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veto over ridden by land slide vote

Rev. Jesse Jackson: Paula Deen Can Be 'Redeemed'

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 27 June 2013

Gay couple challenging Michigan ban find hope in today's Supreme Court ruling

By calling a special session for July 1, does this mean Wendy Davis was a waste of time?

I'd like to change my user name to my real name...

anyone who thinks there isn't a disinformation campaign being conducted against Snowden

A 30 Second Guide To How The Gay Marriage Ruling Affects You (

Atheists Find Peace and Enlightenment through Non Belief

A most sincere thanks to everyone here for your awesome support of our rights.

Satellite view of the wildfires in Colorado...


Texas Lege: how can we make them abide by the rules?

"Snowden!... Greenwald!... Snowden!... Greenwald!... Snowwald!..."

Snowden and Freedom

"Crazy ass cracker"

For Hebrew charter school kids, religion comes after school


Classical music inspires social change for at-risk children in Bolivia

I thought those things were supposed to be water tight?!?

Yep DOMA Has Caused Me To Speak Up.

Catholic group gives top prize to BYU film ‘Silent Night’

Hey, Scalia, I can play the transposition game too...

scotus deals blows to workers alleging sexual harassment or discrimination

Remember the NSA keeps us safe from "Terrorists"....but...

NSA acronyms

Pamela Geller Barred From Britain for Anti-Muslim Rally on London Slaying

Statement of IBEW International President Edwin D. Hill On President Obama’s Climate Action Plan

Knoxville PrideFest includes first Interfaith Worship Service

Just saw the lights come on at the world trade center

In Kandahar, preparing Afghanistan’s war dead for burial

This Decision...I just got in from work..

Physicists create tabletop antimatter 'gun'

Snowden's Flight Path Strewn With Obstacles

Begone Satan!

You tell me mistakes, Are part of being young. But that don't right, The wrong that's been done.

Sen. Wendy Davis has sent out a strong statement pledging to fight on...

First transiting planets in a star cluster discovered

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night! Victory...?

Moscow’s airport is purportedly purgatory for Edward Snowden

Tammy Duckworth Eviscerates Contractor Who Claimed Veterans Disability - video link

Location of upwelling in Earth's mantle discovered to be stable

@jessetyler Remember the old days when #DOMA was around and gay people couldn't get married in...

Anyone here ever NOT be able to get over a lost love?

Once I had the rarest rose, That ever deigned to bloom

Do you consider yourself a Democrat first or an American first?

With This Decision I Thee Wed: Labor Celebrates The Death Of DOMA

I've forgotten that there was NO WAY Bush could have stopped 9/11.

June 26, 1839

F***** by the party!!!

Largest Federal Employee Union Hails Ruling Striking Down Defense of Marriage Act

Do you pray to Saints?

Joan Walsh: Wendy Davis v. Rick Perry? (Video: Interview with Chris Hayes)

Rachel Maddow-what a celebration of what happened today!

WikiLeaks and Assange lawyer decides not to represent Snowden, claims his “whereabouts are unknown

Not a word. I haven't a single word to say.

Episcopal, Lutheran presiding bishops’ World Refugee Day statement

Take some time to celebrate, BOG!

Davis Says Voting Documents Altered After Filibuster

In bold 3 in 1 move, Pope names commission to reform Vatican Bank.....

How can S.E. Cupp do Crossfire on CNN and the Cycle on MSNBC? BTW she is going to

Oakland schools cop sues over shooting

Long Island teen pleads guilty over attempt to join al-Qaida

Obama Establishes White House Council on Native American Affairs

Slower US growth might lead Fed to delay tapering

President Obama has work to make the DOMA repeal travel with couples

Watching Rachael (Dems in TX really worked hard in unison to make the filibuster work)

Nelson Mandela is NOT dead.

The Supreme Court Just Shot Karl Rove's Favorite Hunting Dog!

Holy Shitballs. (Social Media)

Al-Qaida said to be changing its ways after leaks

Michael Mancil Brown Charged in Mitt Romney's Tax Return Scheme

Taylor Ferrera: Poll Tax

Encrypted Email Communications

Why did Trayvon's friend (who is a girl) feel guilty about his death?

Conservative senator's amendment guts union disclosure bill

The career of Michelle Bachmann ends, not with a bang, but a 'whisper.' "...who cares..."

John McCain attacks Deb Fischer (R-NE) after her criticism of immigration bill (video)

Sen.Wendy Davis: What happened yesterday was a victory for the people of Texas – but our

Just a little curious....

I HATE that the Trevon Martin story seems to be

Anger mounts after Facebook's 'shadow profiles' leak in bug

If you want to hear some next level bull shit... I give you Michelle Bachmann

Paula Deen is sorry y'all!

Madison Baxter banned from football team as players 'will lust after her'

Christie owns this now: Christie blasts the Supremes for a "wrong" decision on DOMA.


Yes, another Snowden thread: Do we actually know he exists? (EDIT: Yes)

Antonin Scalia’s self-pitying, angry nostalgia

" throwing away your umbrella in a rainstorm because you're not getting wet."

Now is the time to support an organization like the ACLU

What is up with Google?

Conspiracy theory

Blasts from the past. Post your old time favourite songs. Something you have not heard in a while.

Found on FB tonight... LOL

Glenn Greenwald, journalist who helped Edward Snowden expose NSA spying, once was a lawyer who owed

Texas’ Abortion Restrictions Failed, But Other States Are Successfully Advancing Them

Last attempt: Defending the NSA's actions REQUIRES that you believe Bush did everything he could,

Ah ha! Issa directed Treasury inspector general to ignore IRS treatment of liberal groups

John Roberts' gay cousin coming up on Lawrence O'Donnell.

For anyone and everyone else fighting on Social Media...

Marriage Equality: We Owe This One to Harvey Milk

He hit a Nuclear bomb...

"Darrell Issa's Credibility Is Over" by Alex Seitz-Wald at Salon

Somebody should photoshop

Chris Hedges: U.S. wants to plug leaks and divert attention

Libertarians vs. Conservatives: Which is worse?

Glenn Greenwald is Gay (gasp) and lives in a Foreign Land (double-gasp)

Minnesota lawmaker Ryan Winkler apologizes for deleted 'Uncle Thomas' tweet

Alan Grayson: "We Owe This One to Harvey Milk"

C.I.A. Report Finds Concerns With Ties to New York Police

Ecuador denies giving Snowden a travel document: report

i.m engraved!1 nt

San Francisco City Hall tonight:

Well, It did not take the WBC long...

As we celebrate today.....

"Paul Ryan Focusing More on Hurting the Poor"

Type 1 diabetes vaccine hailed as 'significant step' (BBC)

States Rights?

Does anyone play Bridge anymore?

Feds, LA Narcs Teaching NorCal Cops How to Raid Dispensaries

Slap-O-Rama! Who would you like to smack the shit out of?

Did Justice Scalia get it right?

If I may be allowed a Political Observation about Snowdenmania and Obama...

Issa directed Treasury inspector general to ignore IRS treatment of liberal groups

And the wheels come off at last. Twitter blows up with the expanding Glenn Greenwald scandals.

Gay marriage - un-Freep this poll!

Kerry/State Department statement on DOMA decision

Gimme some ass kickin', foot stompin' music.

Here's how the Voting Rights Act SHOULD be addressed...

You are wanted.

Here's the condescending generic email response I got from @SenFeinstein (NSA)

Edward Snowden Steps Into Secret U.S.-Russia Spy Scuffle

Who cares?

Customer Says Best Buy Workers Are Snoops

Worried about accidentally 3D printing a gun? New software will prevent it

This Account Is Tweeting Every NYPD Stop-and-Frisk

An El Supremo Avatar Change Appreciation Thread...

The Pittsburgh Pirates are tied for the best record in MLB. Go figure!

Shot (20 times) to Death After a Police Chase

Oliver Flies The Rainbow Flag Of Freedom And Slams Texas GOP ‘Determined To Abort’ Epic Filibuster

Current Conditions by Linda Greenhouse (S.Ct.)

Fox New's Latest Fake Scandal: Obama Cars....

Tunisia frees three Europeans jailed for topless feminist protest

The Next Step on LGBT Equality

If I agree that Snowden is a Libertarian coward and Greenwald is a cynical porn pushing tax evader..

A cautionary note regarding the DOMA ruling . . .

If my dog has arthritis

5 things your vet should never say to you (great read)

NYC city employees lobbying in Nevada?

UN Women launches global call for a transformative agenda to make gender equality a reality

Texas Republicans are Already Using the Filibuster as Ammo in Fight for Wendy Davis' Senate Seat

Dallas' Richest Man Sues IRS for $200 Million

What The Language In Abortion Laws Really Means

Patricia Clarkson in black latex.

Let us make a distinction between "leakers" (Snowden/Manning) and "publishers" (Assange/Greenwald)

should I write a letter?

Timothy Geithner Owed Back Taxes, Became Treasury Secretary.

Chris Christie slams high court, calls DOMA ruling a 'bad decision'

Celebrate the death of DOMA by dancing with me...

The Flower Lady

Jefferson owned slaves. Fuck the Declaration of Independence.

Transcript of the President's climate speech at Georgetown

10 years ago today my guy and I woke up in a state (Mississippi) that considered our relationship

The Errors of Edward Snowden and His Global Hypocrisy Tour - Vanity Fair

David Letterman: "Are Those Your Drums?"

Statement by President Obama on the Supreme Court Ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act

Will Governor Perry Stand Up for the Men of Texas?

Will Governor Perry Stand Up for the Men of Texas?

Here Comes the Glenn Greenwald Hit Piece

It's really Obama's Drone war

NYC Democratic Mayoral Primary In A Three Way Tie (Anthony Weiner 17%)

Nelson Mandela on Life support!

Funny Response in the Comments Section at The Atlantic Article: Scalia's Blistering Dissent on DOMA

Advanced Alien Civilization Discovers Uninhabitable Planet

Heads exploding at Faux over SCOTUS ruling on DOMA

Beijing Workers still Holding U.S. Boss Over Pay

Eric Foner: VRA Decision "Green Light" to Disenfranchise Voters

SCOTUS Ruling on Affirmative Action Could Give Private Universities Advantage

New Jersey man falls into coma, wakes up in Poland

Chicago students attend Board of Ed. meeting to talk about school closings.

Eighteen years ago, when my oldest child first started going on the internet, I remember telling her

Gohmert: Same sex marriage ruling "The End of a Great Civilization"

6 Facts About Hunger That Demonstrate the Shameful Excesses of American Capitalism

Venezuela's RW takes a cue from Kissinger: "Make the economy scream!"

Although loneliness has always been a friend of mine,I'm leavin' my life in your hands,

Ri Sol-ju, celebrity among North Korean women

You ain't a beauty, but hey you're alright

Snooping makes an easy road to riches

Will Snowden join ranks of airport denizens?

"Sweet Home Chicago"

In honor of Australia, I will be opening an all male strip club called Hung Parliament.

Ya know what sounds good right now?

Fug it, you deserve your subjugation

French Media Analyst Philippe Karsenty Found Guilty of Defamation in Al-Dura Hoax Case

On Voting Rights, a Decision as Lamentable as Plessy or Dred Scott

First Family Arrives In Senegal (PHOTO)

Shit Happens...

Best Memes Celebrating Marriage Equality

Where is your "God" now?

Arresting the kids

Artists United Against Apartheid - Sun City

Mouse cloned from drop of blood

Former NSA leakers: We told you so

Truly, Madly, Deeply-Savage Garden(in honor of every soon-to-be married LGBT couple)

NSA fact sheet pulled after being challenged by Sen. Mark Udall

Wendy’s perfect response to Gov. Perry’s move..

The Unholy Trinity: Koch Brothers, ALEC, and the NRA

Stroke Victim Deported While Unconscious After Hospital Discovers He's Undocumented

GMCW perform "Make them Hear You"

If wikipedia is correct, we'll have 2 wait til 2018 for a Wendy Davis statewide election

The U.S. Will Retire Most of the Chimpanzees Used for Research

Haiti launches a music initiative modelled on Venezuela’s El Sistema

Here's a Bright Idea: Let's Expand Social Security

Colombia Seeks Uruguay's Help In Peace Process

How entitled, arrogant and stupid do you have to be to do what Aaron Hernandez

Confrontation over the South China Sea 'doomed', China tells claimants

U.N. chemical weapons team in Turkey to investigate Syria claims

Why It's Unlikely Someone Killed Michael Hastings By Hacking His Car

Is the Court ruling retroactive?

Osborne gives more to the spy agencies DFID as before is protected. Rest suffers

Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh accused of inappropriate relationship with teen

You only had ONE job...


One of the best Colbert programs ever complete with Bill Moyers

1% doesn't want one F'ing with alt currency - Bitcoin - Lawmakers are fixating on digital currency.

Daughter Sends Dad a Bill for Fixing His Laptop

Scalia Misses the Days When It Was OK for Government Discriminate Against Gay People

Ellisville city council approves new Walmart but Mayor Paul plans to fight

One Heroic Woman Tackles Teen Pregnancy and Poverty—Others Need to Wake Up

America’s Informant Society

Furious Duckworth Rips Scumbag Contractor A New One: Twisting Your Ankle Playing Football In Prep Sc

Death Valley 127 Degrees, Phoenix 118 Degrees, Temps In 110's, Alaska In The 90's.

The Anti Abortion Law That Will Eventually Pass In Texas Is Also About Ending Birth Control ----

Juan Cole: Under European Pressure, Tunisia suspends Sentence of 3 Protesters who Bared Breasts

Spilt seed

I'll never understand people who take the actions of Snowden as a personal insult.

a portrait of a protesting Brazilian family

The fight for rights is not over....

Go Texas!

Kyrgyzstan ends US lease of Manas airbase

Kroger Makes Progress Towards Zero Waste

DEAR GAY COUPLES: Here Are The 22 Big Ways Your Life Is About To Change

The sadness of Rachel Jeantel's testimony

Exodus from shame

Here is Chris Hayes' interview with Wendy Davis last night on All In.

Sorry, Chuck (Schumer), you're full of shit

President Obama: Marriage benefits should cross state lines

In honor of TX State Sen. Wendy Davis, why not....

Thursday Toon roundup 1- Let Freedom Ring and Flags Fly

Thursday Toon roundup 2- The Rest

Joe Scar trying to tear down Wendy Davis on Morning Joe today...Dee Dee Myers pushes back

Congrats, CEOs! You’re making 273 times the pay of the average worker.

Should Obama have canceled the trip to South Africa given the reality

Must-See Video: Teacher's lesson on racism (15 minutes)

How Bosses Are Ruining Family Vacations

Mankind: Death by Corporation

Chris Hedges: U.S. wants to plug leaks and divert attention

Gay Agenda Exposed: Shocking!

Power for seaports may be the next job for hydrogen fuel cells

Abu Ghraib case against CACI dismissed

Wal-Mart Ends Relationship With Paula Deen

Solar power heads in a new direction: thinner

Democrats Just Want You to Listen to Republicans


Meet the traditional conservatives who will never, ever give up on banning gay marriage

Man In Brazil Gets Plastic Surgery To Look Like Dog

These two amazing Ladies make me proud to be a Democrat!

ZIMMERMAN TRIAL: Day 4, Thursday, June 27.

Japanese nuclear authority staffing up for more rapid restarts.

Take a look: What might be the Republican 4G Network?

Big environmental footprints: 21 percent of homes account for 50 percent of greenhouse gas emissions

Ecuador renounces trade benefits from US Congress

Hillary Clinton: Why Women Must "Dare To Compete" In Politics

Jobless claims show steady improvement

Some conservatives/Republicans are so ignorant about medical insurance.

Major rethink needed if chemical industry is to meet greenhouse gas targets

Need your help again on a phrase/word

Both supporters and opponents of Snowden's actions can agree on one thing

Great news, Layla...

DoD Aviation Plan Ignores Sequestration; Rep. Forbes Warily Watches F-18, F-35 Balance

Read the original Verizon/NSA Top Secret Court order in full:

Humans play role in Australia’s “angry” hot summer

Cost of Public Projects Is Rising and Pain Will Be Felt For Years

72 Year-Old Woman Arresting During Wendy Davis Filibuster, Charged With Felony

Republican Enough For You? Christie: Striking Down DOMA Was A ‘Bad Decision’

Jesus H. Christ tweets Huckabee on DOMA:

CNN announces 'Crossfire' relaunch

Sony releases fix for firmware v4.45 - You may now un-brick your PS3

Stop Harassing The Witness

Now that that's settled, I hope straight people don't assume that we all WANT to get married.

Army Cuts 10 Combat Brigades — Or 11, Or 13 — And That’s Just The Beginning

"Some people say. . . ." Please come CAPTION Bret Baier!!!!

Anyone who thinks the war on women is imaginary really needs to start paying attention...

Researchers ID Thousands of Organic Materials for Use in Solar Cells (Harvard Clean Energy Project)

why do people hate trees?

The Digital Skeptic: You Could Have a 110 MPG Vehicle Right Now

AEI & Heritage Target Rebuilding GOP Views On ‘Common Defense’

Foreign Arms Sales, Sequestration And The Future of Aerospace Companies

If US Mass Media Were State-Controlled, Would They Look Any Different?

How much are you willing to compromise with the NSA on national security?

Big high powered attorney is no match for the young, can-only-read typed print,

Marines Will Sacrifice Everything But ACV & Readiness To Sequester; Marine Personnel Carrier Dropped

I have felt a great disturbance in the force

Issa directed Treasury inspector general to ignore IRS treatment of liberal groups


Glacier Covered With Blankets to Reduce Summer Ice Melt: NBC

Ecuador: Media Distorting Our Words. We're Pulling Out of US Trade Agreement. Offer US Economic Aid

Under Obamacare, Montana Residents Will Get Better Benefits For Less Money Than They’re Paying Now

Extremism Hurting State Governments

Today’s a great day to say this outloud:

Colbert tells straight people how to protect their marriages from gay threats

Rachel Maddow - Texas blue future seen in popular backlash against GOP abortion bill

Rachel Maddow - Texas GOP abortion bill fails against impassioned opposition

You think the damage done to the Voting Rights Act is going to help us?

Get ready to pay higher insurance premiums!

Obama: not ‘scrambling jets’ to get NSA leaker Snowden

Unnatural Gas: How Government Made Fracking Profitable

Choose your chief reason for advocating against firearm carry

Gay marriage and voting rights

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday June 27th

Ireland to Pay $45M to Catholic Laundry Workers

After DOMA, the fading future of religious opposition to same-sex marriage

The Supervisor From Hell Gets a Pass From SCOTUS

I received hate mail yesterday

Mormons Absorb SCOTUS Prop 8 Ruling

I'm in touch with a very successful (and talented) Hollywood screenwriter

WikiLeaks Volunteer Was a Paid Informant for the FBI

Christianity and atheism are two sides of the same coin

Rand Paul Backtracks After Likening Gay Marriage To Bestiality...

What's wrong with access to searching DU2?

25 bike cops catch pair having sex in park

Uh-Oh. New Orleans “Miracle” Crumbles

Compromised: How the National Security State Blackmails the Gov.

Obama clashes with African host over gay rights

FDA Exercises Tobacco Regulation for First Time—Rejects Four Products, Approves Two

I received hate mail yesterday

Tammy Duckworth Eviscerates Contractor Who Claimed Veterans Disability

U.S. government makes its first-ever Bitcoin seizure

Robert Reich on Clarence Thomas...

It's a good thing my husband checked our flight schedule last night.

6 Mind-Blowing Stats on How 1% of the 1% Now Dominate Our Elections

He Can Marry, She Can't Vote: Another Day in Deranged America

Supreme Court Throws Out Ruling Blocking Texas Voter ID Law

You don't go to jail

Snowden is trapped in Moscow

Ecuador renounces trade benefits from US Congress

Paula Deen Gets Sugar-Coated Boot From Diabetes Drug Co.

City Council Passes NYPD Oversight Bills

The bulls*** that is Ohio

First Unlooted Royal Tomb of Its Kind Unearthed in Peru

Bill bans bongs, pipes in Florida

Snowden alone in calling out Empire as naked, things can come crashing down quicker than you think

Another mayor dumps Bloomberg MAIG group

I am the most politically depressed that I have been in a long, long time.

No more leakage of explosive electrolyte in battery

D.C. Council Passes Living Wage Bill on First Vote

Reall classy, Fox News

Filibusters: how do they do it without taking a break?

He Can Marry, She Can't Vote: Another Day in Deranged America

7 Things Atheists Turn to When They Have Problems Without Resorting to God

Alan Grayson says, "This is not about President Obama. This is not about Snowden.

Powell Runoff Season Didn't Even Reach July; Reservoir Below 49% Capacity; April Next Likely Gain

Stevie Wonder Talks Upcoming Symphonic, Gospel Albums

What's up with fracking ---> Josh Fox on the Daily Show


Texas anti-abortion bill says it protects women, but then arrests them if they protest..

NY's top court: Starbucks baristas must share tips

Diabetes drug maker Novo Nordisk and Target distance themselves from Paula Deen

How come some Web pages, when you do Print Preview it appears that everything on the page will print

The evil of thought. . . . Please come CAPTION Michele Bachmann!!

You, too, can own a pair of Wendy Davis' fillibuster footwear

Pic Of The Moment: DOMA Repeal: Fiscal Responsibility Edition

Glenn Beck in Boy Scout Uniform: Firing Paula Deen 'McCarthyism'

"John Lewis Voting Rights Act" - Do It!

Ecuador Says Snowden Asylum Document Unauthorized

In rebuff to Bloomberg, New York City Council curbs police power

1st Amendment, DOWN! Evil sidewalk chalk, DOWN! Score: Asshats 1 - Democracy 0

Video: Virginia GOP's sugar daddy Pat Robertson speculates on gay SCOTUS clerks

Justices show interest in Oklahoma abortion pill case

Empire State Building garners $2.1 billion cash bid by mystery would-be buyer

Report: Aaron Hernandez possibly tied to 2012 double murder

TX Abortion Bill Dead After Wendy Davis Filibuster

Supreme Court declines to take up two more gay rights cases

Has anyone noticed that when you start a new discussion, the SOP for the Forum or Group


U.S. to suspend trade benefits for Bangladesh: source

Fuel cell demonstrates 10,000 hours (equiv to 300,000 miles)

U.S. sanctions North Korea bank as it targets weapons program

In Africa, Obama lauds democracy but urges progress on gay rights

Chris Christie Blasts Gay Marriage Rulings

Target cuts ties with Paula Deen


Thom Hartmann: Will DOMA be the beginning of the new civil war?

Transcript of Obama's speech on climate policy

VERY cool site: | Literary Cartography

IGA franchise employees told they can't speak english to each other(Quebec)

Obama Delivers a Defining Speech on Climate Change

Syria conflict: 'Suicide bomb' in Damascus Christian area

POTUS & FLOTUS look out doorway where slaves departed from Goree Island

Taiwanese NMA TV animation on Wendy Davis filibuster

Wow... the government keeps records of all doctors' visits for 130 million Americans

Nelson Mandela much better today - Jacob Zuma

Delta Honor Guard for bodies of returning soldiers (video)

Duckworth shames IRS contractor for questionable disability status - MUST watch

How the NSA is still harvesting your online data - 1 stream alone processed one trillion records

Wendy Davis. Texts from Hillary.

Dark Snow Project lands on Greenland Ice Sheet

Water quality of NY's Lake George to be studied, improved with new partnership

Bill Clinton Praises The Demise Of DOMA, Without Mentioning That He Signed It Into Law

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

I fully support the GOP stance for a constitutional amendment against gay marriage!!

NASA rocket engine runs 5+ years

Where is Zimmerman's Mouthpiece Going With All This?

Whatever some of the nay sayers are saying, I still consider myself equal under the law now.

How Edward Snowden May Have Botched Blowing The Whistle On The World's Largest Spy Agency

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 27, 1973

Rand Paul: "Humans Will Marry Non Humans Without DOMA"

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 27, 1973

Paraplegic's dream of surfing fulfilled.

The Guardian news website blocked at Presidio of Monterey after NSA leaks

I will be in "the transit zone of a Moscow Airport" tomorrow morning...

And it Begins! Christie just formally announced his nomination...

the scales of justice did not weigh more toward equality this past week

Obama On Snowden: U.S. Won't 'Be Scrambling Jets To Get A 29-Year-Old "Hacker"

Will Governor Perry Stand Up for the Men of Texas?

Ecuadorian business leaders call withdrawl from Andean pact "irresponsible"

Ecuador says letter of safe conduct for Snowden is real, but unauthorized and invalid

A Year of Stop-and-Frisk, One Tweet at a Time

Canadian anti-whaling activist Paul Watson says Costa Rica made up charges

Tammy Duckworth Takes Out The Trash. You Must See This Video.

Death of a Form --- by Lewis Turco

Who was right when America needed them to be right? Who opposed DOMA in the 1996 debate?

Best DOMA Pic!

This Congresswoman Eviscerate Man Using High School Foot Injury For Government Contracts (VIDEO)

Obama Says ‘Significant Vulnerability’ At NSA

What White People Don't Understand About Rachel Jeantel / witness in Zimmerman trial

Where is Honduran Journalist Anibal Barrow?

Fracking Fever Hits The South As Lawmakers Push Industry-Friendly Regulations

License-plate readers let police collect millions of records on drivers

Does anyone buy a Bridge anymore?

Newly revealed Maya farming hotspots hold key to ancient culture

"...Davis would need to filibuster for two weeks."

Dog suffocates on pet food bag. Bereaved owner wants warnings about the possible dangers

Judge rules Jesus statue can stay on MT mountain

It's National HIV Testing Day. Are You Getting Tested?

Twitter Culture: Atheist Tweets More Analytical, Christian Tweets Less Negative

terrifying country we live in...

Supreme Court declines to take up two more gay rights cases (good news)

Pope Francis On Jewish-Catholic Relations: Christians "Cannot Be Anti-Semitic!"

Santa Ana Immigration Officer Bribed With Cash, Tons Of Egg Rolls

Odd marketing at Lowe's and Home Depot

Green-on-Blue: How One Attack in Afghanistan Can Define a War

The Errors of Edward Snowden and His Global Hypocrisy Tour

The Weakling God of the Religious Right

Skimming the surface on the astounding birds of the Meadowlands

F.T.C. Member Starts ‘Reclaim Your Name’ Campaign for Personal Data

State urged to let city set fast-food wages

Tell us what you really think, Chas P. PIERCE (about SCALIA and ALITO)

The Devil Made Him Do It: Exorcist Author To Sue Georgetown For Not Being Catholic Enough

Tim Dechristopher

Gold Prices Plunge Go Lowest Level In Almost 3 Years

We (the US) realize that the Syrian rebels will turn on us, right?

Consumer Spending in U.S. Rebounds as Incomes Increase

BREAKING: Ecuador minister says statement on Snowden imminent

Heritage Foundation Head Start Scholar Fares Poorly Against Adorable 10-Year-Old (VIDEO)

Gays Win While Blacks Lose Ground in Historic Rulings


Jobless Claims in U.S. Declined 9,000 Last Week to 346,000

Cenk: How we (TYT) will crush CNN

The Gun Markets of Pakistan

Reclaim Your Name

Israel Undermines Kerry’s Peace Visit With More Settlement Building

Detroit's emergency manager says contracts will end with 2 of city's biggest unions

Investment in renewables (UK) may get hit despite rise in wind farm subsidies

Livestock Industry Bullying on Meatless Mondays Campaign Doesn’t Change Facts–Or Consumer Trends

Pelosi mulling ‘John Lewis Voting Rights Act’ to overturn Supreme Court decision

Same old party

Anti-gay Hate Mail is ok on DU, per Skinner

Pap and Seder Dissect Obama’s Environmental Action Plan

Obama Admin. Approves ALEC Model Bill for Fracking Chemical Fluid Disclosure on Public Lands

Nancy Pelosi On Michele Bachmann DOMA Remarks: 'Who Cares?'

TimeStampGate - Felonious Conspiracy by Texas Republicans was led by Texas Lt. Gov. Dewhurst

"or how I learned to stop worrying and love Bush's TIA."

Jackson Katz: Violence Against Women Is a Men's Issue

Latest in floor coverings

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 27, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- Sean Connery

In Africa, Obama stands up for gay rights

Let freedom ring

More Hernandez information today

A year on and it's still unclear: Does God have a Julian Assange complex?

Parrot lady on motorcycle

pass gently, giant

Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy, mondo asshole

Glenn Beck makes more money than Gaga

Court of Appeals rules against tracking state employees

(Rhode Island) Gun Bills Clear Committee

Discussing Trial In AA Group on DU


Months-long Tulsa violent crimes initiative results in 110 arrests since April; drugs, guns seized

Dating Advice: To avoid racists, look for Star Trek fans.

Thom Hartmann: Get Ready for a Chaotic Climate Future

"...Using an opponent's teen pregnancy in any debate is unbelievably vile."

By July 1st, ABQ Will Be Totally On Groundwater; Water District Upstream Storage Nearly Gone

Farmers Depending On Elephant Butte Reservoir Water To Get 3.5 Inches For Whole Growing Season

Changing trainers.

Wouldn't it be interesting to know Zimmerman's Internet search history in the days leading up to

Rachel Jeantel, witness at Zimmerman trial, can't read or write in cursive. Is that a big deal?

George Takei: A defeat for DOMA — and the end of ‘ick’

Anti-Fracking Protest at Cuomo Fundraiser Calls for NY Ban

Reflections on the DOMA ruling

I went to my local bar last night for a end of DOMA toast...but VRA had me down

Retirement home residents sue Kobach over law requiring photo ID to vote

There's gonna be some HUGE discounts on Paula Deen cookware.....

Nelson Mandela removed from US terror list - The Telegraph/UK (2008)

Dan Cathy (Chick-Fil-Hate) is at it again

I'll ask it more simply: can the government be trusted?

Rachel Jeantel - English as a second language..

Father of Boy Who Fatally Shot Brother Sentenced (brace yourself)

Congress Likely to Miss Student Loan Deadline

"Take that, logic." Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

US Senator Aims to Force Russia’s Hand on Snowden

NYT/IHT: Crime and Banishment - Deporting Illegal Alien Criminals

Pope at Mass: Resting our faith on the rock of Christ

Gay Marriage Coming Nation-wide?

Police: Gunman in camouflage near Glen Helen

Pennsylvania couple having sex in public park busted by 25 bike cops

OMG, Zimmerman's lawyers just blew it

If New York's walls could talk, they would probably say something gay.

Mother accused of falling asleep and accidentally smothering her baby: 'This was preventable'

More Kids Accidentally Ingesting Marijuana Following New Drug Policies

Has anyone noticed Zimmerman's lawyer looks like

Glenn Beck is working up a case of the wet-works, Please come CAPTION the ninny!!!

Sums it up!

"... when one side is pursuing change, the other side is often resisting it."

Worried about accidentally 3D printing a gun? New software will prevent it

Judge won't allow bank protester to claim first amendment rights

"I Is What I Is"

Gun Enthusiast Aaron Hernandez

Varied Voices from GOP After Decision

Dems offer bill to repeal DOMA

Another newbie crochet/knitting question:

Expelled Man Calls Vassar College Sexually Biased

Listen to Cuba in Focus today Thursday @ 8pm EST online at

GE Fined $6.6 Million for Defrauding Military

Grand jury returns 30-count indictment against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in Boston Marathon bombings

Abused Kids Sue Oregon for $100 Million

Panhandlers & Homeless Sue Flagstaff Police

in safe hands

Worker Sues Employer For The Death Of Her Baby

Charles P. Pierce | Samuel Alito, King of Dicks

Photographing the Nuclear Disaster in Fukushima

...and yet another recently released movie we didn't like (that got good reviews) - Quartet

Aaron Hernandez's Bail Appeal Denied in Murder Case

The problem with you kids today is that you don't write in cursive

George Zimmerman Witness Can't Read Letter She 'Wrote' About Shooting

This is the single most informative thing you can watch about the Supreme Court's rulings.

No Benghazi "Stand Down" Order Was Given: Another Fox Narrative Falls Apart

$1,000 fine for using cellphone on the road dead in Oregon Legislature

Obama with Hitler moustache

Texas Senator Wendy Davis responds to Rick Perry

Southern Co Downgrade: not enough renewables, too much coal, risky nuclear

has anyone ever died playing bridge ?

Rick Perry attacks Wendy Davis

Texas Gov. Rick Perry calls 2nd special session to pass abortion bill

Deleted Tweet From Chick-fil-A Head Calls Gay Ruling ‘Sad Day’

TORNADO WATCH in 'Centtral' Maryland, DC, and some Virginia!

just a shameless plug ....

The 74-page indictment against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been released

Liberalism Opens The Door

State Attack on Rutgers University continues

U.S. Begins Shipping Arms for Syrian Rebels

I have a question on Social Security and the repeal of DOMA

Another View of the N-Word; Believe it or not, there are times when it’s a term of grace

Edward Snowden Is Livin the Dream at Sheremetyevo International Airport

NSA "Disappears" Its Own Fact Sheet on Spying Program

Yo Yo Ma's genealogy story was fascinating

The Pentagon just wasted $7 billion tax dollars. Ho-hum.

Wendy Davis' abortion law filibuster may be a 'Texas Spring'

Programmer under oath admits computers rig elections

Defense wins round on WikiLeaks helicopter video

Thank God it's Friday? No...

Thom Hartmann: Darrell Issa: "Fool me once..."

Thursday Afternoon Questions

Which does more damage to our democracy: crime committed by Snowden or crimes his leaks revealed?

Report: Dodgers to acquire Ricky Nolasco from Marlins

Rick Perry Jabs Wendy Davis For Being A Teen Mom: Too Bad 'She Hasn't Learned From Her Own Example'

EU agrees banks' bail-in deal. Banks on verge of collapse will have to tap shareholders before

The Errors of Edward Snowden and His Global Hypocrisy Tour

Obama to nominate Ron Binz to head Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, sources say

Jaguar roves near Rosemont mine site

Wendy Davis is gonna be up Rick Perry’s Ass for now on and

Greenwald discusses frenzied attempts to smear & discredit him since NSA stories began

The VRA and FLA

Marriage is a Contract you must enter with Mutual Consent

Does your house of worship perform same-sex weddings?

We can, of course, fire the NSA.

Is sippy cupp leaving MSNBC?

CFTC Sues Jon Corzine Over MF Global Failure; Seeks to Ban Him From Futures Industry

Exclusive: Documents Illuminate Ecuador’s Spying Practices

Say good-bye to S.E. Cupp here!

New WalMart commercial

GOP House leader calls Senate immigration bill a 'pipe dream'

Nelson Mandela's Favorite African Folktales

Bugbear: English football commentators using nouns in place of adjectives

Target cuts ties with Deen; drugmaker distances

The Supreme Court’s post-racial fantasy

Obama to visit "House of Slaves"

Senators will vote from their desks.

i pledge to do what i can to defeat perry and his cohorts

Ecuador nixes trade deal, offers US cash for 'education about human rights'

Don't Try This Guy's DIY Headphone Implants By Yourself

Suprised Paula Deen Has Been Dropped by So Many Sponsors

British Mom Has "Supersonic" Hearing Abilities


You don't butt in line!

Ecuador says Snowden asylum document unauthorized

Ecuador says Snowden asylum document unauthorized

Toon: "Sorry, Elton"

Barney Frank Credits Boehner For DOMA Win - video link

Do you suppose sales at Lifelock will plunge now that we know it's all safely in storage at NSA? ng

Old news in new news: Queen earns more money

5-year legal fight over O’Doul’s beer

Observation in a Sears store - good news?

Shaken... not stirred

Senate passes sweeping immigration reform

As if you needed another reason to never go to Chik-fil-A

'Bitchy resting face' is real (kind of). But there's hope

Senate Passes Immigration Reform Bill (updated)

Employers Skirting Minimum Wage Classifying Workers As Contractors.

'Reclaim Your Name': FTC commissioner wants companies to reveal what user data they collect

So why the FUCK isn't there video of Snowden yet

President Obama looking out the "Door of No Return" at Goree Island - photo

With everything that happened yesterday, let's not forget Delaware will be legal Monday!

Paul LePage May Not Seek Second Term As Maine Governor

What is a "beard" for guys like Limbaugh?

What Your Email Metadata Told the NSA About You (The AtlanticWire)

The folks that come to this group are special

All Talk In The Middle East

WTF? so I searched AL Quaeda on youtube looking for a BBC documentary and...

Wall street payed credit rating agencies to provide their financial instruments with AAA ratings..

Texas Shaping Up To Be Huge Battleground in 2014

(NJ) Gun background check bill, hailed as "national model," goes to Christie's desk

What I learned from Snowden

Rick Perry Jabs Wendy Davis

"Good lord" - What I said when I checked the weather forecast...

Senate just passed the immigration bill. Before they send it to the House, they should re-name it...

Baristas have years of ties to prostitution

Immigration rights activists blocking traffic at 6th Street and Colorado in Austin

Rolling Stone: Five Reasons Cops Want to Legalize Marijuana

Texas - We won't regulate chemical plants - only lady parts!


Nominate a White House Champion of Change for Civic Hacking

Hernandez being investigated for 2012 double murder in Boston

Dumb Criminals: Michigan Man Turns In Own Mother For Bank Robbery After Seeing Her On Local News

100 Year Old Woman Graduates Grade School After 90 Year Absence

It's time to seperate the 'religious' and 'civil' component of marriage.. now wait, here me out...

Iraq official says Baghdad open to US military aid

It never happened! Ergun Caner suing to hide discrepancies in things he said in the past

These are the shoes Wendy Davis wore for her EPIC filibuster (Read the reviews)

Just got my first campaign mail ad of the season.

The cities that drink the most soda

When I was young this was one of my favorite songs, and I couldn't imagine getting old

Eyewitness: Zimmerman straddling Trayvon

Drunk Texan kills himself while playing with gun

DoD subcontractor whistleblowers now protected

Federal Employee Whistleblowers Win Rare Victory

Zimmy's attorney opened the can

Sign our petition and make sure they (CNN) hear that Tony Perkins doesn't speak for us!

Alex Jones: Gay marriage truther?

Blast from the past: "Border Fence Firm Snared for Hiring Illegal Workers"

Academy Award winner to star in Paula Deen feature film.

"Now let’s bring my big, gay marriage"

Just a little perspective on the whole NSA tracking thing - yes it's bad, yes it needs more sunshine

Was standing in my usual spot, as always, when suddenly...

Heat Wave May Threaten World’s Hottest Temp. Record

Immigration reform: Statement from EPI President Lawrence Mishel

Police are investigating Aaron Hernandez's possible connection to a 2012 double murder in Boston

GOP Sen. Jerry Moran Accidentally Votes ‘Yes’ On Immigration Reform, Senate Erupts In Laughter

Inside The Most Expensive Science Experiment Ever (ITER Fusion)

Let's be honest about Russia's role in the Edward Snowden matter

Toon: Gays and lesbians are getting married-

They already look stupid!

The Quickest Route to Atheism? It's Not the Bible

All eyes are on Texas, but OHIO is on the cusp of enacting radical restrictions on abortion rights

All eyes are on Texas, but OHIO is on the cusp of enacting radical restrictions on abortion rights

Russian Parliament Invites Snowden to Investigate Spying Claims

The local radio wingnut talkshow topic is: poligamy(& more) possible because of DOMA ruling.

Democrats pressure IRS inspector over scrutiny of liberal groups

Remember the Paula Deen/Anthony Bourdain "feud"?

Drunk Texan kills himself while playing with gun

Hobby Lobby Update..... Federal court says Obamacare birth control mandate likely to be struck down

What White People Don't Understand About Rachel Jeantel

Tweet from yesterday's celebration

Ancient Unlooted Royal Wari Tomb Discovered In Peru

The MSM says Snowden is stranded, etc. .... but I have a feeling

A George Carlin Quote!

Having a brain freeze moment.. need help.

The GOP in 48 hours............!!!;;#*??! WHAT?

Torture, drones, spying on us...

Abandoned and Covered In Scars, Bronco Learns to Love Again

Has anyone here tried the new weight loss drug BELVIQ?

Bobby McFerrin: Praying as he sings

Conservatives unsure how to respond to overturning of DOMA and Prop 8.

Spy Program Gathered Americans' Internet Records (Until 2011)

Ecuador threatens legal action against leaker of invalid travel document for Snowden

Bronx Woman Fatally Attacked With Hammer, Son Sought For Questioning

Commission on Civil Rights to Investigate "Stand Your Ground" Laws

Chicago Students Speak Out at Board of Education Meeting

MFM update -- “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” -- Gloria Steinem

Former Kaufman JP Eric Williams, his wife indicted for capital murder

Ecuador has no plans to halt commerce ties over Snowden: Correa

Latest Glenn Greenwald Scoop Vindicates NSA Whistleblowers

SS From the time you apply to the time they start sending your money

Christie: I Would Veto Same-Sex Marriage Bill Again

it's 99 degrees here, is that warm or hot?

My favorite forum is the Lounge and my favorite group is Religion.

Venezuela finds Vittorio Missoni crash plane

What the hell is it??

Venezuela finds Vittorio Missoni crash plane

A Letter to Rachel Jeantel - An Apology on Behalf of the Whole World

DOE to invest $3.5mn in advanced nuclear reactor projects

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 28 June 2013

Rick Perry delays announcement on running again

Peeing During Filibusters, Explained

Senator Claire McCaskill rebukes columnist over sexual assault article

Texas A&M System leading joint initiative on genomic research

rrneck's post about link problems brought to mind a link problem I encountered on Tues.

Open Letter to Snowden/Greenwald demonizers. Please make up your mind. Which is it?

Scientists Warn: Largest Ocean 'Dead Zone' in History

AB InBev: billions in profit, cuts for local workers, scab-brewed beer for Newfoundlanders and Labra

'Man of Steel' filled with Jesus, Christianity references (Fox News - LOL)

June 27, 1905

Mob has Dewhurst at a disadvantage

For my 10,000 post

Toon: New Texas Symbol

Collision Course: Plan To Displace Tens Of Thousands Of Bedouin Passes First Knesset Vote

A Double Standard On Disputed Land For Settlers And Bedouin

Going, Going, Still Going? Voyager 1 at Solar System’s Edge

Snowden Could Request Asylum In Russia: Official

Jewish leader blasts EU’s ‘discriminatory’ policies

Proposed 'deflector shield' could protect astronauts from radiation

With DOMA out of the way, could Greenwald and his partner move back to the U.S.?

"When you piss off the powerful They come after your career,they try to come after your credibility"

Kerry Plunges Back Into Mideast Peace Diplomacy

White House Assembles List of Potential Bernanke Successors at Fed

omg...I just found out there is a secret wifi for regulars

Anyone here had a surgical breast biopsy?

The most damning piece of evidence in the Aaron Hernandez case

And now a word from Patrick Kennedy (pic)