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Glenn Greenwald

Ran into some Lyndon "LaDouche" whackos today. These people are truly nuts.

Could the NSA be taken under the FBI's wing?

Anybody going to watch Nik Wallenda's stunt on the

NYT: Assange Says Ecuador Issued Key Travel Doc Last Monday

Fort McMurray, Home to 176 Square km of Tar Sands Tailings Ponds, Overwhelmed by Floods

Whistleblower Snowden Escapes Arrest In Hong Kong Thanks To US Errors

Calgary police respond to query about 'vagrants and questionable people' in flood area! (pic)

We collect harmless and irrelevant data

Snowden's Travels Raise Concerns Of Foreign Involvement

Lost puppy

Egypt's army delivers an ominous warning

Russian Law Enforcers Have No Grounds To Detain Snowden

WikiLeaks: Snowden going to Ecuador to seek asylum

Forget how far I'd go for a Klondike bar, I'd go all the way to Austin for a Dirty Sanchez (4 down).

The Upside of Genocide

Powerful New York Prosecutors Under Scrutiny As Many Convictions of Likely Dirty Cop Are Probed

So yesterday this 70 year old lady whispered to me Obama picked Hagel because...

Thoreau went to jail. Gandhi went to jail. MLK went to jail. Snowden went to Hong Kong.

Medication Nation

Does Edward Snowden Flight Change The Narrative Of NSA Story?

Edward Snowden is a man without honor.

I've decided to evolve... (Sunday humor)


'Capitalism no longer delivers the goods in the West. It delivers the bads. More and more.'

Censorship...and self


A Must Read... Yes, summer job paid tuition back in ’81, but then we got cheap

Hey Pinterest, yeah you, right here

Celebrity Wife Swap: Rivers and Palins

For the sake of curiosity. What happens if Obama shuts down the NSA thing?

Please don't tell Mama I work for Republicans

(Awesome) Naked mole rats and cancer

Mayor, Council Speaker Announce Budget Agreement-NYC

Church without God - by design

Would a real lefty feel comfortable living in Galena today?

Herbal Earth

Im tired of the everyone concentrating on Snowden and not the surveillance state

Forgive me for reposting, but I accidently deleted the link to High on Koch poster

image:Free Pussy Riot, Prosecute Snowden

DNI and ex-Booz Allen VP James Clapper: Iraq 'unquestionably' moved its WMD to Syria

Equality House Hosts Lesbian Wedding

Five ways religion can influence political beliefs

It looks like it's going to be a marvelous night for a Super Moondance

Solar Energy Spurs a Power Struggle

Something I've always found interesting about Orwell's 1984

The news media appears to be utterly gleeful that Obama has been "embarrassed"

Turkey, amid Islamization and anti-Semitism, fit for EU membership?

PIC: Snowden Spotted Flying With Wikileaks Crew To Russia

Jimmy Carter: A Sunday Interview

Risk of interfaith conflict looms over Central African Republic

Marriage Equality Now!

You can believe in the constitution and not be a libertarian

Mother booked with second-degree murder after self-inflicted gunshot wound leaves 5-year-old dead

Jean Valjean was a coward!

Colorado wildfire rages, as town braces for long evacuation

What is it about Edward Snowden that elicits a negative reaction from some people?

Twinkies Set to Make 'Sweetest Comeback' in July

China Said to Have Made Call to Let Leaker Depart

Netroots Nation: Why Alt-Labor is Important

Afghanistan War: Afghans seek explanation for Taliban office at Doha

Texas lawmakers debate closing nearly all the state’s abortion clinics

Anyone see "60 Minutes" tonight?

From HBO's The Newsroom, August 2012 - The NSA is datamining and spying on everyone

The Big Story About The NSA Surveillance / Snowden

Eyes turn to Toledo as flashpoint in abortion-rights controversy

Rights Unit Finds Bias Against Transgender Student.

Ugh! I hate it when fruit looks good, has a great fragrance, and has no flavor.

On Snowden's trip, no good options for Obama

Wallenda is now halfway across the Grand Canyon

When was the last time, or any time, that Wikileaks

GMO crops set ablaze...

Immigration reform foes count on House to kill the bill

Nik Wallenda is halfway across the Grand Canyon, Jesus is his only companion

It took a little effort but we finally got the Lounge bathroom situation straightened out.

I just watched "Before Midnight". If you liked the first two...

Hong Kong let Snowden go after US bungling, but Washington makes a face

washington Post secretive surveillance court

Earth Democracy

The myth behind Brazil's Lula is crumbling

DUFantasizers- It's getting close for our keeper league

So whoever hates Ron/Rand Paul the most, "wins" every DU argument?

"We Were Middle-Class Once, And Young" by Paul Krugman at the NY Times

Why do Libertarians run as Republicans?

Son of Church Deacon Shot and Killed by Police

Happy birthday Alan Turing...RIP

Chris Bosh fights with a piece of confetti.

Keep digging!

Quiz: What Kind of Liberal Are You?

Web Inventor Berners-Lee Warns The Powers That Be Are 'Trying To Take Control' Of The Internet

NPR Ruins Day With Facts About Violence Against Women

Dumb Criminals: Times Square Weed Panhandler Stabs Beer Panhandler

"Less time separates us from Tyrannosaurus rex than separated T. rex from Stegosaurus"


More From Matt Taibbi On S & P Story in Rolling Stone

MiddleFingerMomSis turned me on to this one. If you don't mention 'spinach", it's a great way...

City moves Citi Bike stations from richest areas while letting other contested racks stay

Chasing Ice is on Netfix Streaming

OK, I have a question.

This baby was born safe and healthy....

Interesting ATF Firearms Trace data for 2012

Hostess gets the Bain Capital treatment.

Chasing Ice is on Netflix Streaming

Macklemore helps mainstream hip-hop go gay positive with his song "Same Love."

Which word best describes Snowden

RIP Bobby 'Blue' Bland

It's Not About Snowden, But He's A Hero ?

Snowden DU Cognitive Dissonance Syndrome

If I could ask - a few thoughts for my son tonight?

Offering Snowden Aid, WikiLeaks Gets Back in the Game

China 'made final call' in Snowden's Hong Kong flight, as US expresses disappointment

Can't they just dismantle the most intrusive aspects of the surveillance program and we can move on?

The Other James Gandolfini: "Sopranos" Actor Remembered For Support of Injured Vets, Community Media

Oh shit...I thought we we’re done with the Ron Paul thing in 2011..

Don't worry about the guvmint SPYING on US - they couldn't even SPY on SNOWDEN or catch him!1 n/t

Why Snowden Picked Moscow as His Transit Point

UK's nuclear clean-up programme to cost billions more than expected

Stephen Lawrence family and friends targeted by police 'smear' campaign

Sen. Feinstein On Edward Snowden: "The Chase Is On"

Was Aaron Sorkin a traitor for what he included in HBO's The Newsroom series last August?

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 25: Schoolgirl Crushes

Win 8 Problem

Jury Alert/Glitch

MI5 feared GCHQ went 'too far' over phone and internet monitoring

The basic acts of governing are not worthy of secrecy.

Great song for the mood of the over night

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, June 26: TCM Guest Programmer: Joseph Abboud

This NSA spying would not have happened under a Ralph Nader Administration

Now I know why the GOP is dead set against Immigration Reform~

Blues singer Bobby 'Blue' Bland dies at 83

I'm trying to figure something out about Youtube, and their "standards."

Remember those cake walks that were always at the local fairs?

White House says expects Russian government to look at all options available to expel Snowden back..

I see two big (non-environmental) problems.

Stormy Monday, 6/24/13

Pols mock Snowden 'oppression tour'

‘Chinese government managed to drain contents of four laptops Snowden brought to Hong Kong’

Treason: You are liars. You are cowards. You are scum.

Don't dare speak about violence against women

Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes ..

Snowden's flight sets back US relations with China and Russia.

Surveillance is necessary precisely because we say it is necessary.

what is the best anti virus protection for my new laptop with windows 8 operating system?

Only 25 minutes from the verdict to a summary conviction

So to understand the argument...

Republican Congressman Crushes CNN’s Attempt to Blame Obama for Snowden’s Escape

Rep. Rogers Blasts Snowden: Just Go To North Korea, Iran To Round Out ‘Government Oppression Tour'

Who kills women with guns?

Guns used for self-defense vs. acts of violence

Snowden expected to fly to Cuba, U.S. urges his detention

I think I just found the worst song / video of all time...

Italy ex-PM Berlusconi sex trial's verdict expected

Gimme That Old-Time Religion: A Growing Number of Greeks Bow To Zeus, Apollo, and Hera

"Mandela’s Condition Is Reported to Deteriorate to ‘Critical’"

NSA director says he has ‘no opinion’ of WikiLeaks, ‘I really don’t track them’

FISA: Now Hiring!

Is it possible Snowden just wants cash?

My Little Droney: Surveillance Is Magic

I was bicycling home today and passed this pasted on an electrical pole...

I am Bradley Manning

77% of gun homicide victims are men.

When committing espionage...

First they came for Ring Dings...

Bonesaw and Velocity

US tech firms look abroad for engineers (BBC) {H1-B visas -- who sponsors them?}

Name a TV show and when it "Jumped the Shark"...

Information services staff has grown 15% under Harper

U.S. urges Russia to expel Snowden

Shout out to Dennis Kucinich!

What armchair commentators say about your feminism doesn't matter

My cat is eating more, losing weight and his fur looks like hell

I just want to smoke weed and listen to Stir It Up...

Hungary won't tolerate GMO seeds, burns 1,000 acres of corn

Republicans Push 700 New Laws to Regulate Women's Bodies

AP PHOTOS: Paraguay’s only public psychiatric hospital runs short of food and medicine

Suspended Paraguay Says It Will Not Rejoin Mercosur

An attempt to revive the "CCW increases homicides" myth...

What's for Dinner ~ Monday June 24th

Looks like the right is making a concerted

Power outage from Cambria down to us in the San Luis Obispo County South on the Central Coast

Curious. USG didn't try to get a Red or Blue Notice against Snowden.

Thurgood Marshall's dissent in Smith v. Maryland (1979).

PlayStation 4 Will Be Running Modified FreeBSD

June 24: National Pralines Day

Official Corruption in Mexico, Once Rarely Exposed, Is Starting to Come to Light

Official Corruption in Mexico, Once Rarely Exposed, Is Starting to Come to Light

16th-century method may ease mine drainage

CicLAvia fills Wilshire Boulevard with bicycles (LA Times)

CicLAvia fills Wilshire Boulevard with bicycles (LA Times)

Snowden's travels raise concerns of foreign involvement

Rhetorical appeal!

Latest Updates on Snowden’s Asylum Pursuit

Guevara's 'betrayer' tells his story: 'When I heard Che had died it was like a bullet had hit me’

Guevara's 'betrayer' tells his story: 'When I heard Che had died it was like a bullet had hit me’

Who's Your Favourite?

Peace for Ireland means no arms for Syria going through Shannon...

Juan Cole: Top Ten Ways US TV News Screwing Us Again on NSA Surveillance Story (Iraq Redux)

Hotel Sofitel at Heathrow...

TX Republican state rep says "Rape kits are for getting cleaned out."

Chile presidential favorite says HidroAysen project not viable

Secret Agent Man

Forecast: Cost Of PV Panels To Drop To $0.36/Watt By 2017

DO NOT mess with my baby!

US factory boss held hostage by workers in Beijing

You bet I'd run like Snowden!

Retired private detective runs professional deception business

Excellent beginning sequence of Argo a short history of west's dealing with Iran.

Politicians can be replaced.

Man held over Annecy family murder

The NSA's metastasised intelligence-industrial complex is ripe for abuse

The NSA's metastasised intelligence-industrial complex is ripe for abuse (xpost from Veterans)

US warriors in search of Afghan peace

LDP's Takaichi retracts death toll comment after sparking anger in Fukushima

More questions?

How Cash Secretly Rules Surveillance Policy

Our man in Quito

There is apparently no real evidence that Snowden was ever in Moscow.

Valmont worker critically injured

Where in the world is Edward Snowden? No one knows. Gurardian Live Blog

Live And Let Spy - Axl Rose on the Edward Snowden NSA Scandal and More

Warcraft Sequel Lets You Play A Character Playing Warcraft

Today in labor history for the week of June 24, 2013 (17 workers are killed and much more)

US officials look and sound like a bunch of bozo's

Texas Lege votes to return to Dark Ages for women

Mohammed Assaf won Arab Idol

Breaking: Flight to Cuba for Which Snowden Booked Departs, But He's Not Seen on Board

All this brouhaha wouldn't be happening if Comrade Stalin was running things

where the fuck has legal whistleblowing gotten us re surveillance: Binney, Wiebe and Drake

The Secrecy Industry is Dead

So they were pompous with Putin... without having checked anything?

7 Institutions That Have Grown So Monstrously Big They Threaten to Destroy America

6 Facts About Hunger That Demonstrate the Shameful Excesses of American Capitalism

Buckling Highways: German Autobahns Can't Stand the Heat

Powerful New York Prosecutors Under Scrutiny As Many Convictions of Likely Dirty Cop Are Probed

Can Frackers Be Paid Off? How One Community Is Trying to Buy Out Oil and Gas Leases

Global Surveillance: The Public Must Fight for its Right to Privacy

"Like most others, I was a seeker, a mover, a malcontent...

Glenn Greenwald is "Aiding and Abetting" Democracy

Male or Female

Picture This: Up the Waterspout

Jerome Karle dies at 94; Nobel winner in chemistry

I found Summer!

Bravo, Bookstore... Bravo

Journalist about Plane without Snowden:

Snowden A No Show On Flight From Russia To Cuba

Ricardo Patiño Aroca, Ecuador’s foreign minister, is holding a press conference in 10 minutes time.

Control over food is at stake with Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Old Labor Asks New Labor for Help as Strike Looms at Patriot Coal

Chris Hedges: The Eternal Rebel: Ronnie Kasrils

The Revolving Door: Facebook's Former Security Chief Now Works for the NSA

Paula Deen Scandal Continues As Employees Tell Rainbow/PUSH Coalition Of Alleged Discrimination

A Congress Only CEOs Could Love

Mystery of the lost stash solved

Democratic rights are at stake in fight to defend Edward Snowden

Wisconsin: Last-minute voucher expansion gives $420 million to private/religious schools

Monday Toon Roundup 1: Secret Secret

Monday Toon Roundup 2: Farmer Boehner

Monday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Noam Chomsky: Obama Is 'Running Biggest Terrorist Operation That Exists'

In Yemen, Most Al Qaeda can be Captured, but Killing is Easier

RoJo: "Americans Better Off" When Apple Sets-Up Phony Overseas Offices to Evade U.S. Taxes

The BIS Loses Its Mind, Advocates Kicking Citizens and the Bond Markets Even Harder

Big Brother on Steroids.

This morning the TX House voted to essentially ban all abortion

Corbett Gets Ready to Blame the Feds for 4,000 Phila. School Layoffs; Complete Gridlock continues

The 9th Century Comes 'a Calling

Does one not need to print off their airline tickets any more? I booked a flight and got

McCarthyism - Insider Threat - learn from history please

1 in 5 children in Maine live in poverty

NY Times' Michael Hastings Obit Criticized By Public Editor

Paula Deen is schedule to be interview on the Today show Wed. Who wants to bet she shows?

JP Morgan’s Man in the White House

Privacy (cartoon)

The Pursuit of Edward Snowden: Washington in a Rage, Striving to Run the World

How far do you think the U.S will go to get Edward Snowden?

Why shouldn't David Gregory be fired?

The NSA's Metastasized Intelligence-Industrial Complex Is Ripe for Abuse Valerie Plame Wilson

Jim Carrey pulls out of promoting his own movie in the wake of Sandy Hook

Russia says it has no authority to expel Snowden; Kerry: ‘Deeply troubling’

Global Surveillance: The Public Must Fight for its Right to Privacy

The BIS Loses Its Mind, Advocates Kicking Citizens and the Bond Markets Even Harder

Crime rates are at historic lows yet our prisons are over capacity. What gives?

Russia says it has no authority to expel Snowden; Kerry: ‘Deeply troubling’

One of life's unanswerable questions, and it should not be this way?

I can open my eyes if I want to

Pervez Musharraf should be tried for treason, says Pakistan's prime minister

Alex Bennett (finally) fired (Sirius XM Left). Maybe an actual Liberal host & liberal AM show now???

Saw this on FB, worth a share

Man builds 1960's 'Batcave' to give tours to sick kids

Zimmerman trial about to begin.

Abandoned Cats (and the Internet) Save a Village

Egypt steps up Gaza tunnel crackdown, dismaying Palestinians

Israeli Aircraft Strike Targets in Gaza Strip

Gary David Goldberg, Family Ties creator, dies aged 68

UPMC swallowing another hospital system

Is the Obama Administration pushing for the abandonment of the Nuremberg principles?

Well, the Zimmerman trial started off with some fun! LOL!


Pretty sure it's not a duck... (dialup warning)

Zimmerman Prosecution Opening Statement: "F**king Punks"

What topic is the most covered up/laughed at by our govt?

How will terrorists communicate now that they know their phone calls are listened to...?

This is in response to the thread about the women who was fired when her abusive SO showed up at her

"Agency Busy Spying on 300Million People Failed to Notice One Dude Working for It" (BOROWITZ)

Alberta's Manhattan Moment - 3X All-Time Record Rainfall Makes For An Inland Sandy

Something for all of us to ponder... some more than others... some MUCH more than others,

Obama should treat Snowden the same way he treated Bush's torturers and Wall Street banksters

Egypt mob attack kills four Shia Muslims near Cairo

2 NATO Research Groups Slam US' "Misguided" Focus On Securing More Oil & Gas, Ignoring Climate Risks

Obama to make major climate change announcement with executive orders tomorrow.

The Coalition of the Unwilling

Are we going to be disappointed tomorrow with the Markey turnout in MA.

GAO report finds thousands of contractors paid more than VP

Obamacare starts in 100 days

An American citizen is seeking asylum in a foreign land

I've had some great luck with Google Books

Supremes: Affirmative Action in Schools upheld

Tom Tomorrow: Return of the Invisible Hand

Bobby "Blue" Bland

Chief NSA contractor Booz Allen also working for United Arab Emirates

Boeing 787 Dreamliner makes emergency landing

No prop 8 or DOMA decision today folks nt

For argument's sake, let's say Obama closed Gitmo, ended the drone program, ended the NSA program

Supreme Court punts on affirmative action case

What's The Donald up to now? Please come CAPTIONED the Mouth-with-a-Hairdo!!!

Supreme Court Says No To Generic Drug Design Lawsuits

Why shouldn’t David Gregory be charged with a crime? (Salon)

Laderika Smith Charged With Murder After 5-Year-Old Girl Fatally Shoots Self In New Orleans

The Lyme-disease infection rate is growing. So is the battle over how to treat it

NYT: Snowden's flight from Hong Kong was spurred by fears of life without computer access

At Taco Bell, It's Not 'Meat,' It's 'Protein'

Chris Kluwe: Here’s what’s wrong with Ayn Rand, libertarians

SUGGESTION: Start a Daily Master Thread for the Zimmerman trial.

BREAKING: The Supreme Court will announce additional opinions at 10 am ET tomorrow

Rasmussen Shows Collapse In Rubio’s Support Among Republicans

RW think tank: publish the names and amounts of every single benefit claimant in the country

Let's ask an expert. . . . Please come CAPTION Ben Stein!!!!

Wikileaks Founder Says Snowden Possibly Applied For Asylum In Multiple Countries

Alvaro Uribe elected greatest Colombian in history

Cuccinelli Refuses To Say Whether E.W. Jackson Was His Top Choice

Why Ecuador?

Apple dumps Samsung, inks three-year TSMC chip deal for iPhone 6 and beyond

Obama’s EPA Gets Supreme Court Hearing on Coal Pollution

What prevents BoozAllen from selling info to corporations like Monsanto or to health insurers ?

Since when does whistleblowing require transmission of secrets to the world?

Man aiming at caged raccoon shoots himself in leg

Katrina Victims Rejected by High Court in Army Corps Suit

Colombia’s ambassador to OAS implicated in corruption scandal

Snowden’s Flight Sets Back Obama’s China, Russia Outreach

Ann Arbor's vision for high-capacity transit taking shape with possible Connector routes mapped

Sacrificing everything for my dog

Colombia creating spy unit to wiretap Facebook and Skype

Job-Supervisor Harassment Suits Limited by U.S. Supreme Court

Report: Federal Defense Contractors Paid Almost Double Obama’s Salary

After Jailing Women, Bolivia Weighs Legalizing Abortion

After Jailing Women, Bolivia Weighs Legalizing Abortion

The US is appalled that Snowden would use Cuban soil to avoid US courts:

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 24, 1970

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 24, 1970

This is the guy to blame for trying to overturn Affermative action and the voting rights act

OK Mass Dems, get out there and GOTV for Markey. Take NOTHING for granted. Good Luck ! :-)

Israel stops children's puppet theatre show over PA link

World Bank: Money Laundering Criminals | Interview with Whistleblower Ka

OFA Cuts Fundraising Goal In Half: Report

(UK) A TRADITIONAL Royal Navy toast to officers' wives and girlfriends has been axed

Colombia: A Stepping Stone for U.S. Operations against Venezuela

Supreme Court To Consider Letting Protesters Near Abortion Clinics

Report: Kremlin Says Russia Didn’t Know Snowden Was Coming To Moscow

Is the EPA serving corporate interests over our rights to clean water and air?

China’s alarming credit crunch

Hello, Loungers! (Loungees?)

Sail on, sail on, nobel Monday! But first send your children to CAPTION Sarah Palin!!!

Milan court sentences Silvio Berlusconi to seven years and bans former PM from public office in 'bun

Storify: Texas Republicans Continue War On Women, Texans Fight Back

Live coverage of the Zimmerman trial....

Breaking on Bloomberg homepage: Berlusconi convicted in sex with minor trial

"Obama is a F*****G FRAUD"?

"The Terrorists™" are not stupid.

I wasn't against Snowden and was laughing when people called him a spy but...

Pic Of The Moment: I Mean, Really

Guatemala’s Rios Montt Genocide Prosecution: The Legal Disarray Continues

Power outages in Calgary could last for months after floods (bonus - no flood ins)

Silvio is now a convicted sex offender

Zimmerman Defense--Worst Opening Statement Ever

Jan Brewer: Senate Immigration Bill 'Victory for Arizona'

Snowden receives refugee document of passage from Ecuador

Snowden vs. Manning

Jan Brewer supports the Senate immigration bill. Who slipped her the sanity pill?

For those curious, the USDA sends units to Afghanistan to help farmers plan and market crops

So, corporate journalists aside, are what are some real, independent places for news?

Anyone watching the Zimmerman trial on HLN?

Man builds 1960's 'Batcave' to give tours to sick kids

prosecution opening statement - powerful

New documentary film about Tennessee's Melungeons to show in Wytheville...

The Ed Show - Low wages and high priorities

Snowden - who else thought of the guy that married Princess Margaret

No more coffee rings on your tables....

Words are a waste of letters. Come CAPTION Mitch ('Ditch the Car. Wipe the gun.') McConnell!!

80% of Pre-Packaged Foods in America Are Banned in Other Countries

UCTV Science at the Theater - How Hot will it Get? - The Non-Sugar Coated Truth

J.D. Power ranks GM tops in quality for first time

My dog has "First World Problems" -- how about your pets?

NSA director: Edward Snowden has caused irreversible damage to us

Douchemobiles: Flo Rida's Gold Plated Bugatti, Justin Bieber's Leopard Print Audi R8

Have I just missed it? Has this synchronicity regarding Snowden been obvious to everyone all along?

Sectarianism and the Irrational New Discourse: Why Arabs Must Worry | Ramzy Baroud

Time for the U.S. to grow up.

As a US citizen scurries around looking for asylum, the US spokespeople sound whiney and weak.

Somebody please tell Lindsey Graham to catch up. He has written to Russia. & Negative impact China

Paths of Folly | James Howard Kunstler

We need a list. I'll start.

Big Pharma Cashes In With Obamacare

Khadamas for Sale: Child Exploitation Bonanza | Ramzy Baroud

Rafael Nadal down two sets to love at Wimbledon (for those feeling over-Snowdened).

Fayetteville people arrested at Tar Sands Blockade this morning in Oklahoma.

The Revolution Must Be Accessible: Reject Able-ism | Mickey Z.

Get your rat cheese right here!

Julian Assange Won’t Say When Wikileaks Began Working With Ed Snowden

Pakistan to seek treason charges against Musharraf

A World Without Tigers? | Mickey Z.

Impact of Zimmerman verdict

Nikki Haley Still Undecided On Reelection Bid In 2014

“One day there will be another kind of justice! One day they will go down in history!”

Snowden Says He Took Job With Contractor To Collect Evidence Of NSA Programs

Justice Thomas Says Court Should Have Gutted Affirmative Action

(WTF?) Texas Republican finds cure for rape!

Rape of Iraqi Women by US Forces as Weapons of War: Photos and Data Emerge

New website shows road projects that would be possible with transportation bill

Has Zimmerman's lawyer already cooked his case?

What Actually Happens | John Michael Greer

Local Faux affiliate screws up in their crawl...

Responsible Gun Owner of the Day

What's causing the Snowden's trip delay and what might be happening?

76% of Americans Are Living Paycheck-To-Paycheck

Fine, you despise Snowden, have nothing but contempt for the dishonorable, traitorous little fuck

Link busted again for some reason...reposting poster

Stocks Slammed By China And Fed

Here's one from left field, want to bet James O'Keefe is involved with Snowden?

Colbert Exposes Nestlé’s Disturbing Desire To Privatize Water

Growing support for nuclear France

Lower pollution levels linked to worse hurricanes

For my 1000th post: 12 Weeks of No News/TV/Internet

What to do if you find an animal locked in a hot car

Boston Globe: Harvard scientist links pesticides to honeybee colony collapse

Lost in all of this: 9/11 could have been prevented if Bush had taken security briefings seriously.

Jewelry store robber shot at Oakbrook Center, 2 sought (AKA: Don't bring a hammer to a gunfight)

How America's friendly northern neighbor became a rogue, reckless petrostate.

Your break from Snowden....

In Debate Over Military Sexual Assault, Men Are Overlooked Victims

Snowden is one issue and NSA oversight is another.

When It's More Than a Flag, It's a Feeling

Texas Legislator Claims Rape Kits Are A Form Of Abortion

George Zimmerman trial: Opening statements underway

On Being Useful & Employed (long, blunt)

Actually, my biggest stumbling blocks right now are some health issues.

Dear small line of dirt that won't go into the dustpan:

Amnesty International: USA must not hunt down or prosecute whistleblower Edward Snowden

Iconic Iraq War photo stirs call for national monument

Paula Deen to appear on 'Today' Wednesday days after being no-show amid N-word controversy

Darden's California Fight A Huge Mistake

5-year-old girl left home fatally shoots self in head, cops say

Yay. The Supreme Corporation of the United States rules that generic drug makers can't be sued

Obama Policy Team ‘Trying To Rein In’ Kerry

Edward Snowden’s Mad Dash

In case you're doubting, there IS a God!

Car bombs kill 39 in Iraqi capital Baghdad

Mr. Fish: Supervillain

LA's CicLAvia festival creates car-free Wilshire Blvd.

Texas House of Representatives passes sweeping abortion restrictions

Thom Hartmann: Dr. McDonald - Climate Change & Economic Meltdown - How to Plan P1

Press Release: Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA): Snowden’s Asylum

Thom Hartmann: Dr. McDonald - Climate Change & Economic Meltdown - How to Plan P2

Glenn Greenwald On the Espionage Act charges against Edward Snowden

So, I went to my local Starbucks and this woman is in front of me

"They say San José is going to become another Los Angeles."

A Shocking Number Of Unpaid Internships Could Be Illegal

That SCOTUS decision disallowing lawsuits against generic manufacturers is NOT a win for consumers

Dumb Criminals: Florida Bank Robber's Poorly Made Iron Man Costume Is A Dead Giveaway

If you could have NSA super spy power, what would YOU want to know?

Lebanese Army Storms Islamist Mosque as Syria Crisis Spreads

Zimmerman lawyer is still speaking his opening statement

The problem with defending Snowden.

Why Edward Snowden Didn't Go To Havana

Nelson Mandela is in critical condition

Ancient Egyptian statue begins spinning itself....

Panel interview for a new gig in 40 minutes. Blah.

I'm so angry- Charter school tells African American girls they must chemically alter their hair?

Fine, you love Edward Snowden and are ready to put his face on Mount Rushmore

Must we suspend the last lines of the National Anthem this July 4?

In support of $11

Reid pressures House to pass farm bill

A business newsletter reams out Darden (owners of Olive Garden) for not providing health insurance!

Investigation of Loudoun supervisor Eugene Delgaudio concludes with no indictment

Just when you think you've effing heard it all. "Who wants to serve a billionaire?"

The 'Stickman' Family. Love them or hate them?

Snowden Says He Sought Booz Allen Job To Gather NSA Information

Gorgon Stare

I used to think if I could live in a different location, I would be so happy, and I’d be different.

QUESTION: Surveillance and the 5th Amendment?

Accelerating Science with (Very, Very) Big Data - Greg Bell - Seven Big Ideas

UPI Update: Snowden still in Moscow

Streets closed as bomb squad called to federal building in Indianapolis

Qatar’s Ruler Said to Plan Transfer of Power

Worried About The NSA? Where Were You Last Week? Why No Push To Control Privatization?

Assange Conference Call: We are aware of where Edward Snowden is

Why You Shouldn’t Be Surprised That The National Zoo Lost A Red Panda

Dick Cheney wants Americans to know

Right-wing European delegation in Syria "fact-finding" mission

Provides proof the government is spying on citizens

Awesome Photos of Obama Being Awesome

Impatient Nation Demands Supreme Court Just Get To The Gay Stuff

Rusty the Red Panda Has Been Caught in Adams Morgan

Shoe shine ladies: 'We're not Hooters'

Here's the most recent picture of Snowden that I could find

Groups sue NJ for funding religious schools

How Snowden blew it and became a traitor.........

Hero? Yes!

Italian ex-PM Berlusconi sentenced in Ruby sex case (BBC) {XP from LBN}


Do you believe the Obama administration uses torture?

Obama's 'Insider Threat' Program a 'Sweeping' Crackdown on Leakers

Rusty has been found!

Buffalo Moon

Russian cosmonauts will take Olympic torch to International Space Station

Cute kitties

Texas Legislator claims rape kits are a form of abortion.

Religion and the Japanese Suicide Epidemic

Where's Waldo/International Intrigue version

Hiding Letter Grades A Fine Option, Some Restaurants Say

So now Snowden's acknowledged that his main goal at Booz Allen was espionage.

If I were on the Zimmerman jury panel

did you guys see this AP article (another DU post)?

OMFG - defense lawyer says Trayvon Martin was armed with the

You know who really are "fucking punks"

CTU President Lewis Blames "Elites" For Public Education Inequality

Snowden’s Attorney: ‘He Never Anticipated This Would Be Such A Big Matter’

Your Government At Work, From My friends at U-cube

A new bully in town

A Congress Only CEOs Could Love

Is Dick Cheney being prosecuted by Holder as a "leaker" or a "whistle blower"?

I'm Big. I'm Bad. I'm Armed. And I WILL use it, dammit.

Wait what? This from a Woman!

Why Rising Interest Rates Won’t Benefit Savers

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Clarence Thomas Fights Against Discrimination (Against Whites)

Another downside of freemarket that they never saw coming.

Things in Portlandia just got a lot weirder: The FBI Asks for 'Portlandia' Sketch for Training

Check out the cover for my new book...

link problem

Scientist: ‘Miami, As We Know It Today Is Doomed. It’s Not A Question Of If. It’s A Question Of When

Paul Giamatti Joins Downton Abbey Cast

One Year After Texas Attack, Lesbian Shooting Survivor Still Misses Her Girlfriend

DH came home from lunch with a bizarro rumor about Snowden being a virtual construct

wow! just got this on my facebook page...

Knock knock

So Snowden's attorney says he's a kid without a plan

"Somewhere, Edward Snowden is stroking a red panda, laughing at us all."

Is there ANY debt consolidation service that isn't a scam?

Congressman Dan Kildee - Michigan 5th District - Love this guy

BREAKING: Construction of Keystone XL pump station shut down in largest action yet by the Great Plai


Critical government survey interrupted at Parkland Memorial Hospital for unknown reasons

Snowden - Snow - Informer

Disgusting corporation severs ties with disgusting woman

When A Gay Holy Place Burned In New Orleans

Abigail Fisher says she’s confident UT ‘won’t be able to use race in the future’ (re SCOTUS ruling)

Christian school kicks girl off football team because boys might have "lustful thoughts"

an Occupy google group

Snowden plans more leaks...will let foreign press decide if leaks endanger Americans

IRS chief: Inappropriate screening was broad

U.S. Conference of Mayors asks Obama for flexibility on marijuana

Findings from a new Report on Guns: The US has an indisputable gun violence problem

Declaration of Independence newspaper clipping for sale

Surprising findings from a comprehensive report on gun violence.

Some of you have asked before, so here's a couple of tunes we recorded for demo...

SB I-35 closed after tractor-trailer catches on fire (in Austin near Oltorf)

Consensus Wisdom: The Boycott Of Israel Is Working

Ancient Egyptian statue in UK museum moves on its own (w/video)

The Snowden Guide: How to Hide Out From America

AG cites ‘pattern’ of bank violations

Letter reveals Dewhurst-Van de Putte exchange (re scheduling vote on abortion bill)

* * * DUzy Awards: Week ending June 21, 2013 * * *

What should be done about the current surveillance apparatus that is now in place?

In case you didn't know

Duzy's up

Nobody is listening to your Phone Calls, Dammit

NBA approves Doc Rivers deal

Warning. Graphic. View at your own risk. Seriously.

Leahy offers bill to sunset FISA provisions

LeBron James Narrowly Avoids Being Decapitated During Heat Victory Parade

The Porpoise Galaxy from Hubble

Aide To Republican Congressman Fails To Live On Food Stamps For A Week

Is it normal to routinely get into pie fights?

Questlove Almost Got Fired For Mocking Michelle Bachmann On Late Night

Mens Fashion: 'The Urban Sombrero' and 9 other looks to avoid

A Congress Only CEOs Could Love

(Atlanta Police Dept) email says traffic money to fund future pay raises

House is within reach in 2014. Really

Greenwald sweats Snowden's statements - Washington Post

Man tries to rob people in line for LeBron James sneakers, is shot and killed

2013 Ashley Rukes GLBT Pride Parade Sunday 6-30-13 Minneapolis, MN

Glenn Greenwald Explodes At ‘Servants To Power’ In Media: They’re ‘Defending The Royal Court’

Laborers on strike in Shakopee to protect pension benefits

Mid-Year Digest | James Howard Kunstler

Gomer claims sex ed reminds him of the Soviet Union...

Transgender Girl Banned From Bathroom Wins Case

First GOP member puts on face paint to support gay marriage (NOH8)

State Rep. Stickland Swears He Wasn't Threatening to Shoot People, Just Wishing Fetuses Had Guns

Sarah Palin: “Does a pope live in the woods?

Family gets to keep rescued deer

Santorum named CEO of faith-based movie studio

Eight killed in bloody weekend in Baltimore

Fancy Retail in South Dallas: We Built It, and They Didn't Come

Wait wait Rand Paul ditched Snowden today??

Where has she been all my life? Please come CAPTION Orly Taitz!!

VIDEO: Sarah Palin blasting George W. Bush's illegal spying!

How Republicans stopped worrying and learned to love big government - Ezra Klein

Can the NSA pull up the phone calls made by Edward Snowden?

Glenn Greenwald pushes back hard on latest Edward Snowden “revelations”

If someone accidentally shoots themself

Proud to say I am at the halfway mark for tapering off my anti-depressant.

Paula Deen Dropped By Smithfield Foods

If you wanted to buy a brand new car this weekend, could you?

"fucking punks---these assholes always get away"

(NYC) Free Angela presented by the COMMUNIST PARTY

Editorial: Snowden made the right move

Louisiana Just Criminalized Journalism

That's not the media - That's Kim Kardashian's ass -

NAACP’s William Barber emerges as leader of Moral Monday protests

U.S. Mayors to Obama: Quit Cracking Down on Marijuana

Greenwald: I Didn’t Even Know Snowden’s Name Until He Was In Hong Kong

REVEALED: The IRS Targeted Groups Containing 'Tea Party,' 'Progressive,' 'Occupy,' And 'Israel'

IF you are progressive give this post an R it belongs on the front page trending now!

Congressional sources: IRS also targeted liberal groups with the "progressive" word.

Couple Shares Home With Giant 112 Pound Rodent (with video!)

Rubio's support for immigration reform hurting him with republican voters

Richard Matheson, RIP

Transgender first-grader wins the right to use girls' restroom

Cough Up That Fur Ball! --White House urges Moscow to expel Snowden to US

"Jam Out With My Clam Out" Wins International Air Sex Competition In Manhattan

Post needs some LGBT love

As Whistleblowers Hunted Worldwide, Celebrating Another Rebel, From Apartheid Era

Common Cents...

call senators: against Corker-Hoeven

Brazil's Rousseff proposes political reforms

Leahy introduces sweeping bill to curb surveillance

Just now NPR: Bobby Blue Bland passed away on Sunday.

Mayor Bloomberg urges Council to reject NYPD oversight

Capitalist Calls for $15/Hour Minimum Wage

Zimmerman didn’t really believe his own alibi-The Quote That Should End the Trayvon Trial

Body of missing teenage swimmer found in Bear Mountain lake

Dumb Criminals: Underage DUI Suspect Was Driving With No Pants

y'know, I have trouble thinking of him as a dog anymore. he's such a presence in my life

Twitter war: Ankara mayor v. BBC

Religious Schools Seek Fair Play on Sports

Newtown Community Thanks Therapy Dogs that Comforted Them

Russian intelligence officials expected to interrogate Edward Snowden

Demonizing Edward Snowden: Which Side Are You On?

Funny Side Of Obama's First Term (dial up warning, video and large picture)

Union President Predicts '50-50' Odds for Confirmation Filibuster Reform

Thank you MIRT for doing what you do.

Depression era chocolate cake that happens to be vegan (no milk-butter or eggs)

Man eats hallucinogenic mushrooms, rips off part of his... well, you know...

If airplanes are built to last 30 to 20 years, why not cars?

By 5-4, a More Hostile Workplace

Santorum named CEO of Christian film studio

World War Z-Z-Z-Zion?

On May 20th, Snowden fled to Hong Kong-- this supposedly is when Glenn Greenwald first heard of him

E action “#Walmart is firing #WalmartStrikers. BOD member Marissa Mayer: Take a stand! (pick a side)

Gut bacteria may be key to crop pest’s resurgence

What is your honest opinion of the NSA?

NSA spy program: a social/economic catastrophe

'Meet the Press' Pundit With Financial Ties to NSA Misleadingly Slams Snowden

This Is What Happened Across The Street From The Westboro Baptist Church This Weekend

Just crizin listening to late 60's MI rock and roll

19 Ways To Avoid Talking To A Huge Creep...

‘Borders First’ a Dividing Line in Immigration Debate

Why I Decided to Stop Responding to an Anarchist

What I do not understand is why would Snowden be talking to the media now? It makes no sense. He

The Fascist Five strike again

Question for the tech-weenies here. How secure is Skype?

Thomas Jefferson on treachery...

In Memory of Bobby Bland

Snowden set back human rights in China and Russia (so far)

I will be walking across the tar sands: Not as protest, but as a path to healing

Deadly Charades: Double Lives, Extortion and the Suicide of a Respected Texas A&M Professor

All Hail the corptocracy! Mark Ruffalo on terror advisory list !

Louie Gohmert Continues to Embarrass Texas, Believes Nuclear Reduction and Border Security Related

Dumb Criminals: Florida Woman Keys Penis Into Car, Then Leaves Explanatory Note

U.S. Officials Don't Know How Much Secret Material Snowden Took

IRS also targeted progressive groups

Senators: NSA must correct inaccurate claims over privacy protections

The Singers & Chorus Of Manhattan - Walk On By

Russia to send Olympic torch into space

Day Trip: Palmetto State Park

Senate Immigration Bill Collects Votes to Advance

Sex Offender Signs Publicly Identify Convicted Predators In Florida

Update: Dollars to donuts Snowden is in the Venezuelan Embassy in Moscow

Pope 'snub' of concert stuns cardinals, sends signal

Can Democrats Win Back the Deep South?

Challenging Casino Capitalism and Authoritarian Politics in the Age of Disposability

The Scariest Pending Supreme Court Case That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Happy Happy Happy - horse and dog play together

What do you make of this Google search?

The talking heads on TV are still getting one of the main points regarding meta-data wrong...

Man he can grow hair.

Breastfeeding Gives Kids A Boost Up The Social Ladder

US & NSA Accused of Criminal Privacy Violations in Dozens of Nations

So George Zimmerman's attorney started his opening statement with a knock knock joke.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Fall Of The House Of Herzl: Israel As A Horror Flick

Snowden says he will hand documents over to the foreign press of whatever country is involved,

Secy. Kerry to CNN on Snowden: "People may die as a consequence of what this man did."

Studies find methane in Pennsylvania drinking water

Should we play a game? Where is Edward Snowden?

Idaho Co. Creates Bullets Laced with Pork Because They Believe it Will Keep Muslims Out of Heaven

Snowden Is ‘Safe and Healthy’ – WikiLeaks Founder

Lukovich: "You Go First"

Moscow Slams Friends of Syria Rebel Arms Pledge

Give em a spankin' with some bacon

My Star Membership expired, but I renewed it last November.

Snowden is a snot nosed idiot traitor & Greenwald is smug, friendless know-it-all.

Will The Media Acknowledge U.S. Chamber's Sweep Of Supreme Court's Decisions?

ACLU Sues New Jersey Over Funding For Religious Schools

Where's whatsizname?? That spy dude?

6/07/13: DOJ Fights Release of Secret Court Opinion Finding Unconstitutional Surveillance

TGen scientist wants a million people to take his (online) Alzheimer’s test

Eastern European jokes are NOW OURS!

GREENWALD: 'Some call it aiding & abetting - I call it investigative journalism'

Orwell Revisited: Privacy in the Age of Surveillance

No monkeying around: board game designer scores a success

George Lucas, Mellody Hobson Married: Filmmaker, Business Woman Wed In California