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It's Hug a Panda Week!

Sign in if you are not distracted by the Snowden, Greenwald, Damon, Wyden Bashers!


Anyone watching Chopped tonight?

"TPP: The Coming Fast-Track Trade Outrage"--(It's a "Listen" rather than Read"

Stormy Monday, 8/12/13

So, a glass of red wine commited suicide onto my MacBook Pro the other night.


You know it doesn't matter if anyone ever looked at metadata or content

French serviceman held in Lyon over suspected mosque plot

So I taught my neighbor what "Open the pod bay doors Hal" means..

In hopes of a good soup. Can a question be a parable?

Judge changes a baby's name against the mother's will due to religious reasons.

Krugman: Globalization, the stimulus and trade.

Day 34: CA Gov Brown Administration refuses to negotiate.

Good on Sanjay

Video from the voiceless Support the Pelican Bay Hunger Strike! (from 2011)

Below are the arguments of those that support the NSA over Snowden's revelations*.

New California Water Grab for Fracking and Agribusiness;

Colorado Springs man wanted in shooting deaths of man and woman

at the Missouri State Fair

The water fights in CA: Westlands files lawsuit against Trinity water release

Hamas security forces crack down on Fatah in Gaza

GOP anxiety grows over Ga. Senate race

My DU mail inbox...

What I tell my RW "friends" regarding Filner...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 11 August 2013

Wright petition passes!!! FCC approves rules to cap prison phone rates

The Earth’s Seasonal “Heartbeat” as Seen from Space

Oil lobby leads California spending as ocean fracking proceeds

I heard from a Glenn Greenwald that Matt Damon is Edward Snowden's favorite actor.

Happy Birthday Elfie Balis: you might not know his name but you have seen his civil rights work

Is there a place for Snowden on Mount Rushmore

Krugman: Rand Paul "actually has no idea that the deficit is falling; it’s quite possible that

So, this Wartune girl has all of the excitement I need?

Did you get the either alert for this post?

JOHN GRISHAM: "ABOUT two months ago I learned that some of my books had been banned at Guantánamo"

Cat with round pupils


Biden, Hinting at 2016, to Speak at Iowa Event.

Deer :D

A Vet for Peace speaks of his arrest at WI Capitol for singing and observing

Obama's White Paper shows NSA metadata is hardly ever used

Ted Koppel: America's Chronic Overreaction to Terrorism

Do I have to peel beets for a roasted beet salad?

vitamin BEEF

Welfare Recipients Are Actually Mostly White And Less Likely Than The Average American To Use Drugs

Eric Northman is my hero.

Journalist flees Russia to keep family safe amid persecution of homosexuals

"Naked Citizens" An Orwellian documentary about surveillance aka That I-Tunes Update

Judge Says Kid's Not the Messiah

Another Faux News Pas

A Texan tragedy: ample oil, no water

NRA is all about Rule of Law, except when it's something they don't like

Austerity chokes Canada's needy

Koch Brother's Worst Nightmare: The Green Tea Party

Ok I guess it's time to play "How Useless Is Matt Damon"..

A variation of a previous subject.

A lock that appears editorial

Tennessee judge, citing Jesus, changes baby's name from "Messiah"

is this thread meta?

How Amsterdam welcomed Putin

Ken Burns film: The National Parks

Medical Marijuana Provides Miraculous Results For 6-Year-Old Boy

"15 Things Americans Would Know if There Were a "Liberal Media"" at AlterNet

So I went to the Lee County Democrats annual picnic today.

Narrated by Matt Damon: A Documentary on Howard Zinn: You can't be neutral on a moving train

Breaking Bad. How will the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle be applied to Walt in

Emergency Declared at Fukushima. last sunday a 6.0 earthquake shook Fukushima


Save tonight and fight the break of dawn. Come tomorrow - tomorrow I'll be gone

Independent: Guards are sexually assaulting me, says the last Briton in Guantanamo Bay

Pacifica's WBAI-FM New York, birthplace of 'Democracy Now!,' lays off most of its staff

"Ted Cruz Continues Campaign Against Obamacare"

"Are Seniors Souring on the Republican Party?"

A kinship with Bradley Manning

Justice Dept. Seeks to Curtail Stiff Drug Sentences.

''WEED'' a Dr Sanjay Gupta Special, FULL episode (a must see awesome documentary)

So the meta data collected doesnt even have personal info

Love veggies? Get this book. Hate veggies? REALLY get this book.

Justice Dept. Seeks to Curtail Stiff Drug Sentences

Crossposting : an OP about Idaho's approach to healthcare and the poor

Nance Greggs: ODS – Obama Derangement Syndrome

Been reading about the Obama Clown Mask tonight at a Mo. Fair

"Elysium" #1 At The Box Office This Week End - Hope People Get The Message.

Justice Dept. Seeks to Curtail Stiff Drug Sentences

A housecat with round pupils

(Pacifica Radio) WBAI-FM Lays Off Most of Staff

Schwarzenegger-era real estate deal is focus of lawsuit

Postal Service financials improve, but big losses continue

Your Social Security number contains no Personal Information

First Dog Bo airlifted - another non-issue for Rethugs

GOP Triage - You Don't Treat Patients Who Have Caused Their Disease

US 'deeply concerned' over freeing of Mexico drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero

Arid Southwest Cities’ Plea: Lose the Lawn

Even years after the cheat is exposed

Boonville school superintendent was announcer during controversial rodeo performance

I just ate a cup of broccoli slaw. You

(REPUBLICAN) Fmr. East Longmeadow Selectman Jack Villamaino Sentenced (VOTER FRAUD)

AquaTop Display - A True Immersive Interface

McCain: Young Americans admire Snowden, see him as "some kind of Jason Bourne"

Global Crises As Therapy


U.P. ordered to rehire worker, pay $325,000

Obama voted for telecom wiretap immunity, Hillary voted against.

August 12: Julienne Fries Day

Egypt police fail to start operation to disperse pro-Mursi camps

Argentine midterm primary delivers political slap to leader Fernandez

Kerry trip to Brazil, Colombia could be chilly

Nudity : Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber ?

A Texan tragedy: ample oil, no water

Prince Charles and his 36 private meetings with cabinet ministers

How extinction of five-tonne sloths slows up growth along the Amazon

The NSA..Plausible Deniability and 'Internet traffic'

Least I Could Do webcomic on "Ender's Game"

This Non Sequitur says it all

Tennessee judge, citing Jesus, changes baby's name from "Messiah"

SciAm: The world water shortage looks unsolvable

Sinkhole causes resort villa to partially collapse (Fla.)

Joaquin Phoenix & Scarlett Johansson Star in Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’

Anti-abortion protesters force Portland’s rock ’n’ roll deli to close

Inventor Musk to share plans for high-speed travel

There may be bipartisan support for changing federal drug law policies

It's Time to Do Something When a Corporation Like WalMart Won't Pay a Living Wage Or Else We All Pay

Baltimore researchers turn carnivorous fish into vegetarians

Labour MP attacks party's 'deafening silence' on policy

8 Signs the Rich Have WAY Too Much Money

Don’t Wait for the Revolution — 'Be the Change' and Live It

Just found out my next door neighbors have to put their dog to sleep

Why the Right-Wing's Cherished Idea That Your Liberty Is Your Property Is a Danger to Us All

The Border-Industrial Complex

You know those "crisis pregnancy centers"? NARAL went undercover: Results: Outrageous Lies

My Gore Vidal Quote of the Day:

Question about Human-Neanderthal-Intermixing and bone-structure

Texas Pro-Choice Hero Wendy Davis: "Now it's my turn to return that favor to Virginia's women."

Photographer captures career-defining photo of Usain Bolt

Trucker Leads Rescue of Hurt Swan on NJ Turnpike

Memo from Oslo: If Peace Is Prized, a Nobel for Bradley Manning

What a Shame. Not: Obama’s ‘fast-track’ trade push faces congressional delays

Britain considers legal action against Spain over Gibraltar

TN judge, citing Jesus, changes baby's name from "Messiah"

The Charitable-Industrial Complex (Peter Buffett)

Does the Chief Justice Have Too Much Power?

"Zero's got nothing on me!" . . . Please come CAPTION Sarah Palin!!!!

Latest volcanic eruption shows challenge to Indonesia from its 'ring of fire'

GOP Politics Of Resentment Getting More Hateful, Racist, Bigoted & Absurd Every Day

Parents Losing Jobs a Hidden Cost to U.S. Head Start Budget Cuts

If You Are Broke, Hungry, Sick Or Poor YOUR LOCAL CHURCH WILL PROVIDE!

Shameful Missouri State Fair stunt smears Obama

33 Capitol protesters seek jury trials after arrests

Anti Government Tea Bagger Having Heart Attack Saved By City Paramedics

Scott Walker loyalist Cindy Archer starts high-paying job Monday

Anti-Tax Zealots Almost Get Themselves Killed, then get Rescued by Tax-Funded Services.

Sinkhole collapses Disney-area resort

Interesting article on housing crisis

Monday Toons

Is there a trick to not inhaling so much water when swimming face down.

Endgame: the world's creepiest tech company?

Christians 'airbrushed women out of history' (Book Review)

Greetings from my office window overlooking

Campaign aims to introduce U.N.-recognized day in memory of wartime sex slaves

Best President ever goes fishing during war..outrage

Check out this animated graphic: U.S. Population Distribution by Age, 1900 through 2060

Michigan Safety Net for Boomers Frays on Bankrupt Detroit

PHOTOS: Anti-Putin Protests Spread

Kudos to Obama and Holder: Mandatory minimum' sentences to end for many drug offenders

Remember the DOJ task force story on banks friday?

Breaking: Stop-and-Frisk Practice Violated Rights, Judge Rules


ted cruz's father is as batshit crazy as teddy boy

Billionaire's playground: the world of professional sports

In the dark

Eric Holder to reform US drug sentences in major policy shift

Article about the teabaggers who control the PA. House of Representatives

holy crap, one-of-a-kind Dropkick Murphys 4 string Deering banjo!

The latest growing meme about Hillary Clinton

Stop-and-Frisk Practice Violated Rights, Judge Rules

Krugman: The Power of Incumbency, Health Care Edition

What did Edward Snowden get wrong? Everything

Marikana shooting: South African union leader killed

free markets

Papantonio: The Assault on Affordable Healthcare

No Matt Damon isn't a whiny hypocrite (at least not on education reform and public schools)

No One Wants to Be Called a Bigot

Insecure, Frustrated Bully With Something To Prove Considering Career In Law Enforcement

Can You Pass This 8th Grade Exam From 1912?

MLK Jr., Beyond Vietnam -- A Time to Break Silence

Tom Tomorrow: Republicanado!

If you're looking for a really enjoyable show,...

Spanish Prime Minister: No EU visa for Colombians

I reaallllyyyyy don't want to be an ape

California Senators Press for Major Boycott Due to Russia's Draconian Anti-Gay Law

air force academy gets its first female superintendent

Cuba as a case study for distributed grid architecture and energy efficiency

air force academy to get its first female superintendent

Tennessee judge orders baby's name changed from 'Messiah': report

High School grad founded school and orphanage in Nepal

THE SENSE OF AN ENDING{dying with dementia}

The U.S. Nuclear Power Industry's Dim Future

A very minor bug report...

Republicans show, time and time again, they regard racism as their standard political weapon

"No Muslim Parking In Westview Shopping Center-Your Car Will Be Towed"

"Hence the need for cops who are really soldiers."

judge orders couple to change their kids name

LG Korea launches Android phone with ill-advised marketing stunt, injures 20

Federal judge throws out NYPD "stop-and-frisk" policy, places department under court supervision

If you saw 48 Hours Mystery last Saturday, about the murder of Ruth Pyne in

Get A Sense Of How Dire Shark Finning Is From This Visual Represenation

Snowden's Dad: If Edward Would Have Stayed In the USA: "He would have been buried under the capital"

A Texan tragedy: ample oil, no water

Consequences: NC’s Pat McCrory Might be the Next Tom Corbett

Describe a time of disappointment.

Trump....whistling in the dark?

Insurance companies ... the good guys?

FBI can remotely activate Android and laptop microphones, reports WSJ

Without judicial intervention, serious risk of animal cruelty in (Wisconsin) Fall hunt.

Why Amazon's CEO Bought The Washington Post.

Hospitalized American jailed in North Korea appears well: Swedish diplomat

GOP admits conservatives are inherently stupid

John Kerry arrives in Colombia for trade talks

GOP leaders fight amongst themselves over shutdown scheme

Nazi war crimes suspect Laszlo Csatary dies

Religious right leader backs Russian crackdown on gay rights

Senate Insider Speaks Out: Ex-Wyden Staffer on Secret Laws, Domestic Spying and Obama’s NSA Reforms

Inviting Hayden to comment on regulation of NSA is like having Madoff comment on regulating Wall St.

today in women's herstory- 12 august

So, I just found *that website* XD

At what age is a house most likely to become a "money pit"?

What Would You Have the President Do?

Steubenville Rape Grand Jury: Back in Session, Still Keeping Quiet.

Oscar, Paralyzed, Abandoned in NY But Found a Home

Rodeo clowns

Maggot derangement syndrome. . . . Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!

To Noel Willmett from Geo. Orwell: "Whether totalitarianism, leader-worship, are on the up-grade..."

'Honest' Florida Panhandler Needs Help Buying Bigger Boobs


Adam Jones: Banana thrown his way at AT&T Park

Papantonio: BP Can't Hide From Their Criminal Past

Student faces years in prison for college massacre "joke"

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 12, 1982

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 12, 1982

Missouri Fair clown draws criticism for Obama mask

The $38,000 hand bag: if you had more money, how would your lifestyle change?

The promise of the Energiewende: energy democracy

At last a workable definition for "Terrorist:"

This was the hearse that carried my grandma

Stay classy, Frisco Fans...

The Coming Repug Voter Revolt?.....

Corporate Fury Over NSA's Contracting Ties Is Why Snowdon In Trouble.

The Rude Pundit: Politics and Pigs at the Country Fair

This Judge Forces Parent To Change Child’s First Name–What Next? (VIDEO)

Risk of Adult Anxiety Seen in Children’s Stomachaches

UMWA reaches settlement with Patriot Coal

Pic Of The Moment: Republicans Scattered, Confused Over Obamacare, Gov't Shutdown

Gay U.S. ambassador to Australia marries partner

The long arm of the TSA

So this lady comes to my door yesterday....

Ted Cruz's father: "‘Homosexual Marriage’ Designed To Make Government Your God"

Chile: The Most Pro-Market School System in the World, Part 1

New meta-analysis checks the correlation between intelligence and faith

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! GOP pick Ted Cruz as your 2016 nominee

70's toys and stuff we had! (pic heavy)

What's for Dinner ~ Monday August 12th

Peru says slain rebels may be Shining Path leaders

Peru says slain rebels may be Shining Path leaders

Religion vs. Sports: Pool Player forfeits Game over religious beliefs

Why was this post hidden?...

Anyone catch "Clear History" on HBO - Larry David movie

Everyone OK after the "Crazy Train" Convention in Ames this weekend?

Fed funds being cut 43% for food banks. 15 food pantries closing in Pittsburgh area

Democratic Senators Feinstein, Schumer Press for Assault on Independent Journalism

Piazza Vittorio's Many Voices

Koch Conclave Protected By Mile Wide "Under The Dome" Security Cordone

This Is Progress

GOP’s rodeo of racism blows up

The GOP More Of A Danger To The US Than Snowden

12-Year-Old Discovers 5-Carat Diamond at Crater of Diamonds in Arkansas

Militaries: An industry in decline

Summer Bay Resort Sinking: Florida Resort Near Disney World Evacuated

Obama Is Giving Up Some Executive Power, and He’ll Still Get No Credit

DOJ Decided To Ratchet Up Case Against Aaron Swartz Because He Spoke Out About Being Innocent

Dean Baker | The Smart Boys: Larry Summers and Jeff Bezos

Five Reasons Congress Should Be Deeply Ashamed About Jobs

Rick Santorum and class...

Address on Health Care Reform (September 22, 1993)

ACLU Comment on DOJ Plans to Reduce Non-Violent Drug Sentences

What is Ted Nugent on? Meth?

Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) says House 'probably' has enough votes to impeach Obama

Sheriff: James DiMaggio fired at least one shot

Holy S#@! Just got back from Manitou Springs (a whole new meaning to "flash flood")

(FYI) Get answers by phone 24/7, live chat, email, text or online...

The Guardian Publishes Another Deliberately Shocking Yet Self-Debunking NSA Article

Sen. Al Franken: “I Assure You This Isn’t About Spying on the American People”

I think Russia/Putin are homophobic to the max....

Just found this wonderful graphic. Now I just need an oppourtunity to use it!

Neighbors Want Family's Handicap Ramp Removed

Verdict in Bulger trial reached. edit: ANNOUNCED

Question Submitted by KoKo:

NYPD has no Duty to Protect and Serve:

Sen. Al Franken lashes out at excessive NSA secrecy

I told you I'm not religious, I'm spiritual!

Because there isn't already enough irresponsible gun use

So, in May Obama asks Congress to overturn the AUMF and set up a privacy watchdog


A Pattern has emerged

Zac Dysert Hoping to Bring Ohio Success to Broncos

HILARIOUS! When people mistake "The Onion" for real news

US Budget Deficit Down 37.6 Percent Through July

RAVITCH: Why don't corporate ed reformers want public schools to be like best private ones?

Will Cory Booker as Senator be a counterweight to Sen Warren?

City Of London Halts Recycling Firm's Phone Tracking Test

How long until even teabags get sick of elected reps. who do nothing but collect salaries?

It won't erase the trauma, but authorities did find one small way to help Hannah Anderson:

ACLU: How to Process Eric Holder’s Major Criminal Law Reform Speech

The founders couldn't have envisioned modern technology

It won't erase the trauma, but authorities did find one small way to help Hannah Anderson:

Religious people are less intelligent than atheists, study finds

Texas man shoots self inside hospital room shortly after wife gives birth

Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws: The Politics and Consequences of a Moral Panic

'Slap Hillary' Game, Created By GOP PAC, Called Violent And Disgusting By Women's Rights Advocates

What are some real ways to promote gun safety / less deaths?

Catholic bishop blesses pilgrims marching for change in immigration laws

Bigoted Christian Extremists Get Lost At Sea For Months After Leaving US In Protest Of Homosexuality

Persied Meteor Shower 2013: Images from Around the World

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher: “Earth’s Round Shape Totally Bogus”

Noctilucent clouds 2013 The Film

Archie and the Gang Boycotting Russia

Boston gangster ‘Whitey’ Bulger found guilty of gangland crimes, including 11 slayings

Don't you just hate it when this happens?

Egypt authorities delay Morsi protest camps crackdown

Killer Whales, OSHA fines SeaWorld $38,500 for safety violation

Check out the great Google Doodle in honor of Schrodinger. He was born 126 years ago today:

According to 30 Rock, if you are born in Canada you cannot be President.

Mexico unveils energy reform to draw in private sector

Cuban star Jose Dariel Abreu defects

Mexico unveils energy reform to draw in private sector

Can the police attach a GPS tracker to your car without a Warrant?

Bigger Hospitals May Lead to Bigger Bills for Patients.

U.S. rights group urges Nobel Peace Prize for WikiLeaks soldier

The Cellulosic Ethanol Industry Faces Big Challenges

Judge: Monitor To Oversee NYPD Stop-And-Frisk Policy Changes

BREAKING: Russia Interior Minister confirms Olympic athletes will be arrested at Sochi under anti-ga

Instead of being taught not to rape, student athletes taught not to post evidence online.

The Dead Afghan’s Tale: How Afghanistan’s Poorest Bear the Brunt of the War

Sen. Franken Introduces Bill to Increase Transparency of Government Surveillance Programs

Two-thirds say Spitzer/Weiner attention is embarrassing, poll finds

And so it starts.

Leading Solar PV Suppliers Reach Record Shipment Levels in Q2’13 (5.8 GW)

Russia Anti-Gay Bill Admired By Some U.S. Conservatives

I posted this in GD but I don't know if it'll get any attention

Your mortgage documents are fake!

Climate benefit for cutting soot, methane smaller than previous estimates

Seeing how Wylie Coyote keeps attacking...

6 Famous Documentaries That Were Shockingly Full of Crap

Man claiming to be Michelle Obama's adopted son arrested at bank

Need a cartoon character of a doofus/goofy dude to send to a "NORMAL" gunnut/wingnut

Schumer Endorses Candidate for Public Advocate

Melting water's lubricating effect on glaciers has only 'minor' role in future sea-level rise

India Bans Captive Dolphin Shows as ‘Morally Unacceptable’

Guitar Center Union Campaign Notches Second Store Victory

My panties are in a wad

Damn Good Question

Report: Redskins’ Name Only Offensive If You Think About What It Means

Agents: 44 gunned down in Nigeria mosque


Tax Exempt Status Gone -If The Churches Pursued Social/Economic Justice Issue Like They Do Gays

Obama orders creation of intelligence review group

Iowa State Fair's 'Butter Cow' Vandalized; Group Claims Responsibility

State Fair didn’t find a taker for Cotton Bowl’s naming rights. Will add Fair Park Coliseum to deal

Are Sunday political talk shows sabotaging the GOP?

Johnny Football’s bandwagon has become too dizzy

Johnny Football’s bandwagon has become too dizzy

A New Study Shows Sea-Level Rise Made Flooding From Hurricane Sandy Worse. Surprise!

Judge grants restraining order prohibiting CSCOPE lessons in Llano ISD

Social Security to deny benefits to married gay couples living in non-equality states.

American Religious Right Supporting Anti-Gay Laws Abroad: SPLC Report

Why I am hesitant to vote for Hillary for President in 2016?

Texas Bowl to match Big 12, SEC starting in 2014

Texas Bowl to match Big 12, SEC starting in 2014

Study Says RepRap Self-Replicating 3-D Printer Achieves Return On Investment

Gohmert: President lied about GOP's goals on government shutdown

Greater Inequality in One Easy Step

ACLU to Holder, Obama: "This is great news"

Thom Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds - Dr. Reza Aslan - Was Jesus a revolutionary?

Thom Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds - Dr. Reza Aslan - Who was Jesus really...

Harvey Fierstein

Ultimate Garage Sale: Corporations have Bought and Paid for America

Boston Bomber Influenced by White Supremacists

There is a poll on Rush Limbaugh

Person of the Year

Dana Rohrabacher, GOP House Science Committee Member: 'Global Warming Is A Total Fraud'

Obama tweets "Gravity exists. The Earth is round. Climate change is happening."

So I'm moving to Mumbai tomorrow for the next three years

Pretty Clueless

My heart broke today... I just don't understand.

New York Attorney General Sues High-Interest Lender.

A thread for GLBT martyrs

Mexico proposes private firms in oil industry


Top Orlando International Airport executive quits

Stop and frisk is dead and so are those sentences for drugs

Douglas Trumbull's UFOTOG project

Happy Birthday Erwin!

Linus shouts out Windows 3.11 with the release, 20 years later, of Linux 3.11

Just to be fair - I think these women are spending a ridiculous amount of money on purses:

La Bahia was among Texas’ most thriving early colonies

Russia Confirms Anti-Gay Law Will Be Enforced at Olympics

The marijuana industry's latest 'it product': 'dabs'

Timing a Rise in Sea Level

Officials: Man shoots victim on San Antonio VIA bus, leads cops on bicycle chase

Can I get a "Bravo!" for Ms. Oprah Winfrey?

"The Surveillance Reforms Obama Supported BEFORE He Was President"

Michael Quinn Sullivan promises “fireworks” in ethics case

Deep Space Climate Observatory

Pastor Hagee no longer opposes gay ordinance in San Antonio

Pastor Hagee no longer opposes gay ordinance in San Antonio

Insecure, Frustrated Bully With Something To Prove Considering Career In Law Enforcement

Just heard on CNN that Hannah Anderson

'Flushable' wipes clog San Antonio pipes

Project UARS

Snowden and the Stupidity of the Security State

Calif. governor signs transgender-student bill

Texas Democrats Looking for a Pied Piper

To those who post negative Obamacare tweets (now ahead of positive tweets)

Brazil: Hackers invade Rio governor's party's site

Transcript of the LGBT portion of my show this week

Inducing labor may be tied to autism, study says

Video: Ken Cuccinelli Takes the Big Lie to Another Level

NY's US Sen. Gillibrand has book deal

Olympic Committee Could Punish Athletes For Speaking Out Against Russian Anti-Gay Law

Paula Deen Racial-Slur Claims Are Dismissed

Obama’s upstate trip next week could include Buffalo

Olympic Committee Could Punish Athletes For Speaking Out Against Russian Anti-Gay Law

An actual economist, Richard Wolff, talks "capitalism" and "socialism"

Why was this post locked?

Rand Paul on TDS w/Jon Stewart (John Oliver) tonight

My chronology of the present subservient paranoia and fear...


Rick Santorum: All this concern for the so-called 'Middle Class' is for... (deep breath) MARXISTS!

Knock, knock

Gunmen kill 44 at Nigeria mosque

Cruz to speak at West benefit

Infectious diseases and climate change intersect with no simple answers

Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association issues apology for Obama-clown stunt

Patriot Coal, UMWA reach agreement on labor contract, retiree health care

New video surfaces from famed (and shamed) Jerry Lewis Holocaust film

uncle potus

I Hate When This Happens!!

Ozone hole could be making global warming worse

Back to the future: Scientists look into Earth's "Deep Time" to predict future effects of climate c…

Cactus "flesh" cleans up toxic water

GOP Congressman: Probably Have Enough Votes In House To Impeach Obama

Favorite Gospel?

Why I may be forced to move from Colorado

Vegetable-heavy breakfast ideas - anyone have any?

Chris Hedges: America’s Disappeared

I missed hearing about Tina Turner's

Toxin (Arsenic) Found in Most U.S. Rice Causes Genetic Damage

TWU Statement on Machinists Victory Over the Teamsters in a Union Representation Election at US Airw

I think it's time to let Tyger go

Visa Gift Cards...experiences?

Mayor Julian Castro's (D-TX) Keynote Woos Millennials at YDA Convention

North Korea 'Launches Own Smartphone'

NC Governor Pat McCrory Signs Voter ID Bill Into Law

Man In Need Of Bone Marrow Transplant Finds His Health Coverage Terminated Over $0.26

Ally and Target: US Intelligence Watches Germany Closely

My Mac took a dump...

"Officials may never know (kidnapper) DiMaggio's motive" WTF?

Fox: New Evidence Hillary Killed Lincoln

My best prank:

Regarding the 'My Subscriptions' tab

Serial returners, beware: Retailers are TRACKING you

Applegrove gets so lost in her books, she's almost completely unaware of the REAL world around her.

TexasTowelie rolls (and smokes) a few joints.

Reason #1 for not drinking too much at the Saturday office party: You have to go back to work Monday

Prince Prints:

Once, MiddleFingerMom told his SO, "Go make me a sandwich." ... ... ... ... Once.

MFM can teach you how to be Fucking Immortal, too. Pay attention, he's only going to say this once.

Sen. Gillibrand has book deal

Hillary Clinton To Deliver Series Of Policy Speeches

Despite 70 Percent Increase in Real Per-Capita GDP from 1978 to 2012, Poverty Rate in US Increases

How much water goes into your latte?

Sources: Obama planning Upstate swing next week

The Real News: Brendan Fisher: ALEC Turns 40, But Who's Behind It?

This is not a difficult concept...

Cuomo: Fracking no cure-all for Upstate

So what do you guys think of this post?

5 Famous American Atheists

NLRB at full strength as Obama appointees are sworn into office

The New, Improved 1984

Iran: Rohani forms cabinet, appoints female VP

Our prisons are drugging women

Can Science Deliver the Benefits of Religion?

Toon: Welcome Home

Black gay Republican running for TX House on pro-life, gun-rights platform

Black gay Republican running for TX House on pro-life, gun-rights platform

Your Monday Evening Stress Relief has arrived (Should anyone need something to make them smile)

Nyuk, nyuk

Mo. State Fair Bans Rodeo Clown Who Mocked Obama (LIFETIME suspension)

Did you Know?

This just in....

Elon Musk's 'Hyperloop' idea for San Francisco-LA link

"She had freedom and she was ready to use it"

Missouri State Fair bans rodeo clown who mocked Obama

Meanwhile in Russia

Despite 70 Percent Increase in Real Per-Capita GDP from 1978 to 2012, Poverty Rate in US Increases

Gov. McCrory signs voter ID bill into law

Haji - star of Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! has passed.

WRAL: Election changes coming in 2014, 2016

NY man arrested 29 times for nabbing trains, buses

Budget cuts hurt high school marching band

Monday, car show day!

Wow! Ted Cruz's FATHER is a bigger nut than his son!