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Archives: June 25, 2013

Ancient Egyptian Statue Mysteriously Rotates at Museum

Why aren't the M$M, SCOTUS, critics of AA acknowledging plaintiff didn't have the grades for UT?

4 hurt when fire truck jumps curb after Brooklyn crash

If a boss, or owner tells jokes about black people, in the workplace, can they be trusted?

Mormons to use technology in missionary work

Greenwald on now with Chris Hayes MSNBC

Roberts Court, Inc.

Violence Against Women is a Global Health Epidemic

Great Post in GD about today's Affirmative Action decision

Sen. Merkley (D-OR) End Secret Law

US 'job creator' locked in plant by Chinese laborers demanding severance

UC Davis investigates using helicopter drones for crop dusting

You Can Play - Chicago Gay Hockey Association

Fracking raises risk of contaminated drinking water: study (new study)

Gregory J. King Named Director, Office of Public Affairs, National Labor Relations Board

I am officially OLD.

Alito is a dick to Justice Ginsburg

2 Mich. McDonald's drop halal food after suit

Mice games reveal why we sell out our morals

Norway extends draft to female recruits

Wikileaks' Spanish lawyer mulls helping 'IT spy'

NAACP: 120 arrested in latest round of Moral Monday protests

Local ladies donate quilts for infants (a good news story in Texas)

Slurs force comic to pay $15k for ‘tirade of ugly words’ against lesbian patron after appeal fails

Good shows on Current tonight...

U.S. Icons Now Made of Chinese Steel

Any advice on a cell phone and plan?

Toles Toon- Situational Comedy

Paraguayan Indigenous Community Reoccupies Territory After Two Decades of Forced Expulsion

Sterilized transsexuals sue Swedish government

Texas Republicans continue to to fight against Obamacare, 98 days before big Oct. 1 launch

Breast-feeding is best, so ban bottles, Venezuelan lawmaker proposes

Oh Snap!

To all the less informed people criticizing him: Barack Obama is not an asshole.

Hey DU, I just realized why Snowden had to leave the Hong Kong....

Paula Deen will continue to headline Houston food show

So I Walked In To A Fast Food Place...and???

FCC proposes making TV menus accessible to blind

The Case of the Missing Ancestor

Depending on Plan B is not going to be available after the RW get rid of all pro-choice clinics.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Turning the Tides & and a new kitteh gif

Bill to require DNA collection for some low-level crimes passes N.J. Senate (drugs/shoplifting)

I'm taking what they're giving cause I'm working for a living

Fired Walmart Workers Arrested in Protest at Yahoo Headquarters

Hayes Challenges Greenwald: Snowden Undermines Defenders If He Goes To Nations That Hate Free Press

The farm bill died, but hemp may live on. Is it because they don't consider hemp marijuana.

What comes the closest to describing your political leanings

My 4,000 Post: An Ode to Catnip!

‘Badass Teachers’ Fights for Public Education

I thought Gregory actually got Greenwald

The U.S. military is quietly deploying more than 400 U.S. soldiers trained in riot control to Egypt.

Facepalm: The "EBT Challenge" Doesn't Add Up - Don't Believe the Hype!

Anti-War Activists Targeted as 'Domestic Terrorists'

John Goodman Loses His Shit

NY Passes Mercury Thermostat Disposal Law

Uh-Oh! The rest of the world is pissed at us!

Tamed fox shows domestication's effects on the brain

Once again, "MiddleFingerMom, white courtesy phone"...

Internet anti-Greenwald agitators are playing some folks for Fools

How I wish Molly Ivins were around to see the protests in Texas

I don't usually approve of what Apple does, but this is good....

Tsk tsk Rachel Maddow: 16 min on Snowden's flight, 0 on NSA.

Author Richard Matheson, 'I Am Legend' Writer, Dies At 87

Hasty Exit Started With Pizza Inside a Hong Kong Hideout

Is it normal to routinely get into fishface

Believe it or not, China likely allowed Snowden’s exit as a favor to the U.S.

Judge sides with US in Manning document dispute

Dogs are somewhat like young human children, study finds

Why do I get angry at woo? This is one of the main reasons why.

Trip to Olive Garden lands alleged dealer in jail

Why shouldn’t David Gregory be charged with a crime?

U.S. Rebukes China, Russia and Ecuador Over Snowden

Are KKKarl Rove & GOP behind IRS scandal?

Mendocino is, among other things, a nautical town...

$1 million payout in 2010 Oscar Grant mass arrests in Oakland

Many outraged by "alcohol is cheaper than therapy" billboard

Michael Hastings and conspiracy theories: Richard Clarke throws fuel on the fire

"The U.S. Economic Policy Debate Is a Sham"

China slump, higher bond yields weigh on markets

The Other Knock-Knock Joke

I just finished Jack Vance's autobiograply "This Is Me, Jack Vance" (or more appropriately...

(Spoilers may be contained) Who Watched Mad Men? My wife is just speechless after seeing it.

How fracking companies exploit Amish farmers

Drugmaker Cleared Over Woman's 'Horrific' Injury

Angelina's war on rape as a weapon: Jolie urges U.N. to fight sex attacks in conflict

"New IRS chief: ‘Progressive,’ ‘Occupy’ groups also targeted"

How Our First Lady Enabled Barack Obama to become Barack Obama

The Supreme Court is fascist, plain and simple.

UPS Freight Teamsters Reject National Contract

Day 5 of 45 Pictures and Cartoons Regarding the Republican War on Women

xPost from Feminists Group: Day 5 of 45 Pictures and Cartoons Regarding the Republican War on Women

xPost from Feminists Group: Day 5 of 45 Pictures and Cartoons Regarding the Republican War on Women

I just rebuilt my primary computer with Debian Wheezy.

Fur coat made of male chest hair on sale

Utah Data Center

Neiman Marcus plans to raise up to $100M in IPO

"Big Banks' Capital Requirements Should Be Doubled, Regulators Say"

Suit accuses Boy Scouts, Mormon Church of shielding pedophiles

Sad but touching: Dog buries puppy

120 Arrested in Latest Round of Moral Monday Protests


White House Petition to issue an Executive Order nullifying IRS "regulation"

Chicago Blackhawks beat Boston Bruins 3-2 to win the NHL Stanley Cup. Chicago won the series 4-2.

Afghanistan presidential palace attacked in Kabul

Jodie Laubenberg, Texas GOP Lawmaker, Suggests Rape Kits Can Give Abortions

AP sources: Obama to limit carbon at power plants

The NSA Has No Idea How Much Secret Data Edward Snowden Took, And That Has Them Very Worried

Howard Dean headlining fundraiser for Bill DeBlasio...

Afghanistan presidential palace attacked in Kabul

Do you think Snowden may be naive about how the government works? Putting together...

U.S. Conference of Mayors asks Obama for flexibility on marijuana

Hong Kong: "US failed to give Hong Kong crucial information' for Snowden arrest"

Homophobic Student Wins One Dollar in Free-Speech Lawsuit Against Teacher

If you've ever wondered what MFM does for a living

Tell me again - why do they need everybody's phone number??

Republicans trying to do science again

Whistleblower praises Edward Snowden's 'magnificent act of civil disobedience' (video)

AFP: Russian intelligence officials expected to interrogate Edward Snowden

Both indoor sports ended in disaster.

Ecuador: Mouse That Roars

Explosions Heard Near U.S. Embassy in Kabul

What is Government?



Photos from 6-24-2013 Moral Mondays Protest (I went!)

Surprising findings from a comprehensive report on gun violence. ****** Commentary Added******

South Korea issues cyberattack alert as sites shut

Trayvon family attorney turns up at Seminole NAACP meeting, calls Zimmerman 'every parent's worst...

Police shooting in Anchorage.

June Photography Poll Thread #1 - Please Vote!

June Photography Poll Thread #2 - Please Vote!

Paula Deen, the criminal complaint against her.

Snowden’s Asylum Request: ‘Unlikely I Would Receive Fair Trial or Proper Treatment Prior to Trial’

June Photography Poll In General Discussion - Please Vote!

In listening to media coverage of ...

POLL: Majority Of Texans Do NOT Support The Abortion Restrictions Moving Through The Legislature

CAPTURED!!! They got him!

120 Arrested in Largest Moral Monday today in Raleigh! MSNBC there

We the Geeks: Innovation for Global Good

please, gods, let my car make it to the airport

Is there not one working, full-blooded, Native American actor in Hollywood?

I suggest that if you are worried about the NSA rather than the FBI...

Snowden is not a traitor or a whistle-blower. He is a hacktivist-type.

Snowden was probably dressed as a pilot and sitting in the cockpit on his way to Gitmo, I mean Cuba.

Pair of Pentunia Photos

McKibben believes Keystone decision unlikely tomorrow; still confident of stopping pipeline

Demonizing Edward Snowden: Which Side Are You On?

They’ll want to bring back hanging next: What right-wing lunacy is there inside the Tory rebels' 'Al

A thought about the NSA and phone records

Science typography

"Parts of the world becoming uninhabitable-Companies say warming oceans threaten cost of protection"

Chaotic scene at Detroit fireworks amid reports of gunshots

MacMaroni & Cheese

Dozens dead in CAR gold-mine accident-At least 37 people killed and many other injured

Texas Republicans on verge of passing abortion law

Dershowitz: Greenwald's a total phony, anti-America, ideologue - video link

Bono: George Bush, evangelicals saved 9 million AIDS victims

Oslo Pirate Party Norway: - Snowden Passed Through Norway to Iceland UPDATE: nein, nein, nein

Melting ice pushes Norway closer to Asia

My watch cats really don't approve.

DARPA warns that automobiles can easily be controlled by hackers

Bug feces painting among Research as Art award winners

Will Google buy Tesla Motors?

Can anyone figure out HOW Rusty got from the Zoo to Adams Morgan,

Australia faces off with Japan at the Hague over Antarctic whale hunt

Who says the free market doesn't work? (humor)

Peyman Moaadi to Star Opposite Kristen Stewart in Camp X-Ray: Report

Greenwald Lies, Snowden Hides..

Oliver Blasts Gov’t For Snowden Confusion: Couldn’t Find Human Centipede If ‘Mouth Was Sewn To Its A

Stanley Cup Finals Bring Out...Terribly Unfunny Boston Bombing "Jokes"

US$23 billion hike for transport after Brazil protests

What...Mark Fuhrman actually made sense this time?

Bill Maher Mocks ‘Horribly Misinformed’ Fox Viewers, Praises ‘Wisdom’ Of European Socialism On CNN

Mark Ruffalo can afford to laugh; but couldn't an ordinary person be *ruined* by this?

Monkey Attacks Cop During Traffic Stop

Anti-Korean sentiment in Japan

I wonder what Keith Olbermann thinks of all this fuss.

Anti-Semitism hits new record in Europe

Anti-Semitism hits new record in Europe (x-post in Good Reads)

Presenting the findings from the largest-ever LGBT hate crime and discrimination survey

Ecuador's the perfect place for Snowden.

China rounds on US over Edward Snowden

Barack Obama to face protests in South Africa after years of laissez-faire

Corporations Preparing To Exploit And Profit From Climate Change They Deny Publicly

You got the stars above and the city lights below,

Hollywood Stabbing Victim was a Lesbian and mother thinks it was a Hate Crime

February 2013: Laubenberg Named Texas State Chair of the American Legislative Exchange Council

But that's me stumbling away Slowly learning that life is OK.

Which politician are you most like?

Natural gas found in drinking water near fracked wells

Baffling decision to exit

Edward Snowden Heightens Tensions Between US, Other Countries

U.S. probes if China played role in Snowden leaks

Boy fatally impaled on statue outside Texas Tech's National Ranching Heritage Museum

Blackhawks Win

Can 2-man rule stop the next Snowden?

June 25, 1788 – Virginia becomes the 10th state to ratify the United States Constitution.

Salman Khan on homicide charge

June 25, 1976 – Missouri Gov. Kit Bond issues an executive order rescinding the Extermination Order

Knobbly reptile roamed vast ancient desert

Time Team's Mick Aston dies

Thomas Drake X NSA Whistleblower interview with Australian TV..on Snowdon

Analysis - Al Qaeda's Syria rift may lead to open conflict among jihadis

Pirate Party Norway: - Snowden Passed Through Norway to Iceland

AP: Russian Foreign Minister: Snowden Extradition Request "Ungrounded" and "Unacceptable"

Russian Foreign Minister: US Demands for Snowden Extradition 'Ungrounded & Unacceptable'

From February : Monsanto Guilty Of Chemical Poisoning In France

German election puts Europe's ambitions on ice

Nelson Mandela and Fox news

Tell me why the US has 5x more prisoners per capita than China

Fact-check: The NSA and Sept. 11

Matt Taibbi's Blockbuster Cover Story Exposes Key Culprits in Financial Crash

Does School Discipline Over Uniform Infractions Go too Far?

Do You Have the Face of a Wife? a New Study Suggests Such a Thing Exists

EU hopes for agreement to delay Turkey membership talks

4 Supreme Court Rulings Show Which Way the Wind Is Blowing: Corporations Are Getting What they want

Put same-sex marriage on the ballot (in Michigan)

Good morning !

abundant manliness

Fur coat only rug would find attractive on sale.

Private insurers continue to restrict provider networks

The Other Snowden Drama: Impugning the Messenger

Put same-sex marriage on the ballot (in Michigan)

Study: Most Americans unhappy at work

Next-Generation Bladeless Wind Turbines Go “Saphonian” On Us

Obama hit by Snowden setbacks with China, Russia

Going to David Byrne @ Jazzfest

National Security Letters Really Creep Me

Level of radioactive tritium rising in harbor at Fukushima plant

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Spy vs Spy

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Butter Fried Racism

"How Barrett Brown Shone Light on Security Contractors" (Remember the Plan to Discredit Greenwald?)

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

It's Official: Russia Rejects US Demand For Snowden's Extradition

What's selling, strange market.

MN Pioneer Press LTTE: Wind Farms Weaken Winds, Will Cause Droughts

Oakland Police Department Settlement: City Agreed to Pay $1 Million To Protesters

Paula Deen dropped by another major brand

"We ought to be grateful that we have kids like that in America who understand freedom, privacy

Amnesty International condemns 'homophobia' in Africa

explosion in yarmouth

James Gandolfini

George Orwell's Biggest Fear Went Far Beyond Big Brother

IRS to make it easier for groups to get tax-exempt status, new chief says

Gingrey of GA says children should take classes on gender roles

Let’s tea party like it’s 2010? Probably not in Massachusetts this week

Dems Lack ‘Firepower’ to Defeat Sen. McConnell

Seven Myths About Edward Snowden, NSA Whistleblower

More Questions for James Comey

EPA allows more Glyphosate in food

What a GREAT photo of Ann Richards:

Anglo Irish Bank tapes from 2008: "Abuse the bank guarantee, don't get caught"

Was Michael Hastings' Car Hacked? Richard Clarke Says It's Possible

Another Boeing 787 flight cut short on United

The Political 1% of the 1% in 2012

Germany probes model plane attack suspects

Penny Gerber's Natural Gas Seep:

Warming oceans make parts of world ‘uninsurable’, say insurers

create a WH account if you do not already have one

More than Honey (trailer)

Over 100 more arrested at Moral Monday Protest

China’s Communist Party says controversial PX chemical is not harmful, might even taste good

US blocks Picasso painting sale

Lewis Turco's Form of the Week: #35 -- The Sweetelle

UPDATE: What You Can Do Today To Help Stop The Abortion Bans in TX Lege No Matter Where You Live

Robert Scheer: The Good Germans in Government

Ireland’s disastrous bank bailout emerged from banker’s “arse”

Why are so many other countries creating more jobs than the US??

One Year Ago Today, America’s Profit-Driven Health Care System Killed my Only Son (NSFW)

Op-Ed In Chinese Communist Party Newspaper Blasts Washington Over Snowden, Hacking

Are you secretly rooting for Snowden to continue escaping US authorities?

Highway Robbery for High-Speed Internet

PA. Repub. Legislators Seeking to Bring Back High Interest Rate Pay-Day Lenders

Germany motorway shooter 'motivated by bad driving'

Challenging Casino Capitalism and Authoritarian Politics in the Age of Disposability

Not on today, looks like I've been Comcasted

2 Senators Say the NSA Is Still Feeding Us False Information

Justice Alito's Inexcusable Rudeness

Louie Gohmert: Sex-ed reminds me of the Soviet Union

Barrett Brown vs. the Private Intelligence Business | scary read

In Debate Over Military Sexual Assault, Men Are Overlooked Victims

Nearly One In Four Children in the USA live in Poverty..MSNBC

NC Moral Mondays now has a theme song!

I imagine an espionage trial could not be public

Privacy services companies stand up against Big Brother

Pakistan Premier Says Former Military Ruler Will Be Charged With Treason

how secrecy can distort data

The other news today. SCOTUS rulings coming in at 0700 pst

U.S. Chamber & NSA Have Common Ground

Cops Taser Autistic 11-Year-Old Girl

Boston Marathon winner Lelisa Desisa gives medal to city

Boston Marathon winner Lelisa Desisa gives medal to city (xpost from Good News)

Who's the enemy?

Rachel Maddow - Inclusion of progressive in IRS search upends conservative complaints

A Mystery Star Witness Will Be Revealed Today in Trayvon Martin Case

Rachel Maddow - Paul Ryan flubs math in rush to scapegoat farm bill failure

Glenn Greenwald Answers 'Why Shouldn't You Be Charged with a Crime?'

Canadian firm plans 500-well Michigan #fracking campaign

Zimmerman Trial Live

Rachel Maddow - Outrage as Texas abortion bill threatens wellbeing of millions of women

The solution to US public schools is not corporate America

Edward Snowden never crossed border into Russia / won't extradite him for the US

Home prices see biggest annual gain in seven years in April: S&P

Jimmy Fallon

Conservative IRS supervisor flagged groups with 'progressive' in name for higher scrutiny

Support Warren's student loan bill

John Yoo in National Review: "Prosecute Snowden"

Foul racism in the comments in my local paper re: Zimmerman trial

The man who kept the Lakota language alive

Star is crowded by super-Earths

Edward Snowden never crossed border into Russia, says foreign minister

There's more ways to commit treason than just one.

Men's Wearhouse founder Zimmer clashed with CEO over exec pay

50 shades of Grey has nothing on this movie, "Adore."

Last 2 minutes of the Stanley Cup:

Ancient Egyptian Statue Mysteriously Rotates at Museum

"He shot him for the worst of all reasons, because he wanted to."

The Last Word - O’Donnell wants you to sign WH petition

Happy EOBB&H day!

June 26 AFL-CIO Online Discussion: Building a Broad and Inclusive Labor Movement (Participate!)

MiddleFingerMom takes a laughingly self-righteous stand about the use of illegal drugs

supermoon over austin

Holding: Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act is unconstitutional. Its formula can no longer be used a

BREAKING: Supreme Court Strikes Down Key Part of Voting Rights Act

The Last Word - The pursuit of the NSA leaker

I am new to posting at the DU but an avid reader. I am involved with saving 15 acres in Staten Isl.

Paula Deen's in freefall, ya'll

You'll never guess Darrel Issa's one word response to the implosion of the fake IRS scandal

BREAKING: Supreme Court strikes down major provision of the Voting Rights Act as unconstitutional

To Ralph Nader who said their was no difference between the Democrats and repugs. Citizens United,

Let's Get It Over With: Leak, Pro or Con?

My Wife: "Seriously is 2014 going to be 1950 2.0?"

"We Are Not For Sale" (Moral Mondays Protest Song!)

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday June 25th

Your current mood in one word. Me: unsettled.

Who's starin' down those ignorant GOPsters?

Va. Repub. Lt. Gov Candidate Keeps Saying Really Stupid S*** - Slavery Kept Black Families Together

SCOTUS Strikes Down Section 4 Of Voting Rights Act


‘I am proud to be called a radical Buddhist’: More Burmese embracing anti-Muslim violence

Today is George Orwell's birthday - nary a mention anywhere except Twitter

Breaking News: Paula Deen appointed Georgia Supervisor of Elections

You loved Westwing, here comes ...

What to do if you find an animal locked in a hot car

The Supremes Don't Know It---But they just whacked their own guys

Meet Emmanuel Goldstein

Voting Rights Act decision in its entirety (Shelby County, AL v. Holder, Attorney General, et al)

Just looked up "non-person" on wiki. Who... or what... does this remind you of?

well it will be tomorrow

Former Rep. Barney Frank Catches CHENEY In "Blatant Lie"

A reminder to sign a White House petition to issue an Executive Order nullifying IRS "regulation"

In rural U.S., learning to live with pain and sickness is a way of life for some

China's state newspaper praises Edward Snowden for 'tearing off Washington's sanctimonious mask'

Durable Goods Orders Up 3.6% In May, A Good Sign For Manufacturing

Florida at bottom in providing dental care for poor children, Pew report finds

"No good thing should ever come to an end." Please come CAPTION Darrell Issa!!

The People, as defined within our System don't want voting rights. (or abortion, food stamps, etc.)

Nelson Mandela Still Critical, Family Discusses 'Delicate Matters'

BREAKING: Putin: Snowden in Transit Zone of Moscow Airport, Russia Will Not Extradite Him.

This VRA ruling is probably the single most depressing ruling

Ralph Nader Did Not Cost Al Gore the 2000 Presidential Election

Pic Of The Moment: Supreme Court's Conservative Justices Strike Down Part Of Voting Rights Act

Is SCOTUS going to drop a stink bomb on H8 & DOMA and flee town?

Two genetic code tweaks 500 million years ago caused evolutionary jump

Do you assess opinions based on WHO makes them or what they ARE?

Saudi says 'cannot be silent' at Iran, Hezbollah role in Syria

Consumer Confidence Surges To Five-Year High, Conference Board Says

Roberts To Black Folks (and/or Democrats): Don’t Bother Trying To Vote

A veteran's journey from the brink of suicide

What will it take for a sea change to begin in the US?

Sweatshops Don't Just Happen - They're a Policy

Faux "news" fails completely, then is honest...

Putin says Snowden at Russian airport, signals no extradition

Now here we are, all nicely divided...

It's a twofer:Although Section 5 is technically left intact, it is effectively nullified

"The United States of ALEC”

Not starting a political discussion: Just heard this:

New Home Sales Near Five-Year High, Prices Rise

Supreme Court Ruled In Favor Of America’s Top Corporate Lobbying Group In 13 of 16 Cases This Term

There is only one Constitutional Amendment needed

Another case of woo getting shot down in flames...

Senators to Introduce Bill to End Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

NSA fears spark traffic surge on DuckDuckGo search engine

So SCOTUS makes the VRA unenforceable.

Supreme Court rule for couple over baby girl's adoption

We are back to 1964 with the SCOTUS decision...

Will the Boston Bruins' Epic Collapse Last Night Affect Massachusetts Special Election?

How's voter turnout in Massachusetts? Anybody know?

Arkansas Colleges Reject Concealed Carry On Campus Under Loosened Gun Law


ROBERTS: "Our nation has changed"

Top News Editors Criticize New LA Law Criminalizing Journalists

Court says suit testing blogger's rights can go on

Here's the little black kitten again...look at those blue eyes!

Tajikistan Blocks YouTube After Dancing President Video

Kerry Heads to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait before Visiting Israel

Do you find Snowden's story fishy?

How is it that . . .

Can someone tell me how I can detect which IE series is on my computer, or for that

Working Poor Losing Obamacare as States Resist Medicaid

Know the difference...

Santorum Takes New Leading Role in Christian Filmmaking

"Congress likely not 'mature enough' to deal with Voting Rights Act decision"

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 25, 1978

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 25, 1978

HAHAHA: Best Headline EVER- Snowden and the Red Panda

For Disgruntled Young Workers, Lawsuits May Spark Intern Insurrection

Boston pediatrician: Families can act first on gun control

Section 4 of Civil Rights Act Struck Down!

Methane in Water Seen Sixfold Higher Near Fracking Sites

from an email: 4 exciting new treatment options for Lupus

GOP Site Plans To Infiltrate Liberal Sites With “Trolls”

Ralph Nader ABSOLUTELY Helped Cost President Gore the Election in 2000 despite these revisionists

The security state will continue regardless of which party is in power. Let's focus on the things

The Bitcoins Bankrolling Snowden

Google Reader is shutting down end of the month

So now we truly DO go back in time.


Constitutional Accountability Center Condemns SCOTUS Voting Rights Act Ruling

Good news, everyone! Racism is over in America! Everything's fine! The Supreme Court says so!

Zimmerman was on the "Parking Committee" too

Maybe the NSA just wants lots of free porn.

Every six days, another child is shot. By accident.

I despise Clarence Thomas. Thomas compares affirmative action to Jim Crow laws

A summer joke for teachers...

Horsey on Snowden...toon...Where in The World.

Ladies & Gentlemen, introducing.. in this corner, the World's first EVER (transiently) humble cat!!!

Bluesbassman has given up all illegal drugs. What he CAN'T seem to give up are the rituals involved.

Don't bother looking for me to do me great bodily harm. I've already gone into hiding.

The Birth of the Intertubes:

The Evolution of MiddleFingerMom:

How MFM lost his best-paying holiday gig ever -- DAMN YOU TACO BELL UNLIMITED BUFFET!!!!

What SCOTUS decision on voting rights means

Justice Ginsburg Slams Supreme Court’s ‘Hubris’ In Fiery Dissent On Voting Rights Act

"Maybe...*tee-hee*...we're not going...*tee-hee*...take it, goodbye...*tee-hee*"

Chief Justice "Voting Rights" Roberts appoints the FISA judges, too

I've had my fill of Paula Deen

Well, I just cast my vote in the Massachusetts special senate election.

The latest threat to embattled gas giant Gazprom isn’t shale—it’s wood pellets


After SCOTUS Decision, President Obama Vows ‘To End Voting Discrimination’

Cisco China Sales Vulnerable as Media Urge Domestic Shift

David Beckham’s plan to pad his retirement fund in China results in a Shanghai riot

Greenwald's Timeline Problem

It's ELECTION DAY!!! Go vote foah MAAAAAAAAAHKEY!!!!!!!!!

How do you shear a pig? Putin leaks on Snowden

Even if you don't like Snowden's actions and think Hastings' death is obviously an accident.....

Now that we're back in the 1950s, what will you adapt from those times?

Keiser Report: No Fairness; Let Us Cheat

U.S. Said to Explore Possible China Role in Snowden Leaks

So... Ralph Nader should have foregone his right to run

How the very wealthy stay in power and corrupt exhausted politicians

Putin Says Dealing With Snowden Issue ‘Like Shearing A Pig’

Senator Leahy says he will move quickly on voting rights bill

More tea party trouble for Rubio over immigration reform.

Is Total Information Awareness making executives and analysts rich?

Can you be a "transit passenger" without already having a ticket to your destination?

Spreading Santorum: Slick Rick wants to become a movie mogul

I'm shocked that no one thinks Snowden knows how to use Truecrypt

GOP Supreme Court

As Court Punts, Thomas Compares Arguments for Affirmative Action to Those for Slavery

So, according to SCOTUS we now don't have to fight for the right to vote anymore....

Securing voting rights...

Constitutional Freedoms and Defining Religion

Are there days you wish you could do this?

Mickey Mouse In Vietnam

Council of Europe: Russia has allowed suspected killers of a whistleblowing lawyer to escape

Have you, within the past decade, witnessed or been subjected to racism?

A Timeline of the Voting Rights Act.

Putin Rules Out Extradition for Snowden in Russia Airport

To all teachers at any level, K- Ph.D:

Perfect example of why I almost never go to the Huffiington Post anymore.

KFC Japan President Buys Iconic Colonel Sanders Suit

There are people who don't think animals have a soul. I say they are wrong.

Russia is defiant and rejects America's demand for Snowden extradition

19 Year Old Michigan Kid Celebrates 1st Birthday After 17 Years Living Off The Grid

Education Cuts

IMHO the current Supreme Court would pass the Dred Scott decision again with a 5-4 vote.

Yahoo News has actually featured a negative article regarding Palin.

VP Biden: VRA Ruling Has ‘Upset A Well Established Practice

The Supreme Court decision not getting as much attention

Where Are We?

12 hours to go as Sen. Wendy Davis filibusters Texas Senate to stop abortion bill - live stream

ACLU on immigration reform bill: "Support for Many...Provisions...Opposition to New Border Measures"

If you don't know who Wendy Davis is, you should:

Italian Tourists Spotted James Gandolfini Reading "Book Of The Dead" Hours Before Death

Snowden Schmoden. Don't let them make this about the Messenger...that convolutes the MESSAGE

Greenwald does not have a timeline problem. The NY Times as the story broke:

They are like Ants

My State Senator Needs EVERYONE'S Support as she filibusters ...For women Everywhere

DC Metro threatens Phantom Planter with arrest if he tends his Dupont Circle station flowers

Rep. John Lewis, Supreme Court 'Put A Dagger In The Heart' Of The Law(video at link)

I am so freaking proud of Wendy Davis!

Paula Dean: We can't see you against that BLACK BOARD

Did SCOTUS just give the okay to disenfranchise voters?

Devout Religious Man's Leg Crushed By Crucifix, Sues Church

The problem with attacking Snowden...

Rep. John Lewis: SCOTUS Decision 'A dagger in the very heart of the Voting Rights Act'

1984's Winston really was willing to throw acid on a stranger at O'Brien's command

Netroots grassroots: Progressive Caucus launches “Raise Up America” drive

Sweet smiling little baby fights sleep like a champion!

#Snowden: Amnesty International Knows What Time It Is.

NREL Reports 31.1% Efficiency for III-V Solar Cell

Does it matter if white people forgive or think Paula Deen should be forgiven for her actions?

Cut it out, John Wayne Bobbitt

The ruling today by the Supreme Court demonstrates that

Michael Hastings: FBI Records Lead to Positive ID

TPP: The Biggest Threat to the Internet You've Probably Never Heard Of

Bill Maher vs. Bob Herbert on Paula Deen and the N-word

Wendy and Tom Montgomery (Prop 8 Mormons) See the error of their ways

I am NOT trying to start a regional war on DU, but i do have a question to Souther Du'ers

Judge rules: Jesus statue can stay

Gil Levin on The Space Show

NBC News:Senate Judiciary will hold July hearing on Voting Rights Act

Now the South is under the same Federal election law that Ohio has been.

“It’s Beneath Our Dignity As Human Beings”

The 10 Best Places To Seek Asylum From The US Government

If you're not angry about the gutting of VRA, you sure as hell aren't paying attention!

Thom Hartmann: Daniel Ellsberg Exposes What's Different about Snowden

Supreme Court rule for Florida property owner in land use case

Some people love the SCOTUS ruling today

Scientists discover tiny solar panels that create themselves

ZIMMERMAN TRIAL: Day 2, Tuesday, June 25.

Thom Hartmann: The Oil Industry Must Pay for Their Waste

Obama: Keystone XL Should Not Be Approved If It Will Increase Greenhouse Gas Emissions (updated)

Pistol-packing Calif. PUC official: Back me up on no PG&E fine or else

Best time of year for Germany?

Exposed: Paula Deen nude photo. You have been warned!

Scotus today: ”Corporations should have a say in democracy. Black people? Not so much.”

Curing Cancer with HIV

I want to share a tractor story with you all, its got nothing to do with tractors.


Is it me or do any of you see some parallels with Edward Snowden?

Army leaker’s trial resumes with short session at Fort Meade, Md.; courtroom closures coming

Is it me or do any of you see some parallels with Edward Snowden?

Medieval Trebuchet Launches Car 60 Feet Into The Air

NY Court: Computer Searches Can Threaten Privacy

Japan Uses Imported Wolf Urine And Lion Noises To Keep Deer From Accidents

Goodbye, Miami

Switched over to Fox after I heard news about them gutting the voting rights act. They were gleeful

Civil Rights Icon John Lewis Tears Into Supreme Court For Gutting Voting Rights

Palestinians: "No Jews Allowed!"

there will be new generation fighting a war we thought we had won...

Take A Break From The Snowden Drama For A Reminder Of What He's Revealed So Far

Vice President Biden stops for hot dog in South Boston

Wearing a simple white Tshirt with 'T' printed on front makes men more attractive to women, study:

Beijing Not Involved in Nicaragua Canal, Executive Says

Beijing Not Involved in Nicaragua Canal, Executive Says

Orders for Paula Deen cookbook surge

Freedom From Religion Foundation challenges Boy Scouts’ ban on atheists

President Obama~ Fact!

Fuck You, Chief Justice Roberts

That Was Quick: Texas Moves Forward With Voter ID Law After Supreme Court Ruling

Rude Pundit:A Reminder or Two About What Happened During the 2006 Voting Rights Act Reauthorization

Does Edward Snowden even exist? I vote no.

Anti-Gay Pastor May Hand Out Christian Lit

For McKesson's CEO, A Pension of $159 Million

Ku Klux Kourt Kills King's Dream Law = Greg Palast, Truthout

Teen celebrates ‘first’ birthday

"United States of ALEC — A Follow-Up" - Moyers and Company

Stupid question: what started the Nader flood?

The US Inadvertently Handed Moscow A Pretense To Detain, Search Snowden

Updated: Greenpeace, NRDC and Sierra Club on President Obama's climate plan

Reid Slams VRA Ruling: 2012 Election Shows ‘Bigotry Still Exists In Our Country’

Bill Moyers continuing reports on ALEC should be recognized with an award.

Texas voter ID law “will take effect immediately,” says Attorney General Greg Abbott

I always knew Leno was an asshole.

Scientists: Tsunami hit East Coast earlier in June

Scientists: Tsunami hit East Coast earlier in June

Domingo Garcia sues FEC after his congressional campaign gets hit with five-figure fine

Salon: Did Obama Just Kill Keystone XL?

Putin may have a great deal of leverage with the US

AL Gore:"terrific and historic speech, by far the best address on climate by any president ever"

About bananas link problem...

Witness Portrays Zimmerman as Neighborhood’s ‘Eyes and Ears’

Record Heat In Alaska, Very Little Spring. No Global Warming I Guess. Just A Fluke Of The Weather.

It is time...

I think President Obama just said that Keystone XL WILL be approved....

Holder Calls Voting Rights Act Ruling a ‘Serious’ Setback

So we just had 4 wedding guests cancel because their dog is having surgery

Greenwald: Snowden’s Files Are Out There if “Anything Happens” To Him

Nicaragua air force chiefs killed in helicopter crash

I've got an idea for a Sci-Fi thriller: Flying Piranha fish! A mad geneticist, tinkering with fish

Jews Tell Pope Francis of ‘Concerns’ Over Possible Sainthood for Pius XII

Obama will say (in so many words) NO to Keystone XL Pipeline

New adoption program focused on finding perfect pet-human match

Sidewalks don't kill people. People kill people. Along with typhus. And dingos.

Man in Pope Francis Exorcism Story Says He's Still Possessed by Demons

Snowden’s Files Are Out There if "Anything Happens" To Him

Limbaugh on Supreme Court ruling: ‘The civil rights community wants perpetual discrimination’

I'm doing a recording job for a sister, and laughing my butt off.

Sign this petition ( I know, I know...) for a constitutional amendment for the right to vote.

Rep. John Lewis: I Never Thought I'd Live To See Voting Rights Act Undone

Check in if you WOULD TOO be attacking Snowden just as hard if this happened under Romney or Bush.

CNBC's Sorkin apologizes to Greenwald

Video: Cuccinelli compares Voting Rights Act to "running to mommy," says he doesn't respect it

Death and the Mainframe: How data analysis can help document human rights atrocities

If Hillary is the candidate in 2016, how will right wing smears go over with the public?

Death and the Mainframe: How data analysis can help document human rights atrocities

Democrats Plan to Kill Texas Abortion Bill With 13-Hour Filibuster

Double down on Obama Hate w/Climate Change + Snowden! (Wapo Editorial)

From, the fact sheet on the President's climate change plan

500th person to be executed in TX since the restoration of dp is a black woman who murdered a white

'A Beautiful Body' Book Project: Jade Beall, Photographer, Celebrates Mothers' REAL Bodies (PHOTOS)

Prairie dogs' language decoded by scientists

Virginia Women Ordained As Catholic Priests Against The Will Of The Church

Texas reinstates voter ID law and redistricting

DU fashionistas: speaking of my wedding: the tie

Whoever developed those mini watermelons deserves an award.

Obama climate speech calls for cuts at power plants

Imagine Obama Looking in Your Mailbox Every Day, and Writing Down Every Letter You Send and Receive.

Cheney Says Snowden Access 'Difficult to Understand'

Best album of 2013

It's time for a Citizen Voting Act.

Meme Power: The Ku Klux Kourt and Grand Wizard Roberts

Nixon vetoes bill to impose restrictions on public-sector union dues

Hot weather ... What sounds good for dinner?

Just called the White House to express my opinion on the President's Climate Speech AND...........

MO Gov. vetoes Paycheck Deception Bill

Article on Detroit filled with inaccuracies

Snowden still in Moscow airport according to BBC.

More mysteries found inside suffrage safe

Sick and tired of the Snowden fanbase

So A Random Stranger Says "Hey I Got A Story For You, Just Install This Encryption System"

Obama ‘Pleased’ With Confirmation Of Pritzker As Commerce Secretary

What the most famous brands are from each state

Latin America is ready to defy the US over Snowden and other issues

Latin America is ready to defy the US over Snowden and other issues

Obama orders new rules on coal-fired plants, sets condition for Keystone pipeline

So let's say Snowden is extradited back and stands trial

Cable News Virtually Ignores Obama’s Major Climate Speech

Jim Hightower: Poverty’s New Home

So let me get this straight....

Wendy Davis filibuster live stream:

Good vibes for tomorrow's Supreme Court rulings.

And LAPD continues to demonstrate that they will shut down the city only for cop killers.

Oliver Stone making Chavez film: Venezuela president

Snowden blackout

Sen. Murray Blasts Republicans For ‘Governing By Crisis’

Democrats: STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT. Introduce a Voting Rights Constitutional Amendment..

Bangor police chief accidentally shoots self with new duty weapon

Venezuela Not To Bow To Any Superpower: President

From the global warming is just a theory page .... 96 f***ing degrees F in Talkeetna, AK

Number of New Government Regulations Slows under Obama

President Obama delivers speech on climate change 6/25/2013.

16 Killed, 33 Wounded In Fresh Bomb Attacks In Iraq

5-4 The Supreme Court is corrupt.

IG: IRS credit cards used for wine, pornography

Report: Global Warming May Be Irreversible By 2006

China Rejects U.S. Accusation On Snowden

Traitor Exception Clause: "I don't agree with the secret data I stole, so it's okay"

CA residents - please come out to support the LGBT community tomorrow!

Global Energy, GWP and Population Growth: what happened in 1972?

Being hungry 'changes brain' to take risks

Snowden Realpolitik: Why Russia won't hand over Edward Snowden

The Supreme Court did not strike down the Voting Rights Act today.

Papantonio: SCOTUS Racists Prevail On VRA

For the SCOTUS 5

Joan Walsh: The ugly SCOTUS voting rights flim-flam

Thread in support of Sen Davis who must filibuster (no breaks) 13 hours to kill TX abortion bill

Odd thing I came across today on a thread of mine:

Why U.S. is being humiliated by the hunt for Snowden

Ailing Mandela opens eyes, smiles on hearing of Obama's South Africa trip

Solar Panels to be installed on Whitehouse Roof!

The Tree or The Forest?

Court's Decision on Voting Rights Act will deprive millions of right to vote. Join Greg Palast Fight

Calling Abortion "Genocide," Protester Escorted from Texas Senate during Sen. Wendy Davis filibuster

In the Bible Belt, Offering Atheists a Spiritual Home

A deadly triangle: Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India

Russia spies may be chatting with "tasty morsel" Snowden

Texas prepares to execute 500th inmate

50,000 Bumblebees Dead After Neonicotinoid Pesticide Use in Oregon

Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

Remember In Living Color? Best video: "Clarence Thomas' First Day" ? Hilarious, promise.

Snow leopard triplets are zoo's latest marvel

Bill Clinton: States need to be "more conservative and responsible" with budgets

Eugene Robinson: Supreme Court can’t stop demographics

Second thoughts? (SCOTUS)

Spending time with a Catholic Worker house in Northern California

Fracking can pollute well water, study finds

The U.S. Supreme Court works hard.......for the Chamber of Commerce.

Exposed: Paula Deen and MiddleFingerMom TOGETHER nekkid photo. Hubba, Hubba. You have been warned!

Catholic Hospice provides Jewish end of life care

We Are Still Feeling The Effects Of Dubya's Administration.....

$7 billion in Afghan war gear scrapped

JFK Blows The Whistle on Secret Societies

IT World: COBOL, like Star Trek, needs a new generation


What would you do?

Iceland opts out of joining EU

A Shameful Day to Contemplate another Shameful Day!

Mississippi Moving Ahead With Voter ID, Too

I don't trust this cat.

Snowden and Putin: U.S. Whistleblower’s Fate Is in Russian President’s Hands


Twitter feud between Joy Reid and Glenn Greenwald, challenge issed to Greenwald

Anyone nervous about the DOMA and Prop 8 rulings after today's voting rights act ruling?

Geek porn warning: Post your rig

Those who are happy part of the Voting Rights Act was struck down, expecting something better after

Weird dream I just had.

The American Way - On the death of Odin Lloyd

Hey GOP, the party of personal responsibility: we'd rather blame Nader than hold you accountable

"We don't have time...."

Showing some love to Wendy Davis (D, Fort Worth, TX)

International musicians descend on Festival Hill in Round Top

Bernie Sanders Blasts The Supreme Court For Taking Us Back to Jim Crow Era Voting

Given all the (justified) misery of the day,

Best thing ever.

Question for DU Legal experts

Yellowstone, Grand Teton park visitors warned of spike in sicknesses

McCain: We’ll make border with Mexico look like ‘the Berlin Wall’

George Lucas ties the knot. Bill Moyers Officiated the Wedding, and Bill Bradley escorted the bride.

Supreme Court Hands Chamber Of Commerce Blockbuster Pro-Corporate Term

Greenwald: Beltway media types are ‘courtiers to power’

Can't stand Roberts

F.Y.I. Live Stream of Sen Wendy Davis' Filibuster

June 25th: Today in baseball history ...

Day 6 of 45 Pictures and Cartoons regarding the Republican War on Women

xpost from Feminists Group: Day 6 of 45 Pictures and Cartoons regarding the Republican War on Women

xpost from Feminists Group: Day 6 of 45 Pictures and Cartoons regarding the Republican War on Women

Chile's president says students who seized schools could be evicted

"There was this growing movement of people who really feared the government

Time for a NEW generation of Freedom Riders?

Proof the rot has spread globally.......Riot after Chinese teachers try to stop pupils cheating

Justice Dept. freezes funding to Big Brothers Big Sisters

The "justices" who voted to return to Jim Crow

Geography, Not Voting Rights Act, Accounts for Most Majority-Minority Districts. 538

Greg Palast: Ku Klux Kourt Kills King's Dream Law, Replaces Voting Rights Act With Katherine Harris

NY court: Computer searches can threaten privacy

Texas Moves to Implement Voter ID Law

Canada says sees no net increase in emissions from Keystone

The Soc. Security Admin Has a 99.996% Accuracy Rate for Paying Benefits to the Right People

Arizona governor: Racial discrimination doesn’t ‘take place any longer’

So I forgot to pay my electric bill.....

SCOTUS vs NSA spying: bigger threat?

Harsh Texas Voter ID Law 'Immediately' Takes Effect After Voting Rights Act Ruling

Fox Lies About Temperature Record To Dispute Obama's Climate Speech

Leahy vows 'immediate action' on Voting Rights Act

Today in Baseball Cheaters history:

Hundreds protest Education Cuts in Harrisburg 6/25

ND abortion clinic files federal legal challenge

Obama talked about climate change like a man itching for a ferocious battle

Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear

Mass. student's $675,000 song-sharing fine upheld

Is ANYBODY watching Tweety?

Everyone ok after the wild storms?

Don't want to single out Texas(I know there's good blue folks there)...BUT

Supreme Court sides with South Carolina couple against Oklahoma man in Cherokee adoption case

Barnes & Noble: The Final Chapter?

Live Streaming video of Heroine Senator Wendy Davis

justice Ginsburg's dissent to the Supreme Court's majority ruling

Taser Used on Naked, 11 Year Old Autistic Girl Wandering Lost

Germany blasts Britain over GCHQ's secret cable trawl

Price put on Snowdens Head

Any Current TV viewers, Dan Kildee (Michigan 5th) coming up to discuss the SNAP challenge

NRC: Earthquake-related radioactive release could happen in U.S. once every 10 million years

You have a RIGHT to be angry about this one, Mr. President

‘Invest, Divest’: Obama Goes Full Climate Hawk In Speech Unveiling Plan To Cut Carbon Pollution

photos from the democratic filibuster in texas

States wouldn't need to be conservative with budgets if they'd kept a surplus

John Lewis: 'These Men' on the Supreme Court Never Had to Pass a Literacy Test

Marty Kaplan: I Have Outrage Envy

Court Rules Homeless People Are Allowed to Have Stuff

We can now declare...the election of ANY Republican president in 2016 will be illegitimate...

Surprise! The Weather Channel is the only major network that covered Obama's speech.

Men's Wearhouse escalates battle with founder

Mississippi Moving Ahead With Voter ID, Too

Bernie Sanders, thank you and thank you.........

Drone strikes -- the data.

Why does mentioning a political act by a religious man mean a thread should be locked?

Nina Simone-Mississippi Goddam

This Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia is a real piece of .......

Paula Deen the Victim of 'Lynch Mob Culture,' says Anne Rice

Download me—Saying “yes” to the Web’s most dangerous search terms

"Why are we talking about Hong Kong...

Russia: MP calls for law allowing gays to be whipped in public squares

Supreme Court Makes it Easier to Block the Vote

Want to piss off the nasty Texas AG? Give $$ to BattlegroundTexas to register voters

Funniest Marriage Equality Signs

I realize half of you can't see this post

Striking, provocative, not suitable for work.

It's summer here in Austin 100°

I just posted this on Facebook.

Iran And Israel Are Similar, After All

The repulsive republicans are going to cut off Senator Wendy Davis' filibuster


Edward Snowden: History Will Be Kind To Him (Guardian UK Editorial)

Texas: Immediate repercussions from SCOTUS decision on voting rights!

So, has the Weather Channel jumped the shark in terms of hyping every drop of

Chuck Hagel Celebrates LGBT Pride month At Pentagon Event

Kim and Reggie Harris and Magpie...Those Three Are On My Mind...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Ken Cuccinelli Appeals To Defend Virginia's Anti-Sodomy Law At Supreme Court

Folks maybe need to brace themselves for a possible surprise Gomez win in Massachusetts today.

Washington Post: Let's Punish Ecuador (Again)

Washington Post: Let's Punish Ecuador (Again)

Can someone explain to me WHY: Drones, fences, radar: military 'surge' for US-Mexico border

He Was My Brother-Simon and Garfunkel


Q&A: NSA's Prism internet surveillance scheme

Edumacational NSA Video - Very "Informing"!!!

what has the Roberts court done..

U.S. CEO sets a record with $159 million pension

WTAP interview with Sen. Joe Manchin regarding Pres. Obama's climate change plan

Papantonio: Supreme Court Judges Tied To Corporate America

Statement by President Obama on the Supreme Court Ruling on Shelby County v. Holder

Is Snowdon being debriefed?

isn't Snowden kind of like Jonathan Pollard ?

SEIU’s Henry on SCOTUS Shelby Decision: Court Wrong to Strike Down Part of Voting Rights Act

Live updates of Mass. Special Election

Full Vid of PBO's Climate Change Speech

Grayson Announces Bill to Let Workers Personally Sue Bosses Who Retaliate

A Question please-

Damn MS scammers

Coalition Plans To Punish Those Who Boycott Israel

With the VRA ruling, give those two quieter ones more of the spotlight: THOMAS and ALITO

After all, Fat Tony told us in February that the VRA was 'racial entitlement'.

A story about mom and President Obama

Texas prepares to execute 500th inmate

I have one thing to say to those who slam Texas

Durian Fruit

It's nice to be back in my rut.

Regarding civil rights and Mad Men

Gay Marriage and marijuana legalized on the same day?

The GOP: "The Gang That Couldn't Vote Straight"

FFRF Plans to Run ‘Celebrate Our Godless Constitution’ Ad on July 4th

Desperate Divorcees.

Take a break from Snowden, and remember the real story...

About that generously proportioned, bare breasted figure in the Mendocino photo...

Something to ponder...

To Paula Deen and others:

Holy. Fucking. Shit. The candle flickers... (NSA)

Zimmerman - I wasn't following him, I was just walking in the same direction he was

That Georgia's always on my my my my my my my my my mind!

I Would Not Want To Rob A Bank With Snowden....

President of the Institute of European Higher Studies on Venezuelan Elections