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Connecticut: Going to Get Health Insurance Just Like a Visit to the Apple Store (344,000 uninsured)

I just saw "World War Z." **POSSIBLE SPOILERS **

Ip in security minister's shoes (Hong Kong Standard re Snowden)

Edward Snowden Criminal Complaint Public Document

Quebec language watchdog investigating yogurt spoons

Consumers Continue to Get Money Back (premium revenues on medical care)

6 things that happen when you write about feminism

Male Fox News guest to female Democratic consultant: “Know your role and shut your mouth”

Marketplaces Are Taking Shape in the States (Obamacare)

Former Intelligence Analyst: Obama Was Wiretapped By NSA In 2004

100,000 Morsi backers stage show of force in Egypt

Brazil leader to break silence about protests

Restaurant Where Tony Soprano Last Sat Pays Tribute To James Gandolfini

Why Does Rain Smell Good?

twitter humor: #PaulaDeenTVShows

The judges who preside over America's secret court

FAA moving toward easing electronic device use

Last Day to submit an entry for the June Photo Competition

U.S. millennials have socialist leanings, love technology

Was the Jill Kelley privacy lawsuit the "big story" Michael Hastings was working on?

The Nation: Google Handed Over Personal Data of Two WikiLeaks Volunteers to Grand Jury

Brazil gov't says to buy ranch at center of Indian land dispute

Why has the US filed formal charges against Snowden but not against Assange?

I'm Vegomatic.

What frikkin' PLANET does Bryan Fischer live on?

Obama to nominate Democrat, Republican to FEC

State, federal officials investigate possible new leak at Hanford (Nuclear Reservation)

Yes, Misandry IS a "thing".

My eye surgery went well.

Can anyone recommend a good (compact) toaster oven?

SUPERMOON On Sunday! Runnnnnnn!

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Friday Night’s Allright For Fighting

My Criticisms Of Obama Tend To Be Constructive.

A Hug from Sasha~ Beautiful

Any of you seeing wingers post Paula Deen recipes on Facebook?


Will there be massive riots and protests if the Supreme Ct rules against the voting rights act?

Remember this: There's ALWAYS a silver lining. ... ... ... ... ... ... citizen.

What % of users have opted out of jury duty?

Brazil protests: Dilma Rousseff unveils reforms

Brazil protests: Dilma Rousseff unveils reforms


Remember David Bowie in "Labyrinth?"

Suppressed report: UK law, telecom, insurance cos. routinely hire criminals to steal rivals' info

Death Toll in Indian Monsoon Flooding Nears 600

Facebook's chief security officer has been working for the NSA harvesting data for over 2 years

LAPD report upholds decision to fire Christopher Dorner

Worst Hanford tank may be leaking into soil

U.S. Moves to Seize Dietary Supplement From GNC Warehouses

McConnell: ‘Absurd’ to ban corporations from having same rights as ‘people’

Documents show FBI monitored Mexican author

Documents show FBI monitored Mexican author

Moral Monday Special Delivery from NARAL Pro-choice North Carolina

NASA, Deloitte To Bring Space-Age Risk Management To Oil And Gas Industry, NASA JSC

NC State AFL-CIO Email update (Moral Mondays and MORE)

PG&E: Fine for San Bruno blast may force rate increase

Thanks to DU, I now realize I'm a racist.

Gandolfini on Sesame Street. He, too, gets scared.

The Young Turks - New Show 9pm-11pm EDT 6.21.13

I think the Feds already have Snowden in their sights.

The leak was an attempt to bolster the libertarian brand.

THIS is how you frame a GOP (Paul Ryan) talking point.

SO, how many secret domestic spy programs are there anyway, and are they legal?

Memo to Fox News: Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Energy Are Not The Same

Must admit, I love these playboy commercials.

How to hold a clam.

Emmylou Harris/Rodney Crowell - Ashes By Now - live May 2013

'U.S. files criminal charges against Snowden over leaks - sources"--Reuters News

Ken Blackwell ...

What Tech Is Next for the Solar Industry?

Here's a Hint - when someone ....

Everyone in my house has gotten a stomach bug but far

Is Julia Reed DRUNK!! LOL

Nevada Gov. Tells US to Bury Nuke Waste Elsewhere

Germany's SMA says device to store solar energy can cut bills

Social media spreads and splinters Brazil protests

Is it OK to criticize Edward Snowden?

Feeling as if I am 4 yrs. old.

Siemens Exits Solar Industry, Suffers $1 Billion In Losses

Brazil stuns the world with an angry undercurrent

Carbondale’s Third Street Center reaches 100 percent efficiency, renewable energy milestone

Palo Alto Goes Solar, 80 Megawatts at 6.9 Cents per Kilowatt-Hour

Does repeatedly using the N-word make one a racist? Let's find out.

Huh. Last week a book I have was listed on Amazon for $185. This week? A little less than $4K

GCHQ taps fibre-optic cables for secret access to world's communications

Energy Department, NREL Announce New Research Center to Boost Clean Energy Technologies on a Smarte…

Well, I wan't going to post this, but...One year ago I talked to my dad for the last time.

Hehe ....

food network shows are staged

Privatizing America – One State at a Time (United States of ALEC — A Follow-Up)

Reconnect Austin proposal calls for removing the decks and tunneling I-35

The most intense storm I think I've ever seen tonight 6/21/13

"Why the US was (sorta) founded on June 21, 1788"

Matt Taibbi Reveals Financial Crisis Smoking Gun - Ratings agencies sold good ratings for cash

Sad Dog Diaries

Understanding Newer Atheists

Fox finger-pointer to woman: 'know your role and shut your mouth'

UN warns more arms in Syria mean more war crimes

I'm going to change a few peoples' home pages from Google

Study: religious oppression rises despite Arab Spring

As a woman, I think this tampon commercial is hilarious.

Preparing for the Pope

Look. Up in the sky. It's a bird. It's a plane. . . . It's S-U-U-U-PERMOON!

Total Information Awareness is not going away!

Paula Deen's racism goes far deeper than using the N word...

Nothing to see her . . . just a cat . . . in a chair

One Vid, Two versions--Which is funnier?

New York Review of Books - Austerity fail

After Ten Years (Dietrich Bonhoeffer 1942/3)

While you weren't looking, Obama still pushing for chained CPI Social Security cuts

Paula Deen fired but Tracy Morgan not so much

Do liberals and progressives like rock, country or rap music?

Did anybody go see World War Z tonight?

Peregrine: In her eyes I saw an intelligence, an understanding.

Real Questions: Is this the work of an artist or a rape culture perp?

Ex-President Carter Seeks Weakened Sanctions on Terror Group

Share your 'Big Brother 15" pre-game interview impressions.

Beagle-boxer-basset wins World's Ugliest Dog

U.S. Increasing Military Forces In Jordan

Maher And Panelists Trash GOP Over ‘Fetal Masturbation’ Theory: Does Nothing Embarrass Them Anymore?

Jon Stewart Appears On Egyptian TV, Talks Movie, Political Satire, And Fox News With Bassem Youssef

"Why the tomato was feared in Europe for more than 200 years"....

City of West sues owner, supplier of fertilizer plant that exploded

Grading Problems With Regents Exams Delay Some Diplomas.

BP & Shell Fixed North Sea Oil Prices for a Decade, Trader Says

Legendary Viking "sunstone" may have been discovered in shipwreck

'Loophole' Lets Out-of-Staters Fish Without Restrictions, Alaskans Claim

69 years ago (6/22/1944) modern American culture began when the GI bill was signed...

Brazil Media Groups Use Drones to Follow Protests

Brazil Media Groups Use Drones to Follow Protests

Musically, Where you at right now?

Liberal activists: Obama as Bush Lite? 'No way in hell'

Brewing company tries to reproduce 5000 year old Sumerian beer....

Question for the ladies here...would you do this?

Government and FARC negotiators reveal parts of signed agrarian reform

Fox Panel Denounces Bill Cunningham’s Tirade: ‘Not Only Crossed The Line, He Obliterated The Line’

My Hawaii Photos (pic heavy dialup warning)

My Hawaii Photos (pic heavy dialup warning)

Gay Conversion Ministry Shuts Down

Same-sex couples marry outside Supreme Court

From the chief of Brimfield Police Department (Ohio) tonight on FB

'Immigration Holds' Used on U.S. Citizens

Some Disabled Workers Paid Just Pennies an Hour

Research finds wealth warps your perspective and makes you less ethical

Please remind your children that speed doesn't kill...

FBI Stops Homemade X-Ray Weapon From Being Completed

Snowden Becomes Eighth Person to Be Indicted for Espionage by the Obama Justice Department

Do You Have A FaceBook?

Best Political Protest Signs Ever

"she freely admitted to using the N-word"

Surveillance Theater Movie Night Double Feature: Fail Safe and Anti-Trust

Biden Says ‘At Least Five Senators’ Want To Change Their Votes On Guns

Funniest Memes Mocking Congress

Karl Rove Mocked By Sen. Jeff Sessions Over Immigration...

Understanding the Prism leaks is understanding the rise of a new fascism

"Supermoon" this Sunday

Obama to seek return for investment in Africa

Former investigator for NSA background checks pleads guilty

UPDATE on unapproved Monsanto GMO wheat found in Oregon: Monsanto suggests wheat sabotage

Obamacare in 2014 can't come soon enough...

June 22,1922 – Herrin massacre: 19 strikebreakers & 2 union miners are killed in Herrin, IL.

A New Equation Reveals Our Exact Odds of Finding Alien Life I

June 22, 1807 – In the Chesapeake–Leopard Affair

St. Louis inventors offer car-seat monitor to prevent child deaths

The E.P.A. Backs Off on regulating Factory Farms

So how do we fix it?

Turkey's EU membership bid falters as diplomatic row with Germany deepens

Of the Corporations, for the Corporations, by the Corporations

Gone in 90 Seconds: Tesla's Battery-Swapping Magic

So, the cards issued for child support really suck

Facebook archive tool exposed contact info for 6 million users

A Man And His Cat Swim To Safety After Being Caught In Alberta Flooding (pic heavy)

Former NSA Analyst: Obama Was Wiretapped in 2004

U.S. Attorney Said Montana Medical Pot Growers Wouldn't Be Prosecuted -- Now They're Facing Life in

The Human Chain against The Chained CPI

The Huge Growth of MOOCs Threatens America's Great Public University System

The Evil Lies of Crazy Bankers: 6 Former Employees Expose Inhuman Greed of BofA

Biphobia: The Author Strongly Argues That Bisexuals Face Their Own Discrimination,

the nut in the blaine house

Baseball Team Nicknames

Are you kidding me? Defending Paula Deen on DU? You're outing yourself

Here’s The Security Breach Email Facebook Is Sending To 6M Users

Fracking Is Already Straining U.S. Water Supplies

Should Physician Pay Be Tied to Performance?

Airbus U.S. chief says presence in Washington possible

What the NSA Does With the Data It Isn't Allowed to Keep

Vegetarians are only trying to promote the Nazi brand

The Buchart Garden -Victoria, British Columbia

Face Veils and the Saudi Arabian Plague

Drone Over Washington {Artist and critic James Bridle's UAV-focused show}

Toon: Paula Deen's Signature Dish

Twitter goes all in on Paula Deen: Suggestions for her next tv show-

Sight a Saturday on the wing. Please come CAPTION Lou Dobbs on women's ascendancy!!!

The Animator

John K. Galbraith: The Age of Uncertainty #1 - The Prophets and Promise of Classical Capitalism

Snowden was Right, they’re Reading your Mail: How British Intelligence and the NSA are Tag-Teaming U

Tonight is the Strawberry Moon!

Question..Is AVG free protechtion, something to keep?

Let's check James Comey's Bush years record before he becomes FBI director

So When will Dick Cheney be charged with Espionage? His Crime was the Same as Snowden’s

House Republicans Hate Poor Too Much to End Farm Socialism

Cooking rhubarb this morning

The Ogden Memo and the Cole Memo: How the admin flipped on Medical Marijuana

I love Saturday mornings....Farmers Market and Trader Joe runs! Hope to find....

The Devil and Tom Corbett

On the Espionage Act charges against Edward Snowden Glenn Greenwald

The Other White Meat (cartoon)

A quote from Michael Hastings.

Revealed: The Story Behind the "NATO 3" Domestic Terrorism Arrests

UK Spying Scandal Even Bigger Than In U.S., According To GCHQ Documents Obtained By The Guardian

FISC Will Not Object to Release of 2011 Court Opinion That Confirmed NSA’s Illegal Surveillance

USDA approves label for meat from animals fed a GMO-free diet

Keiser Report: Size, Scale & Speed of Debt

Firefox question.

Its Free, Its Fast, Its Easy, Its Secure

The therapeutic virtues of venom

How Springsteen Helped Tear Down the Wall

Lying sacks of s*** of the week: Ohio "Republicans"

Western and Arab allies try to coordinate rebel aid

Left Forum 2013, Workplace Democracy, w/Richard Wolff and Gar Alperovitz, pts 1-3

Snowden not yet arrested despite U.S. request

NSA, PRISM: bad! FOIA? Let's not go there.

Syrian rebels report new shipments of heavy weapons, credit U.S. influence

Howard Kurtz & Fox News: A true love story

You’re wrong about John Boehner

New wave of foreigners in Syrian fight

Alan Grayson on Dems willing to cut Social Security "Members like that deserve to be Disciplined!"

Palm-Oil Giants Dodge Responsibility for Toxic Smog Covering Singapore

Miss USA contestants are asked about evolution

John Boehner Is Dangerously Clueless About Economics

The Meaning of a Good Job

PM Harpo Shocked, Shocked By Extent & Intensity Of Alberta Flooding - 3 Known Dead, 100K Evacuated

Another Blow to Class Action

LAST CALL A Buddhist monk confronts Japan’s suicide culture

for those who had been following Rude Pudit's story on his friend Mary. She got a liver transplant!

Aaaaaaaaaand City Of West, Texas Sues Fertilizer Plant Owner & Supplier - DMN

Is this a scandal?

Thai Government Advises Citizens To Avoid Travel To Singapore During Air Pollution Spike

Numbed by years of terrorism

The abuse of FISA, prosecuting whistleblowers, PRISM, kill lists. Guess what. It isn't about Obama

Rooftop PV

Taking the temperature. A quick poll of Democratic possibilities.

friends of mine: M:a.ture

McLibel leaflet was co-written by undercover police officer Bob Lambert

People who fixate on the "proper way" to learn the truth

So, Edward Snowden has been indicted and Julian Assange has not...

'You eat your cereal with water!'

Cacio e pepe with Favas and peas (video!)

Paula, Paula, Paula!

Matt Taibbi Reveals Financial Crisis Smoking Gun Ratings agencies sold good ratings for cash

The Devil and Tom Corbett

F-35 costs kick up more controversy outside U.S.

color bias, juries, and Obama

Saturday morning kitty time! My very own Grumpy cat.

Father of captive U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl speaks out on son's potential release

NYT Pays Tribute to Hastings by Attacking Him After Death

Be careful occupiers. These tactics are decades old it seems.

Lawyers challenge U.S. 'no fly' list in federal court in Oregon

Corporate Spooks Are Watching You: The Dangerous Rise of the Industrial-Surveillance Complex

So I'm googling "miniature golf" near my town for a fun activity for the kids

Obama: Time for excuses on immigration is over

Gay Man Becomes Acting Secretary of Air Force

Spell check function no longer works

Should Comey direct the FBI?

Spinning Surveillance via Discredited NSA Talking Points

Kawabe Chieko

Two couples, two guns, three deaths

China threatens death penalty for serious polluters

Taliban spokesman: Removal of sign threatens talks

Michele Bachmann Says If You Are Unemployed, You Should Starve

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday June 22nd

What about the weak makes the strong hate them?

Hundreds Of Texans Stand Up Against Sweeping Anti-Abortion Bill, Block It From Coming To A Vote

"The Espionage Act is a foul relic of a foul time, born of the repressive mind of Woodrow Wilson"

Matt Taibbi's Latest - Corrupt Rating Agencies Enabled 2008 Crash

To be fair, Paula Deen's pots and kettles are black

Really HuffPo? Really?

Birthers or morons (or both) at Yahoo! News?

A little dinged up, but I survived

"She probably got that Lexus from the divorce when she caught her ex bonking the maid."

I clicked on tools then options and got this:

Things In Politico That Make Me Want To Guzzle Antifreeze, Part The Infinity

Fox News Nabs Paula Deen After Her Release From Food Network: “She seems like our kind of lady”

Edward Snowden's Espionage Charges Met In Hong Kong With Silence

'Friends Of Syria' Countries Meet To Map Out Arming Rebels

Citizens react to Wisconsin state budget...

Tennessee Official Says Complaining About Water Quality Could Be Considered 'Act of Terrorism'

Are You a Boy?

Bill Clinton On NSA: Americans Need To Be On Guard For Abuses Of Power By U.S.

EXCLUSIVE: US hacks Chinese mobile phone companies, steals SMS data: Edward Snowden

I Need Feminism Because .... Add yours.

Icelandic Businessman Says Plane Ready To Take Snowden To Iceland

Yes, I do hope Edward Snowden escapes "justice" in the U.S.

US Steps Up Efforts To Break Guantánamo Hunger Strike

Stow it no more: FAA easing ban on electronics during takeoff, landing

Detroit Recovery Plan Threatens Muni-Market Underpinnings

This is what it feels like (with a surprise guest appearance) Armin Van Buuren

Tests On Dog Safety Belts Show 100 Percent Failure Rate...

New Documentary Sheds Light On US 'Juvenile Lifers'

Life Lessons with Kareem

Is it appropriate for flags in NJ to be flown at half-staff in memory of James Gandolfini?

Military Police Must Decide: Is The IDF A Gang Or An Army?

Action, Jackson! Mayor's Conference Marijuana

Hey! Summer's here. Whether your 18 or 80...don't you forget to get out in those rays and...

John Boehner's future as Speaker of the House? John Boehner worst Speaker of the House?

"I'm onto a big story and need to go off the radar for a bit."

Floridians may receive health insurance rebate

"Grats to Mt Fuji for being granted World Heritage status by UNESCO earlier on today!"

New York senate passes first animal abuse registry bill

A bill to end the Republicans' dreams of a Mexican wall

US steps up efforts to break Guantánamo hunger strike - Guardian/UK

Nationals' Harper Uncertain About Rehab Timeline.

Huff Po; Paula Deen in 2012, My great granddaddy shot himself when he no longer had his slaves

Government on offensive outside Syria's capital

Brendan [strike]FRASIER[/strike]FRASER is the antidote to Robt DOWNEY Jr and the repellant Nic CAGE

From the "maybe we can tiptoe into a war and they won't notice" files:

Russia Offers Iran New Replacement for S-300 – Paper

What happened to Joe Biden?

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 22, 1987

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 22, 1987

Snowden: US hacks Chinese mobile phone messages

Saturday, June 22nd. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

If you're up early Sunday morning and the sky is clear

An oldie-but-goodie: Astroturfed Teabaggers PAID TO TROLL liberals online

WikiLeaks' Assange urges support for Snowden, slams Obama 'betrayal'

Amer. Atheists' David Silverman at Netroots: ‘Why do we talk about God when we talk about politics?'

Group Wants Apology From Kobach for Comparing Them to the KKK

Maher on ‘bimbo’ Rick Perry’s ‘Merry Christmas’ law: Just stop it

A Lifeline for Minorities, Catholic Schools Retrench

Yahoo "News" Perpetuating Birther Meme

Stanley Cup: The final 3 games

Reddest states, whitest states, blackest states, and scapegoats

The Buck Stops on Obama's Desk

Why pay Carbonite to back up your computer files

Obama to urge backers to pressure Congress in August~

Sports are useless, wastes of time, and worthless? Read this: Soccer On Robben Island

So, are we all totally sure that...

More on the massive 40-50,000 bee deaths in Oregon (and some questions)

America's Berlin Wall, a fence built along the border with Mexico will be a permanent embarrassment

'Hell is Other People' is the anti-social app

Meet Arnold.

The Newsroom ... I'm diggin' it so far

Human Genetics - Agency Nixes deCODE's New Data-Mining Plan

We did not put our hands on the Constitution and swear to uphold the Bible

I'm beginning to think the NSA, CIA, et. al. are bad ideas. Talk me down.

(the Onion) Fully leveled-up Video Game Character Marvels At How Far He's Come

A situation dripping with irony.

Justice For Snowden

TCM Schedule for Monday June 24 - Star of the Month: Eleanor Parker

Greenwald: Snowden Charges Show Obama’s ‘Vindictive Mentality’...

Snowden is going to be prosecuted.

Norway’s Foreign Policy in the Americas: A Better Way Forward?

Free Hugs!

Idaho "gun enthusiasts" create line of pork laced bullets for use against Muslims

Jeb Bush Gets 'F' On School Spending

Filmmaker's Short Video Is The Best Explainer You Will Find On Why Brazil Erupted In Protest

Mitch McConnell: Citizens United Amendment Is An 'Absurd Proposal'

Captain Picard's Words of Wisdom

Sexy NSA Commercial With Sasha Grey

Question about the jury blacklist

There's another reason why it's good farm bill was defeated

NSA leak: Why Edward Snowden's Hong Kong gamble might pay off

quick question... NYT is it right or left leaning?

Today's NSA Brought to You By a Decade of Republican Fear-Mongering

Germans blow up their infrastructure

Snowden spy row grows as US is accused of hacking China

Bitcoin’s Big Bank Problem: Why Did Mt. Gox Halt U.S. Payouts?

My questions about leaks and whistle blowers

Indiana gives BP a pass on mercury

Probe into gifts to McDonnells finds new undisclosed items valued at tens of thousands

GOP Ignores Children Once They’re Outside The Womb

How Costco's high wage strategy beats Wal-Mart

GM silkworms bred to spin fluorescent silk

awesome pics of Colorado wildfires ( dial up warning)

Airshow accident in Dayton, OH - two dead (WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO):

Day 3 of 45 Pictures and Cartoons regarding the Republican War on Women

xPost from Feminists Group: Day 3 of 45 Pictures and Cartoons regarding the Republican War on Women

xPost from Feminists Group: Day 3 of 45 Pictures and Cartoons regarding the Republican War on Women

Wedding Gift Sparks Epic Text Battle: Is Marriage Etiquette Dead?

I'm Already Against the Next War

White House: "We expect" Hong Kong to comply with Snowden extradition

Senator Boxer, EPA to Probe Texas Explosion at June 27 Hearing

Federal Program to Pay Benefits without Checks Hurts Poor, Helps One Bank

Snowden: "I Had No Contact with the Chinese Government," "Predictable Smear."

Fracking fuels water fights in nation's dry spots

ACLU Statement and petition regarding Snowden.

White House: "We expect" Hong Kong to comply with Snowden extradition

My great-grandmother's name was Sallie Mae.

Colorado ends online concealed weapon permits

NYC Mermaid Parade is Today!

New Theory on Why Men Love Breasts - updated to include link

Bill on Gov. Rick Scott's desk divides gun rights activists

Court oversight of NSA phone surveillance is a joke

Public Opinion: What The US Really Thinks Of Edward Snowden And The NSA PRISM Project

Roundup Ready religion: The Vatican and GMOs

I saw the movie "The Purge"...

Bipartisan Bill to Ban Arms Shipments to Syria Introduced

Would the U.S. kidnap Edward Snowden if HK doesn't extradite?

FDA approves Plan B One-Step emergency contraceptive for use without a prescription for all women...

Well, wasn't he just the cutest?

ACLU Urges Action in Defense of Snowden

Video: Asshole heckles grieving father at gun safety rally, gets grabby with cops, ends up tazed

Stone Age Snails May Have Migrated With Traders From Southern France To Ireland 8,000 Years Ago

Walmart Fires Striker

No word from Hong Kong on Snowden’s return

C-124A Globemaster

Tens of thousands march in Rome against unemployment

On Food Stamps and Disability Benefits

Filmmakers’ group tries to reshape treaty that would benefit the blind

Woman allegedly bites off finger of another woman during fight over cigarettes

World War II Kittyhawk P-40 Found In Egyptian Desert

Bill Cunningham tells Tamara Holder "Know your role and shut up!"

Weather Service now does missing child Amber alerts (THIS IS FROM TODAY FOR NEBRASKA)

Does anyone use FIOS Mobile on their iPad?

NSA: "Yeah, ... well ... but the other kid were doing it."

This is why Texas should matter so much to Dems

Buy American Mention of the Week, 6-22-13 (Here's the skinny on American-made sunglasses)

need some vibes

I finally got a smart phone

Premieres TONIGHT (THURSDAY) Must watch TV: The Out List

Punk Island

Paula Deen and the Obamas

Bowe Bergdhal event

Count me as a dyed-in-the-wool, Yellow-dog, Alan Grayson/Elizabeth Warren/Bernie Sanders Democrat.

isms and divisons

Where is Nance anyway? Got run off of here, I believe. Anybody know?

What are you reading the week of June 23, 2013?

Ed Show on MSNBC now 5pm EST on 2014: get after radical Republican Governors

EdShow covering the issue of deliberate USPS destruction

Can we start naming names around here?

Pirates' Gerrit Cole throws 101 mph fastball ... fastest this year

A bit of good news for employment and money

Jaguar F Type ...

Worker killed at Pepsi bottling plant in St. Louis identified

They continue to steal monuments and markers of War Veterans

Your doggie will want to go pee every 30 seconds or so.

You KNOW he/she does. Your cat has a look of disapproval and disdain like the fist of an angry god.

You know you want it. And I got it for you. Founding Father beefcake. Bow-chika-bow-bow.

If only we had known how EASY it would have been to avoid all that misery.

Li'l Tiny MFM's absolute delight in this never diminished one iota during his entire life.

MiddleFingerMom has always had the WORST luck with new technologies.

Gino's East Pizza of Chicago ROCKS!

NSA controversy boosts interest in ‘private’ Internet search engines

The ACLU message isn't going to help Snowden.

In Cairo, Egypt's Jon Stewart hosts 'Daily Show's' Jon Stewart

Anyone else feel like Obama may step down, let Joe finish out his 2nd term, then

I sure am enjoying my time on the internet today. Turns out, there are a lot more places to hang

North American Birds Declining as Threats Mount

Texas Signs ‘Merry Christmas’ Bill Into Law

Jon Stewart on the Joys of Three-Legged Dogs

Nancy Pelosi Booed, Heckled Over Edward Snowden, NSA Comments At Netroots Nation 2013

When Photo Ops Go Horribly Awry

Got a chuckle out of this one....

WOOHOO! I've got one more ignore!

Mugicha (barley tea) is the flavor of summer in Japan

What's the difference between GD and teh Longue?

Toon: GOP Fetal 'Facts'

Does anyone know anyone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?...

Push To Extradite Edward Snowden From Hong Kong Could Take YEARS As Mainland China Officials Wade In

"Shhh! Let's have an international trade meeting and not tell anyone."

Edward Snowden: Google, Facebook disclosures deceiving

U.S. publicly increases pressure on Hong Kong to arrest Snowden

Drone Spying Capabilities Are About To Take Another Huge Leap

Obama to lay out climate change plan in speech on Tuesday

NYT: Snowden "staying in an apartment... controlled by the Hong Kong government’s security branch"

Boxing (6-22)

Church of England creating 'pagan church' to recruit members (Hey, Good Luck with that! LOL!)

An uncomfortable truth

Fascinating....".I'm Singing for Freedom!....or, the End of Freedom?" The TRAP!

'I Am Sorry That It Has Come to This': A Soldier's Last Words

"Medicine is another word for power, love or energy"

With a Heart as Big as the Moon!

Firecracker Season

US Boosts Military Presence in Jordan after Exercises

Pictures: Celebrating the 2013 Summer Solstice

Chris Hayes Keeps Glenn Greenwald A Little Bit Honest On Snowden Charges

Russia Marks Anniversary Of Nazi Invasion As Memory And Sorrow Day

The Paula Deen newstory...

So, it seems I have a Socialist Robin-Hood Pirate ancestor.

Best Leadbelly cover?

Paula Deen Fans Vent Outrage At Food Network For Dumping Celebrity Cook Over Past Racial Slurs

Why we celebrate the summer solstice (Scientific American)

USDA Skeptical Of Monsanto Sabotage Claim On ‘Zombie Wheat’ Probe

Our Founding Fathers rebelled against "Taxation Without Representation"; so now,

GaryJohnson Schools RedEye Panel On Illegal Immigration: ‘Cream Of The Crop When It Comes To Workers

Congressman Says ‘Princesses: Long Island’ Promotes Antisemitism

Food for thought on the SNAP debate. The cost to eat.

So, the old man just died this morning. (My biological father)

Fukushima, Nuclear Power Plants And The Middle East: What Could Go Wrong?

Tussle Over Nuclear Plant Documents May Sink N.R.C. Appointment

Mofaz: US Troops In Jordan A Message To Syria's Assad

The Breakthrough Institute – Why The Hot Air?

Why did they wait so long to charge Snowden with espionage??

I love when cats sleep in an odd way...

“Next Time We Will Pray In Jerusalem”–Activists Demonstrate At Apartheid Checkpoint...

21 years in 6 minutes 2o seconds

Big U.S.Companies You Might Not Know Are Religious

Where's the sense of outrage?

Obama Liberals Aren’t Buying the Media’s False Equivalency to Bush

The flavor of life ~Utada Hikaru

Horses, not dogs, may soon be used to track lost people