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WC Qualifiers - Jamaica vs the USA coming up in 1.30 at 8.30pm Jamaica time

I'm due for an upgrade. I think I'll get the Samsung Galaxy S4.

WaPo "hedged its stunning claim" about companies giving "Government direct access to their servers"

Now that a Democratic President Openly Supports the Drone Program and NSA Spying...

Real word.Spying...not cocktail circuit idealism

Report Says IRS Approved Tax-Exempt Status For Twice as Many Conservative Groups as Liberal Groups

Laura Ingraham: Ignoring Patriot Act ‘a mistake’

Exposing Susan Rice | Weapons of Mass Distraction (and other feminist war-hawks)

Authorities: Santa Monica gunman killed at least 6 before being shot to death by police

the leaks, scandals etc.... all a plan to keep the left home at the next elections!! n/t

NSA and Obama, now what?

"Squeezing breasts" is the Lounge phrase of the day. Squeeze away.

But those scandals aren’t sexy enough, and don’t lend to screaming headlines.

Breaking News: Tomorrow's Obama Scandal...Outrage in 3, 2, 1

Walmart Strikers Target Waltons, as NOW Calls Out Obamas

Costco Resisted Wall Street Pressure To Cut Wages, Benefits: Report

When Bushies defend Obama, you know something is wrong

New Video: Climate, Arctic Ice and Weather Whiplash

BREAKING: OSHA Inspected Philly Building Collapse Site, But Did Not Shut It Down

Welcome to my world.

Pressure in Britain Over What to Do With Bailed-Out Banks

Solve if you are genius

Dixie Chicks - Let Him Fly

Venezuela: Brazil's Lula trying to cool Colombia dispute

Mars rover Opportunity finds sign of 'water you could drink'

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Best of Malloy & a new Kitteh gif

A beautiful bit of classical music...

Tonight; a new batch of moonshine...

Nick Hanauer( "the wealthy aren't job creators "Ted Talk) testifies before Senate Banking Committee

Science Says High Fructose Corn Syrup as Addictive as Cocaine

Tonight I'd like to dedicate this to our boys in the FBI.

Quelle Surprise! US and UK to File Criminal Charges Against Small Fry for Barclay’s Libor Abuses

Answer: because it's fucking awesome!

U.S. NSA Internet spying foiled plot to attack New York subways: Sources

Really, Americans can be the most naive people on earth.

All the Infrastructure a Tyrant Would Need, Courtesy of Bush and Obama

Friday Talking Points (261) -- Rest In Peace, Fourth Amendment

John Dingell becomes longest-serving member of Congress ever

The Drive For Five Is Satisfied

Religious Scholars: 'Biblical' Marriage Not Strictly One Man, One Woman.

Check this out -Legacies of British Slave-ownership

Self-brushing cat

David Korten: “Walking Away from the King”

Martin Bashir - Is Virginia's E W Jackson the GOP's next Todd Akin

They're manpulating us right into a "frickin" Tea Bagger veto proof majority

The neW PBS channel on Roku is fantastic

The Boonie Dogs of Saipan

Hurray! Keith O gets a new least its a new start with more to come..we miss you KO

Ranking the 2016 Republicans in the NBC/WSJ poll

Next big news story: PDB August 2001 was titled "Binladen determined to strike in US"

Does PRISM focus on American or foreign targets?

Mayor On Board As BOE Inspects Lever Machines

Current media coverage of NSA collection of telecommunications metadata:

Found a tick on the dog

Major NY Solar Bill Close to Becoming Law

For those interested, the June 2013 issue of Church & State is out online

Movie quote: Big truck just went by.

Police: Gunman killed 6 in California shootings

STOP THE PRESSES! Georgia Clears Roadblock to Gay-Related License Plates

"...with the stroke of my pen."

Save our green spaces


God I love Boston sports !!!!!!! That's it.

Tiger Woods back on top as sport’s best-paid athlete

North Sea cod stocks 'on road to sustainability'

Study: Monsanto's Roundup Herbicide Linked to Cancer, Autism, Parkinson's

Government likely to open criminal probe into NSA leaks: officials

PD: 4-year-old accidentally shoots, kills father

Teacher blogger fired.

America the passive

Suggestions for how to prevent hypoglycemia in Chihuahuas

Delayed on tarmac 3 hours, Philly Orchestra takes out its instruments

Airbnb gears up for big legal and legislative battles in New York

A site dedicated to "The Science of Beer"!

Friday Night Catnip: Blue Cheer -- Peace of Mind

British Intelligence watchdog flies to Washington to demand answers on snooping scandal

Source: Crane operator had pot, prescription drugs in blood

Public Documents Contradict Claim Email Spying Foiled Terror Plot

My wife got a dollar from the Heritage Foundation!

Exposed: The National Security Agency's PRISM Twitter Feed

Barack Obama was sworn in on 1/20/09. That for me is the "sell by" date for what came before.

TV Ad: Rudy "Joe Lhota is New York"

Shady government-tied organization making list of every registered Virginia gun owner

It just dawned on me.....Greenwald got the media to bite on a story from 2006

Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver

Secret court judge attended expenses-paid terrorism seminar (run by a Koch grantee)

M.D. Anderson doctor accused of poisoning lover

2 charged after dog bites boy - twice

Officials: First victims were kin of Calif. gunman

What can we all agree on?

The 4 Types of People on Welfare Nobody Talks About

Wal-Mart plans $15B more in stock buybacks

I triple-dog dare you...

How The Human Face Might Look In 100,000 Years.

Richard Dawkins Demonstrates the Clearly Unintelligently Designed Laryngeal

Many Rival Nations Surge Past the U.S. in Adding New Jobs

A terrible realization dawned on me this morning..

Maher Defends The NSA: Slippery Slope, But We Need Gov’t To Protect Us From Terrorists With Nukes

Maher Savages Reagan: ‘The Original Teabagger,’ ‘Pitchman For Batsh*t’ Would Do Well In Modern GOP

Obama administration threatens criminal probe for leak of NSA's surveillance of Americans.


Why do we so eagerly take to woo?

One of a number of classic New England lobster boils -

Everybody wants to be a scat

Bill Maher: Ronald Reagan No Different Than Today's Tea Party (VIDEO)

Microsoft Denies Participation In PRISM Data-Gathering Scheme

Abortion Challenge In Kangaroo Court

yay, Scatman apologists need not weigh in.

You Can't Say Our Government Doesn't Listen To The People

So PRISM helped stop the Zazi case?

Federal Way woman calls 911 during own arrest

It’s amazing how many women Republicans can insult in just one week

Who are your first and second favorite teams?

The War on Women: One week's worth of offensive comments from idiotic Republicans

L'amour Est Bleu

Mom helped pimp out special-needs daughter for sex

'School Daze' is 25!!

lasers charged

Jane Mayer: Why Metadata Matters

Rare WWII Plane (B-17 bomber) Flies for New Orleans

This is driving me nuts!

Anybody still up?

This Is What Winning Looks Like

Schwartz(D) leads Corbett(r) in latest Quinnipiac poll(Pa.)

New study shows payday lending hurts economy, jobs

Norman Solomon: The Bill of Rights Exists: An Open Letter to Dianne Feinstein

50 year old fallout shelter discovered in Wisconsin - Very cool time capsule of the era.

No Trespassing...

BarackObamadotcom - 10 Questions: Warrantless Wiretaps

The Phone Company

A sad night here tonight for me sipping on some of that fairly new Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

Indigenous Peruvians protest state oil company taking over their land

Public Libraries

Edith Bunker Reading '' Playgirl ''

San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant Shut Down For Good

Senator Merkely disputes the President's claim that Congress was briefed on NSA

June 8: Jelly-Filled Doughnut Day

Rick Scott hypocrisy: Florida officials use onset of storm season to blast Washington

Why Walmart Won't Change

Never mind. Go back to sleep.

Justice Department Fights Release of Secret Court Opinion Finding Unconstitutional Surveillance

Nelson Mandela admitted to hospital in 'serious condition'

I'm running my 4th 5K of the season today.

Strange Story: FBI: Wife Tried to Frame Husband for Ricin Letters

digital exploiter? there's a job at the nsa for ya.

a video that shows how asleep people have been

Russia offers to send replacements for Austrian troops on Israel-Syria border

Executive Order 12333

It's been almost a year since I quit smoking.

MFM broke outta rehab:

* * * DUzy Awards: Week ending June 7, 2013 * * *

DUzies are up!

THE UNBELIEVERS (2013) - Official Movie Trailer (Richard Dawkins & Lawrence Krauss)

10 Things Americans Underestimate About Our Massive Surveillance State

It's No Coincidence that the Public Education and Poverty Crises are Happening at the Same Time

Obama Meets Verizon: ‘Can You Hear Me Now? Yes We Can.’

They're coming

Bill Maher on Ronald Reagan last night - must see TV

Shep Smith & Chris Wallace Take Sides: NSA

Lesbian Myths, Debunked

The Most Dishonest Words in American Politics: 'Right to Work'

North Sea cod stocks 'on road to sustainability'

Always be safe!

The best descripton of the drug trade courtesy of The Wire - How To Play Chess. Language graphic.

Ivory keys on Bechstein Louis XV piano dismay environmentalists

University of the Incarnate Word eyes $50M medical school in San Antonio

How can the FOREIGN Intelligence Surveillance Court

Mass Surveillance in America: A Timeline of Loosening Laws and Practices................

Come Walk with Me in the Sun all Ye Weary Jesters

It's not racial profiling

My heart says, "It's no big deal".

corporations are colonizing us with trade deals, and wall street wants in

A does NOT cancel B (about the NSA)

Major General Michael T. Harrison Suspended By Army For Allegedly Mishandling Sexual Assault Case

Not my little angel.

Mr. Fish Strikes Again!

Why shouldn't I work for the NSA? (Good Will Hunting)

PRISM: Europe reacts to U.S. surveillance revelations with anger

For atheists, all religion is superstition

Wisconsin: Look what just showed up in bright red Waukesha County!

When The F-35 Is Too Hot To Handle

Saturday Toons: Brutal Spying Toons

WI Attorney General allegedly purchased illegal gun from DOJ special agent under investigation

When “Corrupt and Incompetent” looks beautiful

Americans Trust Corporations More Than Their Government

So do y'all know where Agatha and the rest of the

Norman Solomon: The Bill of Rights Exists: An Open Letter to Dianne Feinstein

Still drunk.

Between a rock and a hard place:

24 Small, Meaningful Acts Of Kindness (Buzzfeed)

Why Being Stuck On A Tarmac With The Philly Orchestra Rocks

Gov. Scott's efforts to raid out-of-state jobs ticks off other governors

Why Being Stuck On A Tarmac With The Philly Orchestra Rocks

Mad about NSA’s overreach? Blame Congress

Democracy Leaves The Room — A VERY Bad Sign At Hearing For New Trade Representative

How many posts have you made in the last 90 days?

What is a godly man or woman?

Under Korea FTA, U.S. Trade Deficit Surges to Highest Point in History (Again)

As Wars End, a Rush to Grab Dollars Spent on the Border

No one has mentioned the early departure of Tom Donilon as National Security adviser..

Grand Trianon

Could the NSA remotely turn on your smart phone and its camera?

An art gallery that borrows from Little Free Libraries

"Dream When You're Feeling Blue" by Elizabeth Berg. I just finished it.

to be more fully human

I just figured out why politicians and church leaders love sinners.

Thought for the day . . .

Majority of Older Americans Support Gay Relationships

Two cops fired for beating female suspect.

What sign are you?

In hindsight, it was a mistake for Obama to keep on the Bush holdovers...

What is Prism?

Erdoğan accuses EU members of hypocrisy over Turkey protests

Professor Richard Wolff: A Socialism for the 21st Century

Same love....

Brian Williams Makes the Case for Putting NBC on Trial

Obama's legacy?

A Massive, Unauthorized 'Man Cave' Was Found In An EPA Warehouse

Now we're planning cyber attacks?

Bosses habitually overestimate their ability to win respect and support from their underlings

WP Op-Ed; Trenberth & Oppenheimer On Lamar Smith's "Ludicrious" Arguments, Rapid Pace Of Warming

Forgive me if I ramble...

What is the most totally awesomest cartoon ever?

Lease War Helps Boost SoCal Electric Car Market - Waiting Lists For Some Models - LA Times

Cool: New Hampshire Emancipates 18th-Century Slaves

Good mama, pitt mama takes on orphaned puppies.

Insider attack kills 3 US troops in Afghanistan

Two Of The Most Exciting Areas Of The US Economy Are Hardly Creating Any Jobs For Americans

Oops - Federal Subsidies Aimed At Improving Irrigation Efficiency Increased Water Usage Instead

U.S. Army chief in Japan suspended over handling of sex assault probe

Study From Nature; Antarctic Ice-Sheet Loss May Be Less Than Worst-Case Projections

Angry Pakistan summons envoy after U.S. drone strike kills nine

Shake up the system

AFP - Russia Blocks Climate Talks For 5th Straight Day; Demanding Unanimous Votes For All Decisions

REPORT: Big Tech Working With Government On Special, Secure Servers Just For Sharing Info

A Hezbollah fighter recounts battles in Syria

I'm sorry but

Professor Richard Wolff: A Socialism for the 21st Century

Guardian: Yes, Warming Has Continued; Yes, It's Man-Made, And Other Topics Of Importance

Professor Richard Wolff: A Socialism for the 21st Century

Have any of you seen this?

Ethiopia Vows To Defy Egyptian Pressure, Threats Over Blue Nile Dam - Reuters

Atheist chaplains would call fallen ‘worm food,’ says Republican congressman

America don't GESTAPO!

Okay, someone talk me into buying a smoker

Luther - Series 3 Trailer

on front page of Wikipedia right now: the man who invented the selfie

Republicans are playing Democrats like a fiddle

The History Behind America's Most Secretive Court

After 15 years in my industry....working for a position that opens once a decade...I didn't get it.

Pastrami update, pic heavy,

Rachel Maddow - Republicans lose focus on immigration

Lying Sack of S*** of The Week: Mitt Romney

Since the media now is outraged about domestic spying and such, and the Repugs control

Asteroid the size of a small truck buzzes Earth: NASA

Serena beating the annoying screamer!

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 8, 2002

Mars, Nestle, Hershey accused of chocolate price-fixing conspiracy in Canada

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 8, 2002

Question: why would terrorists & drug organization members get verizon phones?

Ellen Sturtz gets a column in WaPo: "Why I confronted the first lady"

“Everybody’s a target; everybody with communication is a target.”

Where Are the Histories of American Irreligion?

TCM Schedule for Monday June 10 - Star of the Month: Eleanor Parker

Telling the story of Korea’s religions and politics in 5 books

Serena becomes the first American woman to win the French since she beat

Great response in a reddit discussion about "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear".

Do you remember when Verizon did it? I do and I called them because my phone would not work

Why I Didn't Work for the NSA

Is comic Jim Gaffigan the Catholic Church’s newest evangelizer?

Where to buy iPhone for my kid .... 2nd line.

How Many Iraqis Died in the Iraq War?

A U.S. Debut for Branagh's 'The Magic Flute

HASC Rejects Base Closure, F-35 Restrictions During NDAA Markup

Occupy Wall Street Movement - Was Obama's NSA domestic spying program used?

Is the NSA collecting all the spam sent in their mega-storage facility

How often does your wireless modem wear out? And some related Questions...

F-35 Launches First Air To Air Missile; Concurrency Costs Plunge $500 Million

There's always that ONE person who drags a good party down.

There are damned good reasons why most dads arent ALLOWED to take their daughters clothes-shopping.

In THESE shoes!?!?!?!?!?


MiddleFingerMom remembers the very first moment that he discovered our purpose for being here.

MiddleFingerMom -- he's that friend who'll come to your party after he's had 3 or 4 bean burritos.

Rover Finds New Evidence That Ancient Mars Was Habitable

Am I the only one who thinks their government spying on me is worse than a terrorist bombing?

Boy, 4, shoots and kills (former Special Forces) father

Birthing Ships is Never Easy; Give LCS A Break

Why the NSA revelations aren’t like the IRS scandal or Benghazi for Obama

NPR..Chinese Premier and Entourage Skip "Sunnyland Guest Rooms" for fear of US Spying

Will Sequester Scuttle DoD’s Energy Efficiency Efforts?

Tech Giants Deny Granting NSA 'Direct Access' To Servers

Alabama: "The child lost a finger in the incident but is otherwise fine."

What Does 'Religion' Mean?

FISA Court

Congress, SecDef MUST Lead Pentagon From The Vale Of Seven Sins: CNAS

Obama: If You Trust Your Congress, Trust in the NSA Data Collection

HASC Struggles For Compromise On Evangelicals, Atheists: NDAA 2014

Any one ready to start a campaign to have a law about ads when going to a link be

Americans Are Outraged Because in Voting for Obama, They Thought They Were Rejecting Bush

There is no Obama policy of spying on everyone and no domestic spying

Hypothetically, would we all be against the government listening to/reviewing all telephone...

FLASHBACK: Watch this 2006 PBS ‘NewsHour’ debate on the NSA’s phone call surveillance program

AVG might be the reason(?) I can't install my Download Accelerator Plus (Speedbit)

Hey, NSA, data mine this!

I need an intervention

Why men like jetbacks.

Pride declines to reinstate Manning as grand marshal

today in women's herstory-8 june

Transcript of the President's comments on the NSA

Musk Ox don't break ranks when they are vurnerable

:-( :-( :-(

a biography of the day-mary lucinda bonney (educator, native american rights activist)

Insurers Aren’t Just Giving Out Rebate Checks Because Of Obamacare — They’re Lowering Premiums, Too

You don’t support our President because of an issue thats been around for 7 years?

DOJ likely opening criminal investigation into Greenwald's source

THIS IS GOVERNMENT INTRUSION.. wake up and smell the coffee

What metadata can tell about you... (p.s. "more intrusive than content)

At his block party, Villaraigosa has a swan song in his heart (LA Times)

Saturday, June 8th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Najibullah Zazi hates PRISM

400 plutocrats in the US now own more wealth than 180 million other Americans

Tech giants 'made it easier' for Prism surveillance program to harvest data

Labor’s Share Plummets, Capital’s Share Soars: New Fed Data

Bad cookies, bad bad cookies......

All the Infrastructure a Tyrant Would Need

COOL phone booths in Sao Paulo

What's your limit on schnitzengruben?

Bill Maher -- Ronald Reagan was the Original Teabagger

When I said we needed a safety board for the Lounge, this is not what I had in mind

LIVE NOW: Politics Done Right –Tapped Phones? Another Scandal To Detract

Funny thing about The Guardian,

What are you reading the week of June 9, 2013?

Too too wonderful to miss. Watch This Baby Sea Lion Hijack A Boat

The Dirty Wars, Abroad and At Home

Obama approval rating among Democrats

pork party at my house

i hope everyone has a great weekend

Newark Mayor Booker Announces Run For Open New Jersey Senate Seat

In pictures: Rare Siberian tigers caught on camera (BBC) {also, upcoming programme}

Any recommendations for shows as good as The Big Bang Theory????


If anyone EVER uses the word "terrorist" in any kind of communication with you

FLASHBACK: Watch This 2006 PBS ‘NewsHour’ Debate On The NSA’s Phone Call Surveillance Program

Best One Hit wonders. My favorite (today) Black Betty. Video filmed behind a house in Akron mayme.

30 minutes in GD after a long absence

Phila. Schools Send out 3,800 More Layoff Notices (Inquirer Article)

Are some pigs more equal than others in regard to NSA spying?

'Big Brother' Supermarkets Know Your Every Move

A lone example of good in the matter of Government Surveillance.

Some of my HDR attempts

KOCH PETCOKE: Detroit’s Mountains Of Petroleum Coke (Petcoke) Are ‘Dirtier Than The Dirtiest Fuel’

How Would A Patriot Act?: Defending American Values from a President Run Amok

The NSA program is a waste of money.

What you will not see are demands from a significant number of elected officials to end the NSA

Papantonio and RFK, Jr.: A History Lesson For The GOP

About that "Meta Data Collection"....It's worse than you Think

Guardian: New Alleged PRISM Slide Released "Collection Directly From the Servers"

Other means of tracking you online

Free Gun Initiative Begins In Houston Neighborhood

If there are any of you left that STILL can't see that the object here is nothing more than control

On the current state of American politics in general:

Why Did The Alligator Cross The Freeway? To Take A Bathroom Break.

Listening to Young Atheists: Lessons for a Stronger Christianity

Bear Breaks Into A Car Because.... Why Not?

Man Gets 30 Months For Trying To Return Used Enemas To CVS

'Star Trek Into Darkness' Promotes Bestiality Says Pastor Kevin Swanson

John Malkovich helps save man's life on Toronto street

To those who think it is okay for the government to

Before you complain about the NSA looking for patterns in phone calls,

Gender Politics Return: Germany's Rebellious New Feminists

Satoshie Tomiie ~ Some cool sounds, enjoy!

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday June 8th

Ex-Libya rebel HQ attacked in Benghazi, 7 dead: hospital

Ok so they are watching and listening to us. Here's my question:

PRISM - Lord of the Rings

Privacy IS over.

White House chief of staff tours Guantanamo

There be MANATEES here!!! (14 Pics)

Marines Push for Solar Energy

"Beautiful. Unethical. Dangerous." Christopher Nolan on the NSA issue: Video.

The giant oarfish Regalecus glesne has been caught on film

How do you view the court decision regarding moving people on transplant lists?

'Monks - Abstain From Online Sin' Says Russian Church Leader

We should all work hard to fire this judge

i have a little puzzle for you folks

How many IGNORES have been earned since the IRS/SPY SCANDALS?

I can feel for the spy in 'Burn Notice'.

The only PRISM I trust:

REAGAN WAS THE MAN (most responsible for our decline).

Simulated Purse Snatching FAIL

Do this week's revelations make you More or Less likely to join a protest?

Japan: Abe’s Power Plan Lifts Renewables at Utilities Expense

Boundless Informant: The NSA's Secret Tool to Track Global Surveillance Data

I hope this is not a new thread, but here goes.

Does George Takei have writers?

After This Christian Valedictorian Began to Talk About Jesus, the School Correctly Shut Off His Mic

Why do police put guns and ammo on display for the media?

Would you film yourself in a compromising postition .....

Fear Indoctrination: Terror Exercises in LA – Keeping Public in Constant State of Fear, June 6 2013

Colorado wingnuts want to secede? Here's a flag

Kudos to the Santa Monica Chief of Police - Clear, concise update on CNN.

White House Says Congress Was Briefed 13 Times on Surveillance Programs

Exclusive: Katie Couric interviews the NSA

Kudos to the Santa Monica Chief of Police - Clear, concise update on CNN.

"very mad mother"

Health insurance desert?

Boundless Informant: the NSA's secret tool to track global surveillance data

I know nobody ever gets to Düsseldorf, but just in case you do one day....

The collection of metadata makes me miss illegal wiretapping

OK how should Obama and his Executive branch undo the Patriot Act and its various tentacles

Excavator in building collapse in police custody

Month #8 of the feeding tube blues

Secret court judge attended expenses-paid terrorism seminar (ties to Koch brothers)

Making Sense with Steve Leser Radio show this week: NSA Surveillance Scandal and GOP War on Women

Appears the mods don't know the difference between an absolute science (physics) and speculation.

Ed Shultz coming up at 5.00pm - Karen Finney's new show began at 4.00pm

Toon: Secret Agent Smartphone

Let's face it. It's nothing beyond a SIMPLE MORAL ISSUE that Kaitlyn Hunt = RAPIST.

A Universe Made of Tiny, Random Chunks

John Malkovich Saves Man’s Life On Toronto Street Corner

Meet the Carnivore system

It's my birthday and the afternoon 4:20 will occur soon. Any suggestions?

A much better investment than the Iraq and Afghanistan wars is...

Naked man filmed having sex with dog by students on their way to school

Houston Redistricting Hearings (senate version)

Share your thoughts about government surveillance Here!

Obama Administration Declassifies Details On “PRISM,” Blasts “Reckless” Media And Leakers.

Kerry and Obama in sunny Palm Springs

The Genome in Turmoil

Allen West says addressing sexual assault is like the Khmer Rouge

Blood & Treasure: Obama/Jinping Joint Statement

Black Forest Ham, Butter Lettuce and Heirloom Tomato Sandwich

Above & Beyond ~Good for Me

You guys want reality? You guys want scary?


When you play the game... You win or you die.

Wall Collapse Forces Dozens Out Of Apartments In Washington Heights

Edison will shut down the San Onofre nuclear plant for good

Weiner Critical Of Stop-And-Frisk At National Action Network Rally

My DU question of 04-13 was about our internet data.

Experts: Cries in 911 call unintelligible

What If China Hacks the NSA's Massive Data Trove?

Baseball team successfully executes the "wichita pick off" trick play

College baseball team from Vanderbilt executes a perfect “triple steal”.

In surprise to NSA, Utah Data Center may pay tax on electricity (uses $40M/year in electric)

Who wrote 1984?

Cory, Cory, Cory

The Dirty Wars, Abroad and At Home

Are you comfortable with the IRS reading your email without a warrant?

Charles Blow: Of Slippery Slopes

1902. When men wore moustaches and chairs were optional.

Nissan Enhances Battery Warranty for Existing LEAF Owners

New Article on Secret Mark by Viklund and Paananen

Get out the puke bags -Blitzer and the Rmoneys as they discuss

If you don't know how to do it -

Please Don’t Forsake the Gray Wolf!

You're right.


The Silly State of Dumphuckistan (about the Colorado secessionists)

Stalled nuclear talks fuel sharp exchange at Iran's final presidential debate

This (pdf.) just in from the DNI.

Cleaning fruit - Chemical-free and EASY!

Someone's leaving Ecuador's embassy ... but it's not Julian Assange

Amazing concentratio, determination and balance . . . ation - mesmerizing!

The local radio wingnut thinks he has common ground with Lefties over data mining. My e-mail to him.


Remember That Time...

Closing our doors.... one at a time

I love re-hashing the republican reaction to Obama’s Victory last Nov..

18 innings - Blue Jays-4; El Supremo's Rangers-3...

Caddyshack: the administration

Palace Malice in the Belmont. 2:30.7 n/t

Mark Fiore - Money fer Nothin'

Obama's NSA Defense: Says Congress Can Raise Objections, BUT it Can't as a Whole!

Turning down the heat: Can we discuss the surveillance issue without referring to Obama or to party?

Loungers 70 and older check in!

I'm glad my wife isn't here to see this

TRILLIONS to protect Americans from "Terrorists"

Free gun initiative begins in Houston neighborhood

Jobs Question for 20-something DUers

Environmentalists praise Gillibrand’s bill to stop invasive species

Free gun initiative begins in Houston neighborhood

Totally Biased: Kamau Hearts Cheerios Mixed-Race Ad

ACLU: DOJ Tells Court It's Reconsidering Secrecy Surrounding Patriot Act's Spying Powers

President Truman (1947): "We want no Gestapo or secret police"

Tea baggers have infiltrated every major progressive site and I have to admit

What good is building the perfect Big Brother if only the hipsters know it exists?

So either someone that was ignoring me

Does this bother you?

Unions: Speaking Out for ALL Workers

Thank you, Sequester! Just Had $316 A Month Cut From My Unemployment Benefits

Look what I found at the store made of plastic in the USA (family made since 1896)

Facts on the Collection of Intelligence Pursuant to Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence.........

Venezuela's Maduro halts restricted food sale plan

Farm family: Keep pipeline off our land

Venezuela's Maduro halts restricted food sale plan

Teacher and Principal Pressured to Resign Over Students' Presentation About Fracking

I started a batch of cabbage soup 4 hours ago, and it is cold and raw.

Dumb Criminals: Naked Man Has Sex With Dog, Filmed By Elementary School Students