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Archives: June 3, 2013

Luckovich toon today.

Remember the songs that were "so profound" years and decades ago?

Is your recommend button broken?

Rep. Stephen Fincher: “If the Poor Want Their Children to Eat… Sell them as Slaves.”

60,000 protest Japan's plan to restart nuclear power plants

If anyone is having a problem hooking up Plex to Roku

Post your link to your favorite Movie Soundtrack Piece.....

A very compelling picture from Reddit - Somewhere in PA:


Netanyahu slams racism, 'price tag' attacks

Generation out of luck

Au revoir! Don't let the door hit your asses on the way out...

FL Dem Party busy at work sabotaging the 2014 legislative elections.

you may have heard about Slow Food, does anyone know anything about Slow Money?

Mother's Level of Education Has Impact On Depression in Her Children

For my fellow dog lovers...

This is a MUST read: Black Wall Street on June 1, 1921

GOP Ignored Conservative Base?

Do you like Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks? A live show @ 6:00 pm PDT (in 1...)

Zimmerman’s Attorney: If Jury Rules Trayvon Was Aggressor, Is That A ‘Loss For Civil Rights’?

The Ed Show - John Stossel gets a history lesson

China Defies U.S. and Japan in Asserting Rights to Disputed Seas

Finally finished season two of The Killing.

Delusional Conservative Tries to Defend Waterboarding, says it is "not cruel or unusual"

Traitor or hero whistleblower? Court-martial is set for Bradley Manning

You want to get grossed out? I didn't get passed the anesthesia.


Party till it's ....

After Earth Is Will Smith’s Love Letter to Scientology

It's Not a Housing Boom. It's a Land Grab.

The Ed Show - When will Republicans stop talking about the 47%

Judge Frees Patriot Coal To Eliminate Retiree Benefits for 20,000

middle child

A cautionary tale: A neighbor nearly killed his dog today in a hot truck

Coroner's report: The guy beat to death in Bakersfield by cops died of heart disease


The Ed Show - Our roads and bridges are falling down

The Ed Show - 73% of Americans care about jobs, not scandals

Iran Busts ‘Terror Cell’ Plotting to Disrupt Upcoming Polls

TV filming of police drama set in Coatesville area

26 Facts That Make Chicago The Most Depressing Big City In America

Will our party's leaders even TRY to take the House back in '14?

Person of Interest Renewed For Season 3!!!!

Why is Labour promising to be just as tightfisted as the Tories if they get back in?

Wow! Game of Thrones... stunning tonight.

(Resist going for the obvious one-liner...) from Salon: "Ted Cruz’s personality problem"

Worse that Communism _ Monsanto A Documentary on GMO a must watch

School says deaf boy's name sign looks too much like a gun

Eve re: Adam: "Tell Me Again Why I Need Him..."

IRS spent $50 million on conferences between 2010 and 2012.

BP to spend $1 billion in Alaska’s North Slope

Zimmerman's lawyers caught lying

If I may make my second OP - and its about climate change.

Our state knows it's students will not pass it's new Common Core Standards Test.

Romantic nerd shirts...

Girlfriend: "Don't kiss me. I'm sick!" My famous last words: "My immune system is like a tank."

Police respond to triple shooting in Brooklyn

The True Size of the Student Debt Crisis

"In 25 years, entire industries are going to disappear."

The Geezers Are All Right - by Paul Krugman

Damaging storms moving through east, south

For those of you who don't like Harry Reid who would you like to see as Majority Leader?

Thousands evacuated as crews fight Calif. wildfire

False alarm leads to LAPD standoff with 'Call of Duty' mannequin

This is a real problem, putting pot smokers in jail for decades

Markets Erode Moral Values

I could Google Socialism from now until Doomsday and not learn what I need to know.

Tea party targeting Southern Co. power monopoly

Red Dead Redemption live action fan film

Do you care how your stereo's knobs feel?

IF I were a robot I'd be...

Quick Vote: Should my wife go back in the bedroom and sleep or sleep on the love seat?

GMO lose Europe – victory for environmental organisations

John McCain gains a new Daughter...

In Congress, Legislation and Scandals Vie for Attention

On eve of trial, attorney for Pfc. Bradley Manning thanks those who supported GI

The Turkish Government Is Massively Underestimating Ongoing Nationwide Protests

Dangerous California Wildfire Explodes In Size

Three companies own most of the songs you hear. Please listen to one they don't own....Mine.

Old Talk Show Hosts Never Retire, They Just Move To Russian TV - Just Like Larry King

What are you listening to right now?

wapo quotes issa, his committee, surrogates and un-named aides: IRS.

If I really understood Rugby, I could comprehend how awesome this is

Anonymous - #opTurkey

Turkey: clashes in Istanbul and Ankara continue – video

Turkey: police brutality compilation video


Disney's next big release? Gumperella.

Not a single fuck was given that day.

"Cause breaking up is so very, um... hard, so VERY hard, blue-steel diamond cutter hard to do.

Li'l MiddleFingerMom said, "Fuck da Po-Lice!!!"

MFM may be a badass, but he's a considerate badass.


How to enter lottery for Zimmerman trial

Report details how GOP lost young voters

Shell Oil Company Gas Prices WTH

"I'm a curious child with a full head of hair and a thriving business."

The good news and bad news from Tesla

Two-Thirds of Americans Don't Know If They Will Insure Under Obamacare

MSNBC - Two Sunday segment VIDEOS regarding federal judicial nominations - video links

The Week's Best Political Cartoons

10 mind-blowing theories that will change your perception of the world

Reply to this thread by hitting CTRL V (or paste) in the message text

DWP archaeologists uncover grim chapter in Owens Valley history (LA Times)

China poultry plant fire kills dozens

The Japanese government must embrace Hatoyama’s denunciation...

Gremlins and Goonies remakes on the horizon...

Ever have a freak experience where a piece of broken glass cuts your eyeball?

Land Grabs and wannabe slave owners-=tyranny in the USA

Individual human beings have a right to privacy. Governments do NOT have a right to secrecy.

Obama Under Fire for Using Free Government Housing (Borowitz Report)

Poorly Worded Tweet About Boston Bruins Gets Singer Fired From Band

China Is Reaping Biggest Benefits of Iraq Oil Boom

This is what Libertarian rule will give us.

Obamacare’s Other Surprise - Spawning of Startups

Boy oh Boy little to say here!!

Is this true, or is it a R.W. talking point?

A sure sign of spring where I live!

Red Nightmare - The classic 1962 short DOD propaganda film narrated by Jack Webb

Brit PM caught in No 10 sex scandal

what food or dish do you always regret having eaten?

TYT Plus: Eric Holder Full Of...Regrets

TYT Postgame: Cenk Discusses Eliot Spitzer & Documentary 'Client 9'

Devoted to Politics, MSNBC Slips on Breaking News

This is your god. Bow before it…

In Syria, Hezbollah Forces Appear Ready to Attack Rebels in Aleppo

Congressional Delegation Finds Few Boston Attack Clues In Russia

Women in the Senate...

How Democratic Is Turkey?

Red Pandas: FOOD! WANT!

What's for Dinner ~ Monday June 3rd

June 3: National Egg Day

What Makes the D.C. Circuit Different?

In recess appointments case, Supreme Court looks at an article of the Constitution: ‘the’

Girl turned 15 on Friday. Shot dead the next.


Could the Facebook Win Be Feminism’s Tipping Point?

Michele Bachmann -- big shoes to fill (cartoon)

Sister-in-Law Approved Controversial Genderbender Cartoon

Famed storm chaser killed by multi-vortex Oklahoma tornado

Paterson Silk Strike comes to life at Haledon museum


June 3rd is reset all your passwords day :D

Hagel: Fast new ship begins new era in Pacific

Bass Pro Billionaire Building Megastores With Taxpayers Money

Video Shows Massive Amounts Of Tear Gas Used Against Peaceful Protesters In Turkey

Thousands take part in protests across Turkey

AlJazeeraEnglish: Inside Story - Is Turkey's secular system under threat?

1980s China. China as I remember it. (old B&W photos taken by my father)

Pacers' Hibbert fined for comments

My photography (pics)

PA: 2,000 Palestinians in Syria jails

today could be the day of the DOMA decisions

My photography (pics)

Wall Street Journal my ass Mica - that's Ailes and Murdoch

NYC: 25 shootings in 48 hrs.

Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Water and Air creates 'List of the Harmed' by Hydrofracking

4 Major Ways the Rich Pile On and Exploit the Rest of Us For More Money and Profit

Fox Clings to Traditional Marriage While the Rest of Us Live in the Real World

Different strokes for different folks

The Astonishing Collapse of Black and Latino Household Wealth

Queen guitarist, Dr. Brian May leads London march against badger culling

Islam and human rights: Beyond the zero-sum game

Patrick Stewart speaks of his work against domestic violence

EWTN to launch daily news program with ‘Catholic perspective’ in D.C.

Wow, just wow, Brittons got talent shadow theatre group attraction

How Greek Philosophy Influenced Both Christian and Jewish Theology

Chris Hedges: ‘We Steal Secrets’: State Agitprop

One Walmart's Low Wages Could Cost Taxpayers $900,000 Per Year, House Dems Find

Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Looking Out For Number One

US drone attacks are further radicalising Pakistan

Surrealist self portraits by a 14 year-old

America’s Long History of Bloodletting

How 'bout them Astros?

Tamoxifen boost for breast cancer sufferers

Robert Parry: Manning’s ‘Secrets’ v. Over-classification

Someone pointed this out to me. An admonition in the Bible for lawmakers.

Nuclear states developing new weapons in defiance of treaty, report claims

Markets Erode Moral Values

Hypocrisy Lies at the Heart of the Trial of Bradley Manning

Swimmer Swept over Yosemite Waterfall.......(ignores warning signs)

Professor Richard Wolff: Economic Update: Labor, Unions and Crisis (audio)

The (Less Than) Eternal Sea by Lewis Lapham

Monday Toon Roundup 1- The G-NO-P

Good morning, Lounge!

Monday Toon Roundup 2-The Flake Out

My daughter is in Bishkek, Kyrghistan

TYT: The Godfather Trying to Save The Country

Omar: This Is Not a Love Song

Denying Immigrants Health Care Is Cruel Politics

Anyone else struggle with geometry?

Monday Toon Roundup 3-Holder, Nutz and Guns

What is your opinion on "concierge medicine?"

Tennessee Gays Can’t Marry Making Young Doubt Republicans

Monday Toon Roundup 4- The rest

oh, good lord! Mika acting like little Miss Priss in a "discussion" on Michael Douglas today

New! Noam Chomsky interview: the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster - June 1 2013

Will This Doctor Hurt Your Baby?

Virginia governor’s wife was paid $36,000 as consultant to coal philanthropy

Plouffe smacks down "Mr. Grand Theft Auto" Issa

Llama Loose In Florida Subdued With Taser, Kangaroo Shot With Tranquilizers

Advice appreciated on dealing with neighbors

Lawsuit over mile-high masturbator

Governor's Wife Was Paid $36K to Attend a Few Meetings, Funded by Coal Industry

Over 100 people are dead in a fire at a poultry farm in China

Madonna - The Sound Of Change Live

Pap and Sam: Reid To Blame For Democratic Inaction?

Large Group Of Mormons Joins Salt Lake City Gay Pride Parade

Report: How GOP lost young voters

Reasons For Pride 2013

For all you vegetarians or parents who are raising one-please watch

Civil Rights Commission Approves Rare Investigation To Probe Stand Your Ground’s Racial Bias

Robert Gibbs: Darrell Issa made himself ‘the biggest joke in all of Washington’

Senator Lautenberg has passed ....

GOP Survey Of Young People Reveals They Support Progressive Policies

It's official: poverty bad for health

Drone Surveillance Contract Called Off by U.S. State Department

EV's lose charge; price wars begin

Sen. Frank Lautenberg dead at 89

Senator Lautenberg has died

Noam Chomsky on a matter of urgency for the children of Fukushima and Miyagi

hahahahah: Jennifer Rubin: Bush Demanded 'Accountability and Candor' on Plame Leak

Scott Walker’s 'Alabama values' and European austerity

Christie already knows who will replace Lautenberg

If I got a license plate that says HALOFAN


Here's a chance to offer your take on why Manning

Breaking: Supreme Court OK’s taking DNA upon arrest

Milk a Monday for what it's got. . . .Please come CAPTION Darrell (kangaroo-court) Issa!!!

Tom Tomorrow: Relationship Talk

High School Yearbook Names Two Boys 'Cutest Couple'; Internet Explodes

TYT: Why We Shouldn't Panic Over the Medicare Report Headlines

So, when will the judges decide if NC's crooked political system is crooked or not?

The NRA’s Funding Ban On Gun Violence Projects Is Forcing This Researcher To Crowdsource


Wise words: "One person dressed as a badger might just redeem Meet The Press."

Gay Marine Proposes to Boyfriend

Senator Frank Lautenburg died

Is political tolerance a virtue?

Does any DU's think it is time for members of the Oversight Committee in Congress to resign for

It's Graduation Time, and Commencement Speakers

Lalo's Latest

Public Hearing-AB 225 "Sweeping Assault on Democracy" June 4 @ 10am-State Capitol-Madison, Wisconsin

Oops! Invest 91L has formed - keep an eye on this one - now 60% chance of becoming a TS

The 'Truman Show' Economy

Reproductive Rights Around the World

chicago sun times fires all its photographers

Jim Kelly Has Cancer of the Upper Jaw

How do I post pictures?

"Mandatory warning label to place on every newborn human upon birth"

Someone made my cat into an LOLcat. Unfortunately --

"To my Republican critics, I say..." (Hillary toon)


New Cheerios commercial celebrates family

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 3, 1957

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 3, 1957

Report: Cuomo Set To Unveil Expanded Abortion Rights Bill

Turkey protests show no sign of letdown

Beautiful quote from Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Annual Third of June Celebratory Post: A Sacred Day in Mississippi.

Hopeless in America

Making Sense with Steve Leser Radio show Tonight at 7pm EST, Congressional Scorecard, Syria, IRS

NRA Asks: What kind of idiot would keep his gun in a safe where his children can't even get to it?

Maduro promises to improve ALBA

Former BP CEO John Browne says gay marriage is good business and of strategic importance

Reproductive Coercion: A Widespread Form of Domestic Violence Supported by Anti-Choice Legislation

Central Europe on flood alert-

Is a High Renewables Future Really Possible?

Borowitz tells it first: Issa Demands Hearings Into Why No One Listens to Him

Towards a More Perfect Moron

Wealthy countries are creating more jobs by creating worse jobs

Which Human Rights Defenders Are Most Often Attacked in the Americas?

The new status symbol: A cracked cellphone screen

Woman dumps cheating boyfriend by leading him on hunt for all his belongings she's hidden

Atlantic puffin population is in danger, scientists warn

Those Bolshevik Rapscallions And Their Blasted Velocipedes

Congress made the right choice on airport scanners for the wrong reason.

Do you fear your Government?

Interesting tidbit on the current unrest in Turkey

Bomb kills 9 Afghan children, 2 NATO troops

Another Costco love thread: Pay it forward

Pic Of The Moment: Today's Big Number

Let's tally up !!

Who will Gov. Christie name to Senate?

how can ted cruz qualify to run for president? i keep hearing lefties say he will. eom

The Killing is so F'ing good..... Season 3 off with a bang.

Venezuela in the Eye of the Storm

Venezuelan Government Moves Forward with Seeds Law, Movements Demand Anti-GMO Measures

Manufacturing in U.S. Shrinks at Fastest Pace in Four Years

Turkish Spring, the Hidden Story of the Week is Breaking Out.

I wonder if Bush or Cheney even care that China won the Iraq war?

Calculate cube roots instantly in your head

In Lithuania, the Tax Man Cometh Right After the Google Car Passeth

Key Bloc Quits Syria Opposition, Slams Leaders

Stop Caring About Amanda Bynes PSA

I have a new baby kitteh!

Today we had to say goodbye to Gizmo

The Milky Trail

Fucking Lightning, How Does It Work?

Two tiny words. One huge Supreme Court case.

Copycat Buccos' Garrett Jones has Splash Hit into the Allegheny River.

Iron Maiden Airlines Closer To Beginning Service

Apple in court over ebook price-fixing accusations

A shot of my neighbor

Clearly they're still looking...

Jason Kidd has retired

The First Female and Transgender Navy SEAL, Kristin Beck

US Supreme Court Says 6 Texas Death Row Cases Should Be Reviewed For Poor Lawyering In Appeals

If someone asked you why you are gay, what would you say?

Ford-Chrysler Pickup Sales in U.S. Pace Automakers’ Best Year Since 2007

the sad dog diary (the cat spreads misinformation)

The Horrific Costs of the US-Colombia Trade Agreement

The Horrific Costs of the US-Colombia Trade Agreement

UN Nuclear Chief: Iran Talks 'Going Round in Circles'

Housing Bubble Might Be Back

U.S. Fails to Join Allies in Signing UN Weapons Treaty

'Girls Just Want to Have Fun'

Google Now Spends More on Lobbying Than Lockheed Martin

Indiana Pacers Player Fined $75K For 'No Homo,' Profane Comments

Bass Pro Billionaire Building Megastores With Taxpayers' Money

Highly doubtful reports of agent orange being used on protesters in Turkey

Germany's longest compound word consigned to history

My hero: Fat Tony

Czech court OKs religious compensation plan

I kinda need a DU hug.

No 10 plans statutory register of lobbyists bill by July

Medical Debt: A Curable Affliction Health Reform Won’t Fix

LOL! Buy your own dictator doll.

Tesla Motors Comes Up Short in the Lone Star State: Insider Monkey

Frum dims his lights & admits GOP must come to their senses

[Major Expletive] Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who!

Frank Lautenberg Wrote The Landmark Law That Bans Smoking On Airplane Flights

Bearded Muslims and the Incredible Mental Midgetry of the Tea Party

The GOP Wants Students to Spend Thousands More For College

The Immovable Ladder at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Kansas abortion doctor’s killer faces hearing for threatening new clinic

Kansas lawmakers fail to expand Kris Kobach's power

The Kochs and Murdoch will never see this one coming

Gas stations still paying up for superstorm price gouging

Question Re- AAA Auto Insurance

Organized Religion – Do You Still Practice?

New York Times Warning: Trust Authorities on Boston Bombing, or You’re Nuts - Russ Baker

I rescued a Hammond R-124 from the trash

Sorry, There's Been No Economic Recovery for Poor and Minority Households

It’s Time to Tell the Truth: Republicans Aren’t Christians

"Is it offensive?" is the WrongTM question.

Why I don't go out as often and why I'm a lousy friend.

Despite Warnings, Gay Boy Scouts March in Salt Lake Pride

Fox News 'Mole' Resurfaces With Book

Shirtless in public - it bothers me.

'Game of Thrones' Sparks Intense Reactions

Are KKKarl Rove & GOP behind IRS scandal?

Rep. (R-CA) Darrell Issa: Criminal Past, Suspected Arsonist in Insurance Fraud Scheme

Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon: "The grossest part of Michael Douglas’ cancer brag"

Is Kenneth Starr busy??

A Dallas Church is Having Trouble Firing Its Allegedly Lying, Thieving, Pot-Smoking Pastor

I have a serious question for Bradley Manning supporters.

PHOTO: New food porn (spumoni)

Superstitious much?

Rats Needed to Keep the Keystone Pipeline Rolling

Peru, US to upgrade relationship to "strategic partnership"

Germany drops its longest word:

Never-Before-Seen Alien Planet Imaged Directly in New Photo

Former Japanese Prime Minister And Ex-Head Of U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission To Discuss Fukushim

The original arguments against the creation of Social Security in 1935....nothing new under the sun

China Is Reaping Biggest Benefits of Iraq Oil Boom

Justice for George! Killers of San Antiono River Walk duck still on the loose

Manufacturing in the U.S. unexpectedly contracted in May at the fastest pace in four years

Rebekah Brooks vetoed BBC man and told Cameron he should give No10 job to Andy Coulson

How in the world did she know..............

Sarah Palin's Views on Abstinence Lead to Second Grandchild

Fort Hood accused Hasan 'can represent himself'

GOP Report Warns Of Party’s Apocalypse With Young Voters

New Yorkers: help defend local libraries at June 8-9's Read In

Well well well, look who's in DC briefing the right-wing neoconservatives about Venezuela

Boston Globe: Pope Francis hints at change in church’s thinking

A Simple Way to Reduce Suicides

Why Feminism is Different in the Digital Age

Female Israeli soldiers disciplined for 'unbecoming behaviour' after posing for pictures

Charles Koch said, "I want my fair share - and that's all of it."

What can we learn from Denmark? - Sen. Bernie Sanders

"fighting the TransCanada Corporation"

Has teh insane search for a scandal kept Congress (the House) in session longer than it

The IRS is part of the Treasury Department...

World of Warcraft movie starts filming early 2014, possible 2015 launch window

Native American student denied high school diploma for wearing tribal feather

Father and 2-year-old sing duet: Beatles, "Don't Let Me Down"

It never ceases to amaze me just how fucking stupid some people can be

Livestream from Turkey

Fort Worth Employee Claims Racial Discrimination in Lawsuit--"We freed y'all,"

Fort Worth Employee Claims Racial Discrimination in Lawsuit--"We freed y'all,"

DU astronomers, a Milky Way question.

In Death as in Life, Chavez Target of Media Scorn

I guess this means the next Batman villain will be the Hamburgler

Embattled Boston Fire Chief Steve Abraira Resigns

You want a "SCANDAL"? I'll give you a real scandal...

Bradley Manning court-martial opens

Man Stung To Death By Swarm Of Killer Bees

Two Months Later, Arkansas Residents Still Hurting From ExxonMobil Tar Sands Spill

Activists outside L.A. Times building protest potential sale to Koch brothers

What is Happenning in Istanbul?

Solar Photovoltaic Demand in the US to Grow by 20% in 2013 to 4.3 Gigawatts

Dear Elad & Skinner & EarlG, I know this is lazy as hell, feature request please

Will solar power kill utility companies? They think so.

How many here think that the IRS "Scandal" is a set-up?

Ladies and Gentlemen...The Lounge Disco is now open!

Justices Allow Police to Take DNA Samples After Arrests

A Floating Wind Tower Is Launched in Maine

62-turbine wind farm, largest in New England, proposed for Maine

Should we only look for life on 'Earth-like' exoplanets?

Affordable Care Act's challenge: getting young adults enrolled

Why Young People Don’t Vote Republican

Wisconsin ranks 49th in Fed economic forecast

I was away this weekend...No Jean Stapleton Tributes?

Ex-NBA star Mookie Blaylock charged with second-degree vehicular homicide

THE BEST debunking of MyClean PC/ CleanMyPC EVER

The Catholic Hierarchy in Venezuela is up to no good as usual. There is NO wine shortage.

Bullied 11-Year-Old Takes a Stand Against Antigay Tenn. Bills

House Republican Defense Bill Blocks Guantanamo Closing

Hey! Isn't this the day that Billie Joe MacAllister jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge?

Purse Politics: Tote and Vote

Frank Lautenberg

The bluer, the better :)

Anyone know a good treatment for cracked ribs?

Just blew something out of my nose that resembles escargot...

"...move to a simple flat tax, where the average American can fill out our taxes on a postcard."

Venezuelan Government to Sell State-Produced Autos Online

TEPCO finds groundwater contaminated with radioactive cesium

A generation of voters with no use for the GOP

New Jersey Man Who Named Son After Adolf Hitler Shows Up For Family Court Hearing Wearing Full Nazi

Online briefing with Sen. Elizabeth Warren TONIGHT

Bloomberg announces new effort on Hurricane Sandy repairs in New York City

Lindsey Graham: 'No Evidence' White House Directed IRS To Target Conservatives

Our Place in the Galactic Neighborhood Just Got an Upgrade

So, I had these wood and brick steps...

The Death of a Shrew

So *THIS* is where all the greenhouse gases come from. (spoiler: cow farts are only 5.6%)

So do Police respond to all calls about a suspicious person?

Bolivia calls Unasur meeting about Colombia's intention to join NATO

"Recent events guarantee" from Derf

Gun "Carry" Extremists Causing Accidents

Lautenberg’s Death Continues Sharp Decrease in Military Veterans in Senate

The Alleged Downing Street “Affair Pair” Named

Pussy Riot member ends 11-day hunger strike

Colonoscopies Explain Why U.S. Leads the World in Health Expenditures

Lautenberg: "If one of the parties is shameless, the other party cannot afford to be spineless."

David Sirota: "New Data Shows School 'Reformers' Are Full of It - Propaganda Has Jumped the Shark"

Mean Cops Accused of Ramming Horse

U.S. to send Patriot missiles, F-16s to Jordan

Episcopal Bishop of NY's Amazing Letter of Support for the LGBT Community after Carson murder

A glimpse of truth in Turkey.

Former RNC chairman Steele mulls Maryland gubernatorial bid

French Mayor Helene Mandroux Receives Threat With Feces After Marrying First Gay Couple In France

Heat vs. Pacers. Game 7. East. Conf. Finals. Tip off - 3 hours. If you watch one game all year,

"Prosecutor: Bradley Manning Dumped Secret Info Into Enemy Hands" (allow me to translate)

Website dedicated to providing information about recalls that may affect your bicycle & parts

Michael Steele mulls Maryland governor bid

2011...Issa says Obama administration is 'one of most corrupt'

Terrifying video moment German drone missed Afghan plane carrying 100 passengers

Feature request: Spoiler tags.

A new colon prep

I eat a lot of carrots.

Banks Win Big as Regulators Refuse to Rein in $700 Trillion Derivatives Market

I don't wanna click on that thread.

On Day of Decision, How Will You React?

We all "hate" the IRS...what is so special about his 2-year old "scandal?"

Graham: ‘No evidence’ IRS targeting directed from White House

The "camera" thread by Nadine prompts me to show what I got for Mother's day

AP source: Obama nominating 3 to US appeals court in Rose Garden on TUESDAY (at 10:15 am ET)

The Future Could Not Be Clearer for Renewable Energy

I just read the long thread on the Martin/Zimmerman event, and no place did I read

Cats vs Fox

Rescuing Bethany, A Homeless Dog Who’d Almost Lost Hope

House GOP defense bill blocks Guantanamo closing

Senate Insurance Deregulation Bill From Jon Tester, Mike Johanns Would Benefit Companies

Ted "Carnival" CRUZ "calls" for abolishing IRS; I "call" for abolishing his pay, pension, benefits

4 llamas involved in car crash in SW Florida

Mississippi Man Indicted in Poisoned Letters Case.

Risk-Averse Culture Infects U.S. Workers, Entrepreneurs

Toddler grasps that animals die to make meat.

Toddler grasps that animals die to make meat (cross post).

Just a little uptick postive note...

Papantonio: Tylenol – The Danger In Your Medicine Cabinet

No fewer than eight repuke House reps are facing ethics investigations of one sort or another

Kerry Says U.S. Came ‘Late’ to Syria Peace Effort

Corporate Influence at the Center for American Progress?

Infographic: How Your Favorite TV and Movie Characters Get Drunk

Brits Crack Down on Unpaid Internships

Oh, Chris Matthews...Obama doesn't need a codpiece to make his dick look big.

Another Occupy protester looking to do a doobie and get laid...... (Warning:Graphic)

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy says she has lung cancer

Tweet from God

How to Prevent Another 9/11

Prosecutors look to closely link Bradley Manning and Julian Assange

12 new volcanoes found in Southeast Alaska

Unmistakable signs that you're an introvert.

China proposes fund for Latin America and the Caribbean

Woman embroiled in Petraeus scandal sues gov't agencies (Jill Kelley)

23,673 Likes Vs 1511 Dis-Likes

Free cell phones for the disabled?

Smuggler's Shipwrecked Steamer Found

Our Driven Elite

Obama will veto 2014 spending bills unless Congress turns off the sequester

How believable could it be that the republicans actually asked IRS to scrutinize tea-party requests

Iron Workers Call on Congress to Break Gridlock on Infrastructure

Nidal Hasan can represent himself at trial, raising specter of jihadist rants

"Gun rights" advocates pay signature gatherers to lie.

About all the threads lately about out-of-control-cop stories:

Atheist jewelry.

Eric Holder Loads iPod With AP Phone Conversations For Morning Commute

One year on strike (Tell the Fallucca Brothers: Meet with Workers)

Dwight Howard Interested In Ruining Rockets

Go-ahead to develop synthetic human blood in Scotland

Is JaMarcus Russell's career over?

Obama to name three to DC Circuit Court on Tuesday: White House

The Search For Proofs For God’s Existence

Scary train of thought

Freakin' local news shows Issa's statement about the IRS "scandal" being

Murder trial of accused mob boss 'Whitey' Bulger starts next week

Family Concerned After John McCain Wanders Into Syria

The Free Market

Groups battle over future of two upstate N.Y. coal plants

He should have gone with Jerk Store

Romney shows up at McCain Son's Wedding

Arya Stark's Game of Thrones "Red Wedding" Reaction Video Is the Best

Obama Orders New Sanctions On Iran's Currency, Auto Sector, Upping Pressure Over Nuke Program

Boston Recieves a Gift from the Winner of the 2013 Boston Marathon

Death Row Reviews: U.S. Supreme Court Orders 6 Cases Reviewed, Including 'Texas 7'

Cuba is hardly a 'state sponsor of terror'

18 Year Old Builds Working Nuclear Reactor In Dad's Garage For Science Fair

Erm... gross

Jury: Archdiocese Wrong To Fire Ohio Teacher Who Got Pregnant Via Artificial Insemination

Dumb Criminals: Accused Upskirt Photographer Claims He Was Trying To Light Fart

Ted Cruz’s Petition to Abolish the IRS Goes Horribly, Laughably, Ridiculously Wrong

New imaging technique to see through a brain. Amazing.

Dumb Criminals: Man Sneaks Off From Tour Of Animal Shelter, Has Sex With Pit Bull

GOP Governors’ Endorsements Of Medicaid Expansion Deepen Rifts Within Party

Markets are gambling trillions that governments will never seriously curb emissions

MSNBC Chief Phil Griffin: Our Network Is ‘Not The Place’ For Breaking News

Egytian Politicians: Sabotage Ethiopia's New Dam

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Death toll from Friday's tornadoes in Oklahoma has risen to 18

So many things in life turn out to be counterintuitive

And then it is winter

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