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Do our brains pay a price for GPS?

NY1 Exclusive: Christine Quinn's Wife Makes Debut To Mayoral Campaign

Mutko: Anti-Gay Law Won't Infringe on Olympics (but...)

Florida condo complex refuses to sell to unmarried gay or heterosexual couples

Florida condo complex refuses to sell to unmarried gay or heterosexual couples

Greenwald's partner's detention is not convenient, hype or self-promotion.

Any SwanQeen folks here?

True Facts About The Owl

If the season ended today, who's your AL MVP?

Encore of my new friend the Iguana - and a fun picture of my grandson in the pool

Red Sox just plunked A-Rat.

Who are the John Birchers Today?

You can make one biographical movie and have your choice of cast, who do you make it about?

Is Glenn Greenwald a Terrorist?

Stop-frisk ruling will hurt minorities, Ray Kelly says-makes me want to puke!!!

Apparently the Obama DOEd "monitors" critics of its ed. "reform" policies.

x-post from GD:The Almost Entirely Black Audience Of "The Butler" Had To Watch Film W-Armed Guards

With Section 5 out of the way, when it comes to voter suppression, everything is possible

The Seven Worst Things About Being a Male

Showdown looms in Venezuela over decree powers plan

Howard Dean to speak at Iowa labor conference

Harry Reid: I think Snowden is a traitor


Google Maps. Checkmate.

Immune system boost 'fights cancer'

Time’s Senior National Correspondent Calls for Julian Assange to be Killed by Drone

Coincidence or Irony?

If God Made Us In His Image...

No Modern Military Aircraft At Local Air Show Due To Sequestration.

If You Think Gas Is High, Aviation Gas Is $5.64 Per Gallon.

The Scold's Bridle

As a member of DU, I ask everyone, now that we have a Democratic President in office, do you agree

So I'm sitting next to a GOP political consultant at this bar...

Poor Prospects in a "Middle Class" Society

Click the link. Just go on and click it...You will NOT be sorry, I guarantee it.

Seattle cops provide nosh for Hempfesters

Meet the Journalist Spreading Michael Hastings Conspiracy Theories

David Plouffe Nails the GOP with the Truth: ‘Republicans Don’t Have a Product to Sell’

Bring back the draft?

Access to Boone voting site raised as major concern

OK I've GOT it now, best Lounge poll ever: Best ABBA ever!1

The truth is~

I need to stop catering to Lounge. n/t

"A Good Place to Kill a Boy"

Statement from Freedom of The Press Foundation on the outrageous detention of Greenwald's partner

Phila. Schools Funding and Layoff Crisis is Causing Families to Flee Philadelphia (news article)

They must be scared shitless or high on power.

Self-Check Moment: Detention of a reporter's spouse.

Do we have wolves in CT?

A few from today

Wikileaks Party scrambles to explain election decisions

Nina Simone

12 Year Old South Carolina Kid Wrestles Alligator

As a bleeding heart liberal, do you change when everyone starts

As I age it's time to align my business with my health.

If I had a little doggie, I'd give it the best Joan Crawford eyebrows I could.

"Scott Brown in Iowa tests presidential waters"

Michelle, ma belle

Greewald trolled the US government and they bit.. Hard

Canadian military testing $620,000 stealth snowmobile

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Philosophical question (Elysium and Bicentennial Man Spoilers)

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 20: Summer Under the Stars: Hattie McDaniel

Daughter: I lied and sent my dad to prison for rape

Brazilian government statement on detainment of Miranda

OMG! You gotta see this!

Justice at the Opera

New Zealand gay couples hold first weddings

North Carolina Takes Perilous Lurch to the Right

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 21: Summer Under the Stars: William Holden

Military Madness: Has our Species become Insane?

First day!

Ann Kristin Neuhaus, Doctor And Tiller Colleague, Is The Latest Casualty In Kansas Abortion War

Luckovich-Absolutely Nails GOP

The game is over. Even Andrew Sullivan has jumped ship of the NSA and GCHQ. In Greenwald's defense

Using Google Maps to check out hotels/motels in Raleigh, NC,

Oh, learned today that I need to work there 90 days

only one in 2,000 people detained are kept for more than six hours.

"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers" was only because.

Syria Claims Military Successes In Assad's Home Province

Egypt draft constitution may ban religious political parties – report

Egypt Security Kills 36 Held in Its Custody

Paraguay leader says uncle must face drug charges

Nirvana at the Paramount on Palladia (11pm-12AM EDT)

The Butler.

Females Prefer Males that can Multitask

(The Plot Thickens: Greenwald's partner had thumb drives of info that were Snowdon's)

Give that goalkeeper a raise.

The last of my 8 nieces & nephew starts college tomorrow..............

Should ads for sex toys be permitted on cable TV?

IPCC report leaked: global warming impacts are speeding up.

Norway's Weird Waves Traced to Japan Earthquake

Ecuador approves oil drilling in Amazon rainforest

The Moon Warriors (1992) (full)

Spectacular volcano eruption in Japan

Tonights Kung Fu Feature Film: The Moon Warriors (1992)

Kansas City Sports Writer's Suicide Prompts Treasure Hunt, Turns Out To Be Hoax

Britain Detains the Partner of a Reporter Tied to Leaks

Chris Christie is NOT a good guy

Mexico's new gov't follows old drug war strategy

Volcanic eruption coats Japanese city with ash

Intimidation through History.

The trains on the Mumbai commuter rail don't have doors

If you can find Borgen on a local Public channel..

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Has any evidence emerged detailing how the US was involved in the detention of Greenwald's partner?

Cat question: Capstar and Advantage. I need to use both.

Ron Paul throws Greenwald, WaPo's hype under a bus

Sig help: How do I bold/italicize in my sig?

I wouldn't be a Texan if I didn't brag occasionally...Planning Ahead

The Atlantic has a good piece eviscerating "government fraud" nonsense

So kids today basically have to go into massive debt in order to have a chance at a decent career?

The goofy people in the land of conspiracy theories

So Miranda Was Carrying Stolen, Classified Material. How SHOCKING He Was Detained.

Pepper Spraying Cop Likely To Receive Workers Compensation

So the TRUTH is beginning to emerge. Miranda was carrying stolen classified information

If students are saddled with huge debt

Juan Cole- Greenwald Partner falsely detained as Terrorist: How to Create a Dictatorship

How low can they get?

Some things the Obama EPA Could Do Right Now, About Climate Change:

"Breaking Bad" as a romantic comedy:

The Shocking True Story of Glass-Steagall and How It Made Me a Believer

Egyptian police killed in Sinai ambush at Rafah

"Hence everything is production: production of productions, of actions and of passions"

planning a wedding... (help...)

Just one example of why I dont see Greenwalds reporting as trustworthy.

(Australia) Rightwing parties get WikiLeaks preferences

August 19: Potato Day


How convenient. Re: Miranda

Chris Christie moves right on gun issues with veto

Is it a "personal attack" to claim GG's reporting has been sloppy and/or hyperbolic?

Don't jump to a conclusion about Miranda unless it's a negative one

At least 24 Egyptian policemen have been killed in an ambush attack in the Sinai peninsula

SUMMER Photo contest

Me and the Big Guy (Or, How To Use Obsequiousness As A Weapon Against The State)

Poll shows Australia's Labor government on course for heavy defeat

Egypt condemns European Union threats to halt aid as death toll rises

DU has always had divisions and it always will

Egypt reportedly revamping the constitution drafted under Morsi to ban religious based parties but

Detention of Greenwald's husband 'extraordinary', says UK Chairman of Home Affairs Select Committee

Does the public outcry over surveillance lead to Congress making better or worse decisions?

City Hall standoff: Man takes hostages in Bavarian town ahead of Merkel visit

Upgrading the nation’s Medicare program and expanding it to cover people of all ages saves money....

Diana assassination claims are a 'mystifying stunt' made by 'loose cannon' sniper,

Pistorius Is Indicted on Murder Charge

Detaining Miranda under the Terrorism Act is like arresting a pot smoker for murder.

Exercise your face

Graham: Egypt could become a ‘failed state’

Report: Former Egyptian Pres. Mubarak Expected to be Freed This Week, After Prosecutor Clears Him

Greenwich Stilt Houses Foreshadow Impact of New FEMA Maps

Kevin Drum at Mother Jones: Detention of Greenwald Partner Miranda 'Stupid'

How Schools Have Become Dead Zones of the Imagination

Deputies: Riverview man shot dead while beating girlfriend

How Billionaire 'Philanthropy' Is Fueling Inequality and Helping To Destroy the Country

8 Reasons Charles Koch is the Scariest Man in America

Bar owner protects customers...(and not with a no weapons sign)

We’ve covered the world in pesticides. Is that a problem?

U.S. Rice Farmers Cash In On Venezuelan Socialism

Quake-proof cathedral made of cardboard unveiled

The International Olympic Committee’s Selective Morality

Mubarak to be released in 48 hours - lawyer

Luckovich: Taken Hostage

3 Questions for Larry Summers About the Fed

Letting the libertarian right own anti-imperialism and civil liberties means legitimizing the right.

Landlord evicted tenant because she didn't shoot her man.

The Desert of Maine

David Miranda detention: Labour demands review of anti-terror powers

'It is for the police to decide when it is necessary and proportionate to use these powers.'

Fukushima operator says workers dusted with radioactive particles

How Kafkaesque Bureaucrats Are Ruining Education

Pa's right-wing governor drains public schools of basic funds --the sickening details will shock you

GOP’s secret fear: House majority is in trouble

Coastal Cities Face $1 Trillion Floods by 2050

U.S. Rice Farmers Cash In On Venezuelan Socialism

Breaking Bad---Spoilers...

Why does Walmart hate the 2nd Amendment?

(IL) Quinn signs measure requiring gun owners to report missing firearms, check buyer's background

Oiling the War Machinery, From Oslo to Heathrow to Washington

In the 1960s, the press exposed political extremists (John Birchers). Why don't they do it now?

The Mako Mori Test: 'Pacific Rim' inspires a Bechdel Test alternative

Shale Grab in U.S. Stalls as Falling Values Repel Buyers

If Iran or North Korea had done what the UK did

Liberty depends on vigilance: Oklahoma now back at risk of falling to Sharia Law

Ted Cruz at Princeton: Creepy, Sometimes Well Liked, and Exactly the Same

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Egypt

Monday Toon Roundup 2-The Rest

At what point in the last 4 years did Obama accumulate the power base needed

Polarised media fuels conflict in Egypt

Some Steubenville Scumbucket Rape Freaks May Escape Justice

Arrested For Singing In The Wisconsin Capitol - Jenna Pope Discusses

Could a DUer explain the difference between Sharia Law and

Great. Now Both Sides in Egypt Hate Us.

A Kiss Between 2 Athletes On A Moscow Podium Has Brought More Attention To Russia's 'Gay Propaganda'

Is it time to lift Pete Rose's lifetime ban?

David Miranda detention: Labour demands review of anti-terror powers

Texas AG Greg Abbott Thanks "Retard Barbie" Tweeter, Offers No Apology to Wendy Davis

Greg Abbott Thanks "Retard Barbie" Tweeter, Offers No Apology to Wendy Davis

Ted Cruz releases (obviously fake) birth certificate in preparation for Presidential run

Post a song with a fruit in the title or group's name...

any thoughts on 'Low Winter Sun?'

UK Lawmaker(s) to Ask Police to Explain Detention

Detroit brought down by it's liberal policies

The Endless List of BP Crimes

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 19, 1958

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 19, 1958

Al Qaeda Planning Attacks on High-Speed Trains in Europe: Newspaper

sign the whitehouse petition not to nominate the Asshole 'Larry Summers' to fed chair

Keiser Report: Wet Wipes for Incontinent Banksters

Does anyone find it ironic that a man named Miranda

Make merry of a Monday. Please come CAPTION Lindsay Lohan!!

IAN BREMMER: UK And US Are Likely Preparing To Indict Journalist Glenn Greenwald Over Snowden

Is Glenn Greenwald's journalism now viewed as a 'terrorist' occupation?

Terms and Conditions May Apply

The International Olympic Committee Can’t Keep Dodging This Simple Question{large image}

Area 51 Cartoon

Abundance of elements in different things

What's in a name? Or, a tale of two Bradys

It doesn't make a shits bit of difference

Pope Francis Versus the Vatican

Uniquely trustworthy - by Tom Tomorrow

In Silicon Valley, age can be a curse

IMAGE: Hipster/Punk Froggie

Why do I feel as if I'm being manipulated?

Amnesty International Gets This One Exactly Right!

The Folly of a Preemptive & Deceptive Attack on Diane Ravitch's New Book

Did Ted Cruz Just Learn He Is a Canadian Citizen?

Norm Lopez Is Alright.

CIA Confirms Role in 1953 Iran Coup

Re: Miranda carrying documents—I'm not sure I get why

Genetically modified crops pass benefits to weeds (Roundup Ready Weeds!)

Here's how it works

Saw Seattle Opera's 'Ring' Cycle last week. All four operas in six evenings.

Which is the true litmus test issue for progressives vs authoritarian conservatives

Google trying to evade UK privacy laws, campaigners claim

Just read "Defending Jacob" by William Landay, and

Richie Havens' Ashes Scattered at Woodstock

Happy 67th Birthday, Bill Clinton (from a bird)!

Our Ally: Saudi Arabia's War on Witchcraft

So if Miranda is going to be part of the Snowy clan, he is going to have to change his name

Snowden journalist to publish UK secrets after Britain detains partner

The Incredible Con the Banksters Pulled on the FBI

Are American Drones Al Qaeda's Strongest Weapon in Yemen?

Animal Activists Are Trying to Save the World's Fish from the Mafia

"We The Peepers"

ESPN & MLB create travel headaches for the Boston Red Sox

Sen. Ted Cruz's birth certificate released exclusively to Dallas Morning News

The CIA Has Finally Admitted It Was Involved In The 1953 Iranian Coup

Borowitz: Republicans accuse Obama of using position as President to lead country (satire)

This is a GREAT rescue/adoption video, wonderful production, from our friends at Detroit Dog Rescue

JUAN COLE: How to turn a democracy into a STASI authoritarian state in 10 easy steps

How shale fracking led to an Ohio town's first 100 earthquakes

No, I didn't find another stray kitten this weekend, I found 5...

If Miranda Wasn't A Journalist, Why Did The Guardian Pay For His Trip?

Christie Signs Bill Banning ‘Gay Conversion’ Therapy

Study finds cost of future flood losses in major coastal cities could be over $50 billion by 2050

What's with the inane "Miranda was carrying data authorities wanted to read" argument?

In the good ole summertime

Why Did The Guardian Omit So Many Important Facts Regarding Miranda?

More than 700 seals counted in Thames Estuary

Would it have been okay for the UK to detain Greenwald or Poitras themselves?

Why was I just asked to serve on a jury for an alert on a thread that's been locked for 30 minutes?

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell Throws Wife Under The Bus

Ed Shultz moving to weekdays at 5:00

Boomers Would Be Wise To Get Out Of The Suburbs

"Please, God, more mirrors!" Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!

David Miranda was employed as a messenger to carry stolen government documents.

School Has Become Too Hostile to Boys

Hundreds of stories about Boynton Beach standoff gunman. Only one mentions his NRA membership.

‘The Ed Show’ moves to weekdays at 5 p.m. ET starting August 26

Regarding the tactics and goals of abusive men.

The elephant in the room regarding public school education -

Israel Destroys Bedoin Village for 54th Time

Was my doctor negligent? Your opinions please.

For those wondering how long it would take Alabama employees to start shooting one another:

Read about senseless killing of Australian boy here on baseball scholarship..

Attorneys for McDonnells to meet with prosecutors as key phase opens in gifts probe

Yogo truck driver pulls knife on Mister Softee rival in midtown ice cream turf war

“Privilege” and the rhetoric of austerity by Adam Kotsko

Pic Of The Moment: Confused Rand Paul Bashes Himself

Some Texas Legislators and Politicians Exhibited Inappropriate Behavior, Acceptable to the GOP

An important point I think everyone is missing

On a mission to save godless Massachusetts

Obama Focuses on Risk of New Bubble Undermining Broad Recovery

Finnish minister waves rainbow flag at Moscow athletics, despite anti-gay laws

"When Congress Gives Moms Lemons, We Make Lemonade."

5 Companies That Make Money By Keeping Americans Terrified of Terror Attacks

Wow: Major shakeup at MSNBC... Ed Schultz returns to Weekdays--takes Tweety's 5 pm slot!

Spy Limits Gain Momentum as NSA Violations Spur Congress

Oxford Conservatives embroiled in controversy over prank on disabled student

Human Rights Watch: Egypt--Security Forces Used Excessive Lethal Force

Obama Care to end health care for 100,000 NewJerseyans

Israel Boosts Ties With Egyptian Army as U.S. Mulls Cuts

Mother Jones: How Many Database Queries Do NSA Analysts Perform Each Day?

Oklahoma Judge Allows Teens Over-Counter Birth-Control

Obama Caught in Egypt Response Between Allies From Saudi Arabia to Turkey

"Prior Restraint"

NYC authorities: 2 men from Carolinas smuggled guns on discount buses; 17 others also charged

British nuclear plant needs 90 years for decommissioning after 26 years in operation

Dry Farmed Tomatoes

Obama’s Credibility Is on the Line - der Tagesspiegel, Germany

More than 20,000 Syrian refugees cross into Iraq: U.N. (Video clip of refugees)

Hillary Clinton: 49 pic slideshow.

War on the Core

Green MP and son arrested at climate protest

Ed Schultz Moves Back To Weekdays, Takes Chris Matthews' 5 PM Slot

Greenwald Partner falsely detained as Terrorist: How to Create a Dictatorship

Liberal Litmus Test? Sanders & Warren job interview questions for the next Fed Chair

I'm finding this harder than I want to admit, to myself or anyone else.

Glenn Greenwald is mad the UK confiscated documents from Miranda...

Bwahahaha! Tweety and Mrs. Tweety guest co-hosting Mrs. Greenspan's show.

I'm beginning to see the attacks on Greenwald, Miranda, Assange et al as homophobic slurs

Biden to join Obama

Obama Goes to Bat for Big Tobacco in TPP

Reuters sensationalizes headline "They will be sorry"

The Sex Education I Wish I Had

LinkedIn expands for high school students, universities

The Liberty vs Security Debate (cartoon)

Payrolls Rose in 32 U.S. States in July, Led by California

If the NSA Humpers are correct about Miranda, the NSA is even more incompetent than I thought

How do you know they were stolen documents?

What's for Dinner ~ Monday August 19th

PhD physicist responds to former NTSB official Peter Goelz dismissal of a new TWA 800 investigation.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: On the NSA

Ohio Man Orders Gun Safe Online, Finds $425,000 Worth Of Marijuana Inside

The Nation: Fukushima’s Invisible Crisis

FCC Reins in Predatory Prison Phone Rates

Has the Huffington post started paying thier writers?

Guy Regrets Skipping Gun Safety Talk After Girlfriend Almost Shoots Him

Albert Murray, Essayist Who Challenged the Conventional, Dies at 97

Rick Scott encouraging political confrontation.

Breaking: British Officials Gave U.S. "Heads Up" About Decision to Detain Glenn Greenwald's Partner

The hunt for a bicyle

Greenwald---just release everything and be done with it....

PA. Graduates With Education Degrees Leaving State En Masse Because of lack of teaching jobs

Science Fiction Double Feature

U.S. not involved in detaining of Greenwald's mule and his stolen highly classified documents

Rocky asleep

You can't buy peace

White House: US was given 'heads up' before Miranda detained

What the History of Slavery Can Teach Us About Slavery Today

Just saw something infuriating on, of all things, "Modern Marvels."

Coffee, wine and sushi! New pregnancy book says OK (AP interview of Emily Oster)

How can it be . . .? (my 50,000th, or so, post)

Family In Shock After Hate Letter Targets Teen With Autism

Prosecutors revoke plea deal offer for Kaitlyn Hunt

A question for only those in this group:

Nice graphic: Rape 101

U.S. Government: Support Rep. Moran's H RES 208 to Ban Animal Gas Chambers Nationwide

Map: What Religion Does Your Member Of Congress Identify With?

from the ashes...

Just lost another friend to addiction...

True Blood: Is Bon Temps the most progressive community on Earth?

I could watch this all day

Gay-bashing attacks on the rise in NYC

Donald Trump: GOP Needs ‘Perfect’ Candidate To Beat Hillary Clinton — maybe himself!

Amber Alert overload. Is the public beginning to ignore such alerts?

If Miranda plays Battlefield 3, then send him to Gitmo FOREVER

USAF: B-1B bomber out of SD crashes in Montana

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: Abolish The NSA And Give Snowden A Parade

So, does Alexander Skarsgard make it to Season 7 of True Blood?

Actor Lee Thompson Young Dead at 29

Imagine the US Senate as a pizza party:

Obama Administration Appeals for Authority and Access With Warrantless Cellphone Searches

Worst reality TV show ever starts tonight

Smaller, transportable nuclear reactor

How Frackers Are Screwing Landowners out of Royalities (Investigative Report)

Is there an abortion pill for when your 6-8 weeks pregnant?

Iowa could decide the future of the GOP

Robert Reich: "Stop whining and start mobilizing."

Five ways the Affordable Care Act is helping seniors

Area 51 Cartoon - This is it!

Underground fire in remote Alaska raises concerns about toxic gas

Native Species Step Up to Fight Ash Parasite

How to survive a plague--Hepatitus C drug trials

You buy a piece of furniture online and you find there are hundreds of pounds of pot stashed in it has gone bye-bye. On edit: It's back.

University of Michigan Withdraws Author Alice Walker's Speakership Invitation

Okay. This is a chicken thread, but only about fast food chicken

Journalists Grill White House Over Glenn Greenwald Detention Scandal

Texas health officials have issued a measles alert


A Wrigley Field Winner for Taxpayers

Amazon is down. Don't know what it means, but...

Gregory Crawford's Weekly Rant -- Friday News Dump -- Aug. 16, 2013

Potter County commissioners considering complaint against Judge Arthur Ware

Report: Israel urges West to back Egypt's military

If I had very sensitive information and was of interest to the government,

Arlington, long without transit, rolls out buses (with limited service and stops)

Russian Bigots Post Video of Attack on Trans Woman

Intel official fired for NOT lying to Congress: says Feinstein doesn't know what's happening

Judge bars most motive evidence in Fort Hood trial (Maj. Hasan case)

Ran across an older photo and edited it.

NPR: Pine Ridge Reservation Deaths To Be Reinvestigated

Use of UK terror law to detain Miranda 'a disgrace', 'sheer unadulterated state oppression'

Intelligence Official Says He Was Fired For Not Lying To Congress

Man swims 3 miles to shore in Texas boat mishap

Medicare D problem

KUCINICH: Abolish The NSA And Give Snowden A Parade

Funniest Bill Clinton Pictures (in honor of his birthday)

Georgia mom upset over 'God is dead' artwork in school

TexasTowelie's Statewide Alert: PSA for all Democrats

FBI Investigating Fire At Wagoner County (OK) Church As Possible Hate Crime

Five ways the Affordable Care Act is helping seniors

Why does a warrant for pot possession put someone on the most wanted list?

Who says Cameron isn't a Man of the People?

What used to interest the NSA is not so much what interests it today.

Boston bomber's wife turned to Islam due to scandals in the Catholic Church

Stormy Monday, 8/19/13

S.A. Councilwoman Chan responds to criticism over anti-gay remarks

Al-Jazeera America Prepares for Tuesday Launch

'The Calling' lead singer reports being kidnapped, robbed in Lapeer (Michigan)

i have my doubts about gravity because newton was a slave-trading heretic

Ted Cruz can officially run for Canadian Parliament

Ted Cruz can officially run for Canadian Parliament

Pontiac(MI)Emergency Manager Lou Schimmel resigns, will serve on transition board appointed to city

New Movie on Killer Whales in Captivity and a great article

New Movie on Killer Whales in Captivity and a great article

Just how much does a gram weigh?

Stephen Harper to seek prorogation of Parliament (AGAIN!)

It's the only way to be sure!

ACLU: On revenge and the NSA

Moment of geek: How much does a gram weigh?

These Drugs Fatten Up Cattle and Make It Painful to Walk

North Carolina: Low pay forces teacher of the year candidate to quit

Rep. Dennis Kucinich Slams NSA : ..everyone lies to Congress. As soon as they raise their right hand

Nine Term North Carolina Senator Resigns To Fight New Voter Suppression Law

and now i need a response to an evangilcal Christian

Black Hole Analogue Discovered in South Atlantic Ocean

Math Taught the ‘Russian Way,’ an Equation for US Schoolkids’ Success

Guardian article with statements from David Miranda

Scepticism, class, and the 'New Atheists'

Former FBI agent who says CIA Director Brennan a Muslim is interviewed

Anyone want to take a shot at explaining this?

Lady Gaga Wants to be the Next Andy Warhol

Should the Federal Government step in when states violate the Constitution of the United States or

Mark Levin: "Under This Administration, It's An Abortion In Every Household"

Patton Oswalt Masterfully Pranked His Twitter Followers This Weekend

Three construction workers burned after cleaning product caught fire at North Richland Hills house

Yesh Atid's religion of reverse psychology

Officials: Illegal Gun Run Bust Largest In City's History

Democrats Push Back on Voting Rights

LinkedIn adds university pages in push for younger users


Climate leaks are 'misleading' says IPCC ahead of major report

"extortion politics at its most ridiculous"

Pope Francis & Encounter

Dear NSA

Regarding the person Laura Poitras we hear mention of in regards Glenn Greenwald

$1 billion DFW Connector project in Grapevine almost finished

Did Greenwald really vow vengeance?

State fiscal picture stable, according to comptroller report

Germany Breaks Monthly Solar Generation Record, ~6.5 Times More Than US Best

Convicted billionaire who adopted girlfriend allowed private jet to Houston

‘It’s not that Christianity is unpopular, it’s that it’s untrue.’

Katy ISD may call bond election tonight for new stadium

David Miranda's Side Of The Story: 'They said I would be put in jail if I didn't cooperate'

Solar PV power output in Italy hits unprecedented high

Houston Traffic Alert: Big rig wreck at I-10 and 59 to tie up rush hour traffic

Russian Sports Minister compares gays to drunks, drug users

Funniest ad placrment ever!

I think I am over my head.

Why Britain didn't need any encouragement from the US when they were deciding

The UK Government & Those Defending The UK's Actions Prove Every Point Greenwald Wanted To Make.

Graphs: How Wind Power Displaced Coal Power In Spain

Perry to headline California GOP convention

Perry to headline California GOP convention

Elliott Gould on domestic surveillance.

Slow slide into a military police state.

Turned on Tweety for First time in two years...and He's saying Hillary is the Candidate

The 2016 girls...priceless!!!

Any OFA members here going to rally with Paul Ryan on Monday?

Can we pare DU down to a single poster?

New Training for School Personnel to Promote Mental Health Intervention

UK freedoms, farewell! Detention of Miranda reveals vindictiveness of wounded police state

CWA Launches New Website to Help T-Mobile US Workers Speak Out

Members of GOP cite dissatisfaction with LePage, legislative Republicans in mass resignation letter

August 19, 1916

Britons Demand Explanation After Reporter’s Partner Is Detained

IMO, Hardball with Chris Matthews is victim of ageism. Too old to bring in the 25-40

The Grand Obstructionist Party - DCCC

Victoria, TX: 4 protesters call for Obama's impeachment (Video)

New Book: Lawrence and the 1912 Bread and Roses Strike (get an autographed copy)

TV fans call 911 after cable outage leaves 'Breaking Bad,' Yankees-Sox fans in the dark

Today's 911 Call Of The Day is about... a cable outage.

A Good Sport~ *****Warning Picture Heavy*******

Caroline Kennedy Reportedly Worth Up to $500 Million

How the Hell did despising liberty become the sine qua non of Obama support, anyway?

McDonald's: Stop paying employees with debit cards loaded with fees (Petition)

Sharing a link to my new etsy shop

Bill Kristol: Sarah Palin Could Possibly ‘Rehabilitate’ Herself With 2014 Senate Win

Happy Birthday Bill Clinton.

Has it been established that David Miranda was carrying any documents from Snowden?

Rally Of Quinn Supporters At Former Site Of St. Vincent's Hospital Gets Physical

Santos Government flexes muscle ahead of Monday’s protests

Leaked Report: Scientists Now 95 Percent Certain That Humans Are Causing Global Warming

Amash Seeks New Vote on Ending Surveillance

A Secret Document Reportedly Reveals The 7 Things That Keep China's Political Elite Up At Night

Police in southern Colombia are trying to impede protests: Strike organizers

Take me with you, Congressman!

14-Year Old Activist DESTROYS TV Host on Monsanto, GMO Labeling [VIDEO] - Brad Blog

Multinationals on ‘trial’ for human rights abuses in Colombia

The Canadian Military Has Been Watching One James Bond Movie Too Many

Winston-Salem St. polling place next on GOP hit list

BAMF Of The Day: Detroit EMT Has Heart Attack While Performing On Patient, Drops Him Off Anyway

Indian Food Inflation Is Getting Out Of Control

Need Some Info About CENLAR, A Company That...

The Solar Industry's New Dirty Secret

Upper West Side condos to have rich and poor entrances?

Medellin mayor’s family attorney on city’s payroll: Reports

Nice Twitter Post!!

What Are Some of Your Favorite Spy Movies

Paraguay sends troops to north after rebel attack

It's Monday, that means car show! (Pic heavy)

UK gov.raided the Guardian’s offices & destroyed hard drives of Snowden's information!

Anyone here hail from Lancaster county (PA)? found a great historical website

Mayors Bloomberg and Giuliani Oversaw NYC's Segregation Increase

UK Govt threatened Guardian UK with prior restraint, forced to destroy its hard drives & NSA files

Ravitch: Please Help Krugman Understand the Common Core

U.K. government thought destroying Guardian hard drives would stop Snowden stories

According to our doctor, there is a new law related to Obamacare - they must drug-test you

"seeking a buyer for its stake in the plant for three to four years, without success"

Britain forced Guardian to destroy copy of Snowden material

Oregon's GOP Chair Wants to Sprinkle Nuclear Waste From Airplanes

I am in the Network Security business.

CBO Says Reversing Sequester Would Boost Employment (300,000 - 1.6 million jobs) - WSJ

Federal judge grants request to force-feed California inmates on weeks-long hunger strike

Britain Forced Guardian to Destroy Copy of Snowden Material

Wisconsin: Budget Myths Abound

Indentured servitude in PA.. 8 years to pay off £13.0.0

Strip Club "The Classy Fox" in name dispute over who is classier (sarcasm)

Scott Walker’s biennial budget includes “death tax” targeting Medicaid recipients

SEC orders hedge fund manager to pay $18 million

KRUGMAN: "Stupid IS A Strategy"

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