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8:03pm. Polls closed in MA. No mention of the election in Anderson Cooper's 360 intro,

To all those upset at the SCOTUS today....

The obesity era

The Clean Air Act has stronger measures where the air has been more polluted

DURHAM is in the big government crosshairs of NC's Tealiban legislature now...

What unspeakable thing is the gorilla doing with the kitten?

Banned in Boston Cardinal O'Malley orders parishes not to let priest speak..

***Mass special election votes:

With the evisceration of the Voting Rights Act today, there is a special election going on

Struggling Homeowner? US Treasury Dept may be able to help to the tune of $35K.

The GOP's idea of a good time.

How 6% of the Texas population (Rethug Anti-Choicers) keep a stranglehold on the whole state

A new internet, and if so, what?

Map of senate election results in MA

Jeff Olson, California Man, Faces 13 Years In Jail For Writing Anti-Big Bank Messages In Chalk

This story is emblematic of what's wrong with our values

Will we hear from Snowden again?

Luckovich Toon: Law of the Land


What's the BESTEST thing ever to have for dinner anytime... but especially when it's HOT-HOT-HOT!!!

Turns out our dogs kind of are our 'babies': study

Marty Kaplan: I Have Outrage Envy

The Top 5 Exaggerations By Glenn Greenwald On NSA!

Supreme Court Voting Rights Act ruling affects five Florida counties, including Hillsborough

Study Confirms Tea Party Was Created by Big Tobacco and Billionaire Koch Brothers

summer evening....the good times

"Elizabeth Warren pushes two-tiered banking regulation"

Snowden is probably in a Putin Gulag. It's a win-win for Russia

Family accuses Latah Co. Sheriff of bullying on Facebook (leads to suicide)

I cannot believe over 150,000 people have voted for Gomez in Massachusetts holy shit

Anthony Weiner Surges to Lead in Democratic Mayoral Race: NBC NY/WSJ/Marist Poll

Fuel for "The Project"...

Dirty Wars author Jeremy Scahill: is journalism being criminalised? – video interview

Get better Lemmy

Voting Rights Act Decision Underscores Need for National Vote-by-Mail

UPDATING CONSTANTLY: It's 52% Markey 48% Gomez with 60% in.

Democrat Wins Special House Election In Kentucky

Which is a bigger threat to Democracy in America?

They tried to shut her down because someone helped her put on a back brace

I'm calling the Massachusetts vote for Markey. You heard it here first. n/t

Putin: Snowden still in Moscow airport, won't be extradited, free to go anywhere

Any DU juicers?

Markey's margins are far better than Coakley's in 2010, he'll win

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Encore Encore! & and a new Tiger gif

OK, Rachel on and FINALLY talking about Massachusetts,

Legal, illegal... these terms don't apply

FEMA's Rejection of More Money for West Seems Fair Enough

Hey Kids! It's time to take a trip in the DU 'Way Back Machine'! Hows about September, 2003?

*whew* Markey is going to win.

Kentucky To Walk Away From Last Private Prison

Bankers laughing because they don't have to pay bail out back

Stanford U. Study finds PA. Charter School results are getting WORSE

Amazing …


NECN called it for Markey Nt

I think snowden saw this move …

** Help Support Senator Wendy Davis: Send Her Your Stories So She Can Continue Filibuster **

Will today's Kourt decision on voting rights keep our gerrymandered Leg. districts in place?

Quinn out of the lead, awwe. Q:20, W: 25, T: 15, etc....

Dem Rep. Markey Wins US Senate Election In Mass.

I put my oatmeal bowl down on my laptop

John Lewis is on Rachel now n/t

How MFM Imagines Kimi having a beer...

Things I believe

Go Wendy Davis - show them a real

Dear America:

George Zimmerman Trial - how the hell can anyone look at the photos

if the GOP stops Davises filibuster through some bullshit ruling

MARKEY 54%....GOMEZ 46%....92% reporting....

A Mass Effect movie? Ugh, please...NO!!!

Insider Threat: Government Employees Urged to Tattle On Coworkers In Effort to Stop Classified Leaks

NSA: Thank you Democrats Wyden and Udall: NSA takes surveillance fact sheets off website

How many politicians who are for Keystone understand oil as a commodity?

Markey Wins! Thanks Massachusetts!

Obama Climate Plan Touts Gas Fracking As "Transition Fuel," Doubling Down on Methane Risk

Syrian priest dies during ‘rebel attack’ on Franciscan convent

IG: IRS credit cards used for wine, pornography

We'll show the world they were wrong. And teach them all to sing along.

Tonight, in Texas, an American Patriot stands up for everyone

Paul Ryan: Snowden hunt shows White House is "incompetent"

I'm wearing out my remote!

An update of a Phil Ochs classic, in reaction to the ruling:

98% in. Markey takes it by 10% 55-45. So long TeaThug Asshat!

How many slaves work for you?

Study shows 70 percent of Americans take prescription drugs

Glenn Greenwald Supported President Bush As He Signed The Patriot Act!

Anyone else here too depressed about Trayvon Martin to watch reports on the trial?

Labor Speaks Out Against SCOTUS Ruling (+ check the photo)

"Thank you Massachusetts! I am deeply honored for the opportunity to serve you in the United States"

Supreme Court Frees Texas Attorney General To Suppress The Vote–See What He Tweeted

'Rage Against the Machine' Guitarist Tom Morello -- I'll Pay for Edward Snowden's Escape Flight

Victoria College helps area students explore health careers

Austin doctor accused of $2.1 million Medicare fraud

The Taliban is playing Obama

Fort Hood could lose nearly 3,000 soldiers under reductions

And the NUMBER ONE reason why you never buy your little brother a Camera for his Birthday is...

Who knows everything about Affordable Health Care??

"I'm too discouraged to do anything," she says. "Too much is wrong."

In Ecuador, fears of US retaliation over Snowden case

Snowden's next move remains unclear

Call your Senator to find out where they stand on Warren Student Loan Bill

Dear Ralph Nader: Thank you for today's Supreme Court decision

I guess we know now why our Dems in Congress have seemed neutered.

The 'Snowden Effect': U.S. spies say militants change tactics

Tourists Await Rescue on Canadian Arctic Ice Floe.

Lessons learned on DU

Pres. Obama's Official Account Tweets Support For Wendy Davis

S. Africa says Obama won't visit Mandela in hospital

Rep. Ed Markey will win a special U.S. Senate election in Massachusetts, CNN projects.

What's happening with Wendy Davis in TX Senate?

A new poll shows that George W. Bush is now more popular than President Obama.

Lawrence O'Donnell SCHOOLED those who call Snowden a traitor.

"Trudeau Protest Was Manned By Tory Interns And Organized By PMO"

"But this is Massachusetts!"

Cyanide & Happiness - Repulsel

What do you think Snowden is thinking right now?

Harry Reid: Senate ‘will act’ on Voting Rights Act

RIP Richard Matheson, father of the zombie

"Calgary Zoo Hippo Nearly Escaped During Flood, Staff Risked Life To Stop It"

Why China Let Snowden Go - New Yorker

Texas Sen Davis's filibuster has been stopped by Repugs. Gallery is chanting "let her speak"

The raping has begun..........

Arab Idol, Les Miz, the Gazan Sinatra and human spirit

Russia: U.S. Demands To Hand Over Edward Snowden Are ‘Ravings And Rubbish’

Rudd supporters move to force leadership vote

Are they going to filibuster the ruling of ending the fillibuster?

What just happened at the leg., I went to sleep, and my computer was frozen.

Astronomers Find Three Potentially Habitable Planets Orbiting Nearby Star

FU Dewhurst: Decided To End Sen. Davis Filibuster

Daiya sliced provelone and cheddar, Daiya cream cheese with chives too YUM

The most vicious thing about my Pit Bull is her farts.

Something I think about a lot

State Senator Donna Cambell's life should be made a living hell.

has everyone seen the goodle doodle for today? antonio gaudi, architect, barcelona. wonderful

Had jury duty today but was not called on a case. No NYS jury duty for 8 years now.

PETITION: Stand with State Senator Wendy Davis today at the Capitol.

Semi truck load of ice cream goes up in flames in Layton

BLT dip, on FB from high school classmate:

The "Snowden" Effect: We Have No Idea If It Actually Exists, But DNI Clapper Did Lie To Congress

Our Voting Rights Are At Risk!

So the Zimmerman trial boils down to this

Ecuador's Edward Snowden Problem

LIVE VIDEO: TX State Senator Wendy Davis Filibustering Draconian Abortion Bill

Ecuador- Love Life!

Obama's FEC choice will rile the Goopers

Texas: The people waiting to get in is as touching as the thousands already in the Capitol (pics)

End Minimum Wage - Lamar Alexander At Labor Hearing Today

On eve of Prop 8 decision, Chuck Hagel’s LGBT evolution is complete

Kids Tell All: I Wish My School Had Art Classes

Legislation bans smoking on hospital grounds

Judith Zaffirini bringing up Sonograms, Texas passed a law in 2/2012 to require sonogram

Republican Crooks in Texas Find Ways to Unethically End Wendy Davis’ Courageous Filibuster.


I haven't been able to watch the news today

More A-Rod drama

VRA 2.0

When the GOP rules, a filibuster means you stand, keep talking, don't pee, don't eat, don't dare...

If it was raining, isn't it possible that Zimmerman fell down and busted his face

Remember Texas and N. Carolina Is The Model For How The US Will Be Run

Cecile Richards: Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

North Korea’s Kippumjo is a means of bringing in foreign currency

Pandemonium in Texas Senate. 10 min to go Live Video

LIVE FEED: Watch Wendy Davis’ Filibuster of Texas Abortion Law

Senator Leticia Van de Putte:Crowd going wild

Mom: College won’t let me breastfeed during exams

Texas Legis.: "You may not recognize the gallery, sir, but the gallery has recognized you."

You have to listen to this... the balcony is going crazy in the Texas senate

Popular Honduran TV journalist kidnapped

BREAKING: Texas Abortion Bill Falls After Challenge ('Gallery Filibuster' PHOTOS, VIDEO)


History is being made in #Texas, while @CNN talks about blueberry muffins


Phidippus audax - Bold Jumper

Are they voting on SB5? It's past midnight.

Texas. Democrats. TEXAS Democrats. TEXAS DEMOCRATS!!!!

NSA Deletes Surveillance 'Fact' Sheet

It's NOT CLEAR what the outcome of SB5 is. Senate computer: 17-12 pass.

Army to Cut Its Forces by 80,000 in 5 Years

NBCLatino: Arizona turns away from anti Immigration policies

Texas Senate did not complete vote before midnight. AP reports bill passed. Bill DID NOT pass.

Donor bought Rolex watch for Virginia Gov. McDonnell (R), people familiar with gift say

RANT: I'm glad Hong Kong, China and now Russia told us to get fucked. But how sad it's come to that?

Updated again!!!: It's dead, Jim! (TX Senate)

Leticia Van De Putte, Texas Legislator, Slams Male Colleagues During Abortion Filibuster

Santorum Says Goodbye to WND

Republican Battles Over Medicaid Turn to God and Morality.

SB5 passes, official vote 17-12 and date of vote is 6/25.

A few white men just raped every woman in Texas.

a comment by jim moore on what happend in texas

Zimmerman has gained 120 lbs in a year

Know her name @WendyDavisTexas

Texas GOP doesn't know when the day ends, but want to tell women when life begins. n/t

Seriously, you guys. Forget the AP. For new on Texas Abortion Bill, stick with the Texas Tribune

Phone numbers of texas senate

mike ward from the austin statesman is reporting the vote was after midnight

This is DU

In The Last 24 Hours, Texas has...........

Drummer Alan Myers, Devo’s ‘human metronome’ from 1976 to 1986, loses cancer battle

Senators Trying to Determine if Abortion Bill Passed (update 2:45 a.m.)

Links to Texas Senators' and their individual websites.

BART workers take strike authorization vote

Incidentally, (hic) Moscato is awesome

the GOP in texas is changing the time stamp

We did it. Damn it we did!

Hinojsa holds up document showing time change on SB 5 (PIC):

I was wrong about the SCOTUS

Live feed from the TX Senate rotunda right now -

Mick Jagger zings President Obama at DC concert

Did abortion bill pass? Depends on who you ask

Uresti said journal clerk has handwritten note in her notebook that vote started at 12:02

Pride Week 2013: Seniors Enjoy Weekly Program At Brooklyn Pride Center's New Location

Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Voting Rights Act

how dumb is the texas GOP?

Deleted by author

Wendy Davis' Texas Senate Seat Was Saved By Voting Rights Act

...we are hearing a RUMOR Lt. Gov David Dewhurst is confirming that #SB5 did not pass effectively

'Lucky Jew' Statues: Are Polish Figurines A Symptom Of Anti-Semitism Or Just In Bad Taste?

'Lucky Jew' Statues: Are Polish Figurines A Symptom Of Anti-Semitism Or Just In Bad Taste? (xpost)

Iranian woman spent 10 months in the Moscow Airport

San Fransisco City Hall Tonight

Wikileaks: Mr. Snowden is Not Being 'De Briefed' by the FSB (Russian Security Service)

Does anyone have any idea when supreme court marriage ruling might become public?

the press corps waiting outside Senate caucus meeting for decision (UPDATED)

Snowden Possibly to Remain in Russia - WikiLeaks update: Venezuela possible option

Email From Senator Wendy Davis: Received @ 2:02 am

K & R for Texas State Senator Wendy Davis!

I committed a cardinal parenting sin. And I feel so guilty.

Texas Senators are back in the Senate chamber now (including Wendy Davis she's now sitting down)

AP: Texas Lt. Gov. Reverses, Declares Vote on Tough Abortion Bill Too Late to Pass (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

SB5 dead Officially at 3:05 am 6/26/2013.

MUST-VIEW: Cecile Richards Announces TX Abortion Bill SB-5 Fails to Pass

The Unholy Trinity: Koch Brothers, ALEC, and the NRA

June 26: National Chocolate Pudding Day

June 26, 1934 President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the Federal Credit Union Act

Latest Email from Senator Wendy Davis: Received @ 3:17 am

NLRB to Hear Trade Fair Dispute

Synecdoche: United States

Food Waste Diversion 'Significant Challenge' for Retailers

What was Michael Hastings investigating when he died?

MUST-VIEW: Texas Near-Ban on Abortion foiled by People’s ‘Gallery Filibuster’

I hate it when the birds are out singing..

TX Lt. Governor Dewhurst blames loss on: “an unruly mob using Occupy Wall Street tactics"

Man About To Drown Refuses Help To Keep Rescuer Safe

OK, now will you listen?

Let this kill the Texas bashing!

The late, great Texan, Molly Ivins would be so proud!

So, I am learning to swim

Cambodian tailorbird: A new species seen in Phnom Penh

Susan Rice: Syria inaction a 'stain' on security council

#TIMESTAMPGATE: After A Crazy Night, This Photograph Helped Kill A Controversial Texas Abortion Bill

If you wrote for Mad Men, how would you wrap the series (it ends next year)

Marc Rich, legendary commodities trader, dies

Gatwick second runway 'more feasible' than Heathrow expansion

Good Morning!

Rep. Moore: GOP is 'Demanding That You Work Else Your Children Can’t Eat'

Kevin Rudd defeats Julia Gillard 57-45 in Labor leadership ballot, paving way for a return to PM

Central American farmers stay one step ahead of profit-hungry 'coyotes'

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday June 26th

Joe Scum getting all hissy at Rev. Al

Who works for minimum wage?

So what happens after Perry's special session passes the onerous abortion legislation: Injunction

Paula Deans brother: Bussiness is BOOMING!!!

Republican Fornario backs Democrat Donnery for Orange County executive

America's Nuclear Power Plants Are Money Pits

Off the Chart Inequality in the US

French Nuclear Disaster Scenario Was So Bad The Government Kept It Secret

Gives me hope

Brazilians Are Taking to the Streets to Protest Their Country's Injustice and Inequality—Why Aren't

The sheer terror of sitting still, Mark Morford

5 Ways the U.S. Government Has Built 'An Architecture of Oppression'

Voting Rights (cartoon)

Texas Democratic Party chair: Sen. Wendy Davis should run for governor

Hillary Clinton: Reaching across party lines is like negotiating with the terrorist

ConAgra to pay $1,000 fine in OSHA settlement over anhydrous ammonia

Supreme Court’s a constitutional train wreck of historic proportions

Would you drink Mojitos in the morning?

Houston tries prostitute rehab instead of jail


If you have the opportunity to see David Byrne on this tour...DO!

Obama Congratulates Massachusetts Senate-Elect Ed Markey

My wife woke up to the bedroom ceiling leaking

Visiting Las Vegas Still Causes Culture Shock, But Now, a Lot of it is About Guns

Violence in China's Xinjiang 'kills 27'

Commission on Civil Rights to Investigate Racist "Stand Your Ground" Laws

San Francisco's Unique Character Crumbling as Wealthy Techies Take Over

Italian minister defends F-35 jet purchase on eve of tense vote

Cecile Richards Delivers Wendy Davis' Good News In Texas... With Ann Smiling Down (Video)

Brazil Congress rejects controversial amendment

financier marc rich dies in switzerland

PA. Repubs find they can't move transportation bill forward after they slash mass transit $

Good morning, Glacier National Park!

NYTiimes Daily Gun Report

The American Taliban has stirred up a HORNET'S NEST of Democracy in These United States

The filibuster by Texas State Senator Wendy Davis

Gun seller pleads guilty to charge related to Newtown

"At what point must a female senator raise her hand or her voice to be recognized

The GOP in Texas knows EXACTLY when life begins.

Vt. F-35 opponents demonstrate noise

Global warming is a hoax part 2 ..... It is going to be 95 degrees in Fairbanks, AK today

Funny How....

Wendy Davis will pay the price for her courage in Texas.

Halperin predicted Wendy Davis would become a national political figure on Morning Joe today.

Diplomats, defence officials posted abroad told to call scathing F-35 report a ‘bureaucratic’ issue,

bottom line -- the supreme court found a sunset provision where congress didn't write one.

Donor bought Rolex watch for Virginia Gov. McDonnell, people familiar with gift say

FL Dems better exploit the SCOTUS decision on voting to mobilize minorities in 2014.

Supreme Court Strikes a Hard Blow to Tribal Sovereignty in Adoption Case

Hillary and Wendy ticket in 2016?

Quelle Surprise! The voter suppression hijinks have already begun......

Texas Abortion Bill Filibustered By State Senator Wendy Davis Is Dead

The Pantheon in Rome...

This is the type of filibuster that the asshats in Congress

One activist inspires a cascade of activists against the KKK

NPR's story on the Texas anti-choice bill

Patriarchy is when you can break the law in front of a room full of protesting women...

Paula Deen And Bodyguards.....

Corporate Education 'From Above' and the Trouble with Common Core

You have to ask yourself---what would you do if Zimmerman was following you?

SCOTUS - turns the clock back

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 26, 1955

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 26, 1955

The Supreme Court Just Handed Real Estate Developers a Huge Win


Blue Mound loses water fight in court

TX Repubs Fraudulently Change Website to Hide Abortion Bill 'Passage' After Senate Close

Corbett Criticizes Global Climate Change Plan: Wants Phila. to Become Beachfront Resort

Dude, the bagle, has a new bed companion.

Attention: DOMA and Prop8 in an hour!

ZIMMERMAN TRIAL: Day 3, Wednesday June 26

So John Roberts has said "the world has changed."

My avatar is gone and every time I try to edit it to add a new one, it won't.

What planet were you on Cuomo when this went down?

Hat tip to the AP and the UK for reporting that Texas Abortion bill passed with your canned ham

Larry Craig (R) volunteers to get Snowden out of the Moscow airport

Wendy Davis' Texas Senate Seat Was Saved By Voting Rights Act

Team Themis

Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair's lawyers file motions at court-martial claiming unlawful command influe

So I guess every time there's a protest-- it's going to be called "Occupy Tactics" ?

What is going on with the avatars?

Monkeys' winter death toll shows true value of friendship in natural selection

U.S. first-quarter growth cut to 1.8 percent

Michael Steel:They gutted the Votings rights act

Fingers crossed on the DOMA/Prop 8 rulings today

America's PR disaster over Snowden

investigate the texas GOP for fraud

Got a seat at - ready to follow the action

Dearest Texas- Y'all need to have a criminal investigation

Wendy Davis' Texas Senate Seat Was Saved By Voting Rights Act

67 discriminatory laws proposed per year, every year, for nearly a quarter century

What the Supreme Court Doesn’t Understand About the Voting Rights Act Ari Berman

Discovery of new flame-headed bird species astounds conservationists

Rachel Maddow - Texas senator stands for millions in thwarting anti-abortion bill

The Supreme Court is the real GOP power house

Paula Deen Interview: My Take

McDonald's turns down offer to open restaurant in West Bank settlement

Just a note on the reality of Texas politics.

Global rise in new 'legal highs' - UN World Drug Report

The hashtag #SB5 is trending on Twitter for the Texas bill. The naysayers largely are...

Hunger Schools

CNN To Revive ‘Crossfire’: Stephanie Cutter, Van Jones, Newt Gingrich, and S.E. Cupp

Chuck Hagel: Military is stronger with gays serving openly

'Crossfire' returning to CNN

Nerve cells 're-grown' in rats after spinal injury (BBC)

Remember the last time a man had to filibuster for 10 hours...

I want to be a small part of D U history. Official SCOTUS Marriage Equality Thread

I filed a freedom of information request with the NSA about me.. they answered

Rachel Maddow - Rep. Lewis: 'Sad to have to fight this fight all over again'

A thoughtful analysis of Paula Deen's behavior and its context

Duke U. Researchers Release New Study on Fracking, Methane and Well Water

Why has this un-American poem not been excised?

It seems like images on the server are not showing.

US growth rate revised down to 1.8% (BBC)


the judicial branch took over for the legislative branch

BREAKING: Supreme Court Says DOMA Is Unconstitutional

DOMA declared unconstitutional!!

DOMA struck down! 5-4 Kennedy...

What would currently-illegal drugs look like if produced by corporations?

Kevin Rudd ousts Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard (BBC)

The Reality Of Afghanistan

DOMA IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL 5-4 !!!! Prop 8 vacated due to lack of standing!!!! Also, 5-4.

I'M EQUAL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watching "Stripes" on AMC.

5-4. How can the so-called "Constitutionalists" on the court justify discrimination? /nt

Sorry, but this is just awesome.

So, all laws against same sex marriage are now *probably* unconstitutional

While America was distracted by Snowden, You Likely Missed These Important Things

Will Keystone "Significantly Exacerbate The Problem Of Carbon Pollution"? State Already Said No

DOMA is unconstitutional

Scalia continues to be a douche...

Page 4 of the Roberts dissent, talking about Prop 8: "We hold today that we lack jurisdiction to con

DOMA opinion hints that Prop 8 will be struck down too

DOMA down, and dissent suggests 'no standing' for plaintiffs in Prop 8 case

TX Repubs Fraudulently Change Website to Hide Abortion Bill 'Passage' After Senate Close

I had faith that DOMA would be struck down

Aaron Hernandez arrested this morning

Abortion bill defeated after Texas Republicans concede vote came too late

Students Finally Learning About Climate Change

Sen.Sanders Welcomes Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling

Rachel Maddow - Little faith House can secure voting rights after SCOTUS blow

I saw that World War Z In Name Only movie last night

Ding Dong DOMA is dead

The Loophole by Garfunkel and Oates

An awesome screen capture re: DOMA repeal

Prop 8 proponents lack standing

We won prop 8 is dead

Marriage Equality is now legal in CA

I just wanna ask y'all one question right now...

I think the SCOTUS is just f***ing with us.

Prop 8 is Dead

Supreme Court Strikes Down Voting Rights Act Section 4

BREAKING: No Standing of Plaintiffs in Cal Prop 8 case.

Prop 8 has been struck down!

If for nothing else, this is why elections have consequences, The Supreme Court

I wonder why Sotomayor dissented on the Prop 8 case

Doesn't have standing? (Prop 8 ruling)

The official Don West "zinger" thread. Post your Zimmerman Zingers!!

President Obama Tweets: Today's DOMA ruling is a historic step forward for Marriage Equality

Wow, wow, wow! Changes following DOMA ruling will encompass benefits, taxes, insurance, SS . . .

DOMA is Dead

Fox News Fills Room with Black Republicans for Strange Rants

VIVA ANN! VIVA la gente de Tejas!

SCOTUS "clears the way for gay marriage in CA." Here's the SCOTUS opinion:

Judge will allow past Zimmerman calls to police as evidence in murder trial

Roberts, Scalia, Breyer, Ginsberg, and Kagan agreed the petitioner did not have standing

Truth is just a five-letter word. Please come CAPTION Megyn Kelly!!!!

OMG help! They're rioting down here


The Last Word - Supreme Court v. Voting Rights Act

These Five Justices Just Made America More Equal

So, Texas,

The Last Word - Voting rights and wrongs in America

These Five Justices...

Thinking about all the friends I've had who are no longer with us to celebrate this day.

Clergy abuse case filled with silent bystanders

Farming carbon: Study reveals potent carbon storage potential of man-made wetlands

Obama deserves credit for the Supreme Court decision today. All the justices he appointed voted

It's interesting that SCOTUS announced the DOMA ruling prior to the Prop 8 ruling.

Roger Federer told to switch shoes

Say "Ost!"

Conservatives got the best Prop 8 Decision they could get, which was still a loss (Hooray)

Wait... no... nope... nothing seems amiss.

Surprise species at risk from climate change

ICANN working group seeks to kill WHOIS

Thanks, Obama >> updated, Edith Windsor reacts

Let's not everybody start loving SCOTUS now.

Just checked with the husband....we're still married...

Ironic that the attorneys on the bush v Gore case on opposite sides, were on the same side today

Fuck you Ralph Nader you egotistical Asshole.

Ironic the SC took away voting rights from minorities and gave marriage rights to Gays

"the same diseased root"

The SCOTUS punted, right?

Is David Boies the Clarence Darrow of our time?

Embassies ban their officials from 30 areas in Caracas

In a Nutshell...

With 3D printing, you’ll be able to replicate the world’s famous sculptures

DOMA was your friend. Please come CAPTION Bill (the whining bully) O'Reilly!!!

Meet Chloe - our new kitten overlord - dial up warning - pics/video

What was the first 45 record you owned? What was the first LP?

In other news, hundreds of inhabitants of Salt Lake City have ironically turned to pillars of salt.

Antonin Scalia develops split personality disorder

Gallery Filibuster for Sen. Wendy Davis

Nontheists Applaud Supreme Court Decisions on DOMA, Prop 8

Do you wonder if there was a deal? DOMA in exchange for Section 4?

All I can say is... Heads are exploding in Texas!

Goto google and do a search on "gay" or "gay marriage"


In honor of all those who bravely paved the way for today's SCOTUS decisions, but who didn't

DCS is stonewalling about children's deaths in Tennessee

Question about DOMA

Changing Minds about Climate Policy Can Be Done - Sometimes (…communicating…benefits…not enough)

Nanny cam shows intruder beating NJ woman near kid

PHOTO: Pelosi Reads DOMA Decision

Pic Of The Moment: Read It And Weep, Bigots

I'm sorry Frank Kameny didn't live to see today

Check in here if your "traditional marriage" has crumbled as a result of today's rulings

Zimmerman carried a gun to protect himself - as a result,

90 year old woman does a double back-flip!

David Boies: Prop 8 Ruling Means Marriage Equality Will Soon Be Law Of The Land

Google the word gay right now!

BREAKING: Scalia Arrested...

Video: Plaintiff in Prop. 8 case proposes to plaintiff in Prop. 8 case on Supreme Court steps

How Edith Windsor learned she'd won

texas begins to turn purple

President Obama calls Prop 8 challengers, LIVE on TV, to congratulate

Tears of Joy All Morning!!!!

Nuclear Energy Innovation Big and Small Important to Climate Change

Ralph Nader wasn't the only person that cost Al Gore the election in 2000.

Pamela Geller And Robert Spencer Banned From The UK By Home Office, Due To Speak At EDL

President Obama Calls To Congratulate Proposition 8 Plaintiffs On Live TV

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Shredded Voting Rights

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Repubs

Very interesting...Fox News...

Flying dreams are USUALLY very happy dreams. My BIL had never had one, but...

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- I Spy

Why Gay issues did better today than some other issues did

Ladies and Gentlemen: Patsy Spaw (512) 463-0100

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

High Court Throws Out Mass. Extortion Conviction

Now that DOMA has been invalidated

High-octane bacteria could ease pain at the pump—Engineered E. coli mass-produce key precursor…

Is all of DOMA dead or just Section 3 of the law?

Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon says his legal team won’t represent NSA leaker Edward Snowden

DOMA and Prop 8 are DEAD!

Pretty good day, ya think?

I know this is flippant but what shoes were Wendy Davis wearing yesterday?

And this is George Takei on Facebook:

CONGRATS LGBTQ friends/brothers/sisters

I heard Boehner turned white when he heard the DOMA decision

Today in 1963, President Kennedy gave what many consider to be one of his finest speeches.

Just curious: What will DOMA decision mean for federal employees, military families, etc...

Climate tug of war disrupting Australian atmospheric circulation patterns

A good deed may not completely negate an evil one

President Obama: Supreme Court Has ‘Righted’ The ‘Wrong’ Of DOMA, directs Cabinet to implement

so I switched to Fox news to see the response to DOMA....nothing

DOMA gone. DADT gone. Iraq War gone. Universal Health Care - coming soon, Economy - coming back

As A Straight, White, Catholic Man From A Rural Area....

Obama deserves "unqualified praise" for a "momentous step he didn't have to take" (DOMA)

President Obama says "we are all more free," in reaction to DOMA ruling

Scientists: Tsunami hit East Coast earlier in June

My e-mail to Senator Glenn Hegar (author of Senate Bill 5)

Atheist Prayer: Religious Activity Not Uncommon Among Nonbelievers

What is a god (and problems with the concept of one)

Obama: 'I applaud the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act'

States jump to implement Voter ID laws after SCOTUS ruling

Glenn Beck, dressed in a Boy Scout uniform, compares Paula Deen to MLK, Columbus and Magellan

Why Today's Supreme Court Ruling Matters to People With HIV

Scalia's dissent "dripping with contempt and sarcasm"

When Edie Windsor Learned She Won

The VRA loss is an opportunity.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Key Part of Voting Rights Act (for the reading challenged)

"Who cares?"

I just gotta say this! I am proud to be a Texan today!

So I flipped over to Fox News a few minutes ago and they were talking about...

Pasta with scapes

Jury Blacklist question.

What just happened re: DOMA

Wimbledon Spoiler...

This witness is killing Zimmy

Kristen Bell Asks Dax Shepard to “Marry Me” After California Gay Marriage Ban Ends

For all our Vietnam Vets:

This ruling from the SC today will make the Gay Pride celebrations this weekend more joyful!

Sea level along Maryland’s shorelines could rise 2 feet by 2050, according to new report


America's Got Talent. I'm still trying to figure out what I think about this one.

Texas GOP attempts to roll back time -- and commits fraud.

Question for Justice Kennedy: Doesn't that feel better?

Aboard AF1, Pres Obama talks on phone w Edie Windsor, the plaintiff in the DOMA case (pic)

"Money should belong to the people, not the banks,"

SF Bay Area BART unions vote (98.5% and 99.9%) to authorize a strike

Ed Snowden: Leakers “should be shot in the balls,” and "cut this Social Security bullshit"

Ecuador Risks Trade Problems With U.S. if It Grants Asylum to Snowden

Report: Sex scandal snares 10 officers in Lakeland (FL)

"You are invited to the wedding"

On Gay Marriage In Churches, Stances Vary Among Religions, Clergy, Members

Florida’s governor wants you to go to work sick

A Lover's Concerto

Now is the time to start funding the ACLU for voting law challenges


CA Gov. Orders Counties To Issue Marriage Licenses As Soon As Prop 8 Stay Lifts

How do you prevent strawberries from going bad?

Al Sharpton's early observation after yesterday's VRA decision was, as usual, spot on.

Two phrases I like to see together: ‘Creation Museum’ and ‘Financial Trouble’

Borowitz: "Scalia Arrested Trying to Burn Down Supreme Ct"

207 mph in an electric car.

Pap and Seder: Supreme Court Returns America to the 1950's

This for all of DU today and the support all of you have shown.

City Of Miami Delighted By Impromptu Parade

Congratulations to the LBGT community


HK says US got Snowden's middle name wrong

I wonder if FOX News will spend much time on BLINGHAZI

I Believe: Andrew Sullivan on today

Cuomo Commemorates 2 Years After Same-Sex Marriage

So what is your overall opinion of the recent Supreme Court session?

Do you know:

From the Mathew Shepard Foundation RE: DOMA

DOMA Repealed, Gov't Should Act Quickly for Social Security.

Wendy Davis' "Don't Tread on Me" shoes....

Ecuador demands Obama make a written request for NSA leaker

My bet: Keystone is on the fast track.

Texas GOP Lt. Gov: "An unruly mob using Occupy Wall Street tactics”

So where do we clean up the mess left by Pat Robertson's exploding head?

8 Best Quotes From Kennedy's Opinion on DOMA

Ruh Roh, Boehner to House GOP on immigration: ‘We’ll do our own bill’

"Down Goes DOMA! Down Goes DOMA! Down Goes DOMA!"

Bringing Marriage Equality to Michigan

Thom Hartmann: WikiLeaks' Lawyer Speaks out on Snowden

The last 3 days it's been raining and cool in Eugene. Tomorrow it will be 90 degrees.

Sunrun secures $630M to put solar panels on every house in America

NRC issues supplement to FEIS for Indian Point license renewal

'Solar sharing' spreading among Fukushima farmers

No President Has Ever Been Better To Gay People. Thank You President Obama.

"Our Border Will Be The Most Militarized Since The Fall Of The Berlin Wall".

Cheers to the justices who made America more equal, cheers

Giant (450 MW) Solar Project Planned on Edwards Air Force Base

Anyone who thinks Democratic and Republican presidents are all the same

Rick Perry irony quote re: Texas

Maryland Sets Sail For Wind Power With Offshore Survey

Life in the surveillance state

Why the DOMA Decision is (also) a Victory for the Religious.

Malthus vs. Boserup - a steel cage match to the death!

Peddlers -- Impressions

Scalia is not capable of fair judgement as a Supreme Court member

What to do with the world's unwanted wind turbines?

Suddenly, this Snowden thing looks very different to me

The Five Craziest Reactions To The Marriage Equality Rulings

Nancy Pelosi’s Two-Word Response To Michele Bachmann

A picture is worth a thousand words & then some.

Internet Porn Traffic In Boston Skyrockets After Stanley Cup Loss

Use of wind power for electricity generation rises as coal declines

Republi-bigots have a sad over DOMA decision, go full Lovejoy.

I just found my son's prom pictures from a month and a half ago...

She's at it again.

Chinese Woman's Breast Implants Explode After Playing Cell Phone Game For Several Hours


Freepers in the middle of an epic meltdown over DOMA/Prop 8 decisions

I want to celebrate but I'm having a tough time doing so.

Make Gun Companies Pay Blood Money

Ecuador: Decision on Edward Snowden asylum could take months

Defense Chief Hagel says that DOD will "immediately" implement end of DOMA

WATCH: The Woman Who Killed DOMA


Sen.Sanders: The Minimum Wage

Oh, Tony, I love it when you talk dirty!

There's virtually no way of knowing what's true and not true about Snowden

They're the same sort of people that opposed Loving v Virginia. Point it out to them.

This week is what it's like to work in politics

"..pretty sure Jesus would think you're a jerk.."

Military whining about law prohibiting them from training "gross human rights violators"

If Goodhair dares to call another special session,

Is it just me, or . . .

Was just asked, via e.mail,

Paula Deen's 4 Casino Restaurants To Close After Being Dropped By Caesars

Some states can’t celebrate National Employee Freedom Week-Kersey

Oh what a glorious day! Now let's go troll the comments section

Pats Player Hernandez Taken From Home in Handcuffs

Nice! Googling "It gets better" gets you the rainbow banner too

Two dead in Egypt clashes as Mursi readies speech

Why is it, when you build sand castles, some ....individual comes along and stomps on them? nt

Holy Cow! DOMA was struck down 4 hours ago and my (hetero) marriage hasn't been affected!

OK The SC knocked down DOMA but what about Prop.8?

Perfect Sky

Ireland to pay $45 million to Catholic laundry workers

Rio de Janeiro favela police operation leaves nine dead

Man facing 13 year sentence for writing anti-bank messages in chalk on sidewalk

Seeing a Pattern?

probability of at least one conservative judge dying in the next 4 years is ..

ACLU Hires Ex-McCain Strategist Steve Schmidt To Move GOP On Gay Marriage

from Prop 8 decision:

LynneSin sighting in GD!!

Why Apes Can’t Pitch: Solving a Riddle of Evolution

Eye witnesses describe Zimmerman as aggressor

Ancient DNA mapped from 700,000-year-old horse

There was a couple of threads about what people's

Republican Representative Tim "Killjoy" Huelskamp will file amendment to restore DOMA...

Frank Rich- Is David Gregory even a Journalist?

The Pats have to take a cap hit for cutting the murder accomplice?!

NIH to retire most chimps from medical research

The Awakening of a Conscience - William Blum on Edward Snowden and US Surveillance

Guess What? Being gay is a privilege!!!

Conservatives take gay marriage rulings in stride (just kidding)


Rolling Stone: Abortion Rights Under Fire: Why Wendy Davis' Filibuster Matters

Wendy Davis Rescue Texas Women As State Republican Senators Take Abortion Rights Away

I love days like today - the Front Page of DU looks Fabulous!!

Observers get a taste of chavismo (election fraud)

"Run Forrest run!"

Protest at Enbridge's Hamilton site ends with 18 arrests

New York City Council expected to override veto on paid sick days

The Rude Pundit: Antonin Scalia Viciously Opposes Your Social Progress

The microbeads in your body wash are slowly filling the Great Lakes with plastic

Maybe they should change the cover of this book.

John Oliver: It takes Texas less time to disenfranchise voters than to ‘barbecue a pig’

Oh, my poor, naive bride

Well, this was bound to happen after the fall of DOMA

Bystanders cheer as women attack, beat D.C. drag performer

Pentagon to give marriage benefits to gay spouses following Supreme Court victory on DOMA

In bold move, Pope names panel to reform Vatican bank

Prominent militant arrested in blow to Somali Islamists

Aarron Hernandez (ex Patriots TE) charged with murder

Wendy Davis: American Hero (SB5)

Did anybody else get a call from HRC about a phone conference

The scourge of gay marriage is upon us.....prepare for doom

A time to celebrate with the parts of our Dem COALITION & to recommit to the other parts: SOLIDARITY

Wes Clark Endorses Mike Ross for Arkansas Governor

If you haven't read this, it is a very important announcement (NIH to retire all research chimps)

Hero, Patsy, Rube or Egomaniac — Why It Ultimately Doesn’t Matter What Edward Snowden Is

Julie London on What's my Line ?

How Three Decades Of Conservative Chief Justices Turned The FISA Court Into A Rubber Stamp

To see the sky for the first time....

The Death of DOMA: The Best Celeb Reactions From Twitter

IEA: Clean energy to overtake gas by 2016

Former New England Patriot Arron Hernandez charged with murder and other charges

RAVITCH: Why Does Ohio Give More Money to Lowest-Performing Charters?

Thom Hartmann: Did SCOTUS just send Voting Rights to the Back of the Bus?

House Financial Services Convenes Today on Too Big to Fail

So there are some questions left in the wake of the marriage rullings?

Republicans + Viagra =

US bloggers banned from entering UK (pamela geller & robert spencer, bigots)

Rep. Duckworth (lost both legs in Iraq) Deplores Witness for Disability Claim (for twisted ankle)

On David Gregory

Who cares? The video:

Wendy for Governor.

So, speaking of the Supreme Court ruling, all of my single groomsmen are gay

Progress Iowa Celebrates Marriage Equality Rulings, Issues Warning to Extreme Right

Funniest Gay Marriage Signs and Memes

Minutes After Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA,Immigration Judge Stops Deportation Of Married Gay Man

Two Steps Closer to Real Marriage Equality

DOMA’s Demise Celebrated by Apple, Other Top Tech Firms

U.S. Disability Program To Run Out Of Money By 2016: Government

I'm trying to find a driver to make an old (brand new) printer run on Windows 7

First Gay Marriage in History

If Twitter were around in '67 for Loving v. Virginia

Sorry so many post about the ruling on DOMA and Prop 8 but.. (Photos)

Meet PRISM’s little brother: Socmint

Do you assess a politician on how they make you feel or what they do?

How bad wll the fallout be from the SCOTUS skinning and gutting of the Voting Rights Act?

Celebs react to gay marriage rulings

I'm sorry, but The Grand Wazoo was a hell of an album.

Snowden PROVES NO ONE should be Above the Law!!11!!1

Can the disabled filibuster?

Justice Scalia is an Irredeemable Bigot of the Most Troublesome and Obvious Sort.

This is not a human being...

CNN: Nelson Mandela On Life Support

Who wants to bet heads exploded at the Westboro Baptist Church today?

Amnesty International: Syrian activists held on spurious terrorism charges face prolonged detention

The Official Marxist Commie Muslin Marriage Ending Society is now in session.

Pelosi responds to Bachmann’s DOMA comments: ‘Who cares?’

Did any of the justices today write a concurrence saying that gay marriage should be legal?

Freeper epic meltdown over Gay Marriage continues, Now They Threaten Civil War

LGBT Timeline: Love is Love

Gov. Paul LePage's state budget veto overriden in Maine. A blow to Crazy Paul aka Governor VASELINE.

A friend from Austin's post on his facebook page:

Now that sodomy is the law of the land, please come CAPTION Antonin Scalia!!

Matthew Shepard's mom reacts to DOMA

John Roberts Shows Cold-Blooded Calculation In His Supreme Court Rulings

Russia withdraws its remaining personnel from Syria

Sen. Wendy Davis went to Harvard Law School with Obama

This is what a monster looks like

If you have Amazon Prime, The American President expires this weekend.

"Marriage" and "husband" are important words to us

5 Craziest Reactions to Today's Marriage Equality Rulings

Thom Hartmann: Time for Congress to Regulate the Supreme Court Clan!

Top Dem threatens to block trade deal with Ecuador over Snowden

Tucson stares heat record in the face

I used to watch Congressional sessions on CSPAN...

This really says it all

11% of Americans don't have a Photo I.D. Isn't that a problem?

ESPN poll on A-Roid:

GOP Launches Initiative To Recruit Women

I think we should give an award to Wendy Davis.

Brazil's left and right struggle for ownership of protests

Supreme Court Reluctantly But Historically Elevates Same-Sex Marriage

Public Shifts Fast on Same-Sex Union Support

(France) Gay couple sue mayor over wedding refusal

GOP's Sensenbrenner calls for update of Voting Rights Act

Check this link with pics of gay rights protests from the '60s and '70s:

how Edith Windsor learned she won {big picture}

JFK cleared of 'I am a jam doughnut' gaffe

Anyone curious about Chick-Fil-A today

Two women settle lawsuit in Irving roadside cavity search

Leahy pulls same-sex amendment to immigration reform after Court decision

(Italy - Story update) 'Disabled people should have right to sex help'

Duwayne Brooks and the Lawrences are not alone in needing answers....

Scalia might not seem like such of a big fat hypocrite, IF he had applied

Unfortunately, voter discrimination, supression and disenfranchisement is now the LAW OF THE LAND

Improvement in efficiency for Canada's key economic sectors for the future...

It's Official - Texas Teapublicans LOSE, Texas Women WIN

Clayton Co. woman asked to prove gender to fix birth certificate mistake

CNN Says Mandela is on Life Support

Scalia and Roberts didn't vote for same-sex marriage. Kennedy and Sotamyor didn't vote against it.

Prop. 8 dismissed: Celebrities react on Twitter

Former South African President Nelson Mandela on life support,

Hasbara? In MY zombie apocalypse?!

Blow it out you ear Freepers

How will the Supreme Court decision on DOMA affect the military?

Catholic organization welcomes SCOTUS decisions on marriage

There was something Bartcop used to say. I'm about to totally mangle it in misremembering, I expect.

GOP's Sensenbrenner calls for Update of Voting Rights Act

Toon: To the back of the bus with you!

Who is a bigger hero? Wendy Davis or Edward Snowden

I hate it when MFM self deletes a thread I'm about to respond to!

Last year from Ellen...

Search on DU2

From what I can tell, the struggle for overturning DOMA isn't over...

Post-DOMA, Rand Paul fears humans marrying non-humans

Thanks Crispy Christie

First law suit attacking voter id under Section 2 has been filed

In Light of DOMA Ruling, Glenn Greenwald May Move Back to the United States

Wendy Davis as superwoman

Bigot Relieved To Learn Gays In His State Still Effectively Subhuman

Study: Dogs bond with owners similar to babies with parents


Supreme Court Leaves Final Decision On Gay Marriage In Capable Hands Of Texas, Alabama, Georgia

I've decided to keep my marriage equality avatar.

Stonewall Crowds Applaud Landmark Decision

Divide and conquer. A strategic explanation for the Odd Roberts Court.

The supreme court same-sex marriage rulings were historic, but not enough

Ever been asked for your zip code/telephone number when making a purchase???

Edie Windsor, 84, is honored by Supreme's DOMA decision in her name.

Gay couples immigrating here??!?

I hate it when ohiosmith hates it when MFM self deletes a thread he was about to respond to!

"This is the first time a Spanish court will judge somebody for animal cruelty"

Gulf of Mexico could see record-sized ‘dead zone’ from pollution this year

Edward Snowden In 2009: Leakers Should Be 'Shot In The Balls'

I've had enough-

Kennedy's Marriage Ruling Is About Gay Rights, Not States' Rights

BREAKING: From Gov. Perry -- Special Session of the Texas Legislature will begin at 2 p.m. Jul 1st

How the world looks today, from a wilderness fire lookout tower (PIC HEAVY)

Google Play

George Takei; When I checked FB again this morning...

Prop 8 Ruling Gives California Same-Sex Marriage, and Other States an Opening

Oliver Stone, Noam Chomsky, Tom Hayden (+ YOU) Urge President Correa to Grant Snowden Asylum

'Picasso was never like a real grandfather to us'

Ironically, the ranch hands on Kali's place were full of beefcake. too. (Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink.)

Willie Wonka would be GREAT at banishing overly-zealous pushers of substances everywhere!!!

Rest assured. Karma will eventually catch up with bullies.

Oh, Batman!!! You're such a card!!!

PA. House Repubs shut down any recognition of gay rights decision in Capitol, to protect "God's Law"

The typical numbr of reps in a "MiddleFingerMom workout":

Young MiddleFingerMom actually wanted to wait until he was "ready" for sex. Li'l MFM had OTHER ideas

Kamala Harris calls for same-sex marriages to resume 'immediately'

"There's something happening here"............................... Updated !!!**#! Goddamn it!

George P. Bush senses rare opportunity in bid for land commissioner

Gov. GoodHair calls 2nd special session of the TX Legislature to ram thru abortion restrictions

Walmart Pulls Paula Deen Products After Controversy

OK, i might as well be honest about this thread: It's Cats

Walter Rhett: Texas Is a Mess

with 4th of July coming up be careful out there

Hernandez is the 28th NFLer arrested since the Super Bowl

The Right Time To Buy A New Car Is Never

TX Tealiban Leader (P)rick Perry has evidently scheduled another legislative gang-rape

Whoa. Hell freezes. Sensenbrenner calls for restoration of Voting Rights Act

OK, these things just have to be said:


Paula Deen’s business deals are sliding away faster than a pat of butter on a pile of hot cakes

rick perry, asshole extraordinaire.....

So I saw a photo of a Box Turtle today and I had this to say about it.....

Amash Warns GOP to Watch Its Words on Gay Marriage

I fixed my washing machine !!!!!

TPM Exclusive: John Roberts’ Openly Gay Cousin Will Now Be Getting Married

So, should we send Senator Davis some flowers and a donation in her name

not a nanny state, but a pappy state

Doma down, and the Civil rights butchered, same court, same week?

Well it was nice visiting but off to see Melissa Etheridge in concert tonight

Wendy Davis on local Austin station this morning

Pentagon Extends Benefits to Same Sex Couples

Syria and the Monarchs: A Perfect Storm

The Gerrymander Issue

The personal side of taking on the NSA: emerging smears

When Whites Become A Minority In The Future Could.....

Kamala Harris calls for same-sex marriages to resume 'immediately' (LA Times)

Looks Like The Churches Are Now Running Texas. Soon The Bible Will Be The Texas Constitution.

Texas Abortion Opponents To Cheer Selves Up With Execution

Texas Abortion Opponents To Cheer Selves Up With Execution

Guinea pig does more before 9am than you do all day

DOMA downfall: A basis to legalize gay marriage in states?

GONE after the second round of Wimbledon ..........

robert scheer - "Praise the Whistleblower-Privacy, Freedom and the Surveillance State"

National Cathedral Rings Bells to Cheer Gay Marriage (LGBT Celebration Service 7PM in Washington)

Rights GOP style

26 Senators Send A Letter Thanking Texas Sen. Wendy Davis

Poll: Weiner tied with rivals in close NYC mayor race-New Quinnipiac Poll

I'm confused about Shelby County v. Holder.

(Margaret and Helen) Women in Texas might not feel it now...

GOP Not Worried About Voting. With VRA Gone Will Just Pass Laws Allowing Only Republicans To Vote

Rent being raised $175 a month - need new place to live

This Proves it~ Undeniably.............Update!!!**#! Goddamn it!

Shamai Leibowitz, Once Jailed Victim of Obama’s War on Whistleblowers: Snowden a ‘Man of Conscience’

Trans-Pacific Partnership and Monsanto

Washington National Cathedral Rings Bells Celebrating Gay Marriage Rulings

Eyewitnesses describe Zimmerman as aggressor

If RuPaul Was On The Supreme Court...


Singer Melissa Etheridge to Wed After Gay Marriage Ruling

And for my 2,000th post... the funniest gay ads!

Trials aren't plays

Democrats Beat Up GOP for DOMA Spending

US bloggers {Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer} banned from entering UK (BBC)

Congratulations to my gay brothers and sisters, however ...

So watching ABC nightly news..announding "it will now be very hard to overturn the SC

Supreme Court Prolongs Gay-Marriage Struggle By Noah Feldman

Day 7 of 45 Pictures and Cartoons Regarding the Republican War on Women

xPost from Feminists Group: Day 7 of 45 Pictures and Cartoons Regarding the Republican War on Women

xPost from Feminists Group: Day 7 of 45 Pictures and Cartoons Regarding the Republican War on Women

Michael Hastings' Friend: 'He Drove Like a Grandma,' Crash Scenario Doesn't Add Up

Democrats Seek Gay Rights Protections After Court Ruling

Mother Jones - El Salvador's Children of War

Thanks for nothing.

Dear Senator Reid

In Texas the women will lose this battle but will win the war.

Ode to Wendy with Apology to Gilbert and Sullivan

So...Anthony Kennedy is ok with same-sex marriage, but not with black people voting in the South...

Bad news: Calif. gay marriage likely delayed 25 days or more

Rick Perry Calls For Special Session To Address Abortion Bill - for July 1st

I really wish we could get the ERA passed.

"Report: No Gay People Actually Refer To Selves As 'Same-Sex Couple'"

New Jersey Man Falls Into Coma, Wakes Up In Poland

Steve Wozniak on Snowden: “I think he’s a hero"

Hey! My heterosexual marriage hasn't been threatened or it's worth diminished at all!

My profile pic on facebook...

Frank Rich thinks Greenwald demolished David Gregory

Pelosi on Bachmann: "Who Cares?"

Watch: Nancy Pelosi’s Awesome Reaction To Michele Bachmann DOMA Statement: ‘Who Cares?’

OOPS The US got Edward Snowden’s middle name wrong on extradition documents

Curtain of Crepuscular Rays at Dawn

A Cosmic Spiderweb

Poll: (UK) Young people turn decisively against religion

How The Left Can Use The Gutting Of The Voting Rights Act To Annihilate The GOP

GOP demanding Constitutional Amendment to ban gay marriage

What did the Supreme court do with Prop 8?

Big shout out to ReTHUG Texas Governor Rick Perry

Luckovich Toon- Happy Together

Is manslaughter a lesser included charge in the Zimmerman trial?

On this joyous day FOR marriage - 5 pics of Richard and Mildred Loving

Jon Stewart’s brilliant appearance on Egypt’s version of ‘The Daily Show’

It lasted about as long as the filibuster.

San Antonio Zoo Is Home To Newly Hatched Two Headed Turtle

Anybody here with fibromylagia?

Toon: Best Gay Pride Parade Ever!

If George Zimmerman wasn't a paranoid gun loon, we would have never have heard of Trayvon Martin...

Let me ask this: Did Paula Deen show up to the TODAY show? If interviewed

Back from my first trip to Washington.

Senator Wendy Davis Will Be On Anderson Cooper 360 tonight 7 PM CT/8 PM ET

Chris Hayes special guest tonight, Sen. Wendy Davis, coming up next

Bigot Relieved To Learn Gays In His State Still Effectively Subhuman

I got new glasses.

Dear Mike Huckabee