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It was worth it.


Do primates practice religion?

Anybody have information on the Obama Administration crack down on IRS spending?

VOCAL-NY wants legislation to cap housing costs for NYC residents with HIV/AIDS

Governor unveils Women's Equality Agenda

NASA Constructs 160-Megapixel Mosaic of Neighboring Galaxies

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 5 June 2013

TX Judge (cocka) Roach tells Lesbian Gal - Leave you other or Lose your child!

You had one job...

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! . . . Liberty and Justice, For All? & a new

Israeli Officials: We’d Prefer Al-Qaeda-Run Syria to an Assad Victory

Here is what you did to abort before Roe vs Wade

Damn good Rick roll on Rachel's show tonight

Russia's Vladimir Putin Defends Arms Sales To Syria

Thoughts on the young girl denied the lung transplant

Arr! Michigan to formally recognize ‘International Talk Like a Pirate Day’

I tried to take one for the team and listen to Capriles talking on

Palestinians To Be Cast As Fall Guys -- Again

The group ANE2 is going through a very interesting exchange.

The Blue Brothers 2000 is a horrible movie. And then there's this.

I.R.S. Spent $4.1 Million on Conference, Audit Finds

Obama Will Do Anything for Israel... But He Won't Do That

in interesting chat between Brits and US.

Florida Governor Vetoes Bill To Let Some Immigrants In US Illegally Apply For Driver's License

Gawker says video of Rob Ford smoking crack is "gone".

Taking a bite out of crime

Fire trucks and police galore down at the local MacDonalds

Picnic food.........

anyone ever faint?

Kansas Farmer Sues Monsanto After Genetically Engineered Wheat Found In Field

Beware of a moose in heat

Miami Heat in 5 Games over the Spurs for the 2013 NBA Title

I saw Sen Fischer for the first time with the generals today.

The Racist Little Superland In All Of Us

Black leaders plan caravan in support of Voting Rights Act

Human Rights Watch Calls on OAS to debate Venezuela Crisis

Michelle Obama confronts protester, threatens to leave fundraiser.

Do you find peace when you pray?

Nebraska's deadly Hallam tornado no longer widest on record (Rachael talking about it now)

Suggestions for good instructional websites?

Ben & Jerry’s is going GMO-free

'Lizard King' fossil shows giant reptiles coexisted with mammals during globally warm past

Lawmaker Facing Recall, On Why He Backed Gun Control: 'We Had Twenty 6-Year-Olds Shot In The Face'

Breeze The Orphaned Foal Finds Comfort In Jumbo Teddy Bear

Jason Garrett has been made into a Muppet.

What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done on the job?

Saxby Chambliss Attributes Military Sexual Assault To 'The Hormone Level Created By Nature'

What the hell is wrong with Oklahomans? They DON'T want their State to build

Ex-Calif. Rep. Cunningham finishes prison term

"Romney transition team report turns out to be creepy and depressing"

Los Alamos catalyst could jumpstart e-cars, green energy

Oopsie! A-Rod and Ryan Braun out for 100 games? Others too!

Photo: K-9 places paw on fallen partner's casket (with video)

Should schools that are named after slaveowners be renamed?

Butterfly on the brink: First Schaus female found in a year raises hope for revival of species

The handle of the cymbal broke, but not the kid

Ten Dances

Climate change causing US wildfire season to last longer, Congress told

US Accidentally Uploads Secret Israeli Missile Base Plans To Public Website

Study finds disincentives to energy efficiency can be fixed

Does anyone use Coconut Aminos?

The 39th Anniversary of the "Mistake on the Lake"...

Komen cancels 3-Day walk in District, six other cities in 2014

Serving and protecting. Texas officers lose job after beating the shit out of black woman in the

Ecuador oil spill pollutes Amazon tributary

Roman Seawater Concrete Holds the Secret to Cutting Carbon Emissions

Congratulations to the Oklahoma Sooners softball team!

Kerry calling for major changes in 35-nation OAS

Kitchen dancing!

Congress up in the air about losing nonstop flights

Children playing with semi-automatic handgun today - boy dies....San Diego

Martin Bashir - GOP ‘political theater’ pushing facts that aren’t there on IRS controversy

Anti-Gay Activity in San Antonio District 8 Runoff Election

Two White Jasper Cops Fired After Roughing Up a Black Woman--Inside the Police Station


Reverse the perverse corporate ethic of fat CEO pay

Watching Lawrence? The huge discrepancy between the races when it comes to arrests

Judge Orders Prominent Utah Gun Lobbyist To Surrender Firearms

Gillibrand: Some Commanders Can’t Distinguish Between A ‘Slap On The Ass And A Rape’

Police haul you to jail and charge you with felony for bringing weed into the jail???

Chrysler refuses US request to recall vehicles

Baylor Alum Donates $35 Million For Business School, Stadium

Rep. McDermott wonders why tea party groups applied for taxpayer-funded subsidies

N.F.L. Deal on Images Divides Retirees

"All Nice and Legal" music video

Moved to video section. Delete

"Let's Go Play Soldier" music video

Domino's Deliver Drone

Welcome to America, the Land That Vacation Forgot

Any contemporary Spanish speakers? Got an odd text we're trying to figure out.


The double standard of protest methods pisses me off

Help wanted: No ugly applicants, please

Tears to my eyes dept:Tanker truck full of Scotch whisky tips over and catches on fire in Woodbridge

The list is complete...the count has been tabulated

'Hildegard the Whovian' has just learned that Matt Smith will be leaving 'Dr. Who'

An old cowboy went riding out one dark and windy day...

It was 45 years ago........

Poll: Is it proper to heckle The First Lady of the United States?

Finally, a camera that automatically takes a picture whenever it detects a cat.

Jim Morrison finally gets his lizard

El Reno Tornado Rated EF5, Widest on Record. 295mph sub-vortices winds.

Anyone ever have to take a writing/editing assessment for a job interview?

Nuclear Energy and My Greenpeace Conundrum

Which is more important: The IRS faux scandal or Bradley Manning Trial?

What is the June 4th Incident and Why is It Censored? | China Uncensored

When You're Good to Mama

A gypsy wind is blowing warm tonight

New push at OAS for US to alter anti-drug approach

New push at OAS for US to alter anti-drug approach

Stanford scientists create novel silicon electrodes that improve lithium-ion battery performance

in 27 minutes i will turn 45

Honduras: When will the US stop funding death squads?

FBI raids Capitol office of state Sen. Ron Calderon

Ah-choo!gene, Oregon, once again worst allergy city in nation

Rachel Maddow Fucks Up Fox News And GOP AssHoles BIG TIME

I AM Bradley Manning

I like smoke and lightning, heavy metal thunder

Senate introduces No Child Left Behind successor

WildBill for America Parody

Federal judge accused of making racial comments

Billo Clown Skirts The Issue SCJ Thomas Has a TeaBagger Wife.

Syrian Regime Says It's Taken Over the Key City of Qusayr

Mother dog who lost litter 'adopts' puppies orphaned in Oklahoma tornadoes

Hawaii vacation blog...

advice: what to do with pets when you're in rehab?

On MSNBC this morning: Dems are spineless/ Dems are protecting their coming minority status

Bachelorette Says That $500 Worth Of Sex Toys Stolen From Her Car

Stewart Can’t Believe China Got Iraq Oil: Bush Bombed & Invaded Them And This Is How They Repay Us?!

Chris Christie: Tax and Spend Coward (by Brad Friedman)

While POTUS under full-scale tea party assault, GetEqual decides good time to act out on FLOTUS

if i had $50,000 for every creative work i've written in the past five years i'd be rich

Report: Some 20 baseball players may face suspension in doping scandal

"It's Not About The Nail"

Krusty Burger Opens in Universal Orlando Theme Park - Now you can eat like the Simpsons.

June 5: National Gingerbread Day

MFM update

June 5, 1977 – The Apple II, one of the first personal computers, goes on sale.

Republican Smith trounces in special election for Missouri's 8th Congressional district

Connecticut Sets Precedent With GMO Legislation

At the Algha Spectacle Works

Little coffee shop runs afoul of ’80s rockers Twisted Sister

Cresting Mississippi River breaks levees as it surges through area - (St. Louis)

NYC's First Domestic Abuse Shelter Where Victims Can Bring Pets

Police Department Will ‘Ticket’ Kids

If this isn't a floating version of hell I don't know what is?

Has LBN gone missing?

MO Gov. Nixon prepares to veto tax cut bill, as state likely to end fiscal year with a hefty surplus

Texas tea party leader: GOP doesn’t want black people to vote

Kansas farmer sues Monsanto over unapproved genetically modified wheat

S. Carolina, run by ALEC: Work Cheap, Work Sick

Those lovely Koch Brothers and their aggressive push to dismantle ME's renewable energy standards

I/P in LBN/GD clarity

EU slaps tariffs on ‘dumped’ Chinese solar panels

Moron alert: Gee Whiz, Saxby Chambliss Actually Said 'Hormones' Turn Troops into Rapists

U.S. Trade Body Rules Apple Violated Samsung Patents

Why did all of these Tea Party Groups want a government hand out? Ie government money!

U.S. economy is not in recovery, report says

Criminals gun helps child save family.

Shelter in the storm

In the Dead Zone of Capitalism: Lessons on the Violence of Inequality from Chicago

Keystone XL Pipe: Southern Half Of Pipeline Riddled With Leak-Prone Faults

Why Do We Throw Prostitutes in Prison?

Rebekah Brooks denies phone hacking charges

Has There Been a Great Progressive Reversal? How the Left Abandoned Cheap Electricity

The 18 year old son of my cousin confided in me he thinks he's gay

Again with the face-eating monsters, Mark Morford

Animal Behaviorist: We'll Soon Have Devices That Let Us Talk With Our Pets

Breaking - Susan Rice is the new National Security Advisor

Donilon to Resign as National Security Adviser (replaced by Susan Rice)

Jasper, TX: Cops (White) Slam Woman (Black) to Ground For Unpaid Traffic Ticket

without trash talk what does the right offer

Why Obama "wins" when Issa is his adversary.

Report: Donilon Out As NSA, Will Be Replaced By Susan Rice

Don't ever, ever say the repubs can't get more stupid

Latest Breaking News Forum?

Tom Donilon to Resign as Obama’s National Security Adviser -- Susan Rice to be appointed

so whats new

Let's see, do I want apple/cinnamon, honey/oatmeal ....... or grasshopper/centipede?

Asian Music XIX

Is it possible to charge an electrical powered aeroplane within 3 seconds?

US Military Training Flights: A Call for Sincere Action on Japan’s Part

Former director of the Bureau of Land Management sentenced to three life terms in prison.

Wisconsin: “Hey. Congrats on your new state.” – Nate Craig to David Koch

UPDATED: Federal Judge Weighs Injunction Against $1.7B Wisconsin Highway Project

Only 517 more days of scandalmongering before the next election

U.S. Trade Body Rules Apple Violated Samsung Patents

America’s Exceptional Food Insecurity

The rumor is: deliveries will be canceled or severely delayed ...

GOP should heed ‘Moral Monday’ protests (NC)

Top brass takes dim view of Senate efforts to combat sexual assault in the military

Bradley Manning Is Guilty of “Aiding the Enemy”—If the Enemy Is Democracy

So...the Joint Finance Committee (JFC)

Bradley Manning's Legal Duty to follow the Military Whistleblower Protection Act

Pain in the Gas........

I am so tired of the rain!

Late Breaking News is offline

Poll: Obama standing remains steady amid controversies

11-Yr-Old Suspended From School For Merely TALKING About Guns

Mad Professors: The adjuncts are at the barricades

Breaking news- today White house will place Susan Rice as National Security Adviser

As republicans change their image.............

Mississippi governor: Educational troubles began when ‘mom is in the workplace’

Soooo...Late Breaking News...

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 5, since 1972

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 5, since 1972

Referring to LGBT people as "deviants"

Samantha Power To Be Named As US Ambassador To The UN

U.S. Economy Added 135,000 Private-Sector Jobs in May, According to ADP National Employment Report

Not a big deal or anything, but why is the Subscribe to This Group button active in Announcements?

Latvia to become 18th eurozone member from 2014 (BBC)

Pakistan's New Prime Minister: US Drone Attacks 'Must End'

Waiting for Somebody...

This is weird. When I go to forums and groups....

Anyone have experience with ThunderShirts?

Allen West now being rehabilitated by C-Span.

Paying it forward ..

Changed the template for my blog but..FIXED

San Onofre

Nice review of Kerry's speech on Israel/Palestine

Question submitted by Orrex.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Supreme Court

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Rape and worse

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- GOP and CONgress

MO judge refuses to release Saudi on bail

Anti-Tax Tea Partiers ask for Tax Subsidies

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

Anyone here ever shot events/seminars?

Hero dog released from Calif. veterinary hospital

The President has finally given up on trying to work with the Republicans.

Judge accused of racial bias in speech

Three Rohingya women killed in Burma shooting

Whispers Grow That Republicans Are Trying to Dump John Boehner

Aw. Illinois Rifle Association has to reset its "CCW Countdown Clock."

Venezuela frees, expels U.S. filmmaker

Testimony in hearing says Brig. Gen. Sinclair offered to plead guilty in sexual misconduct case; Arm

Rachel Maddow - GOP abandons pretense, embraces war on women

Papantonio: Profiting Off Climate Change

This is why "Late Breaking News" was down...

what happened to Breaking News?

Venezuela frees, expels U.S. filmmaker

Shady 501(c)4 spends big bucks to recall Democratic senator, won't disclose donors.

WSJ: One of Wall Street's Riskiest Bets Returns (synthetic CDOs)

Attention Impertinent Homosexuals: You Have Plenty of Rights!

From Farm to Fork - Infographic from (GAH!)

Companies in U.S. Added Fewer Workers Than Forecast in May

Joe Walsh (ex congressman) tells his Facebook friends to "exercise our 2nd amendment rights"

Promoting ‘Social Welfare’ by Defeating Gun Control

AUDIO of Michelle Obama Taking On Heckler.

*PSA* It's back ~

welcome to tennessee....

Parents on trial in accidental shooting death of toddler

Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif urges end to US drone strikes

New blog featuring amusing overheard conversations--feedback welcome!

John Edwards Plans To Open Law Firm: Report

Pro murder gun nuts vs sanity in Colorado.

Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson: what a strange affair in Downing Street

from linked in--find it appalling on a number of levels concealed carry NETWORKING?????????

First Lady Ellen Sturtz confronts protester, threatens to leave fundraiser

This is What Happens When You Wear a Nazi Uniform in Court

Woman run over after calling police on couple having car sex

Maddow Taunts Christie Over Special Election: ‘There’s An Outbreak Of Chicken’ In The Governor’s Off

French Fracking Ban Endorsed on U.S. Environmental Repercussions

Would a Game of Thrones fan please explain something to me? (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

FBI has now been given sworn testimony and documents alleging Bachmann approved secret payments

Chomsky: What about the future?

Questions I have not heard answered re: the IRS "scandal"

Apple poised for hiring spree in Silicon Valley

Bradley Manning is not as consequential as what he revealed.

Factory Orders in U.S. Increased Less Than Forecast in April

Baby sloths

18-Year Old Rapper Facing 20 Years Behind Bars for Rap Lyrics

"Obama’s Economic Triumph" Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast aka why the GOP is pushing scandals

Who Should Pay For The Special One Month Early Election In NJ To Replace Sen. Lautenberg?

"all the pureed peas I could eat"

Oklahoma may get hit again with extreme weather at midweek

Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader since 2007.

Nevada 13-year-old girl dies after accidental shooting by another teen

Rachel Maddow - GOP's nonsense problem leaves it ill prepared for actual policy

Republican Welfare for the Wealthy: Fincher the Filcher

Samantha Power to Replace Rice as UN Envoy, Official Says

William Lloyd Garrison on privilege-checking (1853)

Tea Party Losers in New Jersey

I'll be darned. I was called

UBS Investment Management Guru Warns of “Abegeddon”

Bradley Manning - still exposing the truth

Federal Appeals Court Judge calls Blacks and Hispanics "predisposed to crime"

I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution ...

The Last Word - Tea Partiers testify over IRS filings

In a discussion of gross moral hypocrisy, would this be a fair question?

LA Times: Bus-only lanes debut on Wilshire Boulevard

Stubborn jackass Chris Christie: Lautenberg's Tunnel Project "A Dog That Deserved to Be Gone"

Law’s Colares finds nations increasingly support restricting greenhouse gas emissions

Report Says T.S.A. Screening Is Not Objective

Should President Obama veto the Apple iPhone 4- iPad 3 import ban?

Regulators Discover a Hidden Viral Gene in Commercial GMO Crops

More Proof the IRS Did Not Target Tea Party Groups

A great help in keeping those insects away

My second MRI

The following was on a local TV station web site:

This is a perfect example of whats wrong with the jury system

Metal-free catalyst outperforms platinum in fuel cell—Researchers now optimizing cheap, easy-to-make

Saxby Chambliss Blames Rape Remarks on Nature -- Andy B can barely wrap his brain around such crap

Gasland 2

Pic Of The Moment: Tea Party Republican Is Real Honest With You

Manson follower Leslie Van Houten faces 20th parole hearing

As Floods in Germany Continue, Officials Urge More Evacuations

Back To Back Stories On The Local News

Attn: Binghamton NY DUers:

Human deforestation outweighs climate change for coral reefs

Anti-EU Sentiment Increases as Britons Demand Exit, Poll Shows

Hospital patient steals ambulance with two EMTs inside, slams into home

Can you read a thread title and know what the posts will be without looking?

Vag Halen: ‘Part of what we’re doing is females doing this misogynist music’ (interview)

If this is for real...

GOP lawmakers want to boot investigative journalism center off UW-Madison campus

Manning should get "time served"

Top 1% Control 39% of World's Wealth

Small dams on Chinese river harm environment more than expected, study finds

Oviedo, Fla., wants a municipal image without chickens

Because he's my boss.

Elevated carbon dioxide making arid regions greener

ACLU Report: The War on Marijuana in Black and White

Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif urges end to US drone strikes

FrackNation: The Koch Industries' Astroturf Ties That Bind

Treasury to sell more GM shares as it winds down stake

We just had a building collapse at 22nd and Market in Philly....

lazy request

Building collapses in Philadelphia

Friend moving to Richmond VA...input please

Friend moving to Richmond VA...input please

“She came right down in my face,” Sturtz said. “I was taken aback.”

Happy Honey shots

Meet the lesbian who heckled Michelle Obama

Al-Rahma Islamic Centre destroyed in 'racist attack'

Keith Olbermann To Host TBS’ Major League Baseball Postseason Show

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Attention, Journalists! You are an Enemy of the State!

First Lady Michelle Obama Leaves Podium & Confronts Heckler At Fundraiser (VIDEO)

Raise your hand if you enjoyed/cheered when that guy threw a shoe at George W. Bush.

One Meteorologist's Come-to-Jesus Moment on Climate Change

Whenever I think "voting serves no purpose" . . . .

A DU radio station? - Community radio licenses available soon

Philadelphia building collapses; reports of people trapped

Susan Rice on Nuclear Weapons

The Game Of Thrones Drinking Game…

Google Promotes Involvement in Coal Industry Campaign to Block EPA Mercury Emission Regulations


US Soldier Accused of Killing 16 Afghan Civilians Pleads Guilty to Multiple Murder Charges

California Carbon Challenge.

Life Ain't Fair…

The California Carbon Challenge (game)


Check Your Lighting…

In a 2005 poll, 72% of DUers responding said they would heckle Laura Bush

Keith Olbermann to host MLB Playoff coverage this Fall.

BET Will Investigate Trayvon Martin Case In 'Justice For Trayvon: Our Son Is Your Son'

Dick Armey actually said this???

I need a sleuth. Someone who can access the wayback machine...or render an opinion...

why there'll always be an England . . .

Landline At Home?

Cut the Strings to George III -- NYT's Maureen Dowd

Yearbookin' It…

May NICS checks set new record.

Why doesn't he just call it "unpacking the courts"?

For your amusement, Ladies and Gentlemen, I now present to you The World's Greatest Carwreck

"identifiable leaders of the Republican Party are talk show hosts"

Porn star 'Mr. Marcus' sentenced to jail in LA for exposing female co-stars to syphilis

Critics of Health Care Law Outspending Its Supporters on Ads

Lady Gaga's Fingernail Sells For $12,000 At Auction

Cheers to both Michelle Obama and her heckler

Thousands honor Houston's four fallen firefighters

Alan Grayson: How We Killed Social Security Cuts

Hollywood Millionaire Wants To Marry His Cat

Can a Christian watch ‘Game of Thrones’?

RJ Reynolds ordered to pay $8.3 million for false advertising

Chicago Suburb plans gun sell-back

JPMorgan’s Alabama Debacle Set to Cost Bank $1.5 Billion

Scottish Mother Defies 500,000:1 Odds To Give Birth To Third Set Of Twins

Largest Tornado on Record: the May 31 El Reno, OK EF-5 Tornado (2.6 mi wide)

NC Tealiban leader Pat McCrory says Moral Mondays protests against GOP are "unacceptable"

What could $500 have done for Inner-City kids?

my sweet dim kitty spent the night outside and gave me quite the worry

Don't let them bamboozle you

Gallup identifies "flaws" in 2012 election polls/predictions - "I'm SHOCKED. Shocked, I say!"

In Reversal, Tepco Says Water at Fukushima Is Contaminated

Rep. McDermott wonders why tea party groups applied for taxpayer-funded subsidies

Chen Xitong, Beijing Mayor During Tiananmen Protests, Dies at 82

Group calls criminal penalties for drug use a human rights violation

Is heckling say, Martin Luther King, the same as heckling the Phelps family?

Bradley Manning Is Guilty of “Aiding the Enemy”—If the Enemy Is Democracy by Norman Solomon

Just posted this on GetEqual's FB page (re: Michelle Obama heckler)

Funniest Memes Mocking Fox News

The Geo Guesser Game

Brian Williams Makes the Case for Putting NBC on Trial

Rebels say Hezbollah, Iraqi fighters flooding into Syria - while Obama....deliberates (?)

He's Back! Keith Olbermann To Host TBS' Postseason Baseball Coverage...

What to expect tomorrow at the hearings in the Zimmerman case

Meet the First Openly Gay Man in Uganda

Can a particle accelerator decompose plastic bags?

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday June 5th

How do you feel about the "Such and such for Dummies" books?

Calling out China on hacking may be working, experts say

Nixon vetoes border war tax cuts (MO)

Extinct lizard named after The Doors' singer Jim Morrison

A federal grand jury is now investigating Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson for money laundering

white house hosts a 'hackathon'

MTA: R Train Tunnel Repair Shutdown To Last A Year

Ooooooooh Windows 8.1 Preview video, how exciting

5 Honduran police charged with killing 7 in gang

Scientists uncover ‘God’s bathtub’

Please allow me to confess to some patriarchal thinking

Panel: US Should Let Nature Cull Wild Horse Herds

Animal Behaviorist: We'll Soon Have Devices That Let Us Talk With Our Pets

No Big Deal, Just a Giant Hole in the Sun

Teen surprises classmates, walks at graduation after being shot in head

President Obama to go to Germany

Can't we all just assume that professional sports is rife with drugs, and just be done with it?

IMF 'to admit mistakes' in handling Greek debt crisis and bailout

How We Killed Social Security Cuts

In trademark dispute, Austin-based Amy’s Ice Creams sues frozen foods company

Judge could hear new evidence in school finance lawsuit

Yay, NYPD. They're the best!


Good news! A federal court victory for beluga whales!

Bad News! Something terrible is quietly underway in the House.

Anti-austerity protests: Spain, Germany, Portugal

The 15-millisecond head start that led to $28 million in trades

Sheldon Adelson's Woes Mount With Grand Jury In Las Vegas Sands Money-Laundering Probe

TURKEY - Taksim Square Protests: 13 Photos Showing Severity Of the Protests

The Curious Case Of Breeze ‘N Button

The Rude Pundit: Congress Hears From Conservative Groups ...

To Democrats Who Don'T Want Filibuster Reform Because They're Afraid of What The GOP Will Do When

There are no non-scientists in stressholes

Yikes!!! 110-120 degree days forecast for the Southwest later this week!

San Onofre security demands video be deleted - TV crew detained on public beach

Walter Rhett: For Obama: One Great Final Step

For the record, Samantha Power . . .

Fox Reporter Calls Transgender Woman A "Burly Man Wearing A Dress"

Murder mystery after five skeletons found in Arizona desert

Sorry, Haters: 'Derp' is a Useful Term, and It's Here to Stay

Today's Edition of "LOST IN TRANSLATION" - The Party Pooper Affair

Question posed by Fla Dem

Parents of mentally ill child may have averted mass shooting

Can you cook a corned beef brisket like a regular brisket?

Weaponize a Wednesday with a CAPTION!!! Please come do Bill-O!

UPDATED: Federal Judge Weighs Injunction Against $1.7B Wisconsin Highway Project

U.S. security agency scraps plan to allow small knives on planes

Hey Republicans....Susan Rice's new position doesn't require confirmation from you asshats

Half of NY voters think Speaker Silver should resign

Hecklers are like bad commercials...

84 year old woman wins $590 million power ball prize.


House Talks on Immigration Reform Near Collapse

Why not Dad?

Man beat 15-year-old girl brought to Twin Cities to be a prostitute

$590 M powerball winner won after someone else let her ahead in the line.

Komen cuts half its 3-day races, cites low numbers

I was in a relationship with an ex-prostitute.

Time to mount a rescue mission…

Watched Sen. McCaskill in yesterday's military rape hearing. Couldn't forget about her challenger.

Updated: Border Patrol Abuse 2010-2012 video of border patrol shooting at family picnic

Exodus of Colombian soldiers to UAE continues

Army Vet Says Police Raided Wrong Apartment, Killed His Dog

Promised Spoils of U.S. War in Iraq—Its Oil—Go to China

Jaua after meeting with JFK:That this marks the beginning of a good relationship between our nations

Dan Savage: Monogamy And Its Discontents

Gov Seeks Life for Manning; Hammond Could Face Ten Years that I finished those concrete steps, a question...

A man disguised as a woman videotaped women using the ladies' room,

EDIT: WHEN is a heckler of the Obamas deserving of being called a racist?

The King of the North --- Rides the Subway in London

My cat is walking funny when a feather cat toy tickles her

How 'Radio Ink' and the Right Attempt to 'Silence' Opponents: Lie About Them

Christian Domestic Discipline

Bill O’Reilly pans college GOP report

It's Time to Invest in a 21st-century Power System

New house rule re: "Bath Time."

Paulin, Dinowitz bills aim to give rape victms more power in custody cases

Marco Rubio: I will vote against my own immigration bill unless changes are made

At times I am just forced to laugh

Is there anybody?

RNC selects Facebook engineer as chief technology officer

Good Effin' Grief - Michael Jackson's daughter Paris attempts suicide

OK, so why DO men frequent prostitutes?

Should I point out a BS post on Facebook?

How the U.S. Government Waged War Against the House of Tomorrow

Egyptian torturers received FBI training i

Bogota taxi drivers to serve as Colombian capital’s ‘guardian angels’

HSBC Sued by New York Over Alleged Foreclosure Violations

" We can't get enough workers"

501c4s. Obama: You Can FIX This Mess With An Executive Order TONIGHT.

New Hotspot Identified For Star Birth (big space pic)

Turkish Spring Police Brutality COLLECTION

Ten Revelations From Bradley Manning's WikiLeaks Documents

Can You See the Great Wall of China from Space? Not Easily

Tiny Chinese Archicebus fossil is oldest primate yet found

Researchers unveil mind-controlled flying robots

New all-solid sulfur-based battery outperforms lithium-ion technology

What is your REAL view of the Obama Presidency?

Interview With an Atheist Pagan

Don’t join military, McCain warns women

Is it a person's "fault" if they're fat? What does that question really mean?

Have you ever served jury duty?

Swiss lawmakers stall bill to resolve US tax spat

Legalizing prostituion increases human trafficking:

People forget or deny that Manning’s release of 251,000 diplomatic cables

Thanks To Obamacare, Major Insurers Have To Give Back $36 Million To California Small Businesses

British government to make Mau Mau apology

Susan Rice ‘Deeply Grateful’ For Obama’s ‘Enduring Confidence’

Cory Booker Will Likely Be Running For Senate Against The Biggest Nerd In Congress

installing new motherboard tomorrow, need a bit of help please

I agree with the Republicans. Rice is a liar.

Scott Roeder fined $20 for intimidating abortion provider

Pope Francis: Wasting food is like stealing from the poor

Mass DUers can we have a link for the Markey debate tonight please

The World Economy Is a Ticking Time Bomb (and The Fuse is Burning)

Leon Panetta gave Hollywood exec top secret info on Bin Laden raid's SEAL unit, leader

David Corn: How Obama's FBI Nominee James Comey Triggered the Plamegate Investigation

Lessons from Fukushima for San Onofre

Why "conservatives" hate CitiBike so much (graphic)

Food rationing to begin in big Venezuelan state

Stephen Fry reveals he attempted suicide in 2012

UN rights office calls on Turkish government to ensure freedom of assembly

San Onofre security demands video be deleted

Manning: Guilty of Aiding Democracy

French president awarded a peace prize, after leading a war in Mali

NY Legislature Intros Bill to Restore Lever Voting in NYC

Hello, anyone ?

Anonymous and Syrian Electronic Army Hack Turkish Government Networks

A review of Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle:

DU meetup Friday evening?

Jury identities will be kept private in Zimmerman trial

Girls, follow your dream, as long as you dream about being a mom.

This storm apparently gets more severe as analysis continues.

There's Something Rotten About Jasper TX

Tropical Storm Andrea forms in Gulf

Tropical Storm Andrea-Florida DUers - get ready

Today in labor history, June 5, 1939: The U.S. Supreme Court…

Rest in peace Bobby

Houston Democrats-Redistricting Hearings in Houston

Papantonio: Time To Legalize Medicinal Marijuana

Michael Moore: Here's How We Built a Movie Theater for the People -- and Why the MPAA Says It's #1..

New Study Confirms Obamacare's Birth Control Mandate Will Reduce Abortion Rate

Runner's pain is no pulled muscle; it's a baby

World’s largest study on gay parents finds the kids are more than all right

Fla. Woman, 84, Claims $590M Powerball Jackpot

"Like" if you want to Stop giving Welfare to Illegal Aliens........


Mitch Daniels argues for school vouchers at Omaha fundraiser

Hookers and Hecklers........

The first lady shuts down a protester and triumphs over rudeness

I'm SHOCKED by the number of people here in favor of heckling non-elected officials.

Bahbwah WAHWAH showed Sherri SHEPHERD who her real friends are & her 83 yrs

The Anonymous Pink Flyer Attacking Ron Nirenberg in San Antonio District 8 Runoff

HEADS UP MASSACHUSETTSIANS and Commonwealth watchers--SENATE DEBATE Tonight!

Susan Rice Vocally Supported the Iraq War, and Every Mid-East War Since

Hon. Paul Hellyer, Minister of National Defense, Canada, confirms alien races visiting Earth

White House Declares War On Patent Trolls

After $100 Million, Exxon Backs Off Algae as Fuel

Turkey Protests: Police in Ankara again use water cannons and tear gas

Turkey Protests - Taksim Gezi Park

More on the IRS Scandal/ Bullshit from Politico..

Rumor: High-speed tube travel concept in the works

Judge rules in favor of Pa. girl who needs lung

TURKEY - Water Cannon Truck Nearly Runs Over Protesters in Turkey Am

Texas School Districts Are Allowed to Out Gay Kids to Their Parents, Court Rules

Texas School Districts Are Allowed to Out Gay Kids to Their Parents, Court Rules

Abstinence has come to the Lounge

Obama Unbound: he no longer cares what the GOP thinks about his foreign policy

Bring back the United States of Pork

Pamela Anderson Ad Banned in Britain for Being "Sexist and Degrading to Women"

Obamacare gets millions of dollars in refunds from greedy insurers. Reeps still hate it.

US TEAR GAS sold to Turkey

Robert Reich: Ending the Global "Race to the Bottom"

Focusing on Dallas Finds Some Good, Some Bad and Nancy Brinker (Komen Foundation)

Investigation reportedly clears LAPD in Christopher Dorner's firing

Our victory...

In Arizona, border crossings down, but migrant deaths on rise

My Back Pages

US targets leaders of violent street gang

US targets leaders of violent street gang

The Ancient Romans Were Better At Making Sustainable Concrete Than We Are

Rove still carries credibility with the RW?

All right, seriously. In MO's place, what would you have done?

Slack-Jawed Yokels Attempt Tree Removal With Car, Fail Miserably

Need help

Hamas Islamization Policies Mold Gaza

Missouri governor vetoes bill halving corporate tax rate

Progressives Flock to Ed Markey's Senate Campaign Despite Hawkish Record


U.S. lawmakers act to limit military authority in sex assault cases

Melodramatic Dog Told to Play Dead, Totally Chews the Scenery

Anyone heard from regnaD kciN lately?

Honda races to build speedy lawnmower for Top Gear team (aiming for 130 mph)

There is only one right that gay people don't have!

Paris Jackson has attempted suicide. I am not surprised but am deeply saddened.

Persistent worries about the slowing economy and investors on edge again Wednesday.

U.S., Venezuela to find ways to forge positive relations: Kerry

Petition for Marriage Equality in Illinois

Revealed: NSA collecting phone records of millions of Americans daily

Is Obamacare a War on Bros?

The Grumpy Cat meme

The unspoken issue at the center of prostitution is causation

Tonight...Chez trof...Poison Pork!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 6 June 2013

This is what I am being told justifies killing a person in "self defense"

Holder says he has no intention of stepping down

The Ring Nebula

iDodge Tax: Protest Flashmob, Apple Store, London

Hate the sin not the sinner

AZ legislature considers lowering property tax for religious groups

Deacon Jones of famed Fearsome Foursome dead at 74

Wal-Mart workers strike, protest low wages, poor working conditions

Listen, there is a key Senate debate happening right effing now!!!

(MN) Job openings: Attorney/Business Agent and Communications Professional

10 injured in shooting accident at suburban gun club

A must have camera for the pet owners in our group

Rich, Catholic Countries Are The Most Accepting Of Gays

UMWA Rallies 5,000 In Henderson Kentucky Against Peabody Energy Ending Retirement Benefits

Better than Cyber Utopia: How the Internet Helped Us Create the Sharing Economy

Nutrition 'must be a global priority', say researchers

I just originated a petition at

Brazil Charismatic priests try to stem Catholic flight

TPP: A Corporate Coup D'état

International symbol for "maybe I'll make two sandwiches...not sure yet"

Family dog saves abandoned newborn baby and brings her home.

Commander Says More Time Needed to Gauge Afghan War Needs