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Earthbone art.

Woman Accused Of Sending Ricin-Laced Letters To Mayor Indicted

it's all about the light

George Zimmerman had been training in MMA

Senators accuse government of using 'secret law' to collect Americans' data

Query for all The People Cussing Edward Snowden.

Gun Group Aims to Stop Immigration Bill

Lil Wayne 'Never Intended' To Desecrate American Flag

New Jersey's Christie vetoes Medicaid expansion bill

Mexican ex-governor gets 11 years in U.S. for money laundering

Meet Senator Wendy Davis

Tin Pot Dictator

Fake fruit on the dining table? Tacky or tasteful?

‘Vote No’ Movement Sends UPS Bargainers Back to Table (largest contract in N America!)

Fake flowers in a nice vase? Tacky or tasteful?

Is solar really four times the cost of nuclear? No, but…

Judge puts parts of new Kan. abortion law on hold

Actress indicted over ricin-laced letters

A Love Boat Passing in the Night. By Day, It’s the Ferry Again.

Bradley Manning Trial

Feds find Pa. is glacially slow in approving food stamps, unemployment compensation & federal heat $

"The Nation" is having a fund raiser with a matching donor

Friday Talking Points (263) -- Professional Edition

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Fridaze & a new Maru gif

Love is in the air! Rachel Maddow might be hosting

NOW Toronto: Cure for King: Time for tough choices on car-congested streets

Snowden will go down a hero for my generation

Just curious why I'm not seeing (on DU or in any online comments or articles) all those

NFL says no to promoting Obamacare

LOVE Kamala Harris!

Poll: Bike Sharing Widely Popular After First Month (NYC)

Statue of Liberty Fun Facts

Darrell Issa and the overblown scandals

Saw a HUGE Full Rainbow This Evening!

GM Cabbage with Scorpion Poison Coming Soon To A Grocer Near You

Made in China: The top five products allegedly manufactured in Chinese Gulags

Silly authorian me!

Remember the Obama Scandals? That Used to Be a Thing

Tell me I'm not a jerk

Federal rule could upend states' shark fin bans

Statement from Martha Northington's Atty & The Officer Affidavit On Her Arrest In Senate Chamber

War on Women***

Issa directed Treasury inspector general to ignore IRS treatment of liberal groups.

Statement from Martha Northington's Atty & The Officer Affidavit On Her Arrest In Senate Chamber

I have here a really cheesy earworm that may haunt you for the rest of your days. BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!

Bigotry & prejudice are everywhere. Treated like 2nd-class citizens and people just laugh.

Dad's Dating Rules:

Anyone with a secondary degree in Philosophy smoked way too damned much dope in college.

If he ever gets a dog, MiddleFingerMom knows EXACTLY what his/her name will be.

MiddleFingerMom STILL thinks he should have won that "Lookin' Fabulous When Wet" competition.

Do you remember the division amongst your acquaintances with Daniel Ellsburg & the Pentagon Papers?

Republican Party leader Johnnie B. Rogers granted early release from probation

Unix Guru Evi Nemeth Missing, Feared Lost At Sea

Farmers warn of high milk prices without farm bill

Tomorrow could be the *Hottest Day Ever on Earth*

It is getting to that time of year again!

Idiot Tweeter goes rogue on Marco Rubio

Lorain County Ohio 3-year-old with rare cancer wishes for 1 million birthday cards ~ Please Read

Sears, Penney sever ties with Paula Deen

The Fight Over Medical Marijuana

News Corp. divides into two companies; 21st Century Fox is born

To everyone that consider Snowden a Hero

Mandela family feud over where he should be buried

Ecuador Offers to Fund Human-Rights Training in U.S

Violence flares in Egypt before weekend protests

Have you seen those pineapples from Costa Rica?

Hey Straight DUers, I Have To Have A Word With You...


Big Bad Voodoo Daddy ... "Why Me"

it has dropped about 20 degrees in the last ten minutes

Enjoying "Stupidity Celebration Cones" from the Chick-Fil-A

Kool Kitty

Europe likely to stay on sidelines when U.S. ships arms to Syria rebels

(Omaha) Visiting New Yorker rescues abandoned dog from plastic bag in trash can (HOAX)

Ohio budget-"Line Item Veto!"

The children caught in Syria’s war are not always innocent bystanders

God Proud Of Cockroaches

Construction lobbyists fall short in push for more foreign workers

Teen Justin Carter Jailed In Texas After Making Sarcastic Threat In Facebook Comment

Dems Set Wheels In Motion On Revising Voting Rights Act

Extreme weather could be tied to jet stream fluctuations

Marcia Clark brought up a great point on Anderson Cooper

House Abortion Bill Increases Spending: CBO

Glenn Greenwald speech to Socialism 2013 Conference - about Snowden - Updated

Egypt violence builds, American among dead

Google was the first I saw, now YouTube.

RAIN !!!!!!

Should we be promoting the socialism conference here?

Day 9 of 45 Pictures and Cartoons Regarding the Republican War on Women

xPost from Feminists Group: Day 9 of 45 Pictures and Cartoons Regarding the Republican War on Women

New laws allow Texas 183 expansion from Fort Worth to Dallas

xPost from Feminists Group: Day 9 of 45 Pictures and Cartoons Regarding the Republican War on Women

Outgoing Mayor Villaraigosa Marries Prop 8 Plaintiffs:"Your Wait Is Finally Over"

Prediction: Paula Deen will end up with a cooking show on Glenn Beck's network

Anybody else going to the Houston Pride parade tomorrow?

Zimmerman's MMA gym owner

How Not To Defend Atheism

Women Fight Back: Ohio Bill Makes Erectile Dysfunction Her Business

Arsenic, Aspirin ... what's all the fuss?

Any DU Black Sabbath fans?

Omni Dallas lit in rainbow colors to mark Supreme Court rulings

Judge: Hobby Lobby Won’t Have to Pay Fines

Omni Dallas lit in rainbow colors to mark Supreme Court rulings

Greenwald Docs Preview: Brand New Technology Allows NSA to Retain 1 Billion Cell Calls Every Day

California woman gets life for chopping off husband's penis

People thought I was paranoid, but I really believed that

Sarasota man sentenced to 14 years for killing dog

Zimmerman has already been proved guilty, now it's just a question of punishment.

In twist Univision uses metadata to determine authorship of Snowden's "Safe Pass" - ABC

Overcoming the modern media filter

Op-Ed News: "The Dance of Consent"

Did the agent in question ever testify about the actions in the video below on 11/22/63?

Analysis: Snowden's options appear to narrow in bid to evade U.S. arrest

LaGuardia Airport Southwest Employee Takes Stair Car To Get Pizza

CA: BART strike looms as governor asked to intervene

Witness: leaked cables contained classified info

What's the big deal about Ribeye Steak?

Ecuadorean Disarray Clouds Snowden Bid

Zimmerman and Trayvon's mixed DNA, NEW INFO released by state today.

Extreme Dog Grooming..

Sad story: man dies after saving little girl

Armstrong uninvited, unwanted guest at 100th Tour de France

It Is Hilarious. Amazon Customer reviews of Wendy D's Mizunos

When is enough going to be enough

New Zombie Gun Targets: Al Sharpton and Gun Control Activist

TCM Schedule for Saturday, June 29, 2013 - The Essentials: Nephew Night

TCM Schedule for Sunday, June 30, 2013 - Essentials Jr: Fuggedaboutit

Maher Savages SCOTUS Voting Rights Ruling: Pulled From Roberts’ Ass, ‘Racist’ Scalia Using Fox Talk

Terrace Lodge (Nursing Home) Sings End of the Line

Natalie Maine Not "Least Bit Ashamed" Wendy Davis Is From Texas

The dark side's callin' now, Nothin' is real

Snowden fallout comes at bad time for private equity

Probe of Contractor Vetting Snowden Sees Falsified Data

To What Extent Did the Government Monitor Phone, Internet Activity After 9/11?

Cory Booker Wins Democratic Endorsements In Senate Campaign

Watch out: It's a pitbull

Mayor in AR: "If it's got tits, you got problems."

‘I’m not a homophobe’: Alec Baldwin goes on defensive after Twitter rant

Richmond man: Police officer too distraught to kill wounded deer, offered firearm to civilian

Obama Administration, Congress Intensify Opposition To Global Generic Drug Industry

A hail and farewell to AltaVista

Edward Snowden's Martyrdom

Gay marriage: In states, a hodgepodge lies ahead

Judge bars Obamacare contraceptive requirement for a Christian-owned business

Colombian Land Deals Are Scrutinized

Next Terminator Film A Reboot, Planned As First In New Trilogy

Ever since I can remember you been hanging 'round this joint

Without leaks, Barack Obama might never have been elected to begin with.

Video: Ken Burns’ ‘World War Z’

Friday quotes/statements from Texas Senator Wendy Davis: ‘Stop demonizing women’

The Unrelenting Economic War on Cuba

The not-so-reclusive justices

Cuba to send doctors to work in Saudi Arabia

A Fifteen-Year-Old Has Invented an Incredible New Kind of Flashlight

Teen locked overnight in police van sues Fort Lee

Isn't it amusing to watch people who have called Obama-supporters 'worshippers'

APNewsBreak: Librarians to help with health law

Kentucky’s ‘Creation Museum’ in Financial Trouble Due to Declining Attendance

Elderly man who picked dandelions for food gets $75 ticket

June 29: National Almond Buttercrunch Day

June 29, 1776 Battle of Turtle Gut Inlet (Cape May County) takes place.

June 29, 1956 The Federal Aid Highway Act is Signed into law

Isn't it amusing to see all the Obama defenders ignoring the issue of mass surveillance?

June 29, 1776 Mission San Francisco de Asís is established

Rights for us mean forests for all

Rights for us mean forests for all

The Most Ridiculous Tea Party Signs

Obama meeting Zuma close to Mandela hospital

Dewhurst: I’ll pass late-term abortion ban & "take action against" those who incited demonstration

Cuba's amazing dancing identical triplets, aged 13

Some tips on how to attract bees.

'We should have talked to Taliban' says top British officer in Afghanistan

The FISA Court is deplorable shite and has no fucking place in a democracy

News Corp officially splits in two

NC becomes 1st state to drop federal jobless funds

Defending marriage for myself - not from gay people

How much does the current NSA surveillance program concern you?

President Obama Just Got His Recess Appointments Power Back

"So God Made A Dog"

Behemothic surveillance is the enemy of freedom.

The Biggest Liberal Protest Of 2013 In 35 Photos & Video

Background Checks

Germany Doesn't Like Nukes But Loves Its Carbon - Petitions EU for More Gas Guzzlers

Isn't this special~

Were deadly Indian flash floods caused by new hydropower projects?

'If it's got tits, you got problems': Maynard mayor in police dispute

UK Faces Power Blackouts In Squeeze for Profits, Low-Carbon Energy

GOP Leaders Warn (Sports) Leagues Not to Promote Obamacare

Rachel's interview with Clifford Alexander, Jimmy Carter's Secretary of the Army

Military faults guards in Guantánamo captive's suicide by overdose

More dogs get lost on or around July 4th than any other day of the year

Universities Selling Out Important Research to Corporate Overseers

Eve Ensler: My Journey to Find My Way Back to My Body

No Winners When It Comes to Border Security

What time of day to spray for bugs, mold, etc????? I got up early this morning to spray before

Eugene Robinson: Food for Thought on Paula Deen

Lawyer for Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair argues for fair trial

46 Incredible Gay Wedding Photos That Will Make Your Heart Melt

The First San Francisco Weddings After The Fall Of Proposition 8

Temp Workers, Permanent Problems

Snowden leaks have not hurt US foreign policy, says UN ambassador Susan Rice

Just when I thought I couldn't hate repukes more

Maddox: Immigration reform's path to 218 House votes (discharge petition?)

‘Arab Idol’ winner puts Hamas in uneasy spot

Zing! Snowden's Ideal Hiding Place

David Sirota: America’s Newest Global War

Document - Palestinian Authority: Further information: Two men hanged; more facing execution

positive article on Sec. Kerry's efforts on Israeli-Palestinian negotiations

Ikea refugee homes are 'cheap and tough'

Lying sack of s*** of the week: Edward Snowden

Grasshopper breeder up for design award and educating western palates

Scott Brown and Joe Lieberman get new foreign policy gig

The Divided States of America, in 25 Charts

NYT Op-Ed: The Criminal N.S.A.

US citizen killed identified as Jewish student Andrew Pochter

“Believe It or Not!”13 Mindblowing Facts About America’s Tax-Dodging Corporations

The Unfinished March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom by Greg Kaufmann

South African police, protesters clash ahead of Obama visit

EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU can help make 6-year-old Xan's wish come true

The Textile Worker (dial-up warning)

Check out this link for National Geographic Photo Contest Winners:

Amazon's $600 Million CIA Deal Really Is For A Game-Changing 'Private' Cloud

Obama admin. wastes no time after DOMA defeat, providing 5 new benefits for legal spouses, kids

10 Movie Roles That Show Why We'll Never Have Another Katharine Hepburn

More deplorable shite: The ever so patriotically named Protect America Act

What it looks like to orbit Mars

Phone app shows photographs of iconic London locations overlaid with historical views of exact same

Brian Jones: Karl Marx and the US Civil War

Has NASA’s Voyager 1 discovered a new region of space?

Cambodia's vast lost city: world's greatest pre-industrial site unearthed

And still sci-fi's Octavia E. Butler rises: A graphic adaptation. A literary society.

NSA spying is legal because once upon a time Dick Cheney's lawyer said so in secret documents that l

Vt. AG asks for status in California nuke case

US Marines Put On Alert To Move Into Egypt Amid Violent Protests

Another episode of keeping Austin weird

Community Anxious After 37 People Shot In One Week

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

Can you pass this test?

Rep. Tammy Duckworth takes apart IRS Contractor who Claimed Veterans Disability, - Epic Smackdown !

Birdwatchers see rare white-throated needletail fly into turbine on Harris

David Gregory Doesn't Understand David Gregory's Snowden Question

Grilled sesame asparagus

Sen. Wendy Davis "was equipped with a catheter" during her filibuster (!!!)

What are you reading the week of June 30, 2013?

I have another question for the Zimmerman defenders

the court, the corporate coup, and the call to struggle

My thoughts about Rachel Jeantel...

What kind of person would think that Zimmerman had the right to...

EPA tells Ohio to stop keeping fracking secrets from first responders

Democrats Allege Forgery In Senator's Recall Effort

Giant, oil-belching sinkhole dooms more than 100 homes in Louisiana

David Sirota: America’s Newest Global War

America's newest global war -- David Sirota

"If you've seen one tree, you've seen too many." Please come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!!

It Takes A College Diploma To Convince People Not To Waste Money On Name-Brand Meds

Benevolent prejudice

Snowden was last seen by eyewitnesses being taken from the flight in a "black limosine"...

Rotini with pesto, potato and green beans

Edward Snowden may be the last of the human spies

Gay Pride Versus 'Gay Propaganda'

6/29/13 collection of Good News

What's Next for the LGBT Movement?


Ed FitzGerald assails Ohio budget as harmful to middle-class families, the poor and women

Falling in Love

Obama and The Political Compass:

Saturday, June 29th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Rachel Maddow - Ohio anti-abortion bill includes restriction on rape counseling

Toyota Seeks Prius-Like Success With 2015 Fuel-Cell Model

The 4th amendment

Popular Charlottesville Radio Host on UVA student's nightmare at the grocery store: "NOT HERE"

Public Works employees being photographed and videoed

Trayvon Martin followed proper procedure.

Tides of Change

President Obama expressed his support for Wendy Davis via Twitter.

Losing my religion

Senate Panel Okays Funding for D.C. Transit

A sight commonplace almost everywhere President Obama has appeared in the U.S.

(Obamacare etc.) We got the information on how our healthcare is changing Jan. 1 2014

You're Hired!

Look, We all hate Zimmerman's actions

International forces will provide advice to Afghan military until 2020

Chicago Launches Bike Share: A Divvy Day One Dispatch

This George Carlin video should be a sticky on the front page of DU, forever

China, Russia and Snowden: It might be fun for China and Russia to tweak America's nose

Malaysian Law of One Parent Consent for Child’s Religious Conversion Draws Major Criticism

Fusion energy dreams smash into hard economic realities

Msgr. Charles Pope: Catholic Church Should Drop Word 'Marriage' For 'Holy Matrimony' In Wake Of DOMA

After 20 years of talk, Crenshaw/LAX rail line gets green light

The War in Afghanistan in Tintypes


Searching for Sugar Man

Week in Review: My Hero

Femen stages topless protest in Stockholm mosque

"The Wicked Witch of the West was a powder-puff." Please come CAPTION Gretchen Carlson!!!

Minnesota Iceman: Mysterious Frozen Creature From '60s Resurfaces At Museum

Adding my voice to a more frequent request:

Uproar After Turbine Slaughters Innocent Birdie (WARNING: GRAPHIC, TONGUE-IN-CHEEK CONTENT)

Former WWE Star ‘Doink the Clown’ Found Dead in Texas

Welcome, Mr President...

Military Court Holds Session so Secret Defendant Can’t Attend

The unwanted guest that can do more than spoil your BBQ

Femen stages topless protest in Stockholm mosque

Putnam brand announces it supports Paula Deen

Pity the fly!

Moderate Dems, facing hard midterms, treat climate plan carefully

Stand with Texas! Stand for Women!

Did Zimmerman self inflict his wounds?

Wiki Tweets Can Be Used Against Manning

Those who are counting our votes are giving us Rick Perry-Small Words, Small Guys

Jacob's Ladder will get the remake treatment

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday June 29th

It's not like the government is listening to everybody's conversation.

Maher: Justice Roberts pulled Voting Rights Act decision ‘out of his ass’

Dirty Wars author Jeremy Scahill explains the pitiful oversight in the US Senate re NSA

"I'm so mean, I make medicine sick!"

So ... it turns out, cats may not be the 'naturally' gifted intellectuals they like to appear.

Increased brain uptake and oxidation of acetate in heavy drinkers

Will the judge let this in?

Republicans enlisting sports world’s help against Obamacare

White House denies contraception exemption to private businesses

Is there anyone else

But Who STARTED The Altercation Between Martin and Zimmerman?

Beretta targets Joe Manchin

California temperatures could reach 130F as heat wave hits western US

Back from a week sailing on the Chesapeake Bay.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst decides against arresting Texas media

Bear "researcher" loses research permit (Lily the Internet Sensation Bear, from Minnesota)

Former Melissa mayor sentenced to 33 months in bribery scheme

dear hive mind- a question about nigerian culture.

Very interesting read about the truly horrible "proto-fascist" work conditions in UK banks.

'Coca-Cola Life,' Stevia-Sweetened Cola, To Debut In Argentina

Marijuana's march toward mainstream confounds feds

Is Caiden Cowger a Criminal?

The Zimmerman Trial: The Scream

Gay Marriage or Marriage?

Russia debates letting Snowden in from the cold

John Lennon's Ferrari on Sale

Donations recover at controversial Catholic charity

Bemidji is "bankland" USA.

Guns Lost, Stolen or Strayed

Claim: NYC Principal Fired Black Teachers; Made Insulting Racist Remarks

A reasonable person

Talks With Palestinians Unlikely Despite Kerry Bid: Israeli Minister

Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart! Sony is ready to give us a Captain Planet movie

Obama Meets Mandela Family, Police Disperse Protesters

LIVE NOW: Politics Done Right w/Egberto Willies - Supreme Court Giveth And Taketh

Warning: ... OLDER MEN SCAM.....

Syrian Army, Backed By Jets, Launches Assault On Homs

U.S. Bugged EU Offices, Computer Networks: German Magazine

Deutsche Bank settles L.A. claims on foreclosure blight

The Night Texas Turned Blue (Check out the Taiwanese video)

U.S. bugged EU offices, computer networks

What's for lunch

Global interfaith group has new anti-hate campaign

White House Notebook: Obama To US Media: 'Behave'

I've started the process to get out today!!!!!

POTUS, FLOTUS: Well-Spoken

Omnibus Image Post of June 29, 2013

NRA.....Here’s another one.....

The breaking of the electric land speed record

NASA's Voyager 1 Spacecraft Encounters Unknown Region Of Space At Solar System's Edge

My Dog Always Eats First: Homeless People and Their Animals (a great read)

Renewable energy to eclipse gas by 2016 - IEA - New Scientist

I find it beyond a reasonable doubt that Trayvon Martin was simply walking down the road...

Chris Pyle has important information to give us.

Selections from P Z Myers' panel coments at EWTS*

Thought-provoking. Cameo by Secretary of State Clinton included.

Anderson Cooper: 'Why Does Alec Baldwin Get a Pass When He Uses Gay Slurs?'

The Lives of Others - Official Trailer

House Republicans Want To Cut Nearly $1 Billion In Renewable Funding For 2014

Joe Biden called Ecuador's President yesterday to tell him to reject Snowden's asylum request

Ecuador in talks with Biden over Snowden

Greenwald: Every Phone Call is Recorded and Stored-- A Globalized System Designed to Destroy Privacy

Hillary Is the Strongest Non-Incumbent Ever

Traffic Cameras Bring Tiny Ohio Village To A Stop

So you work for an hourly wage and still vote Republican?

Dear mother of Gawd, I am tired of arguing with rocks

TCM Schedule for Monday July 1 - TCM Spotlight: Carson on TCM

Snowden's options appear to narrow in bid to evade U.S. arrest

I think we should just call it the war on terror

Maddow to Ohio women: ‘Welcome to your mandatory vaginal probe’ under new state budget

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

What?! Our international spying agencies are spying internationally!!!!

Rising Star In Israel's Ruling Likud Party Emerging As Powerful Right-Wing Foil To Netanyahu

wOW!!! processed and packing up and gonna call a cab and head home. More later.

Max Scherzer 12-0: Detroit Tigers Ace Could Start All-Star Game

How Many Republicans...

CA makes 13. Which state is next to endorse marriage equality?

Police Find Automatic Weapons, Grenades, Tank At Dead Survivalist’s Home

Prius loses to Gremlin, crushed by tank for being humiliated (Toyota's aren't suppossed to break)

Any legal historians? Why aren't petty juries allowed to ask questions of the witnesses?

From KO on FB. Check out the comments at for the sneakers Wendy wore.


Comparing how press covered one moment in Zimmerman trial

Number of federal wiretaps rose 71 percent in 2012

Kerry Fails to Retrieve Snowden Using Stick; Switches to Wheedling Carrot


President Obama: 'This July on Mandela Day'

Susan Rice claims Snowden leaks will NOT hurt Obama's presidency or U.S. foreign policy... a direct

Racist gun nuts are just itching for race riots following a Zimmerman acquittal

On voting~

MLB at mid season: your thoughts?

For everyone who perpetuates the forever wars

Lady GaGa sings the National Anthem at NYC Pride

Why didn't George Zimmerman try starting a conversation with Trayvon Martin instead of killing him?

Here are some lies you can tell about Glenn Greenwald.



I can't wait to go to church tomorrow

Rand Paul: I'm Not My Dad

So now, opponents (AKA bigots) are accusing the media of being biased in favor

Tiny ants have found my cats food, never happened before.

"Breakaway" a fun cross cultural movie

New Christian Spanking Trends: Husbands 'Discipline' Wives

This statement about parents with a gay child is 100% correct...

Watch this till the end of the video

'Tensions don't exist': WikiLeaks refutes media reports about 'Ecuadorean disarray'

Need a new GPU

Potential Cost Of A Nuclear Accident? So High It’s A Secret! (5.8 Trillion Euros)

"People Who Urge Calm Over NSA Spying Make Me Nervous"

Marijuana's march toward mainstream confounds feds

HELP DU! Please Get This Word Out! Chalk-U-Py is Today In San Diego

And not just The Scream, but he called him an "F---in' Coon!!!"

Lotus Engineering's presentation for developing Methanol as a transportation fuel

Voting Doesn't Matter! Voting Changes Nothing!

These Conservatives...

Luxury Hotel Being Built In An Abandoned Chinese Quarry

Gordon Parks’s Harlem Family Revisited{go to link for photos in the exhibit}

Got rhubarb???? Try making rhubarb relish.

Le Tour de France - huge bus stuck under finish line - - what a cluster - bring back doping!

I'm going gambling...

Funniest Responses to the War on Women

Asked Why He's Not More Angry He Replied "If I Thought It'd Be Useful, I Would Be".

Zimmerman's re-enactment video

Perverse, decadent homosexuality brought down the Western Roman Empire...

Damn it's hot, 102° here. Almost enticing me to drink a Coors.

Searching for Edward Snowden in Moscow’s Terminal E

Facebook Refuses to Remove Racially-Charged, Violent Hate Page

Wendy Davis "Filibuster shoes" get reviewed at Amazon

Dear WhiteHouse,, and others

Everything Wrong With America In One Simple Image (INFOGRAPHIC)

Just because this is wonderful Caro Emerald - Mad About the Boy

TransCanada Caught Training Police to Treat Peaceful Anti-Keystone XL Activists as 'Terrorists'

This Plan To End Government Spying Has Grown So Big It Might Actually Work

The cruel tragedy of The Iron Sheik

Issa should be criminally liable for creating the IRS lie and costing taxpayers MILLIONS of dollars.

President Obama Speaks on Food Security (Posted in the Barack Obama Group)

You will take me and my prisoner to the Planet Cheron...

When will the media start covering the real scandal- the ISSA Scandal?

It's..... This!!!!!

Man who claimed to find dog in dumpster concocted story

Since motivation is in question, why I think what I do about the Zimmerman trial

Maher: Republicans hate ‘sluts who put out’ more than abortion (LMAO)

Did I just hear that Perry has called yet *another* special session?

U.S. asks Ecuador to reject any asylum request from Edward Snowden

I stand here to defend Floors!

Now, HERE'S a response re gay marriage, today's WaPo

American Killed in Egypt Taught English to Children

Wes Clark on NSA spying: "Most people know it's been going on all along." (wink, wink)

OMG! Photo PROOF of U.S.-citizen phone numbers (a.k.a. "metadata") being WARRANTLESSLY SNOOPED ON!!!

Am I missing something about the latest revelations regarding the EU?

Something inside starts burning, And my hearts filled with fire

95 degrees right now at 3 in the afternoon in Arroyo Grande, CA.

Sponsors of Prop. 8 file petition to stop same-sex marriages

Bill Maher Calls Out Scalia, Trump and Palin For Being More Racist Than Paula Deen

Sponsors Of Calif. Gay Marriage Ban Ask Supreme Court To Halt Weddings They Say Were Premature

paulbots. racists. Obama haters. oh my.

Total Surveillance: The Response to Snowden’s Leak Ignores the Reality of Political Repression

Tell me about the burden of proof...

Toon- Cutting Carbon the Healthy Way

I Know You Are, But What Am I?

Danziger Toon: Voting Rights

Russia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Cuba to Discuss Snowden Asylum in Moscow

La la la la Lola

Lt. Gov. Dewhurst & Atty. Gen. Greg Abbott Consider Charges Against Student Who Led Eyes of Texas

This WaPo article makes me fume.

Assange ‘apology’ over Snowden asylum row

Gay Marriage opponents ask SCOTUS to step in and stop CA marriages

Iran, Russia to Hold Joint Navy Drills in Caspian Sea

I stand here to detest Coors.

Going to the movies and avoiding the crowds on July 4. Which one of these three

Ecuadoran President Correa Gives VP Biden An Earful

Our theocracy nightmare: President Palin’s martial law

I was struck by an uninsured motorist this week

Gay marriage? Ca-ching!

Check out the responses to Molly West

Sharpton: Bloomberg Must Clarify Intentions On Or Apologize For Stop-And-Frisk Comments

"I was raised like Paula Deen"

Some nights I lose the feeling, and some nights I lose control

Anybody going to see "The Lone Ranger"?

God says homosexuality is in...

Man snatches toddler in grocery store, holds knife to her neck, is shot dead by police

Paulbots Plan to Stroke up Trouble on DU

Photo: Custom Jack Hoffman NCAA Football ’14 cover (check the photo of the youngster that met Obama)

Scenic Fruit Recalls Frozen Organic Pomegranate Kernels Over Hepatitis A Risk

Momaha: My husband’s world fell apart when our son told us he’s gay

Governor Cuomo Announces Launch of New "I Love NY LGBT" Tourism Website

Exploding Number Of Elderly Prisoners Strains System, Taxpayers

"Have you, or anyone you know, ever been a member of

Don't let Koch money influence public television programming!

Newly Released NSA Slides Explain the PRISM Data-Collection Program

Exposing the Dark Forces Behind the Snowden Smears

Orson Welles' criticisms of fellow actors and directors found on lost tapes

Dewhurst (R-TX) is ORGANIZING the pro-lifers for the special session that starts Monday...

How Inbred Elites Are Tearing America Apart

Without The IBEW, Nik Wallenda’s Grand Canyon Walk Would Never Have Happened (safety)

Mulberries. Tis the season for purple hands and sidewalks.

Gun background checks and the government surveillance controversy

I can't listen to "old" music.

The 'Internet of Things' pits George Jetson vs. George Orwell

with reference to the young women in VA who were terrorized by the abtf guys: the last time

Should the U.S. Continue to Threaten Iran With War?

After Stonewall: The First-Ever Pride Parades, In Vintage Photos