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Archives: June 4, 2013

So I bought peas at the Farmer's Market and I want to freeze some...

(CA) Bill requires more disclosure from charter schools

Can the nutjobs BE more hateful? I saw the worst bumper sticker today.

What happened After...

Obscure Law Kills The Longest Word In The German Language

Facebook billionaire Sean Parker must pay $2.5M for conservation programs after Big Sur wedding flap

Corpus Christi jury awards security officer $25 million in injury lawsuit

Engine 765

Dartmouth Students Who Protested Rape Are Charged With Violating School Rules

The Peace Process in Colombia and U.S. Foreign Policy: Plan Colombia II

Corpus Christi pair's indictment details more than 100 unreported transactions nearly $10,000 each

(Nevada) Gun background check bill clears Legislature, sent to Sandoval

Chris Hedges: "We Steal Secrets:" State AgitProp...On Bradley Manning

Band Behind Massive 101 Freeway Jam Must Pay Department Of Transportation $39K

Inside the Bro-Choice Campaign: Giving Men the Green Light to Step Up for Reproductive Justice

The car show is back!!! (pic heavy)

New Concealed Carry legislation runs up against Illinois Open Meetings Act

Insurance group: Hailstorm caused $400M in damage

Anatomy of a Bogus Obamacare Argument

SO- We Illegally Invaded Iraq So China Could Get Its Oil.

Nixon vetoes 'Sharia Law' bill, saying it would endanger foreign adoptions

Mosque targeted by paintballers; McKinney Islamic Association calls for hate crime probe

Turkey protests: Union to start two-day strike

Airlines agree to curb their greenhouse gas emissions by 2020

The Obama Administration is the LEAST Scandalous Administration of the Past 30+ Years

BOTH of Sen. Lautenberg's "chickenhawk" speeches from 2004

Does anyone know how you do a three way call?

IRS tax scandal in US: new evidence undermines political bias claims

Important Old People Weigh In on Bike Share: Bill Cunningham Loves It, Dorothy Rabinowitz Does Not

Chris Christie's Lautenberg Dilemma Is 2013-as-2016 All Over Again

Beaverton cops issue $160 ticket for driving with dog on lap

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Pipe Dreams & a new Kitteh gif

Photographer Captures Rare Photograph of a Sprite with an Aurora

Way for Republicans to re-take everything ... Repeal NAFTA.

So was that the Syrian Chalabi


Squeeze IRS employees, make it harder for them to collaborate

Bank on Student Loan Fairness Act Meeting With Senator Warren

Strong opinions about Trayvon Martin's murder

End of CSCOPE Means Hardship for Some Texas Schools

UPDATE: the Window is "Fixed". Cheaply

NED / CIA agent announces: Capriles will not go to Peru (yet) (postponed)

New City Ad Campaign Aims To Recruit LGBTQ-Friendly Foster Parents

after your pronouncement that local news (or nooz) was OK in GD, hosts have been using that

Thompson, Quinn Land Mayoral Endorsements From Major Harlem Lawmakers

Obama on mental illness, stop suffering in silence:

Texas legislator drops marijuana cigarette while speaking on floor

Senator Senator R. Lautenberg: Fighting to Enact Reforms that Reduce Gun Violence

Bedroom projects complete

Homemade Mc Griddles (ala Hilah Cooking)

Some Victoria pharmacies refuse to fill Drive Thru Doc prescriptions

Mexico activists found dead by roadside in Guerrero state

Right Wing Radio Host Fired For Getting Physical w/ His Producer

"Since I Met You Baby" BB King and Katie Webster vs. Dean Martin

Something about the Jet Propulsion Lab, Scientology, and Aleister CROWLEY

"Iraq uncovers al-Qaeda 'chemical weapons plot'"

The Truth About Female Desire: It’s Base, Animalistic and Ravenous

Levee breach in West Alton forces immediate evacuation for residents

"To Love Somebody" Roberta Flack vs. Leonard Cohen

Kansas EMS leader says it’s time to ponder rules for storm chasers

CA To Wal-Mart: Enough! No More Taxpayer Subsidized Profits For You (Needs to be National)

Paul McCartney has released a remastered 'Wings Over America.' Theaters are showing 'Rockshow.'

Why North Carolina's 'Moral Mondays' Matter for Democracy and the Planet

1,600 'Moral Monday' demonstrators gather at General Assembly

U.S. Publishes Details Of Missile Base Israel Wanted Kept Secret

The Atlantic hurricane season began on June 1, and we already have a threat to discuss.

Disastrous Newspoll won't revive push to bring Kevin Rudd back, says Joel Fitzgibbon

Kerry: We Are Running Out Of Time, Possibilities For Peace

Lautenberg Calls for High-Capacity Magazine Ban, National Dialogue on Gun Violence

"Tesla Motors pays off its government loan…nine years early"

Someone suggested last week that instead of taxing corporations we

Major Democratic Donors Flock To Christie

From Reddit: Protestors in Turkey have seized a caterpillar in Besiktas and are chasing the police

Obama Fail~ or not

Henry Kissinger, "How does it feel to be a mass murderer"

How often does Anthony KENNEDY actually go Left with his supposedly swing votes?

So what IS your real attitude toward today's Democratic Party?

Need ideas on getting a hospital chaplain to stop trying to talk to atheist inpatient.

Britain and Ecuador May Discuss Assange Status

Lawrence just went Cheerios Happy.

Anyone else enjoy the "Call of the Wildman"

So I take it National Journal is a right-wing publication?

Van Jones, former Obama adviser, takes no prisoners in new anti-Keystone XL video

Officer's Cellphone Pics Show Zimmerman May NOT Have Been Punched the Night he Killed Trayvon

Well, going to Hawaii tomorrow. Still no energy...

Ohio Teacher Awarded $171,000 After Firing Over Artificial Insemination.

No Rise In Cancer Seen From Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, UN Says

McCaskill: Big hearing tomorrow in full Armed Servcs Comm on sexual assault in military. ...

Where can I find the DU rules?

Jack Abramoff...still the same.

Its as if House Republicans have had their central nervous system removed-There is no brain activity

Larry Kerschner: U.S. Military Diplomacy – From Wounded Knee to Afghanistan

It's so hot in Texas...

EU Energy Commissioner: climate goals unattainable without nuclear power

Lions bred to be shot in South Africa's canned hunting industry

New York City Will Invest to Clean Up Its Waterways

No, seriously. Fuck the NRA, amirite?

Meet America's First Climate Refugees

Too little and too fucking late-A generation without grief counseling....

In ten months, an 82-year-old nun and two pacifists had been successfully transformed by the U.S.

What the Fuck? No trumad appreciation thread?

Does a State Have the Right to Self-Destruct?

Big protest against nuclear power in Tokyo (photo)

Bret Easton Ellis on GLAAD...."In the Reign of the Gay Magical Elves"

Republicans Want The United States To Become Communist China- Cheap Labor, No Regulations

Stewart Enjoys The Delicious Irony Of The IRS Under Scrutiny: ‘Where’s Your Receipts, A*sholes?’

Billo Clown Still Pushing Debunked Claims About The IRS

U.S. Drops Plan on Screening of Statue Visitors

Gay Marine Proposes to Boyfriend

Report: Microsoft considering major company changes

Stewart Rips McCain For Syrian Photo Op: ‘Oh My God, [He's] Literally Palling Around w/ Terrorists!'

Tens of thousands protest against nuclear power in Tokyo

Some amazing photos.

Google bans Glass porn apps literally hours after ‘Tits and Glass’ app launches

Bill Mayer takes Obama to the woodshed on the Pot issue

Any Fawlty Towers fans?

Please Help the North Korean children

Could we, right now, feasibly go 100% renewable energy for the entire nation?

Medical Debt: A Curable Affliction Health Reform Won’t Fix

A day at a Disney park gets a little dearer - now costs $92

What raw processing software do you use?

Ecuador says to talk with Britain on Assange on June 17

Why hasn't anyone on the right condemned that racist Phyllis Schlafly?

Here’s What Happened While The NRA Told Parents Not To Lock Up Their Guns

Second fatality, thousands injured as police try to curb Turkey protests

In essence, Bradley Manning is Stauffenberg.

Help-son's acquaintance (teen) thinking about suicide

Going to feed my parents veggie

So they shot a kid in the head in Turkey and killed him....

About tonight's Pacers game . . .

Cordwainer Smith (Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger): The Game of Rat and Dragon

Maduro says he knows the names of 900,000 traditionaly chavista voters who didn't vote for him.

Dumb Criminals: Cops Identify British Teen Robbers By Exposed Underwear

Edmonds students suspended for using Nerf guns at school

Creating Glowing Plants: Natural Lighting with no Electricity

Is Hawaii 5-0 the worst show on television?

Report: Medicaid Expansion Denial Will Cost States Billions

Turkey protests continue as US (Kerry) voices concern about police use of force (PIC HEAVY)

John Boehner Was Allowed To Remain House Speaker Because God Spoke To Republicans, They Claim

a small rant about Ubuntu, bear with me

28 Senate Democrats vote with Republicans to cut Food Stamps.

Bernanke's commencement speech at Princeton

Anti-Marriage Equality Crushed

Intel Haswell processors offer 'longer battery life' (BBC)

Bollywood star commits suicide

'Kiss protest' held at Turkey subway station

Police: Man attempts robbery with gas pump

A reminder: The Guantanamo and torture memo leaks were not Manning

Turkish Protesters Are Crowdfunding a Full-Page Ad in The New York Times

Fine for backing in car raises eyebrows

Boycott Koch, Monsanto scanner app, yay!

Al-Qaida Sets Up a Complaints Department

U.S. House passed The Permanent Electronic Duck Stamp Act of 2013 (???)

Oscar de la Renta and Hillary Clinton to Party With Henry Kissinger After the CFDAs Tonight

Where greenhouse gases come from, in one graph

Passive Aggression within families... What's your story?

June 4: National Cheese Day

Human ancestors' diet changed 3.5 million years ago

UN: More evidence needed on Syria chemical weapons

Two Months Later, Arkansas Residents Still Hurting From ExxonMobil Tar Sands Spill


A few more shots from our vacation in Southeast Alaska

Public food and water sharing in Taksim

Real News: 250,000 Turkish workers join as mass protests reach more than 67 cities

State Department issues travel warning for portions of Nigeria

Eight bronze age boats surface at Fens creek in record find

Cat detained on illegal mission at Russian prison

Andrew Hounshell withdraws from Ohio 8th District race.

Deacon Jones passes away at age 74

Beheadings by Syrian Rebels Add to Atrocities, UN Says

How Elite Economic Hucksters Drive America’s Biggest Fraud Epidemics

Farewell, Frank, Jean and Deacon

Royal Bank of Scotland could be split up under commission's plans

The Middle Class Faces Extinction—So Does the American Dream

Monsanto baffled by reappearance of GMO ‘zombie wheat’ in Oregon

Floods sweep through Prague, move towards Germany

Worldwide Movement Against Monsanto Gaining Steam

Robert Scheer: China Benefits From Bush’s Folly

Transgender Woman Reveals She Served As A Navy SEAL For 20 Years

Corporate sustainability is not sustainable

Sez here that Shulman only signed in for 11 White House visits, not 157

10 Most Absurd Sex Tips from the Christian Right

Pentagon weighs larger post-2014 force in Afghanistan

U.S. sits on sidelines as more than 60 countries sign arms trade treaty

Need examples of Bush targeting political foes

I challenge every DUer to pick one House D who is in a tossup-or-worse in 2014 to sponsor

Egyptian court convicts 43 NGO employees

Walker The Wishdoctor

Bradley Manning's Legal Duty to Expose War Crimes

Syria and the Sham of “Humanitarian Intervention”

Cooperative Economics: Replacing a Capitalism in Collapse

Public Heroes at Boston Marathon

British soldiers admit abusing Afghan civilians

‘Methane Emissions Across Large Parts Of The U.S. Are Higher Than Currently Known’

Church calls for ‘fertility checks’ before allowing straight marriage

Big picture trade unionism

"Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes"

Sequestration: A rift in capital

Cooperative Economics: Replacing a Capitalism in Collapse

Video captures Jasper, Texas, police officers beating woman

'Manning trial exposes attack on press freedom'

Eyewitness News in NY

yeah my predictions were way off....

Bye Bye Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan -it's not if, it's when

Decoding 'orphan crop' genomes could save millions of lives in Africa

Two Months Later, Arkansas Residents Still Hurting From ExxonMobil Tar Sands Spill

"Burra ferra" from "The Sapphires" movie

Recently a DU'er posted, asking why on earth some women get involved with abusive men. I can tell

Most Doctors Don’t Meet U.S. Push for Electronic Records

Fox Business Refuses To Air Ultraviolet Ad Slamming Pundits For Sexist Comments

Moral Mondays North Carolina -- 150 more arrests yesterday

The Silent Assassins

John Boehner Was Allowed To Remain House Speaker Because God Spoke To Republicans, They Claim

More Than 150 arrested at NC Legislature during Monday protests

Energy Economists Call Out Oliver On Claims Re. "Landlocked" Tar Sands - It's The Qualiity, Stupid

Tribute to a fighter

American tourist shot in crossfire between gunman and police in

Paid signature gatherers caught lying to voters (CO Dem Senate recall)

U.S. military chiefs balk at taking sex-assault cases out of commanders’ hands

Shooters' self-esteem is NOT inextricably linked to their weapons, so stop saying that!

Is your work a job or a calling?

The Dragon's Breath -

Wis. trucker jailed on gun charges in western NY (new SAFE Act arrest)

A Commencement Address You'll Actually Want To Read - Wes Jackson At KU, 2013

School crossing guard told to leave his gun at home

Walker's Dismal Jobs Agenda Gets a Gold Star in ALEC's "Rich States, Poor States" Report

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Students

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- GOP and nutz

PA. Dems Propose Alternative Budget With More Money for Schools, Less for Corporate Tax Cuts

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Deacon Jones has died.

To Immediate Controversy, Toronto Unveils Potential Revenue Sources for $34 Billion in New Transit

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 4, 1987

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 4, 1987

Afghan protesters display newly dug-up bodies, demand arrest of US troops accused in killings

Moral Mondays-Raleigh-6/03

I wonder about the origin of phrase “Nanny nanny poo poo.” As a boomer, I never heard it as a kid.

Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair's court-martial postponed; 1 pornography charge is dropped

For those too delicate to hear Michael Douglas: HPV-positive oropharyngeal cancer

A Better Way to Tax the Multinationals

All you liberals that are crying about the misdeeds of IRS....

David Rovics - Song for Bradley Manning (official video)

Tsunami Victims Helping Tornado Victims

Military’s sexual-assault problem has deep roots

Ohio teacher awarded $171,000 after firing over artificial insemination

And if you don't know... now you know.

GoT Red Wedding Reaction Compilation Video [SPOILERS]

U.N. rights team believes chemical weapons used in Syria

Afghanistan: Is It Really the End Game?

Question for DU spelling/grammar folks: Is this guy one of yours?

Oprah, Harvard and Inequality

It's just a friggin' Cheerios commercial. Calm down.

Linguine with tuna caper sauce

Now Why didn't I think of that?

Index New shoots of student feminism – Your Best Pictures

Paper: Scientific Consensus on Maintaining Humanity's Life Support Systems

Cats are just that way

Putin denies S-300 missile system has already been sent to Syria

Secretly recorded video reveals scheme to thwart Calgary’s popular mayor: Steward

Bradley Manning and the Real Trial of the Century

Rare Stellar Alignment Offers Opportunity To Hunt For Planets

Nigel Wright’s role as party bagman deserves scrutiny: McQuaig

Remember this, my friends ...

Between 2005 and 2011 Unions Piss Away 1.1 Billion Dollars On Federal Elections

Another WCF in VS 2012 Express Question

For States That Opt Out Of Medicaid Expansion: 3.6M Fewer Insured And $8.4B Less In Federal Payments

Moon -->

Just a quick laugh for everyone..

Really Tony? You couldn't have found a more circumspect analogy?

Sex After Dementia

Cuomo to release bill to strengthen abortion rights

Does a State Have the Right to Self-Destruct?

Feminism, Skepticism, Secularism, and a Venn Diagram

How to Live in a World Where Marriage Is in Decline

MidAmerican Won't Build 2nd Iowa Nuke Plant

This morning's offerings (Tuesday, 6/4/13)...

Seems there is more than ONE Hitler teapot, to add to the........furor.

Japanese Rave, Trance, Electro... Discovered this recently, Enjoy!

Study Blasts Abbot/Coalition Plan To Cut Australian C Emissions By Planting Trees - Just Won't Work

Simon's cats hedgehogs

Did the Air Force really make training movies THIS cheesey??

Citizens Trade Campaign: Obama admin possibly "intentionally misleading" public on Korean free trade

SE Germany Bracing As Biggest Floods In 500 Years Move Through Passau - At Least 10 Confirmed Dead

The Eagle Ford Shale And The Potential Bankrupting Of The 24 TX Counties Sitting On It

Facing Adversity, Some Find Solace in Science

DDG 51 Multiyear Procurement Contract Awarded

Why is this IRS stuff being treated like NEW News?

HASC Finds $5 Billion Fix For Sequester Damage, But It Won’t Matter

Bipartisan Defense Experts Urge Congress, Sec Def Hagel To Close Bases, Change DoD Pay

Fuck the High Road: The Upside of Sinking to Their (Misogynist) Level

Tell Congress: Repeal the Blank Check for Perpetual War

President Obama is throwing it down with his nominations to the DC court...

Texas photographer dresses up her daughter to look like famous role models

Papantonio: Obama Is No Nixon

Colombia minister rules out NATO membership

Robert Parry: Manning’s ‘Secrets’ v. Over-classification

The Sexual Assaults in the Military

Greetings Earthlings

American tourist gang-raped in India

Julian Assange Warns Us Of The Google Technocracy: The Banality of ‘Don’t Be Evil’

GPS for car - any recommendations? I didn't know what forum to post this in - hope this is ok.

Officers of the United States Government should be on trial -- not PFC Bradley Manning.

Challenge to the Media...Please look into Congressional Junkets and Conferences

Hillary Clinton Presents CFDA Award To Oscar de la Renta

Have you been playing Monopoly the wrong way?

Rachel Maddow - Congress members turn to overripe action star for guidance

Tim DeChristopher: Out of the Pen and Unrepentant

Rachel Maddow - Congress hearings on IRS forecast long hot stupid summer

The Problem Is Capitalism: Only radical reforms will solve neoliberalism’s crisis of democracy

You Mean Pizza.

Bishop Launches Petition for Global Catholic Abuse Council

Steven Seagal Is Your New Dennis Rodman, America

Police: Boyfriend Of Slain Brooklyn Woman Implicated Self In Note

John McCain's new daughter-in-law

Surveillance Photos Show People Of Interest In Midtown Anti-Gay Attack

An analogy: some bankers have committed crimes...

Evacs urged in Mo. town after Mississippi tops barricade

Let's go for a ride…

Those poor hats…

Er, I've always been here…

Brass testify on bills aimed at military sexual assaults

The Last Word - The most ridiculous question asked on TV this weekend

Egyptian politicians: Sabotage Ethiopia's new dam

Papantonio: Tea Party Tax Cheats Deserve Scrutiny

Fountain fans say Apple’s S.F. store plans all wet

What Senator Chambliss was talking about in the sexual assault hearing

Bellhops, check-in clerks and room service face extinction

John Kerry makes first Latin America trip in office

The Problem Is Capitalism: Only radical reforms will solve neoliberalism’s crisis of democracy

Boston Bomb Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Getting Financial Donations

Transgender Navy SEAL 'Warrior Princess' Comes Out

The GOP Knows That it is Broken

Fukushima Ongoing Lessons For California - Live Stream - Naoto Kan and others in San Diego now

Obama Judicial Nominees Include Patricia Ann Millett, Cornelia Pillard, Robert Leon Wilkins

Maxwell's in Hoboken closing at end of July

Christie to hold press conference this afternoon

Some of us remember when Star Trek had an important message to tell…

Post a picture of something one doesn't see every day.

Naoto Kan, Gregory Jaczko, Arnie Gundersen, Peter Bradford, Dave Roberts streaming live in San Diego

Man Sneaks Off From Animal Shelter Tour, Has Sex With Pit Bull: Cops

Pic Of The Moment: Republicans Continue To Thwart Obama's Efforts To Close Guantanamo Prison

Research your legislators' expenditures here (database) includes payments to family members

Videos from Turkey

Tell Fox to Fire Lou Dobbs, Erick Erickson, and Juan Williams.

Crying baby on plane prompts pilot to ask, over intercom, if Sid Crosby is on board

Audit: Pacific Gas & Electric didn't spend $50M collected for pipeline safety and maintenance

Change one known fact about Trayvon Martin -

Religious Fundamentalism Could Be a Mental Illness

Pride Month

It's been a helluva week for Starks everywhere

Doctors Find Swollen Ovary In Hong Kong Man

Nazi Dad At Center Of Custody Battle Wears Full Uniform To Court

Japan soon to be largest solar market

Jesse Ventura Doesn't Know About Benghazi, IRS, AP

Bishop launches petition for global Catholic abuse council

Audit: Calif. Utility Didn't Spend $50M for Safety

"That there are dead people who voted is no reason for a scandal"

Tiananmen Square Massacre: Chinese Censors Ban ‘Big Yellow Duck’ from Internet

Obama takes action to curb frivolous patent lawsuits

Science Is A Mess And Philosophy Will Fix it?

the 2 am burger..

What is a good accompaniment

The Protests in Turkey, Explained

The magic is all in the angles…

The importance of separating legal and social issues in Zimmerman trial.

Dumb Criminals: Woman Who Cheated On Welfare Caught By IRS After Price Is Right Appearance

The farce that is Darrell Issa - By Joan Walsh

I noticed an anomaly

The question libertarians just can’t answer - By Michael Lind

the question libertarians cant answer; where are the libertarian countries?

Off the Leash

James Holmes' Insanity Plea Accepted by Court in Colorado Theater Massacre

Later Owens Valley history - The Water Wars (early 1900's)

Ukranian Family Shocked To Find Ferrett In Toilet

Major gas explosion at Nyack College injures 7: source

Car Crash In Southwest Florida Involved Four Llamas

France's Fabius 'confirms sarin use' by Syria regime

America........the Beautiful, by Taylor Jones in today's LA Times.

New Details in FBI Investigation of Michelle Bachmann (Sworn Testimony: Approved Secret Payments)

Rubio Proposes Constitutional Amendment To Overturn Obamacare Mandate

The solution to the IRS problem is obvious.

Former hospital administrator in Lubbock facing federal mail fraud charge; $735K allegedly embezzled

El Salvador’s “Beatriz” in recovery after cesarean

Bryant: Education mediocre because of moms in the workplace

Keiser Report: Fake it till you make it or Potemkin policies

ACLU: Racism of the Drug War Verified

My misheard-lyrics story: “Catch a Wave” by the Beach Boys, I thought Mike Love sang,

Rediscovered Hula painted frog 'is a living fossil'

Blumenthal May Push Gun-Control Amendments to Immigration Bill

Feds approve large new solar power plants in Arizona and Nevada

More progress on the ITER construction site

Venezuelan Opposition Give the Game Away on Electoral Fraud Claim

We can all rest easy now.

House Republicans To Defund ACORN Again, Even Though It Still Does Not Exist

Smurfs Are Gay (And Want Marriage Equality)

SEAL Team 6 veteran comes out as transgender

Venezuela media group, Cadena Capriles, sold to an unidentified group of local investors

Severe degenerative osteoarthritis.

Kangaroo Sparks Tense Standoff With Florida Police

Gov. Christie smarter than all the pundits thought.

President Bush on currency? Overwhelming majority say no in poll

Christie Calls Election in October to Fill Senate Seat

Silence Is a Woman

Tim Samaras' death now makes sense.

Did This UFO Sacrifice Itself In A Mexican Volcano?

QLogic in Shakopee will be shutting its doors.

Dumb Criminals: Bellevue Man Accused Of Taking Truck Out For Extended Test Drive

Venezuelan state considers system to limit food purchases

Dem On IRS Scandal: Republicans are "looking for a conspiracy where there isn't one."

Repuke Sen. Chambliss blames "nature" for military women being raped!

Christie is afraid to run with Cory Booker on the ballot.

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday June 4th

GOP endgame: Defund the IRS

D.C.'s Outer Beltway Plan Draws Ferocious Opposition, as Business Leaders Cry For More Lanes

San Antonio: Six streetcar routes on the table

Jon Stewart Rips McCain For Syrian Photo Op: ‘Oh My God, (He's) Literally Palling Around With Terror

The Beauty School for Former Sex Slaves

Moral Derpitude

Gay marriage bill: Peers back government plans

How to remove nearly all malware/viruses from a Windows PC

Gay marriage bill: Peers back government plans

Question about business phone issue...

"I Stand With Tammy Baldwin"

Danziger Toon: Who Benefits?

Nobel Laureate Says Physics Is in Need of a Revolution

Amazon plans major move into grocery business

Katz Reverses Course, Backs Medical Marijuana Bill

Just-us for Manning

Ecuador oil spill pollutes Amazon tributary

Texas legislator offers inclusive prayer, gets brow-tweeten

Los Angeles air pollution drops after tailpipe laws

Will be away later in June for a week but it should not effect my Hosting duties.

Dear everyone: Chris Christie is conservative

Erdogan risks the 'must go' path (+ Livestream to Turkey protests)

An event calendar with activities, from

Just substitute Wall Street for Louis-Philippe and Congress for the National Assembly

"Republican Party doesn’t want black people to vote if they’re going to vote 9-to-1 for Democrats”

Wisconsin: Records Reveal GOP Assault on Voting in Wisconsin Began Mere Days After 2012 Elections

How about some shoes to go with those handbags?

Frack-cident Map

It's time to play ... Taliban or Republican?

Senate introduces No Child Left Behind replacement

Don’t Trust the Pentagon to End Rape

How China May Have Just Changed The Climate Game

Facebook's Sean Parker bulldozes redwood grove

How awful.....most polluted cities in the world.

Chomsky: Humanity Imperiled - The Path to Disaster

What happens when a smoker quits

HRC Study Reveals Ongoing Discrimination Against LGBT Workers

Released Letter Proves Ca Nuclear Operator Willfully Gambled with Public Safety

Curious, where is the hew and cry ....over the treatment...

Iraq Warns Israel On Using Airspace In Iran Strike

I thought this was interesting....murder rates by population.

US State (Connecticut) Moves To Regulate GM Foods

Jury finds for Cincinnati teacher fired from Catholic school while pregnant

Bye bye, Bow Tie

People who bore you with a completely boring, long, monologue, complaining about something trivial:

Israel Deportations: Migrants To Be Sent To Unknown East African State

Connecticut Approves Labeling Genetically Modified Foods

China Benefits From Bush’s Folly

Unions join forces with Turkish protesters, citing government "fascism" and "state terror"

Israel Loses A Friend In Lautenberg

The First Week of Resistance in Istanbul A 7 minute video summarizing events

How Fukushima Contamination May Have Spread via Waterways

US Airline Kicks 101 Yeshiva Students Off NY Flight

Clintons, Kerry toast war criminal Kissinger as "indispensable statesman”

If Bradley Manning is guilty, he doesn't deserve sympathy.

Summer Is Lyme Disease Season. The Price of the Drug to Treat It Just Exploded

Monsanto Rule #1: SAFETY

"Very small penis" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "very small penis".

Ten Revelations From Bradley Manning's WikiLeaks Documents

French court to jail 'anti-white' racist for attack

DuckDuckGo search engine, etc.

Rumsfeld ‘Can’t Tell’ If Obama Has Switched Sides In War On Terror

I can only see 2 posts in May ?????

Report: Rep. Pallone Running For New Jersey Senate Seat

Sebelius: I Can’t Step Into Girl’s Transplant Case (When Other Children Are Just As Sick.)

Tealiban seek to destroy NC's embattled judicial public financing program

Ohio State President Retiring After Taking Jabs At Notre Dame, ‘Damn Catholics’

Revolt in Turkey: Erdogan's Grip on Power Is Rapidly Weakening

Don't EVER let Christie off ANY hook - he was Bernie Madoff's lobbyist.

McConnell Questions ‘Appropriateness’ Of Confirming New Obama Judicial Nominees

MiddleFingerMom, you forgot your MedicAlert bracelet

Sad Dog Diary

Sad Cat Diary

Scientific Ignorance, Corruption, and Racism: the Three Drivers of our Marijuana Policy

Poll Gives Markey 12-Point Lead In Mass. Special

Wine shortage in Venezuela due to poor grape harvest (and chavista policies)

New York City sees surge in gun violence

Reports: Iran’s Nuclear Reactor Cracked In Earthquakes

and now for some positive Oklahoma news - Women's Softball World Series

Secrecy Savannah: Is Kenya being Shaped into Africa’s Flagship Tax Haven?

Glenn Beck Has Bizarre Conversation With Himself, Complete With Body Double, Wig, And Fake Mustache

Pandora vs Sirius/XM in audio quality

In 9 days

Zimmerman and Martin: Some facts so simple that even Fox 'News' should be able to understand

BREAKING: Teen Killed in Skateboarding Accident

In the Dead Zone of Capitalism: Lessons on the Violence of Inequality from Chicago

TX GOP Chairman: ‘Republican Party Doesn’t Want Black People To Vote (AUDIO)

Coronation Chicken

So I called my Senator, Dianne Feinstein's office and asked them why the Senator voted against

Five Florida Students Accused Of Selling Stolen Guns At Christian High School

Q: Was Saxby Chambliss a RAPIST as a young man?

Hey, people in the SF bay area!!!

Los Angeles air pollution drops after tailpipe laws (BBC)

If you claim to be a conservative...

HSBC sued by New York state over US home loans (BBC)

In Gaza, Hamas Targets Palestinian Informants In Crackdown

Cat Smuggling Illegal Cell Phones Into Russian Prison Detained By Authorities

Utah Residents Dress Up Naked "Leaf Dancer" Statue

President Obama Announces Nominations to the U.S. Court of Appeals (D.C. Circuit)

Turn on Bashir right fugging now - teaparty advertising war tries to take on Bashir

New Evidence: Zimmerman applied to become a cop but was turned down

20-Week Abortion Bill Advanced By All-Male Congressional Panel

Smokers Cost Employers Thousands More Than Nonsmokers

What are you having for dinner tonight?

Texas Tea Party leader says GOP doesn't want blacks to vote, claims he "misspoke"


In the Dead Zone of Capitalism: Lessons on the Violence of Inequality from Chicago

Wisconsin: We're getting a billboard!

5 hurt when LIRR work trains collide near Westbury; service affected

It was a beautiful day for a ride on my trike. We pulled into a local Park.

Holy Facting Shite - another Prescott Bush has arrived

Put another fish in the water and sink a Tuesday. Please come CAPTION Bill-O!!!

NATO to Send Team to Libya to Assess Security Aid

Saudi prince spends 20 million dollars on Disneyland trip

Jaded kitty is no fan of autotune pop stars

US ITC says Apple infringes Samsung patent, bans some products

Marco Rubio: Immigration bill short of 60 votes

Illinois Democrat proposes to cut down on military camouflage duplication

Meals On Wheels Sequester Cuts Mean Layoffs, Waiting Lists And Canceled Food Deliveries

Posey leading the vote in NL All-Star balloting...

Five church schools in Gaza face closure after Hamas order



How does the GOP find so much human waste?

J Street is strongly backing Kerry's call for American Jews to support his efforts

My Question for Chris Christie: Uh...why OCTOBER? Why not wait a month, and save NJ $12 million?

Are you hearing this latest GOP meme?

Another Major Tar Sands Pipeline Seeking U.S. Permit

Atheists to start 1-800 hotline

Mother F ers!

Please join Floridians Against Common Core on Facebook.

Mexico: Relatives of 26,000 'disappeared' in six years deserve justice

Delivering Domino’s Pizza by Unmanned Helicopter: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Has Anyone Been Reading Policymic,

104 men pictured in 'wall of shame' after they were arrested for soliciting prostitutes

MiddleFingerMom's love of music and motorcycles sometimes took interesting turns...

Argentina's Government Rescinds Railroad Concessions Held By Two Companies

Argentina Develops Therapeutic Vaccine To Combat Lung Cancer

I just don't like Jeremy Piven in this role...

JUst called Feinstein’s office... June answered

Immigration Service Catch-22s Religion

Dick Durbin voted AGAINST funding food stamps & is in FAVOR of Cutting Social Security!

Dem. Rep. Jim McDermott: Conservative groups deserved IRS abuse, harassment

Baby of Salvadoran woman denied abortion dies following C-section birth; child had no brain

Baby of Salvadoran woman denied abortion dies following C-section birth; child had no brain

We Can Still Pass Marriage Equality in Illinois This Summer!

Black Americans Are Nearly 4 Times More Likely Than Whites To Be Arrested For Possession Of Pot

I can tell you from watching the local TV coverage Christie has some explaining to do.

Sen.Sanders:Immigration Reform

The Simpsons vs the NRA

Orion Nebula in Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Sulfur

So I got this job offer...

My understanding of the case against George Zimmerman (feedback sought)

This Cold-Blooded Murderer Could Help Prove There's A 'Killer Gene'

Papantonio: Obama – Yes You STILL Can, But Get Busy

Big Brother #15

Every now and again when flipping channels I stop at FoxNews just to see their bullshit...

Senator Attributes Military Sexual Assault To Raging Hormones Of Youth (VIDEOS)

The Downside of Legal Prostitution

Hilary Clinton and Monsanto Facebook meme

Lacking Liberation: On Conflating ‘Sexual Objectification’ with ‘Sexual Empowerment’

GOP Governors Cost Their States Billions To Deny Poor People Health Care By k

If Comedy Has No Lady Problem, Why Am I Getting So Many Rape Threats?

Methane leaks could negate climate benefits of US natural gas boom: report

Oklahoma tornado largest one in recorded history

We are afraid of Obama

Christie incinerates 12 MILLION and the media SAYS NOTHING, IRS waste 4.1 million and its a scandal?

Illinois House Extends Marriage Equality Bill Deadline to August 31st

House Republicans To Defund ACORN Again, Even Though It No Longer Exists

Grassley mention on Hardball tonight.

I haven't seen this posted so FYI-

Congress up in the air about losing nonstop flights

Obama’s Economic Triumph - by Michael Tomasky

Don't make me turn this plane around: 100 kids kicked off flight

Obama White House loses 22 million emails

School "reformers" are full of it

"Is this Fake Chicken the New Chicken?"

What do you think about this email I got from the ACLU? Gene patents:

interesting article about

How in the world did this guy get 501(c)4 status ??

Steve Clolbert's Show from yesterday just scared the living crap out of me

Japan Set to Overtake Germany as World’s Largest Solar Market