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First Lady Michelle Obama Talks With Students From William R. Harper High School in Chicago..

Seven States Not to Get High In While Black

Report: Leon Panetta revealed classified SEAL unit info

CNN Reveals Video Of Michelle Obama Confronting LGBT Heckler During DNC Fundraiser - video link

Tea Partier backtracks on GOP “doesn’t want black people to vote” comments

The daily Lounge science fact.

We Need to Address the Profound Stupidity That Afflicts America

Canada's oil output to more than double by 2030

Tel Aviv police arrest suspects over deadly 2009 attack on gay youth centre

Your top 10 favorite movies

Witnesses Testify About WikiLeaks Suspect’s Computer Skills

The Obama climate move that nobody noticed

Joe Biden Positively Slays Audience With Eulogy For Frank Lautenberg - video link

The Income Redistribution Element Guarantees That Obamacare Is Going To Be A Smashing Success

Our Continuing Healthcare Crisis, Part 3: The Obamacare Scorecard

R Train Service to Halt Between Brooklyn, Manhattan

Six Canadians invited to secretive Bilderberg conference

Court rules minors can buy 'morning-after' pill without prescription

Dad Wears Nazi Uniform For Child Custody Case

Femen protests: Tunisia expels three in Ukrainian feminist group

Alexander Litvinenko: coroner urges public inquiry into death

The Human Rights Campaign Buyer's Guide

Over 20,000 tourists expected for Tel Aviv pride month

Police investigate graffiti link to EDL after blaze destroys Islamic centre

IMF admits: we failed to realise the damage austerity would do to Greece

Texas school recalls all yearbooks after cheerleader is bullied in caption that slips by editors

FDA wins temporary halt on some morning-after pills

The origins of Turkey's Occupy Gezi movement

Sandwich thrown at relative of Cleveland kidnapping victim Gina DeJesus by News America

Spiny Shark Fossils Discovered In Spain Date Back 408 Million Years, Scientists Say

Honest Trailers and Cinemasins are great youtube pages

finally, even USA Today gets to the real issue.

Redistricting hearings

BC First Nation challenges Canada-China trade deal

Zero Punctuation's Next Gen Buyer's Guide

Bradley Manning given unfettered access to closed databases, court hears

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night! Sticky Rice

Well it's over

Gaza Youth Flee Harsh Life To Israel

***** #OccupyTurkey WeAreGezi OccupyGezi PhotoFeed BLOG

US businesses complain about India trade practices

Kerry says US, Venezuela on track to better ties

Turkish Police attacking protesters

Rockland kids slam state exams, write to Cuomo: 'We're only in third grade for heaven sakes'

Mixed martial arts set to become legal with final House vote (in Canada)

You Might Be A Conservative If…

NBC news confirms judge orders 10 yr old girl added to adult lung xplant list.

Resource: Area C Palestinians Under Threat Of Displacement

Walmart files restraining order against protesting labor groups

I have posted replies

Ex-CIA boss Leon Panetta 'spilt secrets' to Zero Dark Thirty writer

Colbert on Michelle Bachmann's last term. Very funny.

FYI, Women Also Pay For Sex. As Evidenced by the Showtime Series, "Gigolos".

Conservatives Believe Obama is the Antichrist?

How about a little dripping irony from CODEPINK re Michelle Obama and heckler

Did you see that?

It is half past 2013, if you have brand new "Sarah" sticker on your car it is proud declaration

Jacobs: Those With Native American/Indigenous Heritage Must Renounce and Repent for Their Ancestor's

After watching the video of Mrs.Obama handling the heckler..

Wall Street drops as fears of less Fed stimulus mount

After 46 Years Of Occupation, Land Confiscation Renders Israeli Law Obsolete

Anyone familiar with the parking around AT&T Park...

Anti-Israel Statement From 2002 May Haunt Power’s UN Envoy Bid

OK, it's an Ad, but it's kind of cool, too

OUCH! Michigan Gasoline Prices Close To Record High (mid-michigan $4.29)

Mamma Dog adopts puppies orphaned in the Oklahoma tornado

Cornyn amendment aims to sabotage immigration reform

Need a camping buddy Cape Cod June 28-July 2

Only In America: Michelle Obama and the Heckler

Michelle Rhee’s group finally drops anti-gay honoree

Dem Congressman Snaps At Megyn Kelly: 'Stop It.'

Tropical Storm Andrea forms in the Gulf

Court's ruling could toss thousands of drug convictions

George Takei's 6 Simple Reasons to Love the Gays During Pride

[LEAKED TEASER] I am Bradley Manning

Message I Sent To The Heritage Foundation When I Received Their Packet

Voluntary background checks. With a twist.

House panel adopts ‘conscience’ amendment to defense bill

IRS Chief Shulman visited White House only 11 times not 157 times.

How long can this last?

Best pizza you've ever had? I went out tonight and had a mozza, arugula

Give my wife some virtual support. She and her client seem to be hitting it off on all

Got your Back

BREAKING: Andrea Forms

Bryan Fischer has a physics FAIL!

Bill would make annoying a cop a crime

"Obamacare Critics Have Outspent Supporters On Ads By A 5 To 1 Margin"

The first in a series-DO IT YOURSELF HINT # 1

Heckling and paying for sex

Can the New Jersey legislature override Christie?

Fed index ranks Wisconsin 49th in economic outlook

Gallup vs. Obama's internals.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 6, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- Creature Features

Prosecutors Push for 'Kill Switch' to Prevent Smartphone Thefts.

The Last Word w/Lawrence O'D. Word is the word.

Russian communities clean up oil spill as company does nothing

Asking for vibes for my dad. He is very feeble. I hope he improves in the next

"Boston bombing survivor meets woman she says saved her life"

Been using Yahoo news as my home page for years, i've had it with the ignorant and angry RW comments

Do It Yourself Hint # 2-

No room for the Gipper in today's GOP

I just had another "WTF?" moment...

JPMorgan’s Alabama Debacle Set to Cost Bank $1.6 Billion

The lounge could always use some sweetener:

Al Gore calls Obama administration’s collection of phone records ‘obscenely outrageous’

I was looking for the exit, but his steely blue eyes saw right through me.

Man gets DUI despite documented 0.000 blood alcohol content level


Houston-11 Baltimore-7

House passes amendment to block huge hikes in flood insurance premiums

Wasting food is like stealing from the poor, pope says

Louisiana House and Senate reach budget compromise; Jindal says he will sign off on plan

When protesters go too far

Jay Carney Schools Fox's Ed Henry For "Misrepresenting The Facts"

RNC selects Facebook engineer as chief technology officer

This whole Michelle Obama thing is ironic - remember Eartha Kitt?

how mr bu$h dealt with hecklers....

Shreveport man, 31, accused of egging neighbor's home

Yesterday I read heckler Sturtz said she had not planned to heckle - looks like that was not true...

Obama taps Irish immigrant for United Nations ambassador.

Fire at Frager's Hardware in Capitol Hill

I came across a set of keys on a lanyard. They were

Chapulation Song- We'll be Watching You

The future is in our hands. But it's slowly slipping out from between our fingers.

Or I may simply be a single drop of rain. But I will remain

Thanks Pengillian, am I the only one who has never heard of spoons

PCCC launches petition calling on Congress to investigate NSA spying

The Newsroom - Scene deleted from Season 1

The Newsroom back July 14 - scene deleted from last season

World’s largest study on gay parents finds the kids are more than all right

Village runs out of water due to drought

Rude America

NSA Is Collecting Phone Records Of Millions Of Verizon Customers Under Secret Court Order

The ongoing reaction to the protest...

N.C. House panel keeps fracking moratorium

Dept. of Homeland Security: Laptops, Phones Can Be Searched Based on Hunches

Some state agency chiefs get hefty raises

NSA order was signed by a Reagan-appointed judge

Who should be allowed to use ladies' restrooms?

Chris Christie and Michelle Obama, why are they treated differently ?

Transcript: June 4th White House Press Room remarks regarding ENDA

Unpublished novel by Pearl S. Buck turns up in Fort Worth storage unit

I think we need a bigger Lounge.

Best things in life are free: studying medicine in Cuba

Our cultural heritage should not be for sale. Sign the petition to save Detroit Institute of Arts

Nine Dashed-Off Points on the NSA

Al Gore Calls Obama Administration’s Collection of Phone Records ‘Obscenely Outrageous’

Tree eating a Fence

About 450 garment workers fall ill in Bangladesh; factory's water supply suspected

You Just Can't Win With These People

Sad songs? Happy songs?

Godzilla BBC Documentary

John McCain: ‘I’ll make every effort’ to work with Susan Rice

star wars as pulp fiction books

Transcript: June 4th White House Press Room remarks regarding ENDA

My Assessment of the Michelle Obama / Protester Issue


Stewart Lambastes Christie Over Special Election: ‘Self-Serving, Corrupt Abuse Of Power… I Miss NJ..

Ron Wyden tried to warn us in 2011.

Carney Snipes at ‘News Outlets Who Persist In Misrepresenting Facts’ In Exchange w/ Fox’s Ed Henry

Kirk Douglas: America's Cowboy Days Are Over

TX police officer arrested for animal cruelty after shooting cat with arrow

I owe Geico/ their commercial writers a thank you.

Congress (both the House and Senate) needs a new rule about NOT calling the President a liar

TYT: Are You Bradley Manning Too?

Frank Lautenberg funeral: Eulogies recall 'a man for his time'

Bilderberg 2013: welcome to 1984

Great Piece Tonight on The Last Word in Rewrite Segment

Looking for a webmail provider that is not constantly fucking with the inbox format

I know Protestants

GOP Expanding Outrage Manufacturing Operations Overseas

The Korean Pageant Contestants Who Look Insanely Similar Finally Competed

Ryan Winther breaks simulator during School of Golf

What else do they want to know? When will it end?

Late Breaking News is offline - again.

Talmud studies to be offered to girls too......

what happened to LBN - again ?

June 6: National Applesauce Cake Day

Busy, busy, busy.

"Oh, it must be so nice to be a landscaper!"

How Come It's Not Terrorism When a White Guy from the South Does It?

Let's say that I want to cut out wheat bread and whole wheat flour

Dwarf Fortress succession game.

How the Chinese Exploited the Shady Relationship Between US Spymasters and Google

Gaza MP: Hamas should give up authority

Virginia GOP Candidate E.W. Jackson Says Yoga Will Make Satan Possess You

Are Conservatives Easier to Manipulate?

Who wants to go drink and pogo?

Morning No Joe.

An insider's opinion of the building collapse in Philly...

June 6: A record

The Republican Party loss among young voters goes way beyond ‘rebranding’

Syria conflict: Rebels take Golan Heights crossing

Republican pushes ‘license to bully’ gay and lesbian service members

Who broke the news ? /nt

Nutrition 'must be a global priority', say researchers

Dept. of Homeland Security: Laptops, Phones Can Be Searched Based on Hunches

Did Backlash Prompt Komen’s Cancellations?

Life Before Marriage: Why You're Not An Adult Until You Tie The Knot

Crazy Teahadist EW Jackson on Yoga and Satan

America's Cowboy Days Are Over - Kirk Douglas

This illegal act could result in losing your home, your assets, incarceration and/or civil liability

The Race for What’s Left

Methane leaks could negate climate benefits of US natural gas boom: report

US ultra-conservatives target carbon tax in online advertising campaign

NSA-Verizon Surveillance: Welcome to the United States of Total Information Awareness

Is President Obama secretly an atheist, who fakes being a Christian for political reasons?

Salmonella recall; single-serve reduced-sugar Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Reuters: Senior Obama Official Acknowledges Collection of Information; Will Be Leak Probe

The Business of Standing in Line

How long have you assumed your phone line's were insecure?

BP to pump $1 billion into its Alaska drilling efforts

White House Defends NSA Collection Of Phone Records

Obama pledged investigation of Alleged Taliban Prisoner Massacre by US-Backed Afghan Warlords; Where

Syria conflict: Army 'retakes Golan Heights crossing'

Woke up this morning to find out the Government has my phone records...

The Obama climate move that nobody noticed

Will NJ Special Election Hurt Chris Christie?

What's all the drama about Verizon giving info to the NSA?

Will Ohio Be Fracking's Radioactive Dumping Ground?

Ninety Cents Buys Safety on $22 Jeans in Bangladesh

Michael Ratner: When Truth Becomes an Enemy of the State: Bradley Manning on Trial

John McCain Advises Women Not to Join the Military

I'm sorry.. Haven't we known about all this telecom spying for years?

I Love Mike Luckovich

White House Defends NSA Collection Of Phone Records

We all live on a heavy submarine....

Two twenty something guys in a parking lot

Amazing pics of the flooding in Central Europe (pic heavy)

EU watchdog maps out anti-rigging rules for Libor

I believe this sister deserves our support.

Insight - Russia's Syria diplomacy, a game of smoke and mirrors

$1 Trillion Debt Crushes Business Dreams of U.S. Students

RTE Sells ‘Genealogy Roadshow’ Format Rights to PBS for US Remake

Another possible reason they want to shut down the USPS -- surveillance

Rice Wholesaler Knew About Cadmium Contamination Since 2002; Hunan Rice Markets Collapse

Neanderthal clues to cancer origins

Shocking Monsanto Disclosure: Transgenic Wheat In Oregon Was Either Accidental Or Deliberate

CNN reporting mortgage rates "jumping" to 4%!

Al-Qaida leader calls on Sunnis to fight in Syria

Turkey's resistance image forged as pepper spray burns woman in red dress

Toronto: Eglinton Crosstown (LRT) crews launch giant tunneling machine

The Media and the GOP

Pulitzer Prize photograph, "Kiss of Life"

Twenty dollars and eighty nine cents

Paul Rand and his claims on the Affordable Healthcare Act

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 -Military Abuse

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Republicans

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Court

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- the rest

More Layoffs Ahead At Cheap Channel...

Only 516 More Days of Scandal Mongering till the next election

New healthcare model cut even more costs in year two: insurer

Big Brother is Big

Paul Kingsnorth - Empire Of The Ape (Dark Mountain)

Our bees died this winter. It seems that many of the bees up here in NE MN did. What is our

Sequestration Nation - What "Responsible" Budgeting Does To Weather, USGS, Wildfire Protection, More

Mrs. V. is in pain.

The Latest NSA Tracking Devices

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 6, 1968

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 6, 1968

Papantonio: Who Owns Our Democracy?

The old "if you're not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about" meme....

Obama Administration Defends NSA Collection Of Phone Records

Don't Keep These Grandmas From Being Equal

PPP: Dem Peters leads all Reps in Michigan Senate Race

International team strengthens Big Bang Theory

A post Hilary National Security Team

Of CEOs, Bathrooms and The Great American Chasm . . .

Go over to the old DU and say "hello" to the few hangers on...

Crossroads of History Moment...Insiders Leaking (or getting ready to leak)...Plumbers setting up....

Can I get Verizon to do the obviously right thing?

Mass. pair sues New York Post over Marathon bombing portrayal

‘PM who takes things personally’: Erdogan to demolish park despite protests

45 years after RFK died, still poverty, plenty and a call to justice

Couple Employed By NYPD Found Dead In Queens In Apparent Murder-Suicide

Dear Repukes and Tea Party types...We've been outraged about this since 2001...

Temporal cloak erases data from history

Rachel Maddow - Papers probe of McDonnell mail finds aides sounding concern

Why Bradley Manning deserves to rot in prison

Crazy is as crazy was. Please come CAPTION the Rethug candidate for Lt. Gov. of VA!!!!

Is it racist to criticize the President?

69 years ago today, my late FIL joined thousands on Omaha Beach

Mass Incarceration USA: How a Broken System Perpetuates Itself

Good Samaritans save a deer in a river

Turkey's Erdoğan gets brutal on protests in Istanbul's Gezi Park

Weekly Initial Unemployment Claims decline to 346,000

The Last Word - The Bible justifies cutting food stamps?

Anti-frackers still hoping for moratorium

Turkey: Gezi Park occupation holds fast

Hecklers Disrupt Muslim Group’s Event In Tennessee

Why Michelle Obama got heckled

"And Congressman Markey,” Gomez said, “after 37 years in DC, welcome back to Boston.”

6 June 1944: Scotty at Juno Beach

Turkey: Protesters camp out in Gezi Park

D-Day and the words of war

Will the REAL MFM update please stand up?

If you're OK with revelations of NSA snooping, you're part of the problem

In Regard to Media Censorship and Police Terror in Turkey

Assange no concern of ours, says Carr

Protesters Shake Up North Carolina Legislature with Moral Monday Demonstrations

Who's Tracking Whom? Information Age Realities.

Israeli tanks move to Golan Heights' border

22 Maps That Show How Americans Speak English Totally Differently From Each Other

Abortion doctor murderer makes threats against his replacement in Wichita...

What You Should Know About The Government’s Massive Domestic Surveillance Program

Hana no Na ~Bump of Chicken

Apartments available in Socialist City, Caribia near Caracas

The corporations track our every move on our computers and smart phones

NY attorney general to require political groups to disclose 'dark money' donors, spending

Snoop Doggy Dogg, no excuses time to go

Restaurant bans kids under 18, saying parents need a 'break'

Men forcing women to become pregnant against their will...

World War II and the '80s campaign against the Mafia were big wins for electronic surveillance

Question about girl denied lung transplant. Does the deniel have anything to do with Obama

ACLU Calls for End to Program, Disclosure of Program’s Scope, Congressional Investigation

Bill Hicks (1961-1994)

I think I'm going to go buy a burner or 3. I don't use that many minutes.

After running all US business into the ground, now they want to sell American Made

Corbett to sign bill banning abortion coverage in Obamacare exchanges

Elon Musk gets emotional over dealers' "perversion of democracy"

Democratic Sen. Merkley: NSA Committing ‘Outrageous Breach’ Of Privacy

Colbert: Monsanto’s ‘zombie wheat’ is ‘return of the walking bread’

Graham: I’m ‘Glad’ Verizon Gave My Records To The NSA...

GOP Sen. Graham says he’s ‘glad’ NSA is collecting phone records

On heckling, Obama, and circular firing squads

Do most new cars nowadays have a rearview camera? nt

This guy makes THIS art with Excel...what's your excuse?


Can a Man get some privacy.

E.W. Jackson, Virginia Lieutenant Governor Candidate, Says Yoga May Result In Satanic Possession

Kochs spend $175G for online ads in first wave of attack on climate action

Hey, lets not turn into "them"

Can someone clarify a point about the NSA story?

2% of all American energy is used for production of wasted food

Lawmakers to Vote on Hemp Amendment to Farm Bill

Who are Cuba’s Dissidents Addressing?

NRCC: NSA Collecting Phone Records Amounts To Another Obama Scandal

For second time, Palestinians from Syria torch Hezbollah aid

Every time any gay person confronts the Obamas, all gay people will be called racists.

Middle Class Jobs, Income Quickly Disappearing (with some depressingly eye-popping charts)

Former drone operator says he's haunted by his part in more than 1,600 deaths

I wonder what the Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld etc. were doing all those months

Glenn Greenwald is my hero

Look how tiny Bradley Manning is, physically.

Crochet/knitting newbie question:

Former drone operator says he's haunted by his part in more than 1,600 deaths

Anthony Weiner Gets Into Shouting Match in First Confrontation Over Sexting Scandal


OH MY GODS! The NSA is snooping on phone calls!

D-Day 69 years ago today .... They were the greatest generation. We owe them so much.

Billy Graham's Oklahoma 'Rapid Response Team' preys on fears of victims to gain new converts

Info on the canine heart worm medication Trifexis

PeoplExpress signs deal to get off the ground

If polygamy can empower women, why not legalize it?

One-year-old lawsuit against Strava dismissed

Wish I was in New York City this week.........

Running on a track is boring. Run like a proton at Fermilab’s new playground!!

Lindsey Graham, Ari Fleischer, Saxby Chambliss defend Obama

"If the government has been monitoring my phone conversations, by God,

Good morning Loungers!

The Statue Experiment

All heart.

"The Choice for the Working Class Will Certainly Be Created"

Democratic Senator Defends Phone Spying, And Says It's Been Going On For 7 Years

Turkish Protests Are About Democracy, Not Religion

Court of Appeals asked to weigh in on N.Y. fracking ban cases

If you could only know how many righties I have smacked down in the past few weeks...

Interesting article here, comparing right-wingers to the insane.

NSA Whistleblowers: "All U.S. Citizens" Targeted By Surveillance Program = Democracy Now

NBA Coach of the Year fired

Beware of anti-abortion "Crisis Pregnancy Centers." They abuse women when they're most vulnerable.

Thom Hartmann: We could be witnessing a new global plague - are we ready?

Family of girl needing lung transplant 'excited' by ruling

German court grants gay unions marriage tax breaks

Received this from the White House this a.m.

NSA Whistleblowers: "All U.S. Citizens" Targeted By Surveillance Program, Not Just Verizon Customers

Democrats Are in Good Shape in Michigan Senate Race

the fake NSA scandal is just a diversion from the REAL scandal

Mass. lawmakers plan series of gun bill hearings (60 bills!)

Cuba Offers Lessons on Community, Preservation (w/fixed link)

More gun restrictions for domestic abusers now law (Colorado)

"a dozen reporters in Zephyrhills were camped outside MacKenzie's gray duplex"

Most Americans see gay marriage as inevitable: survey

Saudi Arabia Bans Messaging App, Skype May Be Next

Lindsey Graham ‘glad’ NSA collecting phone records

Any psychologists, etc., here, what would you say was Glenn Close's character in FATAL ATTRACTION's

Facebook cofounder Sean Parker illegally damages redwood forest for fantasy Game of Thrones wedding

Pic Of The Moment: NSA Collecting Phone Records Of Millions Of Americans Daily

Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes

These Bush policies and these Bush appointees

Poetic justice: The Sharks will now play in the SAP Center

"I found a boy curled up in the fetal position with a red dot on his back."

After 237 years we're becoming a colony again.

Runner Unaware Of Her Pregnancy Gives Birth Midway Through Race

Canadian gov't buys $16m in ads to greenwash tar sands - so we spoofed it!

FBI and Microsoft take down $500m-theft botnet Citadel

Michelle Obama Confronts Heckler At Fundraising Event (VIDEO)

New York City's "Evil Elmo" Arrested For Girl Scout Extortion Plot

Texas Says It's OK to Shoot an Escort If She Won't Have Sex With You

Curb Your Enthusiasm Come To Life: NY Restaurant Accidentally Serves Kid Mimosas

The REAL SCANDAL behind the IRS Star Trek video!!

Australian Man's Beer Fridge Malfunctions, Knocks Out Cell Phone Tower

I missed this one at the theater

So Cal High School Prank Finds 100+ School Doors Glued Shut

Only In Florida: Naked Marriage Proposal

How Many Have Read the DU Terms of Service?

San Jose Woman Famous For Serving Finger In Wendy's Chili Heading Back To Prison

Significant storm damage in Lubbock--80 mph winds

Let's see where everyone really stands on Bradley Manning...

Gallup Reports Decline in Payroll-to-Population Employment Rate

Since people here don't even know what a CDR is...

A relevant post from July of 2007...

3/4 of PA. School Districts Cutting Back on Instructional Programs Again This Year

Mitt Romney to CNN: Rice appointment ‘disappointing’. only CNN would give 2 shits....

Woman Who Let Powerball Winner Go Ahead of Her Has No Regrets

How is it that Obama can make an unequivocal first-day apology about the IRS

If Michelle Obama was giving an impassioned speech in support of GLBT rights

Agreement on high wages for Hinkley Point nuclear construction staff hailed (UK)

Many people saw warning signs before Phila. building collapse (Phil. Daily News)

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday June 6th

$1 Trillion Debt Crushes Business Dreams of U.S. Students

Potential for rooftop photovoltaics in Tokyo to replace nuclear capacity

I have more faith in a cold boot than a warm boot to clear up computer glitches.

Putin Endorses Permanent Russian Navy Presence in Mediterranean

Quick! Take something that has happened continuously for 7 years and blame it on Obama on 6/6/13!

No Mas Mierda del Perro !!!!

Oklahoma TV weatherman ( Mike Morgan) vilified for tornado advice

Syria Hails Qusair Capture as Foreshadowing Rebel Defeat

Swimming Champion, Movie Star Esther Williams Dies

Erdogan Defies Turkey Protesters Saying Minority Can’t Rule

Christie Prepares to Name Senator as Candidates Line Up

Monsanto Protection Act may be in trouble


Republicans admit Bush was doing the same when it came to phone snooping..

Columnist Urges PA. Dem. Legislators to Show Some Backbone (in return for their gas tax votes)

Thom Hartmann: Time for a new 'New Deal'

When is this ever going to stop...!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Stabenow, Monsanto Protection Act may be in trouble

Obama Returns To Tar Heel State, The One That Got Away

Gallup Reports Decline in Payroll-to-Population Employment Rate

Genius Mitch McConnell reports Obamacare abolished low student loan rates

Does anyone think that these phone record grabs keep us safer?

Nissim Yeshaya, Israeli Judge, Says 'Some Girls Enjoy Being Raped,' Resigns Amid Outcry

[SPOILERS] 'Game Of Thrones' Red Wedding Based On Real Historical Events: The Black Dinner And Glenc

I've been telling anyone who listens, TMobile spies for half the cost.

Debbie Stabenow Pledges To Oppose Monsanto Protection Act Extension Without Full Debate

Spying on the press, data collection from citizenry, persecution or pot users, drones over the US

Cubans Say Prices Too High at New Internet Centers

Sweating Obama Admits Drone Strikes Have Been Happening On Their Own

George Zimmerman wants ‘inflammatory terms’ banned from trial

Lindsey Graham 'Glad' NSA Gathering Phone Records.

Technicolor star Esther Williams dies at age 91

Arrested Development, Season 4. Who's seen it? (Bonus: post a picture of a "hot mess")

Angry Birds, Angry People

Is his continuance of the Bush spying program enough reason for Holder to step down?

Great Teacher Onizuka (jdorama)

Christie expected to name Lautenberg successor

High Court Ruling: Germany Grants Tax Equality to Gay Couples

xpost: Amazing pics of the flooding in Central Europe

Parents Claim Fresno Cops Drowned Their Son

Canadian City Apologizes For Spreading Chicken Crap On Streets To Get Rid Of Homeless

From the Anti-Rape Bra to Chastity Belts: How Women Use Clothing for Protection

Facebook post about hungry child gets school bus driver fired

FLASHBACK to 2011: Obama Signs Patriot Act Extension

Dumb Criminals: UK Man Steals Grass From Park And Uses In Own Lawn

Verizon Customers Likely Can't Escape NSA Surveillance

the word thug being used to describe the Obamas

Question aboutthe ACA: What is the minimum amount of income that starts payments?

Christie's pick says.."These issues are new to me'; 'I'm registered Republican'

Hallelujuh !

Colorado Train Passengers Greeted By Nudists

I can donate my walker to goodwill now.

Your Permanent Record: How NSA (and Others) Have Been Spying on Everyone

Andrea Intensifies to a 60 mph Tropical Storm, Spawns 5 Tornadoes in Florida

The sad reality is that there are terrorists that want to kill us. There is a threat out there.

BREAKING NEWS: Gov. Peter Shumlin signed a bill- Vermont the 17th state to decriminalize mj

There’s Not Much That’s Funnier Than a repugican Confronted With Facts

May 2013 Atmospheric CO2 Concentration 399.89 ppm; May 2012 396.87; May 2011 394.29

The nutjobs strike again! "What has happened to our great country?" LTTE in the local paper.

Republicans Refuse to Investigate the Illegal Activities of the Kochs and John Boehner

A letter from President Obama to Verizon customers. Intercepted and presented by Andy Borowitz

NSA has massive database of Americans' phone calls

MP Rathgeber refuses to be 'cheerleader' and quits Tory caucus

That is the opposite of hope, no? Merely wanting to be led by people who won't harm us?

Why isn't anyone going after Verizon? They are the real ones at fault...

Vilsack To Farmers, Ranchers, Foresters: Begin To Work Now To Prepare For Destabilized Climate

Lost Egyptian City Revealed After 1,200 Years Under Sea

Teacher duct-taped Judson ISD student to chair

Australian man claims he is Jesus Christ reincarnated, garners followers

Garrett County sheriff joins gun control law revolt

Rupert Rag NY Compost Sued for Libel over "Bombing Bag Men" Story

Question: if climate change is detected in the long term, is the weather changing in the short term?

Hezbollah don't take no mess

Russia's Vladimir Putin says his marriage is over

Turkish police arrest 25 people for using social media to call for protest

I just stopped a scam.......


Answer honestly: Did you think the phone monitoring would end when Obama was elected?

Our freedoms, our Constitutional rights, are under attack by

The Rude Pundit: NSA Phone Record Collecting and the Melancholy of Living in the Future (Updated)

Middle Class Jobs, Income Quickly Disappearing (with some depressingly eye-popping charts)

North Carolina Repeals Law Allowing Racial Bias Claim in Death Penalty Challenges

Miss World bans swimwear portion at 2013 competition (to avoid offending Muslims)

Ari Fleischer supports Obama's phone-spying program, says Obama is "carrying out Bush's 4th term"

Dallas 911 Operator Fired for Racist Facebook Tirades

Introducing Huggies TweetPee! A smart phone app that tells you when to change a diaper

Plan to deny women prenatal care deals double blow to reproductive health care in NC

A short break from the insanity

Democracy: The Only Threat to the TPP

First Gay Couple Issued Marriage License in Minnesota

Bill would make annoying a cop a crime

‘Fox & Friends’ suddenly against wiretapping they supported under Bush

What terrorist in the world is now going to use his Verizon phone

Timeless words from RFK on the dangers of using GNP as a measure of success (1968)

New Senator Supports Program To Take ‘Lethal Weapons Out Of Circulation,’ Opposes Death Penalty

Re:Collection of data by USG, there is something that is much more invasive than phone meta data.

If you have a moment support this cause today.

Report: Texans Are Astonishingly Bad at Making Friends, Caring About Stuff

Man donates $30K in retirement savings to speak to Obama about EVs; gets bumped off guest list

Do you believe that if you haven't done anything wrong, you have nothing to fear from wiretapping?

Redskins' RG3 Says He'll Be Ready for July Camp.

He who has the biggest sign wins.

What should have been, but never will be...

Why did Bradley manning release the names of Chinese dissidents who had contacted the US Embassy?

Gov. Chris Christie appoints New Jersey attorney general to fill U.S. Senate seat

TX Comptroller Susan Combs removes mention of gays from her website

TX Comptroller Susan Combs removes mention of gays from her website

from John Delaney:

The Bush Cheney gang won!!

Wisconsin GOP Tosses Out Investigative Reporting

Jefferson Airplane drummer Joey Covington dies

Actually, they seem to be collecting CORPORATE phone records

My view "Now" on eavesdropping is the same as it was "Then"

PA. Treasurer Refuses to Approve $3.5 Million in State Payments for No-Bid Website Work

Best argument I've seen for warrentless wiretaps, extrajudicial assassinations, etc...

Gohmert: Freedom of the press is ‘granted in the Second Amendment’

The IRS (and government workers) are people too


Sometimes the 'Rec' button makes me feel dirty.

Democracy Now!: Trans-Pacific Partnership Expands Corporate Lawsuits Against Nations for Lost Profit

On the Beach in Tel Aviv

Just diagnosed with spinal arthritis. Anyone have some experience dealing with the back pain?

Corbett's Budget is Cutting Staffing of Attorney General's Office

Holy Shite Gatlin just beat Bolt


TCM Schedule for Friday, June 7, 2013 -- Friday Night Spotlight: Noir Writers

Suspect in Lone Star campus shooting once again fugitive (updated)

I've thought about the "heckler" and Mrs. Obama for a couple of days

Get used to killer heat waves, CDC warns

Verizon Case Offers Glimpse of Vast N.S.A. Surveillance

My sister who is not political junkie told me yesterday that 2014 will be a blood bath

Which most closely represents your attitude about the NSA phone log revelation?

"I'm from the Elizabeth Warren Wing of the Democratic Party

I just cancelled my Verizon cell phone.

Verizon's Share Everything Plan

Allegations of Racism, Discrimination in Texas Parks Department

Teacher Invited to Come to Corbett's Press Conference, & then Kicked Out for Having an Opinion

Obama sponsored bill that would have made Verizon order illegal

After blast, West fights to keep its residents

Americans blame 'government welfare' for persistent poverty, poll finds

Wait for it....

I just had to post this for those of you following, Brad's email about Kate's passing...

Give it up for the original jaw-dropper. Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!!

Dayum, there's an app for that

Feinstein calls it "protecting Americans" My wife calls it B.S.

Good Light

So, the reports are that's it Meta . . . .

Use of Antigay Slurs Soars on Twitter

Rape And Sexual Assault Run Rampant In Juvenile Justice System: Justice Department Survey

UK to expect more colonial-era compensation claims

Mexican army rescues 165 abductees at border

America's Surveillance State: Anger Swells After Data Revelations

The news over the past months has been remarkable - and so, a poll....

Mass displacement continues in Cali’s violent southeast

No, the PATRIOT Act did not permit the NSA blanket record collection

Chicago 9-Year-Old Boy Shot In Chest: ‘Mommy, I’m Shot’

Who the fuck am I going to root for if I move to Ohio??

Game of Thrones question

House Republicans Booed As They Vote To Deport DREAMers

Anti-Gay Oregon Bakers: Some 'Sins' Are Worse Than Others

"When you think of us, think Garbage!"

Study: Blacks 9 Times More Likely Than Whites To Be Arrested For Pot In NYC

Freedom to Work

Greenwood researchers discover reaction in autism cells

Will College Get you a Job?

Judge Tosses Corbett’s Lawsuit Against NCAA

Rand Paul: Obama's on the Ropes.

French Activist Left Brain-dead After Attack

Chinese company to get Nicaragua canal concession

World’s Oldest Cancer Found in Bone of 120,000 Year-Old Neanderthal

Gasland 2 Review

Police: Life-coach radio hosts commit suicide together

ACLU Wants Me To Help This Petition Take Wings

Gasland 2 Review

FBI hid information about additional 9/11 conspirators (Saudis)

Dumb Criminals: Guy Sick Of House Arrest Decides Jail Would Be Better

After 10-mile run, woman gives birth to surprise baby

Is the Government Also Monitoring the CONTENT of Our Phone Calls?

The linguistic war over 'derp'

Paris skinheads leave far-left activist brain-dead

I've Had My Moments

Scientists Claim That Sperm Is A Super Food For Squid

G.O.P. Bill on Schools Would Set Fewer Rules

For the Republican opportunists, Bush actually spied on people.

Noam Chomsky: Guilty in Guatemala

Guilty in Guatemala

The untouchables: N.Y. bill would make annoying police a felony

Anthony Weiner Gets Into Shouting Match in First Confrontation Over Sexting Scandal

The real obscenity of the War on Terror is the money being stolen

Killer of Kansas abortion doctor disciplined in prison for comments

Mapped: How Did Jason Smith Win Tuesday's Special Election?

Wish Fresh Momentum, Syrian Regime Turns Sights On Densely Populated Heartland

Gargoyle Statue's Penis Freaks Out Residents In Arizona Neighborhood

Stridently anti-LGBT candidate announces run for Bachmann seat

You want to protect us? Stop starting wars, stop bombing people in other countries

The Tea Party hates Jan Brewer now

House votes to resume deporting young immigrants

Ohio Senate passes budget bill with anti-abortion measures

Feinstein Defends & (the) Obama Administration Confirms Massive Surveillance Program...

Papantonio: The Case Made For Medicinal Marijuana

450 Garment Factory Workers Fall Ill in Bangladesh

How Wall St. Bailed Out the Nazis

Canada charges Nestlé and Mars with price-fixing

Excellent pharmacy/skin care blog. I was looking for info about sunscreen expiration dates.

Guys, my mobile view went all wonky half way into today - FIXED.

Amnesty urges Hague to put human rights before trade in talks with Colombia

NYT Editorial Board Slams Obama On Tracking: ‘Administration Has Now Lost All Credibility’

Here is Di Feinstein's response to NSA phone captures

The Amish Are Getting Fracked: Their religion prohibits lawsuits & the energy companies know it

Rick Scott says Obama's sequester is affecting training for the FLorida National

The most epic FAKED photobomb (finish your drink first)

At World's End and Back Again

Chocolate firms Nestle and Mars accused of price-fixing (BBC)

PM's former chief of staff controlled secret Tory fund

Two men suing New York Post for falsely portraying them as Boston bombing suspects

Ghana arrests Chinese for 'illegal mining' (BBC)

In case you forgot, yes, Romney is still a tool.

Putin announces permanent navy presence in Mediterranean to protect Russia’s security

U.S. Intelligence Mining Data from Nine U.S. Internet Companies in Broad Secret Program

NSA Building $860 Million Data Center in Maryland're sitting in a big jackpot lottery tix line...

PM's former chief of staff controlled secret Tory fund

Does anyone else wach NHK World?

President Obama’s Dragnet (New York Times Editorial)

Huffpo cover proclaims: GEORGE W. OBAMA did 'the guardian', a british newspaper, get the top secret court order on verizon/nsa?

WaPo: Government Surveillance Program Data Mining Major Tech Companies

I have noticed on Facebook..........

AI For Intel: Incremental Advances But No 'Big Brain'

Costco may be the happiest company on Earth

What did the five fingers say?

Ten injured in shotgun blast at gun show

The way I understand it...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 7 June 2013

Stop the "Hunting of Democrats"

BIG STORY from WaPo: Government secretly mining data from Internet corps. UPDATE: Companies deny.

The Sopranos teach on how to defraud the government.

Philly building collapse: Contractor has criminal record; owner once dubbed ‘porn king’

Put Allen West on Michael Savage's show...

Listening to Young Atheists: Lessons for a Stronger Christianity

Fox News is spoon-fed a scandal — and blows it - By Alex Seitz-Wald for

Bernie Sanders: U.S. Spies on Americans


Religious leaders welcome FBI hate crimes reporting

Have some unusual 'family names' for foods? Sop-Eggs

Court Rulings OK Five-Borough Taxi Plan, Street Hail App

A pig's orgasm lasts for 30 minutes.

Senate blocks bills to stop student loan rates doubling

Chinese hacked Obama, McCain campaigns. TIME TO DUMP ELECTRONIC VOTING.

Beau Biden~Keeping our Children Safe.

For those of you on Netflix streaming,...

Esther Williams dead at 91.

Elizabeth Warren Insurance Deregulation Amendment Raises Federal Standard For Agents

Nicaragua gives Chinese firm contract to build alternative to Panama Canal

Guantánamo Bay hunger strike: quarter of inmates now being force-fed

Unknown dead buried with reverence at Catholic cemetery

The 4 Types of People on Welfare Nobody Talks About

New Scorpion Species Adds to the Remarkable Biodiversity of the Ecuadorian Andes

All of this NSA news today seemed eerily familiar.

The fate of military dogs - did anyone know about this?

NSA Collection Of Verizon Phone Records Defended By Top Senators

9/11 Conspiracy Solved - Names, Connections, & Details Exposed...

How birds lost their penises

Damn the Obama's and their ignoring the needs of LGBT community

DW Journal

MST3K fans! Episodes that are on the net web site!

What is Connect Ed?

Useful ads.

Second rabid skunk found in Greeley

Ah I need help again...remember when they were going to create an office

Forget bloviators, commenters, and contributors on news magazine about do you boil your eggs?

Is something funky with Jury duty?


Hypocritical Republicans Have An Obamacare Problem: they love Obamacare

Please think about your "reasonable expectation of privacy"

OMG Grey Warrior.. Have you seen this?

Jordan threatens to expel Syrian envoy over missile comments

Since May 2011, Obama, and not Bush, has been 100% responsible for Patriot Act phone data-mining

"Pig's orgasm" is the Lounge phrase of the day. Go!

Union leader: we warned city about shoddy non-union construction (Philly building collapse)

NSA caveat

Ladies and gentlemen, Froggy Fresh.

Mitt Romney Blames The IRS and Hurricane Sandy For His Loss to Obama

NAACP National Labor Relations Board Ad

NRC Issues Order Designating 10 Facilities Eligible for Weapons Pre-Emption Authority

A possible solution to the NSA meta-data storage problem...

Instead of gold or silver, I found real treasure today

About that Texas prostitute shooting verdict? The jury correctly applied Texas's law.

Claudio Montuori 'Birdman' in Lisbon, Portugal

I know one day we will realize that it's not about our pet issues.

I just have to say this. I still prefer President Obama to any damn republican.

BREAKING: Philadelphia Building Trades Union Alerted Inspections Office to Center City’s Dangers

Just what is going on with all of the surveillance in this nation. Do we really

Mrs. Obama was a client of mine in the '90s and

Useful ads (Cross-post from the Lounge)

I just left the Democratic party over NSA spying

So how does everyone feel about impeachment?

Texas plastic surgery center settles charges of unlawful firings and retaliation

Cesar: Love Them Back - 2013 Advert

Senate Rejects Student Loan Proposals As Borrowers Await Relief

More than 2,400 same-sex couples have married in Wash. since law took effect

LIVE RADIO: Move To Amend Reports every Thursday at 7PM Central.

New York High School's Yearbook Accidentally Identifies Student As "Creepy Smile Kid".

David Koch was busted for domestic abuse!

The most incredible video you'll watch today

Let Me At IT !!

The Difference between Fox News and the other Cable News teams, in one simple Graphic

Silly, but urgent, question about ziti and mac&cheese......