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Nelson Mandela hospitalized

Wimax small computer with edit

DC Journo Overhears Intel Pros Talking About ‘Disappearing’ NSA Leaker, Glenn Greenwald

I saw heavily armed NYPD guarding the Morgan Stanley building entrance...

School says grad can't wear Marine Corps uniform at graduation

Global netizens worried over U.S. spying - Mainichi Daily

Paul Cellucci, former Mass. governor, dies at 65

Obama warns Xi that continued cybertheft would damage relations, U.S. officials said

Pakistan lodges protest, stresses ‘immediate end to US drone strikes’

To those who think socialized medicine is expensive--Go fuck yourselves!

Between this and being under Obama's spell already, you can be rendered senseless

Does it make sense or is it fair for Senator Durbin to blame President Obama

L.A. Kings down tonight already.

Venezuela's Housing Mission Grants New Homes to 388,841 Families

Nelson Mandela 'breathing on his own' after being admitted to hospital

Economists Call on Media to Report "Overwhelming Evidence" Regarding Venezuelan Election Results

Texas must be doing something right

San Francisco video teaches bus drivers how to coexist with cyclists

Va. Republican Lt. Governor Candidate Said Birth Defects Were Caused By Sin

How lack of food security is failing a starving world

Keiser Report: Predatory Monopoly

The First Time Ever I.... (meet Charlee Rayn with tissue warning by request)

Rich Entrepreneur, "The Wealthy Aren't Job Creators, Middle Class Workers Are" Think Progress

ACLU Ad: The President Lied to the American People and Broke the Law

GET OFF THE FENCE: Sexism in the atheist community.

In answer to the Question,

Conflict in the Middle East is about more than just religion

6-Month-Old E-Mails Easy Pickings for Police

Lone Wolf Seeks Same—No Stalker Homo Sapiens, Please

What. The. Fuck.

Looters have come from afar to Okla. after tornado

Study: More than half of elderly women are economically at risk

To Keep Cilantro Fresh for Weeks

Washington Post paywall starts June 12. Doesn't really affect much though.

"That's a man, baby!" Did Elizabeth I die as a child and was she replaced by a boy?

IMF: Woops! Our Bad. Austerity Doesn't Work

Bradley Manning won't get Pride honors

Want to see something truly beautiful and special...this is it!

Terrorist Trying To Kill Afghan Official Hid Bomb In A Place That Could Be A Big Problem For Airplan

WaPo Misread Powerpoint- Story on Feds tapping directly into internet companies was wrong & rushed

Yoga lawsuit will head to court in May

We have known since 2006 that mass domestic surveillence was going on in America..

Good question

Second Thoughts on October Surprise

Just hopped back on DU and see that El Supremo now has a Spurs Avatar...

South America’s Drift toward Unity

What would you do in this case. Vacation tour cut short by unusual medical emergency...

Nicaragua canal fast-tracked with Chinese boost

Sunday Talk shows

Questions about breast lump biopsy

Two juries within an hour today.


Updating Northeast Corridor Will be Complex and Costly

Hugo Chavez given Venezuela journalism prize

DNI Statement on the Collection of Intelligence Pursuant to Section 702 of the FISA

Cindy Jacobs, Television Prophet, Says Native Americans Must Repent For Ancestor's Pagan Beliefs

There are advantages to working for a newspaper...

Unreal flooding in Germany...Pictures at link.

Expert: NSA phone-tracking 'insane'

No Solar Way Around It

Teacher receives suspension after raping student multiple times

What is up with all these "National Food Item Days"?

Senator Rand Paul believes mental health is a hoax; legislation pending


Pakistan summons US envoy over drone strike

Never fear love!

Positive vibes for Nelson Mandela

No, there isn’t a GOP civil war

"Terrible Beauty" CA Wildfires

"Run For The Warriors" Kicks Off Army Week NYC

First Flight

potato questions.

CNN an interview with Romney tonight. Gloria Borger asked Romney


no man's land.

I was chastised by an organizer at a Bradley Manning rally today for displaying a Corporate-States

So all that hysteria yesterday

U.S., company officials: Internet surveillance does not indiscriminately mine data


Arctic Sea Ice Minimum Volumes on Map of New York 1979-2012

I am so ashamed. And I am a cutter.

Obama administraton releases details on Senate briefings

An old sad song I completely forgot about

Bachmann: 'Not going silent,' may run again

Paul Cellucci has died.

American Pie.

Liver cells made with 3D printer

Why Republicans Can Get Away With Ignoring Their Problems

Chicago just beat the Kings in overtime. Four to three. nt

HAWKS WIN!! that is all. nt

Canadian man in jail in U.S. for selling mj seeds put in solitary

I just got in a Twitter fight with a person

Joy Reid Does Awsome job Filling In For Big Ed

Former Ohio resident charged with DUI despite documents showing blood alcohol content of 0.000

Elizabeth Warren / Ed Markey marching at Boston Pride

Things are tough all over: Recession Hits World's Oldest Profession

Joy Reid Is On Fire!

Mouse acceleration and an editor autocompletion cost me two days

If you were on trial for being a liberal, would there be enough evidence to convict?

Watching Tuesday's episode of the Daily Show

I just had meowtinis and marpurritas. Ask me anything?

White House Plays Down Data Program

So the Right blames those doing what they were told is the way to do things responsibly.

Hot business tip of the day for entrepreneurs: Fear is monetizable

major break in the ricin letters to WH and Bloomberg.

Accused Fort Hood Shooter Paid $278,000 While Awaiting Trial

"You awake?"

But it's only Metadata

Scaredy Cat

James Bamford: Post-September 11, NSA ‘enemies’ include us

Latest from S. Clemons on FB + Twitter, 8 minutes ago:

Under the sewers of Washington, DC...

Hildegard says she didn't MEAN to chase the cat...

The Collapse of America's Infrastructure

Afro-Latino Forum

***Please broadcast request from S Clemons:

Choice for U.N. Post Gets Israeli Vote of Confidence

The Amazing Joe Biden!

the REAL Job creators

Ankara protesters clash with Turkish police

The Making of Pinocchio-No Strings Attached (Six Parts)

What's the difference between Facebook and NSA?

Note to self: Frogs pee on you when you pick them up...

What's the worst sun burn or heat stroke you've ever had?

Judge giveth and judge taketh away in military insurance case on autism

John Zawahri Confirmed As Gun Man In Santa Monica Rampage

I must be getting old.

German man locked up over HVB bank allegations may have been telling truth


Wow! Look at how "hysterical" and "poutraged" all of DU USED to be...


Iran says it sets up space monitoring center

Israel official: No Palestinian state in '67 lines

Some photos from yesterday's DC Pride Parade

Over 100,000 attend Tel Aviv's Pride Parade

Understanding RFK's assassination as Palestinian terror

"If you don't let me and my wife outta here, I'm gonna hafta cut a muthafucka..."

Wisconsin Lawmakers Vote To Expel Investigative Journalism Org From University Campus

Five church schools in Gaza face closure after Hamas order

Like right out of a Warner Brother's cartoon...

You won't find me complaining that they no longer make it for the Mac anymore...

After Newtown shooting, mourning parents enter into the lonely quiet

Syria arms: Parliament would get vote, Hague pledges

Kanye West - Heard Em Say Ft. Adam Levine (LIVE SNL PEFORMANCE)

Reagan's True Legacy...

An Excellent Litmus Test...


US and China agree to curb nuclear N Korea

Pentagon May Be Wasting a Billion Dollars a Year in Erroneous Payments to Contractors

Panda Doodle Went To Town, Riding On A Pony...

GOP outreach to young voters (toon)

Making the hero pay: A Nation's Betrayal

If it's now a crime to annoy a police officer in New York State...

$ $ $

NY Times article on talk show appearances...

Arizona Diamondbacks drafted paralyzed ASU player Cory Hahn in the 34th round

Why Student Loans Are an Even Bigger Sham Than You Know

RE: Walking back the PRISM Story...

Our Distorted National Priorities

Protester 'killed outside Iranian embassy in Beirut'

Half Lives: Why the Part-time Economy Is Bad for Everyone

How Google and Silicon Valley Screw Their Non-Elite Workers

X-Post from Photography: Photos from DC Capital Pride parade

Abortion and Magical Thinking

“Rude” Heckling, Perhaps, But LGBT Job Discrimination Is In The News

California's Great Prison Experiment

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) PawsThat Refreshes Edition

Boy, 4, Who Accidentally Killed Dad 'Doesn't Know That His Father Is Gone'

What (sic) next for Duke Cunningham?

Is "It's legal" a valid argument when used in defense of policy?

The Fed's Bubble: How Long can It Last?

Pro-Fracking Greens Called Out in Sandra Steingraber's New Manifesto

Solar storm Risk to the north American electric grid

64 indicted in N. County auto theft rings

Pakistan's new leader says drone strikes are unacceptable. Americans love drone strikes. Assholes.

Dershowitz to PM: Watch ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

Proof that more $ attracts more attention:

Do NOT use Facebook ads for your business

Can a county secede from a state?

Michael Steele is much smarter when he's not being an RNC shill

Time to post what ReTHUGs said and did against Mandela before they

One Trick Pony

In September of 2012, Pakistan withdrew consent for any drone strikes within their borders

I've been looking for you all day

When John Q Public worries about the government violating their privacy, they

irony? satire?

Fla. town on edge as Trayvon Martin case goes to court

Curious: do people think phone calls and emails route themselves...

Don't Throw That Dog a Bone by Jeni Carr

Angry man set bus fire that killed 47 in China, authorities say

Videos: "Ready for Hillary" Co-Founder Speaks in Arlington About Eleanor Roosevelt, Hillary Clinton

Biden heads to Brazil after ‘brutal’ discussions in Caribbean

Dog vs. Cat

Key to government’s monitoring power lies in war, technology

QUESTION: What did you think the Patriot Act authorized?!?!


you can hear the influence he had on The Beatles

Mental Health: A Global Disability

Newsroom - Whistleblower Episode

In Mistaken House Search, SWAT Team Rummages through Iraq Veteran's House and Shoots His Dog

can justice sotomayor stop the NSA?

Game of Thrones season finale 2013 Mhysa

petition... Gabby Giffords

Tom Tomorrow on Obama's "Relationship Talk" with Drone Sweetie

Real News: Investing in Schools Creates More Than Twice as Many Jobs as Military Spending

Michael Dishnow: Character is what really counts

Righteous Brothers - Just Once In My Life

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 9, 1872

Today in Peace and Justice history on June 9, 1872

The guy on CNN has it backwards about China as a superpower

it has come to this...

Susan Sarandon On Religion And The Catholic Teachings She Never Understood (VIDEO)

American Fascism: Ralph Nader Decries How Big Business Has Taken Control of the U.S. Government 1/2

Religions in Norway

You know if you click on your thread, it counts. pretty cool, eh.

Keystone XL isn’t even built yet and already it’s faulty

This is why ALL liberals *should* oppose dragnet surveillance

We done it once before, what makes you think it can't happen again.

If you're unemployed, it's not because there isn't any work.

The Logic of the Surveillance State

"The Awakening That's Happening": Local, Sustainable Food

Liver-like cells made with 3D printer

What happens when you have a Game of Thrones themed party for your 10 year old

"I’ve Been Put in Prison for Opposing the War in Afghanistan"

'we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted the militaryindustrial complex'

Government Spying on Americans - New? Not Really...

How fracking companies exploit Amish farmers

Canadian power plant is buying up Detroit’s pile of tar-sands waste, burning it

Game of Thrones - cosplay theme song cover

Insurers Aren’t Just Giving Out Rebate Checks Because Of Obamacare — They’re Lowering Premiums, Too

So I have five Star Members blocking mail from me but not ignoring me.

Protesters disrupting the French Open tennis men's final

The World, thru a Repuke Lense

Anti-gay evangelical Christians a growing political force in Brazil

ASI 2013 update 2: shaken and stirred

‘Boundless Informant’: the NSA’s secret tool to track global surveillance data

Why Privacy Matters Even if You Have 'Nothing to Hide'

Fires have burned 3 percent of Amazon rainforest in 12 years: NASA

Somebody 'splain this WTF "Brevity" cartoon to me, s'il vous plait

Convicted NY killer's golf art masks caged reality

Researchers warn: New ‘bird flu’ strains close to becoming pandemics

Economic Update with Richard Wolff: Capitalism's Costs (audio link)

Omigod. People are now renting tires.

Ever play kick the cat?

Just for laughs but real: Man found guilty of sprinking pubic hair on curry

Meet the Joint High Speed Vessel - JHSV

Joe Jackson - Is She Really Going Out With Him - Lyrics

David Korten: “Walking Away from the King”

10 Things Americans Underestimate About Our Massive Surveillance State

Iain Banks dies of cancer aged 59

What's worth a Sunday if not a CAPTION? Please come do Laura Ingraham!!!!

Wake Up Already America!!! NSA Built Back Door In ALL Windows Software by 1999---Long BEFORE 9/11

Tired of fighting with fellow Dems over the NSA Surveillance issue?

The National Denier Service

today at our White House "Taking on Patent Trolls to Protect American Innovation"

Going "Full Stasi" The Transnational Elite Oligarch's Way Of Keeping Control Indefinitely...

Made In USA On Rise

Venezuela’s Latest Scandal Shows Signs the Regime Chávez Built Is Falling Apart

How to Shield Your Calls, Chats, and Internet Browsing From Government Surveillance

G8 countries' bishops urge leaders to focus on poor

Has Hillary Clinton made any comment on NSA/Surveillance mess?

"If you're covered in political stink, ..."

Hmm...maybe my good luck was short-lived

Big Oil mounts Tobacco Playbook response to Gasland II with big money, "crockumentaries"

'Summer Guide' from the LA Times (Southern Cal. activity suggestions)

Am I the last one at DU to start a thread about NSA, PRISM, and stuff?

I will tell you what I've been told for many years:

IMAX Has a New Home Theater for Your Very Big, Very Nice House

Addresses only the British could have

Divided we beg

"Pots and Pans" in Istanbul.. oh my oh my

Does anyone know of any scientific evidence regarding sodium benzoate and hummingbird health?

They Control Everything - Die Tageszeitung, Germany

Which comes first: California's egg rule, or everyone else's?

They are listening, but who are "they"?

Does welfare keep fathers away from families?

Democrat: IRS testimony shows no White House involvement

The President tries to Bring America’s Students into the Digital Age

Glenn Greenwald's passionate defense of whistle-blowers

If the NSA gathers up all the phone calls and e-mails, then Julian Assange publishes it on Wikileaks

I miss my pop-up.

Candy Crowley of CNN's State of the Union does not think it's relevant to the investigation

Is the government really protecting American lives?

We need this guy back

Attorney General Eric Holder Under Pressure To Open More Media Leak Investigations

My own version of Ginseng Rush.

Pan-seared mesquite tuna

You Know The Racists Who Went Nuts Over The Mixed-Race Cheerios Girl?

Security expert all occupies phones were logged

Dogs - Lyme Disease

Thanks to President Obama, strong whistleblower protections are in place

THIS is why poverty is like a Black Hole with no escape...

Screw that med.

Any of you used Personal Knowbase software? One of my co-workers thinks it's

Alex Jones Goes Berserk During BBC Show

Before PRISM, there was PROMIS

If we don't fix this under a Democratic President, it will never be fixed.

The challenge of Water

At least 74 Texas sites report large stores of potentially explosive ammonium nitrate

Is Prism Really a Scandal? - by Alan M. Dershowitz

US Unleashes Its Nuclear Site Bunker-Buster Bomb

Mike Rogers attacks Glenn Greenwald: "He doesn't have a clue how this thing works"

Repeal the Damn Patriot Act White House Petition

On Palestinians, Israel's Leadership Is Two-Faced

Cummings calls Issa’s IRS bluff: ‘I’ll release’ transcripts clearing White House if he doesn’t

With no update on Mandela's condition, friend urges: 'It's time to let him go'

June 9: National Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Day

What Was the Israeli Involvement in Collecting Communications Intel for NSA?

WTF did you think was happening under the "Patriot Act"?

1/21/09 COUNTDOWN - The “missing part” of the timeline in today’s NY Times lead story

Another worthwile reading Pitbull story

Joshua valedictorian talks about Jesus, has mic turned off

Did DUers see that attempted attack on Rafa Nadal today at the French Open final

An Arab National Speaks on our Patriot Act ~ from Reddit

Interesting split: Journalists want more openness, but DiFi and Rogers want to prosecute leaker.

Uncle Eddy died last night, this is his story from WWII

CIA's 'Facebook' Program Dramatically Cut Agency's Costs

Prince Harry Once Defended Gay Soldier From Bullying Rivals

Frank Sinatra - The Best Is Yet To Come

No, I do not trust the "Republican Tool" Feinstein on the Intelligence Committee.

NSA Whistleblower William Binney: "FBI came in and pointed a gun at me" (2007)

NSA Bombshell Story Falling Apart Under Scrutiny; Key Facts Turning Out to Be Inaccurate

Continuing Bush policies was guaranteed

Obama renewed the Patriot Act...

True facts about the sea pig

Calamari is Italian for onion ring

The Future of the Pacific Hangs in the Balance

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 11: Working Women Who Surrender in the End

Contamination dropping in evacuation zone (Japan)

(Greek tax dodgers) Lagarde list publisher returns to Greek court months after being exonerated

Edward Snowden is the NSA whistle-blower

I hid all of the NSA eavesdropping threads in GD

Fox Host Explodes At Guest For Disagreeing With His Scandal Coverage: ‘Cut His Damn Mic’

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, June 12: Lana Turner in the '50s

Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind revelations of NSA surveillance

The government doesn't listen to the people?

“Fuck every cause that ends in murder and children crying.”


Israel Could Benefit From Syrian Civil War as Hamas and Hezbollah Face Setbacks

Fla. Deputy Removes Doritos Bag From Deer's Head

Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe with a fried bacon-wrapped pickle

RE NSA - non issue because there really is no privacy

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden: 'I do not expect to see home again'

Why one of America’s top terrorism analysts thinks U.S. government surveillance has gone too far.

Flooding in Europe due to jet stream blocking pattern?

Anybody else having a problem last two days with an ad auto launching?

AP STORY BREAKING: Guardian Identifies Source of Surveillance Programs as Intel Agency Contractor

Here's my problem: We have TWO governments, and probably even more.

NSA has had code running in the Linux kernel since 2003!!!

I would not want to be any Edward Snowden who is not

Intelligence leaders push back against leakers, media

Thousands evacuated as Elbe bursts dam in German floods

In Texas, Abandoned Oil Equipment Spurs Pollution Fears

1 hour ago from S Clemons twitter/FB:

I'll take a pack o marlboros, some of them there Trojans, and some 9mm rounds

Can you hear me now?

Edward Snowden, the NSA source, is in Hong Kong!

The Dorklyst: 7 Minor Characters Nerds Made Famous

Heartbreaking Transcript from the Bradley Manning Trial -- Lamos Interrogation

Suspect in deadly building collapse denied bail

Promoter says New York race on for 2014

Colonoscopy, A Justification For Obamacare But Single Payer Is Still Best

McCain: Boston bombings proved Rand Paul wrong

Flashback: Facebook founder called trusting users dumb f*cks

4 down and its only june...

Watch The One Senator Who Voted Against The Patriot Act Warn What Would Happen (VIDEO)

Why has the US not retaliated for that attack in Benghazi?

Lawmakers Tear Into Obama’s Surveillance Program, Pledge To Challenge It At Supreme Court

Fracking vs. food: N.Y.’s choice BY MARIO BATALI AND BILL TELEPAN

Iain Banks (1954—2013)

SalmonChantedEvening's Sunday LOLcats made me think of 2 really good songs!

Down with Free Parking!

" I had been looking for leaders, but I realised that leadership is about being the first to act."

NYT: How the U.S. Uses Technology to Mine More Data More Quickly

Are they recording our conversations too?

Help with a rocking chair.

with a floy floy

Ever wonder why ads pop up on websites for things that interest you

close up insects and stuff

Very Nice Omaha Steve Thread

What's for Dinner, Sun., June 9, 2013

What will terrorist learn from Edward Snowden leaking of classified documents?

Fifth victim dies of wounds following Santa Monica shooting spree

See How These Swedish Train Operators Are "Skirting" The Issue Of No Shorts On The Job

Unsubsidized ‘Grid Parity Has Been Reached In India’, Italy–With More Countries Coming in 2014

François Hollande: the eurozone crisis is over

Rand Paul (R-Dumbass) Wants To File Class Action Lawsuit Against Wiretapping

Family of ducks causes 2 separate crashes on N.B. highway

If you only read one article on solar this month, make it this one.

Support growing to close Guantanamo prison: senator (McCain)

A question for world travelers:

New Yorkers Get Apartments In Former Mars Building For $10

More Than A Million Cheer On City's Spirited Puerto Rican Day Parade

Clintons Spy Program "ThinThread" Was "Far Superior" (w/o violating privacy) To Bushes NSA Program

Graph of the Day: Solar grid parity in 102 countries

How significant is it that two Isreali companies are doing the dirty work for the NSA?

A question about the NSA story.

Is NSA leaker the same Edward Snowden in Hawaii who is a Ron Paul supporter?

George Will Gets SMACKED HARD by his own words on NSA

9 Amazing Songs That It Is Probably Impossible To Have Sex To

Snowden: They say it's better to kick someone out of a plane than let these people have day in court

Ellsberg: "I've been waiting for him (Edward Snowden) for 40 years"

Josh Marshall on Edward Snowden

Fox Host Explodes At Guest For Disagreeing With His Scandal Coverage: ‘Cut His Damn Mic’

So is this Edward Snowdenone of Princess Margaret's

Math and Logic applied to our "War on Terror"

As we type away, there are lots of people deperately trying to find dirt on Snowden

Matthew Rothschild: Russ Feingold Was Prescient on Domestic Spying

Mr. Fish- Executive Branch

Sh*t just got real for Edward Snowden -the US and Hong Kong have a bilateral extradition treaty

Can we at least wait an hour or two before we divide into hero-worship and excoriation of Snowden?

Do you support Edward Snowden leaking the classified NSA secret program details?

If George Carlin were alive, would these be the new 7 words you can't say?

We don't trust private contractors to operate metal detectors at airports

Link to photos of Europe's historic flooding this past week..

Well. It finally happened as was predicted 70 years ago...

Does anyone else feel itchy when looking at Rand Paul--ugh!

Can laws eradicate gun violence?

ammo shortage felt in Australia and New Zealand

Wouldn't it be ironic if the GOP

How Boehner, the Koch brothers, et al must be laughing now.

Booz Allen Statement on Reports of Leaked Information (NSA, Snowden)

In support of Edward Snowden, I propose a National Don't-Use-the-Internet day, June 11.

Inside the Global Industry that's Slaughtering Africa's Elephants

An all Female X-men comic!

"Primeval" new season started last night on syfy

Statement from Booz Allen on Edward Snowden

Sunday School

In the Spirit: Beloved Packer LeRoy Butler lands amid ugliness of culture wars

The argument about domestic spying isn't one the other side is having to any extent

Al Qaeda sets up complaint department

Here Is Something We Should ALL Get Behind: Revocation/Deauthorization Of The Patriot Act.

Patriot Act Introduced in the House of Representatives as H.R. 3162

WHY Hong Kong?!!!

From those of us who haven't been asleep for the last 12 years

Game of Thrones 3.10 "Mhysa" Season Finale (spoilers!!)

Former CIA Officer: Officials Considering NSA Whistleblower’s Case ‘Potential Chinese Espionage’

EPA finds "secret man caves"

Obama Admin. Stripping Wolf Protections Across Most of Lower 48

Rep. Cummings: If Rep. Issa Doesn’t Release IRS Transcripts Within The Week, ‘I Will’

Possible MS treatment breakthrough

Mike Rogers Attacks Glenn Greenwald For NSA Expose: ‘He Doesn’t Have A Clue How This Thing Works’

Regarding the Philadelphia building collapse, I have been thinking...

2016 tea leaves: Iowa GOP to showcase Sen. Ted Cruz at summer picnic

2016 tea leaves: Iowa GOP to showcase Sen. Ted Cruz at summer picnic

Quantum teleportation between atomic systems over long distances

Obama's Best Chance to Make History (and Be Revered)

Funding to restore Texas' historic courthouses slashed by Legislature

Critique of Libertarian Economics

4 protest gun violence in Rockford

Fla. deputy removes Doritos bag from deer's head

One of the best Corbett Satires.... Ever (His Brilliant Re-Election Strategy Uncovered)

Erin Brockovich arrested while boating in Nevada

What’s the Deal with Hong Kong?

If they have nothing to hide, what are they worried about?

Now that we have a name, we can begin to sling the mud

The Worst Argument Against The Apartheid Analogy

93.6 inside my house

What happens if you don't take the loyalty oath to Edward Snowden?

Libya Army Chief Resigns After Clash In Benghazi

Moral Mondays -- gang we need the support of everyone, and especially North Carolinians.

U.S. And China Aim To Phase Down Use Of Potent Greenhouse Gases Known As HFCs

NSA surveillance as told through classic children's books

Pundits Upset Over Nothing: Google Didn't Ban Glass at Shareholder Meeting

Proposed Change - "Land of the Free, Home of the Brave" to...

It's not like this shit hasn't been going on for years.

If you only read one article on solar this month, make it this one.

Quite honestly, I find myself starting to "edit" my own comments on DU


I joined DU 7 years ago because the FBI and NSA had been revealed to be spying on us

Jacaranda in Spring...

I keep having to remind myself, we have a Constitution

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden: 'I don't want to live in a society that does this

Is this wicked cool or what?

PRISM was an effective program and a good balance with civil liberties. Snowden should go to jail.

I'm not a big fan of casseroles. But I'm willing to make an exception in this case.

Record US SW Heat, Over 90 Degrees In GB, 500 Heat Deaths In India - No Global Warming?

15 unintentionally dirty church signs, and one we hope is a joke

24 Reasons Why George R.R. Martin Is The Biggest Troll In Literature Right Now

60 Minutes on Profit Driven healthcare at HMA.

Awe and fear: Politicised gangs of Venezuela

You have to wonder: Will Obama see out his full term?

How does baklava freeze?

Sunday Shows meet Glenn Greenwald!

Cuban newspaper releases picture of Fidel Castro

NSA surveillance as told through classic children's books (pic heavy)

X-Post from GD: Cost of Admissions

Justice Sotomayor is on 60 Minutes now n/t

SNLs The Californians with Mick Jagger

Booz Allen Hamilton: Edward Snowden News 'Shocking', 'A Grave Violation'

Transcript of the NSA Surveillance Portion of my 6/9-10/13 show

Obama: From transparency advocate to plumber-in-chief

Does anybody remember Obama's speech about pulling back from the "war on terror" 2 weeks ago?

Hannity knows nothing about history...LOL..


Daniel Ellsberg on CNN...

Nonsense songs. Post 'em here.

I need an easy to use free program to put text on photos.

Santa Monica shooting spree suspect identified as death toll climbs

Then and now

China will give up Snowden within 72 hrs.

An interesting detail of the Verison case that got relatively little play here

Snowden says that he had "the authorities" to wiretap anyone -- even the President.

Has Snowden been disappeared yet?

Article written in 1971 on John Kerry, which was reprinted this year

Is NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden A Redditor?