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Dept. of Homeland Security: Laptops, Phones Can Be Searched Based on Hunches

I just bought a new Lenovo Windows 7 ThinkPad.

I'm STILL pissed about the Red Wedding

I Cast PRISMatic Sphere On All The Things

I think we can see now how they stopped the Boston marathon bombing plot.

Everybody in DC Except Rand Paul Knew About ‘Verizongate’

Time to soap the old ferret.

A link to how "PRISM" works?

Have you noticed this on the DU FRONT PAGE!

Ohio Man Accuses Aliens Of Stealing His Car

D-Day 1944

Before you Clutch your Pearls

On the "government snooping" ... wasn't that what we "liberals" and the ACLU were warning


For the 80's-90's basketball fans...what were your favorite Jordan shoes?

Verizon's Stock Rises

Seriously, someone please give me the skinny.

Adjusting to the brave new world

Are TED books available in pdf format? nm

NSA Whistleblower warned us last year...not many listened

Pfc Bradley Manning Must Be Pilloried to Maintain the USofA’s Authoritarian Rule

Deja DU from Jun-23-08: AT&T & NSA are Spying On ALL Internet Traffic

Verizon Stock Was Dow's Best-Performing Ticker Thursday, Despite Negative Press

Yes We Can

A couple of reasons you should be terrified of the surveillance state

blogger whines about cops being as limited in personal firearms as other MA residents

Josh Romney not ruling out run for office in Utah

Atomic Bomb Residue Confirms Adults Make New Brain Cells

Dear God, will someone please...

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Can You Hear Me Now? & a new Kitteh gif

Huffington post headline, George w Obama. They never miss an opportunity to slam the president

Glenn Beck says he regrets dividing people

Luckovich Toon: Surveillance State

Harper welcomes MP Goldring back to Tory caucus after acquittal

Unbelievable....Ted Cruz wants to abolish the IRS

Doctor, Guide Rescue Baby Moose

Ken Caldeira: "I have repeatedly asked John Nissen to remove my name from AMEG website"

Elizabeth Warren Insurance Deregulation Amendment Raises Federal Standard For Agents

Jury Acquits Man for Murder of Escort Who Refused Sex

I am really happy to hear that the politicians are going to be opening their phone records to us

Anyone ever faux aged a mirror?

Well, that's it. Obama's lost my vote.

Today I called Anthem B.C. to tell them.....

Introducing a new dog to a 2-cat household

Author of Patriot Act: FBI’s FISA Order is Abuse of Patriot Act

4 year-old brings dad's LOADED handgun to DAYCARE.

Exclusive: Leader of Anonymous Steubenville Op on Being Raided by the FBI

George Orwell's 1984 (original BBC production)

Are you shocked that all of your communications and Internet activity is monitored?

Here comes Andrea, check her out on the wind map...

Turn me on Han Solo

Rachell Maddow: "...didn't we know they were already doing this stuff?..."

Affirmative Action: Could Class Trump Race?

Internet tax bill dead if this story is correct

Ya Can't Have It Both Ways


Damn, I was a good looking little kid.

Senator Feingold - the lone ‘no’ vote on Patriot Act

Full statement from senior administration official on PRISM revelations:

LAPD Holds Downtown Counterterrorism Drill

Surprise! Minnesota runner's back pain? An unexpected baby

Pearl River Tower - Guangzhou City - one that architects call the most energy-efficient skyscraper.

CodePink Apologizes for “Insensitivity” to “Women of Color”

Rachell Maddow: "...were are all these leaks coming from?..."

On my deck screen

Civil Disobedience on a Turkish Game Show!!!

Internet Companies Deny Offering Government Access to Customer Data

Do you support NSA data mining?

The Fannish Misogyny Fairy

Something else for the Bush Policy was a great thing crowd.

Microsoft,Yahoo,Google,Facebk, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, Apple-Order in which they joined PRISM

If this happened under George Bush, you would be outraged. Be outraged by Barack Obama too!

I have principles...

Monthly inflation at 17-year high in Venezuela

Now that I know google is turning over my searches for the following to the NSA:

"One Nation Under Surveillance"

Extra! Extra! Rich Corp Execs Shut Down the NLRB! Then and Now

Texas lawmakers won't approve Tesla dealerships

Obama Administration On PRISM Program: 'Only Non-U.S. Persons Outside The U.S. Are Targeted' (UPDATE

2 New Mexico workers allege Whole Foods suspended them for speaking Spanish

Internet threads from 40 years in the future.

Guy Fathered 22 With 14 Women

Sheriff Receives Funding for ‘Turn in Your Neighbor’ Crime Prevention Program

We Hate Ourselves for Our Freedoms.

Ortiz hits walk off three run tater to take series from Rangers.

Breaking: Intelligence Chief Declassifies (Some) Phone Data Program Details

I see a lot of people pissed off at the data mining

Living on the edge kills a 2-year old

I need to learn to stop stepping in guano.

Martin Bashir - Boehner outraged at possible government shutdown - that GOP is causing

Two Good Guys to applaud amid the putrid data-mining mess: Sens. Ron Wyden and Mark Udall

Who Was The Only U.S. Senator to Vote Against The "PATRIOT" Act in 2001?

Texas' newest toxic waste dump? Exide prepares for potential bankruptcy filing, reports WSJ

"to those who scare peace-loving people with phantoms of lost liberty, my message is this:

It's difficult to disagree with a "national security" designation.

Every now and then I post this, posting it for someone I know tonight:

Piers Morgan asks Glenn Greenwald about the government's war on privacy

Ya know, I think it's time for a little Satchmo:-

Cough, Cough. 92-88

Breaking News: Giant Depression over ESPN Headquarters

"New North America Viking Voyage Discovered"

BREAKING: Weld, Other Counties Talk Secession (Yes, Really)

Bill O'Reilly gives a mouthpiece to the head of the EDL...

Militarizing Sweden

Am I missing something?

Stop Freaking Out About the NSA

Need you to talk me down...first mammogram came back and they need more tests

"5 Reasons California Went From A $42 Billion Deficit To A Surplus"

Noam Chomsky on a matter of urgency for the children of Fukushima and Miyagi

What have you got to hide?

Police sergeant suspended after loss of cocaine


Medicare Spending Variations Mostly Due To Health Differences, Study Concludes

How common does a 'dense tissue' mammogam happen?


A new look at an old & very serious Lounge conundrum

Freedom for who?

Second Try At A Shield Law Echoes The First

Florida, you're back!

Today I am a published author!

Privacy? Really?

With 47 Million Americans on Food Assistance, Congress Considers Cuts,vote next Monday

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, a Faux Hearing About Alien Encounters

Congressional Performance - 6% Think Congress Doing Good or Excellent Job

Grandbaby #2 is ON THE WAY!! WOO HOO!

NSA's Stellar Wind Project: Building a massive Data Center in Utah..

Neville Longbottom and Sansa Stark?

The United States and China need to overcome mutual misunderstandings. by Wesley Clark

NBA's Collins throws first pitch at Fenway (Park)

Thanks Grandad...

Do you have "Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder"?

Two Lesbians Went to a Macklemore Concert -- and this is what they got

Romney blames hurricane only for hurting his campaign

Since I'm on the "do not call list" why are they not enforcing it??? They admit they know

NSA Spying: Whistleblowers Claim Vindication On Surveillance State Warnings

Exclusive: Leader of Anonymous Steubenville Op on Being Raided by the FBI

I'm with ya fella - the planks on that bridge look a little iffy

... and one suspended - sigh

every Tuesday till trial ends, vigil in MInneapolis for Bradley Manning

I'm serious - Doesn't this look like Howdy Doody?

anyone still up?

"The Story of Film"--originally made for Britain's Channel 4

Washington and the Breakdown of the Colombia-Venezuela-FARC Peace Process

Why is it illegal to "unlock" your phone? NSA?

WikiLeaks Reveals That Military Contractors Have Not Lost Their Taste For Child Prostitutes


Prsident Obama: Secret Atheist...

At least i'm employed....

The Role of Contractors in Military Operations, and More from CRS

UN:countries that engage in bulk, warrantless Internet surveillance are violating their human rights

Article excerpt below is NOT from the DailyCurrant, NOT from BorowitzReport, and NOT from The Onion

The Last Word: Dems pick up on real IRS Scandal - (AWESOME) - video link

Where is the fine line between the "need to know" and exposing all methods used to

Jon Stewart, I will miss you.

Nuclear bomb tests reveal formation of new brain cells

Colorado probe shows man shot at prosecutor's home was random intruder

June 7: National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

At White House, liberal hawks ascend

Brazil writes off $900mn African debt

Statement by the Press Secretary on the House Passage of Congressman Steve King’s Amendment

Dingell approaches congressional milestone

NSA and Terrorist questions.

NSA Spying: Whistleblowers Claim Vindication On Surveillance State Warnings

Going . . . going . . .

The Newsroom Season 1 Blu-ray Roundtable Clip: Choosing the Real News

Internet Companies Deny Offering Government Access to Customer Data

Human Rights Groups Show Unprecedented Support for Drug Policy Reform

Comet Lovejoy flies into Sun to reveal solar secrets

Here's what I believe. I believe that gov't agencies like the CIA, the NSA

"I believe. God damn it. My jaded, Hollywood-broken heart believes"

U.S. quietly allows military aid to Egypt despite rights concerns

Could Michele Bachmann have been the source of the NSA leak?

Brian Williams Raps Warren G's "Regulate" (Jimmy Fallon)

why are so many on our side falling for this"scandal"?

Last Saturday I laid my husband's ashes to rest (XPost)

Time to update the newest anti-choicer legislation- and of course, there's a lot of it.

TCM Schedule for Saturday, June 8, 2013 -- The Essentials: Jean-Paul Belmondo

TCM Schedule for Sunday, June 9, 2013 - Tonight on TCM: Crime Comedies

Epic cat videos! Cute, funny and scary kitten all in one!

If the NSA is bad now, just wait until they open their new 2 billion dollar facility in Utah

Give me a *ucking break, Joe Scarborough

'Price Is Right' Appearance Foils Postal Employee's Workers' Compensation Scam

Why Privacy Matters Even if You Have 'Nothing to Hide'

Be Prepared for the Inevitable and Unpredictable Mass Movement

Naked and Afraid

Noam Chomsky: Ronald Reagan's Secret, Genocidal Wars

Obama’s Unparalleled Spy State

Morning Joe: "Must Read Op-Eds is brought to you by America's Natural Gas...think about it"

What Happens in Vegas

Last night ...

A list of America's worst charities...

Q. & A: What you should know about NSA phone, data collection program

Since we have disposed of the 4th Amendment....

Expert: NSA phone-tracking 'insane'

Intelligence Chief Says Reports On Internet Spying Contain 'Numerous Inaccuracies'

grandson downloaded without asking argggg - help

How Congress unknowingly legalized PRISM in 2007

Walmart workers speak out at annual meeting: ‘I cannot survive like this’

Prediction: NSA snooping was used against Occupy. Nt.

Morning Hypocrisy

The Bill of Rights Exists: An Open Letter to Dianne Feinstein

We had a choice between technology and privacy... We chose technology.

A note to the President and the Congress:

Atheist Pride Day

If I can just rip open my shirt and expose my geekiness for a moment... (a father's quandary)

PRISM: The US Government is mad at Bradley Manning for doing to it what it is Doing to All of US

Which Frightens You Most? NSA Spying or the Apologies for NSA Spying?

An art installation you must see...

MSNBC is doing a segment called LOLCATS.

BREAKING!!! Bachmann not taking 2016 presidential run off the table!!!

Eugene Robinson: The End of the Right of Privacy?

Joe Scarborough is a blowhard with his fake outrage.

Civil liberties: American Freedom on the Line

Current TV still isn't Al Jazeera

The main problem with running a government...

what's the matter with metadata?

Revealed: NSA Collecting Phone Records Of Millions Of Americans Daily

America through N.S.A.'s Prism

President Romney aka we really dodged a bullet ... a must read

David Sirota: Rethinking American Exceptionalism

Judge denies motion from Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair's lawyers to overturn case based on selective p

Iran Contra ..The lost archives

The new chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission is fresh off Wall Street

Not that anyone writes much anymore, but do they open our letters now too?

U.S. Added 175,000 Jobs in May; Jobless Rate Rises to 7.6%

Syria crisis: UN launches largest ever aid appeal

Dad inspires teens to make 33,000 burritos for the homeless

I don't think George W. Bush will get much painting done today.

Ex-troops without degrees to train as teachers

Pennsylvania Public Schools Are "Bleeding Out" from Budget Cuts

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -Spying on our own, sadly

Friday TOON Roundup 2 -Repubs

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Oh look, positive jobs numbers. So who does CNBC have on to push their narrative?

Sources: NSA sucks in data from 50 companies

"Can You Hear Me now ?"

Chinese hacked Obama, McCain campaigns, took internal documents, officials say......


If the IRS is forced to rewrite their regulations concerning 501 (c)4 status to abide by LAW

Oh Happy Day! Bachmann Says She May Run For Public Office Again

“The right of the people to be secure.....shall not be violated..."

Why is PA. issuing $200 Million in Tax-Exempt Bonds to Expand Private Landfills?

Pro-LGBT kindergarteners perform Cyndi Lauper’s ‘True Colors’ in sign language

With old-fashioned electric meters gone, the meter-readers will be laid off.

Russia can replace Austria in U.N. Golan monitoring force: Putin

Why the NSA scandal belongs squarely in President Obama's lap

Intel Chief: Reporters Got PRISM Story All Wrong

Your thoughts?

About the NSA snooping:

Oil falls below $95 after US jobs report

senators swoon over billionaire pritzker

PA. extending moratorium on funding new public school construction and renovation projects

Someone else makes all the decisions

If the government was mining data from American businesses...?

Ariz. sheriff suspends immigration efforts

One day, we'll recognize the debt we owe to the likes of Amy Goodman and Bill Moyers.....

Gilled yellow squash

Walmart workers speak out at annual meeting: ‘I cannot survive like this’

Now that all the US info known to man has been collected,

Two interesting food conspiracies I heard last night...

White House Mental Health Conference: MTV

Pentagon: Israel approved document that revealed details of missile base

Southern Conservatives Revive Calhounism—Tyranny of the Minority

Rachel Maddow - Congress regularly complicit in US spy programs

Kiss it forward cafe :)

High Point University Senior’s Caregiver Receives Honorary Degree

I'm going to ask a question I post frequently on GD.

NSA Phone Record Collecting and the Melancholy of Living in the Future (Updated):

Pa. Delaying Use of Federal Funds to Help Low Income People Pay Utility Bills (Inquirer Editorial)

Edison Plans to Permanently Close San Onofre Nuclear Reactor

Has George W Bush been vindicated?

Goldfish caper at Perry nuclear power plant has been solved

NSA surveillance (cartoon)

Remarks by the President at National Conference on Mental Health

The Last Word - Republican lawmakers vs women (again)

Does the NSA metadata

Give the atheist closest to you a hug

(Britain's Prime Minister) David Cameron to attend Bilderberg group meeting

The Last Word - Rudy Giuliani's rewrite of history

The GOP Doesn’t Want to Create Jobs, and Here’s Why

Some people can handle a pit bull. Others bring a furry bomb into the house.

Anonymous Just Leaked a Trove of NSA Documents

Former drone operator says he's haunted by his part in more than 1,600 deaths

Will the right to privacy be defended as vigorously as the right to bear arms?

Southern California Utility Says It Will Close Troubled San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant

Slicing open stalagmites to reveal climate secrets

HELLO WORLD! George W. Bush illegally spied on American citizens. Read all about it.

Oklahoma’s cyclones were all kinds of freaky

Oregon mental health care system could see significant expansion, money under legislative proposal

"Domestic Surveillance Directorate" website -- great info in satire-tastic form.

New 311mph maglev train in Japan passes initial tests

Wisconsin: Walker/GOP use legislation to silence critics

Religion and crime

Europe floods: Hungary Danube set for record high

Obama-Xi Palm Springs summit: Cyber security, North Korea, and Syria on US-China agenda

Spying on Americans: a rare example of bipartisanship

Gulf oil wells have been leaking since 2004 hurricane

History 2 has a bunch of ufo stuff today....

Infrared photosynthesis: A potential power source for alien life in sunless places

The Last Word - Dems pick up on real IRS Scandal

I still like Deval Patrick, but he's got a funny way of appealing to the voters.

Dawson’s Christendom and the Catholic Intellectual Life

Papantonio: NSA Spying – Okay With The American Public?

{germany}Gay Rights: Government To Expedite Same-Sex Tax Law

PRISM is bigger than anything that came before it—but no-one knows how much bigger

UK using PRISM to circumvent their spying laws too...tip of the iceberg, cont.

Leader of Anonymous Steubenville Op on Being Raided by the FBI

Main Street Family Pharmacy (Newbern, TN) Confirmed As Source Of Fungal, Bacterial Taint In Steroids

Tiny Barnhart, TX Runs Dry - Drought Plus Demand On Aquifers For Drilling = Pumps Sucking Air

Romney Couldn't "Afford" To Compete With Obama

You think protesting a lame-duck president is going to change anything? It's a weak substitute

Bless a Friday in its passing / with joyous music ever-lasting. Please come CAPTION Allen West!

PRC's Official Annual Environmental Update "Grim": "Marked Deterioration" In Condition Of Water, Air

I made it! Summer vacation is here!

Ohio Joe isn't the only one.

KRUGMAN: "The only way to understand the refusal to expand Medicaid is as an act of sheer spite."

Horrifying clown statue deep in the woods

Comfort Dog Gets Photo In Yearbook With Seniors

So tell me, did all that data collecting prevent the Boston Marathon Bombing?

So, what is the big deal about phone numbers?

President Obama issued the following letter to all Verizon customers:

Every year that we're at war is probably a year in which our privacy is diminished.

It's not Obama's fault if people haven't paid attention

Woman bares all at Catholic school, faces charges

can you hear me now?

Republicans try to attract young voters...

want to recycle a barn.

Encrypt your data, people

I am sick and tired of

Italy to rule on forced divorce after sex change

Teen buried alive in grave of woman he allegedly raped and murdered

The USA is an acronym country. What other nuclear states get their names from acronyms?

'I want my son to have a sex assistant'

Republicans 2014 and their war on big government

Swiss senate buries proposed balaclava ban

The President did say he thought some of his powers should be curtailed

The history we do not know

Vanity Plates

When was the NSA PRISM project first reported?

We seem so surprised that our privacy can be compromised.


Today in Peace and Justice history on June 7, 1893

Bryan Fischer: BAN Women & Gays from Military! Blame the Victim!

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 7, 1893

Romney wishes Hurricane Sandy had chosen a different date

What if all the data the government is collecting gets stolen or is sold?

In the interest of saving precious bandwidth

our great governor

NSA Collecting Millions of Phone Records from Verizon Customers Daily

The Affordable Care Act sucks for middle class kids.

Michele Bachmann Figures Why Not, Introduces Homosexual-Beheading Bill


What is wrong with Ohio? re: ACA

A Queer Atheist In the Heart of Mormon Country

The NSA crap - questions for my fellow DUers

New Android Trojan Is Nearly Impossible to Remove

PA Voters Favor Democrats Over Corbett for Governor in 2014


Author Of Patriot Act Now Seeks To Limit Government Surveillance

Did you know there was a World Creators Summit in Washington D.C 3 days ago?

Cutler to run


Privacy issues and complaints

CIA gave $5 BILLION to tech startup Palantir...their product? something called PRISM (coincidence?)

Pic Of The Moment: Obama Meets Chinese President Today; Internet Security High On Agenda

Is This Who Runs Prism?

Ron Wyden on NSA Spying & Secret Law

Why is the New Jersey special election on a Wed. (Oct 16)?

Ex-Congressman Weiner gaining ground in New York mayoral race

My father died in 1981

Anonymous Just Leaked a Trove of NSA Documents (Friday, June 7, a.m.)


For those of you claiming this is better because there is a warrant.


Glenn Greenwald Suggests More Revelations Are ‘Coming Shortly’

Republicans Trying to Pink-Slip Obama’s D.C. Court Picks

Hacker Who Exposed Steubenville Rape Case Could Spend More Time Behind Bars Than The Rapists

Rare Persian carpet sells for $33.7 million in NYC

In Defense of Raised Voices

Calvin & Hobbs got there first

YES, boys & girls, the new Black Sabbath album with Ozzy sounds like Black Sabbath.

Another heroic high-school commencement speaker bravely showing support for his God.

The Rude Pundit Nails the Surveillance Issue

Passing on body hatred

Hecklers bully speakers at event for Muslim freedom of speech


The unknown patriot thanks you

A Roomba for your iPad or phone

Dear friends who don't support Dems: how do you stay involved?

Two Ancient Great Rivers In Midwest Rival Amazon

Do you support President Obama in regards to the recently disclosed NSA surveillance issue?

Two New York prosecutors ban seized condoms as prostitution evidence

Useless Rial Is U.S. Goal in New Iran Sanctions, Treasury Says

This is what pushback looks like. Sometimes you don't even need to yell.

Tweety voted for Michael Steele in 2006

Viral Video Explains How Women’s Issues Are Men’s Issues (VIDEO)

Veet posts sexist ad on facebook, hears about it.

O'LOOFAH continues his costly Law education, gets "free speech" on his side this time

Our Cinco Dynasty

Ketchup? Catsup?

The president has a press conference now, not only explaining ACA and those not supporting it, but

Don’t Worry About Obama Spying On You—Just Kidding, You Should Worry

25 Signs You’re Addicted To Books

A Disappearing American Original: The Roadside Rest Area

This hurts, and I am fucking Mad about it

Thom Hartmann: Why are "we the people" subsidizing the Tea Party?

Moms Fight At Florida Elementary School Talent Show

Some call it pop!

Man Going In For Routine Nose Job Winds Up With No Nose At All

The taxonomy of condiments

Obama Defends Surveillance Programs as Legal and Limited

6 impossible things

Sounding the Alarm, but With a Muted Bell - Senators Wyden and Udall

Morris The Cat Runs For Mayor Of The Mexican Capital Xalapa

"Living Fossils", Sturgeons are Actually Evolving Very Quickly, Researchers Say

Cory Booker to make New Jersey Senate run official

Who Among Our Leaders Aren’t Pro Jim Crow?

Thom Hartmann: Obama Administration Phone Spying...Beyond Orwellian

Squeezing breasts could prevent cancer, best. study. ever. says

Maybe it's time to cut back on internet/cell phone use?

Dumb Criminals: Pub Thief Gets Drunk In Bar, Passes Out, Found By Owners Next Day

Obama takes question on NSA (video)

Dolphin rescued from sandbar off NY's south shore

Does anyone else miss video stores?

In light of recent surveillance revelations, a new investment opportunity:

The Rude Pundit: All You Need to Know About Irrational "Self-Defense" Laws in Three Pictures

I have a major question about Prism...

TYT: Does Obama Know Who Drones Are Killing? (WARNING: Disturbing Images)

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (Federal Judicial Center background); 2013 membership

Alex Salmond’s dream of a separate Scotland is rapidly falling apart

TYT: Mass Blanket Surveillance - Obama is NOT the 'Change' We Believed In

TYT: Which Internet Companies Are Gving Our Private Data to the Government?

A A Milne READING about POOH!!!

the surveillance leaks are a godsend to POTUS

So when I call the White House they ignore me

Geraldo Rivera compares running for the NJ senate seat to Theoden's battle with the Orcs....

California serial killer Richard Ramirez dies

Because it is hard to remember a tooothache when you 're all hopped up on cocaine

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Says He Faces Discrimination

Photo of your face is all it takes to predict your BMI

Dog rescues baby from trash

Saudi Prince Sues Forbes for Undervaluing His Fortune

Texas woman arrested in ricin letters to Obama, Bloomberg: Officials

The "NSA" Documents "Leaked" by Anonymous are Public Documents

Question for IT folk ON Phone Records: What would happen if phnoe call data had to be pulled AFTER

From the Front Lines, if You Can See Them - "Dirty Wars"

Last Word - NSA spying on Americans

Specially for the Massachusetts people here and those who like cute kids singing to Kerry

Are they listening in to our phone sex ?

"Nobody is listening to your phone calls"

Mystery tomatoes.... ???

Steve Earle & The Dukes (& Duchesses) - Invisible [Official Music Video]

Could it be Obama didn't do a thing about data collecting

Obama staunchly defends government surveillance programs

"A Massive Surveillance State": Glenn Greenwald Exposes Covert NSA. Democracy Now!

Wisconsin version of iconic "Get a BRAIN! MORANS" picture

Is Universal Profiling of phone users in America the next revelation?

Too audacious to hope that Obama would keep his promise of no more "spying on citizens"?

Edison International to Permanently Shut San Onofre Nuclear Plant

What's for Dinner ~ Friday June 7th

I'm not surprised at the Government's info mining at all...

voodoo doughnuts is coming to denver!

Once you have lost the people's trust, it is very difficult to regain it.

It comes down to this, what approaches should be done to prevent another 9/11?

Alex Jones and Max Keiser caught on a Date:

Obama: PRISM Doesn’t Apply To U.S. Citizens

Does this qualify as cruel and unusual?

"Data collecting" has never worked for me tho my assumption is that my data is everywhere

Breaking: Anonymous "Hacks" DOD Websites - Leaks Documents

Interesting read: Why people online don’t read to the end.

Live Streaming Obama landing at LAX

Will Ferrell's tweet on gay marriage and assault weapons

Happy 48th Anniversary to Legal Contraception

‘Fox & Friends’ suddenly against wiretapping they supported under Bush

Arlo Guthrie - I'm Changing My Name to Chrysler (Live at Farm Aid 2008)

Can someone fill me in: is there anything new in this spying report we didn't know in 2006?

I wonder when there will be official split of parties?

Krugman: The Spite Club

Calif. Serial Killer Richard Ramirez Dies

Arrest Made In Ricin Letters Sent To President, Mayor

Claire McCaskill Blocks Air Force Officer Susan Helms' Nomination Over Military Sexual Assault

South African Man Wanting To Adopt Rhino Throws Year Long BBQ

Hey, DU. Want to help me out?

This week's romantic EPIC FAIL.

Massachusetts teen accused of Facebook terror post freed

So you think you have Nothing to HIDE ?

We Need A New Church Committee and We Need It Now | EFF on NSA spying

The 501(c)4 law was written 100 years ago...

Cleveland Indians closer Chris Perez, wife charged with misdemeanor drug abuse

Is it needed?

sooner or later, power always corrupts and always seeks to entrench itself....

Does phone call "metadata" belong to the caller or phone company?!

Antarctica under the ice

Join the "barrage."

I wonder what an atheist would think when seeing these kinds of stuffs

"I don't have sex for money I spend time with men for money"

Wolves losing federal protection; small group exempted

Palestinians campaign to regain 'occupied' Latrun

Let's think outside the box

Peru government says will not pardon jailed Fujimori

So they've been grabbing all the E-mails....

Rural colorado wants to start a new state

Progress NC delivering over 15,000 signatures to McCrory on Monday. Join them if you can!

Cross-posted from the I wish It Was Fiction forum

Baltimore Ravens center Matt Birk boycotts White House visit

I don't care if they read my emails, text messages and phone records

Dear "PBO": PLEASE..Consider Doing a Harriet Miers on Penny Pritzker for SOC

Wait a minute...don't WE own all of the cables anyway? My Pop Pop used to tell me

Fukushima Meltdown PM Kan: "we need a society that has no nuclear power”

A proposal for activism around the Patriot Act and this

Thousands of Women March Against Guatemala's Decision to Annul Military Dictator's Sentence

Naomi Klein speaking at the Vio-me factory in Thessaloniki, Greece - Part 1 (in English and Greek)

Arbor the Painting Dog - A Video of a Painting donated to Oklahoma Pet Shelters

President Obama's remarks today in regard to the surveillance issues.

No Hero Here: S.C. High School Student’s Lord’s Prayer Stunt Was Selfish, Not Brave

the Pretty Hate Machine does not come with a conscience

Know anyone who thinks racial profiling is exaggerated? Send them this link.

Arts Charter School Gets $3 Million State Grant-While Public Schools Layoff All Art & Music Teachers

Gray Wolves No Longer Need Federal Protection, Obama Administration Says

If you can't trust your government, we're going to have some problems

Thousands of Britain's may have been spied on by GCHQ as link to Prism scandal is laid bare

If something is technologically possible, is there any real way to stop its use?

In case you missed it, another judge stuck a dagger in the hearts of retired coal miners

First Quarter Of 2013 Saw Largest Wage Drop Ever

Romney, Taxes, the IRS, and Slithering

"Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead..."

West Texas Oilfield Town Runs Out of Water

Drought, river fragmentation forcing endangered fish out of water, biologist finds

The War You Don't See

Isn't it ironic?

Even Florida has doubts >>

As Wars End Rush To Grab Money Spent on Border

Pollution in Northern Hemisphere helped cause 1980s African drought


Shots Fired, Suspect Down At Santa Monica College

Why GetEQUAL’s heckling of Michelle Obama backfired

Back in 2005 George Bush (II) spied on anti war groups

Congratulations! You've Been Auto-Upgraded To Citizenship 2.0

Drones will not replace fighter pilots and here's why:

Michelle Malkin: Bush's spying ok, condemns Obama's spying...

Wake up.. you need to find another place to hide

No Drug Policy Change as OAS Wraps up in Guatemala

Answering Harvard’s question about her personal life, 52 years later

Promising material for lithium-ion batteries (could smooth the way to higher capacities)

Papantonio: Congress Taking Action on Military Sexual Assault

Cell Phone security FWIW

Austin Community College Has Big Plans for Highland Mall, Construction Could Begin in 12 Months

I don't know if this is the right place for my suggestion

Congress approval rating - 6% say good or excellent.

*Krystal Ball (MSNBC) has given birth to baby Lowell, 8 lbs something.

Green Anole lizards mating outside my window

I doubt the motives of whoever leaked this "spying" info.

Chile telescope discovers ‘comet factory’

For my fellow Southwesterners...

Feds: Greatest Risk for Summer Power Grid Problems Is in Texas

The Real Costs to Pennsylvania of Cutting Public School Funding

Obama Orders US to Draw Up Overseas Target List for Cyber-Attacks

Q-Poll: Voters Back Abortion Push, Casino Expansion

Naked & not afraid

Real hope for Syria (Special Olympics blog)

I Need a Better Class of Panicked Dude Leaving Comments

If You Witnessed War Crimes, What Would You Do?

What is with these guys?

Three shot, suspect detained at Santa Monica College

Philadelphia adopting 'doomsday' school-slashing plan despite $400 million prison project

Breaking - shooting at Santa Monica college

'Walking Dead' Actress Arrested in Connection to Obama, Bloomberg Ricin Letters (Report)

Tennessee Man Who Fathered 22 Children With 14 Women Sued For Back Child Support

Don't Panic....42

234 years later, NH slaves are granted freedom

Koch-funded group launches campaign to block carbon tax and deregulate oil industry

Pay No Attention to That Man Behind the Curtain Backpedaling On His Inaugural Climate Promise

Job growth improves, 175k jobs added in May

Van Jones Clears Up 3 Myths About The Keystone Pipeline

Neurosurgeon Needed Asap

Great news from Florida!

May payroll employment increases (+175,000); jobless rate essentially unchanged (7.6%)

The Atlantic hurricane season is getting longer

The World’s Biggest Coal Company Is Turning To Solar Energy To Lower Its Utility Bill

Kind of an odd sensation.....

Will Women Stop Voting For Men That Diminish Their Worth? (VIDEO)

I'm shocked! I'm outraged! I can't believe the Patriot Act has been... enacted!?

What is the Current NSA Spying Hullabaloo Distracting Us From?

How The Human Face Might Look In 100,000 Years

Windows activation process always amazes me

NASA's veteran Mars rover driving to new spot

Eyewitness: man with assault rifle, bullet proof vest @ Santa Monica College update: Up to 6 dead

Are people going to move because of Obama Care?

I visited Best Friends Animal Sanctuary this week. PICTURE HEAVY

Take Five (Party Down edition)

Any Democratic candidate who supports the NSA domestic spy program risks losing my vote in 2014

USA Today 5/11/2006 - "NSA has massive database of Americans' phone calls"

Obama Defends U.S. Surveillance Program As Trade-Off For Security

For all you opera fans out there

Jewish National Fund Backs Out Of $500,000 Speaking Fee For Bill Clinton At Peres Event

UN To Grant Urgent Aid To Palestinian Victims Of Settler Violence

"I think it’s sort of hetero privilege that I didn’t see it coming"

Bulk of U.S. Payroll Gain in Jobs Paying Less-Than-Average Wages

Video shows stunning example of racial profiling

Smith v. Maryland, 442 U.S. 735 (1979) - No warrant required for call metadata

One reason that DC is obsessed with the NSA surveillance story.

To the NJ contingent: who's best able to win the Senate seat?

People on Facebook...

Eric Holder and Steven Crowder

Boxing: June 7 & 8

Rescuing the memory of Latin America

Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA) supports increasing Social Security payments

And we have a NEW candidate-Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce Narus?

Are Reports About The Government Having A Direct Line Into Tech Company Servers A Hoax?

32 Recs...yet you block me from my own thread.

Foofooraw And Ballyhoo In The Messy Land Of The First World.

Can the Meta Data scandal be filed in the "Another Sloppy M$M Story" file yet?

Civil Liberties Are Not Something You Trade

JibJab has a fee to produce the funniest shit on earth

I think the Verizon "scandal" was leaked by Republicans

Dick Cheney to compete in 1 Shot Antelope Hunt

I would ask your assistance-

Report: Accidents Likely In Environmentally Fragile Seas

Tomorrow (Saturday) is Gabby's birthday

David Simon: We are shocked, shocked (NSA program)

George Takei is at my old downtown bar.

Sorta makes ya think ...

Some perspective: All the problems in the world today....

Ray Charles - Hit The Road Jack

Comedy if you please

Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman Still Needs Our Help

Colbert on NSA spying: Now we can find out if Lindsay Graham is a lesbian

Obama's surveillance vote spurs blogging backlash ~ Circa 2008

DU, it is this simple! Bush and Congress spying on us was HORRIBLE....

Janitor at Goldman Sachs HQ booted out into post-Sandy blackout over theft accusation: $10M suit

Wesley Carrington, UK Man, Finds $156,000 In Roman Gold Coins On First Time Using Metal Detector

Car Meets Brick Wall, Brick Wall Wins

Environmentalists Celebrate Nuclear Plant Closing

Laura Ingraham Focused More On Patriot Act, Not 'Laughed Off' Civil Libertarians

Google Glass Banned From Shareholder Meeting

Mark Twain, wherever he is now, has been a-weepin:

A lot of folks invite spying, by utilizing Facebook, LinkedIn, and the Internet in general, like

Detroit's mountains of petroleum coke are 'dirtier than the dirtiest fuel'

Joe Scarborough Reacts To Keith Olbermann's New Job

Dennis Rodman: LeBron James would be ‘average player’ in late ’80s or early ’90s

The Scariest Thing about all this nsa spying

Stop Spying on Americans

The Washington Post Has Now Hedged Its Stunning Claim About Google, Facebook, Etc, Giving The Govern

Chi Coltrane - Thunder and Lightning

Dog saves abandoned baby

Venezuela frees then expels US filmmaker

Question submitted by Orrex

Remember ECHELON? Goes back to the '60s...

Washington D.C.: Riders try out Metro’s new stainless steel fare gates

Flashback from Dubya

Wyoming Teen Ejected from Science Fair (odd news)

Mirror / peg rack done

Pregnant actress arrested in Texas for ricin letters

never go back grace potter

6 pedestrians struck after car jumps curb in midtown


GCHQ Prism spying claims: Agency to report 'shortly'

Do you .... ? :FULL COVERAGE: Homeless in America

If you thought Andrea Tantaros was a jerk, meet her co host Jason Mattera

the moles have been unleashed....

Kickstarter Project Launched To Move Lionel Richie's Giant Head

Fooling around with the camera on a rainy day.

Are DUers noticing the size of these storms recently

Is the PRISM spying program a hoax?

Congrats, You're Having A Lesbian!

Are we feeling more secure?

Gay Kiss Silences Antigay Preacher on Campus

Anyone here ever flown in one of these?

Do any of you old timers remember the name?

Prosecutors seek 48-month prison sentence for Jesse Jackson Jr

U.S. Senator Russ Feingold: From The Senate Floor, 2005

NRA gains ground in effort to destroy free speech.

Heat-seeking, alien-hunting telescope in the works

Who has links to demographic statistics? Need help looking for census information.

Anybody ever question why all these "scandals" are coming out?

Ariel Castro indicted on aggravated murder, rape, kidnapping charges

I'm Shocked, Shocked I Tell You: Limbaugh Thinks Obama Is Leading Coup d'etat

Lee County teacher nominated for Grammy

First U.S. drone strike under new Pakistan prime minister kills seven

Obama Administration Strips Wolf Protections Across Most of Lower 48 States

today in women's herstory-7 june

Why pay taxes for public education?

Humans 100,00 A.D.

Putin orders crackdown on Islamists, police detain 300 people

dagenham women's strike 1968 (ford factory in UK-led to equal pay act)

Benedict Cumberbatch is trying to get ‘Sherlock’ series 3 to air in the US and UK simultaneously

Are "leaks" coming from "burrowed" Bush appointees, now working in civil service jobs?

austerity threatens to reverse progress of women in workplace and society

Request for a "Floog" button.

NRA gains ground in effort to destroy free speech.

Mob in Bolivian town buries alive suspected rapist

The President needs to start an honest dialogue about trust

BLACK BEAN BROWNIES! Good...and good FOR ya'!

He STILL doesnt get it.......

Luckovich Toon: Vanity Plate

Shit. I think that it's time that I get into the publishing business.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Just Vehemently Denied Giving The Government Direct Access To Facebook

Weekend Economists and the Denim Years June 7-9, 2013

Good News From Santa Monica, CA

Starself Newsletter


Brunch With Bernie: June 7, 2013

Mitt Romney Recalls Devastating Impact of Hurricane Sandy. On His Campaign.

Verizon controversy not as bad as it seems

Don't buy Keebler graham crackers

This whole NSA story is nothing more than recycled outrage. Glenn Greenwald didn't break shit.

Toon: What are you doing?

Texas Woman Arrested in Connection With Ricin-Laced Letters