunningham Points Finger to Dem. Holder's Face: Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth

Witness: Michael Hastings’ speeding car ‘shook my car like a freight truck going by’

How Many Americans Does the N.S.A. Spy On? A Lot of Them

You May Be High...

My "WTF?" story of the day, huge doomsday shelter being built...

Old men --- Please don't do this.

Preemptive Strike: Conservatives Vow To Defy Supreme Court If It Rules For Marriage Equality

Another 'lost' Mayan city found, this one in Mexico

Fire with Fire - Using Aids Virus to fight Cancer


Beyonce Fans

As Al grew older he began to have trouble with his joints

A Cowboy in Caracas

Elizabeth Warren: If people knew what was going on, they would stop it

A Cowboy in Caracas

Kickstarter bans 'seduction guides' and other PUA projects

Exodus Closes, Marking Official End of the Ex-Gay Movement

There's a bigger lesson to learn from Pauls Deen's publicity nightmare.

US-Taliban Talks in Doha: The West's Capitulation in Afghanistan

14 Things You Really Don’t Want To Know About Your Groceries

Can I have 8 seconds of your time? Class Warfare explained in 4 Bullet Points

Surprise! DOE report citing "abundant" shale gas reserves prepared by oil/gas contractor

Blarney! The Faux Outrage Over Obama’s Belfast Comments

"We Don't Defend Our Freedom By Giving It Away"

I'm not particularly a fan of Paula Deen, but I think this is all much ado about nothing.

Elder Scrolls Online is in beta.

Food Fight

59 Percent Want Women To Be Eligible For The Military Draft

Farmers’ Market Quesadillas

North Carolina Shooting: 4 injured near Greenville, N.C. Wal-Mart, suspect in custody, report says

Beneath Jones Beach’s Umbrellas, a Lot of History

A cheaper drive to 'cool' fuels—UD scientists pioneer inexpensive catalyst to drive synthetic fuel…

Ideas for my next chapter here?!1

For kitty lovers and owners.

Day 2 of 45 of Pictures or Cartoons regarding the Republican War on Women

xpost from Feminists group: Day 2 of 45 Pictures and Cartoons regarding the Republican War on Women

Damn you, Spellcheck!!!!!!!!

xpost from Feminists group: Day 2 of 45 Pictures and Cartoons regarding the Republican War on Women

Dumb Criminals: Florida Car Jacker Can't Drive Stick Shift

Russell Brand on BBC's Question Time

A Life Sentence...for pot.

Federal Ban on School Prayer Widely Ignored

The horn doesn't work in my car.

Names Held Hostage Online, Class Claims

Spokesman: Obama praises Heat, Spurs

The Economist Daily Chart: Love Kills



FYI on jury calls

Any of you ever get an email like this?

Dayaiee Abdullah, D.C. Imam, Provides Counseling, Weddings And Prayer Space For Gay Muslims

Delong Road

The Last Mystery of the Financial Crisis

Federal prosecutor booed at forum on tolerance

Music to fit your mood today

When Bush was President, Cheney said “Deficits don’t matter”

My autoimmune disease has sapped both my energy and my strength -

Over 500 Killed in India's Monsoon Floods

Politifact rates Obama's assertion of FISA "transparency" pants-on-fire...

Mitch McConnell Spars With Norm Ornstein: 'You've Been Consistently Wrong On Almost Everything'

Martha Stewart emerges from prison as a hardened criminal

HIGH ON KOCH: Lefty Nast jpeg

Absolutely the funniest "retort" from a teabagger I've heard yet:

The best part about being over 40 is....

This is getting real now..massive fire might take out South Fork, CO

Dawg's pals mourn his loss:

The Tea-Party, Republican Shark Jumpers

Thousands Protest Fracking in Albany...

The Lego Star Wars Organ

HIGH ON KOCH: Lefty Nast jpeg

Paula Deen Video Apology

Quinn: If I’m Mayor And Kelly Wants To Keep Job, Stop-And-Frisk Must Come Down...

Robert Duvall spectator at Bulger trial in Boston...

Anyone here ever done Red Cord?

If it's not Stalinism, then what is it?

A feel good story....

I haven't seen this here -- Stephen Colbert's moving eulogy for his mother (2nd picture on the site)

OK Turtle Boy-


AT&T and Verizon are about to put the squeeze on subscribers

The "Michael Hastings was a hit job" people keep forgetting one unavoidable fact.

Could Riots Really Prompt FIFA To Take the World Cup Away from Brazil?


The War on the Venezuelan Economy (includes photographic evidence)

Paula Deen Issues Video Apology

Enron’s Skilling gets more than 10 years cut off sentence

Petitions on ND Abortion Laws Short on Signatures.

Russia Foreign Minister: Syria Peace Conference Could Be Derailed If US Pushes For No-Fly Zone

Not so different...Arab Idol favourite Mohammed Assaf carries hopes of Palestinians into final

Get ready for Supermoon Sunday, you lunatics!

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Exclusive: U.S. Secretly Providing Training For Syrian Rebels

Genetically engineered sugar beets destroyed in southern Oregon

Lawyer resigns following accusations of misconduct in multibillion-dollar BP settlement case

Will Obamacare Hurt Jobs? It's Already Happening, Poll Finds

Asher Heimermann is a photographer in Sheboygan Wisconsin

What kind of snacks for this?

Leaked: UK spy agency has access to global communications, shares info with NSA

Anyone buy a GPS lately?

Mood in Brazil Tense Yet Hopeful After Mass Protests

Former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling gets prison sentence cut

I found myself shorter of money this month than usual so I dug through

Operation Junkyard: US scraps 'tons' of equipment as Afghan exit looms

Sen. Ted Cruz

Crazy ants are here

Non-Violent Protests

Father of Gun Violence Victim Heckled at "No More Names" Rally

Ohio's Gargantuan Anti-Abortion Bill Is Anti-Doctor, Anti-Patient, and Beyond

Nancy Pelosi Rips Boehner and Cantor’s Unprofessional Amateur Hour Clown Show

A "Vanity Card" from Chuck Lorre, Producer of "The Big Bang Theory"...

American Medical Association calls on reversal of gay blood donor ban

Lawyers eye NSA data as treasure trove for evidence in murder, divorce cases

Just curious. What do RKBA gun enthusiasts say about Wyatt Earp and his gun ban in tombstone?

U.S. Ordered to Halt Linking Aid to Anti-Prostitution Oath

Mindwalk (Must See) A Film for Passionate Thinkers

Apparently, those "Don't Say Gay" ads are working.

Food Network Says It Won't Renew Paula Deen Contract After Admission She Used Racial Slurs

Tesla introduces battery fast-swap for its Model S! 90 seconds!!!

“There are no foolish questions and no man becomes a fool until he has stopped asking questions”

I'm going out on a limb and buying a couple of

Happy Friday, DUers! Welcome to your Friday Afternoon Challenge: Art in the News, Part II!

Paula Deen: Food Network Gives Her the ax

Barney Frank:"We're making progress..

Venezuela says suspects held Portuguese man in bunker for 11 months

Email from Michael Hastings before crash mentions FBI probe

Beets. do you find them earthy? Kind of a dirt-like? Here's why...geosmin!

During which of these periods was the US better off?

Evidence revealed in law-suit shows cooperation of S&P & Moodys in Wall Street shakedown of America

Costco's CEO explains how to make record profits:

Tweety is devouring Mitch the chinless over the rabblerousing speech

Since The Food Network dropped Paula Deen

The Scam Wall Street Learned From the Mafia - Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone

Pope blames speculation, corruption for "scandalous" food crisis

Pope blames speculation, corruption for "scandalous" food crisis

Hard core anti-smoking commercials. We're scaring our kids.


Lawsuit alleges Michael Brown sexually assaulted unconscious woman on a boat

Apparently, there's not enough butter in the world to solve Paula Deen's problems

You will be STUNNED. Welcome to Halden Prison in Norway.

TCM Schedule for Saturday, June 22, 2013 -- The Essentials: Obsessed

Oregon Agency Blames Pesticide for Bumble Bee Kill (25,000 Dead in Shopping Center Parking Lot)

TCM Schedule for Sunday, June 23, 2013 - Essentials Jr.: Batten Down The Hatches!

Hasting's Death Needs Special Investigation

Officials: Lakeland cop told woman to lift shirt, shake bra during traffic stop

Yahoo News goes Birther

Racism and ignorance don't cancel each other out, you can be both

Rise of Another Corporate Mouthpiece to Destroy The Middle Class

Bye Bye Paula

BBC: Russia's ambiguous view of the West. "We have to have an enemy."

Chairmon Byron Cook behaves like a Rethug; House panel quickly OKs 3 abortion bills

My name is BainsBane and I'm an addict

Paula Deen to launch new cable channel

Film review: The Attack

Exclusive: NSA contractor hired Snowden despite concerns about resume discrepancies

Time To Call Stores And Ask The To Remove Paula Deen Products From Their Shelves.

Robert Reich Explains America's Inequality Problem In 150 Seconds (VIDEO)

Girl removed from school football team because boys have ‘impure thoughts’

I'm enraged!

Mormon Parents Learn to Accept Gay Son

Bicyclists in rush-hour traffic

(Texas) House panel quickly OKs 3 abortion bills

Backpacks banned from (Miami) Heat parade

Watch Your Mouth! New Jersey Bans Trash-Talking In High School Sports

Man performs lewd act, barks like dog while nightclub burns

"Bobby Jindal is the Republican Party’s problem"

First Nation invites strangers to live (visit) on Ontario reserve

Who remembers Paul Sanford?

What are the sexiest songs you've ever heard?

Facebook CIA Project

Breaking: U.S. Charges Snowden with Espionage

McConnell: ‘Absurd’ to ban corporations from having same rights as ‘people’

5,000 missing and nearly 600 dead so far in North India floods

Prison sentence for Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling slashed by 10 years

New Credit Card Surcharge Rules Mean Big Changes for Small Businesses

I'm enigmatic.

WTF? Russ Tice, Bush-Era Whistleblower, Claims NSA Ordered Wiretap Of Barack Obama In 2004

A Real Mind Flip For Many Here...

School reportedly bans 3 kids from grad ceremony for 8th-grade prank

Navy bans porn pinups, but underlying concerns persist....


DU needs this app desperately

U.S. training Syrian rebels at secret bases

Ran across this on an old DU thread and found it interesting:

Florida minor league team offering $3 deal to Heat fans -- with a catch

EFF In Depth Review: New NSA Documents Expose How Americans Can Be Spied on Without A Warrant

CBS already working to defeat Howard Dean

Tessa the Blind Dog Who Couldn’t Walk Finds Happily Ever After

bugs I met at work today

The bullying of girls is reaching into retail marketing

My pet mushroom. A story that will touch your heart...

Facebook Security Breach Exposes Six Million Email Addresses and Telephone Numbers

Ok this must cost a F'n fortune!

Have you said the N word?

That know...what was his name again?

So they charge Snowden with espionage in pretty short order, but the banksters wrecked . . . . .

I'm semi-automatic.

Venezuelan anti-corruption drive snares senior tax official

Facebook Admits Year-Long Data Breach Exposed 6 Million Users

Tokyo court says Samsung infringed Apple 'bounce-back' patent

Wow!... this is one fucked up site..

Who is your pick for 2016

Pork-laced bullets designed to send Muslims straight ‘to hell’

Apropos of nothing: I believe a minimum income is a great idea

4 feared dead from Alberta floods

2 Bangladesh garment factories show effort, lapses

Wynona's Big Brown Beaver

We pick on Texas a lot around here..

Should I ask a co-worker to set me up with one of her friends?

Iceland-Bound Jet for Edward Snowden 'Could Take Off Tomorrow'

Weekend Economists Profiles in Courage...and Tenacity...and Grit! June 21-23,2013

Senate sets Monday vote in key test for immigration bill

Harper joins Redford for 'first-hand look' sporting floods

Tank at Washington state nuclear site may be leaking radioactive waste

I sent in an alert, but never got an email on the outcome

Skype serving strobing adverts to epilepsy sufferers.

Vice Magazine does fashion shoot about women authors' suicides.

I am sure Comey wasn't chosen until an exhaustive search failed to turn up anyone more qualified.

When is the investigation of Andrew Breitbart's murder going to be?

Africa, 2013

Michael Hastings started young

Dear Paula Deen,

Religious School Bombing Kills 14 in Pakistan

College sports moment: go Mississippi State

Providing Patients Access to Healthcare Lowers Costs Study Finds

Hey Vice! Here are 99 Reasons I, As a Female Writer, Won't Be Killing Myself